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Method 1 – How To 100% Red Dead Redemption 2, Things You Need To Know

Red dead redemption to is an enormous game not just in terms of the size of its maps but also. The amount of content that it offers with plenty of animals to hunt guns to purchase outfits to wear and. More theres a lot of stuff that youre gonna have to do if youre gonna be the completionist type of. Gamer that wants to do absolutely everything in the game before you stop playing it since we like to help.

Our readers and viewers out heres all the things that youre gonna need to do in red dead redemption too. Before you can truly say youve done everything possible missions and events of course an enormous part of completing any. Game all the way through especially an open-world game is going through the story red dead redemption has around 107. Different story missions to play and those are just the story missions so doing those will already take you a. Good long while but they arent the only ones in this category players will also have to deal with at.

Least 10 of the game side missions or stranger quests deal with five bounty hunter missions come across 25 chance. Encounters which like the name says are entirely up to chance surviving one gang ambush and clearing out every gang. Hideout all of these can likely be experienced as you play through the story omission since theres 107 of them. With a bounty hunting stranger quests and gang hideouts will require you to go off the beaten path however as. Long as youre handy enough with a gun all of these can be achieved easily collectables nothing drives open-world gamers.

To insanity more than collectible items whether its core exceeds in legend of zelda breath of the wild nirnroot in. Skyrim or feathers in assassins creed small annoying collectables that gain no reward but satisfaction are a staple of open-world. Games and red dead redemption – theres no exception in order to get all of the collectables you need for. 100% completion youll have to do the following youll need to make a sketch of at least one point of. Interest find the graves of nine of your fellow gang members complete at least one set of cigarette cards and.

Complete a number of missions specifically a test of faith a fisher of fish duchesses and other animals geology for. Beginners and a better world a new friend youll also need to find at least one buried treasure and collect. Twenty dreamcatchers across the world these missions are much more time-consuming as the cards you get in a cigarette pack. Are random so you might have to buy and use a lot of premium cigarette packs or find them throughout. The world which will likely cause you to do a lot of traveling the compendium the american frontier is a.

Vast and untracked wilderness filled with a ton of stuff that you can learn about and thats the purpose of. Red dead redemption 2s compendium unfortunately for you getting 100% completion in the game requires you to fill the entire. Thing in order to do that youll have to study 50 different animals obtain 10 different equipment items fish ten. Different types of fish discover every gang in the game discover ten different breeds of horses discover 20 different types. Of plants and obtain a whopping 48 different weapons if you really get into the games hunting mechanic this shouldnt.

Take too long though things like acquiring 48 different weapons might take a good bet player if youre going for. 100% completion ranking and red dead redemption – then youre going to be spending a lot of time with arthur. Morgan and the longer you spend with him the better hell get in terms of his stats in order to. Get 100% completion players will have to do a number of things involving him and his actions these include getting. His health dead eye and stamina to the maximum along with those youll have to achieve level 4 bonding with.

A horse which means watching out for them instead of casually brushing off their debts and completing every challenge to. Make yourself the toughest hombre in the west if anything the challenges may be the worst part as theyre dividing. Into categories that youll have to complete and theres a lot of categories including bandit herbalist explorer gambler horseman master. Hunter sharpshooter survivalist and weapons expert miscellaneous there are also a number of miscellaneous things you have to do in. The if you want to truly call yourself a completionist in red dead redemption too while theyre not part of.

The regular categories youll still have to do them if you want to make sure that youve done everything you. Can in the game this includes finding five different shacks hunting down five legendary animals playing each game available to. You at least once interacting with five special characters take at least one bat see at least one show craft. One recipe from each category available and perform every type of robbery including house train and home coach while all. Of these different challenges may seem difficult to do at first most of them can be completed over the course.

Of the main story and considering how big and full of stuff to do that red dead redemption to is. You might have just as much fun getting a 100% completion rating as you would just playing through the game. Regularly and if you get stuck visit our website for some helpful hints on where to find things.

Method 2 – The Red Dead Redemption Ii 100% Completion Strategy Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to this red dead redemption to guide if youre looking to complete the game to 100%. Either for the first time or during a replay that you need to airless this guide offers something i havent. Seen any other produce so far whats the optimal order is to complete your tasks in this is actually hugely. Important because completing the game will take a huge amount of time to 100% well over a hundred hours this.

