How To 2 Step – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to 2 step,

Method 1 – How To Two Step Dance – Basic 2 Step

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Method 2 – Beginner Two Step Basics | Country 2 Step Moves

Hey guys anthony rose we are here at the cheval winery in escondido california and it is – stefan -. Yeah all right so were just finishing our first leg of our boot camp world tour and so were to. Show you guys the material that we covered here we had three boot camps three two step boot camps so. Were kind of review that material and for those of you werent able to make it you missed out so.

Were gonna show you guys the awesome stuff that we did so stick around all right so today were gonna. Break down the basic base of a basically 90% of everything youre ever gonna do in two step contained within. One instructional video were gonna sync up just stretch it all into one space and by the way if you. Guys have not done so already theres a button down here for subscribe subscribe we post a lot of 2-step. A lot of west coast swing a lot of the other country dances so you dont want to miss all.

The awesome stuff so just click that subscribe button hit the little bell button so youll be notified when all. The cool stuff happens so were gonna demonstrate the pattern and then were gonna break it down alright so heres. The sequence that were gonna teach is as a basic its the foundation of 90% of everything youre gonna do. So were gonna do rhythmical walking with her walking backwards she turns one and a half turns to the right. Facing forward and one and a half turns to the left and chillin that facing backwards so from that were.

Gonna break that down in just a moment but we can do lots and lots of variations one and a. Half turns to the right facing forward one and a half turns the left and she faces backwards one and. A half turns facing forward one and a half turns finishes facing backwards one and a half turns to the. Right facing forward one and a half turns to the left facing backwards and so from that sequence that stuff. Were teaching you guys today promise you if you guys master this youll be good to go because its 90%.

Of everything youre gonna do so really take the time to watch this video here in escondido california swine er. Is beautiful by the way and so we did bring a little bit of the texas weather with us its. Been pretty warm but its been fabulous here today so lets break this down alright so this is going to. Be a brief overview of the three patterns you need to know and now along the way as we teach. One theres going to be a little card that pops up here in the corner and then youll be able.

To get bigger detail on those things so the first thing we have is the basic step of quick-quick slow-slow. We teach the two-step with the feet constantly passing again thats quick-quick slow-slow now the second thing that we can. Do is we can turn her to the right now when she turns to the right she has or whether. She turns the left shes going to turn one-and-a-half times that means in this turn shes facing me shes gonna. Turn one and a half turns with the right and shes going to end up facing in the opposite direction.

And in this example were gonna have finished facing in what we call promenade position so were gonna go quick-quick. Slow-slow from the basic and then we turn her one and a half turns over her head as i get. Up next to her for a quick quick slow slow so let me show you that from this angle im. Behind her in the beginning and well dance quick-quick slow-slow and then from that point i take that head overhead. Ive got to get myself up next to her for a quick quick slow and slow so this is called.

Promenade we dont stick the hand out like were dancing tango we dont put a rose between our teeth all. That stuff but that is called promenade position so that is the easiest way to do the right turn just. One of many so we have quick-quick slow-slow then shes gonna turn one and a half turns to the right. As we dance quick-quick slow and slow now from here we could walk her forward again if we wanted to. And we could dance quick-quick slow so notice we are on opposite feet shes starting with her right im started.

With my left then we turn her from the promenade position for a left turn shes turning one and a. Half turns to the left im staying in place for quick-quick slow-slow to lead that turn from that position if. Im in promenade were forward on the inside foot im taking this hand into that spot as i rotate her. Towards me so im gonna dance her for quick-quick slow-slow and that is the left turn again theres a video. For that so what we have up to this point is the basic step quick-quick slow-slow we can turn her.

To the right as i get up next to her four quick-quick slow-slow were both facing forward we could or. Could not walk but from here this point im gonna hang back for quick-quick slow-slow now believe it or not. This sequence if you learn this and you learn it well and really know the follow and the lead part. And really get all the working pieces by watching these videos were posting here then this is gonna be 90%. Of everything i cant say that two-step i wouldnt say the two step is the easiest of advances now but.

