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Method 1 – Ipad 7Th Gen Screen Replacement! (10.2 Inch Ipad) Tutorial

Ive on the seventh gen ipad for quite some time now but my younger brothers used it most one of. Them ended up cracking it and i know a lot of you have experienced something similar so in todays video. Ill be showing you an alternative option to taking it to apple or a third party to get the screen. Replaced coming up so i bought the screen replacement on amazon for $65.99 there actually doesnt seem to be very.

Many sellers selling this and prices range pretty drastically on top of that there arent many reviews on any of. These so just make sure when youre looking for one ill leave the one that i got in the description. If its not available just do your research and try to find the best one you can so hopefully this. Video provides an in-depth and easy-to-follow process to make sure that works well and saves you a lot of money. I say its definitely worth the savings if you can do it yourself because apple charges 249 for their repair.

Im sure you can find it a little bit cheaper at third parties but with this screen only being $65. Youll save maybe 200 bucks in fact there have been times that apple has sold this ipad for cheaper than. The screen replacement cost lets go and get into the replacement alright so getting into it the first thing youre. Gonna want to do is power this device down as you can see this screen is pretty cracked so hopefully. At the end of this process itll be looking brand new and once the device is all the way powered.

Down the next step in the process would be to heat up the edges of the screen and thats gonna. Help us remove the screen that being said youre supposed to be doing that with a heat gun and i. Know that a lot of you are doing this on your own dont have a heat gun so what well. Do is try to use a blow dryer and then go from there and really quickly so the tools actually. Came with the screen replacement as well as a basically like a pair of tweezers so were gonna try to.

Be doing everything with just everything that came in the package so well move that away for now and start. Heating up this display that should be enough i can kind of feel i saw this screen maybe lifting a. Little bit so were gonna go ahead and get these tools right here well open them up okay and the. First thing im going to try to use is this suction suction cup right here also keep in mind the. Connection area is located right down this side so be cautious when youre dealing with with this area all right.

So it seems like the edge is still pretty secure some of you may not have a screen to where. I can lift up from here so im going to try not to utilize lifting it from there look like. It started separating a little bit no there it is all right and should be getting in here soon so. Basically just continue working your way around the screen till you have an area to where you could slide something. Underneath so lets continue okay were gonna go ahead and just slide this in there to hold our place now.

As you can see the problem with my screen is that its very cracked here along the edges so its. Going to be difficult to get this off cleanly kara now im going to go ahead and use a little. Bit more heat hopefully try to pry some word of that glue out okay so now we have pretty solid. Chunk being lifted all right lets go ahead and once again follow around the edges to try to loosen stuff. Up lift this up hmm making progress alright lets go ahead and continue down this line on the side all.

Right all right so basically after a lot of effort we finally got this screen off here we also need. To uncover some screws that are up there so we need to go and get the rest of that off. So im gonna flip this back over shake the glass off my fingers so here we are after repeatedly going. Back with the blow dryer to prying a little bit more we finally got it to where the top up. Here is clean the bottom is as well and then this screen lifts up entirely so the next step would.

Be to unscrew this lcd okay so what we want to do we want to hold the screen up because. Of the connection thats right there we dont want to over bend so were just going to put this box. Right here just to kind of give it a little bit of support and then from there what we need. To do we have four screws that we need to undo they are just phillips head the screwdriver came i. Mean the kit came with a couple different heads i believe this will be the one so lets go ahead.

And unscrew all four of these and make sure youre putting pressure down as you push you dont want to. Strip any of these screws so apply a lot of pressure in that in that first bit okay theres one. Number two is underneath here so what we need to expose it all right so theres number two were gonna. Organize these in the order that they come out so if in the bottom left corner im gonna put that. There the bottom right and put that there and then these two i want to put right there in there.

Just so we can remember when we put them back in because some of these screws might be different make. Sure to continue to apply pressure while unscrewing okay and then last ones right here i have a piece of. Tape underneath here to kind of keep this from moving but its kind of offsetting this ipad but pressure and. Twist so really quickly i made a mistake of pulling out this screw so the other the fourth one that. We need to do is underneath here and that also needs to be exposed okay lets go ahead and expose.