Guide provides a full schedule on how you can align the different objectives to complete as many as possible either. Efficiently and sometimes simultaneously for example did you know that you can easily complete the weapons expert 5 and horseman. 7 challenges when fleeing a bank robbery seen during the chapter 3 mission southern back to kimora or that you. Can kill one of the cougars you need for master hunter 6 during a story mission as well sound simple. Right the important thing though is these challenges have to be active before you begin the relevant mission for example.

If you make sure you have completed bandit challenge for when you start blessed are the peacemakers in chapter 2. Thats the mission way in rescue might be like a belt in the strawberry prison you will automatically get the. Next challenge during that mission and for achieving a bounty of $250 or more this saves you having to get. Into a long and arduous fight with the law in free mode to rack it up otherwise guessing the challenge. Also reduces your bounty immediately thereby wiping out one of the bigger rewards you would have had slapped on you.

Earlier in the game when you dont have much money and its otherwise very limiting to have to pay us. Off however if you havent completed four thunder challenge when activating the fifth and starting the mission then the opportunity. Is gone for good what it requires is forward planning and thats exactly what this guide provides guide also demonstrates. A series of videos showing where you can find the collectibles but with a difference many existing examples on youtube. And show how to get all the dinosaur bones or all the dreamcatchers but separately the problem with this is.

If they follow those guides independently and naively youll end up visiting the same place is more than once to. Get several different items and it taking twice as long this guide combines all the collectables in the same video. So you can find weapons rock carvings dinosaur bones shacks dream catchers etc all in one round-trip but crucially it. Also breaks them up into manageable chunks by county and state basically because if you do them all in one. Go its going to take you several hours and youll probably lose the will to live instead this guide focuses.

On doing a quick round trip to collect all the collectables when the story mode is conveniently placed you in. The right locale already thereby cutting down on your travel time it also effectively breaks up some of the less. Exciting tasks so the whole experience feels a lot less arduous still not convinced just take a quick look at. The guide and see how many tasks there are where the original red dead redemption had only 40 challenges the. Second iteration of again-as 19 the exotic sights quest alone requires you to kill sixty five rare earths picks 77.

Orchids at different locations and find 25 alligator eggs across rock carvings dream catchers and dinosaur bones you have another. 70 collectibles to track down and youve got to track down over 19 animals in perfect condition all across the. Map for mrs. Hobbes hunting requests the list goes on and its a daunting task but is made much more. Manageable if you do the tasks in a pre-planned order so as to cut down on your time travelling back.

And forth and often to cover off those tasks as part of story relations if you are alert to the. Opportunity already the full guide is hosted on gta forums and split by chapter and with clickable video links so. If you are ever unsure where to go next the answer is there right in front of you its designed. So it can easily be viewed on templates or a large smartphone and you can quickly check it whilst playing. The game please see the link in the description below its worth pointing out as well whilst i emphasize the.

Importance of speed and completing these tasks it should be remembered that red dead redemption 2 is a fantastically immersive. Game and not one you will get the most out of by rushing sounds contradictory well im willing to bet. No one find searching for 43 different plans the most exciting part of the game but it just so happens. To be one of the tasks youll have to complete to get 100% and what you want to be able. To do is to achieve some of the more mundane items as efficiently and as painlessly as possible so you.

Have more time to enjoy the plot and the character development whether thats around camp in free mode or during. The story missions the guides schedule is also arranged so it feels consistent with the plot so if arthur has. A friend who needs rescuing the guide will send you there promptly not have you sitting around playing dominoes versus. If hes just had a big argument with dutch it might make more sense that he storms off the fish. In a nearby stream and clear his head but without being untrue to the story doing things in an effective.

Pre-planned order will save you tens of hours worth of time if youre gunning for 100% game other than that. The guide has loads of other tips to make tasks easier regardless of when to do them for example the. Guide will show you when completing blandon challenge 3 that its much easier to rob for stores if you utilize. Both the gunsmiths back for in businesses in san denis and rhodes you wont get a wanted level if you. Do these right that allows you to stick around in those towns and rob another store without having to go.

Halfway across the map to access another one when the town gets locked down the one thing im afraid it. Cant help you with is gamble a challenge 8 that one is completely down to luck and the only way. To do it is to play blackjack like a complete berk for around about an hour and a half hitting. On 19 and 20 until you finally beat dealer three times with a 5 card trick please take your time. To have a look through a guide linked in the description below i hope it helps you on your quest.

