How Much To Fix Back Of Iphone Xr – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Iphone Xr Easy Glass Replacement Without Disassembling

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Method 2 – Iphone Xr Back Glass Repair

In todays video at fixed we are going to be replacing the back glass on an iphone xr as you. Can see the customer severely broke the back heres what the new glass will look like were also going to. Be replacing the rear camera lens and were gonna make this red customers wanting it to be custom with the. Red frame itll look great lets get started so the first thing were gonna do is take the screen off.

Well remove the bottom two screws and pry up the sides and top and bottom and fold it out to. The side like a book thatll remove the bracket that is holding down the the display cables and well also. Remove the bracket thats covering the connectors including the battery connector which will disconnect before we disconnect any of the. Other connectors and well disconnect the display and remove the other bracket up top thats holding down the proximity sensor. Assembly connector keeping the screws in order because each screw is different now well remove the sim card tray and.

Work your disconnecting all the connectors to help us remove the motherboard well take out the screws that are holding. Down the sim card tray slot this is the first iphone with the removable sim card tray its quite nice. To be able to fix that and replace that if it needs to be replaced instead of soldering anyone onto. The motherboard then well be able to remove the motherboard from the inside of the frame well start on the. Charge port by removing the bracket and all the screws that are holding it down and carefully work out each.

Piece of the charge port area including the loudspeaker and the taptic engine at the bottom making sure to keep. All the screws in order of course because theyre always different and each one goes in its own place next. Thing well do is remove the battery by pulling on the adhesive strands theres four of them that hold down. The battery two at the bottom and two at the top and the battery and pops out nice and easy. Ill speed through the rest of this teardown well need to take the entire front apart to do the process.

That were gonna do well remove all of the components i do this using a little bit of alcohol to. Help loosen the adhesive under the flux cables being sure to keep this organized in a way that will be. Easy to put back remembering where each screw and bracket and flex cable goes will remove the external charging unit. By carefully getting under it there with my pry tool and it will remove all the side brackets the brackets. For the volume buttons and the mute button there well work that around and remove the the flash and microphone.

For the rear camera as well as the power button there on the side and remove the brackets on the. Other side as well keeping everything in order once weve removed all of the internals you can then align it. On our heat plate making sure that its gonna have a nice fit that theres nothing in the way double-checking. That theres nothing that theres good but its been a melt because the the tool that were about to use. Is super hot theres the rear camera it got smashed up pretty bad well have to replace that as well.

Clean up our area well be using this heat plate in the center theres a cylinder that uh that will. Push up through the back glass and help us start to the removal process im gonna switch out the frame. From the iphone x frame that i had on there to the xr heat plate frame ive got this machine. Set at 250 degrees celsius so its super super hot well also need to remove the rear camera so i. Have this little jig i made with a wood and a drilled hole take my hammer give it a whack.

And thatll pop out the frame for the rear lens next ill take the frame and push down on it. And as we push let it warm up and push down youll see that the cylinder will pop through pushing. The glass up now because of how cracked this class is im definitely gonna use glasses and also this will. Be a little bit more complicated seeing as theres a lot of shards versus normal the normal where theres you. Know only a couple dozen pieces of glass ii have to remove here theres hundreds of pieces of glass that.

Are gonna have to be removed so this is gonna take some patience and some some time to do ill. Work my way around the glass removing any glass thats ready to go and every once in a while im. Gonna clear it off just so i have a easier work place to put the glass and make sure i. Have removed all the glass that i need to remove is to take quite some time so and they were. Simply due to the sheer number of shards of glass but i wanted to do this video because it looked.

Like one that was fun one that would take a bit of time and would be a challenge theyre not. So challenging when its only one or two cracks where the glass basically just comes off and one solid piece. Nice and easily this ones much more complicated ill go around the edge cleaning up the edge as best as. I can we do want the the new glass to have a nice flush fit around all the edges again. Ill take it off and shake it off so that we can have a fresh surface to work on and.