This fourth one all right so all four screws are undone now we should be able to slide something underneath. This lcd to pry it up right this side up go back over here a card or something longer and. Thinner would work a lot better here but all right there.this so now that kind of popped up we go. To left lift this up just straight that way im just gonna blow off some of the glass what you. Want to go ahead and do first is these connect the battery so to do that thats right here were.

Gonna unscrew this little screw right here okay pull that out just remember this for the battery after removing that. Screw we want to go ahead and stick something under here to disconnect the battery im gonna use something a. Little thinner this this library card to hopefully try to stick it under there yeah okay that should be enough. It should be disconnected but in order to find out well go ahead and pull this screen down and attempt. To turn on you just okay and as you can see it is not turning on so well put that.

Back up now we need to leave that in place the next step would be this cover right here that. Is philips head as well you have three screws there so go ahead and do all of those all right. Now we have this plate that comes off well go ahead and set that aside next to those screws all. Right so now that this is now that the metal cover is removed we can go ahead and disconnect the. Lcd just by pulling up on that and the lcd is disconnected we go ahead and set this aside now.

We can go and remove the home button connector so here we have this foam piece that would need to. Be removed okay and then now that that is removed we can just set that aside for now so as. You can see i remove this little sticker i guess for protection over the home button connector basically how this. Works is that from here this lifts up and then you should be able to slide this out and then. From there when you reassemble it you slide this back underneath and you should be able to shut it down.

So you want to firstly pry that up pull that out and then you should be good to go and. Then we can go ahead and remove these two that connect the digitizer you need to choose your fingernail or. Whatever you prefer and now that thats them should be all fully disassembled next step would be to disconnect the. Home bone from the screen and put it on to the new screen which i havent pulled out yet but. Lets go ahead and disconnect that from here so this just pulls up like this okay should be able to.

Kind of just follow it along alright put that underneath here and continue you want to make sure that youre. Not putting too much tension on on these wires but as you can see the glass was so messed up. That it kind of came with the assembly so thanks lets continue to remove what we can off of this. Now we have the home button completely disconnected i adjusted the lighting so hopefully we can kind of see things. A little bit better but now that this home button assembly is disconnected were going to need to place it.

Onto the new screen so were all done with this screen we can go ahead and get rid of it. And ill pull the new screen assembly on now now if your screen looked anything like mine youre probably gonna. Have shards of glass it would be ideal to get a handle vacuum and vacuum that up and youre probably. Also gonna have a fair bit of glass on the inside of the ipad case so i would go ahead. And kind of vacuum that up a little bit as well all right perfect so we have most of the.

Glass taken care of itll probably still be a couple bits and pieces here and there but thatll get cleaned. Up later so here we have the new digitizer of that so looks pretty nice and it has the two. Connectors that are needed well well go ahead and do is place this home button assembly onto this and the. Reason why i slid it under this is because i want to make sure that im not touching the back. Of this screen before final assembly so now its still protected so before we put everything back together youre gonna.

Want to clean out the edging of this metal case and the reason for that is because this comes pre. Glued and when you peel this blue thing off and you slide everything back together you want to make sure. That everythings gonna be flush and you dont want anything pushing up on the display so lets go ahead and. Clean the edges of this with a razor blade what i would probably do is warm it warm it back. Up with the hairdryer so lets do that also this is easier if you have some goo gone you can.

Go ahead and just get a paper towel fold it up a couple times make it to where you have. A nice edge just like so and then what i would do i would spray just a little bit onto. This edge and then go around wiping it on and then going back with the razor blade and clearing it. Off so that should make it easier make sure not to get goo gone in any other place other than. The outside area alright so after removing all the glue you would then go around with an alcohol wipe and.

Then make sure that its kind of clean all throughout so lets go and get this assembled also on a. Side note some of you may have damaged the casing which you can see i have here i would probably. Try to extend that out somehow or just lightly tap it with the back of this and try to make. It smooth again that way the screen should fit nicely so im gonna go and try to do that now. So all i did to fix that was take this hit it a few times with the back of the.

