How Much To Replace Ipad Mini Screen – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much to replace ipad mini screen,

Method 1 – Ipad Mini 1 2 3 Screen Replacement, Fast And Easy, Low Cost Repair!

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Method 2 – Ipad Mini Glass & Screen Replacement (Digitizer And Lcd Removal And Installation)

This is a guide on replacing the front glass digitizer and the lcd on the apple ipad mini make sure. To turn off the device by holding the power button at the top and confirming the shutdown on screen the. Front glass which is also the touch sensitive digitizer is glued on and requires some heating prior to opening using. A heat gun or a hairdryer thoroughly warm up the edges of the front glass make sure to be consistent.

And go around the entire perimeter focusing heat on one point for too long may cause further damage to the. Glass or the lcd underneath once properly warmed up place a suction cup at the top left corner and gently. Pull away this will expose the left edge sufficiently enough to get in with a flat metal tool like a. Putty knife continue opening by sliding the putty knife across the top edge it is advised to use the heat. Gun to keep the glue soft as you move along the edge with the putty knife once some separation is.

Achieved insert a couple of plastic strips to keep the glass from sticking back in place a plastic pick is. Also useful to keep the glass open dont use a screwdriver in place of a plastic pick unless your glass. Is already broken once the top edge is separated insert your fingers at the top and gently leverage the glass. Open while constantly applying heat for easier separation do not separate the glass completely as it is still connected on. The bottom now its time to remove the lcd panel if your digitizer is already broken it is not necessary.

To hold it up in place remove for lcd screws one in each corner with a final screw being obstructed. By some foam insulation then using the potty knife gently lift the lcd up from the top but keep the. Bottom edge down there is a metal separator plate which is secured with 16 tiny screws eight on each side. They need to be removed in order to disconnect the lcd and the digitizer remove all eight identical tiny screws. On the left side then two more larger screws on the right side followed by six tiny screws then remove.

The metal prater underneath there will be another metal plate secured by three screws it needs to be removed in. Order to disconnect the lcd and the digitizer gently pick hope and theyll see connecter then the digitizers connector underneath. The screen is mounted with some sticky tape lay the lcd down and using a pick or a flat screwdriver. Gently pry away the tape from the bottom edge of the screen trim of the lcd there is a control. Circuit at to ties errs lead that is glued in use a pack or a flat screwdriver to separate it.

Set the glass digitizer aside at this point you can start reassembling the ipad with new parts align the new. Glass digitizer with the bottom edge guide its lead in position and reconnect it to the logic board take out. The new screen and reconnect it to the logic port align the screen with the bottom edge and gently set. It down to reapply the mounting tape reattach the metal plate and secure it with three screws replace the metal. Separator and secure the two larger screws first then the rest of the 14 tiny screws all around you put.

The lcd back in and secure it with four screws one in each corner remove the protective film from the. Digitizer and/or the new lcd panel clean up the dust and smudges once the surfaces are clean and dust free. Quickly close the digitizer making sure it is properly aligned apply some heat to reactivate the glue use a paper. Towel and massage the glass back in place at this point you can test the ipad by pressing the power. Button at the top if the apple logo appears and the device responds to your touch everything is working correctly.

Shut down by holding the power button and confirming the shutdown on screen and youre done tools needed for this. Repair are a heat gun or a hairdryer couple of plastic picks flat metal or plastic tool like a putty. Knife a small phillips screwdriver and a metal pick a suction cup is also recommended for keeping the aluminum edges. Staying free you.

Method 3 – Ipad Mini 2 Screen Replacement A1489 A1490 A1432 A1454

Alright guys so if everybodys having a good day today we got an ipad mini 2 this model is a. 1489 and this is the digitizer i got this will work on a 1489 1490 1432 and a 1450 for. Ipad mini 2 go ahead and power off the device look it over i looked it over and i could. Tell in the bottom right corner it had been dropped and whenever i put the screen back on its not.

Gonna fit just flush like it should so i made sure i let the owner of the ipad understand and. They were okay with it so now were gonna heat up the screen you can use a hairdryer or a. Heat gun i would highly recommend a heat gun theyre theyre very inexpensive you can get one for about $20. Or less on ebay or amazon now were going to take a pry tool this is my sessom otoole i. Love this thing youre gonna pull up on the glass and luckily this ipad had some big chunks in it.

