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Method 1 – Involuntary Treatment In Mental Health Facilities

Hi im christina headley from equip for equality you have many rights when you are admitted to a mental health. Facility one of those rights is the right to refuse treatment this video discusses your right to refuse treatment and. The circumstances under which the facility can provide treatment to you even if you have refused it if you are. Admitted to a mental health facility you have the right to refuse mental health treatment at any time during your.

Admission including psychotropic medication and electroconvulsive therapy or ect you can refuse treatment even if you were admitted to the. Facility against your wishes and even if you previously consented to such treatment if you refuse mental health treatment the. Facility cannot give it to you unless one of the two conditions applies first the facility may treat you against. Your wishes in an emergency this can happen where your treatment is necessary to prevent you from causing serious and. Immediate physical harm to yourself or others and no less restrictive alternatives are available if the facility involuntarily administers psychotropic.

Medications or ect the facility must evaluate whether you still meet the emergency standard every 24 hours it also must. Document its determination in your record the facility can only administer short-term psychotropic medication and ect for up to 72. Hours not including saturdays sundays and holidays the facility must stop administering the treatment after that time unless the treatment. Remains necessary and the facility has filed a petition for court-ordered treatment second the facility may treat you against your. Wishes if the treatment is ordered by a court any person 18 years of age or older including your guardian.

May file our petition asking the court to order your involuntary treatment in most cases the treating psychiatrist or director. Of the mental health facility asked for the court order the involuntary treatment hearing will be scheduled within seven days. After the petition is filed the court will automatically extend or continue the hearing date for seven days at your. Request our request by the stage or by the person who filed the petition the court may grant an additional. Continuance if no longer than twenty-one days if a continuance is necessary to provide time for psychological evaluation or to.

Allow you to arrange for an attorney the hearing will most likely be held at the facility where you have. Been admitted the involuntary treatment hearing is separate from the hearing to involuntarily admit you to the facility but it. May occur immediately before or after the admission hearing you may have the same judge for both hearings you have. Rights at the hearing these include the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one the illinois guardianship and. Advocacy commission or the public defender will represent you you have the right to attend the hearing you must attend.

The hearing unless your attorney tells the court that you do not want to attend and the court decides that. Attending would cause you emotional or physical harm you have the right to present evidence the right to testify and. Call witnesses and the right to cross-examine the other sides witnesses at least one psychiatrist clinical social worker clinical psychologist. Or other qualified examiner who has examined you must testify and you must have a right to ask that person. Questions you have the right to a closed hearing anyone can request that the hearing be closed so that no.

One else is present in the courtroom except the parties and judge the court will grant the request to close. The hearing if no one objects if you object the hearing will remain open if someone else subjects the court. Will not close the hearing unless it decides that your interest in having the hearing closed is compelling you have. The right to an independent examination you have the right to be examined and evaluated by a physician qualified examiner. Clinical psychologist or other expert of your choice the court may also order a separate examination by one or more.

Physicians qualified examiners clinical psychologists or other experts to examine you speak to anyone listed in the petition for a. Voluntary admission and file a report with the court you should receive a copy of that report the court can. Enter an order for involuntary treatment if it finds all of the following first that you have a serious mental. Illness or developmental disability second that because of your mental illness or developmental disability you have lost your ability to. Function or suffering or are displaying threatening behavior third that you have ongoing symptoms from your illness or disability or.

You have had repeated episodes fourth that the benefits of the treatment outweigh the harm fifth that you do not. Have the ability to make a reasoned decision about the treatment sixth that the other less restrictive treatment options have. Been considered and are not appropriate and seventh that if the petition seeks authorization for testing and other procedures the. Testing and procedures are necessary for the treatment to be safe and effective the court can order involuntary treatment for. Up to 90 days the court can order a second 90-day period of involuntary treatment after holding another hearing after.

That the court can authorize 180 day periods of involuntary treatment each time the hon eighty day time period ends. The court must hold another hearing as discussed above the courts order does not mean the facility is required to. Administer involuntary treatment only that is authorized if necessary if the facility determines at any time that involuntary treatment is. Not necessary it should stop the treatment you should also keep in mind that if you have completed a power. Of attorney for healthcare or a mental health treatment preference declaration the person you named may be able to consent.