What i would say it is definitely one of simplest concepts of all the dances because 90% of what youre. Going to dance is one of these three patterns rhythmical walking turning her one and a half turns to the. Right or turning her one and a half turns to the left okay now theres a lot of different hand. Changes so if you go back through our syllabus the videos here is going to give you that playlist everything. Is going to be one of those three things so you have rhythmical walking heres what youve done you turn.

Her one and a half turns to the right we finished in promenade position and then you can turn her. One and a half turns to the left to end up back into facing each other from that theres also. A pattern called the sweetheart which is quick-quick slow-slow and now im going to lead her one and a half. Turns to the right ive switched hands and then i can send her back out thats exactly the same footwork. That we just did a minute ago so watch this again so if im coming towards you what we did.

Originally was the walk then we turn her one and a half turns to the right were both facing forward. One and a half turns the left and shes facing me so well do that again but watch how we. Switch hands same step for her same step for me exactly identical quick-quick slow-slow im just switching hands and sending. Her out her step my step exactly the same now theres another video called our another pattern called a shoulder. Catch and im going to show you that real quick again her step my step exactly the same thing so.

We have quick-quick slow-slow she turns one and a half turns to the right and finishes facing forward i just. Catch her shoulder now im turning one and a half turns left and she ends up facing back exactly the. Same if you were to watch this from the waist down no different okay exactly exactly the same now theres. A lot of times when we might finish a pattern we might end up in a different handhold so theres. Another pattern called alternating underarm turns where we would just go quick-quick slow-slow instead of raising my left hand i.

Raise the right hand i get up next to her shes facing forward and then i free spin her out. Quick-quick slow-slow exactly the same snap right we could obviously repeat that over and over and just do that over. And over while we switch hands quick-quick slow whoa im getting up next to her im just taking that hand. Then turn her to the left i take that right hand again shes facing forward and now shes facing back. I could have her facing forward we do that shoulder catch then were back i turn it back to the.

Right we get into that sweetheart and then i give her that free spin now heres the thing i would. Tell you if you guys learn these three patterns watch these videos and really really get it what i mean. I get it is know it to wear if i were to wake you up at 3 oclock in the. Morning and ask you what your footwork is or what that step is for that left-to-right turn use by you. Just say that thing thats when to step is going to become the simplest thing youve ever learned people just.

Make it more complicated than it actually is so again thank you guys so much for joining us here at. Channel this whole thing is new for us were loving this view here in escondido in southern california weve been. To san diego weve been at temecula weve kind of been la weve kind of been all over loving this. Next stop is dallas and then were going to be in the northeast and like the dc area we hope. To hit orlando so weve got a lot of these boot camps coming up so stay tuned theres gonna be.

A lot of videos here in this channel where we actually kind of recap our boot camps and/or dancing and. Everything weve done so we want to say thank you to all the people here in california that really welcomed. Us its been such an awesome trip for us but thank you guys so much for following this has been. A unique experience for us and just having you guys supporting us so we really appreciate that so stick around. Weve got a lot more things to do where you can click on one of these videos were getting ready.

To show you guys and join us for the next one thank you guys so much you.

Method 3 – How To Two Step With The King & Queen Of Country Swing

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Method 4 – Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Two Step

Were going to learn in hip-hop dance how many different ways you can two-step all right theres not just one. Two-step if you feel more comfortable when you go out and dance just doing a two-step rather than getting all. Crazy like the rest of us do look im here to help you im here to give you an arsenal. Of two steps all right because they are out there they do exist so lets get going starting with our.

Basic and were going to build im gonna give you a few two steps to get yourself going all right. So your first one real simple is just here and here alright just the one youre probably doing all the. Time add a nice little head bob to it little fingers snap maybe even you do a little twist with. It like this alright now then you can do your double two-step which it goes like one two and one. Two and one two and one two alright so we just took the sit this one and we add it.

