How Much To Replace Iphone 6S Battery – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Iphone 6S Battery Replacement In 3 Minutes (Easy Method)

All right today im going to try to replace the battery in the iphone 6s there are two ways to. Replace the battery theres an easy way and theres a hard way i will be showing you both ways the. Actual battery replacement will be starting at the minute 15 mark i will link tools and replacement batteries down in. The video description so check those out if you need them to get out the battery you do have to.

Open up the phone so go ahead and take your pin elopes screwdriver remove the bottom two screws from the. Phone and then you can lift up on the screen with a suction cup and slide a tool between the. Metal frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone and pry up very gently there is adhesive. Surrounding the screen and the frame so im going to go ahead and slide my plastic pry tool between the. Two and separate them and that makes it easier to lift off the screen from the frame pretty straightforward once.

The phone is open you can see the four screws holding down this metal plate i remove those four screws. Lift off the metal plate and then disconnect each of these little ribbon cables you definitely dont want to let. The screen bend past 90 degrees or will damage the cables once the screen is removed you can see the. Battery down here in the little connection for it so unscrew those two screws and remove the metal plate so. Heres the wrong way to remove the battery theres these two little pull tabs down here at the bottom you.

Can see that im unsticking it from the battery right now theyre kind of hard to grab because they shrink. Up as soon as you remove them and heres where i went wrong i took the pull tab once i. Got a hang of it and pulled it through the side of the phone and that makes the pull tab. Break which makes it a much harder repair if you actually grab the pull tab and pull straight out the. Bottom of the phone dont try to wrap it around the battery like im doing right now just pull straight.

Out the bottom and you can see it pull entirely away from the battery so easy and now thats one. Whole half of the battery that i dont have to unstick from the back but since i messed up the. First time around with the first pull tab i have to do the pry of shame to pull the battery. Out from the back of the housing the sticky tape is pretty strong stuff the best way to do is. Just pull the little tab out from the bottom of the battery and yank it right out to put the.

Battery back into place you can buy new pull tabs or you can just take double-sided tape and stick it. Down underneath the battery so it doesnt jiggle around inside of the housing take the battery plug it back into. Place take the two screws screw them into the metal plate over the connection then you can take the screen. And plug in the connectors you have one for the front-facing camera you have the lcd and you have the. Digitizer once theyre all plugged into place theyre like little legos you can just kind of plug them in before.

Putting the metal plate down i am going to test to see if the screen is working if you have. Lines or a white screen theres a good chance that one of your connections isnt quite right so disconnect it. And replug in the ribbon cable and then to line up the screen i usually take it and push it. Into the top of the housing first and then i can slide my hands down the sides of the screen. To lock it into place get the two screws in at the bottom and you are good to go if.

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Method 2 – Iphone 6S Battery Repair And Replacement Video – Repairsuniverse

Iphone 6s battery repair warning you are performing this repair at your own risk we claim no responsibility for any. Damages that might occur to perform this diy repair you will need a small phillips screwdriver iphone 5-point pentalobe screwdriver. Ice s amo opening tool suction cup fine tip curved tweezers iphone 6s battery adhesive strips power down your iphone. 6s remove the two bottom three point four millimeter pentalobe screws located next to the lightning connector place a suction.

Cup near the home button and pull the display assembly away from the rear case use the isesamo opening tool. To slice through the adhesive and help carefully separate the display assembly from the rear case take your time and. Apply firm constant force the display assembly is a much tighter fit than most devices and is held down with. Adhesive do not open the display assembly more than 90 degrees as it is still connected at the top by. Three ribbon cables that may break if stretch remove the following 4 phillips screws securing the metal bracket to the.

Motherboard now use the fine tip curved tweezers to remove the metal bracket and disconnect the lcd digitizer and front. Camera and proximity sensor cables remove the following 2 phillips screws securing the metal battery connector bracket to the motherboard. Now use the fine tip curved tweezers to remove the metal battery connector bracket and then disconnect the battery connector. From the motherboard use the fine tip curved tweezers to peel up the edges of the two adhesive strips at. The bottom of the battery grab the end of the first adhesive strip and try to keep the strip flat.

