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Method 1 – How To 1099 Someone?

Hiring more employees doesnt always seem like the greatest idea doing so can be expensive and more of a headache. No matter the industry youre in one way around this is to hire contractors and while this is an excellent. Way to save money it wont get you out of doing taxes for them in this case you need to. File a 1099 however if you dont know the process then stay tuned but before we get into the 1099.

Process lets review what this form is what is a 1099 miscellaneous the 1099 form is used to document miscellaneous. Income youll send this out to any independent contractors who did business with you in the last year it is. The equivalent of a w-2 form but for outsourced work youve got until january 31st to get these forms in. Order and send out not meeting this deadline will cost anywhere from $30 to $100 of form step 1 check. Your information make sure you have the current name address and social security numbers on file for your independent contractors.

This information should have been collected via w9 form if you dont have this information on the file the irs. Will allow you to withhold 28% of the persons or companies pay so are there any exceptions to 1099 s. Yes there are anyone who received less than $600 in payments from you is excluded personal payments and transactions are. Also excluded step 2 grab your forms you cant download 1099 forms you have to either order them from the. Irs or pick them up at an office supply store also some accounting softwares offer them which can save you.

A ton of money in the long run step 3 fill out the forms there are three portions to this. Form send copy a to the irs copy b goes to the independent contractors and copy c is yours to. Keep for your records start with your information this could be your social security number if youre a sole proprietor. Or an employer identification number for the majority of other businesses work your way down filing out your information and. Then the information of the contractor who work for you enter all of the money paid to the person or.

Business and any withholdings as well a lot of this will be done for you if youre using an accounting. Software step for mailing out after completing and mailing all of the 1099 forms the next step is mailing a. 1096 to the irs this is the form that summarizes the total amount spent on all of your independent contractors. You have until the last day of february to get this done you must send this form along with copies. Of all the 1099 this task is a headache theres no doubt about it however its a requirement and you.

Need to get together with your accountant ahead of time to work out the details so they can help you. Make the process as painless as possible they arent the only ones who can assist refer to our form 1099. Generator to automate your accounting and pay stub needs check it out today at the pay stub com if you. Enjoyed this video be sure to like comment and subscribe.

Method 2 – 2 Min Tax Take – How To Fill Out Form 1099-Misc

Hey my name is brett her im an instructor for overnight accounting comm and i want to welcome you to. Our two-minute tax take in this two-minute tax take we are going to teach you how to complete your forms. 1099 miscellaneous and we are going to try to do it in two minutes or less let me set my. Watch here i have a bet with brad that i can not do this in two minutes or less brad.

By the way is our producer hes always saying i have too long-winded in my videos so im gonna prove. Him wrong in this one so are you ready i got my watch set now and here we go okay. Part number one what do you need to complete form 1099 miscellaneous well of course youre gonna need your form. 1099 miscellaneous as you can see here that is copy a youre also gonna need copy b copy a goes. To the irs copy b goes to the recipient you can see here that this copy a is white it.

Is supposed to be red so the copy you get from the irs which you have to give narus or. Order in a store you cant print them out you need the red copy to send to the irs copy. B can be pretty much anything its using your own white paper you also need form 1099 i mean form. 1096 that is a transmittal form it goes to the irs you send your copy of your ten nine miscellaneous. With the 1096 sent up to the irs okay how do you complete it youre gonna have to complete your.

Payor information thats your information right here name and address and that information there youre gonna need your payers yeah. N number or your social security number if you dont have it id suggest you get an ein number because. You dont want says curry number floating around over to place recipients information going to need their ai n number. Or their social security number very important you get that information and their name and address goes here you could. Have complete one or two other boxes on this form youre gonna be a complete box one rinse common most.

Common health promotion week will be a box seven not employee compensation for services $600 the more you pay during. The tax year okay form 1096 youve got to complete the name and address information up here you got to. Complete this information here this is your information by the way the person paying the forms or sending the forms. To the recipie the person who paid the recipients the money right here youre going to need to put your. Social security number here box two or box one youre going to need to put your ein number youre also.