Well clean off our hour heat plate there then again well grab our plexiglass frame to help us hold on. To it without burning ourselves and again start scraping at all of the little shards of glass and any adhesive. In high spots that are going to impede the glass from sitting flush to the frame when we get to. That stage now i found the corners on the xr theyre much more when theyre shattered like this its much. Harder to clean than on an on the ax or excess or excess max because it doesnt have this thick.

Plastic frame it goes around early adhesive to adhere to and the adhesive tends to stick better to the plastic. Than it does to the metal it almost fuses itself to it were on the x and the xs it. Doesnt do that you can simply pry it away because theres not much of a framer on the border for. The glass to hold on to now that were done with the heat plate well go ahead and move that. Out of the way and clean up our workstation then one last time were gonna go around the border making.

Sure that there are no extra pieces a little glass or any adhesive thats in the way so that we. Can seal the new glass on it and have a nice clean edge to work with as well as well. As a flat back plate busy pieces to hear a glass – now heres the rear camera lens its got. A the red frame the lens heads inside of there and theres a rubber gasket that goes in between them. And holds them both together well peel off the protectors to the back of that back glass and then were.

Gonna take some adhesive this is the e 8000 that i like to use its clear and it has a. Fine tip that allows me to pipe the adhesive exactly where i want it its a very strong its it. Has a lot of different uses but i find that it works really well for adhering the glass to the. Frame well go ahead and go around the frame in just a random pattern basically following what apple has done. With with their back glass to sit here hit everywhere if it works for them itll work for me well.

Cap the adhesive and install the new back glass centering it and making sure it sits flush on all corners. And well take some clamps and well go red go ahead and go around and clamp down the glass down. To the frame i like to especially clamp around the where the external charging unit is gonna go to make. Sure it has a flush fit so that when we install that back on the glass we wont have any. Issues there do you think ive used enough clamps im not sure next im gonna take the adhesive and were.

Gonna work our way around the where the lens will sit giving it a nice even coat there well take. The lens and well stick it down in there making sure that it sits flush inside via that hole on. The glass and then well clamp it down to make sure it does dry there heres the remnants of the. Of the glass and there it is all clamping up and and curing well remove all the clamps clean up. The back and clean up any adhesive that had spilled out around the lens or around the frame and then.

Reassemble it ill skip that part in this video there it is im complete and ill back together thanks for. Sticking through to the end if you liked this video feel free to check out some of my other videos. That i have on my channel like the last one i did was the iphone x this is a phone. That i got from zach from jerry-rigged everything i use dry ice to remove the back glass you can also. See how i replace the glass on my iphone how we do solder jobs inside of apple watches and how.

We replace the glass on the apple watches the process from start to finish on each one of the series. Each one of the sizes i have a video on every single one of them thanks so much for watching. Subscribe if you havent already and like the video.

Method 3 – Iphone Back Glass Fix The ‘Easy’ Way – Plus Clear Mod

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Method 4 – Iphone Xr Back Housing Replacement

Hello everyone today i show you how to disassemble iphone 10r and replace back our to disassemble iphone then are. You need the following tools screwdriver set plastic mediator section cup two wizards opening plastic tool in description of this. Video ill have links to necessary tools and parts for replacement before completely disassembling the fountain or i recommend using. A magnetic pet this will help not to get confused when reassembling your iphone because screws of different types and.

Sides use it in this model i lived in said to this magnetic pet in the description before the caesarian. Turn off the iphone and removing the sim card tray unscrew two screws near the light and port using a. Hydra he is a display surface for one or two minutes in this way is a grill heat between as. A from caissons dis plane so it will be easy to open the case applies a suction cup to the. Bottom edge of the display and pull up on the rink next push the plastic mediator between the display and.

Iphone case if you cannot to do this with a plastic media drum take anything plastic art and insert it. Between the case and the display then it will be easier to pry with a mediator now emmalin slowly opens. A display around the perimeter of i phone the iphone case opens like a book the display opens to the. Right side using a driving screwdriver unscrew the three screws and remove the metal panel next unscrew two screws and. Remove the second metal panel unscrew another three screws with a trireme screwdriver and toast grows with a ph double.

