How Much Is It To Replace An Iphone Screen – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Iphone 11 Screen Replacement: Fix Your Cracked Screen!

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Method 2 – How Much Does It Cost To Replace Iphone Screen?

Whats up guys this time here in this video ill be answering the question how much does it cost to. Replace your iphone screen by iphone 7 plus recently cracked and had to replace it through apple so i decided. To make this video to answer it for all you guys who dont know how much it cost so were. Here in the apple website if you have apple cairo cost $29 no matter what model you have if youre.

Out of warranty it will cost 149 dollars for the plus models which is how much i had to pay. And then $129 for all other devices oh god no god please no no no no this is without taxes. Or whatever amount of tax it it is in your state thats just remember to include that so if we. Scroll down a little bit here youll notice some key things in this description youll see that it cost 695. If you want to ship it you could also do it up an add an apple store so if you.

Have an apple store near you id recommend going there instead make an appointment and then take it there so. We also have this statement here most screen repairs are caused by accidental damage which isnt covered under apple warranty. Go yourself if your screen cracks due to a manufacturing defect is covered by the apple warranty thats pretty much. About it if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below so you guys exactly how much. I paid to get mine replace it was 149 dollars plus taxes ill show you guys that right now alright.

Guys so this is the receipt that i got from apple it took them 1 hour to fix after i. Made an appointment be sure to make an appointment usually the apple store is very busy so they wont have. Time for walk-ins so 149 dollars is the base price $10.80 taxes so it came out to 159 dollars and. 80 cents did a fairly good job on fixing this the screen is brand new i did already put a. Screen protector on it however so thats why it looks the way it looks so yes pretty much about it.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and ill see you guys in the next one peace.

Method 3 – Iphone 11 Screen Repair

All right guys today were going to be fixing an iphone 11 that as you can tell is pretty pretty. Damaged um this has a lot of screen issues nobody can use a phone so were going to be replacing. This screen anybody can do this repair its not hard at all its super easy as long as you have. The right tools and most importantly if you take your time and go slow the first thing you want to.

Do is make sure you buy the right screen and you want to check your connections so i know the. Connections are on this right side of this iphone 11 so i know when im taking off the lcd i. Need to go slowly heres a few of the tools youre going to need the first one is going to. Be this pentalobe screwdriver i will leave a link in the description to all these tools a tri-wing screwdriver i. Just call it a y screwdriver i need some anti-static tweezers dont use regular tweezers a nice sesamo or some.

Kind of pry tool and a small phillips screwdriver like i said ill leave a link in the description to. All the tools the first thing you want to do just like with every single iphone before this is you. Want to remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom you do have to have this special screwdriver it comes. In a lot of kits but you do have to have it to open those screws at the bottom and. Then you want to go around the sides this video has been sped up so take your time slow it.

Down you dont want to rush anything just remember those cables are on the kind of more to the bottom. Right side of this phone so when youre prying make sure you dont pry too deep but if you do. Its not going to be too big of an issue because youre replacing the lcd anyways but just on that. Right hand side just go a little bit slower when youre prying up but i usually start at the bottom. But if you have any kind of gaps uh starting the gap and and pull out some of them are.

A little bit harder than others some are easy but when you do finally get it where you can kind. Of maneuver it and get in there and youve gone all the way around and get all that adhesive out. Of the way youre going to want to pry this open like a book basically from left to right and. Once you pry it open dont go past 90 degrees that cable at the far left its important and you. Might break it you want to start by removing the five screws on this shield right here and you use.

The tri-wing screwdriver theres going to be five of them and make sure when you lay them out you lay. Them out just the way that you took them out itll make it a lot easier when youre putting them. Back so you see those two cables right there ones an lcd cable and ones a digitizer cable you want. To go ahead and connect disconnect those cables and i always like to disconnect the battery i try to do. It if we can right off the bat but with this iphone 11 you have to disconnect the two cables.

On top and then use your tri-wing screwdriver and remove these three screws that are on this l-shaped bracket and. These are all tri-wing screws as well and like i said when youre laying them laying them out just try. To lay them out exactly the way that you took it out and lay these brackets right next to them. So to make it super easy when were putting this back together so were going to disconnect the battery and. I usually like to do this first but on this iphone 11 you cant access it first and then now.

We want to disconnect your front camera mic cable and once you do that i mean the screen is off. These newer iphones in my opinion are a lot easier to remove than the old ones this top part right. Here youre going to want to take your phillips screwdriver theres three phillips screws on this right hand side and. Once again theyre different size screws so make sure that when you lay them out youre laying them out correctly. Or when you put them back you could cause damage theres one little tiny screw at the top its a.

