How To 1V1 In Cod Call Of Duty Mobile – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to 1v1 in cod call of duty mobile, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to 1v1 in cod call of duty mobile,

Method 1 – How To Play 1V1 In Call Of Duty Mobile | Cod Mobile How To 1V1 (Multiplayer & Battle Royale)

Hey whats up guys its your boy sam here back with another video and today in this video ill be. Showing you guys how you can 1v1 with a friend or with anybody in cod mobile so yeah maybe if. You want to play with your friends or i dont know maybe your brothers and sisters and most people dont. Know how to 1v1 and card mobile and its very very easy trust me so if you follow this tutorial.

Im pretty sure youre going to be basically good to go so yeah watch the whole video and if youre. Not subscribed to the channel yet be sure to subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications and like the. Video if it helped you and yeah lets get started guys can see im in card mobile right now and. Again im going to be showing you how you guys can play card mobile and i mean 1v1 in card. Mobile so yeah as you guys can see i got this go skin over here if you if you guys.

Want this cool screen for free be sure to check out my other video that i made you if you. Watch that you can get the skin for free but anyways so let me just show you how you can. Do this in both multiplayer and battle royale so yes you can play 1v1 in both multiplayer and battle royale. So yeah thats a pretty good thing and if you want to play in weather royale i mean let me. Just show you how to play and battle royale first and then ill show you how to play on multiplayer.

So yeah if you want to play in battle royale you want to click this button over here that says. Battle royale you want to click that and once you click that its going to bring you to like a. Normal better or l skin screen right so what you want to do is you want to look over here. On your top right corner and youre going to see this three dotted button so youre going to click that. When you click that its going to bring up something like this so theres going to be a lot of.

Like options in here support mail settings private tutorial so yeah we have to click the one that says private. So you see this one over here so youre going to click that and once you click that its gonna. Bring you to something like this so once youre here i mean you can invite your friends and by the. Way guys you do have to be friends with the person that you want to play with just make sure. That youre friends with the person that youre playing with so yeah so you have to be friends and once.

Youre in here you want to click this button over here that says let me just show you guys invite. Youre going to see all of these like people in here so what you want to do is you want. To click that invite button and then once youre here youre going to see all of your friends so unfortunately. All of my friends are playing theyre in a game right now i cant invite them but i will show. You that it works i will show you after i show how to play on multiplayer 2.

So yeah so. You can invite your friends from here in this tab over here you can click that and invite your friends. You can even add friends if you want to but yeah so once youre once you do that then youre. Basically good to go you can start the match and you can start playing if i start it its gonna. Say not enough players because im the only player in here so yeah thats how you uh 1v1 in a.

Battle royale match and now im going to show you how you can 1v1 in a multiplayer match so if. You want a 1v1 in a multiplayer match all you have to do is you want to click this multiplayer. Button over here so click that and its going to bring up uh the regular multiplayer screen so yeah dont. Worry we will be playing 1v1 so what you have to do to play 1v1 here is you want to. Click this button over here and when you click that its the same thing so when you click that youre.

Going to click private again and its going to bring up the same menu and yeah from there you can. Also invite your friends so its pretty easy like i said all right so now im going to be showing. You guys that this method actually works and you can play 1v1 by using this method so yeah so as. You guys can see im in multiplayer right now so if i click the dots over here uh its gonna. Bring up some menu so im gonna click on private uh and like i said im gonna do all the.

Steps right now and im gonna invite one of my friends actually this is actually me just on my ipad. So im just gonna accept that and as you guys can see im on my other account and yeah so. If i start the match right now let me just start it its just gonna start so yeah there we. Go so as you guys can see its just me and my other account and you know were playing together. So yeah its pretty fun and yeah you dont have to worry about other people in your match so as.

You guys can see thats me and thats my other account so let me just go to that other account. And show you guys that that is actually over there and im sorry if it like makes some noise because. I am using my like internal mic so let me just go over here to my other account and see. If its there so as you guys can see right there thats my other account so yeah guys and as. You guys can see this actually works and im playing 1v1 and i can even move around on this account.

Over here you know let me just let me just kill this account using a sniper right so let me. Just do a headshot and as you guys can see this actually works so yeah let me just show you. Guys that this actually works on battle royale too and let me leave this match over here and when i. Leave its gonna disconnect on the ipad too so yeah so when so when you leave its gonna be like. In the same lobby so if you want you can start the game again but i dont want to leave.

