How Much To Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much to upgrade to windows 10 pro,

Method 1 – How To Upgrade Windows 10 Home To Windows 10 Pro

What you guys got another video here for you now if youve snagged yourself a copy of windows 10 pro. From one of these particular types of license key sellers and theres quite a few of them on the internet. Thats just one of them but if youve got one of those keys and you want to upgrade from windows. 10 home to windows 10 pro and you dont reinstall your operating system im going to show you exactly how.

You can do that so basically here we have windows 10 home and you can see its windows 10 home. Here and its the version 1803 which was installed just recently as you can see and if you want to. Upgrade this to the latest version its pretty straightforward easy to do so let me go ahead and show you. How you can do that so what you need to do is im going to shut this off and show. You so you need to go to the start button you need to right click on this and go to.

System once youre inside here you can go to the about here as you can see down the bottom and. This will show you your specs and everything else and you can see here where it says change product key. Or upgrade your edition of windows click on this button here and youll see this popping up now obviously yours. Will be activated but mine is not activated here but if yours is activated and you want to then upgrade. To windows 10 pro we need to do is get your key that youve purchased from one of those sites.

Whether itll be ebay whether it be a cd key kinguin all those sites theres loads of them out there. For you wherever you bought it or even if you bought the on amazon or newegg or something like that. You get your key and then you come here and you see where it says change product key click on. This one here and open this up now what you need to do is put in your product key im. Gonna paste one hidden inside here and in here once you get there im gonna go next and once you.

Do that it should say upgrade your edition of windows upgrade in your audition will add new features to windows. Before you start make sure you save your work and close any applications now its always advisable before you go. Ahead and do this that you backup your data just in case something goes wrong we all know that windows. 10 is played with bugs and stuff like that and if you do start to upgrade there could be an. Issue where you end up im gonna roll back and then you lose data ive seen it happen before so.

Always back up your data before you continue so im gonna click start here and this will just get this. Prepared here and it will then go ahead and start to upgrade our system and you can see here its. A temp sync complete and this may take a bit of time okay so just be patient and let this. Run through its upgrading process so you can see here 70% and well just let that finish off yeah 8%. Here and of course dont turn off your computer at this stage dont let go to sleep on your f—ing.

Just let it finish its upgrading process and of course thats now 100% complete and i would just let this. Er restart and of course whats going to happen here its going to start to work on those updates and. Ill put those onto your system because windows 10 home and windows 10 pro have different features so windows 10. Pro has a lot more features than windows 10 home and it needs to install those onto the system so. You will get all the benefits of that windows 10 pro upgrade okay the odd restart here so just let.

It do its restart and itll start had the new features with windows 10 pro has over windows 10 home. So youll have group policy inside there as well which is a no feature to add to your system which. Means you can lock down stuff and close down stuff a lot easier and it gives you more control as. Well so thats the upgrade process complete and youll see well still have all our data on our programs installed. On the system and weve just upgraded from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro so thats how easy is.

To upgrade from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro without losing any data and its pretty painless and its. Easy to do and you can pick up a windows 10 pro key for a pretty affordable price and thats. About it for this video i hope this one helps you out my name is brian from protect computers doc. Hodo uk thanks again for watching guys and i shall see you again for another video real soon bye for. Now now if you havent subscribed yet hit the big red subscribe button on my youtube channel and hit the.

Bell notification bar next to that to be notified when we upload new videos.

Method 2 – 3 Ways To Upgrade From Windows 10 Home To Windows 10 Pro

What you guys in this video were going to be taking a look at three ways to upgrade from windows. 10 home to windows 10 pro now i purchased this little pc and it does have windows 10 home on. It so im going to show you three ways on how to upgrade to windows 10 pro so as you. Can see here we have windows 10 home on this system so this video has been sponsored by a cd.

