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Method 1 – Cheapest Way To Ship A Package – In 3 Easy Steps

Today were gonna be talking about the cheapest way to ship a package in three easy steps ive been shipping. For a few years now and ive shipped like thousands thousands of products through ebay amazon and in a few. Other platforms and i remember when i first started it was difficult to really get the concept of shifting shipping. Because it just feels like the wild west theres no role i dont know theres no guide or anything to.

Help you out but after after doing all this shipping ive been able to condense all that information down to. Just a few easy steps for you guys to help you out if you do want it you know just. Do the one-off shipping youre just gonna ship the one item or if youre gonna be you know having a. Business in which you have to do a lot of shipping so lets get into it the very first step. Cheapest way to ship a package step number one media mail now what media mail is its a specific only.

To usps and thats really were going to be doing sorry let me step back for a second i forgot. To mention that part so all this all these shipping methods were gonna be talking about is all through usps. Theyre the theyre the cheapest one to be able to ship pretty much anything unless you have some type of. Word corporate deal with like fedex or something so were only gonna be talking about usps and this is more. Of a i guess a beginners guide to really get you in there its gonna this is gonna get you.

Pretty much 90% of your shipping needs all right this is this will take this is like 90% of everything. Ive ever shipped will be condensed to this so its not a guide for every single possibility so if you. Do have any questions you can leave mean you know comment up and try and help you with that so. Anyway again step number one medium mail what medium mail is its a special program they have where its only. Media items and they they define media as yeah we got media as books cds film in top of like.

Paper with with writing on it really is what media is and so the the reason why thats important is. That you dont want to ship other things in it like you dont want to ship shoes you dont want. To ship um speakers you dont want to ship laptops and things like that through media mail because what happens. Is when you accept media mel lets say when you you know when you purchase it you accept that usps. Can inspect your package so lets say you do ship a pair of shoes or a dress or whatever it.

Is and they open it up and they see that its not well theyre gonna hold it theyre not that. Package is not gonna get to your customer or to the person youre trying to send your item to and. Thats thats not good especially in the in the business world so make sure you dont dont dont chance it. Dont do it so the price range so i got i got a $14 max ill talk about that just. A minute but anyway if i wanted to shop im sorry if i wanted a ship a three pound book.

Lets say to the other side of the united states right now im in san diego lets say if i. Want to ship at the florida a three pound book is gonna cost me about four bucks to get there. Which if you havent done a lot of shipping four bucks is insanely cheap especially for something for three pounds. I usually ship when i usually ship things its roughly about you know four to five dollars its a lot. Less its like not even a pound so medium mill is very very cheap youre gonna want to ship other.

Things that arent media but dont do it oh one thing video games people think people think that since you. Can ship a see an audio cd they think oh i can ship a video game its in a cd. Doesnt count ive checked trust me people weve had ive had arguments with people about this alright a few little. Details for the max amount a weight is gonna be seventy pounds you cant ship anything over the net its. Gonna take about two to eight days its one of the slower shipping methods but itll get there its not.

The biggest deal and it does include tracking all these shipping methods im talking about do include tracking which is. Great you definitely need that you know i whenever i purchase anything i want to make sure im tracking and. I want to see where its at and and how quick its gonna get to me and theres no insurance. On this one its just the cheapest way to get something to somebody if you need insurance im not sure. If they offer where you can purchase more from me a mail and then you got to use your own.

Packaging thatll come up in a minute when are we talking about the other shipping methods and it is its. Basically just the cheapest way to go now lets say all right youre gonna be asking me like able okay. The item that i have doesnt qualify alright thats cool because were gonna go on to the cheapest way to. Ship a package step number two first-class mail now first-class mail sounds fancy right sounds like his first-class gonna be. It writing a first-class so hes thinking like a flight always walked through the front and i was look at.

The this is beautiful i wish i could just lay down and lounge on here but anyway so its just. The name that they give it the the mail a quick story i remember talking to or somebody left me. Feedback on i think was on ebay and they said oh this you know the packaging was great you know. They shipped it right away and it got to me fast they even used oh first-class mail its just its. Pretty much the the cheapest way for me to get a package thats not you know medium mail anyway okay.

