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Method 1 – True 100% Checklist By Doing Everything In Zelda Botw

Hello hylians im nico and im known for trying to do every single thing in breath of the wild like. Collecting all items and even 999 of all materials will i ever get there who knows but today we will. Go over my checklist of what i believe is a true 100 breath of the wild file and i can. Bet there might be at least one thing you might not know about i hope you find it useful and.

Entertaining if you like it give it a thumbs up and if you want more zelda content i hope you. Consider subscribing or at least checking out the channel before we get to it there are three things i consider. That count towards a true 100 file they are things that you can collect and things you can max out. Things that are permanent after theyre done once you do it you cant do it again and all things thats. Intended for the game for example there are only 900 korok seats in the game but there is a glitch.

To collect an infinite amount which can result more than 900 im not doing those things the first thing i. Will start with is the things i was asked to do but i do not count as a true 100. Game mini games i think you should play them at least once or if you need to collect something but. You cannot complete them since most of them are about getting the best time heros path people have asked me. To cover the whole map green what they dont know is that the heroes path lasts only 200 hours worth.

Of gameplay so the beginning of the path will slowly get deleted cutting trees i cannot cut all the trees. Because they respond theres no way to prove that i did it and again doing things that the game intends. To have some might want to glitch the game and collect the ball of light and the obliterator in the. House but the game does not intend for you to have them it is an option but its an option. I dont choose this goes along with maxing hearts and stamina glitch the glitch to keep all key items you.

Get like jesus maracas glitching materials to carry 104 as the max rather than 999 and finally glitching corks to. Have more than 900 but i would love for someone to do a 110 game and do all those things. What are the max koroks you can actually hold does anyone know now for the things i want to attempt. For a true 100 game ill follow the menu starting from the adventure log all 20 main quests even though. Itll say 19 up 20 you just have to defeat ganon at least once all 42 shrine quests and all.

90 side quests if you think youve done everything but theres still a side quest missing after you complete the. Quest you need to speak to the npc that gave you the quest then the quest will be considered as. Complete all 23 memories completing the adventure log and basically all the things i want to do does require the. Dlc all weapon bow and shield slots fully upgraded miscible weapons this includes forest dweller sword kite shield vinyl crusher. Mighty lynel crusher mighty lionel spear the lino spear is missable but only in normal mode you can get it.

From a lizalfos in the akala region in master mode some of you may say you cannot get the mighty. Lionel sword from the lionel in hyrule castle but for some reason if you save the game in the gate. House reload then the liner will drop its weapons after you defeat them you can also try to get their. Maximum modifiers like attack up max shield guard up max durability max or the miscible critical hit modifier your choice. But i have missed it for the line of weapons all amiibo weapons this includes big goron sword goddess sword.

Fierce dinosaur sea breeze boomerang sword sword of six sages twilight bow hero shield all also to the maximum modifiers. Fully upgraded master sword by finishing the master trials 999 all arrows all highest level shields the reason i show. Shields not weapons or bows is because there is enough space in your inventory if you choose to keep the. Highest level shields for example keeping the dragonbone vocal shield instead of the regular vocal shield of course i try. To keep the highest shield guard up or durability up ones and the last thing about all weapons is that.

I like to have them undamaged so they shine when theyre in your inventory all armor this includes all in-game. Armor and amiibo armor and having them all fully upgraded there are a total of 107 armor and only 100. Armor slots so the ones i choose to get rid of are the ones you can easily buy again and. Cant be upgraded 999 materials there are 149 different types of materials collect them all and of course i would. Love to get 999 of each except fairies discover all roasted and frozen foods if you pick up a roasted.

Or frozen foods for the first time this happens after the first time it doesnt happen again there are a. Total of 62. Discover them all next is the key items all champions abilities also upgraded all 900 korak seeds. From the original locations all three medals of honors from kilton after defeating all this henoxs and moldulas all six. Horse bridles and saddles all other key items chica slate paraglider classified envelope hestos gift travel medallion and the last.

Thing is on the system menu make sure you get all ability controls especially the mystery jump slash you get. It here the next group of things is in the chica slate menu all slate upgrades and runes unlocked including. Master cycle zero and amiibo 100 on the map percentage counter all shrines and all shrine treasures if you get. All the treasures in shrines they will show a treasure next to the shrines name all towers unlocked all locations. Which will of course lead to 100 map percentage counter and all hyrule companion pictures i think it should all.