When you get big chunks of ipad glass you can usually take this this is a lot less work up. Here in the top corner you can kind of tell theres little shards of glass that ones gonna take me. A little bit longer but keep heating and lifting up on this on the glass you dont want to lift. Into the ipad you could risk damaging the lcd which is about twice the price of the digitizer so trying. To save money for us and the customer and what im trying to do here is im trying to get.

This digitizer off so i can get to the lcd because i want to get the lcd off as well. Because thats thats the thats the most expensive part right now that im working on so youre going to pull. This away and in that bottom right corner youre going to see thats where the digitizer connects right now you. Can go ahead and cut it off because we dont need it anymore but i just said it not to. Just yet im gonna heat up on the bottom and keep prying away this glass trying to get all this.

Glass off all the adhesive everything off so when we put our new digitizer on it fits as flush as. Possible but i think here pretty soon im gonna grab my scissors dust brush comes in very very handy especially. A little shards of glass to get on top of that lcd could scratch it up went ahead and cut. The digitizer off with some scissors take my heat gun im gonna put too much heat and make sure when. You put the heat on youre not aiming towards your lcd were just working on getting the glass off keep.

Frying away you can also use tweezers im up here on the top part of the lcd now and in. That top left corner theres a bunch of little bitty shards so im trying to heat the adhesive and then. Grab the adhesive like tape and pull it up and when you do that the little bitty shards of glass. Stick to that adhesive tape and it makes this repair go a lot smoother there am just keep heating if. It gets too cold just add a little bit more heat you dont want it too hot but it doesnt.

Take much for that adhesive to get loose so go ahead and keep heating and just prying away ever so. Gently this video is sped up so if you need to pause it until youre caught up thats completely fine. Theres four screws in the top right corner this screw is covered by a piece of tape and in the. Bottom right corner that screw is covered by a piece of tape go ahead and uncover those screws so you. Can access them there will be four screws that you need to take out so we can take out the.

Lcd once you take out the four screws set on to the side this is where it can get tricky. You want to be very careful were going to try to pry up on the lcd at the top just. So we have enough little wiggle room to get something to fit in there this is a spudger its about. The same size and length as that whole lcd screen and when you put it all the way down in. There it really makes this lcd come out a whole lot better if you pry just a little bit on.

A corner and crack the lcd very easily so please be very careful with this part take your time now. When i lift this up im going to feel resistance at the bottom dont go too far you can crack. The lcd once again theres tape at the bottom right and the bottom left of the lcd were gonna go. Ahead and remove this tape when you remove this tape youll notice youll notice as soon as you lift this. Lcd like theres no resistance itll make it a lot easier for you to unscrew this heat show i just.

Laid the lcd against the wall im going to go ahead and start taking off the screws and once again. This is a a 1489 model and the a14 32 it has like 16 screws this one only had about. 8 so the models do vary on the screws on this heat shield but what youre going to do is. Youre going to put a little bit of pressure on one side kind of angle the heat shield and youre. Gonna lift on the other to get this heat shield out i always use a press the plastic pry tool.

Especially because the battery is still connected and you dont want any little pieces of metal touching that could short. It out or cause damage were going to take our screwdriver theres three screws covering on this plate were gonna. Remove this plate underneath this plate you got your battery which will do first grab some plastic pry tool once. Again then were gonna disconnect our lcd and last but not least our digitizer the digitizer is a little bit. Glued down so you have to wiggle it a little bit to get it free once you do that were.

Gonna clean it off again take your dust brush get it all real good and clean make sure theres no. Screws or loose pieces of glass now were gonna take our tape actually and youre going to tape the top. And the bottom i made the mistake on this ipad of taping the sides just got kind of carried away. But you dont want to tape the sides of the ipad until you put the lcd on so tape the. Top and the bottom dont tape the sides now that you got your tape on there remember top and bottom.

Not sides were gonna connect our digitizer and were gonna grab our lcd once again im always using that dust. Brush to clean off any excess dirt or glass or anything you always want to take care of that lcd. Go ahead and connect the lcd and were going to lay the lcd down and put the digitizer on top. Of it and were going to test this baby out and make sure that everythings working properly when you lay. The lcd down and the digitizer on top if the screen is not functioning the touch there more than likely.

Lift it back up and reconnect your digitizer connection now if the digitizer if the touch is working when youre. Testing it but the home button is not more than likely on the home button its just not lined up. Right so move your little home button around at the bottom and see the little metal connectors have to touch. More likely as long as the touch is working once you put that if he sit down your home button. Wont be fine so everythings working go ahead and power it off were gonna go ahead and open it back.