Zero screwdriver now you can disconnect the battery cable from the main board and disconnect cables of the display from. The mascot next unscrew the two screws and remove the metal panel disconnect the camera cable from the main board. After pry up the camera model and remote it from the iphone case unscrew sound screws you disconnect the cable. This connects a cable which is located between speaker and taptic engine now you can remove the top take the. Engine for the iphone case not has it speaker glued to the bottom of the case to keep the factory.

And he said tape use a hairdryer to hit the place where speaker glute now the speaker can be removed. Slowly pull one adhesive tape away from the bedroom in the same order repeat with other three adhesive tapes disconnect. All cables now you can remove the logic board from the phone xr case using header hid were located cables. Of a cd next gently separate the cable of the phone keys in the description of this video other drinks. Were can buy new back hour or iphone xr install the logic bought into the case and check that all.

Cables must be above the logic board passed and five screws to the logic board yes all the sim card. Reader and connect the cable to the hajek port and then open two screws installed earlier camera into their phone. Case and install metal panel passed in two screws in such a proceeding model ins iphone case connect three cables. From the facility model to the logic board the batteries should be included to the metal surface of iphone case. Applies adhesive tape and install the battery in housing of iphone and so the speaker to the case fasten two.

Screws install the metal part and fast and screw install the taptic engine and connect the cable possum toast goes. To the taptic engine between the taptic engine and speaker installs a metal panel and pass through two screws connect. The antenna cable past and seven screws for tests i fond connecting cables to the mainboard and only after that. Connects the battery cable turn over the display and turn on the phone check how the phone works and if. Where everything is fine lets go to the gluing of the case remove all that he said tape from the.

Phone case after using medicine alcohol while the surface over in case same display model taken your his tape and. Apply on the case with this tape you keep their iphone waterproof i left links where you can buy this. Adhesive tape in description of this video you can add three cables to the main port and only after that. Connect the battery cable next install all panels and fasten screws now turn over the display and present inspector the. Case faster two screws near the whiten port install a sim card and now you can turn on safe for.

Me good luck you.

Method 5 – Iphone Xr Back Glass Replacement (How To Fix The Back For $15)

Hello everyone this is matt from real world review and today were going to replace the back glass on the. Iphone 10r this back glass has a bigger hole for the camera with that said this is definitely a lot. Easier to do than trying to break off the camera assembly and separate it so then you can replace the. Back glass either way this should be perfect for everyone so lets get started so the tools youre going to.

Need are going to be a p2 driver a y triple zero driver a ph triple zero driver an x-acto. Knife with this tip on it a razor blade a prying tool kind of like this one a playing card. And a pick youll definitely need some heat and some glue to put the new back on as well as. A lot of clamps to hold it in place and you definitely want to wear eye protection when replacing the. Back glass also since youre dealing with metal and the back will get really hot you want to use something.

Like the of glove that way you dont burn or cut your hand with this said i dont know how. Resistant to blades it is so you want to be careful with this so the first thing were going to. Do is were going to grab this placemat so we can make sure all the screws go back in place. Because there are going to be a lot of screws but were going to grab a p2 driver and were. Going to remove the bottom two screws then what were going to do is grab the razor blade to lift.

Up the screen like this and use a pick to cut through the adhesive on the sides and on the. Bottom and then cut the adhesive on the top then the screen is going to fold over to the right. Side and were going to push the screen up a little bit and make sure not to tear those cables. Then were gonna grab the y triple zero and were gonna remove these three screws along with this metal panel. So then we can unplug the battery then were gonna remove these two screws lift off this panel and unplug.

The digitizer and lcd cable next were gonna remove these three screws right here then were gonna grab a ph. Triple zero bit and remove these two screws right here this piece may break really easily so be very careful. But if you start with the top screw and then the bottom screw it should come out fairly easily next. We want to remove the front sensor assembly and now the screen is fully off the phone now to remove. These anchor screws you want a standoff bit but a ph triple zero and a flathead driver will work fine.

