How To 1V1 In 2K22 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to 1v1 in 2k22, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to 1v1 in 2k22,

Method 1 – 1V1 Vs My Little Brother In Nba 2K22! *Intense* Best Builds In Nba 2K22

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Method 2 – Nba 2K22: How To Invite Friends To Mycourt & How To Join A Friends Mycourt!

All right im gonna show you guys how to invite your friends to your my court and how to join. Other friends my courts in 2k 22. This is current gen and i think its going to be different for. Next gen but ill have another video for next year on my channel so you know if youre not sure.

Make sure to go look up that one but uh basically when you spawn in the lobby and you have. A friend in a my court you just want them to go to their my court if youre going to. Be joining them you just click use elevator click deck 8 and then go to my court and then right. Here its going to show your name and right there if you have a friend online you both have to. Have each other added on xbox or playstation and then their name is going to come up right below your.

My core and you just click on that and its going to send you in the elevator up to their. My court um so basically if youre inviting a friend of your my court you just go into your my. Court have each other added they go in the elevator and then they follow these steps and right here im. In my friends my core um its real simple and um and yeah thats really it so if you have. Any other questions check out my channel because i have mad tutorial videos um and yeah thats like the most.

Simple the most simple stuff so uh turn on post notifications so you get a nody every time i upload. A video or go live drop a like on the video and i appreciate it.

Method 3 – 1V1 Vs My Little Brother W

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Method 4 – Winning A Game At The 1V1 Court With Every Build In Nba 2K22

Today we are going to be winning a game with all of my build at the 1v1 court on nba2k22. So make sure you guys drop a like click that subscribe button and without further ado lets get right into. It now the builds that ill be playing on in todays video is my three-point playmaker which gets contact dunks. My point forward which also gets contact dunks my paint beast which is my post score if yall remember my.

Post score video were bringing it back out of retirement and then my pure play maker that could break ankles. That has play take its a super fun iso build so uh yeah those are the builds that were playing. On today now if you guys are wondering why am i not playing on my play shot of my two-way. Sasha playmaker everybody knows how play shot plays its not unique everybody has the build i dont think you guys. Care about seeing that my two-way sashi playmaker has zero badges they took out the rebirth system and i didnt.

Even know so this build has zero badges and it would just be torture so that is why im playing. On those four other builds so lets start it off with the three-point playmaker one of the most fun builds. I have on my account as you guys can see we are a 94 overall three-point playmaker with slashing takeover. I do get contact dunks if you guys dont believe me ima put it up on the screen i got. This contact dunk whatever i was streaming the other week um so it is possible my three point shot is.

In 85 and then i do get the speed boost off rip now mind you this is a 94 overall. So if i did have a 99 overall this would be even more juiced so put that into consideration now. It is time to go to the 1v1 court hopefully we can find a court you guys know anytime you. Put on the 1v1 court it is just flooded theres people lined up all day long oh my god theres. A spot theres a spot theres a spy oh my god theres a spot this is like a dream come.

True lets go come on baby lets go we got the spy all right im gonna get back to yall. Boys when we get on the court lets go 30 minutes later we are finally on the 1v1 court with. My three-point play maker hopefully this goes well this is my first game on of the day um lets get. It man im excited im ready my meter is off i got some boost were ready man were ready to. Take the dub hopefully all right were playing a slashing playmaker 26 level and a 93 overall bro all right.

Slashy playmaker some of these kids are really talented you know what im saying some of these kids can really. Shoot some of these kids or you know 50 you know we just got to see how this kid plays. I dont want to get him hot early so okay im gonna start it off okay im cool with that. Yes im cool with that you could shoot the ball im pretty sure he has a low three ball were. Gonna have to just you know do our thing you feel me do our thing i sew up i sew.

Up hey give me two i love to start it man i love this started off with the little two. Get warmed up like i said my first game on i dont want to come out the gate shooting 50. Oh man all right lets go come on looks like hes giving me the shot oh my god yo what. I swear i wasnt even on the line well i just turned the ball over like that uh doing a. Stupid drum move and uh yeah great way to start it off man great way to start it off i.

Just gotta bait him a lot yeah hes boxed hes boxed hes not doing anything on me bro hes not. Hes not doing anything on me man i already know what hes going to do okay yeah thats exactly what. Thats exactly what all these slashers once they get their little momentum going downhill its over you just gotta bait. Their shot all you gotta do is just bait their shot every single time just bait their shot every single. Time yes yes we should be good against this kid im not gonna lie to yall we should be good.

