How To 180 On A Skateboard – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Frontside 180 The Easiest Way Tutorial 2020

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Method 2 – How To Frontside 180 – Beginner Skateboard Tricks Tutorial (Slow Motion)

How to front side 180 in this tutorial im going to show you how to land a frontside 180 and. Some common mistakes that might be holding you back from landing them what is a frontside 180 the frontside 180. Is an ollie with a frontside spin 180 degrees of both your body and your board the reason this trick. Is frontside is because youre spinning with your body and toes facing the direction that youre moving the frontside 180.

Is one of the six beginner skateboard tricks i actually think that this is the easiest trick to learn after. The ollie and shove it dont underestimate the importance of learning frontside 180s learning this trick will introduce you to. Two crucial skills that will help you learn plenty of other tricks in the future first it will help you. Understand how to rotate your board and your body at the same time and second it will introduce you to. Landing switch on your board and rolling switch by the way i made this video to help people perfect their.

Frontside 180s as well as help people land one for the first time towards the end of the video ill. Show you some steps and tricks you can use to land your first frontside 180 if youre really struggling there. Are a few things you should keep in mind before trying this trick i think its important to remind yourself. Of these things before you try any new trick be comfortable on your board i know i say this in. Most of my how-to videos but if youre new to skateboarding then you should spend as much time as you.

Can rolling around on your board being comfortable on your board is going to help you land tricks more than. Anything else since this trick requires you to spin with your board having a good understanding of how to turn. Comfortably is really going to help you it might also help you to get good at frontside pivots and reverts. Which have basically the same movement just without the olla timing most skateboard tricks are all about timing your feet. Have to work together but theyre doing separate motions these movements are difficult or even awkward when youre trying a.

New trick if you have learned a few other tricks already then you know that after you do them a. Few times your muscle memory kicks in and you wont have to think about doing the trick nearly as much. As you did when you were learning it this is why having really good timing when learning new tricks is. Important if youre not very comfortable with your ollies then you should spend some time really getting the timing of. Them as good as you can having a good clean pop and letting your front foot take control of the.

Board are particularly important parts of the ollie that will help you most when youre learning frontside 180s jump this. Is a crucial part of most skateboard tricks for most tricks including this one the trick happens in the air. You have to get your board off the ground to make the trick happen although this step seems obvious it. Is easy to forget if you do a frontside 180 without popping or jumping its just a frontside revert for. These how-to videos i actually spend a month or more sometimes perfecting filming and fully understanding these tricks so that.

I can really break them down and help you guys land them so if youre enjoying this video or if. Its helping you and you would like to support my channel all you have to do is like the video. Or even subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you can be notified when i post a new video. The foot position for frontside 180s is actually pretty comfortable compared to a lot of other tricks you are going. To put your feet almost exactly in the ollie position with some small adjustments with your back foot you want.

To move it slightly closer to the side of the tail put your front foot where you would comfortably put. It for an ollie then move your toes slightly forward hanging them off the board you also want to angle. Your front foot slightly inward the reason i angle my front foot is that your feet want to be in. Their natural position so if you twist your foot some it will naturally turn your ankle during the trick you. Can see what i mean if you just stand with your ankles inward on the ground and then jump this.

Is actually something that people dont consider as much as they probably should if you naturally stand with your toes. Pointing slightly outward or inward you might have to place your foot differently than other people when you set up. Your feet you also want to think about your shoulder position this is especially important for tricks where your body. Rotates like this one for front 180s you want to start with your shoulders not quite square with the board. But turned in the opposite direction that you are going to be spinning you also want your shoulders and arms.

Tucked in tight to your body this is basically a wind-up for the spinning motion dont overdo it though and. Wind up too much or you will lose control or over rotate when you do the trick the front 180. Can be broken down into three parts the pop and shoulder opening the spin and foot transfer and hang time. And landing the pop and shoulder opening the pop of this trick is the same as an ollie being able. To pop a good ollie where you level out the board in the air is going to be really helpful.