But if you have that standoff bit i recommend using that so were going to remove these three anchors at. The top theres one anchor on the right and this one anchor on the bottom left and while were at. It were going to remove that small camera anchor and then switch to the ph triple zero and remove that. Top left one the bottom right area could get tweaked a little bit but dont worry too much about that. Then with that ph triple zero bit we can remove this screw and then we can remove the screws that.

Are holding in the sim card tray the bottom one has this little metal piece make sure not to lose. That and make sure you know how it goes then were going to remove the sim card tray and then. We can remove the sim card assembly next you want to unplug all the cables you can see like the. Face id cables and the back camera cable and then you can remove the back camera as well make sure. Wherever you place it its facing down so then dust doesnt get on it then we can lift up the.

Bottom portion of the board and it should pop out like that next we want to remove the little antenna. Area so were going to remove all these screws theyre all ph triple zero bits then itll fold down and. You can unplug it next you want to remove this little black piece and with that ph triple zero bit. Remove these three screws theres a little metal piece on the right side so make sure to keep that in. Order now we can unplug and remove the taptic engine then were going to remove the screw on the left.

Side of the speaker with that standoff bit you can remove these other anchor screws and put those over to. The side then theres two more anchors on the left as well as the plastic piece then we can switch. The ph triple zero bit and remove these last two screws then with the razor blade youre going to remove. Where the microphones sit including the plastic piece just in case it does melt when youre heating it up be. Careful with this because you dont want to rip those microphones then all youre going to do is carefully lift.

Up this cable from the frame there is a little bit of adhesive but it should come out fairly easily. And then do the same thing with the cable under that next were going to try and remove the battery. The top tabs are fairly difficult to remove because this piece is definitely difficult to lift up but what youre. Going to do is youre going to be able to lift it up and then youre just going to pull. On this tab like this and it should come out fairly easily if it does rip ill show you in.

A little bit how to fix this issue but for now were going to remove all the other tabs like. I said the top ones are very difficult to do but it is possible to take them out without ripping. Them and then the bottom ones should come out fairly easily now if your tab rips all you got to. Do is add some heat for about five to eight seconds and it should just come out fairly easily if. You lift up the battery then make sure all the adhesive is off the battery and off the frame and.

Then were going to try and remove the wireless charging piece so you got to take off this little plastic. Cover and then were going to grab the ph triple zero bit and remove these two screws right here now. This cable is small but you dont have to worry too much about ripping it just make sure you loosen. Up the adhesive now what you want to do is get a razor blade to kind of lift up the. Wireless charging if that doesnt work properly then what you want to do is try and get under the wireless.

Charging and once you do that you want to switch to a pick and cut through the adhesive thats holding. This wireless charger down and this is what it should look like if you didnt break anything next is the. Face id were gonna just push the cameras down it should loosen up out of the frame and then you. Can just pull on the cable very carefully making sure not to rip it again this adhesive isnt that strong. Next you want to remove this piece up here theyre going to be a ph triple zero bit for these.

Three screws this bottom left metal piece goes like this so make sure to keep that in order and then. Theres going to be two screws on the top right here then were going to grab the y triple zero. Bit and remove this last screw this one also has a metal piece you want to make sure to keep. It in the right direction then we can lift up the cable on the right and remove it you dont. Need to add heat but it may help now the second to last thing we want to do is remove.

This little metal thing thats holding in the camera flash what you want to do is suppress it a little. Bit or else it could fly away but you want to get it out of the groove like this and. It should lift up fairly easily now last thing you want to do is lift up the camera flash like. This and you want to remove this little plastic piece that holds the microphone i recommend loosening up the bottom. And then loosen up the top and it should fold over like this if the microphone goes with it then.

Youre good if not all you got to do is get the razor blade to lift up that piece like. Im showing you right now and to protect all this we want to use a heat resistive tape like the. Kapton tape and were going to put it around the microphone and the flash to make sure that it doesnt. Move and also that it stays somewhat heat resistant now this little piece that connects near the camera you can. Remove it if you want to but i chose to leave it in because its not really going to get.

