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Method 1 – How To 180 Bmx

Whats going on guys welcome back to another video on the ftl channel today im going to teach you how. To do a 180 on a bmx bike and everything you need to know about the 180 and how to. Progress your skills were here today at greenlaw skatepark in huntington new york it has every feature you could possibly. Ask for to learn how to do a 180 on so im going to show you guys on different obstacles.

The least sketchy thing to learn the 180 on is a bang something like this at first you could just. Carve up it like this and then as you progress your skills you can get more and more spin do. A 180 you obviously need to know how to do a bunny hop if you dont know how to do. The bunny hop click this right here ill bring you back to our last video the how to bunny hop. We did last week with the 180 its just like the bunny hop youre gonna want your cranks level just.

Like this doesnt matter which foot is falling it could be this left foot or right foot you just have. To make sure that it is level and i prefer to do right foot thats the way i ride figuring. Out which way you spin is really just which way youre more comfortable turning and it doesnt it doesnt matter. At all which way you spend theres a few different ways to spin with your foot if you spin this. Way right foot forward to the left thats a regular 180 spin right foot forward to the right thats kind.

Of its a goofy footed 180 same thing with the left foot left foot forward to the right is regular. And then left foot forward to the left is goofy footed i prefer to do right foot forward to the. Left thats whats most comfortable for me and youll figure out whats most comfortable for you just by even just. Trying to ride out the bank which way feels more comfortable its probably the way that youre gonna want to. Learn how to do the 180 im gonna say everything you need to know how to do 180 is in.

Your head and shoulders so wherever your head and shoulders go and this is with any spin trick your bike. Will follow if you try as hard as you can to get a 180 but your head goes the other. Way its not gonna come around easy this is the best way to learn youre just gonna go up the. Bank and do a bunny hop and it could be at any level height speed or whatever you want that. You feel comfortable with but youre gonna keep doing that and youre gonna keep carving getting the angle because the.

Bunnyhop is in the head and shoulders but its also in the carve that you take at it so what. I mean by carve is like where your front wheel goes as youre picking up as you start getting more. Comfortable doing the bunny hop in the bank youre gonna do just try and do more rotation like this it. Might not look that good at first but even if it looks anything like this thats what 180 doing that. Youll get comfortable with the feeling of carving turning and hopping at the same time and rotating so thats how.

To do it on the bank ill show you another one right here lets say thats a good first step. On how to learn how to get comfortable with the spinning in the air and coming off the ground as. Youre rotating turn your head and shoulders trying to direct your bike where to go as you progress that youre. Going to want to learn how to do a full rotation 180 and land backwards ride fakie and turn out. Of it this is just an aesthetic thing its if you 180 say you want to eat to the left.

Youre gonna want to roll out keep your momentum going this it just looks better it feels better ill show. You what i mean so if you want to eat to the left turn out this is obviously for me. But according to the right it looks better and it keeps momentum going it just feels better thats something i. Want to keep in mind when you start learning how to do this rolling out but lets take it to. The bank were gonna do a 180 out of the bank to the flat turn out were gonna do the.

180 on the bank and theres a few things to keep in mind its very similar to the 180 on. Top of the bank landing back in the bank same idea same concept is when youre coming up youre gonna. Want to do a little carve to whichever way youre rotating so it makes it a little bit less of. A spin it keeps your momentum going off the lip and then as youre coming off the lip youre pulling. Up doing a bunny hop and youre turning your head and shoulders so im gonna be carving to the left.

Looking to the left looking over my shoulder and the bike is following behind me and youll land will do. A slo-mo 180 out of the bank right here im gonna assume a lot of your first 180 attempts out. Of the bank a lot of you going to struggle with under rotating and then rolling backwards ill show you. What my first 180s looked like out of a bank this might look like yours dont get discouraged by this. At all because it takes time it takes patience and it takes practice to get these dialed in and thats.

An under rotated 180 and the only thing that held me back from not getting the rotation was not committing. Not turning my shoulder and my head and spotting my land you want to get that good carve up starter. Next our turning pull up right as you leave do the bunny hop its all one motion and just look. Over your shoulder spot your landing another thing that a lot of people have problems with when they learn the. 180 is theyre not preparing for the landing theyre just they stiffen up when they get the rotation and it.

