How Much To Replace Basement Windows – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much to replace basement windows,

Method 1 – Installing Replacement Vinyl Windows In The Concrete Basement Of A Ranch!

All right guys today were going to look at installing replacement windows here in the basement of my uh my. Ranch at my house um as you can tell these windows they dont open so if im doing any working. Down here and i want to vent it out i cant i dont have that option so i want to. Go down and put a replacement um you can opt to keep this wooden frame the sash around the window.

But if you get a custom window to fit that youre going to lose a lot of space for example. Heres our replacement window here this right here has a frame in and of itself so the amount of window. You actually have youll lose a lot so thats the easiest way to do it i want to hit the. Biggest window i can in there so what im going to do is im going to remove the wood window. Cut it and push it out this around and i will insert the new window securing the top of the.

Window to the wood and then anchoring into the concrete with tapcon screws i will need to trim these window. Edges here along the top bottom both sides the top actually will remain the we will keep it there as. That will anchor against the wood on a previous window i used a i used a grinder to cut this. Surrounding edge off um alternatively to that what ive actually decided to do is use this razor uh this box. Cutter or razor i take it and i score it a couple times and then i can just bend and.

Snap it off and it creates a nice clean cut so ill go ahead and do that to the last. Two sides here sometimes it helps to get an extra hand so you can have some on the receiving side. You can bang the window out from the outside so with the window out now were going to go ahead. And were going to cut these bottom and sides out and then drive it out through the the front of. It well go ahead and vacuum that up just to clean it up now is a good time go ahead.

Test fit the window make sure it properly fits i was lucky i was able to order one believe it. On amazon it was the right size to fit my hole couldnt find one at lowes or home depot or. Any of the other local stores so and i didnt want to spend the money to get one custom-made so. This one will have to do all right so weve tested the window it fits snugly theres about a quarter. Wrench all the way around the window thatll have to be filled with both foam and caulk you never want.

To order a window thats exact fit because likely its concrete its not a perfectly square hole so youre going. To want to order a little bit smaller i measured about quarter inch smaller on each side so for total. About half an inch overall and so far everythings fit well im going to go ahead and screw in the. Top and then clock the outside i have a hammer drill in order for the screwing in the tapcon screws. On the side and so thatll hold until im ready to actually install those tapcon screws now were going to.

Go ahead and install these windows with some screws im using general purpose construction screws theyre about a little over. An inch and a quarter long not good not ideal if its going to be a finished screw something pan. Head and rounded for a better finish would certainly be better but its what i have all right guys next. Were going to head outside were going to use exterior caulk uh im using white dont recommend it its the. Only thing they had at the store due to the whole covid crisis so im using white exterior uh meant.

For windows and make sure it adheres to concrete or youre not gonna have a good day so make sure. You wear a pair of gloves so you can smooth it out a little bit of water and that way. You get a nice smooth finish take your time but remember if you have fast curing stuff like this is. 30 minute rain ready do it as fast as you can all right once i finished caulking the outside i. Went ahead and used special window only expanding foam youre going to want to make sure you use that the.

Other stuff expands too much and youll end up overflowing everywhere and then youll have real problems on your hands. And you can even cause the window to bind to the point where it wont close so make sure you. Use it accordingly make sure theres room for it to spill out and then you can go ahead and clean. Up all the excess foam with a razor and make it as clean cut as you want it to be. Once i finished here i went again and then cocked on the inside of the window and gave it a.

Nice tight seal all right guys last step for installing these windows is were going to just use tapcon screws. With a 3 16 bit to drill a hole through the concrete and then well anchor the windows in through. That method now as i said this isnt the best way to do it but if youre looking to maximize. Your window space its a good method to at least do that hmm well guys if you have any questions. Or comments on how these windows were installed drop me a line in the comments and if you like what.

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Method 2 – How To Install A Basement Window ~ In Masonry

Hey guys most homes with full basements have small rectangular style windows their foundation windows and theyre typically at ground. Level if your house is older chances are that these windows were wood and may need replacing this video is. Going to focus on replacing a wood basement window in masonry in this situation its brick we will be using. Replacement window units without nailing fence because were gonna embed it into the brick with mortar i want to note.