I dont i mean i dont want to stay here i want to leave so what im gonna do is. Leave that room and im gonna go to the battle royale mode and im gonna click on the three dots. And not mail but im gonna click on the three dots and go to private again and when i go. There im gonna click on invite and invite my other account again so if i click this uh let me. Just go oh yeah because its not working because im still in that lobby because im still on that lobby.

So yeah if i invite again it should work yep there we go and i if i accept that its. Gonna be in here so i can kick the player and i can do all those stuff but you need. More players in order to like uh you know have fun in battle royale you can just have two people. And play so i would recommend like four people playing together is thats a pretty good amount so yeah im. Gonna start the match and ill show you guys that it actually works in battle royale so as you guys.

Can see im in battle royale and theres only two people if you look over here as you guys can. See over here like right here theres two people so thats me and my other account so yeah as you. Guys can see this method actually works and yeah all right so i hope you guys enjoyed that video thats. Gonna do it for today and if you guys are new around here be sure to subscribe and like the. Video and if you found this helpful be sure to share it with your friends and yeah also follow me.

On instagram its at samzam6361 we can play together if you want to so ill see you guys later peace. Out you.

Method 2 – How To Play 1V1 In Call Of Duty Mobile With Friends | Cod Mobile Season 9

Welcome yo whats up guys this is attractor gift um welcome to another video of convo by tips and trick. Okay guys in this video im gonna show you guys how to play one-on-one column by season nine okay im. Noticing that most important im not saying call number one on one season no no my season nine one-on-one tab. All right im usually gonna show you guys all you know everything you have to know about one on one.

If i start guys feel free to like this video and please hit the sub button down below you know. For more videos all right guys right now im a master too yeah guys free or stop skin in my. Stats tony i just got this perfectly and i love it its so crazy so cool yeah okay i finally. Got this thing guys thats to do to get to my tattoos im gonna get this awesome crazy guy you. Change his hand well i like this game guys okay so how to play 101 in season nine so far.

Ill show you guys the battery out then go ahead and show you guys from multiplayer so if you go. To bacteria right now then you are gonna see you know your dashboard your lobby like this okay this is. The universe section you guys can see that okay notice right now beside the friend list over here inside the. Friend list actually after the friend list youre gonna see this icon here click on it they have support me. Settings privacy private tutorial and accomplishments okay yeah just go ahead and click on private then i take it straight.

To a private lobby then go around you know set everything up because i dont know how to set everything. Up in bacteria yeah i made a video previously on my channel on how to play one-on-one bacteria with your. Friends or how to play bacteria with your friends i made that video if you guys watch that video just. Go ahead and watch that video when i see how to material with your friends okay so right now with. This battery um im going to play for mp matches again youre going to go to go to multiplayer okay.

If you notice my name with player on the top right hand corner above here yesterday friend list just go. Ahead and click on it then gonna see support me settings and private click on private then wait for it. To load then you got everything here okay guys this is how you do the production you got this i. Create a private room for 101 in season 9 101 during season 9. Okay if you guys want to know.

More more more ideas on how want season nine work that many videos on chinese when i know how everything. Work on how to play 101 lets go ahead and watch that video if you want to watch you know. To learn more about it so in this video im not going to show you guys how to play one. On quantum by season nice so why dont you guys again just in case you guys dont really understand so. If you go to multiplayer right now im gonna get a comment saying i dont understand what you said yeah.

Go to go to multiplayer then i see this icon here yeah click on it i think i see this. Private function right there then click on it then im gonna bring you over you know to your lobby then. You can go ahead and you know 24 line to one-on-one door um thats it all right guys so thats. What thats my video guys forget to like this video please guys hit the sub button down below for more. Video i had this tutorial games and ill see you guys for that video oh yeah yo whats up guys.

Check out this app thats trending its called status amir downloader download all media with one click okay guys so. You can download any any videos or pictures from any social media from lucky instagram whatsapp to talk facebook and. Twitter all in one click all you have to do is download the app and you know download whatever i. Want to now guys you can download any videos or any pictures you want from any success okay i want. To get this up when i get this up twitch connection below for the link notion below and get it.

Up and guys get this up its gonna be cool because you can download any videos or anything you want. From any status or any medium downloader and thats it guys im going to leave it up then im going. To go ahead and see everything downloading right now so guys thanks for the video guys forget to go ahead. And check out this app its called status amir downloader download everything you want in just one click alright guys. You.

