How Much To Fix Water Damaged Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – My Iphone Got Wet! How To Fix Iphone Water Damage.

Hey everybody david david here from and up phone calm and in this video were going to explain what. To do when your iphone gets wet if your iphone just got wet and youre in an emergency check the. Description section below we have sometimes things just skip ahead to though what to do when your iphone gets wet. Part of this video but we want to start with some background information first of all newer iphones are water.

Resistant theyre not waterproof theyre designed to be able to handle you know being submerged in one to two meters. Of water for about up to thirty minutes so if you drop to the bottom of lake and its stuck. There for a day or two youre probably not gonna have a safe iphone and also keep in mind that. That water resistance can wear down over time so if it you know when it comes out of the box. Its in great condition but over time especially if you drop your iphone and a watt in water over and.

Over and over again it might start to wear away a little bit yeah and water resistant doesnt necessarily mean. Shampoo resistant or so be water resistant it means regular old water resistant and applecare still does not cover water. Damage if you have apple care plus you tell you less to replace a phone if it does get water. Damage but even though iphones are water resistant now they can still be water damaged and every iphone also has. A liquid contact indicator which lets you know if your iphone has been exposed to liquid and on every iphone.

Since the iphone 5 you can find that in the sim card a swap lets talk about some of these. Symptoms of iphone water damage yeah im gonna do this in a funny voice cuz boys cuz why not if. Your iphone gets hot no sound charge cant recognize sins no service apple logo flashing are stuck camera not working. Display discoloration wont turn on at all stuck in headphones mode all of those are symptoms of iphone water damage. And one of the things that i wanted to mention almost forgot too is that unless your iphone is in.

Tip-top shape the water resistance might not work so i at one point dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Slightly that means that its no longer water-resistant so unless your phone is new its in great shape dont trust. The water-resistant coating if water gets in there its still not covered under apple care plus and yes if you. Have apple care plus it costs a lot less to replace your phone then it does if you dont so. Its a good idea have it theres just the deductible but water damage we always say the apple store is.

Like an insidious thing because even if your phones working fine for a week after the water damage little bits. Of liquid can remain in your phone be amazed at how much water can actually get in a phone and. Then can cause problems a week later a month later things just go wrong randomly and thats why apple doesnt. Repair water damaged phones they just replace the phone yes lets talk about what to actually do when your iphone. Is exposed to water the first step is just to wipe away any water on the outside of the phone.

Right and as we do this were gonna try to keep our phone relatively horizontal because if you go vertical. With it the water if its inside the phone is just gonna go all the way to one side and. Touch every little electrical component along the way so as we do this whole process just do your best to. Kind of keep it like this dont go shaking it or trying to get it out that way so use. A microfiber cloth this i found in walmart in the car section microfiber cloth just gently wipe off any excess.

Water thats on the phone itself yep once youve done that remove the sim card from your phone this is. Two purposes one youre saving your sim cards that you have to get a new phone you can just pop. It into the new phone and the sim card tray also allows some air to get in and hopefully have. Some of that water of that right so i gotta take off my case to be able to do this. And then you could just use a paperclip so what you do is you stick this in the side of.

Your phone a little hole press down might have to apply some pressure here and thats okay and out will. Pop the sim tray this has your sim card in it you can just dry these off too because chances. Are theyll be a little bit wet and set them aside and as david said now air is gonna be. Able to get into the hole in the side of your iphone and thats gonna help to dry it out. And essentially we want to just let the phone dry out by itself we dont want to shake it out.

We dont want to put rice in it we dont do anything to force it its just gonna evaporate because. Thats what water does if we create the right conditions so whats our next step dude our next step is. Take your phone and wait on a nice flat surface and if you have any desiccants lying around and put. Those on top of your thumb right desiccants are these little packets i just keep a few in my kitchen. Drawer that ive gotten from shoes that ive bought or clothes or things on amazon that come with these little.