Takes away from the landing you dont keep your momentum going and what i mean by that is this like. You just almost stop you dont want to do that its gonna take a little bit to get you set. But as youre coming from the 180 you want to make sure you have your rotation and youre gonna prepare. For the landing what i do is i almost like pull my arms a little bit straight and i start. Leaning like a little bit back just so i keep my momentum going and dont get stiff you all understand.

Once you start getting the rotation how to just push through and keep your mouth im going you dont wanna. Get stuck but like i said patience practice and just motivation to learn this and ill show you guys a. Couple more 180 slow-mo show you guys a couple different 180s some low ones some popped ones some some fast. Ones ill just show you guys a couple different examples right here alex behind-the-lens had a really good point if. Youre struggling with the full rotation of the 180 but you just want to learn how to get you know.

A little bit more ready to do the rollout and when that the best thing to practice on is a. Hip this hip right here in necessary its a little steep to begin on i hit a little less steep. Than this is ideal because you could do like a 90 degree rotation and still get that feeling of rolling. Out backwards and turning out good concept is the back come up with a little car pop yeah whats up. Bro you know at 180 lets try it on this bank right here try it like this without pedaling on.

The ramp youre gonna want some speed on the blue when you get up to the ramp make sure your. Feet are level on the cracks so you know how to bunnyhop yeah why youre gonna ride up this double. Your cranks and then bunnyhop just like that thats it i just gotta keep practicing youll get it better thats. Sick perfect thanks man when youre ready to do the 180 on flat ground youre gonna make sure you have. A nice flat smooth surface so im not if you fall on youre not gonna get cut up too good.

So right here we have this nice painted flat ground thin concept theres a quarter the bank the hip everything. So flat ground 180 it just takes a little bit more muscle a little bit more practice same thing youre. Gonna carve youre gonna want any youre gonna do a little carve to whichever way youre spinning like that pull. Up pop as you keep trying this trick youll realize its not as hard as it is at first it. Progressively gets easier and easier you got your bunny hop style you know how to carve you know which way.

Youre gonna spin all you have to do just turn your head and shoulder and spot your landing now as. Youre pulling up same thing with the bunny hop you turn car same thing as the bunny hop right here. You get a pushing out level out your bike so you dont even need it that much air at all. To do this trick you just need that carve the right timing for the hop and then the shoulder spinning. And the hip spinning i keep repeating this but wherever your shoulders and head 10 is where your body and.

Your bike are gonna follow and then you just spot your landing and prepare for that landing the same way. That you did out of the bank or the quarter pipe and just prepare to roll out keep your momentum. Going youre going to want a little bit of speed you can try this at first if youre uncomfortable going. Fast you can try this creeping along you try this going like this its just when youre going slower youre. Gonna have less momentum to roll out and it might make it harder to land but you will get comfortable.

Doing the head shoulder turning popping at the same time and getting that rotation so just like this dont carve. Too much you dont want to over carve because then you can wash out your front iron if you go. Like this dont do this like dont do that because then youre not gonna land it dont then there dont. Is dont bunnyhop this is this is the bunnyhop tutorial right here dont do the double tire hop at the. Same time and just whip your back end out cuz youre gonna do one of these its not going to.

Be pretty its not going to feel good you have to do the same thing you do it your bunnyhop. Front tire first back tire following and land smooth this is with every trick but when you land you want. To compress your knees and get ready for the impact of landing keeps your momentum going and keeps your speed. And youll roll out smooth show you again as youre getting better at this trick it would just be like. You dont have to think about it like repetition repetition practice take those key tips i mentioned head shoulder turn.

Bike will follow bunnyhop front tire off the ground first back tire falling pushed forward as you land bend your. Knees get ready for impact and roll out smoothly the same way that you turn keep momentum going i missed. Anything let me know if you guys see anybody in the comments that needs help that i didnt explain something. Correctly or they have a different problem that i didnt mention please help them ill try to answer all the. Comments ill show you guys some examples of the 180 what it could be used for living on any any.

Grind anything ill show you guys some examples right here another thing i wanted to mention about the 180 is. Once you start getting comfortable with it your normal life you can also learn it the opposite way so whichever. Way that is not your preferred way to spin as your opposite so for me i like to do my. 180 to the left my opposite 180 is to the right and ill show you just what i mean ill. Doing right here that is gonna feel a little bit more awkward than the regular one for most people for.