To treatment even if you have refused it the facility may accept the consent of your agent if a physician. Determines that you do not have the ability to make a reasoned decision about the treatment for more information please. See the resources listed below and on the facts sheet associated with this video you may also contact equip for. Equality at equip for equality org you.

Method 2 – 302 Woodward Road, Media, Pa Presented By Jenna Leggette.

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Method 3 – 302: I Found The Good Stuff In Adamstown, Pa!

On my first night in adamstown of course i stayed at that bed and breakfast and it was so amazing. But the owner of that bed and breakfast i said i have a couple of hours before i have my. Meeting which was my live sale and can you give me some suggestions of places to stop so she suggested. Two places that were back to back i got some really wonderful things there i actually have a small collection.

Of these little benches and the one little store that was in somebodys barn in the back of their house. Or garage or whatever she had several of these but this was my favorite one i picked it up i. Think i paid 15 for the little stool and its gonna stay with me i picked this up because i. Think it was at one of these two places i dont know sometimes i get lost in my own ideas. But these come in really handy for display and actually people pay up for these so if you can find.

Them at a good price these are always worthwhile to snag look at this little book i love this book. It was two dollars its all about the rabbit but the reason why i really liked it to be quite. Honest with you was the font look at the font in this book its amazing the one store was called. The red barn and it was run by a mennonite woman and it was she just had the most amazing. Taste and im not sure if im going to put the footage here if i already showed you the footage.

But it was unbelievable and im sure you will agree with me but i picked these up there these knobs. I have so many doors in my studio right now and many of them do not have the hardware so. Thats one reason that i picked these up they were only seven dollars i thought it was a good deal. You know me in the playing cards i couldnt pass them up they were only two dollars so i grabbed. Them heres another package these were flash cards and i couldnt leave them there theyre wondering oh i didnt even.

See that one thats awesome look at all of them only two bucks this has a sterling silver base on. It and i thought it was so fascinating because of it being divided like that and i dont know how. She knows its sterling silver i havent seen the thing i just trusted her it wasnt it wasnt high priced. At all so it didnt matter one way or another but she said it was sterling so i i believe. Her this was also at that red barn i couldnt leave it there i dont even know it must have.

Slipped up into something at one point in time but she only wanted three dollars for it and i thought. It was fabulous so i got it im not exactly sure how much i paid for this probably just a. Couple of dollars but i got it because i thought it would be a really good base for a sculpture. And i also picked this up not sure what im going to do with this either im sure it was. Inexpensive enough and i thought i loved it so its going to stay with me i grabbed her because she.

Is awesome looking now its marked on the back by by an art the artist who painted her i think. And the date although sometimes people that own things would mark them now it says 83 i dont know it. Could be 1883 what do you think what do you think unless somebody took a head and put it on. To it because this thing looks really old to me it looks terribly old so i dont know but i. Liked the look of it regardless and i grabbed it this is probably the largest caged flower frog i have.

Come across yet and i dont come across the cage flower frogs very often it does have some weight to. It and i love it so yeah very very nice i have a thing for vintage boxes if youve been. Following me for a while you know that as well so i picked this up i liked the hardware on. It i like the box i like the bottom i thought it was great all of these things that im. Going to share with you i got from adamstown at the various antique stores that i hit during the adamstown.

Antique extravaganza it was fabulous i picked this up this is a tree topper absolutely gorgeous look at the glitter. Flocking whatever you want to call it thats on there and if you saw that i only paid four dollars. For it which i think is a steal and im pretty positive that its glass sometimes i dont know i. Really dont sometimes i dont know but i am pretty positive its glass and if its not it doesnt matter. Anyway because im keeping it it is going into my collection and i love it as im pulling things out.

Of this box i know sometimes i dont know but i know where i got these from i got all. Of this stuff im showing you right now from a store called mothertuckers what a fun name so all this. Came from other tuckers and i got some fabulous things there so it also picked up from there new old. Stock i should be able to get the sticker off of there its funny it was originally priced at ive. Often referred to a specific angel tree topper that my family used to have and im constantly looking for it.