And wide slowly and gently pull each strip up and away from the iphone the strips will stretch too many. Times the length of the battery keep pulling until they come out from between the battery and the rear case. Now remove the battery from the rear case of the iphone 6s to reassemble your device follow the steps in. Reverse order you make sure to take a look at our other diy smartphone and tablet repair tutorials dont forget. To subscribe to our youtube channel like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Method 3 – Replacing The Battery In An Iphone 6S

Welcome in this video im going to go over the procedure of changing out a battery on an iphone 6s. And this is the battery im using and ill put a link in the description of the battery on amazon. If you thought like it helps me out a little bit and doesnt cost you anything extra so this is. My first time changing the battery in this phone so hopefully ill have a perspective of someone who hasnt done.

This a hundred times so hopefully i dont skip any steps although i may speed up parts of the video. Just for brevitys sake so this is the battery i got and it has a little note here it says. Before starting please discharge the battery to below 20% so ive done that im matt well its at 11% it. Was at 19 this thing is going fast so this little card looks like it has links to other batteries. They sell and heres like a giveaway thing its adhesive these are the adhesive strips to hold the battery in.

Place okay we have the battery this is a 25 80 milliamp hour battery for a 6s this is not. For the 6 6 plus or 6s plus then we have some bits down here a little sim removal tool. Suction cup and a little its like a guitar pick looking thing and we have screwdriver handle tweezers and a. Metal spudger so i also have this tool kit if this one is not adequate i can pull tools from. This this is an app some kit i did a video on this a while back so if youre not.

Comfortable digging into electronics and you dont know how to be safe this is probably not the best project lithium. Batteries can be pretty dangerous like if you were to bend it or puncture it it could start a fire. I do have a fire extinguisher nearby in my shop and also you need to make sure you recycle your. Old batteries so take it to like an interstate batteries or i think home depot may take them im not. Sure these days i usually take mine to interstate batteries so the first thing you need to do is shut.

Down the phone so just hold down the power button slide it to power off okay the next thing we. Need to do is remove these screws okay those are both loose now you dont want to lose those okay. So i got this apart but then found out it wasnt recording which i dont know what happened but this. Was the part im sure everyone wanted to see so i have the suction cup on here i used this. Bigger mount one yeah you can find these its like a tripod suction cup mount on a previous video i.

Used a suction cup for like a bathroom soap tray you can find suction cups all over the place so. Ill clamp that down and i pulled up on that and a little gap formed here see if i can. Do this again okay so theres the little gap i stuck in my plastic tool like that and i pulled. It around the corner like so okay i did that on both sides scoops yeah ill take off the suction. Cup and now im going to open this up to 90 degrees and you want to prop it up against.

Something i recommend sliced carrots you could use green beans but carrots are probably better so pull that up then. If you have a rubber band you can use it i just am using this masking tape and im lightly. Taping it there we go and there was like a thin rubber adhesive around this so i pulled that off. Next you want to remove these two screws and they are different so keep track of which one goes where. So here are the two screws the longer one goes on the battery side next ill use the included tweezers.

To pull this plate out its indented here on the upper right hand corner so next i want to pry. Up on this connector right here okay there we go next we have four phillips screws up here the one. In the upper right is different sized from the others there we go first one so i have the screws. Off camera here and i kept them in the same orientation i took them out ill remove this plate next. There we go next we need to pry up three connectors here so ill start with this one okay thats.

Up then that was covering the second one i need to remove okay and the third one is over here. On the right there we go now we can remove the screen from the rest of the assembly and i. Can remove more of this adhesive there we go theres a couple other little bits of adhesive around here that. Ill clean off here in just a minute so next i need to pull up these adhesive strips here theres. Two of them so im using my tweezers but im careful not to poke them into the battery that could.

Start a fire now grab this with my finger if i can using my fingernail okay i almost have it. Okay so you want to pull this straight out slowly you dont want to pull it up or down ill. Pull it slowly i see a tiny little spot of adhesive there hopefully thats not enough to hold it down. Too far and this is what i took off i need to do the same thing with the other side. Okay and its all off this is what i had left on the other side it wasnt too bad this.

