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Method 1 – Learn How To Solve A 2X2 Rubik’s Cube (Beginner Tutorial)

Hey guys today ill teach you how to solve the 2×2 rubiks cube using a beginner method so the first. Thing well do is build an entire layer on any color but im gonna use white for this tutorial and. What i mean by a layer is not only have this face salt and ill be white but also have. These colors around it line up so once your keep is scrambled im just going to start with white and.

I see white white white white so there are four options of which one i want to start with so. I can just say im gonna start with this one it doesnt matter which one you choose and then just. Put it on the bottom like this so that is going to be my first solved piece so once you. Choose which one you want to be solved look for white pieces in the top layer so for example we. Have this one over here so remember to keep this on the bottom at all times this white piece has.

Green and red also on it look at your original solved piece and we have red and blue so the. Color they have in common is red because of that i want this piece to be next to the red. Here in other words this piece is going to be solved when it is over here so now what im. Gonna do is turn the top layer so that it goes directly above the spot i said it was going. To go into because its got red here and this red here so its gonna go next to it here.

Now to move this one from the top into the bottom make sure youre holding it in your right hand. Like this not in your left hand and then repeat this sequence of moves make sure you get the sequence. Of moves down because its going to be very important later on as well so hold your left hand like. This and hold your right hand like this with your thumb on the bottom then repeat after me turn them. Right side up push the top with your right hand turn the right side down push this off with your.

Left hand so youre gonna repeat that until this corner is solved so do we see white on the bottom. Here no we dont so were gonna repeat and this is white on the bottom but its not the piece. We were looking for as you can see thats not the red piece so were gonna go again and there. It is now we have a soft piece so what we can do is keep repeating this so we look. In the top layer for white pieces we see white here and this has orange and blue on it so.

Look at what weve already solved we have blue red and green so the color they have in common is. Blue so that means this one must go next to the blue piece over here so were gonna move the. Top until its directly above that spot hold it in the right hand and then repeat those four moves until. This one is in here so once and note whites not on the bottom yet twice three times four times. Five times sometimes it takes up to five times and then now its in there and just make sure the.

Colors here match as well and for example the last piece here we find a white piece in the top. Layer its got orange and green so well theres only one last spot for it so were just gonna move. It in here and repeat the poor moves until its in there and there we go theres the first layer. One situation you can run into is your first layer is not done but theres no more white pieces in. The top layer so in that case it might just be in the bottom layer and how to remove it.

Into the top layer so you can do what you normally do is just put it on the right side. Like this and repeat the four moves that moves it up into the top layer without breaking your progress and. Then once its in the top layer you can just put it into the spot it should go into normally. So once you finish the first layer and check that all the sides here are the correct then were gonna. Move on to the last layer so focus on any particular bottom layer piece im gonna choose this one which.

Has red and green on it but it doesnt matter which one you pick then try and solve the corner. That goes directly above it so were gonna turn the top layer until we see red and green and its. This one this one has yellow red and green now were gonna check every other piece at the top and. See if theyre in the correct spot and count how many we have so here we have red blue and. This ones red blue so this ones correct blue orange not blue orange so this ones incorrect green orange not.

Green orange so this ones also incorrect so in this case we happen to have two that are in the. Right spot so your goal for this step is to get all four in the correct spot if they all. Were in the right spot already then youre done this step but if you cannot get all four in the. Correct spot then you only want one in the correct spot not to like i have here so for example. In this one i could just do another turn instead and we find that only this one is in the.

Correct spot and every other one is in the wrong spot so this is good now sometimes you wont be. Able to get all four and you wont be able to get only one in that case youll just do. What im about to show from anywhere but if you only get one in the correct spot then you want. To hold it on the front right like this next what you do is this algorithm thats quite easy to. Memorize because it has a nice pattern to it so turn the top with your right hand turn the right.

