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Method 1 – Learn Numbers: Number Zero | How To Teach Number 0 | Math For 1St Grade | Kids Academy

Welcome to kids academy no was falling from the sky and there were sparkling snowflakes all around they were all. Different and all beautiful there were hundreds and thousands of them they melted in the sun they ended up as. Scheme which disappear too how do we say that there are no snow flakes in the sky we have a. Special number that will help us meet the number zero spring is here no an ice melted in the sun.

In spring rain falls from the clouds spring rain goes away soon and tiny raindrops end up in lace how. Do we say there are no raindrops in the sky the number zero is there to help us again bring. Us in the air and so are the twitters and chatter of birds the seagulls are relaxing in the water. The bird flew away how do we say that there are no birds in the water the number zero is. Just what we need because zero represents absence of a thing we use all other numbers we can see some.

Snowflakes raindrops birds or other objects we use zero when there are no objects at all you.

Method 2 – How To Solve It In 0 Seconds | Rubik’s Cube Trick

Hi my name is quebec and today were gonna try some sticker modern sticker mott is changing the whole puzzle. By moving the colored stickers i have a lot of stickers right here and today were gonna make a few. Completely new puzzles one of them is gonna be harder than the usual rubiks cube one of them is gonna. Be just for fun and in the end ill show an awesome trick on how to solve a rubiks cube.

In zero seconds first lets free all the cubes from their stickers so what is sticker modern you can make. Completely new puzzles just by changing the stickers on the usual 3×3 cubes theres a lot of different ways to. Upgrade your puzzles you can leave just three colors on your cube put two colors on one piece leave just. One color and every time its a brand new puzzle you can come up with your own puzzle ideas or. Find them on the internet today i will make one new puzzle i found on the internet one puzzle with.

Only one color or design cube it will be just a funny toy and in the end as i said. Before well use sticker modern to make a cube for a really awesome trick which will help us to solve. The rubiks cube in zero seconds and surprise our friends with it so lets continue and done okay so now. We have three blend cubes for sticker mods im really looking forward to see what its gonna look like so. Lets take our stickers and start putting them first lets do our easiest mod were gonna have all the sides.

With the same color i think im gonna stick with white its more calm and will look better on the. Black cube so we just take our stickers and start putting them on the cube so one side is almost. Done you know ive heard a lot of stories about people who couldnt solve the rubiks cube so they just. Replace the sticker so the cube looks solved have you done this or have you heard stories like that by. The way if you dont know how to solve the rubiks cube but you really want to learn how make.

Sure to subscribe to my channel because soon i will upload the best tutorial on the internet so even your. Cat would learn how to solve it and well do it really fast andwe continue putting the stickers and the. Last two stickers of ours ncube one two okay so our zen cube is done and it looks amazing what. I know what is the best thing about this cube accepted to looking really nice youre always calm and not. Pissed off that the cube is scrambled you are solving it with every move you make just imagine how many.

Times you can solve a rubiks cube in one day if you have a zenki of like this its really. Nice to use and make an absolutely random movements and the cube always test solved its really awesome to have. One of these in your collection first it looks amazing second it calls you like fidget cubes or something like. That third you can give it to a person who cannot solve a rubiks cube and he will not feel. Bad and last but not least no matter how you turn it its always solved so you can practice your.

Finger movements and speed speed cubers often practice their movements but only this cube will always be solved awesome i. Think this cube is one of the most enjoyable ive ever seen and held my hands and im really happy. To have it in my collection i did not even expect to be this glad to have it because its. Still just a white cube but awesome so lets make our second sticker mod called the sandwich i need three. Colors ill take blue green and orange so what do you need for this mod take one color im taking.

Green and put it on one side after sticking it on one side take green again and stick it on. The entire layer heres what its gonna look like one side and one layer are completely green so now we. Need to put a different color on the opposite side of the cube and i will use blue so i. Just finished blue color on the top and we also have green on the bottom so all we have to. Do now is to put one more color on the middle layer and lets try yellow so the cube is.