Key cells and im going to show you how to do it so first go over to their website and. Sign up for an account once youve done that you can do a search for windows 10 pro in the. Search box or you can use the links in the video description were looking for windows 10 pro oem version. For global but if you want a retail version there is one of those there but theyre a little bit. More expensive just click on the oem version here for windows 10 pro and we can then see how to.

Get this key so click on there and it will take you to this page here and youll see there. Is a buy now button always check to see if the region is covered in your area to make sure. You can use this key in that area also once youve done this you are going to have to do. A fresh install with this particular product key you cannot upgrade the normal way which ill show you a bit. Later on in the video on how to go windows 10 home to windows 10 pro so first click the.

Buy now button once we hit the buy now button you can enter my promo code in and get a. Discount so use promo code capital b capital r 0 9 and basically apply once youve done that youll see. The price drop down you can choose which language you want to choose here ive got united states here im. Just going to go to great britain and basically youll see 11 pounds 38 pence this can change over time. So always check submit order and then choose your payment option im going to go paypal as always click on.

This and pay now and this will allow me to pay for my key once i hit pay now i. Can put my payment details into paypal and click login and then pay for my product key payment process will. Go through and your order has been successful and your payment has been taken and you should now have a. Product key which you can use to activate so lets go into our account settings here and basically we will. See our key there so im going to go into our account settings you can see it says view key.

Or code and you can click on there and this is the one we just completed click on here and. This will open up another page down the bottom and youll be able to see our key this is on. My purchased orders and then down the bottom you should see get the key so click on here and this. Will then show you your key that youve just purchased so just click on this and then you can see. Your key now quickly blur this key out so you cant see it because its my key that i used.

On this machine so basically ill show you here down the bottom this will be your key once you get. Your key youre good to go you can then use this key to activate windows 10 pro you cant use. This key to upgrade from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro you will receive an email of confirmation to. Say your purchase has gone through and what we need to do now is create a bootable usb flash drive. With windows 10 pro on it so we can then install this so im going to go over to the.

Windows 10 website here and download the media creation tool you will need a flash drive eight gigabytes or more. So you can copy the windows 10 files over and once youve created your usb flash drive you need to. Boot to that device and you can do that on your pc you can see this is an acer pc. Im boot internet usb flash drive and loading up windows 10 here im not going to show you the whole. Installation process ill just show you the beginning so you can see it youll see something like this click next.

Click install and once youve done this you will then be able to see the next bit which is basically. Selecting what version of windows you want now of course were running windows 10 home here but we want to. Upgrade to windows 10 pro this will wipe the whole drive clean so you need to select windows 10 pro. Agree to their terms conditions and then we can move on to the next stage let me just quickly do. This hit custom install and im going to delete all of the partitions here because it did previously have windows.

10 home on it so im going to delete all of the partitions if you have other drives plugged into. Your computer make sure youre not deleting any of those partitions otherwise youll lose your data so basically what were. Going to do here is install windows 10 pro as you can see its going to go ahead and install. This on our computer once we get this installed on the pc well be able to then go ahead and. Activate our windows 10 professional so now were going to go ahead and activate this version of windows you can.

Click on this link here and it will take you to the activation page or you can click start button. Settings update and security and then activation so you should now see activation here what were going to do is. Click on here you can see were on no activated version of windows so i need to click on change. Product key click on here i can then enter my product key which we just purchased ill quickly paste this. Into this box here and then we can click on next once weve done that so once weve done this.

Were ready to go ahead with the activation so click next make sure you have got internet activity on that. Computer and then once youre ready you can click activate this will connect to the microsoft servers to check the. Key to make sure its legit and when its found the key is legit it will then give you your. Activation as you can see here we have now activated our windows 10 pro that is the only way you. Can get windows 10 pro with using that site that i promote on this channel now there is other ways.

Of getting windows 10 pro and ill show you how to do that as well so let me go ahead. And show you how to do that in this video as well so go down to the start button here. Go to settings from settings were going to go up to update and security so lets click on update and. Security and once we click on here we need to get all the latest updates and you can see theres. Quite a few updates available i want to make sure that ive updated this system so go ahead and install.