Though if you have a wood frame built around your window maybe youve got bigger windows or some framing you. Need to order a window with nailing fins replacing a basement windows pretty straightforward it can save its a good. Thing to do its gonna save you heating and cooling costs and maybe even prevent frozen pipes because the windows. Arent leaking anymore are broken there are two types of older basement windows wood and steel commonly found in a. Masonry foundation the wood windows they typically have a wood frame or a jamb around them on all four sides.

And theyre secured in the concrete or brick and steel windows have whats called a steel buck and its just. A metal frame its usually embedded in there in the masonry see that in concrete foundation salon and concrete block. So when measuring for a new window consider whether youre removing the wood window or the metal frame or its. Staying in place but for wood windows i think its best just get rid of it all take all the. Weight out the jamb everything and this means for replacement youll need to measure the width and the height of.

The actual window frame not the sash so you want to measure the whole unit if you can see it. And and thats the window that youre gonna thats the size you want to order for best results you should. Measure from the inside and you know measuring the window frame on the outside its too complicated especially with the. Sill and once you start measuring what are your replacement window to either fit that measurement or better yet make. It a little bit smaller maybe a half inch smaller on the width and height just to give you some.

Room to get it in because sometimes you have to fight these the difference in space can be filled later. You could do it with spray fall mortar if theres a wood frame you can do trim around on metal. Window frames you need to determine what parts of the metal buck can be removed and what can sometimes theyre. Embedded and theyre tough to get out because the poured concrete foundations so unless its severely rusted sometimes its better. To just leave it in place and kind of work around it um you can use a cold chisel reciprocating.

Saw with a metal blade pry bar but its an arduous task to get it out so sometimes its better. To just take the frame which you can take out leave the metal buck in place if you do leave. The risa leave that metal piece in place you need to order a smaller window obviously right so youre gonna. Measure in that case youre gonna measure from metal to metal and thats going to be your new window with. Heres a tip theyll measure the width and the height in three places top middle and bottom and and the.

Other way and use your smallest dimension order the windows slightly smaller because youre just not going to want to. Fight this stuff sometimes we have to modify things it can be tough so removing the old sash use a. Reciprocating saw and pry bars and that thats just going to help with the removal once the window is removed. You want to clean up and inspect the rough opening in the concrete or brick opening make any necessary masonry. Repairs as needed to the opening thats the time to do it and be prepared to make modifications to the.

Rough opening of the new window – you might need to take off a little bit or add something sometimes. Theres a ridge of concrete that was under the wood or metal frames and if that ridges in your way. Use a grinder or a hammer and cold chisel to chip away the mortar either on the bottom of sites. Wherever that ridges as necessary other times modifying the window slightly may work in getting a perfect fit and i. Had to do that with a multi-tool just cut off a modify the pvc around the one side of the.

Window to just get an extra eight of an inch or something and sometimes guys thats a lot easier to. Do than tearing out masonry lets talk about it actually install in the window so you want to remove the. Sash the screen from the new window so you can access the screw holes right youre going to center you. Window into the opening and what i do is i hold it up tight to the the wood house mudsill. Foundation sil im going to pre-drill some holes and im gonna secure that window up into that mud sill with.

Galvanized or stainless steel screws if attaching to masonry youre gonna you want to use a hammer drill and secure. It secure the window in place by installing double headed double threaded concrete screws along the sides or top of. The window whichever applicable once the window is centered you should have a slight gap on the sides and bottom. If you measured right and maybe you know you might want to flush that window keep it flush with the. Foundation you might want to even just keep it in a little bit depending on the size of the gap.

You have fill any large gaps between the window in the masonry foundation with any one of the following so. If its a really large gap maybe you use mortar brick or stone whatever it depends on what your foundation. Material is and close in that space close it in until you have and half of an inch gap all. The way around or even a quarter inch would work use expanding spray foam under and in the side gaps. And all around the window actually a seal the whole thing in but this is gonna seal off air leaks.