Is very light now so next ill unwrap the battery here we go it says the old one was six. Point five five watt hours and this one is nine point three six watt hours looks slightly thicker maybe its. Hard to say i want to make sure you dont bend either one of these batteries by the way so. We have the adhesive strips you want to pull off this blue part be careful this is very sticking if. You screw up you have to buy some new adhesive ill take that off the connector is pointing up the.

Adhesive strips are pointing to the left i want to line this up in the middle right on that edge. Between the white and the black like so okay now pull this blue part off and ill bend it up. And over like so so now we have those little black tabs like we pulled out when we removed it. Okay next i want to pull this off you want to pull it this way and slowly so ill kind. Of fold it back on itself like so there we go and this is a one-shot deal so ill stick.

This in make sure my connector is going to line up ill drop it in place there we go i. Dont want to connect that quite yet rub it down looks good so now im going to remove these little. Bits of adhesive i left on here and this is the adhesive well replace ok i think i got it. All off i used the little ball of the adhesive to help me pull up the other little bits thats. Kind of a pain ok so this is the orientation the plastic goes on there you can see theres a.

Little divot right there that lines up there same thing down below it matches up so ill peel this off. Theres two layers like so and ive read instructions that say you dont even need to use this adhesive but. It probably helps a little bit with waterproofness i mean its not a waterproof phone but ill use my spudger. To make sure its pressed down okay now ill peel the outer layer off its gonna be careful with this. Because you dont want to pull that adhesive off like right here whew that was close okay so now connect.

The connectors back up you want to make sure these are lined up and you just press them in place. Okay i have those three connected ill put the metal plate back on okay we can now reconnect the battery. Ill do that here ill press down on the connector ill put the cover back on okay so now im. Going to carefully turn this on before i seal it shut okay it looks like we have power okay so. It says we have battery health has maximum capacity i will shut this down now and finish it off if.

There was ever a time not to jerk this it would be when youre running it and you could certainly. Just close this up and test it i prefer to do it this way okay its off theres little tabs. Here you can barely see them im going to stick those under here on the top of the phone and. Ill press ill squeeze it together like this and then ill work my way from the top to the bottom. Pressing it into place now i can replace the two screws on the bottom okay so the next thing you.

Want to do is charge your phone to a hundred percent and leave it there for a couple hours and. Then you want to use it until it shuts down due to a low battery and then charge it up. To 100% again and that should calibrate your battery so this was a little bit tricky it was tricky getting. This apart i think it helped putting the suction cup in the middle i was kind of trying to pry. It over on this side but get it right in the middle i like to use in the bigger suction.

Cup that i had pulling that adhesive out patience is rewarded there you want to do it slowly so it. Doesnt tear if it tears you would have to use tweezers to pull it out and if you lose that. Little nub you might have to use like a credit card or something or a piece of thin plastic to. Go under the phone and try and pull that out so you want to try and avoid that if all. Possible so ill put a picture up on the screen now of coconut battery its a battery monitoring tool with.

The old battery and the new one so you can see the difference there okay so thats all for this. Video if you have any questions please leave them in the comments if you like this video please click like. If you havent subscribed to my channel and appreciate if you do that and thanks for watching until next time. Goodbye.

Method 4 – Iphone 6 Battery Replacement In 4 Minutes

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Tutorial: Detailed Step By Step Battery Replacement Guide For Iphone 6S (Plus)

Hello guys hows it going so in this video i will show you how to replace the battery in an. Iphone 6s plus so if you want to know when to replace the battery or if your battery needs replacing. You can refer to my last video which i have linked in the description below or you can click on. The card on the top right but in this video will walk you through the step-by-step instruction from opening your.

Phone all the way to closing and back up on how to replace your iphone 6s plus battery so when. You need a new battery the new battery adhesive a new screen gasket and then for the tools a pentalobe. Screwdriver for the iphone a triple zero phillips screwdriver a pair of tweezers suction cup and some tools to separate. The display from the body and also youll be handy to have a higher dryer because to the glue around. The screen and also for the battery there will be softer and easier to work with if we have heat.