Packets these are designed to keep water out of products that you buy and these are actually effective on a. Whole other level than something like rice which really doesnt work because you cant get the rice close enough to. The water theres all sorts of scientific studies on that desiccant actually do work so if i set a couple. Of these on top of the phone thats going to attract the water and aid in the process of drying. It out yeah and now you just sit back be patient wait about 24 hours turtle to water evaporate out.

Of your phone and then after that 24 hours is up try turning your iphone on again mm-hmm if it. Turns on back it up as soon as you can because as you said earlier in this video water damage. Is insidious it might come back and cause something down the road maybe in a week couple days so having. That back up just in case your phone breaks is really important absolutely it is 100% and i just have. To say this do not use rice to try to dry out your iphone and i prize should have said.

It earlier in the video boom for the love of god people we used to see people come in all. The time with phones and when they come in with the apple store and the phones water-damaged theyd either lie. About it and what would happen like half the time theyd say i dont know what have whats wrong with. Your phone i dont know phone broke so then we take it in the back to the genius room and. Thered be a piece of rice stuck in the charging port and a lot of the time we werent even.

Able to get the piece of rice out youd be amazing im amazed it wasnt for lack of trying or. Skill its if you jam something in that charging port and its really hard to get it out especially without. Damaging the phone itself and a grain of rice is kind of the perfect size to fit inside the lightning. Port and the bottom of the phone so dont lie to apple techs you know because theyll know sometimes we. Would open the phone up if you dont to take a look inside and it would be just sopping wet.

And we would take it out to the customer like maybe like alright i dropped it in water i dont. Want to come across this judgey but nobody likes to have a water damaged phone the lc is as well. The liquid contact indicators are red on the inside and youll have better luck if you just sort of admit. It and go from there but yeah theyre also saying it wasnt god did yeah there are a few other. Things that ive seen recommended that dont really work one is putting your iphone in the freezer this wont allow.

Your the water inside of your phone to escape itll just freeze it in there so its still stuck in. There you take your phone out and the water will melt and spread all over your phone and youll itll. Be water damage anyway so thats a terrible idea yeah terrible idea yeah no evaporates especially when theres a desiccant. Around or a dry area dont put it in a plastic bag with rice because the plastic bag is just. Gonna keep the moisture in it doesnt work i mean you think that it might and some people will say.

Oh yeah i put my phone and rice and it worked but like their phone wasnt water damaged anyway a. Lot of the time its not like once whats water damage is done to the phone it doesnt undo itself. So the idea is to give your phone the best chance of not becoming a water damage in the first. Place even if theres water inside you we dont want to splash it around and short-circuit things out because once. Its short-circuited generally its time for a new phone so uh rice is not gonna help yeah one last quick.

Mixing misconception to clear up is a blow dryer people think that the heat from the blow dryer will make. The water evaporate but what will actually do is push the water around in your phone and itll start reaching. More parts of your phone and can cause damage that way yeah because water you know it pools in a. Certain area and when we would open up the phone a lot of the times people get lucky because it. Would pull in a certain area like on top of the battery its not great but it wasnt touching any.

Of the actual electronic components and so sometimes those phones would survive whereas other phones with that it is really. Luck of the draw with water damage yet one way to avoid getting water damage is to put your iphone. Or a nice waterproof pouch any time that youre you know going on a boat or hanging out by the. Pool thats just one quick way to keep it safe going on a boat going around water so we have. These waterproof pouches they come with really cool lanyards for added dorkiness around the pool everybody likes one of these.

Get your phone inside it get those on amazon take a two pack cost like ten dollars its totally worth. It and so there are some cheap ones and there are some expensive ones i actually have a cheap one. And i it works fine for me so i wouldnt recommend paying twenty five thirty dollars one of these pouches. Now these arent the best thing in the world theyre not great they you can kind of use your phone. Through it a lot of them say oh you can touch the phone through but you kind of works but.

Not well you know that great yeah but thats a fact again sorry thats what to do in your iphone. Gets what we have like a seven thousand word article and paying for my phone water damage check that out. If you need more information lots of great info in there thanks for watching this video give it a thumbs. Up if you enjoyed leave a comment down below with any other questions and dont forget to subscribe to this. Channel for more great videos about iphones.

