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Method 1 – Macbook Pro Display Replacement

Hi everyone aaron here for zolo tech and this is a cracked macbook pro this is a late 2013 macbook. Pro and if i open it up here what youll see is the display is all kind of screwy and. If you look in this corner and i push on the display youll see the lcd is cracked the funny. Thing is is the display is not cracked at all the actual glass is intact the problem is is this.

Is so difficult to change you actually need to actually change this entire top piece so it makes no sense. Just to try and delaminate the glass from the display because its almost impossible to do without breaking it so. Im going to power it off just hold down the power button it does work other than that and in. Order to do these repairs youre going to need this whole assembly now this is pretty expensive it can be. Three four hundred dollars and the display i have is four hundred dollars and its from i fix it now.

I fix it was nice enough to send this along to me they did not sponsor the video but they. Did send this and this should replace that part so its ai f 1 2 3 – 0 3 4. – 1 and in order to change this you also need some special tools which they are nice enough to. Send along and this is their pro tech tool kit and ill leave a link to all of this stuff. In the description but i always like to repair things i hate to have broken things sitting around and this.

Is actually a relatives macbook that actually was broken so what ill do is ill flip it over and the. First thing we need to do is take this apart now these this uses special pentalobe screw drivers so i. Need my tool kit to have that special bit in order to do that so within this tool kit you. Open it up like this and youve got just about everything you could want in order to do this job. So we take this off and theres all sorts of bits in here and ill find the pen a little.

Bit and then ill use that to actually take this apart so lets get started now keep in mind theres. Going to be a bunch of small parts so ill store them here this is magnetic and in here just. So i can keep track of them now that we have all the screws out we can just jump gently. Pop this up and well see the inside now you may want to take a moment to try and clean. This if you need to but you can see this is the internals of everything and the next thing we.

Need to do after we do that is probably disconnect the battery and the battery is underneath here so we. Just have to gently pull this up and we can disconnect the battery here now you can do it with. Your fingers if youre careful or you can just use a little spudger and pop it up but right now. Its disconnected let me clean all this out and then ill be right back so ive blown this out with. Compressed air and one of the things you might notice about this is you can actually swap the solid-state drive.

In this one its got a samsung drive so if you wanted to do that you can do that the. Next thing we need to do is remove this rubber fan bumper carefully it just comes off like so now. Under the airport board right here we need to disconnect three of these different cables so well just pop the. Spudger under here and lift these out gently now this cable is for the camera and we need to actually. Carefully remove the cable from here you carefully walk this out and now that ones disconnected we then peel this.

Cable right off the top of the fan gently so just work it back slowly as not to rip it. Although these cables will probably be on the newer display as well there we go so those are all disconnected. Then well move on to the next step the next step is to actually move over to this side and. Disconnect the display cable so once you pop this up you can kind of walk the cable out with your. Fingers back and forth and it just pops free the next thing we need to remove is this this covers.

The screws for the display we have one on each side theres one over here as well we then have. Two very small t5 torx that go right here that were going to undo next one on either side now. These come off with this little tiny bracket so make sure youve got that as well the next thing we. Need to do is actually remove some of these outside screws so were going to do these outside ones here. And over here now for this next part they suggest we open the display at 90 degrees and set it.

On the table before we undo the final torx screws that hold the display on so well do those next. Now that thats all unscrewed i just wanna splash well computer itself so let me set this aside and well. Get the new one so we can put it on this this is how the new display comes its all. Wrapped up it looks brand new its in really nice shape so well go ahead and make sure everything is. The same before we go ahead and reattach it but this should be the correct part model port part number.

For this model now ive got the display back in place im just putting everything back how i had it. Before the major connections are done im just going to put the rubber gasket back in place then well put. The battery connector back in place and then ill put the bottom on and see if it works so lets. Flip it over and ill power it back on and see what we have here youll see theres the apple. And were good to go well take the tape off here and thats how you repair a macbook pro display.

Its pretty straightforward you do have to be a little bit careful and everything seemed to turn out ok let. Me know your thoughts in the comments below again a big thanks to ifixit for sending along the display and. The tools to change this out let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you havent subscribed already. Please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is aaron ill see you next time.

