How Much To Ship Priority Mail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how much to ship priority mail, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods much to ship priority mail,

Method 1 – How To Ship Usps Priority Mail

Hey guys today im going to teach you how to ship things using uspss priority mail so how long does. Priority mail take to be shipped it takes one to three days to be shipped wherever you want it to. Go and theres also this cool feature online called the priority delivery map and im going to link it down. Below and maybe show you something right here and you enter your zip code and itll show you a map.

Of the us or i guess close to places in the us im not sure how far the map expands. To be put in your zip code and then the map colors from 1 to 3 days and well show. You how long itll take to get to that location so whats so special about priority mail first up tracking. Is included so when you get the receipt back youll have a whole number on there you enter it in. On usps is tracking box and you can track the package wherever it goes see if it got delivered next.

Thing it includes is insurance has up to $50 of insurance just in case your package gets lost next thing. It has is that it could deliver on a saturday thats great adds one more date of the week and. Also has free package pick up at your home or office and im not a hundred percent sure on this. Because ive never done that before so youre going to have to look that up and theres also a flat. Rate and regional prices and this is what makes priority one of the chosen things to ship because of the.

Flat rate prices and what flat rate means is that you could ship anything under a certain weight limit in. This box or in this envelope and you just get one price so cool you can send whatever under that. Weight under one price guaranteed or theres restrictions i guess that apply thats always in parentheses um so now for. The prices if you want to calculate your price online theres a price calculator and you could choose the different. Box you have you put in the weight that is and you put where youre shipping from and where youre.

Shipping to and ill calculate the price if you dont want to go through all that you could just go. And look at there lists which theres different sections and ill link that all in the description below one thing. I forgot to mention about pricing is online youll see commercial based pricing and the retail or online pricing and. So what is commercial based pricing its the discounted price when someone buys the stamps or postage yeah postage online. So you know those ebay and amazon sellers you could buy the postage on other sites like stamps comm and.

You could print up that shipping label because its all prepaid thats what commercial based pricing is and its usually. Cheaper next up we have the products themselves and were going to start with envelopes first up we have the. Priority flat rate envelope and here you could fit documents letters manuscripts and the measurements are 9.5 by 12.5 yeah. Next up we have the flat rate padded envelope and in this sucker the same dimensions yeah 9.5 by 12.5. But you can fit in there if a box jewelry okay thats it or you could put books of any.

Kind that fit and wont get ruined because the padded well now i probably ruined it by putting on the. Floor and you could put clothes all right yeah fits right there so those were envelopes okay now we have. Boxes and im not going to say the dimensions for all this because theres a place online and i will. Link that in the description too but this is the small flat rate box and in here you could fit. A lot of small things they say online brochures and small electronic devices and i will show you exactly what.

Can fit in there and i dont have this all together because i dont gonna tape it yet but um. You could put your camera in there plenty of room and you put stay harmonica still plenty of room and. A hockey puck thats even smaller still fits i probably fit all three of those and i dont know if. The way i had the weight cylinder so that you have to fit it im gonna fit it there we. Go i could fit all three and still have room awesome box next box we have is the medium flat.

Rate box number two and why number two well because it opens up at size number one opens up at. The top i guess ive just never seen that one but what kind of fit in this one online it. Says brochures and shoes so lets see about the shoes then i got my sandals one says oh – sandal. So yes it fits use with plenty of room um lets take those out next um i mean like this. Fits a lot o mean i can fit a whole cd thing with plenty of room and even fit cheese.

Paddles ah add an angle there we go and still has plenty of room so you can put packaging stuff. All in there so this can fit a lot in there a lot of books if you want and for. The last box i have this is the large flat rate box which is more i guess why so the. Large flat rate box can fit a lot of things i didnt bother to look up what it fits because. You could fit anything even your ps4 look at that fits snug in there and i dont recommend doing that.

Because you know your ps forbes very gentle huh yeah be very gentle um but if you do put a. Lot of packaging stuff in that to keep it protected yeah that is the last of the boxes for a. Quick lesson on dimensions of the box when youre reading it online on their chart of dimensions what you look. At is theyll have on the box and i will find it here where is it out here this so. On the box you have two things i dont know if you can see it with all a bright light.