And basically what i do is i take some pipe insulation a custom cutted or used foam backer rod and. I fill the gap on one side and i just foam to that the the backer rod keeps the spray. Foam from falling out the other side you could even use blue tape on one side to help keep the. Foam from coming out and when im forming i try to keep the foam back up on an inch or. Two to allow room to add mortar later on the outside thats got to keep it waterproof and secure it.

All in lock in place once that snug fit the sash and check it for fit make sure it fits. Right then go on the outside and pack mortar into those gaps on the outside of the window blending to. The foundation or if you had set it back just filling in that gap smooth the mortar with the trowel. Clean off the pvc with with a rag and then you want to make sure you slope any bottom edges. The way to shed water if you have a sill or a foundation sill or just flush it to the.

Foundation like i do some windows have whats called weep holes try not to block those up with mortar i. Did on my first window on my second window i used blue tape to cover them up work great when. Thats done just install the screens check the seams on the interior you might want to reapply spray foam or. That inside seam if its a big gap maybe more apply water guys i hope you enjoyed this video please. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it consider subscribing you can find us on instagram and facebook im.

Rob robillard well see you next time at concord carpenter.

Method 3 – Diy How To Remove And Install A Basement Window

But today is window replacement day not just any window the windows upstairs in the house are really easy to. Do today were going to tackle the basement window because if you can do a basement window you can take. Care of any window or door in your house so what we have here is an awning style window and. Its set right in the concrete of the foundation of the home so what weve got to do is remove.

This clean this up prep the new space to slide the new window in were just going to take a. Little bit of work because the homeowner here has done something creative for us this is not window casing this. Is drywall returns right into the jamb and that means weve got to open up the interior of the building. A little bit and try to do this in such a way that when were done we can cover it. With casing and not have to do a lot of pats or repair work the process traditionally what the window.

Is simple you take out the glass section you cut the frame you peel the frame off and then you. Have a nice big hole you just clean up inserts a new window shim it foam it youre done here. Were gonna have to resize the inside of the frame so unfortunately instead of just a couple of basic tools. And might need to pull out a little bit of special tools and get those done but right now weve. Gotta get rid of drywall corners without breaking the glass preferably so we got to expose it and get your.

Climb behind yes they just use nails you set up screws and look at ive already put a hole in. The wall thats just great sometimes theres just no easy way to do this when youre pulling this corner bead. Off you got to be really careful this metal is sharp its galvanized sorta but it rust you can see. That so this kind of stuff could cause injuries he just got to be real careful so it amazes me. Is when people install really tiny little pieces of drywall they use more nails than they doing a whole sheet.

Funny i love my drywall hammer it acts like a great big pry bar hatchet weve got a hammering surface. As well gives you a little bit of flexibility so when youre measuring your window before you order for replacement. You want to do it from the inside and the outside just to confirm when we were measuring this one. We ordered a 48 anticipating that we had a jam extension and then a gap for installation on the side. But what we have is because they frame the inside of the house so tight to the jamb to just.

Put a little bit of drywall return although the space where the window is is big enough the space in. The wall isnt so were going to have to live and modification on the actual wall itself heres an earful. Painting if you do have this kind of window and you have a draft the best way to solve that. Problem open it up and just line it with a new gasket your compass no need to smash the glass. If you take it out one piece okay thats our screen one of the benefits of getting rid of the.

Old is it you dont have to be too careful with it now just a quick word here before you. Go and start tearing out the healed window and being really committed especially in the wintertime right now its cold. Enough but the snow isnt melting you really want to double check your measurements the funny thing is about this. Job is this is our second attempt the first time the windows are the wrong side so its glad we. Didnt just jump ahead and start ripping things apart because it does take a few weeks you should leave where.

You get them again no risk what were going to do is were going to cut through this wood and. Then start peeling this space open so just use a sawzall kick blade dont have to spend a lot of. Money on this so you can use this about anything youre just looking for a little leverage you can use. A hammer i wouldnt suggest one little small red pry bars just because the edges are sharp and if you. Flip youre going to put a hole in your hand basically thats it just lift it up and off easier.