Be custom pictures but its up to you now for a few miscellaneous collecting that i think should be done. Collecting 999 999 rupees collecting 999 99999 mon from kilton make sure you use all spirit orbs whether its hearts. Or stamina make sure you grab all hearts after you defeat the blight cannons get giant horse white horse epona. I have three and the master cycle zero also get wolf link to 20 hearts you do need the amiibo. A wii u and twilight princess to do it or you can just buy the amiibo cards that already have.

Wolf link at 20 hearts get all giant fairies take all shields off of selmys wall by finishing shield surfing. At different times have all monsters to the highest level there are a few things that are permanent that you. Cant really check unless you check each and every one of them those things are open all dog treasures if. You feed the dogs at stable with enough food theyll lead you to a treasure get all 14. Melt all.

Ice burn all vines break all cracked walls grab all dead guardian parts grab all wagon oars theres usually one. In the front and one in the back talk to all npcs if you havent talked to an npc their. Name will not show up on the top of their head the moment you talk to them link learns their. Name and then it will show and finally a few random things that are permanent make sure link hangs the. Picture in his house listen to casss story after the ballads are done talk to paya after the stolen heirloom.

Quest send bolson and carson back to your house after the terrytown quest one thing that should count that probably. Doesnt because you cant go back is to get all the treasure chests and all the divine beasts and a. Personal one i did that i dont think counts is to make sure all arrows are stocked in the shops. If you bought their arrows they wont restock until your arrow drops below 50. Whats amazing about this game is.

All the crazy things that you can do in it its packed with so much and this is nothing like. Any other zelda game i think ive heard everything from everyone but if you think there are other things that. Count towards your to 100 game let me know i hope you found this interesting and entertaining if you did. Of course give it a thumbs up and if you want more zelda content i hope you consider subscribing or. At least checking out the channel see you next time.

Method 2 – Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – 100% Completion Guide

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Method 3 – Breath Of The Wild 100% In 19:47:09

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Method 4 – I Was Crazy Enough To Do A Breath Of The Wild 100% Speedrun [1

Oh man hows everybody doing this morning idiom bright and early ive made a terrible mistake i spent last week. Making a map of the route if were looking at the world record i got 14 hours into the 24. Hour around the world records 24 hours past that 14 hour mark which i predict will be around the end. Of tomorrow i will not be using the route well i will but basically the document that im using has.

A lot of mistakes a lot of the times itll say go northwest and it actually means go southeast one. Kilometer so ive corrected the the the document about 2/3 of it but the last third i dont im not. Gonna use im not even gonna trust it at all so what were gonna do is on wednesday past the. The two-thirds mark of the run i will basically be opening up the world record and following along the world. Record video but this is my first time ever speedrunning breath of the wild lets go time starts when he.

Gained control of link so ill be doing 15 hours today sleeping for nine hours 15 hours tomorrow sleeping for. Nine hours and then however long it takes on wednesday probably like 20 most of the week it begins something. I observed while i was routing it out is the run is very slow up until the four hour mark. Because you fight a bird divine beast first and after you get a gale the run seems to speed up. A lot so i predict itll take me eight hours to get there so about halfway through today is one.

Thats the run is gonna really pick up i think they use clips to skip the tests of strength so. Were gonna be short on weapons after it basically every test of strength yeah i gotta get 900 of these. Bad boys so now we go over here i believe and we can use this to get these bows and. The traveler sword over there and i cannot let the traveler sword break because if i let the traveler sword. Break then its like for requests we need the traveler sword come on yeah you have to get the oh.

Crap yeah yep yep yep game over number one i thought i had a big weapon out not the traveler. So dude there you its gonna take a while for me to get used to like learning how much stamina. I need to get up stuff because i do not remember i practice launches a little bit but i have. Never pebble launched before i dont know how to be tb so were not doing any bt bs in this. Run i dont know how to clip so were not doing any clips in this run btb is like its.

Like bullet time bounce where you know in the air when you shoot your bow and it goes into slow. Motion if you land on something in slow motion get this crazy big bounce into the air and its really. What am i supposed to do it usually knocks over the wall what can i say i think ill be. Able to finish this run or fail because of personal reasons like last time the reason why i failed last. Time was i had a chest infection and i my chest was in so much pain i had to quit.