All right lets go come on im shooting this if he gives me any little space im shooting this thing. But guess what you play high i blow by give me the easy two this build can dunk like i. Said i get slashing takeover i can i can literally get contact dunks i might be able to get a. Contact this game like you never know hes giving it to me green first shot i love to see it. Lets go come on i like this were moving well um yeah hey sometimes id be getting on and im.

Rusty as hell first game like its bad hes letting me shoot green you gotta step up were almost in. Takeover already were shooting a hundred percent just one stupid silly turnover but uh yeah were good we are great. I love it i love it were playing good oh my god now the luca come on hey that is. Too overpowered the leukodontic step back whatever it is that move is so fire this one right here ah bro. You get so much space like look at this slashing takeover already oh we got to get a contact dunk.

For the culture bill we got to bro for everybody thats watching this video were getting contact dunk all right. And if i dont yeah he gotta play lower its just not gonna you know i cant just make it. Happen hes gotta play that type of defense in order for it to happen i need this kid to play. A little lower but uh it looks like he doesnt want to play any lower than what he is already. Come on come on please come on please man come on bro i dont know why my player keeps doing.

That one one specific dunk too like i know hes got some tricks up his sleeve i dont know why. Hes not doing it um but yeah come on lets go lets go hey look back action come on what. Do we got to do for a game we got to posterize him but the only way is if he. Plays under the rim hes not playing under the rim for some reason i i dont know i wish i. Could tell him that yo go sit paint head ass you know but it just doesnt work like that like.

I dont think this kid wants to get dunked on but were gonna were gonna try were gonna try oh. Come on first game on 21-2 with the three-point play maker bro hey my next build is my point forward. Which i can get contacts on that so hopefully hopefully hopefully we can do it on that build but build. Number one is done and completed now it is time to move on to the point forward we are back. At the main menu and it is time to get on the point forward build now this build if you.

Guys you know ive been watching my last few videos is my newest recent build that i have created i. Love this build this point forward is great im still getting used to it um but its super fun to. Iso it as you guys can see im only a 91 overall im gonna show you guys the stats right. Here we got a progression the stats are right here i have slashing takeover it has the same driving dunk. As my other build so i am able to get contact dunks if you guys dont believe me you guys.

Saw it in the last clip in the last build whatever i do get a 73 point shot off rip. Thats pretty good i get to speed boost and uh yeah my defensive stats are pretty mid but uh were. Gonna make it work all right its time to go to the ante up with my point forward build hopefully. We get a 1v1 court like we did last time because if so it makes life so much easier instead. Of running back and forth for like an hour just to find a one court you know we made it.

To the 1v1 court however oh wow he just got off he just got off he just got off he. Just got off im making a run for it im making a run for it im making a run for. It oh my god i did it but guys we are in europe server i promise you on everything we. Are on europe server i had to go to a different server that wasnt east or west every single time. I load up into a stage the 1v1 court was just taken i dont know how im gonna play i.

Dont know how im gonna shoot yall know how it is bro were gonna send it though were gonna send. It oh my god okay now everything is delayed from the dribbling to the shooting to the defense lay okay. My point forward is just its just devious okay hes devious i dont even think hes gonna make that im. Not gonna lie i thought i got contested oh my god hes letting me all shoot first shot hey first. Shot im not complaining give me the ball back silly let me get a mid-range going or something let me.

Get a little midi you know a little midi green come on lets go agree im green in it on. Europe servers europe servers isnt really that bad if im being honest its really not that terrible i guess theyll. Dribble pretty good like my combos arent really delayed like how i thought they would be um okay were making. Whites we like to see this i feel like im gonna get a contact against this kid i really feel. Like it oh my god what is happening oh my god oh my god okay oh my god oh my.

God the luca package is so fire give me two were almost at takeover already this game is going really. Fast too lets shoot a three ball no oh my i keep getting a steal bro this kids probably so. Mad im green in this right im greeting that right oh im playing like trash with this build right now. Oh its so weird obviously i dont have my badges im not making that the excuse but also im on. Europe server that is the biggest excuse right now i dont even know if ive ever played on europe server.

This year ive played on it in the past for rep for certain events and stuff but oh my god. And let me know in the comments if yall have ever played on europe server maybe you live and you. Guys are on your observer i dont know im really hesitating to shoot the ball lets do a little spin. Back and shoot it green yes sir for takeover lets get it i like that now lets get a contact. Dunk i need this kid oh my god the delay is crazy i need this kid to sit paint for.