All of these on your computer and this will get your computer ready once youve done this you can go. Back to start settings updating security to make sure theres no more updates if there is just click on install. Now and get them fully updated once youve done this we can then go to the activation click on go. To microsoft store and this will then take you to the microsoft store where you can upgrade to windows 10. Pro you can see price here you can click buy now give all your payment details and purchase your key.

This way or if you already have a key that youve already purchased which is a retail key or youve. Got one of those coa stickers which you purchased when you bought your windows 10 from a store you can. Use that key so you can click on here i have windows 10 pro key so if you purchase a. Retail key some time ago and youre not using it or youve deactivated it on another computer you can use. That here you can use retail keys as many times as you like on different computers but only at one.

Computer at a time oem keys are locked to that pc so once you use your oem key it will. Be locked to that computer so once youve purchased your key you can put it in here and you can. Click on next to go ahead and activate it you cannot use the keys which we did at the beginning. Using this method it will not work you have to do a fresh install so once youre happy and youve. Got the right key in here this needs to be a windows 10 pro key or a pro version key.

That you are using to activate so once you do this click next and we are going to be upgrading. Our edition of windows from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro once you do this you can see its. Going to upgrade the system and then it will activate that system and it will then be windows 10 pro. Activated that is using the go to microsoft store method the other method we can use is the change product. Key method so let me quickly show you this one same method same process put your key in and you.

Would then click next it wouldnt give you the same options and then upgrade your system from windows 10 home. To windows 10 pro the very first method i showed you you cannot use that key doing this method it. Will not work you need to use a different key for this method so once youve got your product key. Paste it in and click next again these need to be windows 10 pro compatible keys otherwise you will not. Be able to upgrade from windows 10 home to windows 10 pro click next it will give you the option.

To upgrade your additional windows click start and this will start the upgrading process and take you to windows 10. Pro and it will then activate it its that simple so youve got three ways of upgrading from windows 10. Home to windows 10 pro ive never liked windows 10 home and if i find it on a computer ill. Always upgrade it to windows 10 pro it just gives me much more control over that operating system with group. Policy and other settings that i like to use anyway i hope this video has been some sort of use.

To you my name has been brian from i shall see you again for another video real soon before. We go big shout out to all my youtube members who join my youtube members group i really do appreciate. The support have a lovely weekend thanks again for watching bye for now.

Method 3 – Windows 10 Home Vs Pro: What’s The Difference Anyway?

If youve ever bought a computer chances are it came with the home version of windows and if it was. Anytime recently it would be windows 10 home but you might know that there are other versions of windows theres. Windows 10 pro windows 10 education enterprise and obviously not many people are gonna need enterprise or education for their. Personal computers obviously you might be wondering if its worth it to get windows 10 pro and what the differences.

Are and who would want that so thats exactly what were going to go over in this video and believe. It or not there arent actually a ton of differences between windows 10 pro and home but the difference is. That are there might be significant for some of you so its still worth noting all that there are so. First of all lets talk about windows 10 home this edition costs $119 now i would actually say that windows. 10 home has 99 percent if not a hundred percent of the features that any normal person would need especially.

If theyre not a professional theres nothing you would not be able to do with windows 10 home its not. Like the previous versions where they had you know windows home premium with vista and the ultimate version which had. Extra features theres no features that are missing from here that you would really need unless you were a professional. Of some kind which well get to the only real limit when it comes to windows 10 home is the. Amount of ram you can use which is a whopping 128 gigabytes which is less than what you get on.

Pro but way more then probably anyone would ever need so i dont even know any professional users even in. Like a server that would need 128 gigabytes so thats not even a real limitation the other thing is that. It doesnt have bitlocker where windows 10 pro does and thats really the only feature i would consider maybe something. That a normal person would use now bitlocker if youre not aware is a feature that allows you to encrypt. Your entire hard drive which is great for laptops which means that you have to type in a password before.