Me its a little bit more awkward it takes a long time to get normal but yeah i think thats. Pretty much it if you guys have any suggestions anything i missed let me know down in the comments below. I wish you guys the best of luck were trying this trick and learning it my biggest recommendation as always. I just keep trying to keep practicing keep pushing yourself further dont get discouraged get motivated and try it good. Luck guys if you enjoy take out the ftl channel ftl site subscribe comment like whatever thanks for watching peace.

Out guys.

Method 2 – How To 180 Bmx !!! The Easiest Way, For Beginners!

Hey whats up im jacob hagar in this howto im gonna teach how to do a 180 you dont know. What a 180 is it is a 180 degree spin like this landing a fakie and then you roll out. Two tricks you have to know before this you have to know how to bunnyhop which is your basic bunnyhop. I have a how-to on that you wanna go check it out second thing is you need know how to.

Fakie and basically what the fakie is when youre rolling backwards its how to get out and roll forwards again. If you dont know how to do that i have a tutorial for that as well go check that out. Lets get into it so once you know how to bunnyhop in fakie the 180s should be pretty easy its. All about these three steps right here first step is to carve carving makes it easier if you carve 90. Degrees almost you know 45 you have less than 180 to spin thatll help you get around if you can.

Carve that 180 kind of come up turn away from the way you spin and then carve thatll help you. Would just spin itll help you get your momentum going and you wont have to spin as far for all. That make sure you know which way you want to spin if you are right foot forward spin to the. Left and if you are left foot forward spin to the right itll make it a whole lot easier now. We got that on the way heres the next thing turn your head alright thats the next biggest tip is.

To turn your head so you go away from the way you spin carve once you get to a comfortable. Spot youre gonna do your bunnyhop youre gonna pull up as youre turning your head and your whole body you. Want your soldiers and had to fall and once you just once your heads between this way your shoulders and. Everything will follow look them up the lamp backwards in your roll away step number three is commit this is. A commitment trick this isnt a trick youre just gonna get lucky with you have to commit most people when.

They do it they dont turn their head they think theyre turning their head when i say turn your head. I mean like around like turn your head as far as you can when you turn your head you want. To look for your landing you want to see where your bikes gonna be dont just turn your head and. Look forward you want to turn your head and look where youre landing so you want to turn your head. And your eyes i know its kind of weird when youre first learning this because youre not used to that.

But you want to turn your head and your eyes want to look to where youre gonna be where youre. Gonna be looking when you land im gonna do one here really slowly walk you through it as im doing. The 180 and then hopefully this over thats kind of ow watch my head watch me turn my head over. My shoulder some people say bite your ear some people say touch your chin to your shoulder whatever works just. Turn your head all right come up youre gonna carve the opposite way real quick card back youre overweight through.

Your head high and then once you do get the 180 down where youre kind of like lifting up carving. A lot then you can just hop the whole 180 you have to spin further so you want to turn. Your head a little bit harder and you want to hop a little bit higher itll help if you hop. Below its gonna be hard to get the full 180 but if you hop higher you have more time in. The air youll be able to spin around get the full rotation also you can kind of crank in your.

180 if your turn kind of give it a little crank to get around somebodys gonna call you out for. Cheating but land and these should know how to fakie this isnt a fakie tutorial so im not gonna tell. You that im just telling you how to get your back-end behind you in front of you im trying to. Tell you how to get backwards how to just jump backwards remember you just need to learn your bunnyhop your. Fakie and then you can do this with the 3-step scarf turn your head and commit fire so hopefully this.

Helps you out if it did click that like button if you have any other questions or you want me. To do a different trick tip tutorial leave a comment below and yeah were gonna be doing a lot more. Of these a lot more trips a lot more vlogs so if you want to stay with it stay in. Tune make sure you click that subscribe button and we will see you next time.

Method 3 – How To 180 Bmx | Learn Today *Easy Method*

Um the 180 is one of the more intro beginner tricks to bmx it is also less of a foundational. Trick like the bunny hop but it is pretty important i mean you know pegs hard 180s 180 bar spins. 180 techno handers you know even 360s and 540s it all starts with the 180 so this is the very. First step in your spin trick journey in bmx make me a deal guys if you get any value todays.

