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Method 1 – How To Charge Your Iphone The Right Way – Maximize Battery Life !

Hey whats going on everyone this is our reviews back with another video and today were talking about the right. Way to charge your iphone now when it comes to iphone battery and charging there are a lot of myths. So in this video were going to talk all about those and of course see which is the right way. To charge an iphone now first of all a very simple tip dont use fake cables always use the cables.

That come with your iphone or of course that you purchase from the app store cables and chargers as well. Now of course you might use other brands but make sure that they are certified dont use cheap cables because. They might damage the battery of your iphone and even if youre using an original cable that came with your. Iphone and your iphone is getting hot while charging make sure that you always check the cables and chargers and. See for any damage that they might have if you see a damaged cable make sure that you replace that.

Because that might damage your battery as well so always again make sure you use a certified or of course. Your original iphone cable now of course when it comes to charging you can also charge without a cable of. Course wirelessly now when it comes to wireless chargers you have to know that they will heat up your iphone. More and of course they will charge slower now one thing that you need to know is that dont use. Cases while wirelessly charging now if you get an original case from apple the magsafe case or something like that.

Of course you can use that but if you use like bulk cases that you know will heat up your. Iphone make sure you remove them before you use wireless charging on your iphone of course we always want to. Charge our iphones faster now one way you can do that is using the brick that comes with your ipad. So if you have an ipad and you have this kind of brick you can use that to charge your. Iphone it will charge faster and wont do any damage at all at the battery of your iphone now this.

Has been also confirmed by apple so if you just want to charge your iphone faster and you happen to. Have one of these bricks that will come with an ipad or you purchase one then feel free to use. It it wont do any damage at all to your iphones battery now one thing that is kind of like. A myth is that you should not charge your iphone overnight now that is perfectly safe your iphone wont like. Overcharge or something like that if youre charging your iphone you leave it when you go to bed feel free.

To do that thats absolutely okay you cannot overcharge your iphone so its basically perfectly safe to do that because. Your iphones battery when its charged ios will stop the charging process and that way it wont do any damage. To the battery at all and when it comes to this of course optimized battery charging is the way to. Go i suggest everyone uses optimized battery charging now with time ios will learn your pattern and how you use. Your iphone and of course if you leave your iphone overnight charging battery will charge basically up to 80 percent.

A few minutes before you get up it knows your pattern when you get up usually it will charge it. To 100 now when you go to your settings and you go here to battery you will have here battery. Health here is optimized battery charging make sure you leave it on all the time on the long run for. The lifespan of the battery of your iphone this will be a very very good thing this is an amazing. Feature i know a lot of people turn this off because they maybe are afraid that their iphone wont be.

Charged at 100 or something like that but just give it a few days and your iphone will learn your. Pattern and make sure that you always use that if you want to have a healthy battery on your iphone. Now according to apple the battery is at its best between 40 and 80 thats the percentage where you should. Keep the battery of your iphone so ios will do this automatically it charges your iphone up to 80 percent. With of course optimized battery charging turned on and once it knows that you will have to use it it.

Will charge it up to 100 now if you use lets say your iphone you charge it always overnight when. You charge it during the day lets say its at fifty percent you plug it into charge optimize battery charging. When will only charge it up to eighty percent because it knows that will be enough for that day and. Then when you plug it overnight it will charge to 100 so this is an amazing feature so make sure. You always use that if you want to have a much better battery life on the long run and keep.

The maximum capacity as high as you can as i said the best practice and this has been confirmed by. Apple is to keep the battery percentage between 40 and 80 now of course you wont be able to do. This all the time but what you can do now with ios 14 is set up your iphone so that. You basically keep your iphone at those ranges of battery percentage now one thing you can do is when it. Comes to 50 start using low power mode and you dont even have to bother about it with ios 14.

You can go to shortcuts here go to automations create personal automation and scroll all the way down go to. Battery level and you can choose here the percentage so in this case were using 50 so equals 50 and. You can go ahead and choose here to turn low power mode on so lets just low set low power. Mode tap on on right there tap next just disable this and youre good to go now what this will. Do is set low power mode low power mode on automatically every time the battery percentage drops to 50 that.