You even boot up the computer so even if someone takes out the hard drive they still cant access your. Data however that being said a lot of portable devices do actually have this feature enabled even if it is. Windows 10 home so you might not miss it anyway now since windows 10 home doesnt really have anything that. Windows 10 pro doesnt have so from now on were just gonna basically talk about the features that pro has. That home doesnt it wouldnt really make sense to talk about the stuff that home doesnt have just to mention.

It again later so what is the deal with windows 10 pro then well first of all we can mention. The price its $199 which is $80 more than windows home at 1:19 so it doesnt have as many features. To justify it and really only you can decide that the first thing we can mention is the ram now. I mentioned on home its 128 gigabytes which is already more than you would need and on pro and up. Its 2 terabytes i dont know anyone who would ever need 2 terabytes of ram i dont even think you.

Could fit that into any motherboard even if you want it to as for the real other features the first. One we could talk about is so-called hyper-v virtualization and this basically just allows native support for running virtual computers. On windows so you can actually do this with third party software like vmware or virtualbox but with this you. Can do it right through windows and it basically just lets you run multiple instances of either windows or another. Operating system and have it isolated from the regular operating system whether this is for testing developing or maybe even.

Some kind of security where you want to test some software youre not really sure if its safe the next. Feature has to do with remote desktop now all versions of windows support remote desktop in the sense that you. Can control other devices with it however only pro and other editions above that can be controlled through a remote. Desktop so you could use a windows home pc to control your work pc for example if its pro but. You cant do it the other way around but again there is third-party software that will allow you to do.

This even if you dont have windows 10 pro so its not a huge deal but where would be a. Big deal maybe is if in a company and you just want native support you want everything to just work. Its gonna work a lot better than have an install third-party software and worrying about all that on all your. Computers now the next feature is probably something that the average person would be able to use and that is. That the windows 10 pro version allows you to defer updates so windows 10 home basically doesnt allow you to.

Delay updates maybe for a few hours but windows 10 pro allows you to do it for up to a. Month or more especially the enterprise which allows you to delay it indefinitely now that being said i would never. Actually suggest anyone disable windows updates altogether you always want to keep windows up-to-date especially for security reasons but if. You are a professional who uses windows then it could be helpful to delay this in case you are worried. About the update breaking something that is work critical and this could be especially so for the major updates they.

Do twice a year like the fall creators update which did break a lot of stuff until maybe a couple. Weeks later so it might be worth it to delay it until they have all the kinks work that now. The rest of the few features are probably not going to be useful to almost anyone except in a business. Environment but we still talk about them the first one is domain join which means that you can use the. Windows 10 pro version to connect to a domain like at work which basically just allows your computer to be.

Controlled by like an admin or something and absorb all those policies and just connect with the other computers in. That network if youre not doing this for work unless you set it up for your home or something this. Isnt going to be very useful to you kind of related to that windows 10 pro does have the group. Policy editor which allows admins to mask control configurations on many different computers in a network but it also does. Have the ability to control local policy so that means that with the group policy editor you can actually change.

A lot of features that normally you wouldnt be able to do even if youre not in a work network. Or something so actually this can be a neat feature if you tend to be a power user who really. Likes to customize hidden features that no one really cares about you can use the group policy editor to do. That another interesting feature with the pro version is it has a feature called assigned access which basically allows you. To restrict the computer or a single user from being able to use anything except one app so this could.

Be a good example if its a kiosk or something in a mall and you only want one app running. On it you dont want people to access the start menu or something well its running then that would be. A good example of that or maybe if its a sign-in desk at your work then obviously again you dont. Want people to be running other programs you just want them to run the sign-in software the next feature has. To do with internet explorer i bet some of you have not used that in years especially with edge coming.