To achieve 100% completion constructive feedback in the comments section will be greatly appreciated thank you and all the best. Of luck you.

Method 3 – Top 100 Easter Eggs In Red Dead Redemption 2

Okay i always loved you easy now she never loved you she never did go easy so so are you. Ready sure second time luckier second time more like seven thousand this is my lifes work it is incredible what. What is it it is life itself morons who doubted me it is me and you that isnt he is. That it for now i am oh you just saw creations second i just saw a machine bottle a few.

Steps i have a son i am the luckiest man alive i those morons they doubted me ill see you. Later yes yes goodbye oh there we go wheres your creation now foreign oh so so well whats eating you. Partner eating me im sorry ill dry up what see im uh hey can i ask you a strange question. I mean it sounds ridiculous but im on the level i dont have a clue what you just said well. Im sorry sport huh theres these funny rock carvings they look a bit like this okay yeah the thing is.

I sort of like really badly have to find all of them now its sort of a puzzle thing of. Me i know it sounds ridiculous but im on the up and up and its really important little rock carvings. Yeah exactly little rock carvings what do you want to do with them well its sort of very complicated and. Youll think im jazzed if i tell you youre what drunk are you no huh i wish no im uh. Lost its a long story can you find the carvings i have no idea well i sort of need them.

Hey listen if you find them ill pay you handsomely send me details if you can heres my card if. I cant well im sure you can sport im sure you cant francis and clad arthur morgan pleasure i dont. Understand why do you need these things well i told you if i told you you think i was on. The hooch what im gonna have a lie down i dont feel very well and neither would you with yeah. But hey what harm could it do me so as long as you can cover postage well get it there.

For you well now hello hello mr sinclair oh hello can i help you oh im sorry for intruding uh. Mrs sinclair yes how did you know im looking for your husband my husband yeah hes dead hes been dead. Since just before francis was born one year ago your husband francis is dead no this is francis my husband. Tom is dead uh im a little confused yes i think you are what was your name thats not important. Excuse me so so hmm hello why is the day isnt it sure what our country im working on a.

Project photography yeah i guess that man of course wildlife thats my thing well thats what i want to be. My thing if i have to take another picture of a grumpy house frow or pompous middle-class burger i will. Feed myself to the lions stand here here just there albert mason arthur morgan pleasure im trying to find and. Capture images of our great predators before our greatest predators kill them all and stick them on some clubhouse wall. Good luck with that yes not the easiest but well i love a challenge hey mister i like this one.

Good job so so so go away please why dont you turn around and go back to the light can. You leave my cave please go and find your own cave there are nasty things and nasty people down here. And i dont mean you im the devil im the devil im the devil okay im not the devil but. I want to be i want to be and thats even worse im a nasty man go away i dont. Want you here is that so bad wanting solitude wanting loneliness wanting anything but you go away so youre the.

Genius weve all been waiting for my god youre a fool goodbye uh i a tangled web is woven in. Life and your tangled web should have been cut a long time ago for your hair blinds you to the. World around you i have been waiting for you here is your fortune a mans philosophy cannot be easily communicated. With words nor can the smell you exhibit since you have not bathed in what seems like a becky listen. Closely for your fortune a tree is known by its fruit until it falls and decays and its fruit only.

Fed scavengers and savages unappreciative of its gifts time must have for wisdom to be conveyed and you seek it. Too much too often like all men visit again leave me be ah leave me alone whats left of me. Just do one thing or not be two people at once thats all im saying it aint that simple you. Know that as well as anyone just seems like somethings changed oh this last goddamn dude easy now oh dont. Be shy partner no such thing as a stranger here hello mister well you look like you need to take.

A load off well aint this a rare treat why didnt you tell me we had guests coming i to. Fix myself up nice oh now you know you look perfect princess uh i aint no guess miss im just. Passing through oh nonsense well come on in rest a while and we got food on the stove and a. Bottle of the good stuff weve been saving its decided then im gonna go freshen up i appreciate the offer. But um i best be on my way oh come on now how you gonna turn down a hot meal.