Hopefully i dont have that this time breathe in some you know hand sanitizer some of you might think wow. Hes so good at super mario honestly hes so good at video games this run will show you that im. Not and then its just the product of a lot of practice im not used to the double jumps yet. In this game theyre weird resetting in this run is non-existent yes over flyer i will not be resetting basically. No matter what i just do not have the time yes so now well just have a brisk jog over.

To stasis and then from stasis i think we should be able to treat launch and i think what im. Going to do the rule for liked relaunching is ill give each tree launch like one or two tries but. After that im just gonna walk it because i dont want to waste all of the durability on my weapons. What im hoping today is that i can get far enough to get gale and then maybe the second divine. Beast well see i can make it i can make it whoa normally youd hop that gap but were just.

Gonna jump off instead oh see if i got this good so thats gonna be our main method of travel. For a lot of the run is doing garbage like that off of trees thatll be fun did i ever. Shoot i might have overshot wrap yeah once i get the paraglider this wont happen reset hey i guess were. Walking so now we launch the temple of time we get the paraglider throw again a new objective you make. It i believe dont ask bonus how this works i dont know either place make sure we grab that baked.

Apple i cannot eat this baked apple if i eat this baked apple someones screaming me cuz i need it. For a quest in like 12 hours no thats not a speed tech i was just fidgeting oops oh i. Needed more help than that yo hes done it though should be north of this pond there should be some. Horses they say for speed horse you got to pick up one that is all of the same color and. Thats the fastest horse now to be able to just yeah so what are we gonna name this horse by.

The way wont even begin will get another horse at some point dont worry a belies it no no capitalization. If you all you need to do is a little bounce up right bow spinning what is bow spinning whoa. Okay okay i see you i see you make it you can make it i believe you okay no way. Youre a genius its so hard to aim theyre so hard to predict dude get him i need that weapon. No no no no no i needed that im out of arrows what uh i have one shot freakin keys.

Now im in them youre mine yeah you better run you better freakin run good we got one shot one. Arrow nailed it oh boy right after the boulder should be in a tree on the left side and the. Thing is i cant see the map so i dont know where exactly it is no my horse no move. Or move or die yeah thats it that is it you got my bad side ah youre done oh god. We need arrows for this the thing is i kind of used every single one theres one is i beg.

You i beg you i dont have many heroes left oh thank god oh arrows are gonna be an issue. For the first little bit here you can actually try and launch myself hey i think this can still work. Please work i did not work all right gotta climb the tower all right snack break probably the talus right. Yes it is is it raining or something why did i slide down why am i sliding down its raining. No its not it its sunny why is it raining at sunny rain though no i did it but i.

Didnt watch my health oh they did it to what hes done it he has done it hmm lets go. Whatever do this run again if i enjoy it ill do it again if i dont enjoy it i wont. Do it again so was that it was the other peak which direction is the other peak i actually cannot. Find the other oh its way down there one imean i mean what oh wait wait wait wait wait thats. Why thats one ill be less ewan yeah basically every shrine were just gonna do casual strats cuz i dont.

Know fast strats we need all six of these for a quest i believe and get under this slope you. Might be able to whistle run and not slide all okay were sliding all the way down okay lets just. Hope it sends it up how hurt perfect great i just shook the the club at it easy dude i. Didnt need it anyways i believe you could make it lets go im good background for doing background noise for. Work thats always been my dream as a kid when i grow up i just want to be background noise.

For my my job yeah yeah i dont have any ice arrows left cuz i used every single arrow that. I had for the core ox back there ah never see it coming oh no the horse is gonna get. Tired ill run them dont be friggin nerd under a minute this ones pretty finicky i believe you can throw. It from above but im just gonna do this and fall directly into the water yes exactly like that no. I need him house it is jumped in the horse wanted to die and now were just gonna be walking.

Along jump down here not gonna slide off were gonna give it a good chuck chuck in completely miss right. You know im gonna chuck it from above i have confidence im so good lets go fortunately we lost the. Horse yes coming are you are you guys ever gonna oh they fell for it idiots whos this lets lets. Watch it at least once good for morale right oh i love how am i even supposed to get up. When its raining like this its not even raining sunny do i is it even possible that i can get.