To clean up the mess outside and inside and you will see as this window was installed when we poured. The concrete very interesting there we go you know whats coming downwards so weve checked the size of our hole. But because they pour the concrete around the frame theres this area down the middle here this trough its in. The way of our new window were just taking our chisel hello popping that off i dont think it will. Be in the way but when i go to insulate i want the insulation to be where the glass is.

And that line represents where the glass is going to be so i dont want to have stone as my. Insulator we want to get rid of that so we can get our expansion foam in there make sure were. Not going to have any draft so here we go another dry effect what we want to do is we. Want to establish as window is tight to the sill as we can so that we have a nice seal. For the moisture but the same time we want to make sure we have enough of a gap that i.

Can get in here and for my installation foam so i just want to get right there a couple of. Shims now theyre not going right through on the outside we have the concrete remember the window was like set. Into the sill where they had parted up to it so if i dont lift it up too much then. Well still be able to just finish off the outside with a bit of you know acrylic talking you want. To level all right so thats perfect doesnt always happen the first time actually no if you watch enough of.

Our videos youve seen that happen a few times its just perfect every time so here we go we have. Only a 15 inch tall window so im not really going to spend a lot of energy trying to make. Sure that its square the way that these are built with those unibody construction this is square its not going. To change putting in a bigger window double check make sure that youre square as well you dont want to. Put in the window thats level across the bottom but sitting like this it wont operate properly so once youre.

Done filming this in will just confirm that slides are working great now youll notice lovely they sent it with. Screws thats for another day we have nothing to screw this into now you could pull out a drill drill. A pilot hole and tapcon screw right into the concrete but ill tell you what if you put an expansion. Foam around this window and all four sides its not going anywhere guaranteed so what were going to do give. Our sim clean up our space a little bit here and were going to film it so there are a.

Few different types of expansion foam out there guys that do windows for a living and general contractors i mean. We all have our special tools its like a gun and it has a stop on it so that the. Foam doesnt harden up and render the rest of the cane useless but for most people youre not going to. Go out and buy a good 60 or 80 dollar gun to buy the big can that will do ten. Windows so youre going to run out and grab one of these just a canister of expansion foam nice and.

Simple this is labeled for windows and doors its a few different kinds this is a low expansion so you. Actually want to fill the cavity pretty considerably they have other foam it expands marble dealers put so much pressure. On the plate that itll actually make it too hard to open the window itll actually bend and bow this. Window see how that can move use the wrong foam its going to be pinched and then your window isnt. Gonna open very well so i always make sure you buy the right product for the job with a cute.

Little knob with no gotta shake the can really good upright position it is control pressure you dont want to. Fire it too quick there we go now just run the head of your foam its okay if it comes. Out not going to hurt anything now the goal here is to insulate wear the glasses you dont have to. Bring it right out to the front of the plan basically youre taking that insulation line of the wall up. Through the glass and up through to the installation above again now when you get up top then where you.

Got to try to point your hose a little bit im going to come from the other angle just so. You can see that on the camera better man and im just shooting ahead of it like this keeping my. Nozzle just a little bit beneath inside the window and forcing the foam right to the outside well in that. Way well heres a little run on tip weve got a little bit of foam left in the can remember. The very beginning made a nasty mess on the wall punched a hole with my hammer well heres a tip.

For you how to fix this mess you cant repair that drywall but you can fill this whole void with. This expansion foam it will bond to all the little bits of the drywall there we go what well do. Is well come back in about an hour take my utility knife lay it up in the wall slice it. Off now we only need two coats and luds real quick of the taping knife and youre ready to paint. And just for good measure as a precaution close your window lock it in position while the foam is drying.

Just in case its good happen to be in the bigger the window the more youre going to want to. Have that in position so now were outside were just going to seal up the old window important just remove. Any of this a little bit of extra cocking thats there before this is actually part now we go okay. All right so hi talking 101 you want to cut your tip the width of the bead that you want. So were looking at about yeah 3/8 thats good on an angle just like that put this in your gun.

