How Much To Replace Iphone 7 Plus Screen – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Iphone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Done In 6 Minutes

Its time to replace the screen on an iphone 7 plus this is actually my personal phone the only phone. I have ever broken on accident everythings still worse great its just a screen that shattered to bits i went. To hug a friend and her purse knocked it out of my hand and it was merry christmas to the. Ground the broken lcd perfectly blocks out the battery life indicator at the time of day and the name of.

The person i am texting so its definitely time to fix this thing its pretty much the exact same process. As the regular iphone 7 there are two pentalobe screws down at the bottom of the phone right next to. Where the headphone jack used to be if you need a screwdriver or replacement screen i will link those for. You in the video description right below this video now heat is not 100% mandatory for this repair but it. Does help soften the thin band of adhesive that surrounds the screen on all sides this is a type of.

Waterproofing adhesive so after completing this repair your phone will not be water-resistant anymore but if your screen is cracked. Its already not water-resistant so youre not losing too much im taking one of my thin metal pry tools and. Going between the metal frame of the phone and the plastic edge of the screen and cutting through the adhesive. This makes lifting off the screen a lot easier dont slide in very deep though because there are fragile ribbon. Cables along that right side of the screen that are very important the bottom of the screen will lift up.

First and then youll have to pull the top of the screen down and out of the phone frame then. The whole thing flips open like a book for this next part we need a new bit it is called. A y triple zero tri point screwdriver and ill include a link for that as well in the video description. There are seven of these tri point screws holding down two silver plates it is excruciating ly important that you. Keep your screws organized put them on a separate piece of paper next to you and draw a picture or.

Label where each screw comes from some of them are different sizes ill use a plastic pry tool to unsnap. The battery connection so that there is no power to the rest of the device and then ill start unclipping. The little ribbon cables these are just like little mega bloks once the display and fingerprint scanner ribbons are disconnected. You can unsnap the top earpiece ribbon and that will release the screen from the body of the phone here. Is what the replacement screens look like remember all have these link down in the video description it is super.

Important to be gentle the ribbon cables if they get bent or kinked too far in any direction your new. Screen will not work after the installation is complete we do have to transfer over some of the components to. The new screen like the earpiece and the home button ill start with the earpiece there are five screws up. Here at the top that need to be removed these ones are regular phillips head screws now that the screws. Are out i will remove the top metal bracket and slip out the little earpiece speaker then comes the tricky.

Part this little ribbon cable might look complicated but its actually not it is fragile though and while it is. Very inexpensive to replace it is better just to keep the original intact and not rip anything so be very. Gentle with it its about as strong as paper is each little segment like the front camera the proximity sensors. And the little golden circular contact points have some adhesive holding them to the back of the screen ill show. You how to origami it back into place in a second but first lets get this home button transferred there.

Are four screws that we have down here these are the same y triple-zero screws that we were working with. Before and once these are out we can remove the metal bracket this exposes the guts of the fingerprint scanner. Touchpad there is one more super tiny ribbon connector remember that this ribbon is also very fragile so be careful. With it since this original home button does need to be transferred over to your new screen once the ribbon. Cable is lifted up the button will just fall out from the front side of the phone there is only.

One more thing we have to remove from the old screen and that is the large metal backplate this also. Has the white triple-zero screws on it three on one side two on the other side and one more little. Screw down at the bottom there is some adhesive holding the plate to the ribbon cables you can lift that. Up and then slide the whole plate up and away from the back of the old shattered screen take that. Same plate and feed the ribbons from your new working display through the little hole being gentle with the ribbons.

Make sure they are straight and not kinked before you screw to plate down and get all the metal frame. Screws into place three on the right one at the bottom and two on the left side and then the. Home button gets put back into place from the front side of the screen there is a little plastic guiding. Pin on the backside of the screen that will help the little ribbon fall in the exact place that it. Needs to go then it can be snapped into the other little connector right next to it when you are.