Method 2 – Iphone X Water Damage Repair

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Fix A Water Damaged Iphone!

Welcome back everyone ill go and explain to you some a couple of different ways on you can actually go. Ahead and fix your water damaged phone now in this specific case were looking at iphones and what i can. Tell you is is that if your phone is completely submerged then most likely if you have one of the. Newer iphones youre probably good to go but if you have a super old iphone were talking iphone 5 5s.

Up to about an iphone 6s those phones did not have any ip certification so you could be in a. Case where your iphone may not be able to function anymore but hopefully that wont be the case now the. Very first thing is to you know first of all verify if your iphone actually has water damaged and the. Way to do this is to actually figure out where your sim card slot is on your phone and see. If theres a little red line throughout your specific device inside of the sim card panel so once you go.

Ahead and take out your sim card youll basically be able to look inside the phone a little bit and. See the guts of the phone and you want to see if theres a red line inside of it and. Apple did a really good job at linking a website ill go ahead and leave a link down below and. It shows you exactly where the liquid contact indicator location is and from there you can go ahead and find. Out where exactly that red line is and this is a little bit of example i have on the screen.

But ill go ahead and leave it down link below as well on some phones its in the headphone jack. And other places too now in this specific case if your iphone is one of the newer ones what i. Would recommend doing is first of all shutting off your phone as fast as possible you want to make sure. Theres no power into it at all and at this point what you have to do is pretty much you. Know like the old people say and what you have to do at this point that a lot of people.

Recommend is shutting your phone off like i said taking out any cases that you have taking out the sim. Card tray and do not connect it to a power source dont do anything a lot of people recommend shaking. The phone and taking out as much water as you can out of that way from what ive heard that. Actually helps take out a bunch of water now in some cases like i said some phones are waterproof some. Phones are water resistant and you may not even have that much water inside of it but the best thing.

To do is kind of wrapping your phone and just kind of wiping out any water thats inside of it. And trying to try to shake out as much water as possible like i said it may not work perfectly. A lot of people have also recommended you know putting it inside of rice and stuff i dont know if. Thats necessarily the best idea anymore but its worth a shot and thats really pretty much the best way to. Go about doing it is to shake your phone out and pretty much just let it go from there now.

Unfortunately apple actually does not cover water damage inside of their one year warranty i have heard that in some. Cases with their apple care program some people are able to kind of finesse through it so there we go. Thats perfect but if that doesnt work you can always pay for a replacement phone if you are under apple. Care which is i guess another good thing too but your best bet is to let your phone sit totally. Power it off you dont want to power it on and after a while maybe a couple hours maybe even.

A couple of days the longer you wait the longer of a chance that has it being successful and then. Once thats done you want to go ahead and try to power it on you want to see if it. Can take a charge and if it is able to take a charge then youre set but if not then. My best bet will maybe take it to the apple store and kind of see what you can do there. But thats usually the best thing to do is to shake the water out of your phone by taking out.

The sim card tray and trying to see how much water you can get from there so ive also heard. Of some people actually taking a shop vac and some vacuum of some sort putting it next to the charging. Port if the headphone jack if your phone supports it the sim card tray and trying to suck out as. Much water and try to vacuum out as much water as possible i have heard some really good success stories. With that as well and i would probably recommend that to a lot of people if the shaking of the.

Phone doesnt fix anything maybe trying to connect a shop vac and trying to clean out the phone that way. That can also help out clean out a lot of water your end goal is to take out as much. Water as possible so thats really pretty much how to do it if you guys have any other questions or. Anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button on me so much but definitely hit. That subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount swimming so much if you guys can hit that.

Also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more. Importantly than everything else every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next video peace. Out till then you.

Method 4 – How To Fix Iphone X, Xs, Max Water Damage Free!!

Hey whats up guys hows it going now today im going to show you guys how to fix your iphone. Xs max or xs or the iphone 10 um or any other phone above this phone like the iphone 11. With water damage um theres two possible ways your phone can get water damaged if its waterproof because one of. The ways if your phone is cracked like this one right here theres a very good chance that some water.