Method 2 – It Costs $1,000 To Repair Your 16″ Macbook Pro Screen. 😭

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Method 3 – Macbook Pro Black Screen Of Death – Fixed 2019 (Working Method)

Okay friends i have this macbook pro and this macbook it follow up on the floor and doesnt work it. Anymore so i will show you and we will make some test it for this and lets see what the. Problem was the problem is so when i click the power button it makes this sound it looks like open. Up we see the logo is not turn it on it beeps it make it the sound it looks like.

It open lets take a little lets see what it what is happening here so its happening nothing you see. The screen is open a little bit its like a blue screen and here is the logo it looks like. It is turn on but with we see its not working okay what i have to do is i have. To try to open up on safe boot just you can hold the shift button after then click and hold. The power button lets say for 10 seconds okay it shut down lets try another method command option p and.

Air lets try to open up we will try another method to reset system management controller so we have to. Press shift button she press and hold shift control + option button now turn on the mac for 10 seconds. Release the bottles and open up the neck we did everything and this apple doesnt work what i have to. Do now i have to open up macbook pro i will see if there is any physical damage on this. Mac what i have to do is just what you need is a screwdriver and you just need to remove.

All those clothes we were trying to open this case the back case okay im gonna be im trying to. See if we have any damage here i will remove the ram and after then i will remove the battery. And i will try to open up after removing the battery but first of all we have to turn of. This mac because if you see fan is working right now we have to turn it off because its on. Okay so we will try to remove this art ive never ram i screw inside but i remove it this.

We will remove this cable i have to disconnect it and it will disconnect the power okay here i disconnected. This cable yes okay i will try to disconnect i will try to disconnect the battery i didnt disconnect here. Here are the speakers you use the process or ill be careful with this and maybe the gpo is the. Other side we will try to connect again i connect it again try to pull up connect again this cable. This puts our disk again its very very very very fast more faster than ssd i will try to open.

Up again yes i will cover i will cover it lose the power again put the cover back lets try. In normal mode oh here it is here is the logo hey guys as you see i just remove the. Power i just removed the hard drive and now it looks this mickey is trying to wake up so lets. See till the end okay heres the mouse you should i open because of problem if you want to open. Application open open up and lets hope we are done so here is my mac i open up i disconnected.

This cable just disconnected this cable disconnect this harddrive disconnected i disconnected this one and this one also from powering. Off i connect it again i connect it again and my mac as you see its working thank you for. Watching and god bless you.

Method 4 – How To: 2016 2017 A1708 Apple Macbook Pro Retina Lcd Screen Repair, Replacement.

Hello everybody this is abraham with northshore computer services and what we have here is 2017 macbook pro with cracked. Screen the manufacturing of this particular machine is quite fragile to say the least over here this whole bottom band. Is it looks and feels plasticky but its actually glass and that bottom band is actually part of the lcd. Or it covers some very important parts dont know what happened here either dropped either something was placed in here.

So in short dell cd got cracked this mac books have really bad design as far as lcd goes and. Theyre expensive and theyre very easy to damage so for this one what were gonna need number one is the. Replacement lcd and before we begin any work well want to visually inspect the lcd for any kind of imperfections. Any kind of problems and this one is a new unit and it looks looks good came in in very. Heavy box well padded well insulated so lets hope that this lcd is in she now what turn this upside.

Down for the next bit were gonna need pentalobe pentalobe screwdriver for you know regular macbooks were gonna need hex. Start multi hex star driver were gonna need the tiny tiny pentalobe this is the same one that you use. For opening iphones and this one i believe is the same thing just a different version of this tool tiny. Pentalobe screwdriver okay so we begin by removing the screws now all these screws are different lengths now also not. Only are they different lengths theyre also security screws not in the fact that theyre pentalobe switch is you have.

To have a special tool to open it or just a small flat-head screwdriver if you have one thats hard. Enough you can just jam it and open it but you can see there are all different lengths the security. I mean these screws have dark coating on them and if you open it and the systems under warranty the. Manufacturer apple will know that somebody was in the computer so we have the long short short long and just. One extra long this one is extra long too so hes away unlike the previous macbooks this ones a little.

