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Method 1 – Cracked My Iphone X – How Much Did I Pay To Fix It???

What is going on everyone my name is jason and this is the iphone yes this really happened okay wasnt. This dramatic in fact it was probably the smallest drop ive ever done with the phone i was filming the. Red iphone 10 video so i took off the case thats been on the phone since day one to do. An install of this slick wrap skin video was going great install was perfect and during a break i had.

The phone in my pocket and it slipped out and probably fell at most two feet onto a carpeted floor. But alas it hit the metal leg of my desk chair and that was enough to do this to my. Display now before i get into this really sad sad story if youre interested in checking out the latest consumer. Tech products before you buy them or if youre just a tech head like me and make a video like. This every single week so make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on that bell icon so you.

Can be the first to know when the new jsl review is out and you dont miss anything that being. Said lets get into how i fixed my iphone 10 okay so first lets examine the extent of the crack. It honestly doesnt look too bad right just looks like a minor chip at the top of the display but. If you look closer you can see that the crack is way worse when you look at it at an. Angle you can see hairline cracks tickle all the way down across the once beautiful display and the more i.

Press down on it the worse it got you definitely do notice distortion too especially when youre trying to read. Something on the phone and no matter how much i tried to tell myself that i could live with it. I really couldnt also take a look at where the major part of the crack is located its right where. The front-facing camera and the ambient light sensor is the camera basically was unusable as the crack refracted the light. Making everything look like a rainbow if that wasnt bad enough the crack kept covering the ambient light sensor while.

I was using the phone to do something and it would just black out thinking that i was making a. Call or i had the phone in my pocket so yeah pretty much the worst place to get a crack. On the iphone 10 and i decided that i needed to get this fixed but dude this phone already cost. Me over a thousand dollars and i did not have apple care or any other insurance on this phone so. I went on a mission to see what was the cheapest and best way to get this thing fixed so.

First thing i did i researched some local neighborhood shops that specialize in smart phone repair there are ton of. Stores like this now so i thought theyd be cheaper than going to the apple store to try and get. This fixed only was none of these stores offered repair for the iphone 10 iphone 6 display yes iphone 7. Display yes iphone 8 display yes iphone 10 display it was so bizarre but then that stirred up idea number. Two being the crafty tech head that i am i did some research into fixing the display myself yes it.

Would require some high-level smartphone surgery but hey if i could say some significant coin i was fairly confident i. Could pull it off buying parts and not the service had to be the cheapest option right so i jumped. Onto ebay to see how much an om display for the iphone ted would cost me and ran into this. It was at this moment that i remembered that this wasnt an ordinary apple lcd display this was the first. Iphone to have an oled made by samsung out of all companies so yeah this wasnt gonna be cheap at.

All and it suddenly made sense why none of the smartphone repair shops offered to fix the iphone 10 so. Feeling defeated and out of options i went on apples website and considering this crack would it be covered by. My warranty and that i didnt have apple care it would cost me $279 santas it sounds compared to everything. Else this was my best solution so ive made an appointment took a trip over to my favorite local apple. Store and dropped off my cracked iphone 10 a few moments later and yeah they brought up my phone and.

This is what it looks like now i have to say it was an extremely nice feeling having a fully. Intact display on the phone it reminded me so much of the first day i picked up the iphone 10. And apple did a great job nothing seemed out of place no visual signs of damage anywhere and it really. Feels like i got a brand new phone now all of this happiness was pretty short-lived as i did a. Quick and simple calculation of how much money this phone has cost me it cost me this much when i.

First bought it and this much to replace the display coming to a grand total of this hands-down the most. Ive ever spent on a smartphone so whats the lesson in all this guys protect your investment i didnt mess. Around as soon as i got home i geared up to make sure this never happens again i grabbed a. New tempered glass screen protector put that bad boy on and i also slept on a case even though i. Hate cases so thats the story of how i got my cracked iphone 10 fixed leave me a thumbs up.