But when you do look at the box that says id and od and so id which is usually labeled. First means the inside dimensions od be outside dimensions so just to make that clear that is what youll see. On their chart and if you thought one two three days was a great delivery service youve seen nothing yet. There fastest domestic service is the priority mail express and it starts at 20 295 at a flat rate of. Anything under 70 pounds obviously not in this envelope but in they have boxes and they ship overnight which is.

Awesome but 2295 keep that in mind not only is this priority mail beast fast it also has tracking included. It has proof of delivery signature record if only youve requested at purchase so remember to request that and it. Has 100 dollars in insurance if this sucker gets lost now thats a lot of money and so what does. This do again they ship overnight by 10:30 a.m. On sundays and holidays so if youre sending a last-minute gift.

Priority mail express is the way to go so youre all ready to go you have something you want to. Ship what do you need you got your priority box that you picked up at the post office and lets. Say were shipping in this hockey paw you know put it in the box and what i like to do. So that this doesnt move around and transit is put packing stuff im not sure what the real term is. And theres a few that you could use like these air cushions on both sides so that helps theres also.

What everyone knows packaging peanuts and i dont really have much and this wont really do much but you get. The picture and then everyone uses bubble wrap and i actually dont have bubble wrap on me right now and. The last thing you could use is this paper a lot comes with all right now your package is ready. Lets say everything is in there um theres ways to seal it usually the boxes come this nice thing take. It off you seal it but i never find that to be enough so i always like my package is.

Secure so what could you use to make sure that stays well you could use clear tape you always use. Clear tape you cant use any other kind of tape and i usually get the scotch heavy-duty tape and i. Put it along each edge any exposed area i put it because i want to prevent any kind of rain. Or wet getting into my box so i usually tape the whole box up thats how crazy i am uh. Next thing you need is a sharpie marker and thats to write the names so you put who youre sending.

It to their address a name here and your address in your name here and after everythings done we taped. It up you wrote everyones name you go to the post office and you hand them the box and they. Its easy one two three and youre done whoa see ya priority mail is the way to go if youre. Sending holiday gifts or packages to customers or even fun stuff to your friends like gifts and whatever they get. There on time they get there fast its at a great price because its that flat rate price for whatever.

Weight and usps has been pretty reliable in my experience ups a fedex man dhl i cant really say much. About because i dont know much about it but usps has not let me down this whole time and i. Dont think ive really lost anything that usps if you guys have im sorry that happened but you usps has. Been on the up with their service so if youre going to send something i totally recommend usps priority mail. Or usps in general.

Method 2 – How To Ship With Usps! Priority Mail And First Class Mail | Nyla Symone

Hey guys im nelly simone today i will be telling you guys how to ship with paypal and how shipping. Goes so this is probably going to be a two-part video because i dont want to have it all in. One first im going to start by telling you guys how shipping with united states personal service goes um because. Thats who i should win now if this comes with ups fedex all of those i definitely dont know how.

To ship with those i definitely do know that when it comes to those companies those are more expensive than. Um united states postal service fedex is good when you have like packages boxes to ship i know fedex is. Good for that but anything else like that i dont really know i only know about usps and thats what. Im going to be telling you today so im going to be telling you everything about shipping with united states. Postal service and im going to be telling you guys how i show united states personal service and then in.

The second part of the video im going to be telling you guys how i ship with paypal how i. Use my rolo printer and how united states postal service comes in with paypal and everything like that i definitely. Did um get a lot of questions about this and i definitely understand that people do not understand how to. Function when it comes to shipping a lot of people always change their shipping prices from low to high because. Nobody knows the exact prices they should put their shipping so im going to let you guys know i definitely.

Did a lot of research it took me about a year and some months in my business until i officially. Understood what shipping with united states postal service was but before i get into this video make sure you guys. Follow me on all my social medias theyre going to be on the screen and linked in the description down. Below make sure you guys go shop now someone beauty bar we definitely do have some new stuff coming up. That im going to be releasing if theyre not already released and theyre coming soon but if they are released.