Screwing the screw for the back of the home button make sure to snug but dont go too tight it. Is a pretty fragile little piece of tech and a super aggressive screw might cause damage now lets get the. Front camera earpiece into place remember these little plastic pins i was talking about these are gonna be your friend. Up here as well get the ribbon down by lining those up and getting a little box sensor into place. Itll be like giving a cat a bath but eventually everything should line up the speaker gets tucked under the.

Front camera making sure that gold springs line up on the gold contact circles and after the camera is tucked. Into the clear plastic circle the metal plate holds it all together and finally we can attach the screen to. The foam body again ill start with the two ribbons in the center and then clip the top ribbon down. Right afterward youll fill each of them snap into place just like a little lego has a much better ring. To it the last thing you want to plug in is the battery connector before putting on the protective metal.

Plates i usually test my screen to make sure everything works if the screen is grey or has lines running. Through it it might just be a bad connection so turn the phone off and reconnect the little ribbons again. And if that doesnt work one of the ribbons might have gotten been during the installation or it could just. Be a bad screen get the seven screws back in over the middle plates and then make sure the top. Of the screen is lined up with the foam body first before clamping down the rest of the screen also.

Dont put any stress on the right side ribbon cables remember theyre as fragile as paper and very very important. To the functionality of your phone so dont let them rip thumbs up for success i have a working phone. Again im normally an android guy but ive been using an iphone for the past few months ill have my. Review video posted with my verdict very very soon let me know if you have any questions i try to. Be pretty active down in the comments and if i dont respond someone else sure will you can usually get.

An answer pretty quick here on my channel my twitter followers heard the story of my broken phone the night. It happened so if you want to stay up to date on random stuff like that head on over to. My twitter and if youve made it this far in the video comment your favorite flavor of ice cream im. Always curious as to who makes it to the end of my videos i personally prefer oreo ice cream the. More oreos the better thanks done for watching ill see you around.

Method 2 – How To Replace A Shattered Iphone 7 Plus Screen

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Method 3 – Iphone 7 Plus Screen Lcd Replacement Step By Step

Hello everyone i bring you here today are an iphone 7 plus im going to do a quick tutorial and. How to change their they look what it is the lcd which is we have it ready here you have. Already but no as you can see in the camera no home button so were going to go through that. To show you how to do it ok were gonna start by of course turning on the phone im going.

To turn on the phone off camera so i dont want any information linked from the phone yeah you guys. Know okay its turning off just going to wait a couple of minutes i mean thats why i always say. Minutes its a couple of seconds it doesnt even take 30 seconds couple seconds sorry okay alright lets go guy. Lets put our hands on it were gonna start by removing these two screws on the bottom with our tiny. Tiny screwdriver okay lets just do them im going to give a struggle just make sure you you applied good.

Pressure and be very firm since the beginning because a lot of people they just dont put the screwdriver right. And then they jammed the screw and there the trouble comes okay we remove those two screws and and man. I always use it for anything i dont know why its just me i dont know you guys you can. Use something else you can use these i im in love with this okay anyway that being said were gonna. Just go in between the frame and and the screen if i can tell you that you think its like.

Were cutting and just push it out very easy just push it out you dont need to apply heat a. Lot of people said you can need to heat it up now this adhesive is like strong but its a. Very thin line so it doesnt give you so much hard way to remove it i see and maybe you. Guys dont have nail but if you dont have nail just put like a business car whatever like in there. Just to grab it i like to grow my nails if so i do this maybe you guys dont do.

These do something else but and then with the same tool just keep like prying off the lcd like that. You see just like this and it comes off real easy i can even cut its not cable right here. Okay same thing were going to do in the other side same same thing just with the same tool youre. Going to just going to side prying off the lcd its just hold by the some adhesive but most likely. Mostly for those clips right there youre going to find like three points where they have these clips but they.

Clip in time so thats nice and steady okay were going to go ahead and dont lift dont make this. The wrong choice to make the mistake by lifting this like all iphone because that connection of these phone cost. Comes on the side so im going to show you that soon okay so what we have to do i. Use a stronger tool like this one and i have to push the screen like down i push the screen. Down and were gonna we can even here click when when the when the clip goes out which is clip.