Gonna need to let them know the total former senator a number of 1099 tonight at miscellaneous that are going. With the forms also you need to report the total map those report on all the forms to nine nines. Miscellaneous whatever box youre using and then also here you check this box right here performed tonight tell them its. A form 1099 miscellaneous at your merrick male cop to be the recipient male copy a and form two nine. Six to the irs make sure you do that thats very important do not bend those envelopes use a big.

Envelope to do it you still have any questions who receipts form 1099 miscellaneous or payments to require form ten. Nine miss aways take our course born to nine on basics rent and non employee compensation thank you so much. Again im brett hirsch and i did go over a little bit but you may notice that in the end. I was doing a promo for our class so that does account brad.

Method 3 – How To Fill Out Forms 1099-Nec | New 1099 Form

Today i want to take a look at a brand new form for small business for all businesses its called. The 1099 nec the non-employee compensation again its a new form and its taken part of the information we were. Reporting on the 1099 miscellaneous and moving it to the nec but before we just jump into the form and. How its changed probably just a little bit of history of why you know its one thing to say heres.

The form but i think the other thing i kind of always want to know why so if i go. Back over 35 years ago there was actually a 1099 nec an unemployed compensation and there were several other 1099s. So as when we look back at that time they were looking at possibly electronics they were looking at trying. To get all the information they could on one form so they started aggregating it together as time moved on. And that eliminated the 1099 nec back again over 35 years ago so this is an old form brought back.

To life so today our focus is looking at what happened how is this created so number one is that. As you know with information reporting being electronic and deadlines the 1099 miscellaneous with extension you can go up 2019. And prior you could go up to march 31st before reporting a few years ago uh the path act about. Five years ago changed it but gave the irs time to program and if you remember even like the w-2s. They shortened up whenever they uh reporting was they also held off credits that were refundable until february 15th so.

As they move the deadline later for you to be able to get a refundable credit on it on a. 1040. Now what this is an attempt is to slide back and make the requirement like theyve tightened up on. The w-2 for the non-employee compensation which is a highly non-compliant area but the big thing was actually dealing with. The dates so right here i want to im going to look at an old last year and im going.

To highlight this its a 1099 miscellaneous for 2019. This is what we did last year oh law and then. Were going up with new law so were going to transition this so what happened was that we had this. Line here called line box seven right there non-employee compensation well that was with all these other boxes and some. Of these other boxes the information was not ready by january 31st so or actually its due february first for.

This new form so what they did is they pulled this box off of the 19 return and im going. To slide over here the new 20 20 non-employee compensation kind of line them up here together and so what. What i have here is they we have a new form this is in 2020 let me be consistent here. Im going to highlight that and then we got a non-employee compensation form so literally im going to take my. Im going to take a different color marker here and what we have literally done is we have taken the.

Non-employee compensation out of 2019 right here and weve moved it up to right there that is that it in. A nutshell that is the new non-employee compensation well thats the form but now what i want to do so. All that happened to the 1099 miscellaneous which ill be doing under a different seminar ill be going through the. Detail on that im going to take this away now and what our focus now is this form the question. Then we need to know what when in the old box seven see its just one thing to say well.

What was the o box seven put in the new 1099 nec but lets do a review what should go. On now the 1099 nec which is very consistent with the old box 7 miscellaneous so if well im going. To go down here and now were going to focus and ill highlight that im going to focus on box. One so if you look here at box one what goes in there and theres actually there there is actually. Four requirements that need to be met one is that whoever youre making this payment to is not an employee.

Two its part of your course of trade or business and what that means is that if i pay somebody. To mow my lawn at my home thats not trade or business but if im owned if im paying somebody. To mow the lawn at the office that is trader business one of the other of the four requirements here. Here on line one is the fact that it if its greater than 600 dollars cumulative for the year so. You may be writing them out twenty dollars a week every week from on that lawn but when that accumulates.