Trickier to pry open the the backside were gonna need a guitar pick and well something thinner doesnt guitar pick. Preferably a blade basically just need to peel this off a little bit since i dont have a blade on. Me im just gonna try oh here this is you can use the nails thin blade or you can just. Stick a screwdriver in here a thin screwdriver and just catch it a little bit and stick your there stick. Your guitar pick in there okay so this side is easy you just stick the guitar pick and pry theres.

Two catches on either side so were just gonna okay im just gonna use a guitar pick to unlock them. So theres one side theres another one now were going to need to move this cover a little bit to. On there are catches over here so to undo those we just i could we go we could stick a. Guitar pick we could just pull it itll come off there so this side just slides in and then snaps. In so these are the little catch things on the inside replace him replacing a an lcd on this one.

Is its not nightmare but its fairly close to it so first what you want to do is take camera. And snap a picture of how everything is laid out in this area camera throw camera so this area okay. There is a bunch of screws youre gonna need to remove all these screws all these screws and a bunch. Of screws over here and these so lets just take a picture for later reference if something gets forgotten i. Find it to be quite useful to have a picture and then im just gonna take things apart so these.

Two plastic covers theyre just tiny hexes and you can use this the bottom to store the schools the bottom. Is formed like a little plate and screws like to stay in there so as you can see there is. A little tiny piece of plastic i like to keep it with the screws pair of troop tweezers would be. Useful okay next bit were going to disconnect the main lcd cable so for that yep oh by the way. The size is t for that im using on these screws now also make note of the lengths of the.

Screws that youre pulling out of each each place holder there apple loves to use different sizes screws these screws. Are also black they have the black coating on top so if you touch him it will be visible theyll. Become become not black but shiny and it will be visible that this computer has been worked on so if. Its under warranty and you dont want to upset apple take it to apple they will know they have all. This built-in mechanisms for knowing whether the system was opened or not this ones not under warranty so there is.

No other choice next were gonna remove this metal things note that the way its folded is this way towards. The top so when you place it back you place it back the same way and the reason that you. Dont want to mess it mess this up is if you put that metal folded metal piece down it will. Eat through the cable and damage the cable and the over short period of time relatively speaking the computer will. Stop working again which we do not want happen in fact there is unless each minute of your time is.

Incredibly valuable id say no rush in doing this job this job requires patience ok next were going to remove. Four screws that hold down the lcd logic board and this one were using is t5 and its nice to. Have a tool magnetized so that when you pull your screws out they stick to the screwdriver i had it. Magnetized theres a little tool that can do magnet mag and d mag magnetized demagnetize your metal tools sometimes you. Want it magnetized other times you want to demagnetize okay so so what we have here is this lcd cable.

Loose now what were going to need to do is remove the antenna board okay so for this one were. Gonna be using the little tiny pentalobe screwdriver the same one that you would use to open your iphone because. These screws are so tiny what you want to do is lay them out separately on a white piece of. Paper theyre all the same theyre just very tiny same kind of for size of the screw as they hold. The keyboard down on these macs i dont know if this one has a keyboard screw then all riveted but.

Those that are riveted you would pull the rivets out and replace it with this tiny screws the first revisions. Of these computers have the screws then they decided why should we use the screws lets save a few bucks. And use tiny rivets then theyll be using glue in fact this particular computer the only thing thats not on. Board is the hard drive and of course the hard drive is a weird format this is the hard drive. Right here you get a peel of this tape it will come out come out you know remove the screws.

And peel off the tape and of course it doesnt use any standard or anything standard because apple is the. Standard they can afford to develop their own standards for their own equipment and they dont have to share it. With the world so nobody can really manufacture this under license from apple as far as i know and apple. Doesnt really sell parts you cannot go to apple and say hey apple i need some parts here theyll say. Sorry mister we dont sell parts because were not in business of repair were in business of selling and do.