Video hit that like and subscribe button and comment down below what are the how tos you would like me. To make next now i also have a bmx class its the fastpass bmx class basically its just just just. Co totally cut the learning curve i mean it took me like five years to get to where im at. Today actually seven now that i think about it youre gonna learn how to get good really fast with a. Its like a bmx tree its kind of like a hack system to learn tricks really fast all the way.

Up to like im talking like double peg hard 180 bars coming out of a bunny hop in this course. Right so its going to teach you how to get really good really fast how to buy bikes when to. Buy bikes you know the good brands the bad brands proper ways to do things the right riding attire the. Best shoes how to get the best bang for your buck in general the mental aspect another really important thing. To just basically its a fast pass bmx class just gonna cut the learning curve and teach you guys how.

To get good the quickest so invest in your passion invest in yourself invest in your career and download this. Course and make sure you watch this video all the way to the end because you do not want to. Miss a little golden nugget of information maybe even watch this video over more than once because chances are when. You watch a movie you like it you watch it again youre like hey i dont remember that part i. Dont remember that detail im about to give you guys a lot of information and i guarantee you when youre.

Done watching this video in the next day week month year whenever you will be able to 180 off of. This video alone so i greatly appreciate you guys coming to hang out and without the further ado lets get. Into the tutorial so what id like to do in these tutorials is give you guys all the steps right. Out of the gate and the most of the time spent is all of the details in those steps so. Instead of saying you know pull up car whatever were going to go into each detail and then im going.

To teach you guys how to 180 higher and faster and of course the list of things to avoid which. Is very important so these steps are carve pull up turn your head and then just land the 180 and. Fakie out so number one is carve now youre going to want to carve about 45 degrees which means here. Is riding in a straight line then here is 90 degrees youre gonna want to carve at about 45 degrees. Right so youre not going to want to carve too much to where youre not really doing a 180 youre.

Doing a 90 and some people they carve too much and they kind of come to a complete stop and. Then just kind of flop over sideways the problem is is youre carving too much so 45 degrees is the. Sweet spot for a slow to medium speed now if youre doing it on a bank because a lot of. People like to try to learn these on banks first i i would try to minimize the amount of carb. You do because youre in a way already kind of getting a little bit of a boost and kind of.

Cheating in a way i dont want to use the word cheating for lack of a better term but yeah. So if youre doing it on a bank minimize your car this step will be different for everybody some people. Need a little bit more than 45 degrees some people like myself need zero degrees and well get into that. Detail a little bit later but eventually down the road you will need no carb this should just kind of. Get you going with that spinning motion number two is pull up now if youve seen my bunny hop tutorial.

I mean its basically all the same steps on this but youre gonna have to obviously be able to bunny. Hop to learn the 180 so just simply carve and then pull up and then at this point youre slightly. Rotating in the air lets say youre 90 degrees in step number three is the absolute most important just crucial. Part and that is turning your head but more importantly keeping your head turned this is the most important part. Of every single spin trick now im sure youve heard everybody in every how to and everybody at the skatepark.

Say turn your head but im gonna give you a little bit of a detail that is basically another little. Hack that is going to get you to rotate much faster much quicker and that is dont just turn your. Head youre going to want to turn your head your shoulders and your torso turn your entire upper body because. Like sure that does something but imagine comparing that to that obviously youre going to get a much better result. If you use your whole upper body and youre not going to twist your neck its going to be all.

One motion so think about turning your head and your body which makes you be able to turn your head. Even more right so thats a hack right there so youre going to turn your head and keep your head. Turned so youre going to pull up or sorry youre going gonna carve youre gonna pull up turn everything and. Youre gonna keep that head turned keyword keep that head turned and stare at your landing so basically im waiting. And im turning and im staring at my landing and winding back out you need to its just as important.

As initially turning your head you have to keep it turned because a lot of people will turn and then. Theyll stop and then you know were going to get into the things to avoid later ill go into greater. Detail there but thats most peoples issue now number four is simply just landing the 180 and doing a fakie. Out if you dont know how to fakie out or half cap out yet i have a how-to on this. Channel i will link it below you can most certainly check that out and thats basically the last half of.