All right without further ado lets get started so first step were gonna remove the two pentalobe screws from the. Bottom of the iphone 6s plus the next step were gonna try to separate the display from the body and. For that we need to apply a little bit of heat to the phone to soften up the glue in. The gasket the temperature youre aiming for is just barely code enough for your hand to touch the phone yeah. So you dont have to worry about heating it up too much it wont damage the phone anyway lets get.

Started so now with the phone just barely cool enough for you to keep your hand on it were going. To separate the display from the body this step we have to do very slowly due to the google around. The gasket so the easiest way to do it is to place a suction cup on the bottom left corner. Of the phone and then try to lift it up as you see therell be a smaller gap around just. Around the headphone jack this is the thinnest part of the display and the easiest part for us to get.

A tool in there to start separating all right once we have a little bit of separation we want to. Go around the right were sorry at the left edge of the phone to loosen up the glue over here. After that well go back to the lightning jack and then go towards the right once we have the bottom-right. Corner loosened up we will remove this suction cup and put it back on around there right over a corner. And now well apply a little bit of pressure and then move along the right edge of the phone if.

You do feel resistance when youre sliding the spry tool all the way up the phone it might be because. The phone has cooled down so what you want to do that is to use the hairdryer again to get. Up the phone all right so now we have the right edge the bottom edge as well as the left. Edge all this stuff we will then slowly rise to display from the phone like so keep your mind on. This foam all of the cables are on the top right corner so just do not try to pull down.

Away from the phone or you will damage all the cables now that we have to display open from the. Phone well first disconnect the battery to do that we need to remove these two screws right here as well. As this metal bracket using the triple zero phillips screwdriver keep in mind that these two screws are different lengths. Now you want to put them back in the hole that they came from so just keep that in mind. And now we remove this metal bracket and this is the battery connector right here so youll want to pry.

That away perpendicularly from the circuit board so just do that straight up like so and now the battery is. Connected next well remove the display assembly from the case this is because this gasket that runs around the perimeter. Of the phone we need that replaced and in order for us to put the new gasket on the phone. Well have to disconnect the display to do that there are five screws holding down this bracket so this is. What were gonna be removing now again these screws have different lengths so please keep in mind where they came.

From and put them back is that clear to that position there is one skewer the one on the top. Right is much longer than all the other screws see if you get that one wrong you run the risk. Of damaging the circuit board underneath the screw thread and that will cause a lot of trouble oops alright so. Just remove this bracket now so for this display assembly there are actually three ribbon cables who will remove them. One by one again prying them straight up from the circuit board first one the one just below it and.

Then this one on the right so now with all three ribbon cables disconnected we can safely remove the display. From the housing now with the display removes from the phone were actually going to remove the battery so the. Battery is held onto the phone through three pieces of pole away glue taps and to remove those first of. All we need to heat it up again to softe them to do that were gonna flip the phone over. And then use the hairdryer again to apply heat to the battery area so focus your heat on this area.

Lets get started again the temperature were aiming for is barely cool enough for you to touch the phone okay. So now we have it up to temperature where we remove the three pole tabs so on the bottom edge. Of the foot battery you can see three little tabs these are the tabs that we need to pull away. From the phone so first of all well remove the tab from the battery once youre able to get hold. Of the tab with your fingernail do this very slowly as we do not want to break the tab if.

You do if you do break the tab it will make removing of battery super hard okay so now we. Have where ive gotten hold of the tab well just pull it away really slowly and you will be able. To feel that the tab is sliding away all right thats one tab removed we have two left all right. So i might have actually broken that tab but lets do the middle one first okay then so because the. Tabs are broke well need to use another method to give this battery out of the phone all right so.

Because the batter the tab in the middle and also the tab on the right broke off before all of. It came out well need to physically pry the battery away from the case this will turn into an ugly. Step what you need for this is just a piece of card to wench underneath the battery and the battery. Will deform but try to do it as much as minimum as possible because bending it too much might actually. Cause a fire so just keep that in mind so first thing again is to heat up the case we.