Me right now bro sip paint please so i can get a contact please bro please i need you to. Sit paint come on no its so delayed bro its so delayed i cant even get a layup like i. Cant even do a layup like correctly it takes so long like oh this is fun this is actually making. This more fun than i actually thought it would be like im literally in europe server right now just just. You know chilling oh my god go paint please go paint billy bob come on please billy yeah i wish.

You would just sit under the rim for me bro come on man oh great baby get off my court. The point forward is too golden man stop playing with me 21-0 lets get a ws in the comments if. You guys are still watching right now now it is time to move on to the paint beast the paint. Beast we are moving on to the paint piece man lets get it now that we are back at the. Main menu we are getting on the next build and the next build is my paint beast which is my.

Post score as yall can see im only a 90 overall paint beast which i did make this as a. Rebirth so i do have a few badges may as well put this badge on a shooting badge and hopefully. I can get you know you know lets just put sniper on hall of fame you know we just got. To put sniper on hall of fame so we can make as many whites as we can for the post. Hooks but our progression as yall can see this is the main stuff right here we got a 94 standing.

Dunk and an 85 post hook i should have went with the pure blue to get myself the 99 post. Hook but i think 85 is going to work and then we have a 91 post fade im gonna try. To get some post fades in there and then uh yeah thats pretty much it for the paint beast it. Is time to find the 1v1 court with the pose core all right you guys we are finally in a. Game with my post score man we are in europe server because e server web server is literally impossible to.

Get a game like i said last game were on this paint beast 90 overall um hopefully everything goes smoothly. Im not gonna lie to you bro im not playing on this build since my last video with my post. Score it was very tough i kind of remember it it was it was bad i think i went six. For 57 or something uh hopefully i dont do that again because that will literally be tragic um lets get. It bro im slow as a turtle i gotta play lower right i gotta play lower all right oh he.

Missed it okay come on all right he missed it hopefully we can post bro my stamina is gone already. And i didnt even move is this how it feels to be a post score bro like seriously is this. How it feels going to drop stop him oh hes jumping come on lets go i dunked it this should. Be pretty easy if im playing a guard it should be pretty easy because i could just use my size. On him you feel me i can just use my size on the guy im dunking this thing last time.

I played on it i was doing layups and i was missing wide open layups like i dont know maybe. Ill try a post hook maybe ill try um yeah lets try post hook right now lets try post hook. Please an early bro like i dont know how to shoot it bro oh my god this kid i dont. Even know if this kid is from europe server he could have joined off me or something i really dont. Even know bro hes flopping come on i cant move ive never shot a post faded i made it lets.

Go i made a post fade this is kind of cheese bro cuz like you know hes a guard he. Cant really do too much but um hey hey this is going well this is going super smooth matter of. Fact were almost in takeover i want to get a post hook bro i want to green a post hook. But i an early like i dont how do i tie my post hook if i dont have i feel. Bad for this dude bro he just got the board and ran out like you just cant even stop that.

See these post scores be dribbling like guards like i swear if i could do something like that thatd be. So dope yeah post hooks is just not my thing i dont know how to time a post oh he. Greened it hes greening hes greening i think that i i dont know i dont know if he has an. Animation or not you barely get them anyways i dont know if hes from europe server or not yo what. He just ran right past me no way hes making whites gotta love this game bro gotta love this game.

You gotta love this game right here you gotta love it come on oh my god im so slow i. Cant do anything im literally so slow and my movements a little bit delayed come on get up on a. Board heck no hell no ryan you stupid hippo nah this build is so slow bruh lets get our take. Over at least man come on like how do i miss that how how do i miss that like thats. So bad like i know this is my rebirth i dont even think i upgraded my driving layout properly yo.

Theres kids boosting in the stage nah thats actually bad yo i swear theres kids boosting behind me at the. 3v3 court to 10k court look at that look at those kids boosting lets go thats post scoring takeover lets. Go lay come on lets get it bro come on me bro come on come on you got to get. On me dude come on man you got to get on me bellay yes sir come on man oh how. About a drop step oh i broke his back hey yo give me two come on yep and one and.

One thumbs in the chat 22 to six moving on to our last and final build which is my playmaker. That gets ankle breakers because i have play tape man lets get it we are back at the main menu. To play on our last and final build which is my playmaker aka my lamellar ball build aka my iso. Build aka just a demigod just a super fun build were gonna load up im about to show you guys. What this build is about um oh yeah this is bad we gotta change your outfit you feel me that.

Looks a lot better now we are dressed up as lamella because this is my lamello ball build but im. About to show you guys my progression right here right now we are in 97 overall which you know im. Saying were almost at 99. Um we got a 84 mid-range shot 82 uh three-point shot we got we can. Speed boost off rip our defense is good we got an 83 steal super fun build we got play take.