If you guys enjoyed it it really helps me out would love to hear from any of you who had. To go out there anything similar let me know in the comments if there was another better way to go. About this that i totally didnt even consider and guys this is really the last call here im giving away. Two brand new dreible blademaster mechanical keyboards my way of saying thanks for helping the channel get past 10,000 subscribers. This keyboard is not even out to the public yet and mark my words this thing is gonna be a.

Game-changer its not too late to register the giveaway officially ends on may 31st open to all regardless of location. Link to the giveaway is in the description below thanks for watching and ill see you guys in the next. One you.

Method 2 – 3 Steps To Fix Any Iphone | Iphone Screen Replacement

So maybe you just cracked your iphone and you want to try and fix it yourself and youre asking yourself. How hard can it be when this video were going to be going over the main three steps to fix. Any iphone screen hey there whats up everyone sergio here with surge tech in this channel i do a lot. Of tech reviews and tutorials so if youre new to the channel go ahead and subscribe hit the bell so.

You get notified every time i release a new video like this and theres going to be links to everything. That i talk about in this video in the description down below so go ahead and check that out all. Right so maybe you just cracked your iphone and youre thinking about fixing yourself or maybe you just have an. Old iphone laying around with a cracked screen and you never got around to doing anything with it or fixing. It on this video im gonna be teaching you how you can fix any iphone screen in just three simple.

Steps lets jump right in all right so most iphones are very similar when repairing their screen the difference is. Very minor so in this video im going to be using an iphone 10 for demonstration purposes and im going. To be explaining the differences between the other model iphones as well although it is very similar so lets go. So here we have an iphone 10 with a cracked glass and oled display so the two things that were. Going to need is the new iphone 10 oled screen and the correct repair tools to get the job done.

And were going to have links to the screen and to the tools down below in the description all right. So step number one is that we need to open up the phone so its really simple all we need. To do to open it up is we need to remove two pentalobe screws that are at the bottom of. The device here and we have to do it with a special pentalobe screwdriver and then once you have the. Two screws removed we need to pry the screen upwards to remove it so what were going to be using.

Is a very thin and solid metal prying tool and you want to use something metal because its more sturdy. And something super thin so that it goes perfectly between the plastic frame of the screen and the metal housing. Of the iphone so you want to squeeze it in right in between the plastic here of the frame of. The screen and the metal frame of the phone as you can see theres a line right here im gonna. Wedge it in there okay and then once its in there like that just a little bit you can go.

Ahead and lift up on it switch it up like that and then once you wedge it up you can. Move around the sides here dont push it in too much because you can damage things inside the phone so. Just move from side to side like this just with the tip okay then what youre going to want to. Do is youre going to want to grab another prying tool like this one to place it in here to. Hold it for support and then once you have the support prying tool that in there youre gonna use the.

Thin one to go around the side so youre gonna just stick it in just slightly just like this so. You dont damage anything inside and were just gonna go down the sides here like this just like that its. Going to be removing the adhesive holding the screen together and separating the screen assembly from the metal housing of. The phone were going to go down that side and then were going to go down this side maybe a. Little bit harder but just thats because of the adhesive so just do it slowly and gently okay once youve.

Gone down both sides completely put the tool to the side and grab it with your fingers since it will. Be slightly open and then one very important key here that you want to keep in mind is that the. Iphone 5s and iphone 6s open upwards like this from the bottom up from the iphone 7 to the iphone. 11 they open up to this side like this to the right but the new iphone 12s will open to. The left keep that in mind when opening the screen of your iphone okay so since this is an iphone.

10 it will open to the right so were gonna just wiggle the screen just gently like this so that. It can loosen up the adhesive up here at the top to remove it and then were gonna pull up. On it gently towards the left as you can see theres some adhesive were gonna go ahead and remove that. Adhesive okay so step one is done now lets move on to step number two step number two is that. You want to remove the screen from the phone so we need to separate the screen assembly from the device.

So how we do that is we have to disconnect a few cables we have to disconnect a couple cables. That are connecting the screen assembly to the motherboard and in order to do that we have to remove a. Few tri-tip screws so you need a tri-tip screwdriver remember this tool set right here brings all of the correct. Screwdrivers needed to replace any iphone screen so were gonna be removing five tri-tip screws with this screwdriver and also. Make sure you put your screws organized in an area where you wont lose them because they are very tiny.