Side up now repeat this with your left hand go up with your left hand left side up now the. Exact same thing but all downwards this time so top with your right hand right side down top with your. Left hand left side down so once youve done this this one should still be in the correct spot but. Every other one should have moved so check if theyre in the right spots and theyre not so that means. Were just gonna repeat it again top with your right right side up top with left left side up and.

Then all down top at the right right side down top with left left side down and now we check. Them all again and theyre all in the correct spot so what we do is see that okay all the. Top pieces have yellow on them here which means yellow is what goes on the top here so what were. Gonna do is turn it upside down and hold any unsolved piece here at the bottom right and so were. Going to repeat the four moves that i showed in the beginning until the yellow here faces the bottom so.

Im gonna do it once like this twice three times four times and there we go now once this one. Is solved were going to go on to the next corner but instead of just rotating the whole cube to. Go to the next corner this will mess up your whole cube so instead were just gonna stay facing the. Same side but then turn the bottom only to grab the next corner over then were going to repeat until. This corner has solved there we go its solved and then we move on to the next one and repeat.

And there it is then thats the whole thing lastly if you want to get faster links are in the. Description for more advanced methods thanks for watching and ill see you guys next time hey guys this video will. Be example solves for the 2×2 beginner method so im going to start by looking for white pieces to make. The white layer and i can start with any piece i want put that on the bottom and then this. Is green and orange so ill look in the top layer for another white piece and this one this one.

Method 2 – How To Two Step Dance – Basic 2 Step

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Method 3 – How To Solve A 2X2 Rubik’s Cube | Simple Method

Hello guys this is how to weekly and in this video well be showing you how to solve a two. By two a rubiks cube so weve already made one video like this before but were just gonna make one. More and try to explain it a little bit more clearly so the first thing youre gonna want to do. Is gonna want to solve the white side those of you who have solved a 3×3 rubiks cube before probably.

Wont need this step and you can skip forward in the video but for those of you who are beginners. Do as i do right here youre gonna want to just try to get three whites lined up on the. Top up here so just start doing this its pretty easy just if youre beginning it might take you a. While but its not too hard so once you got three up there like that youre gonna want to get. Another white piece lined up underneath here in one of these three squares so just get a white one there.

There or there and then do the following youre gonna want to go right inverted down clockwise right down counterclockwise. And keep repeating that right inverted down clockwise right down counterclockwise keep doing that until it is solved and there. You go weve got white solved and well move on to the next step in the video next what you. Can want to do is create a layer around the top of the cube all around here so you want. To have matching colors on each of these sides in order to do that you want to first just take.

A look around you can see if you got any matching colors if you dont thats okay youre just going. To want to do the following algorithm if you do have any matching colors make sure that theyre facing away. From you and start doing this algorithm and if you have all the layer completely finished already youre gonna want. To skip ahead to the later part in the video shown on screen right now so anyways lets continue right. Here you wanted is right inverted down clockwise right left inverted down counterclockwise left right inverted down clockwise right so.

Now youll have one match on your cube and you want to have that facing away from you and do. It once more right inverted down clockwise right left and verted down counterclockwise left right and verted down clockwise and. Right now i have an entire layer on the top of my cube here and we can move on to. Solving of the yellow side of the cube so the next step in solving your two budget rivers cube is. To solve the yellow side so were going to do is just flip over the cube so white is facing.

Down and the other side is facing up so at this point you will look at the yellow side and. You either have no yellow pieces one yellow piece or ill have two of them lined up like this just. Like next to each other in my case ive just got one this one here and this one here so. I can choose either one of these and put one of them in the bottom left corner if youve got. Two of them youre gonna put them line them up on the right side and if you got gonna if.

You have none youre just not gonna worry about it and youre just gonna use the following algorithm so the. Algorithm goes right up right inverted up right up twice and then right inverted now ive got two yellows here. The white side is still solved so now since ive got two right next to each other im gonna do. The following outgrow them with these two on the right hand side so im going to go once again right. Up right inverted up right up twice right inverted white side is still intact and ive got just one yo.