And uh yeah lets go to the 1v1 court and get this last and final w man we found a. Court lets go come on man lets get this bro lets get this bro lets get this ah that is. Not the way i want to start it bro that is not the way i want to start it like. I said i am in europe server so this is very very difficult bro this is im delayed bro like. What it what is this kid doing bro like what is he doing what is he doing the zigzags the.

I dont bro what is happening lets go first shot i had to hold my breath there but i made. The white were all gucci bro were good were good we go were good we gotta be productive on offense. I cant just keep giving this kid the ball like theres no way hes better than me theres no way. Hes getting good stops on me im just losing the ball myself thats a tough take right there too bro. This kids making me shoot thats what it is hes literally making me shoot im wide open every time i.

Just got a green you all can see the delay in the green oh we just gotta keep shooting but. Well literally just have to keep shooting the basketball like holy cow im delayed like that was bad i bro. Oh my god this is hard bro great come on back to back threes i like it were almost at. Takeover already i love to see it bro hes just playing me so low i gotta shoot it i gotta. Shoot it i really do every single time i gotta shoot it come on thats it right there thats it.

Right there thats it right there one away from takeover were winning 13 to two this is looking very very. Promising bro hell no give me that lets take over lets go we gotta break him right here oh nah. That was crazy he just held b right there otherwise i think i had him oh four three two give. Me two baby lets go 15 to two im trying to break him but at the same time i dont. Want to sell bro i dont want to sell like i just cant come on bro please lets go bruh.

Easy to hes jumping bro he doesnt know what to do he cant stop me bro im grinning all my. Threes and then yeah he im just unstoppable bro this build is really nice i swear i just wish i. Could break him like its so hard to break ankles green bean yes sir so hard to break ankles on. This game this year and i dont know why they do that like i dont know why oh i dont. Know what to do oh oh for game green get up on my court baby spin with the ws baby.

Lets get it bro hey if yall made it to the very end of this video i want to see. Loyal in the comments for all my people that watch to the very end i love each and every one. Of you guys bro thank you guys so much for watching if you guys are new and enjoyed todays video. Make sure you guys drop a like click that subscribe button with notifications turn on its been your boy clutch. Df and im out yall.

Method 5 – Who Is The Best Player In Nba 2K22? 1V1 Tournament

Whats up today i have collected the 16 highest rated players in nba 2k 22 put them all in a. 1v1 tournament and were gonna be seeing who would win the seating is all based on players overalls you can. See the top 16 players overalls right here the highest being steph curry with a 97 and the lowest being. Devin booker with a 90.

Without further ado lets get into our first matchup game one we have one seed. Steph curry versus 16c devin booker booger started off the game with the first bucket but it ended up going. Back and forth for most of the game so booker missed a shot curry got the rebound and hit a. Clutch three to take a three-point lead booker did end up coming back though tying the game 11-11 and then. Steph had a nasty ankle breaker on devin booker and hit the three to win the game next up we.

Had jimmy butler versus luca doncic lucas started off the scoring this game but jimmy quickly came back and took. A 5-2 lead luca scored one more bucket before jimmy went on another tear making the lead 8-3 luca was. Able to score two more points during the game before jimmy had a three unanswered points and won 11-5 jimmy. Just locked up luca all game making him shoot five for 23. Jimmy on the other hand had 16 boards.

And shot over 50 percent next up we had kevin durant versus john morant john murant started off the scoring. But his scoring did not last long katie quickly increased the lead to 5-1 before jaws scored again but jaw. Was able to post her katie giving him the ability to score two in a row but after that katie. Went off again making the lead nine to three jaw was able to score one more time before katie won. The game 11-4 then we had nikola jokic versus kyrie irving kyrie started this game off with the first bucket.

But as weve seen every other game the person to score first has lost so lets see if kyrie can. Break that streak the game ended up being really close going back and forth the entire time it was all. Tied up at 12 then jokic got a block and dunk and scored again to narrowly beat kyrie next we. Have lebron james versus trey young a pretty big mismatch lebron started off the scoring and quickly took a two-long. Lead which led to a 3-1 lead 4-1 5-1 seven one eight one lead then finally trey young was able.

To score again but after allowing trey to score one more time lebron ended the game 11-3 this game was. Not close at all next up we have joel embiid versus anthony davis and this game was by far the. Most boring game so far it took 20 minutes to complete so im just gonna skip to the end 80. Ended up beating embiid at 13 to 11. 80 had 37 boards and 18 blocks whereas embiid had 34 boards.