Method 3 – How To Play 1V1 Call Of Duty Mobile

Welcome back everyone today im going to be showing you how to play 1v1 and uh call of duty mobile. Well 1v1 2v1 whatever so first you do not want to click into ranked ranked because then you cannot do. It so if you click into multiplayer you click into you hit up where these three lines are right next. To the friend signed and then you hit private and then boom but how to change this if you want.

To change match settings just hit match settings kill limit number of spectators allowed 14 inch password uh you can. If you want but you dont have to and then all you do is have to hit this if any. Of your friends are online just hit or you cant do that but if you go to all no one. On you just invite people usually theyll say invite and then there you go and you can also select the. Map like this but you have to have another person you can have total uh six five ten you have.

Ten total okay also you can do it in battle royale if you go hit this private you have to. Have you have to have a certain amount of people total though i think you cant just start with two. People maybe you can im gonna try that out if you only show you if yall want to watch more. Car videos like this to like know how to do things comment down below make sure you like and subscribe. This video see you next time.

Method 4 – How To Play 1V1 In Call Of Duty Mobile

Hey whats up guys its your boy dest here with another video and today in this video ill be showing. You guys how you can run the one with a friend or family member so yeah and most people dont. Know how to run if you follow this tutorial im sure youre gonna be good and if youre not subscribed. Already im going to be showing you how to one do you want to call me by both multiplayer and.

Bachelorette of course you can play cozmo back in boots if you dont know already lets dive into that so. If you want to play battery layout youre going to have to click this via button over here and once. You click that its going to bring you to this phone the typical br room or screen so what you. Have to do is to look over here at your top right corner and youre gonna see this three dotted. Button and youre gonna click that so when you click that youre gonna bring up a tab with different options.

And obviously you have to click deployment button and when you click that its going to bring you to the. 1v1 screen once youre here you can invite your friends or those you want to play with today but you. Have to be friends with the person youre playing with and to invite your friends you will have to click. On this tab with invite on top and here make sure the person you want to invite is online and. That one set up for the battle royale section lets move on to the multiplayer so if you want to.

Run in a multiplayer match you have to click this multiplayer button over here and its going to bring up. The mp screen so what you you would have to do to play on the one which you have to. Click the street of the button on the right top corner of the screen its the same process with battery. Life when you click that you have to click the private but it is something and its gonna bring up. The one you can invite your friends to be a private match for you so you should play the 1v1.

Having them only match it actually really easy and simple and following all these steps you just make it much. More easier for you i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you guys are new around here be. Sure to subscribe or like the video if you found this helpful in any way be sure to share it. With your friends uh yeah thats it peace out guys bye.

Method 5 – I 1V1’ed The #1 Sniper In Cod Mobile While Youtubers Watched!

Whats good everybody we are back with another call of duty mobile video hope you guys are having a fantastic. Day today so yesterday i was actually in the middle of one v warning hawks nest and little b whos. The pro sniper that ive covered in a few different videos talked about him going up against flacco a couple. Days ago basically hopped into the discord and a lot of people have been asking me in him to 1v1.

For a long time and i was finally in a 1v1 lobby so i was like screw it we can. 1v1 so we did one b1 snipers only obviously it was actually better than i expected for it to be. So if you guys enjoy the video make sure to drop a like today is my birthday so if you. Want to get me a good birthday present if you guys could just hit the subscribe button down below i. Really would appreciate it well also be doing a birthday stream over on my stream channel if you guys want.

To go check it out late for that is in the description but without any more talking were gonna go. Ahead and hop into the video all right jet do you want me to 1v1 little b especially especially once. I got down the best-of-five last five yeah i i usually push unless ive taken shots alright mar she might. Let me and lil b or actually i guess we gotta make a new lobby oh yeah thats right you. Can kick him i forget yeah i said yeah oh my gosh this is not gonna be pretty chat i.

Get so cold when im in tense situations like that bro i guess i dont sweat gamers dean are you. Bobby jons been told me one in the sleep i ask them if theyre ready to receive the business bobbys. Not a real gamer cuz he has a girl oh what what what thats okay did you go all the. Way around no i pushed you and i saw you just like my okay are you guys sniping yeah i. Got your hawk ill get you back nice thank you is he serious oh okay okay it was actually the.

