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Method 1 – How To: 3 Strand Twist | Step By Step

Hey love its jen thank you for coming through and checking out a video of mine so i just learned. It through two strand twist and im super excited cant wait to share it with you so obviously im demonstrating. On my daughter genesis im styling her hair as we speak lets jump into it youre going to see some. Major close-up so obviously the first thing that youre going to do is youre going to separate your hair into.

Three separate strands almost as though youre braiding but obviously going to be a three strand twist its not going. To be a braid so here are my three sections now i did not speed up this video i wanted. You to see the technique in its entirety and in real time your mind will probably try to trick you. Because youre going to want to braid but go as slow as you need to but i promise once you. Get the hang of it its simple so youre basically going to take a strand on the farthest to the.

Left and move it all the way to the right so thats why im pointing to the strand on the. Left jump the other two pieces and go all the way over to the right so kind of think of. It as youre motioning like the semicircle youre going to take that strand jump the other two and like a. Semicircle kind of like a cycle but youre not and youre not going to end up in the first cos. Where you were youre going to end up all the way to the far right now i wanted to make.

Sure that i got lots of close-ups for you but i do apologise because i didnt realize her hair so. Long that its hard to get a close-up with keeping all of her hair in the frame as well so. Youre gonna see some funky angles again im sorry about that i tried my best to kind of zoom out. As i continue to twist but were going to see close up pretty soon i promise so this is the. Finnish twist look how gc i love to three strand twist because its a tighter twist than i like of.

A two strand twist and like i said dont worry im going to give you a closer visual closure a. Closer visual right now so all that hair in your face because i want you to see what its like. Close-up as if youre right here twisting with me okay so weve got the three strands of hair again far. Left to the far leg now what i want you to pay attention to here is my left hand and. I apologize if youre a lefty im not sure if this would be reverse or a little different but my.

Left hand is only moving to readjust the twists are those sections of hair my hand on the right is. The one is doing all the work and rotating the section the one on the left is just acting as. An anchor to hold their hair down and then to readjust as the sections move hopefully that made sense and. I do not just confuse you so here we are getting a little closer to the end and again i. Apologize that its not completely in focus and in the frame like i said i wanted to keep a close-up.

But obviously im getting out of the frame because theyre here so well now at the end what i typically. Do is just depending on how much hair i have left ill just convert over a transition over to a. Two strand twist so ill just take two strands of hair and then just start to twist them around each. Other or ill just take her hair and then just kind of curl it around itself so what im showing. Here is just what i do at the end you can completely go all the way to the end for.

Me its just its harder just because the hair gets a little thinner here im just basically showing i need. To trim her hair but for now im just going to kind of color around itself and this is the. Finished result now one thing that i do want to say is im sure you can tell where my two. Strand twists ended and my three strand twists began thats because i did not braid the root thats something that. I would definitely recommend just to give you a flatter twist and just to kind of secure to start your.

Three strand twisting but i thank you guys so much for watching dont forget to check out some of our. Other videos we have product reviews and styling tutorials a few fun videos thank you for watching bye.

Method 2 – How To 3 Strand Twist *Detailed* | Step By Step | Easy To Follow

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Method 3 – How To 3 Strand Twist | Slowed Down!!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is mason and per request of my knotless three strand twist. Video i am going to do a how-to step by step of three strand twists so before we even get. Started i just briefly want to go over how to do a two strand twist and if you guys know. How to do this already then the three ch the three strand twist should be easy so basically i am.

Just wrapping my two strands in a circular motion so im just making sure that i am twisting one strand. Over top of the other and just bringing it around so literally youre just twisting two strands in a circular. Motion like so and im just doing this on my natural hair later on in the video you guys will. See me do a knotless twist like i did in the other video but this is just how to do. A two strand twist so now were going to get into the three strand so taking that same section of.

Hair im just going to section this off in three strands and so again just like the two strand twists. Im going to wind this hair in a circular motion theyre all going in the same motion so not like. A braid where you have to kind of interlock and weave it these are all just going in the same. Direction and i am currently twisting counterclockwise you can twist clockwise counterclockwise it doesnt really matter if youre doing it. On your natural hair it kind of matters if youre doing on your spring twists doing it with the spring.