And 13 blocks theres just a ton of misses for both players game seven was between giannis and damian lillard. This was a very unfortunate matchup for lillard as giannis is the defending champ from nba 2k 21 and he. Showed why in this game janus just dominated the entire game never really giving lillard a chance at winning giannis. Was hot all game and lillard was cold only scoring four points giannis only missed two shots the entire game. Our final game of the first round was kawhi leonard versus james harden and this is a game that i.

Thought would be close but kawhi just locked up harden on defense the entire game and went off on offense. And at the end of it harden only ended up scoring two points getting embarrassed in the first round so. Here is our bracket going into the second round pause the video if you want to check it out longer. But game number one in the second round we have steph curry versus jimmy butler curry starts off the scoring. With a big dunk something we dont see him do so often jimmy comes back though with a dunk of.

His own then these two started just going back and forth scoring for a bit curry did have the advantage. Though and saw a 6-3 lead over jimmy butler jimmy went on a bit of a tear though and tied. Up the game six to six they started going back and forth in scoring again until jimmy got his takeover. Badge and took a slight lead after this steph was unable to stop jimmy from scoring and jimmy ended up. Winning the game 11-8 next we have nikola jokic versus kevin durant and this game started off looking like it.

Would be really close till the end but that quickly changed when jokic started it dominating durant ending up having. An 8-2 lead over durant pretty quickly durant started to come back a little bit though and got the lead. Down to three points unfortunately this was not enough though and jokic ended up winning 11-6 next we had lebron. James versus anthony davis and 80 had a huge snatch block on the first play and this is the battle. To see whos the best player on the lakers and it ended up being a very close game the game.

Took like eight years to simulate though 80 started off the game 4-0 before lebron was able to get his. First bucket unfortunately for lebron this game was looking almost impossible to come back from but lebron started to come. Back getting the game within one point and eventually tying it up eight to eight from this point on though. Lebron was not able to stop a.d and adi had a big block and dunk to win the game our. Final game of the second round is between giannis and kawhi leonard i was expecting this game to be pretty.

Close especially after quite dominated harden in the first round but after the first few points being close janus absolutely. Obliterated kawhi for the rest of the game in fact he only allowed him to score five points the entire. Game and at this point in time giannis is really looking unstoppable in this tournament and this brings us to. Our semi-finals with only four players remaining in the tournament our first match up is jimmy butler versus nicola joking. And going forward i am going to be showing every scoring play in these games jokish gets the first two.

Buckets versus jimmy jimmy finally able to put some points on the board but hes just unable to stop jokic. In the post cant get any rebounds against them this is gonna be a tough game for jimmy butler to. Win jokic with the block and dunk there hes as a 6-1 lead now finally jimmy able to get another. Point but then jokic with his takeover badge he just cannot be stopped eight two lead for jokic jimmy with. The green trying to do all he can to come back and its not looking like its gonna happen here.

9-4 jokic again posting up fades away another green he is at game point right now this is jimmy butlers. Last effort to come back but joe kitch in the post just cannot be stopped and jokic is moving on. To the finals jokic with 12 boards and eight blocks jimmy butler also with 12 boards he just shot six. For 22. For our second match of the semi-finals we have giannis versus anthony davis giannis gonna start off the.

Scoring and this game takes a 1-0 lead takes a 2-0 lead now fading away f.

Conclusion – How To 1V1 In 2K22

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – only 1% of the stretch bigs in the world can do this on the 1v1 court on nba 2k22! best build 2k22, my 6’7 playmaker dominates the stage 1v1 court in nba 2k22!, i went on a 54 game win streak on the 1v1 court nba 2k22! best iso build nba 2k22!, breaking the 1v1 court world record (nba 2k22), nba 2k22 1v1 mycourt, my point forward build broke the stage 1v1 court on nba 2k22, 2k22 next gen 1v1 court, my dream build broke the stage 1v1 court in nba 2k22😈, how to win every 1v1 game on nba 2k22 (beat post scorers, locks, and fast guards), how to win more on the 1v1 court in ante up on nba2k22 current gen!, a 99 slasher + the stage 1v1 court…😳 (nba 2k22), nba 2k22 next gen: how to invite friends to mycourt & how to join a friends mycourt!, nba 2k22 next gen – how to rank up fast alone in nba 2k22 ! 2k22 new game mode. 1v1 matchmaking 😱😍, i took my playshot build to the stage 1v1 court…nba 2k22!, *new* kevin durant build is unstoppable 1v1 on nba 2k22.

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