So lets talk about that one now first-class mail the maximum youre gonna be able to the the maximum is. Six dollars to ship it anywhere in the united states including hawaii and alaska now the reason why the maximum. Is important is that when you do try and lets say you want to figure out if something the same. You know youre gonna be a make this at your profession you know selling things online and if you want. To list something well you know that lets say if if an item is 16 ounces right 16 ounces or.

Less you can ship it first-class mail right sixteen ounces is a pound so if you want it lets say. You want to ship something thats its a pound anywhere united states you know the maximum is gonna be six. Dollars which is very important information especially if that i mean that most of my most of my stuff is. About you know in that range and thats thats really where i shipped like 70 percent of my goods in. First-class mail its less than less than a pound which i know when i want to list it somewhere i.

Know that whatever it is a one for the price of the item that i know its gonna cost less. Than six so its very important that numbers very important especially when you want to you know if you dont. Want to lets say you have 100 items you want to list you dont want to put the weight into. Usps and check it for every single one of those you could just kind of get an average you know. How much more or less its gonna be so thats why ive got it on here again mmm maybe not.

Again theres the first time im mentioning this but i have im gonna write all this stuff in the article. I got an article on my website the link will the description sometimes is easier just to look at it. And read it rather than just have someone talk to you about it alright so now lets say you want. It lets talk about the price range now lets say you have an 1/8 ounce item lets say its a. Toy right or lets say i havent its a toy and i want to ship that 8 ounce item to.

Again did you say the furthest part of the united states florida its gonna cut an 8 ounce items gonna. Cost me $3 and 64 cents remember how i said earlier the book the book was like what i say. Five let me double check here i said four write a four pound my three pound book will cost me. Four bucks thats a medium meal now this first-class meal an 8 ounce item is gonna cost me three dollars. And sixty four cents so thats its a big the big jump but anyway so thats thats that and again.

The the bottom of it right the bottom is gonna be like three bucks so if you have something lets. Say its an ounce or two ounce i think its things four ounces its gonna cost you about three and. Then the very top sixteen ounces is gonna cost you six and the maximum again is 16 ounces one pound. Delivery time for this its actually a lot faster than the medium and this ones actually one to three business. Days it also includes tracking insurance is not included but you can actually purchase insurance which is interesting because ive.

Had some items ive had some items where it was actually pretty expensive and i didnt you know i you. Know the things that are like 15 bucks i dont mind shipping without insurance 16 you know when it starts. Key until around like like 40 or 50 start getting a little worried even though it really dont lose a. Lot of packages but ive had had some items worth actually a hundred bucks and what i do is ill. Just purchase a little bit insurance just in case so you can do that all right so now now youre.

Asking okay able i have a package its its not me to mail and its actually over 16 ounces whats. The cheapest way to ship that package and this will go to step number three priority mail flat rate now. Flour excuse me a flat rate works a little bit different than the other ones the other ones are basically. They charge you on weight and also on well basically just charge you by weight is what it is so. If something is like eight ounces is gonna charge you a little less than something thats you know 12 ounces.

But flat rate is just one rate right flat rate is if i want to lets say i want to. Ship something to florida itll cost me the same is if im shipping it to a person down the street. Now youre thinking wait a minute you save it sounds like you might be able to save or waste money. Using it thats why you know i only use it when the other options arent available so what im what. Im trying to say is that it will work as long as you dont pay for it up right you.

Dont want to ship something thats eight ounces in flat rate because its gonna cost you more than wood from. Step two first-class mail okay so now we got so fly rate right you just pay one one price anywhere. In the united states even if its next door now what were gonna do is theres three different types of. Priority we want to talk about theres many theres many different types but this is a more of a beginners. Um approach a beginners guide to show you how to get this and it should be this is pretty much.

The the easiest way i can instill this and when i first started this is the easiest way for me. To get all this done so what were gonna talk about were gonna just talk about three different type of. Flat rate and the first flat rate were gonna talk about is this is a priority mail padded flat rate. Envelope cant get in and whats cool about this is it has bubble wrap in it that adds a little. Bit of cushion and its pretty big i can fit i can fit all kinds of stuff in here just.