And you can mix them up especially if youre a beginner at fixing iphone you wont remember which screw goes. Where so just place them in order so when its time to put it back together they will be in. Order and then one final screw over here under the cable behind this cable right here and that cable is. For the ear speaker assembly and sensors and there we go there we have the five screws once you have. These screws holding the bracket removed we can go ahead and pull up the bracket with your fingers so this.

Is the bracket for the iphone 10 for all the different iphones uh the bracket will be different so my. Phones may have two brackets but the bracket being removed generally the bracket that is holding down the flex cables. That connect the screen assembly to the motherboard of your iphone so now that we have the bracket removed first. Thing we got to make sure now that were in with the cables here is you want to disconnect the. Battery so that you prevent any electricity from flowing through the phone and anything being damaged so the flex cable.

On the iphone 10 is this one right here although you need to make sure that you remove the right. Flex cable depending on which iphone you have so its usually going to be a small little cable connected and. You will see a trace of it going towards the battery once the battery is disconnected we can move forward. With disconnecting the screen assembly cables so on this iphone the screen assembly cables is this one and this one. Thats for the touchscreen and oled panel were gonna go ahead and disconnect it with the prying tool and then.

Disconnect this one over here as well and then the final cable we need to remove is this one which. Is for the ear speaker assembly this one is right here and once you have all three cables disconnected and. Most iphones do have just three cables we can go ahead and remove the screen so now that we are. Done with the main two steps now lets move on to step number three and that is removing the small. Parts from the old broken screen to the new screen and the parts on the iphone 10 just gonna be.

This ear speaker portion right here that were gonna remove although other iphones have other parts that you will need. To remove from the screen for example if you have an older iphone with a home button youll need to. Remove the home button screws and home button assembly as well some iphones also have a metal bracket here on. The back that will need to be removed and placed on the new screen as well however the iphone 10. Is super simple just has three tri-tip screws up here that you need to remove to remove this ear speaker.

Assembly so lets go ahead and remove the three screws now and then once the three screws are removed we. Can go ahead and give the ear speaker assembly some pressure go ahead and gently pull back on the top. Portion here of the your speaker assembly so that it will flip back and then we can see the cables. And then were going to need to pry under this cable so that we can gently give it some pressure. Upwards and the small pieces here can be released like this golden piece here which is for the microphone and.

Go under it here with the prying tool and give it some pressure upwards to release it and then were. Going gonna go on this side right here which is the proximity sensor and were gonna go ahead and give. It some pressure upwards on this side and it will be removed and then give it some more pressure here. On the top portion to remove the ear speaker sensor right here and the piece will come out like this. Completely and then all we have to do is uh is place that piece onto the new screen so like.

I said we have a link down below in the description to the highest quality oled panel for iphone screens. These screens are individually tested before shipments and come with warranty so first thing youre going to want to do. Is remove the plastics from the screen assembly may have some adhesive and tape on them you want to just. Remove it and then all were going to do is move on to the next step and place the small. Parts from the old screen back onto the new one so were going to place the ear speaker assembly here.

First position all of the small parts here in their places and give it a little bit of pressure so. They can stick back on to the screen assembly and then were going to flip this part over like this. And then once we flip it over were gonna hold it in place and were gonna place the three screws. Back on and then once you have the old parts on the new screen then all you have to do. Is place everything back together in reverse order and your iphone will be fixed so lets go ahead and do.

That now lets go ahead and connect the screen back on so were gonna connect the two cables for the. Screen assembly here were gonna go ahead and connect the ear speaker assembly cable which is this one right here. And then finally were going to connect the battery flex cable and the reason we leave that one for last. Is because we dont want any electricity flowing through the phone while we are working on it because that can. Damage the motherboard of the phone or components in the phone itself all right so now were gonna go ahead.