Its going to be in the description down below and make sure you guys go click the link so you. Guys can be ready and be notified when we are starting to drop a lot of stuff a lot of. Stuff will be dropping on my birthday but also a lot of stuff will be dropping in july probably end. Of july so make sure you guys arent ready for that make sure you guys subscribe to my youtube channel. And make sure you guys like this video just so i can know that you guys enjoyed this video and.

That you enjoy my content we are 200 subscribers away from 1k so make sure you guys subscribe hopefully by. The time youre watching this video were only 100 away so yes make sure you guys definitely subscribe so you. Can join the crew but um yeah so lets just get into the video lets give you tea lets give. You the end out so the first thing that i want to tell you guys is the first thing that. It comes to united states postal service choose united states postal service if you have a small business currently if.

Your business is not doing 12k orders a day united states postal service is your go-to going to be your. Best friend when it comes to shipping now a lot of people you know you do what you want you. Do what you feel pleased to your business but i feel like united states postal service is on our side. When it comes to people regular people just shipping out stuff you know what im saying because its always on. Our site its the most affordable one like i said a lot of fedex or ups they are more expensive.

Um and with united states postal service you can ship something with as cheap as a dollar so you know. Im saying i say stick to united states postal service first class first class is basically for economy mail basically. Thats not so much a priority first class is going to get to you in three to five business days. Three to five business days is when first class is going to get to your customer or get to you. However you want to take it whoevers watching this anyway just so you understand first class is not going to.

Be its not going to be shipped into the whatever days no its always three to five days definite um. Now if youre shipping it to somebody that lives in your state like basically lets say live up the street. From you it definitely does get there fast but just three to five days is the go-to way that you. Need to tell your customers anybody your package can only weigh under 16 ounces 16 ounces is basically a pound. But your package can only weigh under 16 ounces and it is okay to be shipped in first class anything.

Thats a pound anything thats over 16 ounces may not be shipped in first class none of that can be. Shipped in first class it has to be shipped and another one that were going to need to anything that. Is 16 ounces one ounce two ounce three ounce four ounce and the rest on up to 16 can be. Shipped in first class now when it comes to your shipping cost for your business you must you must if. Your shipping cost if youre shipping your items in first class and youre charging eight dollars for shipping then youre.

Ripping your customers off lets say i have a lip gloss it cost eight dollars to ship this lip gloss. Thats not going to make my customers really want to buy that lip gloss because the price just went up. This is a five dollar lip gloss and now its already ten dollars basically because i added eight dollars shipping. You know what im saying i mean its already like 16 because i added um eight dollars shipping so i. Definitely say when it comes to your shipping cost and this is what makes customers want to ship want to.

Ship what you want to buy stuff with you is when your shipping cost is low i definitely recommend that. You keep your shipping costs under five dollars because when shipping with first class youre never gonna pay for shipping. Over five dollars with first class youre never going to pay for that everything is going to be under five. Dollars so you can make your shipping costs five dollars max but everything is going to be five dollars you. Can do it so i wouldnt recommend doing it under three dollars but just keep it worth three dollars or.

Five dollars because shipping work first class is never going to cost over five dollars now if it does cost. Over five dollars then lets just say do 5.99 but usually it never costs over five dollars it never touches. Six dollars its always five dollars and some change it can go anywhere in the united states it will not. Be international shipping international shipping for first class is a whole different ball game so well get into that later. But anywhere in the united states you can ship with united states postal service first class for under five dollars.

And i recommend you only charging your customers five dollars you can ship with boxes or bubble mailers for first. Class i only ship with bubble mailers i only ship with bubble mailers for first class personally thats me but. You can also ship with boxes it doesnt matter you can put the first class postage on anything that you. Would like as long as its under 16 ounces point blank period so thats how you do it thats how. Its done when it comes to priority mail everybody loves priority mail shipping everybody goes to priority mail shipping first.