Out in windows 10 but it has what is called internet explorer enterprise mode which basically just is a compatibility. Mode for like ancient corporate networks that still use web apps that rely on like internet explorer 7 and 8. Which is i mean truly ancient but some of them just refused to update and if you are running a. New version of windows it probably doesnt support that crap anymore so they had to implement this enterprise mode which. Just allows you to run these old junky apps they just needed to do that and then finally with the.

Pro version youre gonna get the ability to use what is called windows store for business which kind of allows. You to buy a lot of different app licenses like if you have i dont know 10 business computers or. Something you can buy an app and then distribute it easily to all those computers through this windows app store. For business which would be different than the personal app store which is assuming that youre only going to put. It on the one computer so its just a little bit more convenient for business cases so those are really.

The only big differences between home and pro and i personally do like to use pro just because it does. Have a couple of those features i do like like the ability to defer updates for more than like a. Day if i want to also that remote desktop might not need it that often but its still nice to. Have and then you also have bitlocker which i do like and then that group policy editor which does come. In handy sometimes when you want to change like a very specific feature that normally someone wouldnt even know though.

Were not quite done yet because interestingly microsoft announced another edition of windows called windows 10 pro for workstations which. Is supposed to be a even higher-end version of windows 10 pro the idea of this one is supposedly that. It would allow you to use server grade hardware like super high-end hardware for example if you want to run. A motherboard that has more than one cpu this will support up to 4 cpus and up to 6 terabytes. Of ram i mean i dont know again who would need that but the ability is there the other difference.

Is that the pro for workstation version will support what is called or efs or resilient file system which is. Different than ntfs which is just a probably superior file system that might replace ntfs at some point and if. You dont know what any of that means then it wouldnt matter to you anyway but it has been a. Little bit controversial because this feature was actually in windows 10 pro and they removed it just so they could. Add it in to this more expensive new operating system version microsoft hasnt really talked about many of the other.

Main differences between this pro 4 workstation and pro version and i dont even think its out yet they just. Kind of mentioned they were making it and that was it so maybe i will make another video if theres. Enough differences but i probably dont even see myself getting it unless theres some killer new feature that includes besides. That though i guess we can quickly just kind of mention the other versions of windows besides home pro just. Out of curiosity for example theres windows 10 enterprise which is mainly designed to be deployed on like many many.

Computers and that just allows much easier use of volume licensing and direct control from one central admin or something. Like that then the education version is very similar to enterprise except focused on like institutions of education so universities. School and that just focuses again on academic volume licensing instead of corporate though another interesting one you may not. Have heard of is windows iot core now this is actually meant to be for like internet of things devices. Its a very basic basic version of windows 10 that will possibly be run on things like raspberry pies you.

Can actually do that and just very very low-power devices basically just to be able to run an operating system. And then there is also the newer windows 10s which is really stupid ive talked about this in another video. Its basically like a much more locked down version of windows 10 they literally only lets you run windows store. Apps so if you ever see windows 10s just dont even bother getting that at all so i guess thats. Pretty much it you should now hopefully know which you would want windows 10 pro or home and then we.

Also at least mention the names of the other editions so you at least know that theyre there id be. Interested to know what you guys think which version do you use we can talk about that down in the. Comments if you want to keep watching ive got some other videos right here you can just click on and. If you want to subscribe i make new videos every tuesday thursday saturday so im looking forward to hearing from. You guys so thanks so much for watching ill see you next time have a good one.

Method 4 – How To Upgrade For Free To Windows 10 Home Or Pro

Upgrading to windows 10 is free and its easy in this video im going to show you how in talking. To clients i know theres a lot of confusion going on out there about how to do it whether it. Can be done whether youre better off just buying a new computer how much it costs just lots of confusion. The most compelling reason to upgrade to windows 10 especially if youre running windows 7 has to do with security.

There are security flaws in windows 7 and even windows 8 that microsoft is just not go.

Conclusion – How Much To Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro

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