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Method 1 – How To Mail A Letter Or Postcard

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Method 2 – How Many Postcards Do I Have To Mail To Make Money? “Best Home Based Business Opportunities 2021”

Hey guys jonathan here today uh im going to be speaking about postcard tycoon im going to be showing you. The postcards how they come in the mail to you and how you actually ship them off to prospects and. How this works as far as making money with offline postcard marketing and with uh postcard tycoon specifically how you. Can make 300 commissions im also going to be talking to you about excuse me im going to be talking.

To you about uh internet marketing as well and just so you guys know um postcard tycoon is the newest. Um affiliate marketing program that kelly and i are a part of but that doesnt mean that were not a. Part of our other programs um every time we join something new which now its been about a year since. Weve joined something else uh postcard tycoon really is the first thing weve joined that weve added into our income. Streams in about a year but some people always ask you know hey did your other program go away and.

The answer is no we always stick with every program were in unless something goes sour with say you know. The owner and thats only happened with a brand new program thats never happened with a program thats been around. For a very long time and i will say with postcard tycoon specifically this program has been around for five. Years so im not going to have any issues with it so lets jump right into this im going to. Show you everything i also want to let you guys know that i am receiving a commission for postcard tycoon.

Um it should be in the mail in probably a few days um and i also uh yesterday i made. A 500 commission with newbies on fire and then today which ill uh put in this video i made a. Another 500 commission with newbies on fire so i just want you guys to know it doesnt really so much. Matter about which program you do it really matters so much on getting the proper training getting with the sponsor. Whos gonna help you um and uh not to rambling on i i really wanted to make this intro short.

So i can jump right into it but over the past few months kelly kelly and i have uh joined. A few courses on different uh you know real estate um just different things uh not not associated with online. Marketing and theyve all been um pretty much scams or theyve been misleading uh where one of them actually uh. We spent an x amount of money on the course and then um without telling us or explaining to us. Anything they wanted an additional twelve hundred dollars so i just want you guys to know that kelly and i.

Have even you know over the even now continually sometimes you know um we personally have even been through uh. Trial and errors and i just want you guys to know that um you know kel and i have been. Through the ringer uh if you guys dont know affiliate marketing is all we do full time for the past. Four years um you know weve been able to make five and six figures a year with affiliate marketing and. Weve been trying and failing from 2010 all the way to 2016 until you know we went full time so.

Weve been in this industry going on a decade and i just want you guys to know that were not. In any program that is a scam or a scheme and were not hiding anything from you um i just. Want you guys to feel comfortable and know that youre not going to be paying a certain amount of money. And then youre randomly going to have to pay some other huge amount thats not how it works so i. Just want you guys to know that so enough with the intro enough of the rambling lets jump into it.

Okay guys im down here with you i got my coffee of course a disney mug we got from disney. I always like to show you guys i love this mug um i got the postcards here and in here. I have the pill and stick leads and im going to show you guys um how simple this actually is. Now they come in a little box like this okay this is actually 250. Um i just ordered these they.

Just came in the mail theyre gonna come in a little box like this and heres the actual postcard i. Just want you guys to see this its front and back and this does all the telling and selling for. You it has your link here with your you see my uh my number is 90 40. Um each person. Including yourself is going to have their own id number so when people go to this website if they do.

Then youre going to be attached to it so the only way people can join is through your link so. Youre always going to be getting that 300 commission from this postcard the other thing they have that i really. Like and i actually called this number you can call it if youd like its the automated um message for. Postcard tycoon and it actually sounds really good im not just saying that it sounds really good its not scammy. Sounding its not robotic sounding it actually sounds really good so this postcard literally does all the telling and selling.

For you i also like this here uh get your complete information pack uh if people dont actually have internet. Access so if youre doing a lot of postcard marketing sometimes not really often youre gonna have people who dont. Have internet access and these people can still get started and get the full flyer by mailing that in but. Most of the time people are just gonna go to your link so this is the actual postcard front and. Back and all you have to do is take your leads this is my pill and stick leads im just.