Right there one here and here and here when you have it like this just open it to the side. Im sorry im going to flip the phone i hope you guys dont dont feel like were you see voila. We have successfully open the phone what im going to do is like we have a different like like three. Three iron even know how this screws this cause i did call but this it has like three three sides. Three sides just like the macbook you see if you flip a macbook youre going to see the screw the.

Kind of screws they use it has like three points okay we got it we got it as always we. Got everything okay and the lcd is hold down with this plate so like us as we see in the. Previous iphones but like kind of on the middle not on the top top so were going to go ahead. And first of all remove this its a four screws thats just two of them we keep going keep going. When every stop we keep going okay yeah so when we remove those and this come that this just come.

Up yeah you just hold down by this curse okay right here we see our lcd and digitizer connection right. Here and were going to just pry this off and this is the whole bottom the second one is the. Whole bottom right here if you mess this up i mean you might not use the lcd but and just. To be safe were going to unplug the battery thats the back day im sorry that was not the battery. So but this is about this is the battery connection thats it right there you just leave it unplugged so.

Them away we dont do any any damage on the phone like shortcuts and anything okay were going to go. Ahead and remove which is on the top right here the camera and the ear speaker which is hold by. Three screws okay there we go three screws only well we just lift the metal plate and same thing were. Gonna flip the connection come on come on dont give me a hard time oh emily is mine now i. Think my nails is is very fit to this job come on come on there you go see and then.

We just pull the lcd here we have we have the lcd they call whole face from the iphone 7. Plus as you guys can see the battery has a capacity of 2900 milli amperes which is all which is. Like less than the galaxies for some reason but anyways were not going to talk about that were talking about. To a fruit flaking skin on iphone 7 plus anyway as we can see that the hum bottom is hauled. By four screws right here on the bottom one two three four just make sure you dont jam the screws.

As always cause youre gonna get in trouble okay were gonna just remove these four screws down we all get. There boom and gonna lift this metal plate and i hold down the connection okay here just make sure with. What i do always maybe thats not good for you guys but if you have better idea let me know. I just hold down the cable this is the head this this small connection this comes from the lcd and. The one on the top is from the flex cable of the home of the home bottom so we have.

To push down and lift the connection for the home but the flex cable as you can see just make. Sure dont break any of those just for your own site or the size of the phone its gonna be. Good if you break it now the fonda okay um and then we come back with i dont even have. To write the name and lift that flex cable very gentle dont break anything dont do it if youre planning. To do dont know okay and to remove the the home button look what youre going to do just push.

It down thats it look lets make sure it falls where you can find it sometimes i i just the. Stuff goes flying and then i cannot find it youll make sure you can find it there you go you. See does a magical hum button and thing as paint rheda okay there we go we have that out of. The way and were going to go ahead and we have six star screws right the regular screws one two. Three four five six i just get this one has five one two three four five all right lets go.

Ahead and take these five screws out which is nothing crazy were going to get these done as quick as. Possible so you can learn to be quick now take one hour to save one iphone apart be quick not. Just get just take your time dont break anything all right im going to get the metal plate well i. Did everything automatically what do you dont use plastic plate anyway oh that the ears speaker the famous ears speaker. Okay there we go what i do to remove these arms i dont know what i would like to use.

Heat but anyways thats me i just pierce underneath this sensor and the sensor just cant come right off the. Other thing i do this work also these works awesome if you know how to use of course i go. Ahead and just get underneath the flex cable and peel it off very very gentle peel it off and everything. Just come right off easily without using heat its awesome there we go look there we go the whole piece. Thats a front camera and put that to the side all right now were left this has like a backplate.

To protect the back plate of the screen our honors that make sense anyway this has a backplate this is. Our removable plate and it has to go with the other screen so im going to go ahead and take. This out one two wheres the other screw i think it was flying somewhere i seen that before i fell. Off and a funky thing has never been opened anyway we have one two three four and the missing one. Five okay and of course this one is holding on the bottom im going to go ahead and remove that.