More colorful and the less sticker done the cube is finished looks really simple its called the sandwich cube thats. Because is covered with different colors from both sides awesome its really fun to experiment with these puzzles okay so. Lets mix it up and try to solve it so heres the way its scrambled just let me find the. Stopwatch and ill try to solve it okay im gonna start with green lets go seriously only seven seconds i. Needed just seven seconds to solve it and i actually think i can do even faster so this thing is.

Pretty simple but really fun sandwich i think i need to try putting different images on it later or on. This cube what is a pretty fun idea so last but not least the main sticker mod for today a. Special cube made for a magic trick it will help us to solve a rubiks cube in zero seconds so. Lets start first take the cube and put three colors on it for example blue red and yellow as you. See we have three sides its yellow blue and red so from this side it looks like the cube is.

Solved but its empty on the other side so we need to make them look mixed up for this were. Gonna put different colors completely randomly on these sides so lets continue just continue putting the stickers randomly you can. Put whatever color you want wherever you want thats the point try to make each side look completely scrambled thats. The only way the trick is gonna work fine so the cube is finished lets put everything away so look. What the trick is i have a rubiks cube with three completely sold sides but when you look from the.

Other side it looks completely scrambled the trick is to show a person this side so he believes its mixed. Up everywhere you can even turn it like that to make it look more realistic and then you just drop. Your cube on the table so it falls on this side done the cube falls and the person sees three. Solved sides lets try it again dont forget that the person youre showing this trick to should think that the. Cube is mixed up so make sure he doesnt see the solved side you can even make a few moves.

To make him believe but actually you dont change anything spin it in your hands in front of him like. That this will make an illusion that it is randomly scrambled but we are showing only three sides so when. He believes that the cube is mixed up all we have to do is to drop the cube on this. Side so it flips over while falling it will be really fast and well make an illusion of solvent in. Zero seconds let me show you again done the cube is solved you see you do nothing but the cube.

Is solved so guys thanks a lot for watching this video im really happy with my ideas and my work. Leave a like if you enjoyed and i will make more videos like this maybe we will make completly new. Puzzles also say something nice in the comments and subscribe to my channel so you never miss my new videos. Take care.

Method 3 – Introduction Zero|| How To Write’0′(Zero)||For Jr.Kg. Kid’s||

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Method 4 – How To Apply: Olaplex No.0 And No.3

Good morning everyone its danica here and today i want to show you how i use the aldoplex number zero. And the olaplex number three quite a few of you guys come into a zenkai location and you say that. The olaplex is the only thing youve been hearing about for anyone who has any type of damaged hair but. Youre not sure how to use it or how it works so i will be showing you guys today how.

To apply both number zero and the number three lets start off with the number zero youre just gonna start. Off with dry dirty hair thats fine what youre gonna do is basically saturate your hair from roots to ends. This will stay on for 10 minutes before we apply number three now that weve saturated the hair enough with. The number zero im just gonna take a wide tooth comb and im just gonna make sure that the hair. Is fully saturated with this guy and evenly distributed so again you guys were just gonna wait 10 minutes before.

Applying the mask so i will see you guys in 10. Its been 10 minutes that the number zero has. Been on my hair and now we want to apply the number three so lets go ahead and do that. So again were just gonna take your white tooth comb and just again make sure that the product is evenly. Distributed now the waiting part starts as recommended on the back of the box it does say to leave it.

On for 10 minutes and then you would rinse off with shampoo and conditioner but this is where my tip. Comes in i like to leave it for a minimum of three to four hours or even overnight if you. Guys just want to do 10 minutes thats totally fine but you might not feel or see the best results. As you would if you were to leave everything on for a few hours thats what were gonna do today. Im gonna come back in a few hours here and show you guys what my hair looks like and the.

Final result once its all done and styled in the meantime im just going to tie my hair up with. My gummy hair tie i will see you guys in a few hours ive used olaplex a number three before. But you guys every single time i use it im seriously obsessed like can you just see how naturally shiny. This is how bouncy and if you could only feel how buttery silky soft my hair feels ugh you guys. This is good stuff now that im done admiring my own hair i hope that this video was helpful on.