Up here i dont think so no more rain no no you wouldnt you wouldnt i was up i was. Up i cant frickin climb a hill link really needs to like hit the gym or something or like jog. Occasionally this stamina is complete trash dude no cause its like the first time thats happened please pull ow no. No no i need that how did i even die i was sliding down the cliff i didnt fall open. It okay before it falls were definitely gonna miss like one core i can spend like an eternity trying to.

Find it you can make it i believe i believe you can make it oh yeah i didnt actually believe. I just wanted him to think i did i saw something kind of interesting how did he do it it. Was like stasis tit and then he like chucked a bomb like blow it upwards thats not right ow apparently. I threw the bomb out and i didnt notice im pretty sure i saw something where he like bomb himself. Through this area you cant remember how he did it but were gonna try hey well that didnt work ah.

Alright drain the water ill meet you bradleys a nice area kill me hmm why then im gonna save cuz. We need to kill a guardian here thats why we saved you go to the perrys its lon one more. Or two more i think some more crap come at me come at me lets go lets go one more. Come on hey good harry practice hes done it i believe we just need to sit right here with some. Wood and some flint and we farm three scales two claws two fangs and then the rest horns until the.

Bow breaks you just sit and do it all again i think its a scale but yes were done lets. Go pick up all this good stuff mmm wow okay one theres two scales or three scales perfect bang another. Fang i owe you know what i should have rested at the fire let her try again i didnt win. The first time why does rain suck so bad though we just died minute of time lost in a 50. Hour run reset 1 2 3 4 im gonna drop something that i dont necessarily need but i want to.

Have back i bet if i walk close to it its gonna just explode with lightning immediately yep there it. Is there it is oh boy alright so now we go northeast ive never pebble launched before so hopefully this. Goes well there you go thats probably good enough that worked well yes were walking unfortunately this is the hill. Remember this one some good memories with this guys so we dont have a sledge hammer anymore unfortunately because we. Had to do some extra launches so its gonna be a little tricky with this boss fight you cant use.

Mob link club we cant use a traveler sword so we have to kill them with an ax and a. Soldiers broadsword probably bombs is what well fill them with hey good start i actually dont think i can kill. Him this isnt doing any damage the heck yeah well have to kill them with a bow and arrow like. Now if i just sledgehammer this well be done in like ten seconds but since i failed that launch like. Twice no seriously hes tell me no no no no no no no okay i thought it was like going.

Back to sleep or something were you gonna wait again is this floating how does this work how is this. Floating doesnt make any sense wait on top of it to our way is this the threat walking around on. It and we have my sledge which is fantastic oh feels good that feels good uh not taking 20 minutes. To kill a stone talus i like it i like it a lot its right now were supposed to be. Tv to the tower what im gonna do that yeah were following this road and were just gonna jump up.

To the tower okay looking for a hot boost okay stop why are you keep climbing he just kept climbing. It you wouldnt refuse to stop no you wouldnt you wouldnt you wouldnt oh what now theres stuff in the. Way the heck im not gonna risk falling i dont want to master it were risking it all right you. Need arrows from boko base arrows what yo thank you hand-delivered lets go youre right he did that of a. Phrenic bow oh actually did a launch for once lets go i feel so good i actually launched im so.

Bad hes work sober oh good no okay the hoes carrying me down feels so good when you got a. Launch its so satisfying its the best feeling in the world it should be some kid running around around here. Wheres this kit that i need to talk to there should be like a kid standing here for a quest. I dont know where he is probably in his house still ah emir a little boy oh wait there he. Is i see i see the kid the kid oh thats not it never mind every kid different kid wheres.

The kid oh yo this is probably the kid yeah there is look at this yeah look at my sword. Hey hey it gets worse it gets worse shoe hey like that oh wow its the real thing it is. Hey you want a club you want a big maudlin club fire right no you want a ride all right. Heres a ride oh look at that look that isnt it hot wow its the real thing you know it. Okay now we need to go grab a mop hey were the mop go wears them up chuck it oh.

I can see why they wanted me to pick up the mop great so great its like oh oh god. Oh god what have i done what have i done oh boy i dont know how to get back up. And i even throw this thing all the way back so yeah im so clutch no come back come back. Go back okay come on all right why stop it i mean did you spin the way what you started. Climbing you put out as ill throw it too hard whats why did it go out again no nailed it.