And just place the metal bracket back on and place the five tri-tip screws once the five screws are holding. The bracket to the frame of the phone to the phone were ready to close the phone up so once. Youre ready to close your phone you always want to do it with the top in first so you want. To position the top in the frame of the phone like that push it in and push it upwards so. That you see that its nice and tight here with the frame of the phone and then well go ahead.

And close it up by the sides and then this side and move our way towards the bottom of the. Foam down here and then once its all in there you can just give it a little bit of pressure. Make sure its completely closed up and then finally were just gonna place the two pentalobe screws back in and. Then go ahead and power your iphone on to make sure that it is powering on properly and that the. Screen is fully working all right so the screen looks great alright everyone so those are the three main steps.

To fix any iphone screen so if this video helped you out go ahead and give it a like as. It helps me out and thats it for this video so ill catch you in the next one and as. Always peace bye.

Method 3 – Iphone 11 Screen Repair

All right guys today were going to be fixing an iphone 11 that as you can tell is pretty pretty. Damaged um this has a lot of screen issues nobody can use a phone so were going to be replacing. This screen anybody can do this repair its not hard at all its super easy as long as you have. The right tools and most importantly if you take your time and go slow the first thing you want to.

Do is make sure you buy the right screen and you want to check your connections so i know the. Connections are on this right side of this iphone 11 so i know when im taking off the lcd i. Need to go slowly heres a few of the tools youre going to need the first one is going to. Be this pentalobe screwdriver i will leave a link in the description to all these tools a tri-wing screwdriver i. Just call it a y screwdriver i need some anti-static tweezers dont use regular tweezers a nice sesamo or some.

Kind of pry tool and a small phillips screwdriver like i said ill leave a link in the description to. All the tools the first thing you want to do just like with every single iphone before this is you. Want to remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom you do have to have this special screwdriver it comes. In a lot of kits but you do have to have it to open those screws at the bottom and. Then you want to go around the sides this video has been sped up so take your time slow it.

Down you dont want to rush anything just remember those cables are on the kind of more to the bottom. Right side of this phone so when youre prying make sure you dont pry too deep but if you do. Its not going to be too big of an issue because youre replacing the lcd anyways but just on that. Right hand side just go a little bit slower when youre prying up but i usually start at the bottom. But if you have any kind of gaps uh starting the gap and and pull out some of them are.

A little bit harder than others some are easy but when you do finally get it where you can kind. Of maneuver it and get in there and youve gone all the way around and get all that adhesive out. Of the way youre going to want to pry this open like a book basically from left to right and. Once you pry it open dont go past 90 degrees that cable at the far left its important and you. Might break it you want to start by removing the five screws on this shield right here and you use.

The tri-wing screwdriver theres going to be five of them and make sure when you lay them out you lay. Them out just the way that you took them out itll make it a lot easier when youre putting them. Back so you see those two cables right there ones an lcd cable and ones a digitizer cable you want. To go ahead and connect disconnect those cables and i always like to disconnect the battery i try to do. It if we can right off the bat but with this iphone 11 you have to disconnect the two cables.

On top and then use your tri-wing screwdriver and remove these three screws that are on this l-shaped bracket and. These are all tri-wing screws as well and like i said when youre laying them laying them out just try. To lay them out exactly the way that you took it out and lay these brackets right next to them. So to make it super easy when were putting this back together so were going to disconnect the battery and. I usually like to do this first but on this iphone 11 you cant access it first and then now.

We want to disconnect your front camera mic cable and once you do that i mean the screen is off. These newer iphones in my opinion are a lot easier to remove than the old ones this top part right. Here youre going to want to take your phillips screwdriver theres three phillips screws on this right hand side and. Once again theyre different size screws so make sure that when you lay them out youre laying them out correctly. Or when you put them back you could cause damage theres one little tiny screw at the top its a.

Tri-wing screwdriver they like to mix different screws to make it harder to take apart but its really not so. You want to fold that cable down and i kind of got in here a little too close with my. Camera but um theres a little piece at the top that you want to basically pry loose and when you. Pry it loose im trying to see where you can see how thick it is at the top you want. To make sure you get behind that and not cut and cut it in half or anything so you want.