And boom bada bing bada to anybody anybody would be happy oh my god lets uh screws to remove ill. Come on a man got to be a good worker got do a good job alright lets remove that and. The one at the bottom is a regular screw put that to the side nothing so if we want if. We dont want to rip this beautiful cable lets just peel that this kind of tape then it holds it. On play and you just come very easy without that easy oh my god oh its kind of hard anyway.

Its builder off put it to the side and as we can seen now we can lift the famous back. Plate ok there we have the naked screen mvm bars there we go the screen the screen okay thats the. Design we have our new magnificent a screen right here there we go away we have something missing right there. Lets go back and we have the mesh the metal mesh so with nothing gets true sometimes does but anyway. Thats the point were going to remove that so we can use it on the other screen four days we.

Gonna use a little bit of heat dont go too crazy dont burn yourself okay this is not a game. Of thrones so down find yourself fire on dragon fire okay you know okay were going to remove that mesh. You came right here were going to clean it of course were not going to pull like that were clean. People if we dont do dirty yet we dont get dirty job anyways were going to start to by putting. This plate so i can hold those k in those cables now they dont go playing around there we go.

Just get it through there there we go see that will help me not this is not you can i. Move in too much i wanna get them damaged before i even finished there you go were going to put. Back the screws there we go very slow you guys can go along with me very slow maybe you guys. Dont have time towards the whole thing but anyways there we go and we have the one on the bottom. Just so we dont forget later there we go okay we got clean this little mesh cuz were gonna put.

It on right there okay we have a piece of glass trying to make our life difficult there we go. Bye-bye and im gonna use my personal toothbrush like this kid my personal toothbrush doesnt look like that harley does. Though anyway there we go were going to do a very fine specific job worthy of king i dont want. To talk about something king maybe out on just to light up says wed gain from but anyway im going. To put it back right there see looking beautiful looking beautiful and were going to go ahead and put our.

Flex cable back okay were going to go ahead and put the camera back on place its a very easy. Stuff right here just make sure goes exactly the same way you came out and thats it guys thats how. Its supposed to be okay then were going to put the ear speaker back in place just make sure it. Goes down with the connection then put it back first lay the camera on top of that and secure with. A metal plate like that we have our five screws right here hmm one two three we have two more.

Left there we go and thats it now were going to proceed with the home button which is were going. To go and push it on the front to the back okay thats it the flex cables wait laid on. Top of the screen and to secure the connection right here just make sure it clicks right away nice and. Tight and were going to secure that with the metal plate also okay remember it it goes down with the. Four screws thats it and we have complete disassembly so all we have to do now is connect it to.

Them to the model board which i start always with a tap cable so that way you dont twist it. Or break anything make sure flat like that see how it goes and then of course with the home button. Collection and the lcd and of course we have to play to secure these cables lets put those this one. Has the hopi remember has four screws id have three do you want to go and the camera goes with. Another plate little plate which it has three screws right here okay guys we have finished so to close it.

Down were going to do the same as we how we open it but opposite way so we cannot just. Lay these down push the lcd a little bit down and just make sure it clicks on the top and. Then we keep the flame pressure towards the home button right there okay and so we can see you just. Click beautifully were going to put it two screws on the bottom thats where we started and voila guys we. Have successfully finished the iphone 7 plus lcd replace we just going to turn around here we have the phone.

On and as you can see we have this little tester right here there are cystic touch if we can. See the whole lcd is working perfect and after running so thank you guys for watching and see you in. The next video.

Method 4 – Start To Finish – Iphone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

All right welcome and i hope youre doing well this video here ill be doing a screen replacement on an. Iphone 7 plus and as you can see that the phone has a correct screen in the front here okay. So there are few tools that you may need to have to perform the repair so you need to have. A phillips screwdriver this is a y-shaped screwdriver plastic prying a metal prying tool a tweezer if its needed and.

Of course you do need to have safety first so if you have safety for your eye protector glasses go. Ahead and put it on all right so and lastly you need to have a pentalobe screw which opens up. The two screws at the bottom here all right so lets get started the first thing i like to do. Is to turn off the phone so you get a screwdriver the two screws at the bottom here go ahead. And remove it it looks like theres a missing screw on this part on my process here but for your.