Tri-wing screwdriver they like to mix different screws to make it harder to take apart but its really not so. You want to fold that cable down and i kind of got in here a little too close with my. Camera but um theres a little piece at the top that you want to basically pry loose and when you. Pry it loose im trying to see where you can see how thick it is at the top you want. To make sure you get behind that and not cut and cut it in half or anything so you want.

To pry on that and theres a little um adapter at the top and im going to show you that. Adapter in slow motion here in just a second its kind of like a little shield so right there at. The top you see a little gold plate its right there its basically just like a little shield that helps. Hold it down i had to get that off to remove it and i didnt show that in the video. Prior so just make sure you lift up that little shield right there and it should just come right off.

And once that comes off the other parts a lot easier to get out but im basically doing everything in. Reverse order now so im pushing this little plate back into its spot um once ive you know put the. Front camera and mic back in and i just want to make sure that it fits flush but i was. Trying to slow that down just to show you what that bracket looks like because i missed it in the. Other part so the brackets in im just making sure everything fits down flush solid and then right now im.

Trying to line up the screw holes and make sure that nothing looks like its too far apart from each. Other or like a screw when you screw it in its not going to fit or anything and everything right. Here looks pretty good so were just going in reverse order were gonna put um our take our phillips screwdriver. And put our three screws back in once we put our uh three screws back in were going to grab. Our y screwdriver our tri-wing screwdriver and were going to screw that little bitty screw in at the very top.

And if you need to you can um slow this video down it sped up a little bit just to. Kind of so you get to the point of it but take your time pause the video dont rush um. Its the only time i ever see anybody mess up is when you rush its its not a hard repair. At all um so were gonna take these cables and were gonna were going to put them back in the. Exact same spot we pulled them out from so you want to connect the battery you want to connect these.

Two cables and i always like to connect the battery last so i went under these cables and did it. But i uh connected all the cables and we basically just want to test this phone out before we start. Putting down the plates and the screws and all that to make sure that the phone functions the way that. It should um and i had to uh pull out those two cables and then put the battery down to. Make this work so it just adds up i want to put the battery connector first and then the lcd.

And digitizer were gonna go ahead and power this iphone on and sometimes you get the passcode sometimes you dont. So if you dont have the passcode you can swipe up on the phone and click emergency and then just. Type one two three four five six seven eight nine pound zero you wanna make sure that everything you touch. The right thing comes up on the screen and if it does then everything is connected and it should be. Fine you can do a phone call test if you want to because you mess with that front cam uh.

Mic at the top um so you can always have them call you or you can call them make sure. They can hear you and you can hear them thats just an extra step but ive had no problems with. These newer iphones um having any kind of issues um the cameras at a bad angle so i apologize i. Was focused on getting this done in a timely manner youre going to take that l-shape bracket that you put. And youre going to want to put the three tri-ring screws back but before you do that you want to.

Make sure that that battery connector is is connected and its down once you do that youre going to connect. Your lcd and your digitizer those are the two cables on the top and then youre going to want to. Grab your shield over here in a minute thats right there on the right side and you want to going. To grab that shield and lay it on top and if you just line it up with the screw holes. Theres five screw holes and if youve laid out your screws correctly you can just put those back the way.

That theyre laid out and it makes it super simple like i said this repair is not hard whatsoever anybody. Can do it you just got to make sure you take your time and your patience and your patience sorry. But i did speed up this video on bits and pieces just to to get through it but its maybe. Takes about 30 45 minutes at the most and thats if you are taking your time and doing it correctly. When youre putting this in at the end you want to make sure you push on the bottom of the.

Screen towards the top of the phone that helps it sit in just right and the last thing you need. To do is just put in your last two pentalobe screws and thats it this iphone 11 is done you. Can turn it on and once again go through your test do the emergency test check your numbers all that. You can make a phone call if you want to but other than that i mean all you did was. Replace the screen uh so hopefully this this helped you out like i said anybody can do it uh if.

This helped you in any way please uh let me know thank you.

Method 4 – Iphone 7 Screen Replacement Shown In 5 Minutes

Today i will show a screen replacement on an iphone 7 remember this is harder than it looks so make. Sure to watch the video all the way through before you decide to dive into your own repair as always. You attempt this project at your own risk turn off the phone and at the bottom of the screen there. Are two pentalobe screws the same ones apple always uses since there is copious amounts of adhesive under the screen.

I found it easier to use a thin metal pry tool instead of a suction cup slipping it between the. Metal frame of the phone and the plastic frame of the screen then gently twisting the tool to pry up. On the screen in a controlled way there are a few ribbon cables along the right side of the phone. That are extremely fragile so do not put any stress on them whatsoever a little bit of heat will help. Soften the screen adhesive so if youre struggling bust out your moms hairdryer and warm the screen up the trick.