Hit it maybe i should be a little more careful nailed it looks like a hot pic of these young. Shy when i say hot i mean like like a good picture thats weird yeah cute as heck thats a. Better word shes like a hundred and twenty this is just like anime again i dont think ive shield surf. At all this entire run and now i learn ill even make this better weve done it let me know. Wont let me off the shield ah crap grab the wall why are you not grabbing the wall its raining.

Now too and i died im on break i dare you now we tele to kakariko wait did the chickens. Leave wait a minute that she can get back on the roof what the heck how did you get back. Up there dang it yeah good em ha ha they never saw it coming yeah drop them is your dang. Ol fireflies nerd me them back just drop him in steal him back whats wrong get stolen alright alright are. You done yet are you done talking i know where we need to go know what we need to do.

How did i end up in her bedroom i didnt realize that was helping around that much yeah one-track mind. What are you talking about one-track mind excuse me alright as misses dude up oh the fairies coming in clutch. Lets go fairies coming in clutch lets go berries coming in clutch lets go i need to pick up his. Sword i like i absolutely need that sword like i need that for requests ah i need it for you. Know that kid that i showed my my hot rod to we need it for that kid god we need.

Raviolis gate yeah a raviolis gail we do we absolutely need some ravioli god no this isnt even the right. One its that one what uh i didnt think it was the enormous freaking mountain yeah hes done it okay. So we doing minor tests of strength which should be a good time were supposed to skew cliff to do. This but i dont know how to sew oh im so good at this game yeah when you do it. One more time oh yeah cuz this is the flower one i have never 100% in it this will be.

The first time that i have a hundred percent of the game ive done like ten percent i think ive. Gotten like sixty shrines and like fifty khorog seeds i get hit were dead we got big ant back boys. Wow alright you im gonna get cleaned up boys yeah this is really tricky cuz we have to like avoid. A guardian the whole time what what are you doing good stuff thats why we say i need to check. Now we need to go this way actually yeah no my heart is still chasing me theyre everywhere ahaha oh.

My god not even the middle of something where is it thats like the walk there they are how did. I not see that ha ha ha its right there just going across do not whistle sprint crap i just. Whistle sprinted literally as i say dont whistle sprint my mind was like mutts whistle sprint lets go major yeah. This is the moment where i like im gonna be short on stuff cuz i dont have the weapons hopefully. This spear does most of the work hey that one well i think we need to like a height launch.

Ourselves into the castle so yeah alright gonna take so long oh my god so now we need to go. To the lock-up which i have no idea where lockup in my map kind of falls apart here cuz i. Cant tell which way is north or south okay yeah thats where we need to be oh there we go. Thats where we need to get into that crack we need to screw up someones office how many seeds left. Like 800 the run is very very really this actually counts as a spot that i was standing on am.

I just stuck here for eternity now i dont actually think i can leave i actually im i just stuck. Like i cant i cant get down cuz 00:31 im gonna drown i cant get in what i just wait. For the rain to stop wait but the rain literally is gonna last for five more minutes i actually dont. Know what to do were just stuck on this tiny freaking ledge and the dang will rain okay we can. Get up that jesus it took me like all of my stamina to climb poofy and what whos the big.

Man now huh huh thats right me were gonna grab basically as much as i can here royal guards claim. More i think i need to pick this one up royal any more yes i cannot let the royal guard. Claim or die though okay so i need to go style mocks so were probably gonna grab like everything that. He drops there we go there it is highland shield 00:32 my inventory is full one more time it is. He knocked somewhere around here and he needs to die where is the he knocks here we go now i.

Get into where i need to be wakey-wakey oh crap he has a sword too wow he wants to be. Just like me im an inspiration why that worked well lets not talk about this you can see anything good. Good yes now its in the perfect position to launch it straight up look 00:33 at that oh my god. Please please work please please okay i guess were doing the casual strats then no no no no no no. No no no no this is not the right direction why is that the longest cutscene in the history of.

The world and also why did i fall off i cant even casual you be quiet you cant even casual. You havent even played the game i mean let me adam oh its raining now though fire went out i. Cant actually get up now why does it have to be raining how how i guess were just going up. And around im gonna take me 200 hours the new order presenter run of course now that ive climbed all. The 00:34 way up its sunny as can be now the next step is to get onto this tower nice.

Haha well that works flawlessly wow grab it oh there it is raise it i heard it hey what what. Ha thats the tree that i chopped 00:35 do.

Conclusion – How To 100 Botw

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