Engel it was hard to open it first oh i thought they hit oh my gosh i wanna watch the. Kill kill bro how do you wait do use shoot eight or 80s issue i just snipe so much that. I just got the timing gunpoint oh my god thats ridiculous it literally didnt even look like you finished the. Scale foundation all right ba ba guys lets go let me guess play buying a truck bro that hit you. You little too cocky right now im not a pro but im not that bad oh no winning is entertaining.

This was flacco bobby wouldnt have got to kill me refine me what do you saw what do you mean. What were you behind me used to shot me were you by me yeah chasing yeah yeah i figured yeah. Black is better for sure do you like you know you know im a nice guy you know playing a. Little too aggressive now read know what i literally shut bro i shot and it didnt register oh my got. A mad oop all right were keeping it interesting like and subscribe if you havent already you want to make.

It exciting so you want to make it exciting whoa i know that makes you exciting oh what oh oh. Im so dead how are you not hitting me oh hey doreen load feels bad somebody my chat said flacco. Is more of a meme now than a player i dont think you realize like how many people in my. Comment section legitimately believe that flacco is the best sniper in the game not that hes not his shots are. Insane though good shot his shots arent saying yeah his shots are really like you know satisfying to watch well.

You know i wish i get those in the comp scene there is no calm scene that is shoe issue. Facts yeah you know exploiter pull up and quinine jerseys lets go oh that for everyone whos wondering who won. Between me and hawks his oh thats what he said so that was these talks okay like oh my god. Oh come on buddy oh good shot children way too many oh thats all me you can never lose a. 1v1 if you never do 1v1 you dont miss 100% of the shots you dont take chances my knees the.

Best sniper thoughts berg i completely disagree – no i mean hes a good sniper buddy yeah he does this. My first team i mean hes eu though he plays on a team you you so it makes sense yeah. The ping advantage where are you hiding im a fighter you mean hiding i hear you sliding all over ima. Go with $2 woo i was he just wants to be on the winning side you know love you hos. 97 bobby are you oh i thought you would upstairs body shut no im so dead lets go show the.

Start trash-talking are we getting rusty thats when i wont be one soon apparently trick shotting tricks on his coming. Come in game there needs to be a way to instance whup in this game before trick shotting becomes a. Thing yeah they also got to change the gravity what what you wow good shot youre literally not on my. Screen to use the vanish is if huge yeah your west coast arent you yeah i see in the garage. I know youre in there huh no i body shot you are you kidding me oh man bro sorry good.

Content guys good content make the game longer make 10 minute early totally totally video im telling us bobbys way. Better than me hes like his sniper too insane im captain this is the truth yeah thats a thats a. Quote they talk about us names tag game said ive just got ive got everything to gain and nothing to. Lose you know oh my god that was filthy i dont know why i never heard of skip that i. Guess its cuz the jesus valley teachers advantage with the car is super weird yeah wow holy crap i was.

So far behind there well dig all right only i could shoot through those boxes dang it oh yeah i. Went behind the freaking wall what oh you little mmm dang i knew i shouldve just stayed back there thats. My mistake alright chat moment of truth we either turn it around right here we break it that hit and. You will not change my mind joking these easy ones sting and he freakin mojo and chat right now bro. Its these these close shots i keep getting like inches away its your big homey jokester oh oh theres body.

Shots forever killing me no no no i choked oh wait that reminded me of the scrapyard match bra oh. My god scrapyard mitch were little be gay ferg and easy a couple hundred thousand views good shot bad timing. By me dolls in sync im back and my favorite hai was a strong i swear dude we didnt realize. Those do that till half the game im not even lying we thought was like a fake ferguson like that. All right son of a typical fake for it well just glad these guys and i think if youre just.

Like what the hell yeah i had to bring out the hbr for that much i think you know im. Really try hard hbr the type 25 youre a spawn trapping me yeah hes a spawn trapping me in the. Corner in the roof are you kidding me oh ggs hey thats thats close i mean thats good content that. Was honestly a lot better than i expected really good thats good content out there ill take it i was. Good you got a shot so now i just got to finish off my 1v1 versus hawks nest no but.

Yeah you want to try yours are well youre expected all right i mean we can try ours i dont. Think im sure than they are whoa we give it a try.

Conclusion – How To 1V1 In Cod Call Of Duty Mobile

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