When youre doing frontside 180s the main difference with front 180s is that you want to think about opening your. Shoulders and turning your body to face the direction that youre moving you also want the board to stay in. Front of your body so that your feet can stay in control of the board the spin and foot transfer. Once you have popped and opened your shoulders spinning your board and body 90 degrees you should be halfway through. The trick you want to be at your highest point when youre turned 90 degrees if you were doing a.

Normal ollie then you would be leveling out your board at this point in the trick when youre at this. Position in the air you want to let the foot that was on the front of the board when you. Started take control of the board and finish the rotation for the purpose of this tutorial we are going to. Call this your rotation foot after you let your rotation foot take control you want to pull the board around. And down to the ground your other foot should just be hovering over the bolts as you prepare to land.

Remember to let your shoulders finish the rotation as well and they should be square with the board when you. Land if youre able to get the rotation and land back on the board but youre falling or slipping out. Then it is just because youre landing switch and thats still new to you my best advice for getting used. To landing switch is to not forget to bend your knees when you land also keep in mind if you. Lock your legs then youre almost guaranteed to slip out so just try to stay loose getting comfortable riding switch.

At first is really awkward and landing switch is even worse but thats the great thing about frontside 180s you. Dont have to pop or ride switch you just have to land spending a good amount of time learning frontside. 180s is really going to make you feel pretty comfortable on your skateboard you can really get some good hang. Time with this trick i would say more than any other trick frontside 180s tend to be a go-to for. Skaters when they are trying to pop over something also since the board is sideways at the highest point it.

Is the perfect trick for getting over things that you would normally struggle to ollie over all right guys if. This video helped you check out one of the videos on the screen or just head over to my channel. To learn plenty of other tricks you.

Method 3 – Teaching A 6 Year Old How To 180 On A Skateboard

Hey guys so were here today at the skate park with jd jd and his mom jesse jesse and you. Have been skateboarding for how long three months three months thats a very very short amount of time and how. Old are you six six years old thats amazing and you can do how many tricks maybe about like twenty. Six hundred tricks thats incredible thats a hundred tricks for every year that youve been alive and so where did.

You so you started skateboarding and then you learned a lot of tricks from youtube right yeah so what tricks. Did you learn and like kind of out like what did you do that helped you to get good so. Fast watch lit more videos on bro and tony hope awesome and what like where did you start out just. At the ollies or did you start out with ramps cuz when youre in a big skate park like this. You can kind of start out at different places i started at like a ramp those five five feet and.

I dropped in it but that was my first drop in in a five-foot your first drop in was five. Feet you realize five feet is like two feet taller than you right a footballer maybe i dont know if. I feet yeah thats pretty high thats amazing so and you also skate street too right yeah likes both vert. And street cool so what trick did you want to learn today frontside 180 okay so were going to teach. Them a frontside 180 you can say thanks your mom for helping you to skateboard thanks thanks mom for helping.

These people youre very welcome just then those are good parents do they help the kids go to the skate. Park support their hobbies and various things cool so lets start out just doing some always im going to teach. You something thats going to help you out with always – okay so a lot of times what happens is. Your front foot will come up and then it goes right down but really what it needs to do is. Go forward watch it watch this ill show you the difference in two thats one way now im going to.

Now im going to push my foot forward ready you see the difference like ah try try that good good. Good there you go now one thing with the front side one-eighty is its its basically just an ollie right. Its basically an ollie where you you actually turn your shoulders and your head is the most important thing because. You almost like youre looking at somebody behind you so youre like hey whos that over there when you ollie. Um so what i was going to say is its very important to have a really good ollie let the.

More solid you are just that because then the frontside 180 comes and then you got to go same thing. Just turn your head shoulders behind you okay you want to give it a shot to the straight to the. Frontside 180 wow thats really good thats really good first try into the rock push yes take your time there. You go now remember to really pop it you still want to do that that foot drag oh yeah okay. Cool okay now with your with your head and shoulders remember the first one you did it really good you.