And good company ill go open that bottle hey there he is come on in come on this is uh. Very kind of you dont sweat it partner the pleasures all ours i hope she aint primping for hours up. There well never eat go check on her will you me well sure hey get to know the place make. Yourself at home well just go hurry her up a little i see im sure shell be down in a. Minute oh you dont know her like i do married to that mirror that one go on partner she wont.

Mind well look who it is you are hungry aint you i didnt mean to insult miss its all right. Looking aint a crime you go out and have a seat at the table ill be down in a minute. Here just asked me to check on you thats so oh you dont need to make any excuses no siree. An old family photo it got damaged unfortunately ah six sons of sheila be down in just a minute that. Is what i like to hear hey now pull up a chair partner so i opened the door up there.

And saw some bones human bones oh thats my mama rest in peace i just couldnt bring myself the barrier. This way is better hell pull up a chair partner hey hey this is just about perfect one of the. Moments you wish could last forever well like i said i cant stay for long theyll look at us like. A couple of old friends ah its a short life but a merry one here we are all the fixings. I hope you boys left some room in your trousers that smells delicious the food dont smell too bad neither.

Oh how do you like it thats good different that means so tender you know what this place used to. Be a pig farm when we was when we were kids yeah before we lost our mom and paul horrible. Business horrible but we still got each other aint that right honey pie and we still know how to hide. The whole killing time here here thats for you yeah where are my manners drinks yeah i could definitely use. A drink that stuff will put hair on your chest oh i doubt he needs that lets loosen you up.

Some more come on what the hell is that thats an old aberdeen home recipe yeah that one right there. Is in 1894. Feels like someones stabbing me in the head come on i thought i had a man here. Not a boy one more and you and i both will go upstairs and have a lie down ah what. The hell oh about time and take whatever cash he 00:31 has on her put behind mama what the hell.

Just happened those crazy sounds of got some explaining to do here 00:32 00:33 you you aint crashed so there. We go hit it hey friend fires always better with company come and rest thanks hmm so where are you. From friend kinda all over the place i am from mexico i left because my best friend a man id. Known my whole life betrayed me and why am i telling you this because often the company of strangers is. The best kind the closer we get the more cruel we become oh yeah see you know it too i.

Dont know how well you know the town of uh annisburg 00:34 but they tell a story of three brothers. Close as can be until greed destroyed them they found gold together but one of them ran off with it. All now the three of them lie dead they say the brother marked the spot when hed hidden the gold. With tree carvings until he was followed there and shot dead by one of the other brothers as far as. I know its never been found and neither has the body of my best 00:35 00:36 friend hey so hmm.

State your side sir north or south well i sure aint from the south lucky for you captain hayden russell. 29th ambarino volunteer infantry do you bring news from general scolic whos general scarlett im awaiting orders we will move. On lemoine soon and takes underneath from the rebels you do know what year it is right what kind of. Questions that 1862 april 14th now move along civilian and watch yourself johnny rebs 00:37 in the area north or. South state your side sir i aint no southerner if thats what youre worried about i am worried very worried.

Indeed captain hayden russell 29th amberino volunteer infantry weve met before you know i never laid eyes on you and. My life been stationed here oh why we should be pushing down to le moines soon communications been slow and. Difficult but like general scalix says a good soldier knows how to wait youve certainly done that well i cant. Be caught nattering to civilians i have a poster guard are you at the union i guess so you guess. So youre a civilian of sorts you dont remember me at all dude 00:38 ive never met you but i.

Must say an able-bodied man not signing up thats a damn shame its been a hard war a long war. Very long in your case now were moving on lemoine soon im just waiting for word from general scallock theres. Been some activity on the telegraph so im sure its any day now and until then i keep my uniform. Washed my boots polished my rifle clean you dont need to be stuck out here no more do you want. Me to take you to nearest town a soldier never leaves his post not that i can expect you to.

Understand that 00:39 now if youll excuse me i have to get back to the inspection of arms so can. I help you sir i do all i can manage are you im looking for a girl who came in. Here earlier with a drunk feather mid-20s blonde youd remember her yeah theyre in 2b upstairs are you uh a. Friend of his a friend of hers oh can i help you sir no 00:40 wrong room no harm done. Join me im a chilonian have you read our book no i was just leaving what the hell has happened.