Is releasing that top edge of the screen enough that you can untuck it from the top edge of the. Metal frame thats whats holding it in place the adhesive you see stretching isnt structural it is only for keeping. Water out your phone will not be water resistant anymore after replacing the screen but a cracked screen isnt water-resistant. Either after releasing that top edge the phone unfolds like a book and you can see those incredibly fragile ribbon. Cables i was talking about earlier this metal plate protects the connections to the main board that is held down.

By four y-shaped screws called a tri point or y triple zero ill link all the tools that i use. In the video description i unplug the battery ribbon first and then unclip the two screen ribbons right next to. It they just unsnap like little legos up here at the top of the phone we have another metal plate. Held down by two screws this is protecting another ribbon cable so pop that off and the screen comes loose. From the phone the screen is made up of multiple components and these components need to be transferred over to.

Your new unbroken replacement screen if you need a replacement screen i will link them down in the video description. Along with everything else to start transferring components we need to remove the huge metal plate from the back of. The screen there are three tri tip screws on either side make sure you keep all of your screws organized. Throughout this project it is incredibly important because nearly all the screws are different sizes and you do not want. To mix them up one more screws at the top holding down that big metal backplate and two more screws.

Above that holding down the earpiece bracket once that earpiece bracket is set off to the side the earpiece speaker. Can pop out and you can see the little spring contact points that rest on the golden circles this is. How it receives its signal the front camera ribbon cable is just lightly glued into the frame so be extremely. Careful pry that out making sure not to kink or tear it here is the ribbon itself it as the. Front camera and all of the other front sensors attached to it onto the home button im gonna explain a.

Few more things about this little guy at the end of the video so stick around for that there are. A total of four screws holding it in place remember to keep them organized the home button bracket can then. Be removed and then the metal backplate itself can lift off it has a little bit of adhesive holding it. Down to the ribbon cables and even if your old screen is broken to bits it is still a good. Idea to go slow while removing this so you dont break anything new and ill just reiterate the ribbon cables.

Are extremely fragile they can tear like paper now that the big back metal plate is off the home button. Or touch pad can be removed by unclipping the little lego light connection and then dropping it out of the. Hole in front of the screen now i grabbed the new replacement screen and i start installing the original components. On the screen that isnt broken line the metal backplate up with little screw holes on the sides and then. Tuck your original home button from your old phone up through the hole and plug it in get the bracket.

Screwed back onto the back of the home button making sure to put it over the little circular tabs on. The metal backplate and then those four screws in the back going the holes they came from originally then the. Middle backplate has six screws to tighten it down all of them those same little tri-tips then we have the. Front camera ribbon fold that back into place like an origami master the earpiece with the springs will sit on. Top of little golden circles and it will be held down with two screws then the top bracket will go.

On top of the earpiece with its own two screws now to reconnect the screen the funky-looking ribbon cable at. The top clips in like a little lego and then the bottom two ribbons plug in next to the battery. Connection remember these ribbons are like paper so do not kink or rip them get the battery plugged in and. Then ill test the screen out before i screw all the metal plates back in if your screen is dark. Or has lines running through it or it doesnt respond to touch it either has a bad connection with the.

Mainboard or it is just a bad replacement screen everything looks good on mine so i turned the phone back. Off and screw the metal plates back in with their original screws that i kept organized from earlier remember that. The top edge of the screen goes in first and the rest of the screen gets gently placed down after. That so if your frame has been bent by a drop you might need to um a little before your. Screen will fit into place so watch out for that dont press too hard and crack your new one ive.

Seen it happen now back to the home button since this phone is so new this video is showing literally. One of the first few times the iphone 7 has been taken apart in the wild after reading online several. Other people are complaining that their home button does no longer function when attached to a replacement screen apple has. Played dirty in the past with error 53 not allowing people to fix their own phones so it wouldnt be. Super surprising to me to see apple pull more anti repair shenanigans against their own customers but obviously we have.

To wait until we get a larger sample size of broken phones if you have repaired an iphone 7 leave. Any tips down in the comments below remember if apple really is disabling the home buttons ive repaired phones you. Can get around it by using the on-screen home button located in your settings and if you enjoy seeing tech. Reviewed from the inside hit that subscribe button ive got a lot more videos coming bonus points are following me. On instagram and twitter and i even post an occasional behind-the-scenes snap story on snapchat thanks ton for watching hope.

See you around.

Method 5 – Iphone X Screen Replacement Done Correctly

Hi guys welcome back from a huge effys video in this video im gonna be repairing this iphone 10 which. Is in need of a screen replacement while its only suffered minor damage the screen is constantly glitching and tends. To have a mind of its own while not a difficult repair many third-party repair shops perform this repair inadequately. But will get a little bit more into that later on but before we get started id like to think.

I fix it for sponsoring this video right now you can take $10 off orders of $50 or more with. The code fixmas 10 so upgrade someones toolkit for the holidays or treat yourself just visit i fix it calm. / you jeffries or click the link below now i purchase his iphone at the beginning of the year for. $400 at that time it was the 2nd newest iphone on the market however its now a little bit older. As i havent got around to repairing it but what i received in the package was literally just the iphone.