Its pretty big so whenever i have an item thats not medium mail and its over 16 ounces i put. In this bad boy right ill wrap it i wrap the item in bubble wrap and then ill throw her. In here and has just a bit more bubble wrap now whats cool about this one is that it is. Roughly about seven bucks to ship it anywhere in the united states and you can fit you know a good. Amount of things in here this right here this is out of all the items out of all the shipping.

Methods that i do i usually do first-class mail right thats the one where its 16 ounces or less i. Usually put that in these envelopes rare right this is a small one and then this is the bigger one. Right 70% of my mail is gonna go in these guys using first class and then whenever i use priority. The majority would be in this one many other envelopes but this is the one im talking about today so. Its about seven bucks which is great so now youre saying okay what if my item is it does not.

Fit in there or maybe my item is fragile you dont want in this here well then we go the. Next step up which is were gonna talk about priority mail medium flat rate and thats gonna cost you right. Around 14 bucks and here it is you can see right here we got medium as you can see right. Here we got medium flat rate on that one and we have sort of do this here medium flat rate. Box so you got two different flavors for medium fly rate you got a squarish one and you got a.

Longer one and theyre both the same price theyre both flat rate theyre both 14 bucks anywhere the united states. Including hawaii and alaska if your item doesnt fit in all the ones above that i talked about then basically. Were just trying to sort where it is where your item goes how much it weighs and how big it. Is so here we go medium flat rate kind of square box medium flat rate longer box this one is. About 14 bucks those are two options okay next youre gonna ask yourself are you asking me hey abel alright.

My item is not medium mail it is over 16 ounces so it wont be the first class it wont. Fit in the envelope or in the medium flat rate whats my next option your next option is priority mail. Large flat rate so we talked about medium never gonna talk about large and they are large large flat rate. This ones $19 so this is the $19 the max youll pay to put an item in this box and. Send it anywhere in the united states and just like the medium flight rate this one also comes in a.

Squarish and a long can you get that in the frame look at that so long it is people call. This the board game box its a board games here you can fit you fit a monopoly in here maybe. A monopoly deluxe a sorry or maybe clue you fit that in here thats pretty cool anyway you can get. Most of these items most of these boxes the priority box is for free at your post office but some. Of these items like like this one i think you got to order online but its also free you get.

The item for free and the shipping for free some post office will have the this one but sometimes they. Dont but you can get like i said if youre gonna be if youre going to be a professional shipper. Then you just probably want to get you know go online and get a bunch of these and if a. Knife is just a one-time thing you just go in the post office and grab whichever one of these you. Can but lets actually compare lets compare some of these you got the top right here is a medium and.

The bottom one is a large-screen large flat rate we have a we got the medium flat rate and we. Got the large flat rate can even give it both in the screener i think theyre about the same thickness. All right okay so what we have done is we have gone over the three cheapest way to ship a. Package i know i went through a few different packaging choices but those are the three its medium mail and. If if youre adams im eating mail then you ship it first-class and if its too heavy for first-class and.

You ship a priority and then priorities got its three different flavors now the reason i went over there and. A reason i went over some of the numbers is you can use those numbers to really gauge what your. Item is gonna be shipped in and if you want to list it you really gotta have this stuff you. Dont have to have it memorized its gonna be my article so if you always just want a bookmark it. Right plug to myself you want to bookmark and keep looking its fine but when i first started selling it.

It took me like a month or two to really get all this you know i was writing stuff out. Trying to figure things out and it took me a good while to really get the system done and it. Like i said it worked like 90% of the stuff is old and i know whenever i talk to people. About shipping they were about selling theyre always worried about the shipping part they dont know how to do it. And ive told people hey im gonna write an article on him but do it im put a video would.

You guys would you guys like then the awesome so finally i finally got around to doing it so you. Can check that out theres actually more information on the site to help you out with with moorea for a. Little bit more detail like box sizes and things like that but this is but yeah so thats uh thats. The tutorial for that i think i will be making a tutorial for maybe some international shipping really depends on. If people are interested or not but anyway if you did like this video please give me a thumbs up.