How to use the olaplex kits with a number zero and a number three if you guys do want to. Purchase your own they are 38 before taxes and you can purchase this online on our website or you can. Head over into your nearest zenkai location and we can help you pick it out.

Method 5 – Explained-How To Get Your Naca Loan Rate Down To 0% Step By Step

All right welcome to the first ever naca decoded facebook live edition and we are here to talk about interest. Rate by down what in gods name is interest rate by them so on this historical first facebook live session. We have the privilege of our naca specialist this is the i mean i dont know anyone that doesnt work. For naca no how about this program then this guy and were fortunate enough it entourage residential group to have.

This guy as part of our team and he is the master of all things related to the numbers all. The intricacies of getting the most out of this program whereas myself and the sales team we handle getting you. The best deal doing all those things to make sure that you can have the property find the property make. It your own and all those numbers all those little pieces for substance we go so chris thank you being. Here my friend my pleasure so first and foremost for those of us who dont know well guess we should.

Talk about the program just real brief so naca program weve already heard that this is a 100% financing no. Down gain no closing cost all right guaranteed lowest interest rate they sent a close interest rate craziness the starting. Interest rate is typically a half percent lower than anywhere else that is signifi theres also no mortgage sure oh. No mip no more just like a pmi whatever you want to call it its not air all right so. Thats major so thats the format and so now within the program we got this this interest rate by now.

Business which is a tricky beast chris what is interest or anybody interest rate by down is essentially buying that. Interest rate you know everybody wants a love interest rate interest rates have been ive gone lower and lower over. The years and a lot more people have been pleased with you know three percent three and a half people. Thought four percent as well people thought three and a half percent flow you know now i or at were. Getting into the low 3s and could you imagine if you had a two percent interest rate or one percent.

Interest rate or even below us a lot by law 0.06 to five percent interest rate and the decimals in. The right location its not six point two five percent its zero point zero six seven two five percent which. Is a sixteenth of one percent so interest rate by now is buying down your interest rate to move to. Whichever point you would like to buy down to and not only does that lower your monthly payment that lowers. The amount of interest that you are paying on the loan over the term of the loan in which case.

This example we have here we have example is for a 30-year mortgage there are also options for a 15-year. Mortgage but for right now were only going to be going with the 30-year mortgage and numbers can get very. Confusing very very quickly they can change ive been ive been dealing with these numbers this program for a multitude. Of years and it still even gets me a little bit sometimes theres a lot of calculation so i have. A example here on the board which breaks it down to try to figure out what percent you can get.

To with a certain amount of money and how to calculate what what is a point what is how many. Points will you need to get to a certain youre a whether or not you want to go from three. Percent two percent to one percent so right here we have one point on a 30-year loan is point two. Five percent interest rate so for every point that you would like to buy down on your interest rate it. Will reduce the interest rate by point two five percent and the cost of lowering that one point is going.

To be one percent of the loan amount so hypothetically if we have a three hundred thousand dollar home and. You would like to produce actually if we have three thousand on home to find out what each one each. Point is going to cost you multiply by one percent point zero one comes out with those simple simple math. Of three thousand dollars so now we know that for each point that we want to reduce on our interest. Rate is going to cost three thousand dollars on the equation right above that three percent starting interest rate multiplied.

By 0.25 equals twelve that lets you know that with naca s current interest rate as of today at three. Percent which is already a half percent lower than anywhere else if you would like to get to this number. Youre going to need to reduce the rate by 12 points now that rate can be reduced by 12 points. With your money and with any potential closing costs that the seller would like to contribute any during the negotiations. If the sellers can contribute closing costs that money can go towards to get the lowest possible rate so if.

He gave you one percent in closing though that would be $3,000 $3,000 and so on and so so lets. Just say hypothetically you dont have any money naca does 107 financing and the seller contributes 2% closing costs two. Times $3,000 is $6,000 its two points each point is 0.25 percent so with you coming to the table with. Zero money you can get a two point five percent interest rate with no nine your own money only with. The sellers money obviously facility was three percent closing then it increases to $9,000 and then you can get a.