Gonna start going down the list youre gonna get from the list there and youre simply just going to stick. It on thats all you do see now all i have to do is put this in the mail of. Course i have to get my my stamp of course i have to get a stamp put the stamp on. And then throw them in any usps or you know whatever i usually just go through usps put them in. The usps and then theyre going to be mailed this postcard this person is going to be mailed this postcard.

This is a hot warm or hot buyer potential buyer i should say postcard marketing i just want you guys. To know postcard marketing has a one to three percent conversion rate im just gonna fill these off one to. Three percent conversion rate so i just want you guys to know that kevin and i have been in uh. Postcard marketing programs for the past uh four years you know since weve been full time with affiliate marketing weve. Always had some kind of postcard program uh in the pipeline we havent in the last year just because i.

Wasnt able to find a good one we never really found one that ticked all the boxes for us and. Postcard tycoon really did that you know it gives you the postcards um it gives you an actual packet which. I showed in one of my previous videos um i actually went through that whole packet it gives you a. Real information packet it gives you an actual certificate of joining the postcard program and it gives you real material. Real um uh training material but then also as a bonus what kel and i are doing is were giving.

You our personal training which is everything that we do for free and paid traffic uh on the internet so. If you guys do want to do internet marketing youre gonna have our personal training which is videos that kelly. And i have created its step-by-step free and paid traffic if you need to go to a website to access. That specific training or traffic we have everything hyperlinked so its all step by step its exactly what youre looking. For when it comes to internet marketing but if you guys just want to do offline postcard marketing then i.

I really wanted to join postcard tycoon because for one of the price um its not way too high um. Its not way too low its a nice middle ground so that youre making a nice solid income youre making. 300 commissions for every person that joins use you know directly this is affiliate marketing so every time someone joins. Through your link then youre getting paid and so another question that we get is well jonathan with you guys. Being new to postcard tycoon you know how do you know the conversion rate if you havent mailed five or.

Ten thousand of these postcards how do you know the exact conversion rate and the answer to that is as. Long as you have a front and back nice colored postcard that does the telling and selling for you a. General ballpark conversion rate for postcard marketing is one to three percent it doesnt matter what uh market youre in. Whether its a home-based business whether its real estate whether its whatever it could be anything it could be a. Local pizza company like it doesnt matter what it is if youre doing postcard marketing and you have a nice.

Colored postcard just tell yourself one to three percent conversion rates in my last video um i actually pulled up. My calculator and showed you guys uh the actual math behind that one to three percent but if you guys. Want to do that math yourself um you surely can you just you know you take the amount of postcards. That youre gonna mail out and you times it by point zero one percent or up to you know zero. Three which would be on your calculator three percent okay and so thats how you would do the math and.

Thats just general for postcard marketing so um thats what ive always recommended um and just so you guys know. You know over the past four years kevin i have been in a few postcard programs um weve been in. Um i dont want to name them uh but weve been in a few some have been monthly fee some. Have been one-time fee i even created my own postcard program for a little while but it didnt really catch. Fire because i didnt have a lot of gears getting involved um so i actually just stopped doing it because.

It ended up being too expensive for me to continue but i always wanted to uh be in a postcard. Program because theyre so easy theres a lot of people out there who want the extra income um where they. Can understand it you know not everyone wants to do internet marketing um and everyone can literally understand i dont. Want to show their information but everyone can understand taking a postcard and putting a stamp on it uh which. I have to do after this and putting a pill and stick label on it you know anyone can do.

That and theres a lot of ways excuse me theres a lot of ways that you can customize postcard marketing. Um if you guys uh want to mail these out you can thats what i recommend doing but if you. Guys want to get creative with it you can meld these out in uh in an actual envelope like uh. If you want to do a colored envelope i know a place they can do colored envelopes if you guys. Dont want to do this where youre actually taking the pill and stick label putting it on the postcard to.