Way of course you will keep your battery for longer at that percentage range which is really good for the. Long run of the battery life and of course this has always been confirmed by apple now another thing you. Can do is when charging your iphone of course you want to charge it faster now using low power mode. While charging your iphone should make your iphone charge faster because of course in the in the meantime it will. Use less battery now what you can do here is just go ahead and create another automation so you dont.

Have to bother about it so you go to shortcuts right here go to automations tap right there create personal. Automation and go to charger and you can see here charger connected go ahead tap next add action and again. Just search for low power mode now once you have created this basically it will automatically turn on low power. Mode dont forget to disable this it will turn on low power mode every time youre plugging your device to. Charge that way it will help your device charge faster and last but not least were talking about charging the.

Iphone with your cable of course but that through a laptop or a computer anything you want now this has. Been confirmed by apple according to them you have to make sure that your i your laptop or your computer. Is plugged in and powered while youre charging your iphone using your computer now ive tried it this way and. Ive tried it with the eye with the macbook here on sleep or basically not powered but again it charges. As normal but according to apple you shouldnt do that because if the device is connected to a computer that.

Is turned off in some cases it might just drop the battery percentage of your iphone so always make sure. That you have your laptop or computer turned on or plugged in before starting to charge your iphone using a. Computer so thats basically it for this video guys these are some of the best practices when it comes to. Charging the battery of your iphone thank you guys for watching dont forget to subscribe for more videos and i. Will see you on the next one.

Method 2 – How Should You Charge Your Iphone (Battery Health & More)

How is it going everybody youre watching that about dak in today lets talk about iphone charging like how should. You charge your iphone and i know this may seem extremely obvious like why am i even doing this why. Am i even talking about this but trust me theres a lot to cover here like for example how often. Should is charge your iphone or for how many hours or even what power breaks should i use because theres.

So many different ones so were going to talk about much more than that like battery cycles battery health optimize. Battery charging theres a ton here to cover and the goal of this video is to make you charge your. Iphone the best way possible and of course the bank a few myths as well and make your battery last. Much much longer so without further ado lets begin so first things first everything im gonna tell you in this. Video comes straight from apple support website and then have a link in the description if you want to check.

It out they have a full section on batteries and things like that so its not something that i made. Up or anything like that its all backed up by apple so this is really important so the first thing. I want to talk about in this video is a big myth and a lot of people still believe in. This and trust this which is like how often should i charge my iphone for how many hours at what. Percentage at what point let me tell you you can charge your iphone whenever you want okay this is very.

Very important so i will use lithium ion battery thats the technology they use and that allows you to actually. Charge your iphone at your will so for how many hours you want like the whole night for example that. Doesnt matter you dont need to charge your iphone at a specific percentage no you can charge it at the. Percentage you want so do it as you will okay dont worry about it the way you charge your iphone. Will not influence on the battery health or wear it out or anything like that okay you can charge just.

As you feel like it like i want to charge it today for 10 percent tomorrow for um for 100%. Like this night im gonna leave it plugged in the whole night or maybe i just want to get 20%. Very quickly before i go out you can charge at your will so this will not affect your battery in. Any way okay this is very important but what affect your battery is actually the accessories you use so i. Recommend in everyone recommends that you use apple authentic accessories so authentic power bricks and authentic cables as well use.

The ones that come in the box or that you bought in an apple store or at a retailers or. Something like that but use an authentic one because if you use authentic accessories that will actually give you a. Faster charging time and also a more stable current meaning that it will not damage your battery if you use. Non-official non-authentic cables and power brakes and things like that that can in fact damage your battery or your fault. Or something like that okay another thing that is very important and people ask me a lot is what part.

Bridge should i use to charge my iphone you can use any part brick from apple that you want the. Small ones from five watts so that very basic one that comes in pretty much all iphone models the teeny. Tiny one or you can use of course the most powerful ones that come in the iphone 11 pro 111. Pro max which is this one right here the 18 watts thats the same that comes with the new ipad. Pros or you can even use like this one for example this is a macbook pro power brick okay thats.