In the way of us doing the repair so heres the whole phone i have this organized on a magnetic. Mat as you should have been doing this whole time you also may notice that this is a different back. But thats because the phone that i was originally filming all of that video got lost so im just going. To merge these two together now its time to put on the of glove and to put on eye protection. And get ready to remove the glass so you want to grab the razor blade the x-acto knife and this.

Little opening tool so to get started i like using the razor blade and then i like using the x-acto. Knife and the opening tool to cut through the rest of the glass especially the big pieces so what im. Going to do is im going to use the razor blade on the edges if you want to you can. Pop out this little area right here where the wireless charging goes this might help a little bit to get. Started but im going to start on the edges where its going to be more difficult so then you guys.

Can see how it is and im also going to start on the bottom not on the top and ill. Show you how i get past the camera lens in a little bit so what i normally do is go. Over the phone to make sure the back is kind of warm but right now im just heating up this. Little bottom area because thats where im going to start but what youre going to see is its going to. Be a little bit difficult for me to get under the glass but thats because the phones overall temperature is.

Not hot enough and now im able to get into a little bit of it and you can see its. Still pretty difficult to cut through this adhesive so what im going to continue doing is adding some more heat. And you want to be careful and not add too much heat at one time because there is a plastic. Frame and you dont want to mess that up too much but what were going to focus on is these. Little small areas because this is going to be something thats going to be easy for the razor blade to.

Remove and if it isnt obvious yet the way that i use the razor blade and the x-acto knife in. This video is how im used to using it if youre not used to using a razor blade or you. Dont know how to be very careful with that and obviously with glass as well you might not want to. Use my method and you also might want to put on gloves that are cut resistant i dont have any. Recommendations other than the glove that im wearing but i will list below some gloves that look better suited for.

This job especially when youre using a razor blade ultimately what we want to do is we want to use. This razor blade until we can get a decent size area to kind of use that exacto knife but as. You can see it can be very difficult to do but even though the space is pretty small right now. The x-acto knife is going to be better suited for this job so im going to switch the x-acto knife. Im going to heat up this area a lot generally when i heat up these areas its going to be.

About 5 to 10 seconds and then what were going to do is use this to get under the glass. And kind of cut through it now you can see ive already melted a little bit of the plastic thats. Something that should be expected but also be careful with how much heat youre adding or else this could be. Bad for the whole thing and you dont really want to ruin the frame too much with this said the. Inside plastic is something that you see on the inside so you wont really have to worry too much about.

How the phone holds up its just recommended to keep everything looking nice then like i said you want to. Heat up these areas for about five to ten seconds each and then it should come off fairly easily like. This once the glue gets too cold the back will kind of shatter like this and little small pieces are. Going to start flying everywhere and once you start seeing that after removing a big piece that just means you. Want to add more heat so up until you get to the area where the charging port is youre going.

To be doing the same thing over and over again some pieces may come up in full slices like this. And some of the slices will shatter into a bunch of pieces and youll kind of have to pick it. Out piece by piece either way make sure to stay around 5-10 seconds you dont want to add an outrageous. Amount of heat but you do need to add a lot of heat also be careful about cutting around the. Edges because there is a small plastic trim that will make it look a little weird once you replace the.

Pack if you do damage that too much so like i said were just gonna heat up the edges and. Were gonna cut through this glass and lift it up and im just gonna fast forward until we get to. The wireless charging now like i said earlier were at the wireless charging what im going to do is im. Just going to push down on this be very careful obviously you can see im using the one with the. Glove but essentially what youre going to do is youre just going to shatter it like that also make sure.

To have this near a solid surface because you dont want this little metal panel to separate from the metal. Frame and what im going to do is just punch out these little areas so then its almost flat im. Not going to make it a perfect circle even though its not really a perfect circle but you know what. I mean and for some reason removing the sides of the wireless charging seemed to be the most difficult for. Me regardless of how much heat i use so you may have some difficulty here but just remember to keep.

Adding heat and trying to cut through it add some more heat cut through it and so on and so. On and eventually youll get to the top of the wireless charger and once you get to the wireless charger. Removing these chunks its going to be a little bit easier yo.

Conclusion – How Much To Fix Back Of Iphone Xr

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