You say well this thing is broken and it was twenty five hundred dollars and they say so how is. That our problem so unless somebody else makes it their problem they will not make it their problem in that. Enough chanting chatting ranting so the antenna board is not held in by any glue or anything special just kind. Of sits in there this little there is another screw here that needs to be taken out and there is. Enough space in this aluminum bridge to take that out so an antenna board comes out as a whole thing.

Okay so now we have basically freed the cables for the lcd now we need to take out these two. Things they are little tiny springs and those little tiny springs as you open and close the top section of. The lcd panel the coil or help coiling the cables or help manage the cables so theyre winding and unwinding. Properly all right so good and this is t4 screwdrivers and these screws are relatively long so now this computer. Is still under power and i deliberately left it under power because im not working in the circuit board and.

Theres just too much stuff to disconnect so if youre gonna be working with computer under power make sure that. You do not drop any screws into the circuit board okay so heres those here are those little springs now. We need to pull out these six screws okay and that one its not it just fit which one fits. Okay and that one is 88 so we have six screws that hold down the top section to the bottom. Section or the top half to the bottom half now i do not see any threadlocker oh yeah theres a.

Little bit of a thread locker on these boats so the thread locker is important because these screws can unscrew. Themselves and ive seen it quite a bit on older models basically they wiggle themselves loose however using a thread. Locker might lock the screws too much so were not going to now the two parts are basically separated but. We need to now lift the hinges so that we can pull pull them apart and we use just lets. A distance d ten the biggest one and were just gonna open these hinges like that just stick it in.

There and get it under angle angle okay and now we can raise it more we could just keep going. As we raised the bottom half will be raising or pulling these hinges to a 90 degree or more until. They basically release so im just gonna keep pulling them and actually stick it on the other side lets use. A smaller one and keep going you can also just lay the computer and there you go so now the. Top half is separated from the bottom half will just lead a top half side okay do not rush to.

Throw this out okay now bottom half were gonna need to put these hinges at a little more than 90. Degrees so theyre going to be using t10 right here okay that okay a little more than 90 degrees right. There lets remove this captain tape we dont want to put it together and then find that we havent removed. Something yeah see just cut right throw it this im just gonna find it backwards back there okay and were. Gonna take this one were gonna take this one just so you know there is this is a protective coating.

On the lcd so no big deal now this one we need to go back this one well need to. Go back all right and were going to wiggle our top section back in now be extremely careful like i. Said these are not very well designed machines as far as fragility goes okay you could damage something and regret. It because believe me these screens are not cheap i dont know if theyre made of gold or what but. Theyre certainly not by a long shot okay this particular one was very very expensive okay so were going to.

Stick one screw in each side not tighten it all the way because i want to make sure that this. Thing centers itself okay so a snug fit it then were going to open it close it and now we. Can put the rest of the screws in and were still not typing it to the full spec okay last. Big screw goes in i have them all snug fitted not tightened yet we are going to open this and. Check the gaps to make sure that we are not doing anything too too drastic okay so looks good everything.

Seems to work just fine so reverse order first thing we do is put this little spring-loaded things back in. And on these you could just use the little torque if you have the insert just use the insert not. Even a screwdriver because they are hard so were going to hand tighten everything and afterwards im gonna put it. Down a screwdriver and tighten it properly okay so excuse me got something in my throat okay so we have. Other side and after this were gonna put in a couple of screws just to hold the lcd for a.

Logic board down if i want to connect and see if there is anything wrong with our lcd panel you. Do not want to finish the job and then discover well there is a problem with they all cd whoo. Jumpy jumpy thats one thing you dont want happening that could short-circuit something for you and cause damage that you. Dont want okay so just snugly put it in lets reconnect our lcd cable another screw into here remember we. Still have to put that antenna board but we dont need antenna board to just test things out so lets.

See if it works like an ipad it may be that the computer may need to be reset shift control. Option power the fan is on now fenders nada okay now the fan so lets see and it lives so. As you can see it doesnt look like there is a damage to the lcd but i want to make. Sure it boots up all the way and under close inspection no dead pixels and no damage okay so were. Gonna close it now on ipads if you replace the lcd and turn it on it doesnt go on so.