Could slip inside the phone through the cracks of either the back or the front of the phone so if. You have any cracks on your phone dont get the phone wet because a good chance that some water could. Easily insert inside the little cracks on the back so you have to be careful of that now the second. Thing is having no adhesive on the screen on all iphones that are water resistant waterproof they have adhesive on. The sides here and if a third-party technician ends up fixing your phone and they dont add enough adhesive or.

They dont add any adhesive at all on the sides um some water could slip inside the tiny cracks of. The phone the corners and the sides thats why when people bring their their iphones to apple and get a. Fix for a premium price its because they use the premium and original um equipment and parts for the phone. Like the adhesive the screen the speakers and everything else so thats why its so expensive because everything they use. Is original and they they seal up your phone like you got it brand new out of the box so.

The first thing if it does get wet and it doesnt turn on dont try to turn it on again. Dont try to plug it in the charger because thats gonna make it even worse or having electricity go through. The phone with the battery and the screen connecting all together um the first thing i would do is try. To suck all the water through the ear speaker through the speakers here to the half arm to the charger. Make sure you suck all that water out this way there will be very minimal water inside the iphone itself.

Now the second thing you need is an hair dryer on this hair dryer make sure it has hot air. This way you could heat up the phone to dry up all the water thats possibly inside of the iphone. You could possibly do it if its not open like right now like the screen is not a part and. The iphone is the way it is try to heat it up for three minutes let it cool down for. Three minutes heat it up again for three minutes and let it cool down for three minutes but the problem.

Is if you do that and if the phone has um a lot of water inside of it some of. That water or its not gonna evaporate fast enough so its just gonna stay inside there and it could possibly. Make it worse if its you know if you dropped it on the sink for like one second you took. It out this solution by using the hairdryer when the phone is closed is a good way to fix that. Problem because theres very very minimal water inside of it but if you think theres a lot of water you.

Have to open the phone in order to dry up all the water with a paper towel so today the. Best solution would be to open the phone because if i try to turn it on this phone does not. Turn on at all alright so we do have some simple tools here we have a spudger here for the. Screen to take it off from the sides or the connections but the best tool is this one right here. Make sure its made up of metal because the plastic ones are very thick from the from the sides here.

And the metal one is extremely extremely thin and this will be perfect enough to go to slip inside the. Screen to take off that adhesive if it has any type of adhesive inside of it the first thing you. Want to do is remove the two pentalobe screws on top now the second thing you want to do if. This phone doesnt have an adhesive theres no need to use a hairdryer to heat up the sides of the. Screen so try to get the suction cup its on the screen and try to pull to see if theres.

Anything budging as you can see there there is some type of budging inside there um it doesnt look like. Theres adhesive at the bottom of the screen so let me see if i could just pull this a tad. Bit and see if i could possibly stick my stool inside here it looks like i can but it is. Kind of difficult yeah im trying to slice in farther inside but its kind of tight in there okay let. Me get my other tool and let me put on top so they can hold it in place so this.

One can close down all right so this one is slicing pretty easily as you can see there okay okay. Now from here im pretty sure theres some adhesive at the sides so you want to heat up the sides. Here so that the adhesive would get soft and this way itll be easier to unstick that adhesive from the. Screen all right so you want to get your hair dryer you want to start by heating up the size. Of the phone now if its a bit too hot to touch its its a perfect temperature from here you.

Want to start by taking out the screen so let me start by pulling the screen here real quick and. Hopefully this will be soft enough to to remove this adhesive off see here as you can see there look. How easy it is to slice through see how easy it is to slice its good enough okay seems to. Me like its coming apart here so from here this whole entire side is split apart now here this is. Not coming off because this side still has adhesive inside there but you got to make sure not to slice.

Too deep because there are some ribbon cables inside the other side so you want to make sure not to. Over slice on this side of the phone there we go and it just pops right off so as you. Can see these are the ribbon cables that was at the sides got to make sure not to over not. To slice it too deep because look how close they are to the corners to the size of the phone. Now when the phone is 100 open if you see anything wet inside here make sure to dry it off.

