How Much Space Do You Need To Backup Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much space do you need to backup iphone,

Method 1 – Icloud Backup Failed – You Do Not Have Enough Storage Solution

If youre one of the millions of iphone users who have seen this screen iphone backup failed you do not. Have enough space an icloud to backup this iphone we have the solution for you in this video youll learn. How to fix this problem and understand why you dont have enough space in icloud im andy and youre watching. Learn how we create video lessons and tutorials to help people learn how to use technology to improve their lifestyle.

If you like what you see in this video please consider subscribing before we start if you havent seen our. Other video about icloud storage you are probably going to want to watch that video as well to fully understand. Icloud but lets get to why youre here youre tired of getting that pop up saying your backup failed even. With all your icloud storage space available we dug a little deeper into icloud backup and discovered why you dont. Have enough storage space even though you think five gigabytes should be plenty according to apple icloud backup includes all.

Of the following data most people think that the backup feature is only for contacts reminders calendar and those features. Shown on the main icloud settings screen the icloud backup is much more than that i ran a test to. See how much storage space a full iphone backup uses by plugging my iphone into itunes and doing a backup. To my computer after the backup is complete you can navigate to the file by opening itunes preferences devices you. Can right click and select show and finder to see the file if youre on a mac and then right.

Click get info on that folder to see how big the file is as you can see my iphone backup. Used about 34 gigabytes of storage space on my computer apple only gives you five gigabytes of icloud storage for. Free your icloud backup fails because you dont really have as much storage space as you need here are two. Solutions to this problem the free solution is to manually back up your iphone to your computer using itunes you. Dont need to pay for extra icloud storage space if you use this method the other solution is to pay.

For extra icloud storage you can do that from the icloud settings on your device just click manage storage then. Change storage plan so why do you need icloud storage if you cant back up your iphone using it well. That free icloud storage space is still very useful in the icloud settings youll see apps using icloud these are. All apps that save data to your icloud account for example if you add a new contact to your iphone. And the contacts app is enabled for icloud that contact info will be instantly downloaded to all your other apple.

Devices the same thing happens when you create a calendar event or write a note in the notes app using. Icloud you can create an icloud note on your iphone and also read that same note on your ipad youll. Soon realize that the most important data that you want transferred instantly between your apple devices is found in these. Icloud apps the free icloud 5 gigabytes of storage is best used for this purpose to stay connected on all. Your devices it would be a hassle to create a calendar event on your iphone and then have to create.

The same event on your ipad and macbook the nice thing is that all these apps use very little storage. Space so you should never have to worry about icloud filling up again a full backup is best used every. Few months when you connect your device into your computer using itunes to finally get rid of the failed icloud. Backup notification all you need to do is go into your icloud settings and turn icloud backup off all those. Other apps we talked about like notes and contacts will still continue to automatically update the nice thing is that.

Data that is being saved to icloud will still be there in kayson of an emergency if you havent backed. Up your iphone for six months and it breaks you can still recover all your up-to-date contact info and other. Data from icloud once again if you havent watched our icloud storage space video you definitely are going to want. To watch that to learn more about icloud and how to clean up your icloud storage if youre getting the. Notification that your icloud storage is full youll find the solution for that in that video if you liked this.

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Method 2 – How Much Space Does An Iphone Backup Take On Icloud?

Hey youtube tech intimidation today were gonna find out how much space does an iphone backup take up on your. Icloud drive by default your icloud drive gives you 5 gigabytes of space and i was curious to see how. Much space a i phone backup takes up because i would love to do this wirelessly and automatically and not. Have to think about it which would be a good idea if you ever need to restore your phone and.

Youre away from home you can do this as long as you can connect the wi-fi so i just backed. Up my phone using the service at 5:09 p.m. And lets take a look at how much space this actually. Took up so if i scroll back to the top and look at storage and then manage storage you can. See that the phone backup takes up 896 point 3 megabytes which is not a whole lot so its just.

Backing up the essential operating system data and settings that it needs to restore your phone over wi-fi connection i. Also set it to back up my passbook which requires you to turn on your data and document settings and. You can tell it with different apps to backup the data for them i just chose to bak backup documents. And data which im assuming is only for the apple default applications such as passbook and other things but again. A backup only takes up around 800 to 900 megabytes of space which means you could have several different backups.

Of your phone on your icloud drive ready for you to restore your phone at any time if something would. Happen thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Free Up Icloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

Okay time for another how-to i think this one is on something you guys all kind of commented on on. My last how-to which was how to free up your other storage on your iphone now during that video i. At some point asked you to create a backup to icloud in order for us to reset the phone and. Not lose everything on it but some of you mentioned that you couldnt because your icloud storage was full and.