Let me see actually thats exactly 61 watts so 61 so the iphone can handle it or he can even. Use the 87 one that comes in big bigger macbook pros as well your iphone can handle it it doesnt. Matter because even if it pushes more power through your iphone it actually uses the computer in the cpu to. Actually only get the energy it needs so you dont need to worry about that you can use any part. From apple that you want from five watts to 87 months thats not a problem the only good thing is.

If you have lets say an iphone 8 or later or newer actually so an iphone 8 all the way. To the iphone 11 pro max you can get the benefit of fast charging but of course youre gonna need. A smaller bigger power brick so in 18 watts or bigger so if you have an 18 watts charger or. Bigger you can benefit from fast charging which will get you like 50% of battery in third minutes in my. Testings it gets even more than that you can get even more than that so this is very cool but.

Keep in mind you need to have an iphone 8 or later and an 18 watt adapter or later if. You dont know exactly how to check that you can see the information in the box i can see the. Information right here in the printed letters very small there you can have a look so theres there are easy. Ways to find that a quick note is that the only iphone that comes in the box with a fast. Charger is the iphone 11 pro and 11 pro max they come with the 18 watt power adapter power brick.

In the box okay so we dont need to actually buy anything extra if you want to get fast charging. In all other iphones that are compatible you actually need to buy the adapter in the cable separately but the. Iphone 11 program 11 pro max already have that in the box with the original accessories now lets talk about. More technical stuff and i start talking about optimized battery charging this is super cool and a lot of people. Have that turned on in their settings but they have no idea what it does so if you gave your.

Iphone is running ios 13 okay or later depending on when youre watching this video you can go to settings. Battery and you can enable optimize battery charging and you have to understand that this is a very very important. Feature and you have to leave it turned on why let me explain because in order for your iphone to. Maintain the battery at 100% while it is plugged in while it is being charged it means that it will. Wear your battery out so lets say your charger phone every night like most people do so you go to.

Sleep you plug it in and then you go to sleep and you wake up like 6 7 8 hours. Later so its gonna be charged at 100% throughout all those hours so throughout 6 like 5 or 4 hours. More or less its gonna be at 100% and your iphone is gonna constantly be charged in maintaining that 100%. Level that for the battery is very very bad because as i said maintaining your battery at 100% is very. Bad for a battery it degrades the battery so what optimize battery what optimize charging does is it will actually.

Keep your iphone at 80% the at 80 percent over hours and hours and hours and just before you wake. Up its gonna use that via machine learning and check your alarm clock and things like that so right before. You wake up its gonna actually go from 80 to 100 so charge the last twenty percent so with that. Keeping your iphone only charged at 80 percent not a hundred that will actually help your battery life have a. Bigger lifespan and not degrade not wear out so fast so this is what it does it keeps your iphone.

At 80% it only gives you the 20 plus the 20 extra when you actually need it so this is. How it works now lets talk about battery aging more specifically battery health again you can go to settings battery. And check your battery health under settings and see what percentage of your battery health your iphone still has like. Ninety five percent ninety eight ninety eighty five eighty seventy-five it depends it depends on how old your iphone is. And a lot of people think that you can stop that aging or you can make it aged super slow.

Actually you cant of course there are ways that you can have your battery aged a little bit slower than. Others but you cant really affect your battery ages so much let me explain how it works your battery will. Start aging so your battery health will start to go down from every cycle that you run through your iphone. So every day that you use your iphone and then you use the battery and charge it again and use. It and charge it again thats gonna affect your battery health and its gonna go down and down and down.

Over time theres nothing you can do about that so you have to understand what a battery cycle is in. Order to understand battery health so as i said the more cycles you use the more your battery health will. Go down will decrease okay thats pretty obvious and what what is actually a battery cycle a lot of people. Get a misconception about this they think that a battery cycle is when you have your iphone at 100% and. Then you use it all the way to zero so from 100 to zero you use 100% of your battery.