With a paper towel immediately because you dont want the you dont want the phone to get any worser okay. Now okay now the thing we want to do immediately is to disconnect the battery and this battery runs up. To right over here so youre gonna have to remove the back plates here real quick and for these screws. You will need a tri-point screwdriver all right now you want to get your spudger you want to start by. Disconnecting the back plate okay now when this metal plate is removed if you see anything wet inside of here.

If you see anything wet make sure to dry it off with a paper towel make sure everything is dried. Off now after you disconnected the battery make sure you disconnect the battery first before you start to disconnect anything. Else now um the safest thing you could do is to disconnect all of these connections inside the motherboard because. If there is some water inside of it if this phone has been drenched inside the water very deep theres. A good chance that the water has inserted inside of these connections and by disconnecting them like i did right.

Now um most most of that water should be easier to dry up so thats exactly what i did from. Here i disconnected the camera connections there i disconnected these connections at the sides this one too and basically every. Single one of them thats inside the motherboard i have disconnected just to make sure that all that water would. Uh dry up very easily now from here you basically are good to go um if you want to remove. The rear camera you can but im gonna just leave it on there now from here you want to get.

Your hair dryer and you want to dry the phone the the the motherboard with the battery and the screen. For around two to three minutes remove it let it cool down for three minutes or so and then use. The hair dryer again for three for two to three minutes remove it let it cool down for three minutes. And repeat this process up to six to seven times or so just to make sure that all the water. Is evaporated now after three minutes or so this phone is kind of hot slash warm so from here you.

Want to let it cool off for around two to three minutes and we and repeat this process again now. Its been around 30 minutes or so and ive been drying and cooling this phone up now i can start. By connecting all the connections back again so lets start by connecting with the cameras to everything else but make. Sure the battery connection which is this right here make sure this connection connects last because you dont want to. Connect the battery first and then the rest of the connections all right now from here you can start by.

Closing up the phone you could add adhesive at the sides if you want but keep in mind you have. To do it perfectly if not if you end up missing um one part of that adhesive you dont know. Installing it correctly there could be some water that would travel inside of that crack where the adhesive does not. Connect um correctly um so if you want to do that you can but for this phone its going to. Be as is and the owner of this phone is not going to be able to use it with water.

Plus whats the point of covering the whole entire phone with that adhesive if he has a crack on the. Back and if it does get wet this is gonna get wet first and its gonna the phones gonna have. Water damage all over again so just leave it how it is or maybe just add um some adhesive at. The at the at the corners here so that the screen will glue into the phone much better with better. Grip and from here after youve done that wait a couple hours for the phone to fully cool off so.

That he could try to turn on the phone and see if that solution worked out for you now once. Everything is connected um the best way is to connect it from the top to the bottom so you want. To make sure that the top of the phone aligns correctly as you can see there then you want to. Go downwards here and as you can see there the phone just connects right in on the other side and. As you can see everything is pretty much 100 perfectly aligned then after you align the screen here then you.

Want to um install the panel of the two panel up screwdrivers at the bottom all right so after you. Close the screen then you could try by turning on the phone and see if that solution worked out for. You now this solution did worked out because when i turn on the phone as you can see let me. Turn on real quick the apple logo is going to show up meaning that the screen is 100 functional but. Whenever i do turn on the phone the apple logo keeps on flashing on and off um theres many different.

Reasons why this could happen it could have an update error maybe the phone didnt update successfully too you could. Be jailbreaking the phone or three um the phone has been drenched in water and it caused some water damage. Inside of it um i did try to connect it to my computer but my charging port is not connecting. To my computer so that i could fix this apple problem so the first thing im going to have to. Do is replace the the the charging port on this iphone xs but for the most part after drying up.

The phone with the hairdryer with the heat dryer and opening it up drying up the screen and the motherboard. At the same exact time it did mostly fix the phone so that the screen and the whole phone would. Turn on and also keep in mind that this phone has been drenched inside water for more than 24 hours. And plus.

Conclusion – How Much To Fix Water Damaged Iphone

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