This one has the same kind of scary problem where if you put it back together you do not see. A response so if your computer was not shut down and you replaced an lcd you need to restart by. Doing the key combination that i showed you that 00:31 basically resets your power okay so now i should probably. Just connect this okay and insert our trusty antenna board in place so with antenna board everything lines up the. Way its supposed to okay so were gonna put our screws back in and now that ive disconnected the logic.

Board again the lcd logic board we may 00:32 have to restart or reset the power on a computer again. Well see that it does help to have a steady hand if your hand shaped be very careful because the. Components on these things are super tiny and unforgiving see i think i put 00:33 the wrong scroll in the. Wrong place price you pay for forgetting tweezers come on screw this so these two boogers are different so this. One is a little longer i did not okay that ones from theyre using the torque this ones from here.

The rest our hippie hippie is clams okay okay so a little longer here a little longer here two shorter. Ones over here thats all good we are going to have to open so that this wines where its supposed. To go and then well clamp it down 00:34 so lets this pic belongs lets put this little guy where. It belongs this is what t-55 goes over here antenna cable so apple says we are not going to use. Any circuit boards that are separate from our logic board put everything on board basically now there is plus and.

Minus in that so the positive to have the logic board all inclusive is there 00:35 are fewer connections fewer. Connections fewer things could go wrong thats positive negative if something goes wrong you throw away everything but apples idea. Is well so what throw it away get a new one get a replacement but theyre not saying replacement motherboard. Theyre saying replacement computer and i have a little problem with that because theyre not selling their computers for you. Know $300 no that might be what these things really cost but id rather replace the part that went bad.

And apple says no you 00:36 replace the whole computer the whole computer went bad so if your wi-fi isnt. Working your whole computer and replace you know your hard drive isnt working your whole computer is bad your memory. Is not working your whole computer is bad and ive seen some bad memory chips they go bad granted i. Havent seen an apple computer with onboard memory go bad so dont know what to make of it i cannot. Believe that never go they never go bad memory chips that are soldered into the board i believe i just.

Didnt see it to happen if that happens sol detaching the chips is a nightmare 00:37 reattaching the chips is. A double nightmare in short if you have a bad chip on your motherboard its a nightmare okay so what. I just did i put in all these screws and theres six on this side six on this side just. Tighten down lets open up our computer and see how 00:38 so what im looking at is how the cables. Are winding in okay the travel of the cable by the way the lcd is on so thats good good.

To see good to know im gonna inspect whether the work ive done is good yep the cables are traveling. The way theyre supposed to travel it looks like were gonna need to pinch cable looks like the assembly of. This thing should be done in this like this issues because once you close it this this loop gets bigger. Okay but we can assemble it 00:39 this way okay so we have our antenna board in im gonna bring. Our rest of the little screws and start t4 im gonna start putting them in so magnetized definitely helps so.

Lets put this one in and as you can see i have it all the way at the side im. Just gonna pinch it like that alright the other stroke and it almost feels to me like this is a. 00:40 little longer than it should so before i tighten these im gonna open the screen and make sure that. Our loops are properly aligned i am not particularly fond of this system from repairability standpoint also i dont like. When cables like this are actually exposed because of what 00:41 people do with computers in other words what im.

Saying is over here these cables are actually exposed and if you stick something in there i dont know what. For but you could do you damage those cables and there is no way to repair them but replace the. Whole thing so lets check our loopy loops then they seem to be good so we can tighten our little. Screws here and were gonna be good to go so lets see im just going through all these loose 00:42. Ends so to speak okay now we have two more little covers so this one holds the connector in place.

And the other one holds the cable in place and even though the screws are all different sizes theyre all. T fours and on one hand i like working on apples because its like working on really fine equipment but. Unfortunately this is not swiss watch this is a computer and computers tend to 00:43 break tend to overheat tend. To fail so what apple says is our computers dont break ours computer our computers dont fail and im having. A little bit of a hard time with that because they do these things are incredibly complex devices incredibly complex.

Devices and they will eventually fail oh you know what im using t5 this ones t4 so thats why im. Struggling these thi.

Conclusion – How Much To Fix Mac Pro Screen

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