Are priming the battery away from the case always do it from the bottom left side because you dont want. To shove anything or apply any pressure to the circuit board on the left and also on the sorry on. The right panel so on the top left there are the volume buttons and the mute or rocker so try. To stay away from those as well so what im gonna do is to get in between the battery and. The case and then lift up youll see that the battery will start to deform a little bit but i.

Tried to bend the card as much as i can and then to go into the battery as much as. I can so with the battery lift it up a little bit we can see that where the tab broke. Off right there and then what we want to do is try to grab the broken tab so we can. Start pulling that again you really want to wonder why this didnt do it in the first time all right. That should be all of it its just a tiny bit of residual not a big problem and then the.

Batteries should mostly be lifting up now we do have a little bit of remaining time on the very top. Right but i shouldnt be too big of an issue okay we can see where the tab is and well. Try to grab that again all right so now the battery is removed from the case all right so with. The battery removed from the case the next step we want to do is prep the phone for installation so. Remember that gasket around the display we want to remove this gasket at any residual glue to the best our.

Ability and this will make installation of the new gasket as well as sealing the phone back up much better. And well try to preserve the original state of the iphone lets get started well start from the display so. On the display there is a little bit of glue as we can see around the top corner and as. Well as the bottom corner so well just want to remove any tape and residual glue like so if you. Have isopropyl alcohol the 99.9% type you can also use that and a cotton swab to wash away any of.

The residue glue all right so the screen looks pretty good now well move our attention onto the case all. Right so now with the gasket tape and the glue removed as much as possible we will now test the. New battery before putting everything back together properly so to do that first we want to connect the display back. To the pcb make sure the connectors are snapped in all the way or there might be problems with a. Display or touch so with those all connected next we want to put the battery in its compartment and then.

Connect the battery connector no will power up the phone to have a quick look all right so we can. See this battery right now has 40% charge left and touch and screen are all working and so now well. Start beginning assembling this phone back together so to do that first we want to shut off the phone again. Wait for that process to finish and then well disconnect the battery as well as the display so the first. Thing we want to do is to put this battery back into its case with the new adhesive strips so.

First were going to apply the adhesive strips onto the battery so youll see that one side has a pink. Tape the other side has a slightly faint blue tape and then on the side with the blue tape they. Are actually separate into two pieces one on just the top part and one for the remaining part the first. Step is to remove the little piece of blue tape from the top part with this removed we can now. Glue the very top of the pole tabs on to the bottom of the battery this will help aligning where.

The tabs go and then everything else will fall into place so if you keep in mind of where the. Original tabs were on the old battery its basically covering right over this ridge so what you want to do. Is align this tabs right on the ridges and then press down so now with the three tabs attached onto. The battery on this side we will want to remove the blue the rest of the blue tape to uncover. The rest of the glue and then now what you want to do is hold on to the very tip.

Of the pink tape flip everything over stretch just a little bit and then press the tabs onto the back. Side of the battery press them down so that everything is glued on there tightly all right so now with. The battery tabs attached onto the new battery the next step is to remove the pink tape and then lower. Everything into the housing and then now we can push it down all right so now the battery is fully. Installed onto the phone next well attach the sealings display gasket onto the phone to do that again there are.

Two sides on this one side with a big tab and another site with just a small slight tab and. Also keep in mind of the orientation of this gasket this cutout right here is left for the camera module. As its just a little bit higher and then we want to clear that so now first thing remove the. Big side of the gasket tape next up you want to align the bottom edge of the tech casket into. The display housing next run your finger along the edge of the gasket to activate the glue all right so.

Now with that ill attach well use the small tab to pull away this other side of the gasket okay. So that took me just a little bit to figure out how to get the vacuum to come off but. Now everything is good to go so what you want to do now is slowly remove the side of the. Blue adhesive tab away to review the glue side for the display all right weve got it all right so. With this gasket now on the phone we want to reconnect the display and for this is best to have.

Conclusion – How Much To Replace Iphone 6S Battery

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