To pry on that and theres a little um adapter at the top and im going to show you that. Adapter in slow motion here in just a second its kind of like a little shield so right there at. The top you see a little gold plate its right there its basically just like a little shield that helps. Hold it down i had to get that off to remove it and i didnt show that in the video. Prior so just make sure you lift up that little shield right there and it should just come right off.

And once that comes off the other parts a lot easier to get out but im basically doing everything in. Reverse order now so im pushing this little plate back into its spot um once ive you know put the. Front camera and mic back in and i just want to make sure that it fits flush but i was. Trying to slow that down just to show you what that bracket looks like because i missed it in the. Other part so the brackets in im just making sure everything fits down flush solid and then right now im.

Trying to line up the screw holes and make sure that nothing looks like its too far apart from each. Other or like a screw when you screw it in its not going to fit or anything and everything right. Here looks pretty good so were just going in reverse order were gonna put um our take our phillips screwdriver. And put our three screws back in once we put our uh three screws back in were going to grab. Our y screwdriver our tri-wing screwdriver and were going to screw that little bitty screw in at the very top.

And if you need to you can um slow this video down it sped up a little bit just to. Kind of so you get to the point of it but take your time pause the video dont rush um. Its the only time i ever see anybody mess up is when you rush its its not a hard repair. At all um so were gonna take these cables and were gonna were going to put them back in the. Exact same spot we pulled them out from so you want to connect the battery you want to connect these.

Two cables and i always like to connect the battery last so i went under these cables and did it. But i uh connected all the cables and we basically just want to test this phone out before we start. Putting down the plates and the screws and all that to make sure that the phone functions the way that. It should um and i had to uh pull out those two cables and then put the battery down to. Make this work so it just adds up i want to put the battery connector first and then the lcd.

And digitizer were gonna go ahead and power this iphone on and sometimes you get the passcode sometimes you dont. So if you dont have the passcode you can swipe up on the phone and click emergency and then just. Type one two three four five six seven eight nine pound zero you wanna make sure that everything you touch. The right thing comes up on the screen and if it does then everything is connected and it should be. Fine you can do a phone call test if you want to because you mess with that front cam uh.

Mic at the top um so you can always have them call you or you can call them make sure. They can hear you and you can hear them thats just an extra step but ive had no problems with. These newer iphones um having any kind of issues um the cameras at a bad angle so i apologize i. Was focused on getting this done in a timely manner youre going to take that l-shape bracket that you put. And youre going to want to put the three tri-ring screws back but before you do that you want to.

Make sure that that battery connector is is connected and its down once you do that youre going to connect. Your lcd and your digitizer those are the two cables on the top and then youre going to want to. Grab your shield over here in a minute thats right there on the right side and you want to going. To grab that shield and lay it on top and if you just line it up with the screw holes. Theres five screw holes and if youve laid out your screws correctly you can just put those back the way.

That theyre laid out and it makes it super simple like i said this repair is not hard whatsoever anybody. Can do it you just got to make sure you take your time and your patience and your patience sorry. But i did speed up this video on bits and pieces just to to get through it but its maybe. Takes about 30 45 minutes at the most and thats if you are taking your time and doing it correctly. When youre putting this in at the end you want to make sure you push on the bottom of the.

Screen towards the top of the phone that helps it sit in just right and the last thing you need. To do is just put in your last two pentalobe screws and thats it this iphone 11 is done you. Can turn it on and once again go through your test do the emergency test check your numbers all that. You can make a phone call if you want to but other than that i mean all you did was. Replace the screen uh so hopefully this this helped you out like i said anybody can do it uh if.

This helped you in any way please uh let me know thank you.

Method 4 – Iphone 11 Screen Replacement: Fix Your Cracked Screen!

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Iphone Xr Screen Replacement – Step By Step

Hi welcome to the channel and i hope youre well today ill be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how. To replace an iphone x our screen i will have the description below with the tools and the screen where. You can buy it from if any question just comment below so there are two screws that holds the phone. So.

Conclusion – How Much To Get Iphone Screen Fixed

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