So im gonna put that in the bottom left side easy algorithm again right up right and verted up right. Up twice right inverted got one yellow and im gonna put that in the bottom left corner again this algorithm. Youd have to do a few few times and eventually itll solve right up right inverted up right up twice. Right inverted there we go now ive got my yellow side solved and ive got my white side solved and. Now were gonna move on to solving the rest of the cube with the other side already solved and the.

White side solved were going to move on to solving the rest of the cube so youre just want to. Look around your cube and see if youve got any matching sides that you can just do that so if. You have any matches just make sure you have those all lined up you dont have any matches dont worry. Youre just wanted to use this algorithm twice so take that matching side have it facing away from you and. The other side facing up and you can want to do the following algorithm write inverted face clockwise write inverted.

Back counterclockwise twice right the front counter clockwise right the backside counterclockwise twice right twice back side counterclockwise twice and. Then the cube will be solved so if you didnt have a mashing side in the beginning you just wanted. That algorithm one more time and then you cube will have solved so i hope that this helps you guys. Out and its simple to follow i mean if youre a beginner to this this is probably easiest technique youre. Gonna find on youtube so hope that helped thanks for watching please like and subscribe do you see you next.

Time you.

Method 4 – How To Country Two Step – 2 Step Footwork

Hi this is hunter from show her off and im here with my good friend of professional dance instructor carrie. And this video series we are teaching you at the basic so you know how to country to step in. Youre out at the bar and so we already talked about the previous video frame and kind of posture for. The upper half of body now were going to get into what really matters which is shaking your booty moving.

Your feet and and and how to dance the two step which is quick-quick slow-slow to the beat of the. Music absolutely rhythm is key so itll delineate what type of dance youre doing and ill also be giving your. Partner confidence in new comments to get on the floor as a whole right and so you had a good. Points when when so back to the frame the one thing is when were doing two step is that were. Not nose to toes that this is going to cause all kinds of trouble down at the bottom because our.

Feet are going to keep bumping into each other instead we actually are thats my last set as you can. See here im in front of hundreds right shoulder hes in front of my right shoulder yeah that way and. What youll see in our close of our feet is our right feet will go between that of our partners. So we wont be stepping on each others fee and in a perfect world well have separate tracks and hopefully. Never run into our right so we start and you can do this you know i always slightly backwards because.

Im at the i found at the country bars especially in your dancing with girls who are newer or not. Learning its easier understanding if theyre walking forward and youre going backwards you can punch through traffic that way and. Not have to worry about meeting the battleship yeah its also easier to navigate thats advanced stuff well get into. Later just navigating all the land mines when youre when youre out and then with the dance bar so we. Start and were going to go quick quick slow slow quick quick slow slow quick quick slow slow slow so.

Here were showing you around we talked about being offset so that when i take a step back shes not. Stepping on my feet or vice versa or going the other way so weve got two feet weve got two. Separate tracks our right feet will go in between out of our apartment hunters right foot will go between mine. Yeah so we want to step on each others toes that way and well demonstrate that a couple times so. My feet past between his and his feet pass between my nice and then of course whoever is going forward.

Is going to be that kinda needs to be stepping confidently and changing weight lets go ahead and show that. Track move and slow yeah so you see when hunter is going forward hes constantly changing weight hell the toe. Rather than reaching out that toe we caught flying under the radar all youre going to do is stab your. Partner with the tip super suits or fingers that on your burner and then same thing when the girl is. Going forward i confidently transfer my way it heel to toe and that way were doing a full chance for.

A week instead of flying over that danger right so when were first starting when youre getting with your partner. For starting the two-step weve kind of showed you some of the footwork but heres how you begin and that. Is first of all you have you want to shift your weight you dont want to be this is not. Football or tennis that we have even weight on both of our feet correct when you are asking a partner. To dance think about the the way your bar is youre not just going to pick her up and take.

