How Often Do Windows Need To Be Replaced – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – When Should I Replace My Windows?

A question we often hear is when should i replace my windows one of the first questions i would ask. Is do your windows leak remember leaking windows are a prime candidate for a replacement because leaks more often and. Not of the cost from mold and wood rot and you dont want any of those things in your home. Is it difficult to clean your windows older style windows typically require you to go outside to to clean the.

Windows which might involve climbing a ladder which is not always safe today most windows can be easily and safely. Cleaned from inside this is your home noisier than it should be one of the very first things our customers. Noticed after replacing windows is the peace and quiet peace and quiet didnt think that they had our you windows. Looking tired and old see if you update your home with a fresh modern look its not only a good. Idea but its actually been proven to increase the value of your you.

Method 2 – How To Find Out If Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

Believe it or not but having problems with your windows doesnt always mean its time to replace them but for. Windows over 15 years of age some of these issues are often signs of bigger problems that do require replacement. Here are a few things you can do to inspect your windows today an easy way to determine whether your. Windows like cold air in is a simple draft test hold a lighter or a candle around the edges of.

Your window if you see the flame flicker chances are there is a break in the seal or issues with. Your hardware inspect the caulking on the outside of the window a broken seal is often a quick and easy. Repair examine the quality of the weatherstripping broken weatherstripping can allow air infiltration through the gap between the sash and. The frame check your windows for ease of operation difficulty with cranks latches or handles are often a sign of. Warped or deformed frame or sash materials check the healthiness of your frames expanding and contracting can affect the joints.

As well as the actual material examine the glass paint cracks or chips often compromise the seal in the airtight. Unit and significantly reduce the energy efficiency and last but not least look out for signs of condensation on the. Inside of the pane on older windows condensation can often be a result of one or many of the above. Issues.

Method 3 – Buying Replacement Windows – Watch Before You Buy!

Everybody justin hal with the window experts here just wanted to take a few minutes to kind of cover some. Of the things that come up in a lot of conversations with my clients that kind of questions they didnt. Know they were supposed to ask when theyre going through the process of buying replacement windows but there are a. Few things that i think are pretty important to the decision that not a lot of excuse me i should.

Say not all window companies cover when theyre making their presentation to homeowners so today im gonna kind of cover. Four things that i think are important to homeowners when theyre making that window buying decision and its not so. Much the bells and whistles of the window itself but some of the other elements that are just as important. When youre doing replacement windows so the first thing that homeowners should be asking or looking for when theyre making. That decision is most of the windows are gonna be covered by a limited lifetime warranty or a full lifetime.

Warranty window salesmen will talk about how great the warranty is and what it covers and most good quality replacement. Windows are going to have some sort of a warranty on the product but one of the big things to. Look at is what is the warranty cover on the service aspect of it the reality is you dont want. Anything to go wrong with your replacement windows but sometimes they do so when youre looking at the warranty its. Important to check in there and see who is servicing the window if something should go wrong the reason thats.

Important is sometimes window dealers are buying the window product through a distributor not getting it directly from the manufacturer. And if something goes wrong with it it may not necessarily be the company putting your windows in thats going. To take care of it it has to be kicked back to the distributor and the distributor may be handling. The service work or it may go back to the manufacturer so when youre looking at the easiest and least. Resistance path is to be looking for a window that is serviced directly by the manufacturer itself and basically what.

This means is if something were to break on the window or you needed a new piece of glass or. Something like that you can file a warranty request for service and the window manufacturer would actually send out one. Of their service technicians from the factory to get it taken care of and if you can find a manufacturer. Where you can do this directly with the manufacturer it cuts out a lot of extra steps in going back. To the company that installed it and if they have to go to the distributor and then to the manufacturer.

To get it done so really look at that ask for it is as far as whose services the warranty. Should something go wrong number two and this kind of ties back to the first so hopefully i didnt jump. The gun but is the service labor covered into the warranty and where thats important is the idea that hey. Something may break on the window and great the warranty covers a broken part or fogged glass or something of. That nature but the warranty doesnt cover the service labor so what that basically means is you may not have.

To pay eighty ninety dollars for a piece of replacement glass on the window but you are gonna have to. Pay two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars to get a technician to come out and fix it for you. So that again is kind of one element that isnt often covered when discussing warranties on the windows but checking. To see if the service labor is included is a big key because that can be costly over time if. Its say a large piece of glass thats not eighty or ninety dollars its more like five or six hundred.