To 600 what you have to do is issue that person a 1099 nec by or before february 1st so. Its due february 1st well as you can see there that shortened up that reporting requirement from march 31st all. The way back to february first big big change also i want to say there is no extension on the. 1099 nec and when i get to the end of this video and i do a recap im going to. Go back over there is no extension its due by february 1st so weve got to really think about our.

Accounting and our software so uh the important thing is you got to meet the four requirements i think i. Left out of those four i left out who too its the partnerships llcs sole proprietors anybody but a person. That is a corporation and theres some exceptions to that but the general rule is you dont have to issue. A 1099 nec to like a c corporation those are the four requirements of why you need to report it. On box seven not an employee its a partnership its an llc its a sole proprietor its over six hundred.

Dollars for what you have wrote checks for in a trader business now who all does that include and that. Is then who and typically this is related to self-employment but the items that go here in box seven is. Some of the examples would be the person mowing the lawn if i have a vet on the farm and. The vet works animals and it goes over six hundred dollars even though theres medicine in that bill i still. Have to issue it its for professional fees its for accountants its for attorneys its its for services rendered uh.

If you have a company truck worked on and the major part of that is labor then that labor the. Whole thing unless its broke on separate invoices all goes into that 1099 nec and i always say this when. In doubt included in the nec because you have written that trade that other company you have written them in. Check so i think its important uh that what goes in box box one here is actually what went in. The old box seven on the 1099 miscellaneous so that part of qualifying for what goes in the box has.

Not changed you know some of the other examples one of them is bartering and actually in the instructions it. Even covers bartering for services you trade a call a trade out it would be an attorney trading out for. Meals at a restaurant it would be you know just any kind of again bartering or trade-outs its the fair. Market value of that item so again a very broad list its for services and you always think of services. Its for labor its for contract labor again nothing has changed on what goes in now on the new 1099.

Nec box one same set of rules that was for the 2019 and prior 1099 miscellaneous box seven so as. We go in and look through you can see on this form you may have federal withholdings here in box. Four so not a lot of information you may have states theres a dotted line here where you can report. Up to two different states now while were here in the new 1099 nec the reporting to the state is. Your separate responsibility the irs does not automatically report this back to the state so whatever state youre in or.

Your clients in youre going to have to look at the state requirements but youre going to have to provide. The states this information additionally so that is that is a change so again number wise what amount goes in. Here weve covered the four requirements and then the types of the examples weve covered then we may have federal. Withholding not normally that would be if you got a notice for backup withholding for example if they gave you. A wrong social security or federal id number here on the left and then state requirement and then finally if.

We go over to the left side its the normal name address the payors id number the recipients the recipients. Name name and address so i think thats really important so now what i would like to do im going. To slide this out of the way and im going to come in and im actually going to look at. An example here so this is an illustrated example of how to do the reporting it says complete form 1099. Nsc it illustrates in the following example z builder okay thats the payer is a contractor that subcontracts drywall and.

Im doing this example because i think this is really neat this here is say whoever z builder is working. For will probably be issuing them at 1099 nec and non-employee compensation and then z builder here is going to. Issue a subcontract drywall to the subcontractor ron green so proprietor okay remember our requirements its called one its a. Sole proprietor its nzs trader business and mr green is not an employee and were going to find out its. Over 600 okay during the year going back to the exam going back to this example during the year z.

Builder pays mr green 5500. So weve hit her fourth our fourth requirement to issue an nec z builder fills. Out a 1099 nec because again they paid over 600 so what happens is the amount was paid use my. Highlighter again was fifty five hundred dollars if youll notice the rest of the right side where our numbers go. And thats kind of you know if i lay this pin right here to the right is numbers and most.