Yourself postcard tycoon does have a done for you um postcard company that they work with where you pay them. And they handle everything uh from ordering the amount of postcards that you want ordering the amount of uh leads. That you want putting the actual leads onto the postcard and mailing them out for you so if you want. To have this done for you they have that in postcard tycoon again postcard tycoon has everything that i was. Looking for ive been in enough postcard programs um ive been involved with even my own to knowing really what.

The market is looking for when it comes to postcard uh marketing most people want a one-time fee they dont. Want to pay a monthly fee most people dont want to be paying three four five people you know theres. A lot of postcard programs or flyer programs where um you have to pay uh the owner or the company. You have to pay the sponsor you have to pay some other random person and you got to pay some. Other random person im like who like whats going on with postcard tycoon you simply pay which is actually all.

Explained on my website down below as well as the postcard but all you do is you pay 198 198. To the company and you pay 300 to your sponsor so the total is a one-time fee of 4.98 but. Again from that point going forward you never pay anything else unless you want to continue doing offline marketing of. Course thats going to cost um but if you want to do like free online marketing i have tons of. Free online marketing you can do its very easy it doesnt require social media or anything so theres a lot.

Of options to marketing um you can really explode your marketing because you youre not set only to internet marketing. And youre not only set to postcard marketing im sorry i actually have come down with a little winter cold. So that might be why im kind of sounding weird uh but yeah you know so this really has everything. That i was looking for it has everything that from what i have seen it has everything that most people. Are looking for its a one-time fee its not too expensive its not too cheap youre making enough uh money.

Per cell youre making a big enough commission where you only need a few of these per week to make. Nine hundred dollars literally three hundred three times three is nine you know nine hundred dollars thats a full-time income. Um you know if you want to make more than that you can easily do that again you know kelly. And i have been doing uh online marketing now for uh full time the past four years like what i. Was saying and weve been able to make six figures every single year so you know im really glad you.

Guys have come across my videos um and im glad that you guys have found us because were actually here. To help you you know i like what i said earlier in this video im just so tired of even. Myself you know being excited for something um you know going through a course and you know looking you know. Looking towards my future of um of having success with something and then it ends up not working out you. Know people you know the the owners scam me or the the course is just a flat out its just.

Misleading um all sorts of things and im just really tired of that um you know over the years and. So i just want you guys to know that um you know ken and i are not going to to. Mislead you um were not going to tell you one thing and then not give you something that were that. Were telling you uh were very responsive sponsors we check our emails two three times a day were very communicative. Before you join and after you join um ive had a lot of experience where you know people give me.

On like a sales call and they get me all like excited and then i join something and then you. Know i join and then i never hear from my sponsor or the owner again like ive had that happen. To me firsthand and ive heard of so many people where that happens and i just want you guys to. Know that kel and i do not do that um were here with you before and after um and we. Want you guys to succeed you know we want you guys to have success and thats why we only join.

Programs where we know anyone can have success and it really again it doesnt matter what program you join any. Of the programs that were in whether its postcards itunes whether its newbies on fire power lead system any of. The ones that were in um i have them you know all the all the main ones are linked down. In the description box but um any other programs that were in are going to work well theyre all going. To be able to make you sales the most important thing the reason why people fail with offline marketing or.

Especially internet marketing is excuse me is uh they dont have the right training they they never get the proper. Tool which is learning how to do marketing the right way they never know how to post ads on the. Internet or they never have good lead sources or a good postcard to mail they dont have the right formula. To make it work and thats why so many people fail and i just again i want you guys to. Know that youre going to be getting everything with kelly and i as your sponsor were giving you all the.

Bonuses that you need in our bonus training to actually learn and have the success that youre looking for and. The other thing uh is that whenever you get started kelly and i let you leverage our bonuses as your. Own so you can actually give like as soon as you get started now you have bonuses to give to. Your downline when they join you thats going to help you make more sales because people look for bonuses people. Like having bonuses not only do people want to have a good converting program but people really want to join.