Share it and i will be making more videos so ill catch you guys next time.

Method 2 – How To Mail Packages

How to mail packages make sure that whatever your shipping arrives safely with these tips you will need a sturdy. Box newspaper and bubble wrap heavy-duty plastic an inside address label 2 inch wide packing tape and the right zip. Code optional insurance and air popped popcorn step 1 dont try to get away with an old shoebox or disposable. Diaper card the us postal service recommends a double corrugated box step 2 rap fragile items in newspaper bubble wrap.

Or other packaging if youre shipping clothes wrap them in heavy-duty plastic in case the packaging gets wet plain air. Popped popcorn is an environmentally friendly substitute for styrofoam packing peanuts step 3 tuck the name and address of the. Recipient inside the package in case something happens to the mailing label step 4 if youre sending something with batteries. Pack them separately so the item doesnt switch on in transit step 5 secure the package with two inch wide. Packing tape which is specifically made for shipping regular tape and masking tape are not durable enough step 6 write.

The recipients address legibly and include the zip code if youre unsure of it look it up at express. Followed by priority the cheapest with slowest domestic option is ground delivery known as parcel post you can also choose. Priority flat rate shipping where one fee is charged for whatever you can fit into one of four specially sized. Boxes packages that are 13 ounces or less can be put in any mailbox as long as they fit and. Have the correct postage step 8 consider buying insurance if youre insuring your package for less than $500 you can.

Do it at you can also use the site to calculate and download postage step 9 save a trip. To the post office by giving packages up to 70 pounds to your regular mail carrier theres no limit to. How many express priority parcel returned and international packages you can hand over for a fee you can also call. Or go online to arrange a pickup time did you know postal workers call the monday before christmas black monday. Because its one of the busiest shipping days of the year.

Method 3 – How To Mail Usps First Class Envelopes & Packages With Stamps

Hi guys today were going to cover first class mail and how many stamps you may need when mailing or. Shipping something if you like shipping how-tos be sure to subscribe because we have more on the way so whats. Considered first-class mail well its mostly letters and with this service your mail will get to its destination in one. To three business days itll have insurance for loss or damage up to five thousand dollars but in merchandise only.

And itll be eligible for delivery confirmation services like certified mail if youre going to use stamps instead of buying. Postage at the post office you wont get tracking so if youre sending a first class package id recommend it. Going to the post office and buying postage because then obviously youll get free tracking the maximum weight for standard. Envelopes is 3.5 ounces and for large envelopes and packages its 13 ounces but when it comes to what can. Actually be considered first class mail theres also shape requirements that need to be met to be eligible for mailing.

At the price for postcards they must have these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness if they dont meet the. Minimum requirements its considered non-mailable and if they exceed the maximum theyll be priced as a letter to be eligible. For mailing at the price for letters envelopes must have these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness to be eligible. For mailing at the price for large letters envelopes must meet these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness so you. Have to be careful when it comes to bubble mailers and padded envelopes most will exceed this thickness and will.

Ultimately be considered packages if the envelope succeeded any one of those maximum measurements then its classified in price to. The next category for example if the envelope exceeded its maximum measurements for letters then its considered a large envelope. And if a large envelope exceeded its maximum measurements its then considered a first class package first class packages and. Their sizing requirements involve a little bit of math the maximum size cant exceed more than 108 inches in length. And girth combined girth equals the height times two plus the width multiplied by two then youd have to add.

The length to that and see if its under 108 inches for cylindrical packages the girth would be the circumference. Of the cylinder and of course the maximum weight for all of them is under 13 ounces however because of. The aviation male security rule if the package exceeds 10 ounces and is more than half an inch thick you. Have to go to the post office to drop it off and or pay postage there the safety program prevents. Packages with stamps as postage and with the previously mentioned criteria from anonymously being entered into the mail stream through.