Dollars for the glass i can guarantee you the bigger the glass the more people its going to take the. More expensive it is going to be to get the service work performed so when youre looking for that window. That youre going to choose check to see if the service labor is included in that warranty because that could. Be a big cost down the line if its not covered and again that ties back to if it is. Included in the warranty go back and check and see whos doing the service work because thats going to also.

Determine how easy or hard it is to get that done one of the big big things that i always. Stress to people when theyre selecting replacement windows is what is the installation warranty itself now the installation warranty is. Going to be separate from the product warranty itself the installation warranty is going to cover more of the workmanship. The proper installation everything that goes on around the actual window that youre buying who is warranting that and how. Long is it warranty for thats one of those things that isnt often discussed in the sales process for the.

Replacement windows but its an important aspect of it why is it an important aspect of it well because if. Theres improper installation meaning theres a leak or something around the window after the installation is done you want to. Know that youve got somebody available to come back and fix it for you most contractors will offer on average. A two-year installation warranty on workmanship some do five i dont see many beyond that but thats a reasonable amount. Of time to expect a contractor to warranty that installation work and ensure that theres not a problem with the.

Installation over time but again very important to dig into the weeds on that one and make sure youre asking. That sales company that is trying to sell you that window who is installing it how long are they backing. The warranty on the installation of the window itself and then that kind of leads into the details of number. Four that is extremely extremely important but not often talked about is the installation itself what is covered under the. Installation so most window companies are going to be selling you a window package its gonna be a turnkey deal.

Where theyre gonna supply you the windows theyre gonna supply the installation and get everything done for you so that. Youve got a one-stop shop but again not allow the details are covered under the installation portion of it most. Salespeople are just gonna say heres this fantastic wonderful window its gonna change your life and oh by the way. Were going to come out to your house were gonna take your old ones out were gonna put your new. Ones in and youre gonna be so happy well theres a lot of details that have to get covered in.

Between all of that so be sure to ask the salesperson or the production manager or somebody in the company. Specifically what goes into the installation the main thing being here is a that youre getting a proper installation on. The windows and b that youre getting everything covered of the installation that youre expecting to get and what i. Mean by this is ask them about is the caulking included on the inside and the outside do you put. Foam around the frame when youre installing the windows to seal the drafts those are obviously things that are going.

To be taken care of in a window installation but you need to know for sure whats getting done the. Big thing that i often see that isnt talked about her cupboard is not so much whats included in the. Basic installation but the what is and this is basically saying okay you take a window out you put a. Window in what if my sheetrock is damaged around the window whos going to fix that is that covered under. The installation what if there is a ding or a dent on the window stool at the bottom of the.

Window whos going to take care of that if trim has to be replaced on the outside is painting included. In the cost of the install again seemingly obvious things but details that may not necessarily be included in your. Basic installation package so before you go and decide on a company and decide on a window make sure you. Have those details as far as what exactly is going to be covered in that installation because nothing can be. More frustrating than getting through a project and you go outside and you look at your house and youve got.

These beautiful new windows that they had to replace all the trim and none of the trim is painted and. The company is not going to paint it for you because that was not a part of the installation now. You got to get a painter involved one more step in the process and while its not the end of. The world it can just be a little more frustrating than it needs to be so again dont be afraid. To ask the questions dont be afraid to get the details choosing your replace your windows is a pretty major.

Home-improvement and theres a lot of cost involved with it so it is in your best interest to make sure. You ask all the little detail questions because once things are underway once you bought the window once the installation. Process has started its a lot harder to turn the ship around if youre not if you find out that. Youre not getting exactly what you want or not everything you were expecting was being covered ie in the service. In the service labor in the warranty or just the finer details of the installation project so keep those things.

In mind dont be afraid to get out there and ask the questions the good replacement companies out there will. Be more than happy to answer them in fact guys like myself like answering those questions because it shows me. That theres a consumer thats paying attention and in the long term everybody the contractor the homeowner the installers everybody. Involved is going to win when were asking the questions and everybodys on the same page.

Method 4 – How To Replace Your Windows | Ask This Old House

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Method 5 – When Do I Need To Reinstall Windows?

What you guys got another video here for you when do you need to reinstall windows i get asked this. Question quite a bit and i also see a lot of people frightened to reinstall windows because they dont want. To have to reinstall all their software and everything else so well go for it in this video and ill. Give you some of the reasons when to reinstall windows so first off the first one is you should reinstall.