So you get one cycle thats true you do get one cycle if you do it like that but also. If you your iphone that 100% and usage of 50 for example and then charge it to 100 again and. Use 50 one more time thats another cycle one cycle of battery is when you use 100 percent of your. Battery doesnt matter how you divide that in one go and chi goes in three goes and for girls it. Doesnt matter what matters is every time you discharge your battery by a hundred percent no matter how you do.

That thats one cycle and the more cycles you use so the more you use your iphone the the worse. Your battery health will be so the theres no theres not a simple calculation here like for example 50 cycles. Is 1% or 100 cycles is 2% its not like that what matters is if you if you want your. Battery health at you decrease slower at a slower rate you need to use your iphone less because you need. To use less cycle lot less cycles in each of this charge your iphone less often thats all you need.

To do actually so of course you can see how much better you use use a little bit less but. Again you cant really affect your battery health because you cant really affect your battery cycle theres nothing you can. Do on your iphone regarding how you charge it or how you use it to actually present prevent battery cycles. To be counted one two and three or four i believe thats pretty clear okay so thats pretty much it. Guys i just wanted to talk about very very important information regarding battery charging iphone battery charging and what you.

Should do what you shouldnt do debunk of your myths as i said and make you understand battery health cycles. Optimize battery charging how you should charge your iphone and all of that i believe that was pretty pretty pretty. Clear but if you still have questions or something like that please make sure to hit the comment box below. With question suggestions like complains i dont know hit the comment box below im always around always answering everybody also. Make sure to hit the like button its super important to me and also the subscribe button with a little.

Bell icon to get notified whenever i post a new video so thats pretty much it and ill see you. Guys in a couple days bye bye.

Method 3 – How To Properly Charge Your Iphone (New 2021)

Hey guys i device help here welcome back to the channel today i want to share a few tips on. How to properly charge your iphone on the latest os now in this video i also want to talk about. A few common misperceptions that could impact the battery or your iphone good or bad so lets just dive right. In now the first thing i want to talk about is misperceptions or missed for example the app switcher here.

You see all these applications are open in the background theres a common misperception that if i leave these apps. Open in the background the battery of the iphone would actually drain faster and that is entirely false its actually. The opposite so for example heres safari with loaded if i open the app you see it goes right. Into safari right into the website without having to reload the entire website right here if i go to the. App switcher here and close safari out or quit safari when i go back it actually reloads the entire page.

What that means it is used in resources therefore it drains the battery a lot quicker so if you go. Through your app switcher and just close all applications out every time you use them youre actually doing the wrong. Thing because this is actually going to force your iphone to re-initiate the entire process of the application having to. Reload all the content and therefore using resources and actually draining the battery slightly quicker so yeah you can leave. Your apps open in the background i know a lot of users prefer to close them out but it isnt.

Really doing any good when you close them out another thing i want to talk about is charging when you. Leave your iphone charging overnight is that an issue yes or no should i unplug my iphone once its done. Charging to 100 the answer to that is you can leave your iphone charging all night without any problem ios. Is designed to recognize when your iphone has reached a hundred percent and then it stops charging now throughout the. Night during standby time if it drops one percent your iphone will reinitiate the charging and then once it reaches.

100 it stops once again it doesnt just continue sending charge ios is not designed that way if that was. The case every single iphone will be fried so yeah the power source just stops once it reaches 100 so. You can leave your iphone plugged overnight without any issues and well talk about optimized battery charging a little further. Down the road in this video as well now another common misperception or another common use ive seen from some. Users is once the iphone reaches 100 pick it up and enable low power mode is that any good should.

You use low power mode at all times on your iphone now the answer to that it isnt good but. It isnt bad now the reason i say that is because you can get slightly better battery performance out of. Your iphone overall but you lose out on performance low power mode is designed to throttle your iphone downs performance. It slows it down a little bit network performance could decrease in order to push through that last 20 or. 10 percent of the battery of your iphone so it slows down your iphone pretty much entirely with the performance.