The trick now were going to get into how to 180 higher now number one is youre going to want. To master the bunny hop shore thats before you even start with 180 but youre going to want to master. Being able to bunny hop higher because youre not going to be able to 180 higher than youre going to. Be able to bunny hop right youre always going to be pretty much in theory 180 a little bit lower. Than your bunny hopping so youre gonna want to master the bunny hop so basically as high as you can.

Bunny hop youre gonna be able to 180 just a little bit lower so thats the first step to being. Able to do it higher number two is keep it controlled you dont want to yank too hard this trick. Is more form than it is muscle now i said that in my bunny hop how to it is more. Form than it is muscle so if you think youre too small if you think your bikes too heavy thats. Bullsh thats just simply not true its all form so if you follow this form you know carve pull up.

Not too hard dont yank too crazy because its all form you know so you can do it you can. Barely pull up and barely turn and still do it if you have the form down thats why i said. Eventually youre gonna need zero carve because your form is gonna be so good you dont even have to worry. About that so in other words keep it controlled dont just you know carve super hard and pull up as. Fast as hard as you can because youre just gonna pull your back youre just gonna fall its gonna be.

Uncontrolled you need to stay in control and focus on the form so if you want to go higher youre. Going to be doing more pulling more turning the head and less carbs so just a heads up for that. If you plan on progressing a little bit you know quickly if you get going fast on me just dont. Carve so much because if youre going really fast and you carve youre just going to kind of fall over. Now the things to avoid of course youre going to want to avoid pulling up too hard and doing things.

Too aggressively out of your comfort zone you want to stay in your comfort zone in your skill although i. Dont want to say in your comfort zone but in your skill zone so that way if you pull up. You know heres lets say heres your skill max if youre kind of you know staying in your skill and. Then youre just learning the form youre going to be safe but if you start yanking a little bit too. Hard youre going to lose control and youre going to fall and its not really going to work its going.

To be ugly if you do land it next is dont move too quickly to learn the 180 off of. Things higher and higher make sure you are comfortable with the previous level so i talked about this in my. How to bunnyhop as well its kind of like a video game you know you get level one level two. Level three youre not gonna play one match get level one play one match get level two play one match. Get level three i mean i guess you might if its called duty right out of the gate but what.

Im trying to say is youre gonna be on one level and youre going to progress you know youre going. To get kills xp youre going to unlock things and then when youre ready for number two then you unlock. Number two in other words youre not going to 180 over a crack 180 over a hose then go 180. Over a sabrosa rail then go 180 over a jersey barrier youre gonna want a 180 that crack for a. Full day get it down perfectly every single time nine times out of ten then do the same with the.

Curb 180 onto a curve 180 off of a curve nine times out of ten then once youve mastered that. Level then move on to the other one not only is it going to maximize your chances of being able. To learn that obstacle quicker youre going to minimize your chances of getting hurt prolonging your bmx progression and of. Course not turning your head that is a massive thing you want to avoid keep your upper body turned at. All costs and this is an advice i always give on all the tricks and that is simply just filming.

Yourself in slow motion if you cant get this trick now keep in mind it might take you an hour. Might take you a day it might take you a week month year everybody progresses their own rate as long. As youre just having fun right so film yourself in slow motion to see what step goes wrong you know. Are you not carving enough are you carving too little thats the same thing are you carving too much youre. Not pulling up enough are you pulling up too much are you losing control or youre leaning back whatever it.

Might be see yourself in slow motion analyze it figure out what part of the trick is going wrong refer. Back to this video study this step one more time and then correct it so thats how you do the. 180 folks you know how we do it we like to give you the steps and then give you the. Whole story everything around it so this is a little bit longer of a how-to than im sure youve seen. Before but i hope that youve gained the most value make sure you hit that like and subscribe button comment.

Down below any videos that you would like to see next also sign up for that bmx class i have. Spent a lot of time on it its designed to make you learn the whole picture not just how to. Get good fast but how to get the best clothes shoes riding attire safety equipment everything that you need to. Know will be in that class cut the learning curve invest in yourself invest in your career invest in your. Passion i will see you guys in th.

Conclusion – How To 180 Bmx

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