Windows when upgrading to a new version of windows i see this so many times where people dont want to. You know back up their data and reinstall windows so they continue to keep upgrading and eventually what happens is. You end up with a lot of problems so in all my years of experience performing an upgrade install can. Result in a variety of different issues so world advice people do is to back up your data and reinstall. Windows so for instance if you have got windows 10 and you are looking to upgrade to windows 11 you.

Can just literally backup your data and download the iso file and reinstall windows 11 and you will automatically be. Upgraded and updated and activated to that latest version if you was running with nose 10 its the best way. To go instead of using the upgrade process because this can cause problems and you can always end up losing. Data yes you get the option to roll back but in my experience it does cause a lot of issues. So the next option is if your system has loads of errors or problems with it which you cant resolve.

Over the course of years ive seen so many people getting loads of errors on their pc and they are. Literally frightened to reinstall windows they dont want to do it and they will try to fix these problems and. End up breaking it even further another thing i see is people that will end up with one problem and. They ignore it and they continue to use windows and it will just end up having loads and loads of. Different issues and you may try loads of scenarios on the internet and try to fix it yourself and eventually.

Youre just going to make it 10 times worse in my opinion there comes a point where you have to. Evaluate the situation and sort of say to yourself i cant resolve this issue ive tried numerous different places youve. Either got a couple of options you can either take it to a repair shop and theyre probably just going. To back your data up charge you for it and then reinstall windows a lot of pc repair shops do. This they wont sit there for multiple hours trying to resolve issues on your computer theyll just basically back up.

Your data and reinstall it and then charge you for the privilege now if youre not very tech savvy and. Youre having issues with your computer theres two things you have to remember is either a software issue or its. A hardware issue software we classes for instance drivers programs youve installed malware or maybe operating system issues hardware is. Obviously your graphics card cpu ram and so on so the best way to quickly resolve this is to reinstall. Windows if your problem goes away then it was a software issue if your problem still exists after youve reinstalled.

Windows then you have a hardware issue and youll need to troubleshoot and diagnose it and find out what piece. Of hardware is going bad this is the quickest and easiest way to quickly troubleshoot an issue if youre not. Very tech savvy and remember sometimes no matter how good of a technician you are sometimes you just need to. Do a clean install of windows to resolve a problem because the problem is just too difficult to resolve or. Unfixable so next up is when your computer is heavily infected with hard to remove malware and its persistent malware.

That you just cannot remove and youve tried just about every piece of software to remove it and you physically. Try to remove it manually and it just wont let you remove it and that you can try many different. Uh resources on the internet but if youve tried a load of different programs and you cannot remove it i. Would suggest that you just reinstall windows and the reason for this is because you have no idea of what. That malware is or what type of virus you have on your system now thankfully windows 10 and windows 11.

Are a lot more difficult to infect nowadays and you dont see so many heavily infected pcs like you used. To when it was windows 7 and previous generations of windows microsoft have really up their game when it comes. To protection when it comes to malware now ransomware is a different kepler fish once you get this on your. System its going to encrypt all of your data and if you dont have backups of that data it will. All be encrypted and youll be held to ransom and asked to pay a fee to get your data unencrypted.

By the criminal who is encrypted your data never ever pay for these ransoms it just entices them to make. More of these things and again ransomware is on the up in 2021 and its very very difficult to stop. Them there is software out there you can use to block ransomware again but more security added on your system. Will start to slow things up so just be a bit more mindful how do you get infected its pretty. Simple a lot of people dont use common sense they will download uh legal software off the internet and its.

Paid software and theyll download it and install it and run cracks and and other key gens and things like. That or scripts they find online and it will end up getting them infected and put root kits on their. System ransomware malware backdoors all sorts of stuff and you have to really be a bit more mindful about what. Youre clicking on on the internet in your emails dont click on any sort of links in your emails and. Just be a bit more dubious about accepting files from people and saying run this file if you dont know.

What it is dont install it you can only get infected if you install things on your computer or if. You go to a breached website which has malicious code on it you just have to be a bit more. Mindful okay anyway malware is another cause of reinstalling windows and thats what i would suggest people do just to. Be safe and then change all your passwords at your bank okay this next one is a biggie because i. See a lot of people doing it and that is i would suggest you keep windows as default as possible.