Two point two five percent interest rate so the money doesnt have to come from you the money can come. From the seller as well which is what we would definitely recommend so as you can see here underneath that. We have what each point costs at $3,000 times 12 the number of points that you would have to buy. Down from 3% to essentially zero i call this zero percent yeah because its technically a small fraction 1/16 of. 1% however its just much easier to say zero percent because it is that mean if you were to round.

That number down i mean it its essentially a zero percent so you would need this amount of money to. Come to the table roughly these arent exact numbers just uh you know its very close to this you would. Need this number to get to this rate this number can come between income out of your pocket it can. Come out of silica and closing combination essentially it gives you the idea of how to calculate how much each. Point is going to cost you and what the total point would be now not everybody is going to want.

To buy there right down here so maybe you only want to buy it down to one and a half. Percent then you just take the one percent and you will take the few thousand dollars and you multiply by. How many points that you want to buy down as you can see here underneath here we have three hundred. Thousand dollar loan with a three percent rate over thirty years again pay a hundred ref li about a hundred. Fifty five thousand dollar interest whos going to do that you whoever is that look whomever buys a home condo.

Tennis etc for three hundred thousand dollars with a three percent interest rates love baby sucks pretty loves her person. Is amazing amazing its lower than anywhere you can find i think you know our parents pay something represent with. Two digits you know to eighty 1112 something crazy these rates are amazing i mean okay so at three percent. Which is an amazing rate over the course of 30 years 30 years youre giving up more than half of. The principal just an interest ill set it excuse me on top of on top of so your grams down.

Our house ends up costing you over $450,000 thats correct in the way that that is works out it comes. Out to monthly payment the front of the loan you start paying the most amount interest and then towards the. Middle of the loan it evens out as far as whats going to interest to whats going back into equity. Or principal which are you whichever way you want to look at it and then on the second half of. The line you start acquiring more for your house and less the interest but the thing i want to focus.

On is in the beginning of a loan because everybody has to when anybody buys a home you always have. To have a number one payment on the first day the second day and the third day and forth came. In room no matter what the loan amount is going to be – on audacity oh it doesnt matter youre. Always going to have a first payment and even with a low interest rate is 3% youre still paying over. Half the total purchase price of your home and interest and theres a better way you simply dont have to.

Do that with a zero point zero sixty five percent rate youre only going to be end up paying $2,700. An interest divided over thirty years and just off the top of my head thats probably going to average out. Throughout 30 years – ten some bucks a month versus with alone like this several hundred dollars a month in. Natures that youre going to be paying and then a scales out let me ask you a question make sure. I understand percent so you could pay one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars over the course of 30 years.

All right correct or you could decide today spend thirty six thousand dollars which is like a fifth of that. Number and then decide what you like to do with the other one hundred and twenty thousand dollars over those. Next thirty years absolutely so you pay the price up front and ends up being a fraction but what it. Would be this is just this is really something so if you in a home that you plan will stand. And you dont plan on moving anytime soon you know its not a five to seven year kind of even.

710 years in some cases if this loan that you know it youre going to live it or keep i. Mean this this is a no-brainer to me no granny i would say if youre looking at staying home for. More than four to seven years i would say this is going to help you out a lot wait wait. Wait so you tell me if you stay in the house for more than i said three five and i. Said five to seven seven to ten one of those well we throw them in those terms you tell me.

If somebody said cetera were looking to buy this house and we want to stay here from four to seven. Years they should be looking at this option they can now the numbers can get tricky and get very very. Confusing but it definitely didnt is an option this is going to be more utilized for someone staying in a. House very long time you know once you hit a 0% interest rate or a 1% interest rate or even. A 2% interest rate youre going to have to put money up front and the goal is to make sure.

That you dont lose money by doing that you want to make money one put down money upfront which saves. You and interesting things in the bank over the time that youre going to be in the house so it. Depends on your unique situation it depends myself personally with with my you know i i did this i went. Through all this you know i utilized everything and not to give real specific but i would only need to. Stay in my home two years two years and then with the amount of money that i brought to the.