Knife and it kind of moved a bit and i think it should be good now also so a quick. Tip i get some roll tape put it on the bottom like that and that usually helps the ipad pretty. Much stay in place so lets go and get this connected i just removed the cover that was over here. Just so i can kind of see whats going on so basically like i said you lift this up now. That thats exposed youre able to just slide this it should just slide it right underneath now that thats in.

There we can go and shut this connect the other two now the digitizer is fully connected this phone part. This goes kind of right over there were going to leave it out here for now lets go ahead and. Set this set that up and connect the lcd the lcd is now connected now we can go ahead and. Reconnect the battery lets see what happens if we try to power down all right that is a good sign. All right lets check it off lets see all right and there you go you can actually see that the.

Digitizer is working lets go home lets go and put the brightness down so you can kind of see what. Im doing over here so here you can actually see that it is working and responding really well its actually. Really neat how this works super cool to see though now that we know everything is working lift the screen. Back up put everything back together and then continue from there get this back on another quick tip to magnetize. Your screwdriver theres some magnets over here rub them on there and you should be able to pick up the.

Small screws perfect so now that thats connected lets go ahead and get the battery screw back in so lets. Lay this back down and drop it into place all right so now its time to put these screws back. In now we need to clean off this lcd i would once again use an alcohol wipe for that so. Once you have the screen as clean as you can get it ideally try not to get as many fingerprints. On it as i did you can use some windex or alcohol to clean it best now that thats them.

We can go in and peel off all of these blue pieces to expose the glue and finally once all. Of those are peeled well go ahead and double-check the screen make sure theres nothing on it and well just. Peel this protector off of here once thats off lets go ahead and put this all back push and press. Into place lets go ahead and see if this thing actually works all right its powering on peel this off. Just put the brightness up there we go nice a little bit lower and it looks to be working just.

Fine and there you have it let me know in the comments if you were able to do it successfully. And if not let me know what issues youre having and ill try to help thanks for watching you enjoyed. The video make sure to drop a like down below and of course if you enjoy tech and like saving. Money make sure to subscribe ill see you in a bit.

Method 2 – How To Replace & Fix A Broken Ipad Screen

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – Ipad 6Th A1893 A1954 Screen Replacement – Step By Step

Hi welcome and i hope youre doing well this video ill be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how to. Replace an ipad sixth generation and this model here is a one 893 so these are a few tools that. I need to use in order to get a screen replace first thing first safety goggle is a mess you. Need a heat gun to heat up the cracked screen so that the he civ would be easy to be.

Removed you need to have double sided tape this is a he sieve double-sided tape prying tool tweezer a phillips. Screwdriver and of course you need to have a brand new screen for the replacement so this ipad 6 generation. As you can see this is the touch id home button you want to use the same original touch id. And transfer to the new screen if you get a screen that comes with a home button on it more. Likely your touch id would not work because he needs to have the original from apple ok so lets get.

Started first thing you need to do is make sure you have the safety goggles so at this moment here. Im hitting up the ipad screen im gonna pry too and go ahead and try to open up the screen. If you feel like youre having a hard time you can always come back and reheat the screen so were. Sticking quite some time here the way the ipad crack a just not good all right so now i have. The opening on the top i can easily walk my way around the bottom here but first i need to.

Clean off some of the mess so just be very careful they have all these tiny little glasses broken glasses. Make sure that you clean it off properly and it can be very dangerous when it gets into the eye. Ill get into you basically okay before i continue i just want to tell you that the ipad screen the. Home button is going through the bottom here okay so this is the new screen all right so the home. Button goes underneath the screen and the cable for the screen is going to be right on on this side.

On the right side of it so the screen is going to be open this way okay it opens to. Your right so because its a broken screen we are not going to care about the cable so you can. Cut it off after but you want to be very careful with the home button so the home button cable. Is gonna run along underneath on the right side here okay when it gets to this part here you want. To be very careful not to break the home button cable so theyre getting to the home button cable right.