To avoid any sort of problems the trouble is a lot of people will get paranoid about telemetry and about. Privacy concerns and they go out and start running all sorts of programs scripts and tweaks and then theyll go. And run some customizations and other things like that and they have no clue what theyre doing and of course. What will happen is it will end up breaking their operating system and of course guess who gets the blame. Theres good old bill gates who gets the blame for everything because they say windows 10 is a pile of.

Junk because it just doesnt work and its because youve been running a bunch of scripts that are removing key. Components from windows maybe maybe cortana or something like that and youre physically removing something there and its going to. Cause a lot of issues on all this is because someone has told them they can get loads more frames. Per second they get less processing in the background and services and things like this and it ends up just. Breaking their operating system and people believe just about anything on the internet and this is whats happening on youtube.

At the moment people posting up uh fake stuff about how you can go from 10 frames per second to. 150 frames per second by running a bunch of these tweaks and its just not possible so if youre going. To run scripts like these you have to understand what its actually doing and always have a read about what. Its actually doing and whether its reversible if its not reversible then dont run it because if you want to. Go back to installing something and you just cant because its been physically removed youre going to have to reinstall.

Windows so just be a bit careful with what youre running on your system now i always say to people. What are you trying to achieve with your system if youve got an older pc i can understand people want. To try to take away some of the bloat from windows to try and get back some resources i can. Understand that but new computers you dont really need to be worried about this sort of stuff now another big. Concern with people is the privacy and the telemetry and data collecting and again really everywhere you go data is.

Being collected no matter where you are whether it be on facebook youtube whether it be on windows its all. Being collected and your mobile phone is giving out information all the time so bear that in mind really theres. No way of stopping it the only way to stop it is go off grid so next up were going. To be talking about the next one is doing regular computer maintenance this is doing things like setting up a. Backup plan so you can back up your data on a regular basis you should be using a 321 backup.

Strategy which is basically having at least three copies of your data two of which will be uh locally stored. But on different mediums and at least one of them should be off-site so whichever way you choose to do. It you should have at least two locally in two different mediums or two different drives and then one off. Site that will be your best backup plan policy the other thing will be removing any sort of old programs. That youre not using you can uninstall these in the uninstall section of your computer just uninstall a load of.

This stuff i see so many people keeping programs theyre not even using anymore just takes up space and also. Just clogs up the system you can uninstall all of these from the computer and also what another thing you. Want to do is run regular cleanups on your computer maybe once a month to remove any sort of temporary. Files from your browsing history and things like that just keeps things running nice and smoothly and remove any sort. Of junk wear from your computer and theres a built-in one inside windows inside here called storage sense and it.

Will run in the background and remove any sort of junk from your computer on a regular basis and maybe. Uh start considering archiving some of that data that youre not even using anymore and put that into your backup. Plan so youve got it all nice and safe and maybe even consider getting all your games put onto another. Drive so you can keep them all in one location and free up some space on your pc and also. Dont use any sort of registry cleaners or you know driver updating programs you dont need any of those in.

2021 they can just damage your operating system and cause problems so lets move on to the last one dont. Rush to update windows right away see so many people doing this and causing themselves headaches and problems when microsoft. Rollout a buggy update and you end up having to roll back or it causes problems on your computer youre. In no immediate danger if you dont update right away you should leave it at least you know two to. Three weeks before you even consider rolling out an update and that way you dont have any major problems with.

Your computer if youre rolling out updates straight away now its important that you dont fall too far behind with. The version updates or feature updates that microsoft offer and the reason for this is because if you fall too. Far behind what can happen is you will not receive any more security updates microsoft will cease uh updates for. That because it will become end of life and another thing what will happen is when you upgrade to the. Next version you could have problems because you fell too far behind and then during the upgrade process or update.

Process you may have issues or errors that you cant resolve and then youll have to do a fresh install. Always try to stay within at least one of the latest version of windows and that way youre not going. To have any major issues but if you want to keep with the latest version of windows you can always. Stay with a few weeks of updates as they roll them out and thats probably the best policy right there. And finally the last one is only install the software that you use and be very careful with the software.

That you install and where you get it from only get it from a reliable source so if youre not. Using all of the software that youre downloading whats the point of having it installed on your system taking up. Valuable space on your hard drive anyway i think thats going to be about it for this video so i. Hope this video has been some sort of use to you my name has been brian from just want. To say a big shout out to all my youtube members so join my youtube members group your names are.

Rolling up on the screen right now and i shall see you again for another video real soon thanks again. For watching and thanks for continued support bye for now so.

Conclusion – How Often Do Windows Need To Be Replaced

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