Turn and your board was like popped up 180 now youre not turning your head and shoulders anymore yep there. You go yeah thats much better huh okay lets get you away from this bowl toy frontside 180 in good. Is it uncomfortable to turn your head like that yeah it get it takes some getting used to so ill. Do and watch me okay good i was really loud good good good you ready i wish i even knew. What a skateboard was when i was six i think i was six when i saw my first skateboard actually.

I just saw it wow that was really good mom you got this good see youre doing really good youre. Actually jumping the boards in the air its going around now you just got to land on it there you. Go there you go okay ready doubles oh just remember to turn that head just like this good good good. I have an idea that i think is going to make it a little bit easier lets stand back here. A little bit and lets just just push just a little a little bit of speed not too much not.

Too slow just a bit now try sometimes its easier gun with a little bit of speed oh there it. Was good good that one was good now lets see that exact same thing with just a little bit of. Speed and itll be perfect there you go good oh youre a fast learner whoo good just a little bit. More turn your head and your shoulders there you go okay whoo yeah okay yeah that was awesome me the. Rock boosh join the deer together you feel like youre good you feel like that was a good one i.

Feel like that was a good one too you did a really good job you know its great about that. Trick too because you do skate a lot of like ramps and stuff is that you can go up straight. Do a 180 and then come down straight have you ever done like a 180 to rock i like on. A little quarter pipe or in a mini ramp do you know what i mean like you go like this. And then land with the coping right there yeah have you ever done that yeah well i bet you could.

Land it now boosh a big thanks for coming out and learning that trick you did really really awesome so. Hes six years old i mean that just shows you like how good you can be up skateboarding at the. Age of six that was really incredible youre doing awesome keep skating okay please subscribe click that like button leave. A comment below definitely check out skateboarding made simple its available on all these platforms ibooks rail skateboarding comm and. Google play its the most comprehensive video weve ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there.

You wont be disappointed.

Method 4 – How To: Frontside 180

The front side one-eighty this trick is pretty self-explanatory you pop an ollie within your board and your body turn. 180 degrees frontside this trick definitely falls in the beginner category and most people will learn this shortly after learning. All these the only trick you really need to know before learning at frontside 180 is a regular ollie it. Doesnt have to be too high or too crazy as long as you can do a nice ollie and besides.

That it really helps to be able to be comfortable pivoting on your front truck thats going to be a. Helping factor in properly distributing your weight when youre landing this trick the only main parts to this trick are. The pop off the tail and the simultaneous turning of your shoulders and body for the frontside 180 and the. Landing the foot positioning for this trick is focused more on your back foot being on the heel side pocket. This is where the scoop is going to come from in order to turn your board and your body frontside.

You may also want to have your front foot a little further up the board towards the bolts than you. Would for an ollie because one of the main parts to this trick is switching your weight once youve turned. Half way through this trick to your front foot and pivoting on the nose essentially you just want to remember. That your back foot isnt right in the middle of the tail like an ollie after we put down into. That heel side pocket before getting into practice steps i want to point out a few of the problems that.

I see most beginners having with this trick i do have a quick tips video addressing certain problems that people. Have when learning a frontside 180 so you may want to check that out first but ill go over them. Briefly here what you dont want to do is pop a 180 like youre doing an ollie trying to do. A frontside rotation while doing this will just keep your weight off balance and more towards back when what you. Really want is to switch your weight over to your front foot this seems to be the main problem when.

People are learning this trick and they cant get the full rotation or they cant rotate and roll away switch. So there are three main movements that will come all together in order to give you a clean frontside 180. The first one is all in your back foot when you move your foot back towards the heel side pocket. And you off and sort of push your foot forward its going to naturally cause the board to turn frontside. Its the same concept as a frontside shove-it except for the 180 your body is rotating as well so practice.

Putting your toes in that pocket and as you push down also push your foot forward in front of you. It should be a relatively easy step and as you practice it a few times you can start to add. If the rotation of your body frontside you dont have to try landing with both feet yet just get a. Feel for pushing down on the tail and scooping it forward in front of you the second important part of. This trick is the winding and unwinding rotation of your shoulders this is another important step which is often forgotten.