A double step so each step is doubled one two and then back out one two back in thats your. Reset 1 2 3 set 1 2 reset 1 to reset 1 2 and reset all right so we have. Two different two steps so far now were going to have your four corners your four corners to step goes. Like this right corner left corner right corner left corner so lets try it five six slowly we go right. Left and right left five six seven eight go right left right left good alright so there are excuse me.

There are four those are your low im losing it here all right so three different two steps alright we. Have one and two double one and two and one two three four all right so lets break them down. Slowly again one two double one and two and your four corners right left right left alright so those are. Your first three two steps lets add one more to step all right and the way youre going to do. This one is youre going to step forward alright so youre gonna go one turn the from your foot to.

The out so that your told her to go into the outside then bring it back in then turn and. Bring it back in so its like step and step and step and step alright so lets start with the. First one five six seven eight step and step and step then double it go step step and step and. Step then bring it in your four corners four corners four corners four corners then for work therefore work then. For work then forward all right now so there you go lets add some music and were gonna break it.

Out with all those little two steps and its like your essay actually becomes a whole dance alright so you. Actually look like youre doing more than a two-step and five and six and five six seven eight huh now. A double is and four corners and four corner then step step step step all right thank you dj and. Thank you yves mahalo viewers out there.

Method 5 – How To Do The 2-Step | Line Dancing

Hi my name is robert royston im a five-time world champion of country dance working with artists like taylor swift. Carrie underwood brad paisley i really hope that you learn how to line dance and experience what its like to. Move to americas music and thats country as part of our country line dance series we wanted to arm you. With a little knowledge of country couples dancing chances are youre going to go to your country bar youre gonna.

Go to your country line dance club and in between lion dances theyre gonna have some couples dancing and the. Most popular couples dance done in the united states is of course the two-step so wed like to show you. Of the good basic version of the two-step theres a lot of regional variations but just a good basic version. Of country two-step were gonna start off first with the closed position hold my right hand is going to go. Under nicholas left arm so im gonna be kind of cupping the upper part of her shoulder blade not done.

Here upper part of the shoulder blade nicola is gonna take her left arm and put it on top of. My right its gonna kind of be just below the shoulder and just above the bicep ladies so blow the. Shoulder above the bicep then my left hand is gonna hold her right hand just very comfortable and about shoulder. Level nothing too overly down or pronounced yeah once again there are variations to this that youll see this is. Just a good basic couples dance hold now im gonna start with my left shes gonna start with her right.

To step is made up of a series of quicks and slows a quick is one step for one deep. A slow is one step for two beats so if you were to do quick sit be quick quick quick. Quick quick quick quick quick if you were to do slows it be slow slow slow slow right if i. Counted that quicks would be one two three four five six seven eight slows would be one two three four. Five six seven eight so its one step for two beats the timing for two-step is quick quick slow slow.

To quicks two slows in a walking pattern i start left she starts right she goes back i go forward. Can we go quick quick slow slow right too fast too slow steps will do were gonna go quick quick. Slow slow and youll just continue that pattern quick quick slow slow quick quick just like youre walking quick quick. Slow slow quick quick slow slow and quick quick slow slow the thing about two-step you should also know is. It travels line of dance line of dance kind of in every bar you will ever go into or even.

Ball and dancing line of dance is counterclockwise so youre always gonna move counterclockwise and some floor etiquette if theres. A two-step thats playing and some people are line dancing to it you can two-step around the outside think of. It like a racetrack the faster you go the more to the outside of the floor you are slower youre. Going the more to the inside of the floor until you get to the middle which is four line dancing. So were gonna do a little two steps music for you you can follow along at home five six seven.

Go quick quick slow quick slow quick slow so grab your favorite lady get off the bars because this is. Too soon you.

Conclusion – How To 2 Step

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