Off with her and if you have you realize that someone has to do a bit of a foot shuffle. So the gentleman is going to be starting off with his left and the lady is going to be starting. Off at the right as a leader you want to make sure the lady is cute into you not talking. Over your shoulder finishing off her drink right and listening to the same rhythm that youre listening to so we. Need to make her in your arms to to frame up or even just this one side and pull bit.

Hunter has youll shift weight one side and then the other and you can even do this a couple times. As long as youre not standing right in at all traffic until shes connected with you and follows you the. Same be and then gentlemans left ladies right already you can pitch your body forward to take off down line. Of dance or backward okay youre doing at that point in time so hundreds can go ahead and do that. At other times and hes going to take off with me is just kind of feeling the weight here and.

You use this you can you do is kind of right away first after done for a while but now. I feel were ready to go all my ways i shot my right foot because im going to go back. On my left okay so its very important that you have that the weight distribution that youre not equally divided. As youve got it on footage here its youre not going to see were right exactly so then lets talk. About people who learn what their footwork a little bit more calling out which foot youre on so gentlemen for.

The quick-quick slow-slow were going to be using left right left right and ladies for the quick-quick slow-slow were going. To be using right left right left so well demonstrate that by calling out which put your arm so calling. Out the leaders first and left right left right left right left right left right left right left right now. Change into the girls right left i left right left right left right left right left right very simple so. Thats something that you gives you kind of the basics of the footwork well get into a lot more advanced.

But again with dance you little building block so you learn and use them to build on top of and. One trick or tip that when im out dancing especially if youre either a lead or follow if youve been. Dancing for a while and youre dancing with someone whos newer it does help i found it really helps to. Call those steps out when theyre when youre dancing with them theyll just start theyll just start doing exam look. Weird so ask them first like i wouldnt want to dance with the girl whos new and she doesnt know.

How to dance say hey you mind if i you know i can call it the steps for use that. Okay and these are some really good tips on etiquette and youll find that im just going to be posting. Some more force on etiquette as we get into things so that would be really handy for you yeah again. For the social scene its all about you know having fun and making a person feel comfortable so if youre. The lead its a lot easier if the girls newer and shes not dancing you say hey you mind if.

I call steps and as you go back you say right left right left right left if youre the followed. Lady might be sometimes a little bit harder for follows to kind of teach leads but if youre if youre. Giving the beat and telling the steps to take most guys well we can follow that basic directions and you. Might find that helpful lets stop for directions so all right well i hope you found that helpful thats going. To the footwork for a country two-step make sure you subscribe around already that way these videos come right to.

You and you get the latest ones when theyre released thanks you.

Method 5 – How To Dc2tog (Double Crochet 2 Together) – Beginner Crochet Tutorial!

Hey its angela from creating it and today im back with a crochet tutorial for you and i wanted to. Show you how to double crochet two stitches together youll see this on a pattern as dc2 and then t. Og which means double crochet two together this is really simple so if you know your basic krause double crochet. Stitch this should be a breeze for you so grab your hook and yarn and let me show you how.

To do it okay so the first thing you want to do when you are double crocheting two stitches together. Is yarn over as you normally would in a double crochet stitch and go into your next stitch then yarn. Over again and draw that through next yarn over again and go through two loops and normally when you finish. A double crochet stitch you would yarn over and draw through these last two loops but instead of doing that. Were going to yarn over and then were going to go into our next stitch right here so go through.

There yarn over again and draw that through and now you can see we have four loops on your crochet. Hook so the next thing you want to do is yarn over and go through the first two loops and. You can see here you have three loops left on your hook so yarn over again and draw through your. Last three loops and thats it thats the double crochet and you can see here how it brings both of. Those together into a little v-shape here and that now becomes one stitch so youve reduced two stitches to one.


Conclusion – How To 2

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