So you were in a bit of a catch-22 so in this video lets show how to free up your. Icloud storage now i already did a video a while back that still works for freeing up the actual storage. On your iphone and then i did one on how to clear that mysterious other storage that i just mentioned. So ill link to both of those if those are your issues you can check those out below for this. Video though were clearing the icloud storage which isnt on your phone at all really instead your icloud storage is.

The cloud storage that apple gives you on their servers similar how dropbox google drive or onedrive work at the. Time of making this video here in the us apple gives you five gigs of storage for icloud for free. And you can pay an extra 99 cents a month to get 50 gigs 200 gigs for three dollars a. Month and two terabytes for ten dollars a month now you can of course just pay that if its not. A big deal to you and itll just give you extra storage and you can use that to do the.

Backup or whatever it is youre trying to do right now and frankly its exactly what apple would want you. To do because theyre actually trying to get more and more revenue from recurring services instead of just hardware nowadays. But if youre like me and you dont want to pay for something that you dont feel like you need. To and almost maybe a little bit on principle matter of it as well but also just want to make. Sure that this does not keep growing and growing which it tends to do uh there are a few things.

You can do to limit your icloud storage so first lets check to make sure the icloud storage is our. Actual issue by going to settings tapping on your name and then tapping on icloud now the top of this. Youll see a bar graph to let you know how much storage you have and which categories of things are. Using that storage if youre getting close to the end of that bar its time to clear things up now. In this video im gonna go through a bunch of different ways to clear all the various categories you can.

Pick and choose which ones you really want to do or you can do them all if you feel like. It i would suggest though looking at that graph and then determining which of those categories are the most important. To you as in theyre taking up the most space start with those and then you can work your way. Around the list as needed now first up lets start with imessage and email now generally your messages dont take. Up a lot of room on their own but the thing is is that icloud by default also saves every.

Attachment youve ever received by email as well as photos gifs videos and the like through imessage and that can. Over time really start to add up so you can go back into settings tap on your name tap on. Icloud and then see that bar graph and see if messages and or mail are taking up a lot of. Space first if so then you can either individually go through your imessage threads by tapping on the persons name. At the top then tapping info then tapping all photos and then tap select and tap on the images and.

Videos that you dont need and you can tap delete to remove all of them at once you can then. Repeat this with as many threads as you need alternatively i actually have my imessage delete things automatically after 30. Days and it saves some of that icloud storage but it also saves some device storage as well to do. That you can go to settings then messages and scroll down to keep messages and then select 30 days or. Even a year if you prefer instead of the default forever for email unfortunately theres no quick way to remove.

Things from icloud like with messages but a good way to clear a bunch of it at once is to. Just open the mail app tap on mailboxes and then all mail if theres an option for that next tap. On the filter icon at the bottom left and then tap on filtered by uncheck everything in here if its. Checked and then turn on only mail with attachments now this will give you a list of all the emails. Youve ever sent from that account and received that had attachments and therefore probably are taking up more space on.

Icloud than ones without them you can then tap edit at the top right and select the ones that you. Dont need and tap trash to clear them out youll then have to go back to mailboxes and go to. The trash and then clear the trash to make sure that theyre truly gone next this one can take up. A lot depending on whether you use it or not its kind of self-explanatory but honestly i forgot that i. Had tons of things in here from very very long ago so its worth just checking on so firstly just.

Like with messages in email lets see how big of an impact this is even going to have by going. To settings tapping on your name tapping on icloud and seeing in that bar graph if documents are taking up. A lot of space if so lets open the files app on the phone then tap on browse then icloud. Drive the next step is to just go through these files and folders tap select at the top right and. Select whichever ones you want to get rid of and then tapping the trash can icon at the bottom to.

Delete them and of course freeing up storage okay now for one of the biggest culprits of icloud storage as. Well as storage just on your device in general photos and videos and your iphone stores photos and videos in. One of two ways firstly is the fact that whenever you do a backup of your phone so long as. Photos is enabled for backup in settings your name icloud manage storage backups this iphone and you see the toggle. There for photos is on whenever you backup and restore your device from icloud your photos and videos will always.

Just come back the other way is icloud photos confusing i know but this is what allows you to instantly. See all of your photos and videos across all of the devices you are logged into with the same icloud. Account and acts more as an automatic syncing of your photos and videos instead of just doing it each time. You back up and restore now either of these options come at the cost of icloud storage being used up. Though so as you take more photos and even from every device you have attached this icloud account youll eat.

Away at that storage limit now personally i turn both of these off and i just use a completely free. And unlimited service like google photos instead now if you prefer to use icloud photos thats fine of course and. You can just skip this part but it will fill up more and more over time as you take more. Photos so just keep that in mind if you want to avoid that google photos works in a similar way. By allowing you to upload all of your photos and then just like with icloud photo theyre always backed up.