Itself with no other accessories taking it out of the box i could power it on for the first time. And verify everything was working and given that the true tone feature is still active it is most likely that. The display has never been replaced on this phone once the phone was set up i did notice it was. On a beta version of ios 12.3 and was constantly coming up with the message to update the beta version. So to remove that i just restored a stock version of ios 12.3 onto the device which was the latest.

Version at the time now to fix this phone properly im going to need a couple of items obviously im. Going to need a replacement display as well as the correct adhesive and also a reprogramming unit to reprogram the. Serial numbers in the display ill talk a little bit about why thats necessary later on but the first thing. Im going to do is power down the iphone and carefully remove the two pentalobe screws from the bottom its. Important to go slow and be gentle with these as a very small and easy to strip i can then.

Use an eye opener tool to heat the bottom of the display and using a suction cup being able to. Lift it up and then insert a pic underneath and gradually move around the edge of the display as the. Display is adhered to the frame it takes a little bit of prying to get it up but once it. Is removed we can then take out the few screws holding in this bracket which will reveal a whole number. Of flex cables the first thing youll need to do is disconnect the battery to make sure that you dont.

Fry anything internally while working on the phone i can then disconnect these screen cables as well as the front. Earpiece removing the display from the iphone we can bring it across to my programmer now you can pick various. Numbers of programmers online so do your research to find the best one for your needs now what im going. To do is read the old screen data and then make sure that its saved to the device i can. Then disconnect the old broken display and connect up our new ifixit panel and reprogram at that display now in.

My case im going to be reprogramming it on the jc pro 1000s however this company also makes a few. Other ones that are slightly less expensive either way i can then burn the data on to the new screen. Which basically transfers all of the serial numbers and data from the old display over to the new one the. Reason for this is to retain the true tone function on the display as everything in the iphone is basically. Paired to each other failure to reprogram certain components can cause limitations on the phone itself now once weve reprogrammed.

The display i can remove a couple of screws and take the earpiece assembly off of the old display and. Transfer it across to that new ifixit panel this is actually a lot easier to do than previous generations of. Iphone as well as the fact that doesnt have a home button so theres even less things needed to transfer. Across however when reassembling make sure to connect the gold grounding clip and align it correctly now that our display. Is prepped and ready to go im going to test fit everything and make sure the phone is functioning now.

Whilst ive reprogrammed it i need to check the true tone function is working if it is missing from settings. That means the reprogramming part was unsuccessful as mine is functioning perfectly i can then remove the display and continue. With the repair im going to need to remove all of the old adhesive that was holding down the display. And i can do that by twirling around my spudger and moving all of the old adhesive being very careful. Of the face id sensor as thats also another paired component however only apple is able to reprogram it so.

If damaged you will lose face id capabilities i can then come along with some alcohol and give it a. Good proper clean now that the two halves are prepped its time to seal them together and that can be. Done with the new water-resistant seal which will need to be applied between the two halves many third party repair. Shops missed this step along with reprogramming the display resulting in a very poor repair once weve flattened down the. Seal with a spudger i gave the camera a bit of a clean as it appeared to have a fingerprint.

On it which could have been from the factory or even a previous repair i can then attach the new. Ifixit display panel back on to the iphone making shorts you firmly attach all of the flex cables and then. Finally connect up the battery reinstalling the one bracket and its few screws i can then finally give the inside. Of the phone one last clean and then remove the protective film over the adhesive strips so theyre ready to. Be sealed down once all the adhesive strips have been removed we can start to reinstall the new panel onto.

The phone starting with the top and being very careful on the right hand side where the cables are we. Can then press down the display firmly into place and reinstall the two pentalobe screws into the bottom of the. Iphone we can then remove the protective film and were done so this is it my iphone 10 is now. Back into working condition and is no longer glitching out all the time while not a difficult repair to complete. You do need to have the right equipment like a pro tek toolkit which has the pentalobe and trialing pieces.

That these iphones contain as well as a reprogram er to be able to properly reprogram the display and do. The repair job properly jumping into settings this is a 64 gigabyte iphone 10 running ios 12 point 3 and. As you can see the true tone function is still functioning just fine after the screen replacement however if you. Dont reprogram the display this function will entirely disappear from the phone with the display replaced this phone is in. Very good condition however it does have some lights scratches on the back from the previous owner and on that.

Note this has been a huge air freezer video if you like what just saw hit that subscribe button and. Consider checking out the phone restoration playlist for more videos and just like this one also make sure to follow. Me on my social media link for which is down in the description thats all for this video and ill. Catch you guys next time.

Conclusion – How Much Is It To Replace An Iphone Screen

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