The network and everything else in between so youre not really damaging the battery youre actually getting slightly better battery. But youre also losing out on entire performance of your device so if you use your iphone to only just. Quickly glance at social media and things like that youre not doing a big impact but if youre watching videos. Using the network a lot youre just going to lose out on performance so next i want to talk about. A wireless charging and theres a few questions that i always get with wireless charging number one is it common.

For the iphone to get slightly warmer with wireless charging than what it does when youre plugged into wire and. The answer to that is yes it is most common for the iphone to get slightly warmer when youre using. Wireless charging than if you were using the wire so thats okay now if it gets extremely hot then thats. Not normal but warmer to the touch than if you were to plug it in that is entirely normal another. Thing you may want to do is if you go to wirelessly charge your iphone if you dont have a.

Case thats designed for wireless charging you may want to remove it for example this one that i have here. Isnt necessarily built for wireless charging so i like to take it off my iphone every time i go to. Use wireless charging or magsafe at all because it isnt designed for wireless charging wireless charging as we talked about. Gets slightly warmer to the touch your iphone gets slightly warmer and therefore you dont want to use a case. That would actually make it even warmer because that could impact the battery in a negative way by creating heat.

And heat is a big enemy of wireless charging or batteries in general so you may want to get away. From any case that isnt built for wireless charging if you have apples magsafe case those are designed for wireless. Charging but something plastic like this one that i have here which isnt designed for wireless charging you may want. To remove it because it will create extra heat which is an enemy of the battery of your iphone so. Yeah wireless charging is slightly slower it heats up your iphone slightly more than if you were using the wire.

And if you have any case with wireless charging that isnt compatible for wireless charging you may want to remove. It before you drop it onto the magsafe or any wireless charger for that mat and last but not least. Were going to talk about a wire charging now when you go to wire charge your iphone is always recommended. To use the apple cable and the apple brick of course these are specifically tailored and designed to charge your. Iphone to the best of its capabilities and the fast charging from apples fast charger will actually fast charge your.

Iphone the best than any other charger because it is coming from apple it is designed to work with your. Iphone the best way now that doesnt mean that you cant use a third-party charger you can definitely use a. Third-party charger but if you dont have one handy always at least try to carry your cable with you so. If you use a third-party brick to charge your iphone at least have the apple cable that comes with your. Iphone when you go to plug it in in case that charger doesnt support proper voltage for your iphone youll.

Get this message right here accessory not supported so if you have the cable the cable is smart enough it. Is mfi approved of course which is apples cable and it will recognize that the brick that youre using isnt. Proper to charge your iphone or if it could damage the actual battery of your iphone or anything at all. So always if you dont have the brake at least try to have the cable with you if youre traveling. To charge your iphone and obviously wirelessly its a lot slower than wire charging so use the wire charger if.

You want faster speeds now another thing that i want to talk about is optimize battery charging here under the. Battery option so if we go to battery health here we have the optimized battery charging option now this feature. I highly recommend using at all times now what this feature will do it will charge your iphone to 80. Until youre ready to pick it up and then it will charge that extra 20 right before you pick it. Up to use it every day so for example if you go to bed on your routine lets say you.

Go from 10 p.m to 6 a.m the iphone will stop charging at around 4 a.m and leave it around. 80 percent and then right before you wake up it can measure the time that it takes to charge that. Extra 20 before you pick it up in the morning and then it will completely charge the entire phone therefore. Creating less stress on the battery so optimized battery charging definitely an amazing feature that apple has created but anyway. That is everything that i wanted to share with you guys make sure you always use apple bricks if you.

Dont have your apple brick handy make sure you bring your cable with you wireless charging does get a little. Warmer than wire charging that is definitely true dont go quitting all your applications in the background it doesnt really. Impact the battery much in a positive way and there you guys have it that above brings an end to. This video let me know any of your personal recommendations in the comments down below i would like to hear. From you thank you for watching and ill see you on the next one peace.

Method 4 – Iphone Charging – Best Practices To Get Long Battery Life

Conclusion – How Often To Charge Iphone

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