Not knowing that that is more expensive thats taking more money out of your account and your um customers account. And its just not okay so i understand ive recently seen that a lot of people who ship their lip. Glosses they ship with priority mail now priority mail is going to cost you seven plus its gonna cost you. Seven plus dollars so priority mail can range from seven dollars all the way to twenty dollars depending on the. Size of the box and depending on the way so lets get into priority mail shipping now this one is.

Going to be pretty long priority mode shipping it can get to you in two to three days corona virus. Time two to four days but it can get to you in two to four two to three days it. Gets to you fast in a hurry because its priority um priority shipping only does items up to 70 pounds. You can ship this one lip gloss and priority mail but does it make sense to do that no all. Right so you can ship up to 70 pounds worth of stuff and priority mail alrighty so the second thing.

Is when it comes to priority mail shipping there are different boxes different sizes of bubble mailers the smallest thing. That you can ship with priority mail its going to be a letter envelope so thats the first smallest thing. And then the second thing that you can ship with priority mail is going to be these they offer these. With bubble mailer padded and then they also offer these in just paper its just going to be a paper. Basically the same size as this but a paper and below so they offer these as well so this is.

Called the small priority mail whatever this has a certain price to it so all priority mail boxes that say. Flat rate envelope or thats a flat rate on them they have one certain price so its going to be. That price every single time has one specific price to it which is probably like seven dollars or anything like. That so they all have one specific price to it so this is basically the small one so then we. Have the medium box so this is basically priority mail as you guys can see medium box and it also.

Says and it also says flat rate medium box so when anything that has priority mail says flat rate thats. Mean its just one cost one cost every single time so this one is thirteen dollars its either thirteen twenty. Every single time i ship with this no matter how much can fit in this priority priority male thing i. Can shift it i dont have to weigh it i dont have to do anything as long as it can. Fit in here and its not over 70 pounds which obviously nothing can fit over 70 pounds as long as.

It can fit in here and its not over 70 pounds were good you dont have to wait or nothing. Its automatically when its put into this box its automatically going to be that 13 cost and youre good i. Use this box for my business often so when my customers buy um more two more than one versatile bucket. I can fit three versatile buckets in this box so as you see a customer bought two versatile buckets so. I fit two in here so then we have the large we have the large flat rate box this one.

Is huge well its not that huge but its big this one also has a flat rate cost because its. A flat rate box so this one is 18 something dollars just to ship and its only you can ship. It anything in here as long as anything fits in here you can ship it as long as its not. Over 70 pounds its just going to be 18 of flat rate price usually if anything can fit in here. You can ship it period point blank you do not have to have priority shipping packages just to ship priority.

You can put priority shipping label on anything as long as its under 70 pounds like i said you can. Put it on your own customized bubble mailers you can put it on your anything like that as long as. Its under 70 pounds when you show a priority mail it automatically comes insured and automatically comes with a tracking. Number as well priority mail is the best way to go when you have heavier items and its also a. Good way to go when you have clothing items or wigs or anything like that because its insured and all.

Of the all like that is just more secure better than first class but personally for me if youre just. Shipping a lip gloss or youre shipping like five lip gloss smacks do not put it in priority mail um. Thats just your preference but priority mail does cost a lot and that does kind of delay your customer from. Wanting to buy to you if theyre just getting five lip glosses and have to pay eight dollars for shipping. Priority mail does have certain boxes but not every single box is flat rate so you also want to make.

Sure that you just check the box just to make sure that its flat rate because also some boxes only. Do buy zones and so zones has different prices and everything like that so you just want to make sure. That youre looking out for that when it comes to you picking up priority mail boxes another thing about priority. Mail is all these shipping supplies all these boxes this bubble mailer i just showed you guys you can get. That all for free from united states postal service they do not charge you at all you can literally walk.

Into any united states postal service that you want and get up to 300 pair of anything thats priority mail. At that post office you can get up to 300 of anything of the shipping of anything thats priority mail. For free um at any united states postal office you can get them you can order them online um as. Long as you have an account and get them shipped to you you can get a lot of stuff from. United states postal service shipped to you a shipping leverage you can get shipped to you free theres a lot.