To his hair but ill get into that in just a second so as you can see im keeping the. Strands separated but i am twisting them all in the same direction theyre all going counterclockwise and hopefully this will. Give you guys a better understanding of how i did that other video and this is just kind of real-time. Of how quickly i twist the hair and so this is what its looking like as a three strand twist. It looks very similar to the two strand but we just added an extra strand so before we get started.

In into doing the actual knot list 3 strand twist again i just wanted to make a note that its. Very important that you twist the hair the same direction that the hair was manufacturers so right now im twisting. The opposite way of the hair the opposite way of which the hair is naturally coil so this will actually. Cause the hair to unwind to unravel and it doesnt give it like that nice juicy twist look so im. Going to take another strand and im going to twist it the same direction that the hair naturally coils and.

Youre going to see the difference in how the twist looks how you know it springs how it springs back. The shape of it and ultimately the hair stays intact it doesnt unwind that was one comment that i got. And as you can see the difference right here the difference in the twist so on the right hand side. That one will come and loose in the left hand side it wont because im twisting in the same direction. As the hair coils so now were just going to get into the actual knotless three strand twist again im.

Gonna be using this shine and jam to put on my base to kind of smooth my roots down because. You guys were getting on me about my eco styling gel but that was all i had at the house. That day when i did those twists and honestly i still use eco so anyways i am just going to. Separate these the hair again in three strands so for the nutless twist we want to start it as a. Knotless braid so i know you guys have seen a million knotless braid tutorials and so the way i do.

Mine i just add a piece of hair every two loops so im just gonna put it under my middle. Finger and then after i do that im just going to do one loop and two loops so now im. Going to grab another piece of hair and im going to add it again under that middle finger and then. Were gonna go one loop and two loops and so were going to add one more piece of hair for. This twist put it under that middle finger again and then we go one loop and two loops and so.

At this point im just going to continue to break down a little bit more just so i have a. Strong enough of base so that the hair doesnt slip out or fall out so i feel like i have. You know established a good base im gonna begin doing that circular twist motion and again we want to keep. All the strands separated and in the beginning it may feel like its not really twisting but as you continue. To twist it will continue to start twisting and so im making sure that im twisting in the same direction.

As the hair naturally coils it coils like a left twist or it coils to the left so im twisting. To the left which is counterclockwise and so all im doing is im keeping the strands separated and im just. Twisting all in the same direction in a circular motion and so this is just another view of the same. Twist as you can see the strands are literally just going around in a circle like you think about like. A fan or like tetherball or something i dont know why my brain works that way but i just think.

About something going around in a circle and so thats literally how youre going to do it and this is. The real time of me twisting it and so after youre done youre just i literally just twist it all. The way to the end and by the end of it this is what it is looking like it looks. Nice and springy all of my hair is wrapped into the twist and yeah this is pretty much how you. Do the three strand twist i hope this video has been so much more helpful if it has please give.

Me a like a comment share it with your friends and if you guys want to see more videos how-to. Please just leave a comment and ill get those up for you as well thanks for watching guys see you. In my next video.

Method 4 – How To 3 Strand Twist Out *Detailed + Night Time Routine

Hey youtube is bree lauren and today ill be showing you how to do this 3 strand twist out so. If you wonder how i got this looks and of course keep watching im setting off on an old twist. Down and just going to put my hair into three separate sections as you know this is key to any. Style i do i will forever in the day put my hair in two sections now for a random length.

Of check i just want to show you where my hair is that right now its to my armpit so. My hair is finally starting to actually grow so i am just about halfway done with my head and now. Im just going to show you what i do i spritz my hair with water this is just to add. Some moisture into my hair and just to get up hairs then im going to use ever butters genesis and. I love this stuff because its an excellent stilling at least my hair is super moisturized it seals in the.

Moisture and its just all-around amazing product then im using be hydrating leave-in conditioner by 4 to 5 naturals this. Is just to get the kinks out of my head make it easier to the tango its a very lightweight. Product so its not going to weigh my hair down but its really good for detangling so im just gonna. Run that all the way through my hair and then just going to detangle from ends to root gently and. If your hair is too mad at just do a little bit of finger detangling and vent all up with.

A cone to eliminate any breakage for my style or im using the intense hydration potion by fortified naturals and. This is definitely an intense hydration potion like seriously its extremely moisturizing and it defines my curls i dont know. Why i didnt put this in my favourites or my natural hair video i did a couple a couple of. Videos ago of my best natural hair products to use this is definitely one of my favorites but if you. Saw that video i have a lot of products so i totally forgot about this one but this is definitely.