Case you should have two screws at the bottom so once you remove the two screws go ahead get a. A metal prime two and what you want to do is you want to stick it in wreck about this. Much and you want to go all along the corner here what what im doing right now is to cut. The adhesive tape that is still glue onto the phone and this tip here is to uh is for the. Water resistant purpose so now once you open up the phone um you will not have water resistant anymore so.

I want you to keep that in mind by cutting the the screen here the glue tape here is to. Open up the to do the repair but you will not have the water resistant after all right as you. Can see once you open up the phone will flip to your right side of the screen okay im just. Turning it around a little bit here and you want to get a wine screwdriver and this here is to. Remove the bracket and get a plastic prying tool this here is for the battery go ahead and disconnect the.

Battery and the two flex cable and this for your lcd screen all right so the next step is in. The top part here same process go ahead and open up with the y screwdriver this here is to hold. On to your camera and your speaker so go ahead and remove that and the three screws that is holding. On it got a plastic prying tool and go ahead and stick it underneath and remove the front camera all. Right so at this point you have this on the side by side ill go ahead and get a wide.

Screwdriver and remove the screws on this side what im trying to do here is to remove the back plate. This metal back plate here okay so the next step im removing the home button bracket the four screws that. Is holding on it so go ahead and remove them remove this bracket and heres a home button so you. Want to make sure you be careful in this process to disconnect this cable you do not want to break. The home button if you break the original home button you are not getting the touch id okay so youre.

Going to be gentle what im trying to do is im trying to stick it in because this home button. Here it has the double-sided tape the tape one to it so you want to go underneath gently lift it. Up and the home button will fall right out coming from the front okay so lets put that on the. Side and the next thing were going to work on is the front camera so it runs on a regular. Phillips screw lets go ahead and remove them all right so at this point here you want to be gentle.

Tuck underneath the flex cable or the sensor all right so just going to flip it and what i would. Like to do is i like to remove this the air speaker filter or the cover together with it because. I feel like it is more easier but if you dont want to thats fine but what im trying to. Do is im trying to remove the entire piece just like that okay im trying to remove entire piece just. Like that so now i come back and i can just remove this after okay so i feel like its.

A lot easier to do so thats how you get the entire front camera removed okay once you have that. Done the next thing is to remove the back back plate and heres the back plate okay so this is. The broken glass so lets put it on the side i have a new glass here so we want to. Transfer all the back plate the front camera and all that to this new glass okay so at this point. You want to remove the plastic okay i like to use this plastic to cover up the sensor it looks.

Like this sensor is exposed some of the new screen that you buy comes with like a plastic that covered. This sensor here but some of the vendor are not doing it so not a big deal you can just. Reuse this little tape and just tape it front and back just to cover up the sensor sorry im not. Sure if you can see it but thats what i did here okay and then go ahead and remove this. Plastic all right so the next step ill be doing is to put the back plate so make sure you.

Have the two flex cable go underneath in between and close it all right so thats how youre going to. Do it and the next step im going to do is to oops make sure that this home button this. One here is not tucked underneath okay so make sure its exposed like this so that we can put the. Home button on okay lets redo it again flex cable go in between the back plate come back here and. Close it put the screws back on all right so once i have that done ill go ahead and get.

This home button you want to stick it from the front all right so there you have it make sure. You have it aligned okay and what im going to do is you want to tuck this on top of. The home button okay so flip this one on the top bring it back down okay and go ahead and. Close it so they are just like a lego its like a snap on so once you have in the. Right fitting you press on it it would just feels like a lego that you would just close it okay.

So i have it in place so next thing ill be doing is to put it put the bracket back. On and lock it in again there are four screws that holds the home button and they run on the. Y screws so get your white screwdriver and go ahead and put them back on it and lock it screw. It in okay so the next step ill be doing is installing the front camera so go ahead and stick. It in make sure you have this thing aligned properly theres this two little like a dimple okay make sure.

You align them in in place close it in and then here on the front you might want to make. Some .

Conclusion – How Much To Replace Iphone 7 Plus Screen

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