Of stuff that you can get shipped to you free anytime anywhere any place so yeah thats basically the breakdown. Of priority mail and first class that is how you ship with united states postal service these are the two. Things that they offer now they do offer partisan mail or whatever its called i dont get into that thats. Not really based thats not really for business owners i dont recommend doing that so i dont know anything about. That so im not going to tell you anything about that i recommend first class for the more simpler items.

The more items that are not um too heavy more items that are on the lighter side thats basically what. It is its basically good for you and your customer i definitely say if youre shipping buckets or you know. Stuff thats over a pound definitely use priority mail shipping you can use these so you dont even have to. Factor in you know the cost of your bubble mailers into your shipping price you can use these and you. Can charge exactly the flat rate shipping cost and youre good but some people like to add a little glam.

So i like to add a little ground too so yeah now were going to get into the miscellaneous stuff. And everything like that never ship inside of united states postal service never take all your packages and go ship. Them inside the step inside the store always do it online online is the best way to go its more. Affordable its cheaper its all of the above okay period yeah so thats basically everything i got to tell you. Guys for the first part of the video make sure you guys go click the link down below or click.

The i up up above and make sure you guys go watch the second part to see how i should. With paypal and how i use my rolo printer and basically how united states postal service converts into paypal you. Know all that blah blah blah um if you want to get some more into details about that i hope. This video did help you guys i hope it was quick and very informational um because i know that a. Lot of people want to know about this stuff and i just really want to help yall out if it.

Did help you guys make sure you guys tell me down below in the comments if you guys have anything. Else that i missed or anything that i probably said wrong then make sure you guys just help um everyone. Out in the comments and just tell everybody i hope this got did help you if it did help you. Let me know in the comments down below because i know that a lot of people ask me about shipping. So i just trying to share and just trying to have everybody on the same track honey everybody on the.

Same track make sure you guys subscribe make sure you guys like this video and also make sure you guys. Follow me on all my social medias its going to be on the screen and linked in the description down. Below if you guys have not already make sure you guys go click the link down below to go shop. Now someone beauty bar like i said all the new release dates are going to be in the description down. Below if not already in my youtube video that i posted so yeah i will see you guys later in.

The part two see you guys there.

Method 3 – Shipping Hacks Every Person Should Know 📦 How To Save Money On Shipping Packages

Hello friends and welcome back if youre new here hello my name is callie bransford and i dont know about. You guys but i often find myself very confused when it comes to shipping packages like one day i can. Send something itll cost seven dollars and the next day i send something that i feel like is essentially the. Same and itll cost me 15 i feel like the rules for shipping packages is just extremely confusing and very.

Muddy it can make it almost impossible to know what the best option is for you if youre just like. A regular person shipping a package and not somebody who sends packages on the regular so i decided to spend. A little bit of time researching the different shipping rules and regulations what i have found out is that basically. Trying to figure out shipping rules is kind of like solving a conspiracy theory but i think the most interesting. Thing i learned in doing this research is how much prices can vary just based on the type of shipping.

That you choose so your choice of how to ship something can actually make a huge difference to how much. Youre spending like in some cases were talking 10 to 15 dollars to ship the same item just based on. How you chose to ship it so in this video i want to walk you through some of the basics. That you need to know for shipping as well as at the end im going to be sharing some additional. Hacks that are going to save you time insanity and even more money when it comes to shipping and considering.

This is the holiday season hence the tree thats behind me at the end of this video im going to. Throw in a couple shipping hacks specifically for shipping during the holidays so lets do this first things first lets. Just start with some basics you have a package you want to send it whats the cheapest option going to. Be if you were just a regular person sending a single package and youre like an e-commerce business your cheapest. Option is going to be usps ups and fedex are both going to be more expensive as just like a.

Regular person sending a package in the mail now when you go to ship at usps there are a lot. Of different options but in general when youre shipping packages you tend to look at two different things and that. Is first class and priority so lets talk about the difference between these two first lets co.

Conclusion – How Much To Ship Priority Mail

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