Usps collection boxes and post office mail slots so if youre sending a first class package i definitely recommend that. You go to the post office and buy your post is there its the safest bet and you get tracking. Usps sells a whole bunch of stamps worth different postage amounts so which ones do we need for first class. Mail and how many luckily enough usps has a postage price calculator thatll help us figure that out but before. We go to that lets take a look at the basic and starting prices for each of these categories currently.

These are the raids for postcards letters large envelopes and the starting price for first class packages for those of. You sending postcards letters and large envelopes that meet the criteria for each category you can simply use these kinds. Of stamps postcard stamps are exactly 36 cents so all you need is one for each postcard you send with. Letters under an ounce you can use one forever stamp those are currently 55 cents and equates to one ounce. Forever stamps are actually an investment in the long run because their value always matches the current postage rate so.

Even if the value changes next year the ones i bought last year will still work every ounce after that. Is an additional 20 cents so youll have to add an additional ounce stamp or partial stamps that have lower. Postages like one to five cents you can also use the two or three ounce stamps that are valued at. 75 cents and 95 cents respectively the first ounce for large envelopes is a dollar you can either use two. Forever stamps a dollar stamp or a combination of stamps for example you can do one forever stamp with partial.

Stamps or you can do a semi-postal stamp thats valued at 65 cents with partial stamps a semi-postal stamp is. A stamp that benefits charity the two current ones are raising money to help treat those ptsd and for breast. Cancer research the latter was actually the first ever semi-postal stamp that the usps issued for envelopes that are square. Or arent flat all around so lets say you have a button or something in it youll have to use. A non-machinable surcharge stamp that has a postage of 75 cents at the post office they have sorting machines for.

Mail and these sorting machines have certain size openings so this is why its very important that your letter meets. The thickness requirement so that it can go through this machine now the usps has a guide for letter sizes. And within that guide they have one that shows the thickness of what your letter can be to fit through. The slot in the machine so you can test it to see if it meets it and ill put this. Link in the description below so if you have a square envelope or something that cant be sorted through the.

Machine youll have to use a non-machinable surcharge stamp usps also offers stamps that have dollar rates like the one. Dollar stamp i mentioned before the other options are two dollars five dollars and ten dollars if youre sending letters. Overseas international first class letters under one ounce are one dollar and twenty cents one international or global forever stamp. Will suffice for anything more than one ounce and is oversized or shaped oddly youll have to find the destination. Countrys price group and see how much the postage would be for it under whatever ounce it ends up being.

International first class mail can be anything under 15.994 ounces now if youre unsure how much your envelope or package. Actually weighs and therefore cant figure out how much postage you owe youll have to use uspss postage price calculator. On uspss website go to the quick tools tab at the top of the page click on calculate a price. Itll take you to the retail postage price calculator page here youll have to enter your zip code and the. Zip code of where youre sending your mail or package to dont worry about the date or time you plan.

To mail the item at the bottom were going to pick the last square that has calculate price based on. Shape and size because first class mail will fall under that on the next page youll have to enter your. Envelope or packages weight to get the most accurate weight use a postal scale then select what kind of envelope. Or package you have bubble mailers and padded envelopes fall under large envelopes once you select one itll take you. To the mail services page if you scroll all the way down to the bottom youll see first class mail.

Under retail itll tell you how much postage youll need to put on your envelope now for those of you. That selected large envelope youll be taken to an extra page for more information here youll have to specify what. Kind of large envelope you have to give some examples a manila envelope that doesnt have a clasp on the. Back would fall under none of the following is rigid would be one of those cardboard-like envelopes its not rectangular. Or square thats pretty self-exclamatory and contains items that cause more than one fourth an inch variation in thickness is.

A bubble mailer or padded envelope and when looking up the price for tube shaped first class packages youd have. To select large package in the beginning then click non-rectangular and then youll have to enter the length height width. And girth once youve gotten your first class males retail price you can use whatever combination of stamps ive mentioned. Before to get you to that amount if you end up needing something like 3.4 stamps and youre not using. Any partial stamps youll have to round up to four stamps and that means paying a little extra postage well.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about first class mail and youre ready to send your own letters if. You have any questions or ideas for how tos leave it in the comments below and if you found this. Video helpful give us a like and .

Conclusion – How Much Is It To Mail A Package

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