Of the time youre going to have an unemployed compensation and youre going to have a you may have a. State where theres withholdings and state income after that then we again here we put down the 5500 and then. We put down z builders information the id numbers run green dba y drywall address location this point in time. We have now completed the 1099 nec in recap remember what happened was we took one box from the old. Box seven of the old 2019 miscellaneous income we then we then move it to the new form the new.

Form nec for 2020 and number wise most of the time were only going to worry about box one which. Is what we did here in the example pretty straightforward i think its more important of the information that youre. Obtaining and discounting as a recap remember it is due by february 1st and for this year 2021 again february. 1st 2021 so so you know as soon as possible you need to be doing this there is no 30-day. Extension as we had with the miscellaneous no extension this is required and the reason why as i said in.

The introduction its in order to get that information in just like w-2s and all that information can be processed. By the irs by so that they can start comparing it to the tax returns much faster with that i. Hope this helps please stay tuned thank you and have a great day.

Method 4 – How To: Your Guide To 1099S For 2020 Taxes | Quickbooks Online

Hello everyone thank you so much for joining me today for your how-to guide to 1099s my name is cherisa. And ill be your tour guide through your quickbooks online account to help you with filing your 1099s well go. Over how to prepare 1099s in quickbooks online and make sure you have all the tools you need to get. Those 1099 documents to your team lets go ahead and get started youre going to go ahead and go to.

Your far left hand navigation where it says payroll and in that sub menu youre going to go ahead and. Select contractors once you are in the contractors section at the very top of your list of contractors its going. To say prepare 1099s go ahead and select that from here youre going to see that you can start your. 1099s right off the bat or if you scroll down just a bit youre going to go ahead and see. Some frequently asked questions i definitely suggest taking a look at these to see if any of them are going.

To answer any questions that you may have going forward for example now going into the 2020 tax season well. Be using the 1099 nec form rather than the 1099 misc form 10.99 misc will now be specifically for any. Extra compensation that is reported so you can see here what is the difference between 1099 nec and misc you. Can also see how much does this cost do i need to file with my state what is a 1099. As well as some other questions that are generally asked during this time if you are going to manually print.

Off these 1099s and send them to your team go ahead and click order a 1099 kit once you click. Order a 1099 kit a new tab is going to pop up and its gonna show you a few options. So 1099 nec forms youre going to go ahead you can click that or you can go ahead and click. 1099 misc or just scroll down and here youre going to go ahead and select the state that youre filing. In and then choose the quantity that you need and then add to cart if you need any 1099 misc.

Kits then you can go ahead and do the same select the state youre filing in select the quantity you. Need add to cart and then from there you can go ahead and purchase them from here we can then. Go ahead and continue our 1099s im gonna go ahead and click on that and from here its gonna make. Sure that i have everything set up correctly so here im gonna review my company info make sure the name. Of the company the address are all correct the tax id and phone number look good and then im going.

To go ahead and press next here i can categorize my payments to my contractors or 1099 vendors the most. Common payment type is gonna be box number one for the nec this was formerly box number seven on the. Misc forms so you may recognize that youre going to go ahead and say non-play compensation youll then go ahead. And select the account where you track the payments from and then if you need to select any other options. Go ahead and take a look if youre unsure you can always reach out to us or you can hover.

Over the name of each one of those boxes and its going to give you a little snippet of what. Its for once youre ready youre going to go ahead and select next and here were going to review your. Contractor information make sure the first and last name are correct the address their tax id and their email if. You need to take any action make make sure that you click edit and then update their information if it. Is missing any information it will show up in red so that you are able to visually see that and.

See that you need to make any updates or changes im going to go ahead and press next and here. I can review and check that the payments all add up so i can see total payments if its supposed. To be landing in the nec form any excluded payments and then the 1099 total that will be showing up. On their form if everything looks good i can go ahead and say finish preparing 1099s and here once its. Available to you guys its going to say e-file for me in green or if youre planning on doing it.