To folks in this country how are you sir okay a great and wonderful event is happening in shalonianism it. Is quite wonderful can i tell you they come more sure why not the world is coming to an end. I am so happy a new master has arrived and he is leading those who know to safety i plan. On joining him myself oh hes in the hills near granite pass its not too late 00:41 ive been trying. To warn everyone but no one will listen believe me safety is all that we have okay good luck we.

Alone shall be saved are you lost friend follow me sir follow me together we can be safe follow me. With this shell i am safe from all things we shall not be defeated we shall be saved 00:42 00:43. 00:44 00:45 follow me and be saved follow me follow me follow me to chelonia foreign um you all right. Man you okay man im talking 00:46 00:47 im not gonna hurt you creepy bastards so um hmm 00:48 00:49. 00:50 whoa easy so uh hmm so calm down girl easy now 00:51 00:52 so whoa what the hell you.

Doing out here buck naked 00:53 quit running damn it ah looks like im intruding get back 00:54 00:55 all. Right come on itll be okay oh uh so hes easy 00:56 00:57 00:58 whoa easy wow um uh crazy. There we go um 00:59 01:00 so um easy never let me down girl easy girl 01:01 01:02 there he. Is easy so easy now look at you ready um 01:03 01:04 01:05 get out of here go away youre. All bastards bastards so uh mister ive been trapped down here uh i dont want no part of whatever perversion.

Youre engaging in down there youve gotta help me its that crazy gunsmith he made me dress up like this. Hes got me chained to the goddamn fruit welcome come have a look around oh hey thats a pistol i. Want to see whats in that basement of yours show me right now nothing to know worse 01:06 down there. I swear why dont i be the judge of that open it now all right all right i aint got. Nothing to hide i got my boy sleeping down there such a shame to wake him you know you could.

Always come back after he wakes up you just stay away from me i know what i tell you about. Talking to your paw that way oh oh thank god why are you wearing that sailor suit that crazy maniac. Put me in it he thinks im his kids son kidnapped me he did do i look like a kid. Always in such a rush to grow up these days arent they just what the hell is going on here. He was being a bad little boy stealing candy from the store again its for his 01:07 own good im.

Not your little boy you mad son of a no the chains shoot the chains oh oh finally thank you. Thank you oh im sorry please forgive me i know it was wrong i just couldnt face that he was. Gone i was teaching sammy how to hold the rifle proper out by the river the recoil shot him backwards. He slipped into the river the water pulled him downstream so quick it all happened so fast i didnt know. What to do i searched up and down that river bank for days 01:08 but i couldnt find my boy.

I just missed him so much and you you remind me of him you look just like him im so. Sorry please forgive me its too late for apologies you just count yourself lucky that i dont kill you for. What you did dont know what else you want from me take what you want i dont care anymore 01:09. So go away so youre the cake i thought i told you to go away you did well you havent. Why would i listen to you youre a hermit i am not a hermit im the king the king get.

Out of here go on get lost you are lost get less lost but get lost get out of here. There we go we are here today for a very special occasion that we reestablish sanity and supremacy before it. Is too 01:10 late our numbers are waiting if youre gonna watch keep it quiet supreme to congress and the. Ludicrous ideas but today we grow once were do you choose to accept the light yes sir yeah oh here. We go 01:11 yeah much yeah all right there we go the eternal life that went about as well as.

Id expect think maybe its a sign you pity small-minded fool you and your kind will be the end of. This country oh yeah see im thinking of doing everyone a favor and putting a bullet in your hand you. Dirty son of a ill show you 01:12 goddamn hooded rope ill kill all you bastards foreign come on come. On show me something you better not drop it you better not come on you para cream pies do you. Want this rally and a half of her night why does this always happen to me i just cant win.

Have some respect just leave me be well yes they got what was coming 01:13 01:14 corruption personified i will. Cut you down hold up so easy now hes easy hello there friend how are you im rather lonely you. See im too big i havent got any friends because im too big 01:15 is that so yes yes it. Is so thats sort of why i said it that and because i was lonely and wanted to talk maybe. We could be friends ive always wanted a real friend someone to discuss the human condition with you know i.

Dont know much about that neither do i be well friend be well nice to see you again and you. How have you been okay i suppose thats good ive been lonely very lonely im faced with a stark and. Unpleasant choice be lonely get murdered not very exciting as it goes hmm i suppose pick lonely did.

Conclusion – How To 100 Rdr2

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