You have to puncture the seal on the inside first with most of these coffees this is a this is. A quad this is very good outdoors it has off gasses you dont want to use this in the home. Because itll smell really bad but outdoors the fresh air youre fine this bonds to the stone and to vinyl. And wood and metal no matter what youre sealing up on the outside of the house this stuff works for. You real good but what you dont want to do is you dont want to work it with your fingers.

It makes it a heck of a mess so when youre putting it on you want to apply it in. Such a way that youre pushing it out on in the front of the tube and then the backside of. Your edge that you cut is actually doing like a snowplow action something like this so youre forcing it into. The hole and that is thats it right there see that action that is me forcing the caulking into the. Hole you do not want to use your finger to rub that afterwards okay take your time nice and slow.

Dont get big dollops of it you do not want to try to wipe it to clean it up because. It wont wipe nice it starts to set almost instantly so it is cold outside now this particular caulking is. Rated for up to minus seven degrees and laurie canada so down in the states thats a thats a lot. Colder check your label theyll have a specifications right here blah blah physical properties application raised -7 up to 38. Degrees so if it gets too cold or too hot you cant use it but for the most part this.

Product is pretty much designed for year-round you never have to think twice this is not a silicone silicone you. Dont want to use outside in the cold weather and so basically the installation is complete can head back inside. Now clean up vacuum our mess always leave the area cleaner than you found it so now were finished our. Window installation i want to check look at that two finger action lovely its not sticking the last thing we. Want to do here is we have these channels that are designed for receiving the jam we were just going.

To cut or jam down and then put on some casing basic carpentry im sure you can all handle that. But lets get back to that little how to fix to repair a hole in the wall our foam is. No hard i take my knife press it against the drywall slice off the extra oh that little part there. Is easier well shoot up a little bit more foam so the idea is once youre nice and flush here. And built up of foam no taping no joint tape no fiberglass just cover it over with your mud give.

It a couple of coats and you can sand and paint that no time at all you.

Method 4 – Remodeling A Foreclosure! (Part 2) New Basement Windows

In todays episode were going to be changing this to the bits alright guys welcome back to another video now. Im gonna start posting these on friday and as cheesy as it might sound im going to start calling it. Flippin friday because thats what im doing with this house im gonna be flipping it and future houses from here. On out so ill try and make more videos but be on the lookout for these specific videos on friday.

Ill still be doing truck related and trailer related and other videos and reviews on sundays so as you guys. Can already tell by the title and the thumbnail were gonna be changing out the windows and the basement now. I was able to get the correct windows there they are now theyre not the exact fitment they are a. Little bit narrower and a little bit taller than the windows that are in there but the most important part. Which you always want to check with your local county not county but local building department most of them are.

Going to require that the window is i dont know if you can see the energy star rated with all. The numbers and values the u factor and everything theyre gonna want the sticker as much as you might think. What a waste or why do i need this for basement windows they do require at least a town that. Im working in they require this sticker for these windows even for a basement because they just do so i. Cant just throw in any old 40 30 dollar window in the basement i have to use these specific windows.

Now whats interesting about these windows open the they are metal frame metal frames that was with indy concrete in. Their very nasty so we got to bust the frame from the concrete from the sides in the bottom and. The top is actually free so that we would cut it with a sawzall and then bust everything in bust. It up bust out the bottom kind of bit of labor-intensive work but its got to be done these windows. Theyre they have air coming in from like up here and from the sides they dont seal well anymore so.

This way we got to change them out this way itll just look nicer especially since were finishing the basement. Or well be finishing the basement and i want to get the new windows in before i start framing this. Way i know what im framing up to all the way around so im not playing a guessing game later. But lets get into it and start ripping up this window and change it out dont know when my camera. Shut off but the battery ended up dying twice on me so i think you caught me screwing in the.

Frame to the 1 by 3s that i concrete screwed into well the concrete and possibly me putting expansion foam. Around the frame inside of now if it did great if it didnt oh well you can see that put. It in there now the last .

Conclusion – How Much To Replace Basement Windows

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