Someone thats going to be able to help them its going to be there for them and so thats really. Why i wanted to cover that with you guys just so you know coming in into this or into any. Of the programs were in that youre not gonna be left in the dust youre not gonna be uh joining. Something and then were youre never gonna hear from us again um so thats when he gets to know that. So thats really what i wanted to cover in this video hopefully i didnt miss anything um you know again.

You know this is a very high converting postcard thats what i was looking for um oh another bonus uh. That kelly and i are doing i meant to mention earlier is uh for every person that joins us were. Giving you a hundred free postcards and a hundred free leads on top of what you get with postcard tycoon. Which ill go ahead and just cover the whole program with even though its its explained on the website if. You want to go to it um but when you join postcard tycoon not only do you get the ability.

To start earning 300 commissions but within that welcome packet i explained it in my last video you get 250. Postcards just like this and 250 leads with your welcome package so coming in you get those included the only. Thing you have to buy is the stamps but the difference with this program is every fifth cell so the. Your fifth cell your 10th cell your 15th cell your 20th sale to infinity every 5th cell you make youre. Getting 500 thats insane 500 postcards 500 leads and most importantly which i thought was fantastic is 500 stamps mailed.

To you so you can continually be advertising without having to pay extra so youre pretty much easily making your. Money back from the original 250 stamps you have to buy and of course any other paid online marketing traffic. You want to do or if youre only going to do offline postcard marketing then that really pays you back. For if you do any other postcard marketing so if you do your original 250 and you run out and. You want to buy more um by the time you make your fifth sell which doesnt take long with the.

Conversion rates then you can easily make your money back from that fifth cell of getting those 500 leads 500. Postcards 500 stamps and continually be making money so i thought that was huge and thats one of the main. Reasons why i joined postcard tycoon is because of that bonus they have ive never seen that before with any. Other postcard program and the other thing is that the owner is blasted all over the website that you go. To as soon as you hit the website eric the owner is right there on the website and hes very.

Responsive to emails he actually sent me my website early so i was really appreciative of that and yeah its. Just good to know who the owner is a lot of people want to know that um and so yeah. Guys thats pretty much it its very straightforward um again theres the automated phone number with this i really like. That the automated phone number i showed you earlier its got really everything that i was looking for so if. You guys have any other questions as always feel free you can you can comment down below uh but you.

Know if you guys have any specific questions you can email us you can facebook message us or you can. Call or text us anytime my phone number should be in the description box below but if its not you. Can go to our website in the description box type in your email its going to take you to our. Main postcard tycoon website scroll all the way to the bottom to the order form and my cell phone number. Is right there id be happy to hop on the phone with you and answer any questions ill talk to.

You guys later and as always well see you next time.

Method 3 – 🔴 How Much Is International Postcard Postage? 🔴

Hey welcome back guys so today on this video were gonna talk about international postage actually more specifically were going. To talk about how to send a postcard internationally from the us it can be a little bit different depending. On which country that youre sending from if you like me and you kind of travel from here to there. Sometimes you meet friends along the way and you kind of want to check in with them of course you.

Can send whatsapp or you can use email or something like that but one thing that i like to do. Is send postcards i was in san francisco recently and i have some friends that i want to send a. Postcard to in south america and i thought that this video might be kind of helpful so if youre wondering. How much it cost to send a postcard from the u.s. To south america or to a different country overseas.

Thats what were gonna talk about so the thing is with postage sometimes it can kind of vary and it. Changes from time to time even if youre just sending something local so the best resource that youre gonna be. Able to find to find how much it cost to send a postcard internationally is on the usps website specifically. So again always be sure to check there before you pop a couple of stamps on your postcard mail it. Out because the last thing you want to do is put a couple of postage stamps on there its not.

Enough and it ends up getting kicked back its just a big waste of time so its best just to. Have them the correct amount of postage before sending it out so right now im recording this in september of. 2019 if you go here to the website usps calm be sure to check the description below ill try to. Leave a length of there but basically what you want to do is check for first-class mail and as of. Right now the starting rate if youre sending something internationally is going to be a dollar and 15 cents so.