This is very similar not quite it yet but very similar so im not sure if im going to keep. This or if im going to pass this one on but shes wonderful got a couple more tree toppers they. Are glass pretty sure the bottoms are really interesting look at that anyways these will stay with me because theyre. Going in my display i picked up this beautiful left and nurse she is marked on the bottom she does. Have a small chip on the back of her hat but it is on the back and it is not.

Noticeable i thought this piece was really cute little angel in a i mean very adorable made in japan i. Cant get the snowmans tag off of him but i believe that he is spun head or spun cotton the. Whole thing not just the head so grabbed him look at this cute little sailor adorable made in japan this. Little figurine is awesome its also made in japan in excellent condition i love when i come across this tarnished. Tinsel and ive got two little wreaths in the tarnished tinsel and theyre going to stay with me either for.

Art or for some sort of display i love this its a chained mouse family with fur the little babies. Have fur on them as well little tufts of fur on the top and they are all attached one of. The little babies has a slight chip out of the ear thats something that could be touched up easily with. Watercolor and you wouldnt notice it mamas in really good shape very very fun look at these bears arent they. Cute theyre made in japan so so right there excellent condition theyve got some um iridescent paint on them or.

Whatever but what were they were they like little um was it like a little vase a little flower frog. Type thing almost i dont know what do you guys think i grabbed her cute little majorette lovely little piece. She does have a little chip down there on the bottom and she does have some damage to her fingers. But the way you would display her not noticeable at all very nice piece japan napco so deer are very. Popular right now and when i saw this i knew that somebody out there is going to absolutely love this.

Piece this cute little deer family by you know by a tree you can see on the back the tree. I dont know if it would have had a sticker at one time there but you know what anybody crafty. Could add their own thing so you could personalize it and it has a little shade and the little hurricane. Lamp so its just really really fun probably the best well not probably the best thing that i picked up. At mothertuckers and i have never seen this item in the wild before never i picked up a miss press.

Sugar and creamer look how wonderful there is a slight chip on the top here of the flower this one. Has a partial tag on it the other one does not the other ones in excellent condition i picked these. Two turn around i picked up these two the sugar and the creamer and i also picked up the salt. And pepper shaker and this one has good nice nice labels on the bottom the left and labels the other. One i think had rubbed off and everything else on it but very nice very nice i paid way way.

Up for my miss press pieces way up so when i do go to sell them im not sure where. Im gonna list them at um because im gonna have to offer them pretty high um but yeah they are. For sale all right friends so i have more things from adamstown pennsylvania from the extravaganza and let me get. Right into showing you a beautiful little left and valentines angel isnt she fun im not sure if im keeping. Her or not and if i dont shes going to hang out and wait until valentines day for a nice.

Little valentines day sale this is an interesting angel ive never seen one like it before it is made in. Japan very nice probably some sort of a little vase i always find it interesting that they put holes in. Everything everything was a planter or a base of some sort i think all right i said in a previous. Video that you know everybody has their niche that they seem to find all the time and i was hoping. That i would become the lady head base magnet and im i have been finding a lot of them in.

Price points that i can manage but i think i may actually be the joseph originals magnet because i found. Two i found this lovely little lady here and both of them have some sort of paper inside i have. To get i have to get some tweezers or something and try to pull it out but theyre both in. Excellent excellent condition i got that one the blue one these are the um birthstone angels well that one was. I dont know what this one is she may be from another series because her dress is just a little.

Bit different i dont know i could be wrong i have to look at my my book again and see. But i got them for a great price these guys sell um they can sell pretty high and i cant. Give you a price right off the top of my head because i dont remember i just know that when. I saw him for the price i got him for i was like yeah i got this adorable santa candle. Holder isnt he fun hes made in japan the these things these next one two three four things came from.