When beginners are learning this trick and it will cause you to not get the full 180 degree rotation when. You roll up to do this trick youre going to slightly swing your shoulders the opposite direction of your 180. And then once you pop youre going to turn your shoulders frontside at around 90 degrees your shoulders should be. Opened up and then when you land they should follow through the reason this step is so important is because. Your hips will naturally follow your shoulders and then your feet will follow your hips you can practice this step.

Slowly at first just exaggerate the movement and eventually it will get a feel for what its like to turn. Your whole body so if you combine the first two steps of putting your foot in the heel side pocket. And popping while you scoop the board and also turning your shoulders you should notice that youre getting a 180. Rotation but your weight may be landing still too far off balance well one of the main goals of this. Trick is not to land in the fakie position but to land in the switch position as you roll away.

Which brings us to our third and most important steps shifting your weight to the nose and giving a slight. Pivot the reason that this is so important is because when youre first learning this trick you may not be. Popping them very high and thus you might not be able to get a full rotation landing slightly on your. Nose for the pivot allows you to fully rotate the trick without having to pop it fully in the air. This is why i said in the beginning you should be pretty comfortable rotating on your front trucks even if.

Youre not really listening to back wheels up very high so the two things you can practice before we listen. To step are just pivoting on your nose and getting comfortable with that as well as ollying and slightly landing. On your front wheels doing this a few times will get you comfortable with the notion of shifting your weight. Forward to the part of your board that youll be prepared to turn the board so once youre comfortable landing. On your nose and slightly pivoting what youre going to want to do is just combine the first two steps.

With this one put your foot in the heel side pocket pop like a nollie and swing your shoulders frontside. At the same time you view this your front foot should slide up the nose and over the wheels and. You should start to push your front foot down so the nose of the board hits the ground first from. There the frontside rotation of your shoulders should start to engage your hips in the frontside rotation of your body. And keep in mind you dont always have to pivot a 180 this is more for the beginner whos learning.

The trick at first might not be able to pop the highest or rotate their body the fastest so essentially. You want to make sure that youre not pushing straight down on the tail you want to put your foot. In the heel side pocket and give the board somewhat of a scoop as you turn your body you want. To put some emphasis on turning your shoulders so that you can make sure you get the full rotation and. Most importantly you want to make sure you can shift your weight in the front of the board as you.

Turn 180 so that way you can ride away cleanly switch instead of being in that awkward fakie position theres. Really not too much to this trick and its easy enough that you can practice while stationary and once again. If youre having some trouble with this trick and getting the full rotation you may want to check out my. Quick tips video on it just so you can have some further help so here are a few of my. Frontside 180s its a really basic trick and once you have them down theyre really fun to do theyre very.

Useful for getting up curbs and down curb and other situations and even though theyre really simple theyre definitely one. Of my favorite tricks to just throw down while cruising now im going to say remember that skateboarding is a. Very personalized thing depending on style is skill level and various other factors certain things may or may not work. Out for you these trick tips are missing basic guidelines but really to see whatever feels comfortable and right to. You practice makes perfect and you can definitely land this trick and besides all that id like to say thank.

You for watching and you can like and subscribe if you want.

Method 5 – Why You Can’t Fs 180! | Common Mistakes Explained!

So youre having trouble your frontside 180s arent you maybe youre not getting them high enough maybe you cant land. On it or maybe you just dont know how to keep rolling switch after you do it well today im. Going to be im going to tell you how to frontside 180 and im also going to go over the. Common mistake that people make a lot that prevent them from learning this trick so thanks for clicking on this.

Video first step though if you dont know how to ollie make sure to check out my why you cant. Holley view which is on my channel you should be able to click the card in the top right corner. Here so make sure you check that out if you already know how to ollie then you already on the. Right video so this tutorial slash trick tip is going to be a little bit faster than most my normal. Trick thats just because once you get a solid foundation of the ollie this is not going to be that.