Manually yourself you can say print and file myself when i click e-file for me this 1099-e-file service will pop. Up and that way i can go ahead and continue on i can go ahead and review the info i. Can select the users that im going to be filing for so im going to check mark make sure all. The boxes are checked their tax ids are correct the address is correct and the nec numbers are correct i. Can see that has not been submitted yet i can go ahead and press continue i will then pay for.

The service and then choose my delivery option and then youll submit your final forms if you are going to. Print and file yourself go ahead and select print and file and then youre going to select the form type. And print a sample of what youll need to print so 1096 form this is the form thats required for. Filing by mail and then 1099 form print applicable forms as shown in the summary so i can select the. One i want to print out ill load my blank paper into my printer print a sample on the blank.

Paper and make sure that it all fits perfectly if it doesnt line up try again until it lines up. And then youll say yep looks good and then youll go ahead from here select the ones that you actually. Do want to print and then press next youre done printing your forms and youll press done and then all. That information is going to then be sent out to the irs and to your employees your 1099 vendors if. You ever need any help or assistance with your 1099 forms please feel free to reach out to us and.

We can help with any questions that you may have remember your faqs are right here at your fingertips in. Your 1099 section if you ever need to go back and use them as a resource but again feel free. To reach out to us use your faqs that way you and your contractors will be set up for success. For your 1099 forms thank you so much for joining me today and i hope you have a wonderful rest. Of your day.

Method 5 – How To Fill Out 1099-Misc Form Independent Contractor Work Instructions Example Explained

Hey guys and welcome out into todays video where were gonna be filling out an example very simply of a. Form 1099 miscellaneous if you hired out contract work for your business some non employee compensation so what youre going. To want to do you have to order these forms from the irs ill link that down in the video. Description theyre gonna send you this booklet here for instructions on how to fill out the 1099 miscellaneous and then.

Theyre also going to send you these things they i feel like newspaper but theyre gonna be stacked on top. Of each other so when you fill them out the ink bleeds to the other side and you can fill. Out a bunch of forms at the same time because of that so thats why you need to order these. Particular forms because theyre quite a bit different than just traditional computer paper that youd print them out on but. For todays example were just gonna fill it out on this piece of computer paper that ive printed out here.

So the first thing youre gonna want to do is the top here its the payers name street at your. Address city or town state all that good stuff so for todays example this is going to be the business. Z builders and theyre gonna be from one to three maple avenue oaktown alabama zero zero zero zero zero so. Of course a fake address here just a simple example of a business name address all that stuff so now. Were going on to the payers ti n the federal identification number so this is gonna be your probably your.

Employer identification number so just throwing an example one down here one zero nine nine nine nine nine nine nine. And im pulling this example right out of the instruction booklets also youre gonna put down the recipients identification number. So thats gonna be their social security number again were just gonna fill in a fake one here and then. Below that you have the recipients name were gonna have it ronald green and he is d/b/a y drywall and. Then street address four five six flower lane and then he is also from oaktown alabama and were almost done.

Here now you just have to go to how much you actually paid this non-employee and compensation if its over. Six hundred dollars youre gonna have to fill this out if its below that you dont need to worry about. It so for this example we are gonna put down fifty five hundred and thats gonna wrap it up guys. Its a pretty easy form to fill out for contract work maybe you hire a bunch of different people so. Make sure you get their identification number so you can put that down as well as their name and address.

And of course always keep track of receipts and how much you paid them throughout the year so you can. Add that up and put it in the non employee compensation so once you fill that out you need to. Send the recipient their forms in the mail and you have to do this in the earlier portion of the. Year i recommend just doing it right away in january filling all these out and getting them out to all. Of the respective recipients but its a pretty easy form to fill out straightforward and you go ahead and do.

That and you should be all set and ready to go so thanks guys for stopping on in for todays. Video again im gonna link down in the video description where you can get these forms from the irs so. You can order them in the mail thanks guys we hope to see in future videos bye.

Conclusion – How To 1099

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