A holy grail anyways im just gonna grab three separate sections just like you were doing a regular plat and. Im gonna take the strand of hair thats all the way to the left and rotate it all the way. To the right so grab a piece of hair all its left bring it over all the way to the. Right and youre just gonna keep that in rotation do not worry i know this isnt going pretty fast but. I will slow it down i will break and break it down break it down i will break it down.

For you so keep watching i will definitely show you how to do this a little bit more slow once. I get to the ends im just going to call it around my fingers now for the slow mode so. I got three separate sections one two and three i want to grab a piece all the way to the. Left and im going to rotate it all the way to the right then when it rotates the other piece. And other piece all the way to the left bring it all the way over to the right as you.

Can see my fingers are always in control of those three separate sections you dont want so here to control. You you control your hair you control what strands go where so keep it in mind because what you dont. Want to do is you dont want to start borrowing pieces of hair having one of the sections go to. Another section theres another piece of hair go to another piece and its going to get the frizzy in a. Hot mess and when you take your hair down so make sure youre controlling your hair if your hair feels.

A little bit dry add a little bit more product and then again make sure taking the piece all the. Way to the left rotating it all the way to the right or if youre if youre left-handed then all. The way to the right and all its the left whichever way you want to go just make sure youre. Getting that pieces all the way to the left pushing all the way to the right and youre just doing. Basically a clock motion and then youre just going to coil the ends of your hair just to get the.

Cute little curl and thats how your twists should look nice juicy and plump and so im just going to. Do that again now i see some tutorials where they bring the roots of their hair and then follow up. With a three strand twist i dont really see the need for doing that it can twist your hair tight. Enough at the root you shouldnt have to worry about it puffing up and then also i like full here. So we braiding my roots to make it flatter its not something i want to do i dont want flat.

Hair so a little bit of puffiness at the roots this is no problem for me this is how my. Hair is looking once all the twists are in and im ready for bed so im just going to fill. My bonnet on now going to the next day i am using almond oil love this oil is very thick. Moisturizing and as great shine i really didnt need any shine cuz my hair was already shiny but im just. So used to having oil to my hands whatever im just going to unravel the twist the opposite way i.

Twisted it of course and look at dizzy curls just super defined and thats why its important not to borrow. Hair because you see how easy was just to take the twist down if i borrow pieces of hair another. Twist or the cost too much phrase so now im just going to separate my twists be careful do not. Cause any frizz you see how the hair is just naturally separating dont force the separation if you force the. Separation youre going to cause frizz so if you run your fingers down the twist and its not separating leave.

It alone just leave them go to the next section and separate something else that wants to separate then im. Going to pick out my roots to add some additional azalea make sure youre only getting at the roots dont. Comb out your beautiful twists that you work so hard for make sure youre only picking at the roots and. Thats how i usually wear my hair just down and out and fluffy and all but im kind of feeling. The need to do a side part im just feeling like a side part was was the motive for the.

Day so im just going to split my hair to the side and im going to add the pink shade. And coconut oil edge control this is my first time using this edge control and boy this is slade and. Leave my edges down for the guys as you can see do you see the lage do you see how. The edges are just laid and slade i love this edge control i just pinned it back just to keep. It secure and this is the final look i love it so much better than the regular twist out because.

The definition is definitely popping i just everything about the three strand twists out is life its a little bit. Extra work but thats cool thats cool its the work that at the end clearly so if you give this. Hairstyle try let me know tagging instagram show me some love ill show you some love give it a try. Let me know if it actually worked for you now for the nighttime routine im just going to grab for. Scrunchies and im going to section my hair to four separate sections one of the top two on the one.

On the sides and one in the back and im just going to loosely put it into a ponytail im. Not going to wrap the band around twice just once its a loose little ponytail if you have longer hair. You might just be able to get away with one if you have shorter hair you might have to do. More ponytails it depends on the thick thickness and the linphea here before works best for me im just going. To put my bonnet on of course you dont look the most sexy doing it but i mean it gets.

The job done your hair will be cute in the morning just take down the rubber bands and fluff it. Out boom thank you for watching and ill see you in my next video bye.

Method 5 – Zion’S Journey So Far | 3 Strand Twists + Faqs | 3 Years Locd

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Conclusion – How To 3 Strand Twist

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