Up and then were gonna put our battery plate back on its again get your three screws and be careful. The sides of your ipad is magnetic so if any of your screws go missing check the sides of your. Ipad at the time thats where they go once you put that on youre gonna put your heat shield on. Remember screw your screws in on both sides and once again i put that tape on the side which shouldnt. Have done but i did it was getting in the way of the holes and its gonna cause me problems.

Right here as well laying this lcd down im at the wiggle it a little bit just to get it. To fit just right and as you notice when i push the lcd down the tape kind of goes in. On the sides so were gonna take our four screws make sure your screw holes are lined up youre gonna. Connect youre gonna screw in the four screw holes and then after you screw in the screw holes this this. Is when you want to tape the sides of your ipad i just got a little happy and decided i.

Was gonna try it and take the sides early and i shouldnt have so this is right where i was. Putting that tape thats where you want to put the tape in cause if not youre gonna run into this. Problem where the tape goes on the side and im over here using tweezers to pull it out and if. I accidentally miss i could scrape the lcd just took a lot longer than necessary so make sure once again. Now you put the tape and i like to use that black double-sided tape youll be able to see when.

I pull it off right here its black but i remove all the tape i used to use clear tape. And i couldnt tell half the time if it was all that he said new adhesive if i had pulled. It off or not but once you get all the adhesive off theres usually adhesive on the digitizer the new. Digitizer but its usually never enough thats why i always add my own adhesive so right now im taking off. The adhesive thats on the digitizer and its also got a little plastic covering that goes over the glass im.

Taking that off as well so make sure you pull that off while your ipads gonna be real blurry and. You wont figure it out i had a little finger print on there so i grabbed my little microfiber cloth. And cleaned it off of the lcd use my dutch brush again just to make sure there was no pieces. Of glass now were gonna line up the top camera thats going to be the main one youre gonna line. Up that top camera and make sure that its square once the square you start pushing it down and then.

Work your way towards the bottom once again in that top that bottom right corner i had mentioned at the. First video its not gonna sit flush because of the fact that it had been dropped on that corner so. Make sure right before you work on it you kind of do a little overview so you can pick up. On things like that you know when powered on were gonna test it out and make sure its working again. Like i said for some reason you turn it on right here and it doesnt work more likely those other.

Two things happen one the digitizer is not down right at the touch not working the home button is not. Working you need to adjust where the home button sitting but this one worked out everything was good so appreciate. You guys for watching if you have any tips or anything for me please let me know maybe something worked. For me didnt work for you but we got to help each other out so thanks for watching guys appreciate. It.

Method 4 – Ipad Mini Screen Replacement Cost | The Reality Of Apple Service

Hey guys so as you might be aware recently i broke my ipad screen it is fully functional but the. Front panel or the glass is broken i want you guys to just give it a guess and tell me. How much it would cost to fix this thing ill give you options so dont worry 5 to 10k 10. To 15k 15 to 20k or none of the above you may be surprised but the answer is none of.

The above because it costs a whopping 29 000 rupees funny thing is i bought this for about just 31k. So basically they are offering me about 2000 rupees as a value or worth for this thing right now if. I sell it outside i might easily get around 70 10 000 rupees so it all sounds ridiculous right so. Let me explain why it is like this basically apple does not have a repair program when a screen is. Broken so all they do is just replace it so if you are subscribed to apple care plus then it.

May cost a nominal 4 000 rupees or so if you dont then you are screwed i mean they quoted. Me 29 000 rupees in one of the authorized apple service center i mean this also depends on the model. And the purchase date and you can see here i have the ipad mini 5 which is over one year. Old if apple cannot offer such repair services they can at least outsource this to some third party repairers so. That a customer can confidently go ahead and get it repaired they generally dont seem to be that flexible with.

This idea either so the only way out is to find some local solution or a repairer so i did. Shop around and they quoted me anything around three to six thousand in different places but they said they need. To replace both the touch and display as it comes as a complete set but there are a lot of. Concerns like how is the quality durability and trust i believe this is also the same case with the iphones. I mean a lot of people buy iphones and it is not very uncommon to break the phone screen so.

I think apple needs to really go a long way in terms of improving hardware services and support and it. Seems apple is currently least bothered about it at least here in india so i hope this kind of improves. And uh make sure you dont break the screen or youre pretty much screwed anyway so i hope you found. This video informative if you did please like this video also subscribe thanks for watching ill see.

Method 5 – Official Ipad Mini Screen

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Conclusion – How Much To Replace Ipad Mini Screen

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