If you are going to be sending a postcard youre gonna want to put a dollar fifteen on this now. In the us i dont know about other countries they have these things called forever stamps and basically what that. Is when you buy the stamp no matter what the price goes to now or 10 years from now you. Can still send a letter with that stamp so right here you can see they are selling global forever stamps. So theyre a dollar 15 each now what if the price goes up to two dollars lets say two years.

Down the line well the nice thing is once youve purchased that forever stamp you can still use it until. Its already been used on a postcard so if you do send out postcards frequently sometimes it is best to. Buy a huge lot of these forever stamps and that way they dont expire or the price doesnt go up. On you basically youre just hedging in the price for me i dont really send enough postcards to where i. Would want to buy this huge amount of forever stamps but maybe you do so today im gonna be sending.

These four postcards and right now im just looking up the current price since its been a while since i. Sent out a postcard im sending these down to brazil so each one is gonna cost a dollar 15 so. You can actually buy that specific stamp at the post office however if you just have the regular stamps you. Can use those too but what happens is a lot of times its not gonna add up to exactly a. Dollar 15 so you may end up paying more if you just start putting the stamps on there i think.

The stamps right now are around 52 cents so if you put two stamps on its not going to be. Enough to get the postcard to that other country so youre gonna have to include three which means youre gonna. Pay about a dollar fifty for each one of these postcards to go internationally not a big difference but again. If youre sending thousands of these then you probably want to go ahead and include the exact dollar amount save. Yourself some money if youre descending a few like me then its not really that big of a deal youre.

Gonna end up paying an extra dollar so so have you sent cards from overseas into the us if so. How does that work how does the price compare ive never actually done that i usually send these postcards out. From the us when im here but what if youre in europe or asia and you want to send a. Postcard back to your family i dont really have any experience with that if you do be sure to leave. Us a comment below let us know what the price is or how you can find the price for that.

Leave a comment for us but hopefully you found that video useful on how to find the international postage rate. When sending a postcard overseas if so click thumbs up and i hope to see on the next video thanks. Again for watching.

Method 4 – How To Send Direct Mail With Usps

Good morning or good afternoon depending what time youre watching this it is your boy efrain from gold level media. So i was putting in my instagram that i want to make a video doing a marketing campaign and let. You know the roi the return on investment right so im gonna give you the pricing that cost it might. Cost a little bit less for us because we own a marketing company so like the printing and the labor.

Work and all that stuff we get for free so im still going to put that into the total cost. So like that you have an exact number so first things first were doing direct mail for gold level print. We bought a bunch of printers and stuff to print business cards flyers and like all this other cool stuff. Right since we barely bought all the equipment we need to make the money up for the equipment this bad. Boy right here cost us about $50,000 right so it makes flyers business cards cuts other stuff this thing as.

Well cost is about like four thousand dollars weve got a lot of other cool little gadgets like this bens. Paper makes it like this so it does brochures so you know we invested a lot of money into cool. Things to be able to sell more on gold oh print and you know printing was one of our business. Like side income but were like hey you know this printing thing can really take off because we currently do. Just marketing for other companies and we offer printing for our clients only and were like you know what lets.

Launch a website which we did and thats gold level print comm and from there you were like okay now. Its publicly up but now we got to get traffic to it so we put the website up we put. Certain products up there and we decided to do a marketing campaign i was like you know what my instagram. Has a lot of followers and all that stuff so lets go ahead and you know breakdown the marketing campaigns. So what we did is here we have let me show you what were doing so were doing direct mail.

Eddm with usps so we designed this card for about you know average business card design will probably cost you. Anywhere from like sixty to seventy dollars and we printed five thousand which theyre about to go out but to. Be honest i love the design but im not sure if its gonna work for the client or for the. Potential customer do too it doesnt have any other pictures we do have a coupon code that were gonna track. The physical transactions that come in with the coupo.

Conclusion – How Much To Mail A Postcard

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