Probably my favorite antique store in adams town as far as the layout went i was i really enjoyed shopping. In this store on one hand on the other hand i hated it it was the worst it was really. Hot in adams town and this store did not have air conditioning and i was so hot i was just. Miserable from the heat but i loved the store um yeah so i have found these before and actually now. I have two because im gonna keep this i think i have the one other one i found at the.

Flea market a while ago this is relco but it is a black cat it is some sort of a. Decanter and um but its perfect for halloween you know me and my smalls and i dont know if you. Guys can see this or not probably not these are santa head plastic picks so i will keep these and. I will probably use these in some sort of artwork in some fashion but i was tickled to find those. And then i also i got this wonderful little school box i thought that this would be really fun for.

Display you can put it like that i like the red color it was only three dollars very clean inside. So i grabbed that as well and then i had to have this i opened it up there at the. Store and i i noticed that it has a lot of discoloration on it but i loved the pattern and. By discoloration i mean like these markings here i dont know if the lighting here will even show like you. Can see discoloration there and im betting that there are people out there that are whizzes with the cleaning stuff.

Like heres this because you can use phils naphtha on stuff like what i just showed you you can soak. These for days in oxiclean and most of that stuff will come right out and it was a really good. Price and its just beautiful and its one of those things that if i cant pass it on and make. A profit on it i will be happy to keep it because its just that beautiful i also picked these. Up this wasnt from that store that was hot like i was telling you about but i couldnt pass them.

Up its a whole bag full of littles and i dont know these were in there too but thats probably. Not even vintage but i got it for these things um and i paid up for it i think i. Paid eight dollars for the bag so yeah it was it was quite a bit but i got this piece. I got several little spun heads i got this guy i got this is a cupcake topper heres two identical. Spun head um ladies ive got two of them you see the same you might be the same as that.

Other one but i cant see the other one to know for certain and then theres a whole bunch of. Other little smalls in here theres this i dont know if you can see it and then little couple little. Teeny-weeny rabbits like that and then some teeny-weeny little um chickens and i havent done it in a while because. I havent done a lot of artwork in a while yeah well work on it thats a story for another. Day um but i like to make little miniature assemblage and sculpture pieces so i would like to use those.

In there i got those so that was bat from those two stores in adams town i have one more. Thing from that first night of sales that i went to the two different shops this was from the first. Shop this was from the like the people who had the garage in the backyard that they converted into a. Store hold on this baby is heavy but i wanted to show you you can see the mess on my. Porch can you see the beveled mirrors on it it is really heavy let me turn it around for you.

So you can see the back it is a really really old very very old i love it it was. 20 something dollars im going to use it as a display in the studio so i was really happy to. Have it so im gonna go out and try to film for you the big pieces that i picked up. That first night um before it starts to storm its supposed to thunder and i can hear it in the. Distance so lets go do that real fast clouds pretty ominous i dont know if youll be able to hear.

The thunder as it rolls by or not ill probably have to talk louder because of the wind all right. So at that red barn store i picked up this drawer thats divided into three its gonna be a great. Display piece the spider thinks so um i got that for the studio as you can see i paid eight. Dollars for it i thought it was a great deal i got this this is amazing this is a very. Tall piece not sure what they would have used it for maybe in a bank for you know the long.

Deposit slips or something but i really liked it and she gave it to me for twelve dollars and then. I got this i fell in love with this um the way she had them displayed in the store was. Amazing and um really really cool and if i can think to do it i will try to remember to. Put some pictures here of the way she displayed things thanks for joining me everybody if you are new to. My channel i would love if you would subscribe hit the bell so you know if i go live or.

Post new content i do have live sales every wednesday night at 6 pm eastern on my channel and it. Would be so much fun if you would join us there you dont have to purchase anything we really have. A good time in the live chat and i also um usually play live trivia so its really really a. Fun time and if youre new i hope well see you again soon thanks everybody for joining me and thanks. To everybody whos been a long time subscriber as well i i love you guys and i appreciate you so.

Much ill see you in the next video bye.

Method 4 – 2015 Walnut St #302 Philadelphia, Pa 19103

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Method 5 – 302 Bumblebee Pass, Cresco, Pa 18326

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