Now so be very careful with it okay at this point can see that the home button cable is too. Intact and looks good and this is the screen tip while were talking about you can go ahead and cut. It up we dont need them because the new screen is going to be replaced with this one so the. Important thing is that we need to separate the home button cable here so some ipad is quite easy to. Fix but for this ipad screen is quite difficult the reason because the way it was crack it shatter into.

Thousands of pieces here so thats the reason why it takes such a long time for me to do it. But yeah just be patient slowly work your way around it and always if it feels like the hyssop is. Not softened enough you can always come back and refit it once you hear this then its easier to come. Out alright so as you can see i already have the home screen intact everything looks no good to me. And at this point im just going to remove the bigger piece okay ill come back clean up all this.

Smaller piece and broken pieces here okay lets move on to the next part sorry this is taking way too. Long just to remove the glass i was not anticipate to be this long but i guess the way the. Screen cracks it is time-consuming okay so the the next part the important part of it is i wanted to. Tell show you is the ipads lcd screen okay so there are four screws underneath the lcd one two three. And four you need to get them remove so theyre hidden underneath behind this black tape okay so heres the.

Thing you want to pay attention to and im not sure why apple does this but if you know the. Reason why please comment below now they have four screws that hold onto the lcd on top of that they. Also put in this dark black sticky stuff fix groovy stuff underneath the lcd and you cant open up the. Lcd unless you remove this black gooey stuff its like a glue the kind of glue it underneath where the. Screws was removed im not sure why they do it i mean if you have two screws on the lcd.

There should be secure enough the screen should not be moving but they put glue on it and you can. Remove the lcd unless you scrape off the glue so im using a tweezer here you just kind of scrape. The glue off you can see where the glue hidden right underneath okay so once you scrape off the glue. You can see that the lcd is lifting off now okay so you want to do this on all four. Sides one two three and four and decide the black goobie stuff okay looks like i get small all right.

That looks good so you lift the lcd screen up and add 3 more screws that is holding onto that. Lcd screen and get a plastic pry tool and there you go you have the lcd screen remove so you. Can come back it does the lcd or just wipe it clean okay this is the home button im just. Trying to push it back in nicely hey okay so there goes remember the two cable that we cut off. Earlier you can go ahead and remove them right this is the reason why i cut it off because when.

You put a new screen on youre gonna you know youre gonna need this one okay so this is pretty. Much good to go you want to come back here and work your way make sure every corner of the. Ipad screen is all clean so when you put the double adhesive tape on you wouldnt have all these broken. Pieces get stuck in between so always double-check come back and check around make sure if all the broken glass. Pieces remove heres the aiken duster so im just gonna go ahead and spray it spray on the lcd screen.

All right so at this point the next step im gonna do is be installing the new screen so the. New screen first thing one to do is to remove this plastic so theres a plastic here once you have. That remove go ahead and and with this one all right so we have that going so this is just. A tape im taping underneath the glass because all along this side here this are actually a sensor right so. When you touch it is sense where your fingers are touching so im using a tape here to cover up.

The sensor because some of the new screen previously they install the sensor is exposed so what happened is that. Without you touching the screen the exposed sensor would touch the screen on its own so its driving people nuts. So right here what im doing right now is to covering up the screen sensor okay thats what im doing. Right now all right so the new screen will be going back on here okay and the home button will. Be going back to the new screen so at this point you want to make sure that the home button.

Feels good on the other side so im feeling the home button make sure that the line is good okay. So this is right about perfect and and you can see when i press the home button i can feel. It click okay so what you want to do here now is to get the nice and adhesive gel to. Tape on to this home button bracket here okay so you do not want them to move around just a. Tiny a little bit okay once you have that on come back here and make sure the bracket is still.

In the right position yeah it looks good so every time i press it the home button feels good it. Clicks it doesnt move so now just let me adhesive to dry up so put some pressure not too much. Just hold it until it dries and it dries pretty quickly maybe about 30 seconds to a minute and it. Should just be all good and good to go well we are waiting for that so ill come back here. And remove the plastic okay so let me go ahead and put the screen back on and at three screws.