Hard to learn so really before you try to show you just make sure you have a decent amelie it. Does not have to be perfect but just make sure you can have your ollies controlled and thats me once. A but its like youre just learning maybe get your eyes a little bit and down more and then come. To this video will show you a few things what it takes so the way do you have to see. Someone any later just observe so if you look closely what i did was give it off my front rack.

A lot of people try do a trick where they try to pivot off their back truck so theyre not. Landing on the first row first theyre kind of going like like that and youre not gonna be able to. Keep rolling switch if you do this practice that motion over it so what youre gonna do put your front. Foot a little bit i guess like on the top set of bolts i just where the character starts to. Go on here not the very tip of the tail and what you just start with your weight over on.

Your front foot and then transfer that weight over to your back foot when youre going over so youre gonna. Go here so with that in mind like i said we had to pivot over your front truck i just. Want to give you another example of why pivoting on your back truck wont work in most cases so i. Got one of my exes gate with you im gonna try to ollie over it without trying to land on. My front truck so if you saw that closely what happened is my tail hits the board so why do.

You do is i need to get my tail over the board so how to do that right this is. The main thing so when youre learning this like what you did with the beginning over here just without looking. At so when youre when you ollie what you wanna do is well try to land on your front truck. First and then pivot the rest of the way encouraged so youll have to over-exaggerate this but what you need. To do is try to land on your front truck routes so i guess just way too exaggerated in the.

Beginning you can view the ollie but just like slam your front foot down fritz lets go like this so. Just get used to slamming your front pit down a bunch of times so funny trying this so maybe even. Just do regular eyes and she talked like this so as long as you can do that youre gonna be. Able to pivot it over so im going to deal with the ollie of this board and this watch really. Closely to my front foot youre gonna see im going to pin it off the front trucks when i land.

It so if you inspect that video very closely youll see that my front truck hits the ground first and. That is what allows me to keep rolling too much because if your back truck hits the ground first sometimes. Youll be able to sneak it but most the time youll not be able to keep rolling switch and the. Youre not gonna be able to do it over any obstacles as well so make sure you try to learn. This trick with the pivot you dont have to fully pivot but just make sure you try to land on.

Your front truck first when youre going on the ground so like i said before i think thats the most. Common error i see you with the frontside 180 i start with that a lot until i actually force myself. To learn it a quick way you can try to learn this is first starting off just trying to land. 90 degree rotation so just first youre gonna try to go like this make sure you get that over and. Over again and then once youre ready to go for full and 80s youre gonna try to land at least.

90 and then land on your cam so what i mean is kind of going this is gonna go 90. So you only had to do the slide but just try to make sure you force that front truck down. When youre trying just a general tip with 180 you want to make sure you always throw your shoulders with. It because if you use your legs too much then hes gonna happen youre gonna throw him and then youre. Not gonna be able to get over it youre not gonna be able to keep rolling youre gonna lose your.

Bow so always make sure you wind up youre shoulders first and youre gonna throw it all dont use your. Hips too much your hips are gonna follow when you do it so the next common area that i see. The most are things that i went through was not being able to land on the board when i didnt. Win 80 so basically what would happen is i would be able to do the rotation but i would either. Land to inward where the four bit like kind of go on my toes and then fall over or i.

Would jump too far over the board so with this this is just an easy simple fix so what youre. Gonna do is if youre landing too far inside where your toes are kinda landing on the board what you. Want to do is just put your feet more over the board so basically you just move your toes up. Across the width of the board and basically what this is gonna do is when youre turning your feet are. Gonna say more over the board while youre basically pulling it back during the rotation so just make sure you.

Put it more over if thats happening and if youre jumping too far over one thing you can do is. Kind of just lean over your back so i mean like behind your heels pretty much so kind of lean. Back behind your heels and that will kind of fix it more if youre jumping too far over the board. And for the last mistake that kind of see quite often as people want to get their 180 is higher. And be able to do it over stuff so basically the most common thing that i see with it is.

Conclusion – How To 180 On A Skateboard

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