And available across any other device with google photos installed on it and on a computer at so to. Do this simply download google photos from the app store and then open it log in or sign up for. An account and when going through the setup process just make sure to turn on automatic backups in high quality. Which is the free option which limits photos to 16 megapixels which is larger than any iphone photos anyway so. Youre good to go now i also select to do this over data and not just wi-fi as i have.

An unlimited data plan but if youre worried about overages then leave this off then leave this open on this. Screen and plugged in and connected to wi-fi if possible and let it run this will take a while to. Back up all of your photos and videos on the first go and if you close the app it pauses. Its best to just and videos on the device that it knows are already backed up to google photos you. Can confirm this too if you dont trust it by going to in any browser and logging in with.

The same account and you should see all your photos and videos there now once it does that though there. Is another step that ios makes you do to truly remove the photos and free up the storage you need. To open the normal photos app and then tap on albums at the very bottom recently deleted and then tap. Select then delete all to permanently delete them and actually free up the storage now you can then go to. Settings your name icloud tap on photos under the chart and turn off icloud photo library then go to settings.

Your name icloud manage storage backups tap on this iphone in there and turn off photos in there as well. And now your photos and videos wont take up any icloud storage at all and lastly lets take a look. At the other large culprit of icloud storage your backups to start well simply look at all the different apps. That are using icloud backup and decide if there are any in there that we dont really need to be. Using so go to settings tap on your name tap on icloud again but now tap on manage storage and.

Then backups then tap on the one that says this iphone in here youll see a list of all of. The apps that are using icloud for their backups starting from the top as it should be listed in order. Of the apps using the most storage go through these and turn off the backup for apps that you dont. Use very often or dont really need to be backed up next lets take a look at the other backups. That we have every apple device that is signed into the same icloud account that you have backups turned on.

Will put their entire backup into the same shared storage so one thing good to check in here every now. And then at least is to just see if there are any backups for older devices that you no longer. Use or maybe even have like i sold this ipad i dont need the backup anymore for example now once. You identify those you can then tap on them and tap delete to remove that backup and just a reminder. Youll know which backup is for your current phone because it will say this iphone on it speaking of that.

Though now that were done with everything in this video were going to immediately perform a new backup by going. To settings tapping on your name icloud scrolling down and tapping on icloud backup then backup now and then continue. Now this new backup depending on how many of the things in this video you actually did should be a. Lot smaller than the original one and hopefully after all or at least some of these steps youre using a. Lot less icloud storage let me know what you guys think if this helped you out if you need help.

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Method 4 – Iphone Backup Explained!!

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Method 5 – How To Backup Your Iphone To Apple’s Icloud

We cant put a number on the amount of times people we know have lost all their photos contacts messages. And all other data because their iphone was lost or stolen and they didnt have their iphone back top backing. Up with icloud is the best option since it happens automatically when you sign up for an icloud account for. An iphone you have the choice of enabling icloud backup but some users decide not to and completely forget about.

It to make sure i cloud backup is enabled go to your settings tap on your name and tap icloud. Youll instantly see all the apps that are using icloud swipe down tap on icloud backup and enable it your. Iphone will now automatically backup whenever your phone is plugged into a power source youre connected to wi-fi and your. Screen is locked you can choose to manually backup your phone whenever you want by tapping backup now this is. Useful if youve just purchased a new iphone and want to make sure all of your data is up-to-date before.

Making the switch the issue that many users will have is when their icloud storage is maxed out and theres. No room for a backup apple gives you five gigabytes of icloud storage by default but its honestly not enough. Especially if you love taking photos when that happens it may be time to consider upgrading your icloud storage plan. At the top of the icloud settings page tap manage storage then tap change storage plan in the us a. 50 gigabyte plan is only $1 per month but if you choose the 200 gigabyte plan for $3 a month.

You can share those 200 gigs with up to six family members by tapping share with family within the icloud. Storage setting if youve already upgraded your icloud storage and youve found a way to max it out you may. Still not have enough storage left for an icloud backup head back to the icloud storage page and youll see. Whats using up all your icloud data if your photos are using up the majority of your storage it may. Be time to go in and start deleting old photos like those multiple attempts at the perfect bathroom selfie videos.

Actually take up much more storage than photos so you should start with the longest videos youve recorded if youre. Reluctant to delete anything at all off your iphone you can backup your photos to your mac or pc using. Itunes click the card above to see how its done once youve done that you can feel free to delete. As many old photos as you want knowing that theyre safely stored on your computer if you have an iphone. 7 or newer in our running ios 11 you can enable high efficiency camera capture by heading to settings camera.

Formats and tapping high efficiency doing this will make your photos and videos use up less space once you have. Enough storage space you can choose to manually back up your iphone aloud or wait for it to automatically back. Up if its enabled this is vadim with apple insider thanks for watching subscribe and well see you in the. Next video if you enjoy this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide. Which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and apple products updated daily be sure to follow us.

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Conclusion – How Much Space Do You Need To Backup Iphone

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