Table and if i were to sell my home after two years then i would not take a loss on. The amount of money that i came to the table with to reduce the great because i would have been. In a paying significantly higher interest over those 24 months in which case the lower interest rate cancel that out. So two years for me so it could be four years it could be seven year it will be different. For sure you can get very confusing very easy yeah so for other people four to seven years this is.

A real conversation to have yep that is probably almost everybody so now its just a question of well how. Much money do you have saved up to apply towards this absolutely astonishing option that the naca program allows okay. So that was another question please continue so this number 36,000 this number is a total number based on how. Many points that you would have to come down on the interest rate but that all doesnt have to come. From you it can come from the seller at closing and you dont lutely know lets just say hypothetically the.

Seller gives 3% closing in this scenario its going to be nine thousand dollars thirty six thousand subtract nine thousand. You come up with twenty seven thousand dollars that doesnt mean that youre going to have to come to the. Table with exactly twenty seven thousand dollars its actually going to be somewhere in the lower 20s or even lower. Than that because not all the money that you come to the table with goes to the bank as a. Fee to reduce the rate within this big equation that can be very complicated naca has a lender matching grant.

Part of the buy down in which case it you make under a certain amount of money for the region. Which in dc maryland virginia this area is approximately eighty five thousand dollars so if your household makes under eighty. Five thousand dollars the bank wont actually match dollar-for-dollar any money that you put into equity of the home to. Reduce the rate thats essentially the gist of it as far as how much money and percentage and all that. That can get very very complicated very very quickly really dont want to get into that okay dont get is.

That but the point is is that this equation is the basic understanding of how to calculate based on a. 30-year mortgage what a point is how much a point would be based on the 300,000 all things of that. Nature yeah so good all right so this is a little really good stuff and just lately real quick were. Gonna i want to give monthly payment numbers on these two scenarios right oh yes great i do so we. Have three thousand on home with a three percent interest rate this is how much money youre paying interest over.

30 years and in addition to that if you dont go through the naca program youre going to have a. Lot of other things like potential pmi mip youre going to have down payment youre going to have all these. Other fees that come along with going through a traditional route with this program you dont have any of that. So a monthly payment on this loan would be c 1264 now that is with the program thats with this. Program with this program ordering or really any any anywhere that you would be able to get a 3% rate.

Which youre not going to get a 3% rate anywhere else so lets just say you know with this program. At a 3 percent interest rate your monthly pay will be twelve sixty four and thats not including insurance home. Insurance is not including hoa its not including your property taxes this is just the number that goes to the. Loan balance to the bank now i know when you make your you your monthly payment you pay one came. In to the bank and then the bank sends off they pay for your property taxes they they do that.

For you okay but 1264 thats just going to the loan balance okay and because its 1264 over 30 years. Is the engine bay now the monthly payment for this right here is approximately eight hundred forty dollars a month. So theres a difference of a couple hundred dollars i dont know from peak to the route quick this is. Done salary 1264 and this is the monthly thing monday hand gone to your loan balance so not only have. You saved yourself a hundred and twenty thousand dollars over the course of 30 years you have also cut your.

Payment by about 30 percent here yes sir this is weird what still not good just weird it just doesnt. Even make it is astonishing this adobes kazooies you lower your monthly payment and doesnt everybody want to have more. Money in the pocket at the end of every month now you know i know you see over 30 years. You know hundred fifty five thousand twenty seven hundred you might be seen yourself well i know that but this. Option will put more money back in your pocket right now you got me thinking about something okay say more.

Yeah cuz i this is this is really crazy can you tell us theres thirty six thousand bucks youre saving. What is this 424 per month that what you say in there for 24 per month well i mean most. Of 424 would it take to get to get that $36,000 back its doing that yes lets check that out. Because i think that brings it full circle lets just say hypothetically here with 36,000 you get thats assuming you. Get no closing from the seller you want to help that no help from nope now ill call you yeah.

And in this margaret you can typically you right now you little summer maybe one to three percent sometimes more. Sometimes looks the way you are top six nurses six years six seven years something long lines of that okay. So in six years its crazy so its six years ive gotten all that back if i were to do. It the regula.

Conclusion – How To 0

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