Okay lets try to turn it on and make sure it works all right and at this point here what. I wanted to do is to put the four screws back on and then this is the double-sided adhesive tape. You want to go ahead and tape all around the corner and once you have that tape and you can. Just close the lcd back on okay so im not gonna do that part its pretty straightforward and i believe. You can do it on your own i just trying to cut down the video short hope that this video.

Can help you with that so thanks for watching and i hope you have a good one take care.

Method 4 – Ipad 8Th 10.2 Inch Touch Repair – How To Replace Screen Glass

Hey guys welcome to a new video happy 2021 to all of you all right lets dig in in the. New video that we have for today its an ipad eighth generation im gonna show you the model number is. Uh a as an apple two two seven zero thats the model number for this uh new ipad 8 generation. The screen is all broken so were gonna just go ahead and fix this screen were gonna use our heating.

Mat or also you can use a um heat gun also a hair dryer if you dont have any of. This equipment available turn this on im gonna set it up to a hundred degrees this is just to help. Me out to lose the adhesive that is all around the digitizer of this ipad all right were gonna wait. For the temperature to reach uh at least a hundred and i mean youre gonna feel it the ipad is. Gonna start to get a little warm then im gonna use my razor blade to help me out to scrape.

Uh the all the little pieces of glass because this one is in a really bad shape and so its. Gonna be a little longer so lets just wait a few uh maybe a minute this ipad is already warm. Enough i advise you to use gloves small pieces of glass get into your skin really easy so lets work. This up im going to turn this off because this is already warm and i dont wanna overheat it the. Home bottom is right here im gonna start from the top and then im gonna proceed to the uh left.

Side and im gonna leave the right side at last on the right side on this area we have the. Cable so be careful right there and im going to start on this uh on the top corner so as. You guys can see this one its going to be really bad it might take me uh it might be. A little difficult when its uh this this uh on this shape but uh its no problem were gonna still. Get this job done is what were gonna do be careful dont dont go uh farther away than the black.

Aligner for the lcd because uh you can pierce the lcd and then uh this repair is not gonna be. Complete as i said were gonna do the left side first just like so here by the home button also. If its this bad i advise you to first put your razor blade or any other plastic tool that you. Have available and remove the tape when is this bad because you dont want to pull the home button the. Cable is really fragile and you can easily rip it if you do so youre gonna lose your fingerprint if.

You replace that one youre not gonna have a fingerprint uh option anymore all right lets try to lift this. Very slowly and you can also pay attention and put it sideways like this and start to lift it and. See the cable for the home button as you guys can see the cable is right there it runs from. The home button to the bottom of the ipad so be careful dont rip that cable and were gonna open. It just like a book thats what i was telling you we start from here because we have all the.

Cables on the right side that way you dont rip anything that is important for us and at this point. We can start to unscrew the lcd which youre gonna use a a phillip screw driver like this we have. Four screws on each corner of the lcd just were gonna remove those and were gonna keep going with this. Repair all right just like that avoid touching the lcd with your with your hands because its gonna leave a. Mark and its really tough to uh erase those marks so we can brush this up later this lcd is.

Glued with um silicon on the corners to the frame so we gotta be really careful the way i do. It and i never have problems is i use the same screwdriver and go to the corner right there right. There not grabbing the lcd just to the corner where the plastic sits this way were not gonna damage or. Break our lcd which is really expensive all me is not even available at the moment we dig in in. Between there our screwdriver which is you see its pretty fine pointy end and were gonna lift the plastic part.

Of the lcd just like that and from the bottom youre gonna you dont have to worry if this is. Warm make sure its warm we just lift it and we got to be really careful when you lift this. Lcd same thing we have to manage to turn this around push it a little bit up so we can. Just like basically bend the cable and have it like straight up and they give us a space to remove. The three screws holding this little plate there we go three screws remove the little plate and now we can.

Unplug the lcd all right there we go we have our lcd for the ipad 8th generation out make sure. To unplug the uh fingerprint which is right here if you have a tweezer you can use the tweezers has. The little tape open the lid and now you can pull the cable just like that all right and for. The digitizer its very easy just uh its a lego style connection just unplugged it this also has a little. Rubber holder right here which we can just pull up an.

Conclusion – How Much To Replace Ipad Screen

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