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Method 1 – How To 360 Flip The Easiest Way Tutorial 2020

My name is aaron kyra im a sponsored skateboarder from the san francisco bay area and today im gonna teach. You how to do a 360 flip alright guys so i got on my instagram right here and i said. Hey guys im doing some tutorials today what trick would you like me to do and i posted this photo. Right here and then going through this its like tre flip 360 flip how about tre double im struggling that.

Right now maybe we will do that but not today cuz today the most comments that im seeing today are. 360 flip how to have fun while skating at home thats a good one hahaha itll be me skating with. My dog i love my dog but a lot of people are asking for 360 flips so here we are. Today im gonna teach you how to do a 360 flip okay so heres the deal with the 360 flip. It involves your back yes your back foot in very very very heavy detail in fact if you get your.

Back foot position really down and you get that what we call the scoop and you just master that motion. Right there youre gonna get the tre flow if you master that motion of the scoop with your back foot. Youre going to get the tre flip so im gonna explain how everything works and then im gonna go through. Some practice steps to help you guys get this down here okay so for the 360 flip you put your. Foot in a position like so so you have your back foot there and your front foot i have it.

About like right there like pretty close to those front bolts and i have it turned it about maybe like. A 45 degree angle now the key here is a heavy heavy scoop back now you might ask yourself well. How does that work what does it look like how does it feel good question so your toes basically go. Over the side and then your foot shoves straight back there are some practice steps you can do just to. Get that motion that motion right there is very very very very key pretty much this whole video is probably.

Gonna be about that back foot motion how it works what it does because if you get that youve got. Tre flips youre in youre in it so your front foot yes it does a kickflip motion but very slight. When your board is spinning like this already it just takes a very little pressure to make it flip so. Before you go into learning 360 flips i highly highly recommend youre very good at riding your board ive said. This a million times but ride your board to the store write it to school write it everywhere just get.

Very comfortable riding your board learn how to ollie frontside 180 pop shove you know learn learn the basic tricks. These are very very well covered in skateboarding made simple vol.1 theyre covered in extreme detail in a very specific. Way that i teach so you always get better the idea is that every single day youre skating improves and. If youre improving every day and youre skating every day guess what by the end of a year of that. Youre gonna be actually it way better than you thought you ever could have been okay so dont just jump.

Right into a tre flip you got to learn how to ollie pop shove 180 im gonna do the practice. Steps so get those tricks down but for the 360 flip i wouldnt even say that you need to learn. How to 360 pop shuvit cuz i actually think 360 pop shuvit is harder than a 360 flip way harder. But i would say have a good kickflip have a good varial kickflip this is definitely a lot easier the. Varial flip but its funny once you learn tre flips youre gonna go back to barrel flips like its the.

Hardest trick youve ever seen because you again you get that muscle memory of that back foot really really down. So in that scoop so your back foot is there and then its gonna curl over the side and youre. Gonna pop the board and the one thing i notice in looking at some of these tricks in extreme detail. Is the board sometimes is already out a 90 degree angle before it even comes the ground and thats key. Because now it only has to do another 270 and then its gonna spin and flip come around you catch.

It with your front foot and you put it down so i have this great footage of the wonderful the. Best what i would consider to be one of the best flat ground skaters in the world johnny geiger and. I have this amazing slow-motion footage of him doing a 360 flip and were gonna go over that footage right. Now and im going to just sort of break this down okay so you can see johnny geiger riding up. Right here his feet are in the perfect position his back foot is in that scoop position his front foot.

Is like i said about 45 degrees he has his front foot almost in the middle of the board a. Little bit forward and then hes bending down and hes about to pop up and you can this back. Foot and super slow-motion hes gonna pop down and push it back while his front foot does a slight kickflip. Motion look at that back foot though it happens almost instantaneously even in slow motion and then the board just. Goes into this perfect 360 flip rotation his front foot is right there barely moves to catch the board you.

Can see him catching it right there and then he just places that back foot back on that board so. If youre doing that practice step where you just work on that scoop and you just get the board to. Spin induce the 360 rotation and put your front foot on if all you were to do is master that. Step so you got it to the point where from there all you need to do is bend your back. Knee and put your back knee on you would really really learn this trick really quite well one more tip.

This will this is the pro tip on this trick to the 360 flip is when youre going a lot. Of people will learn to get the tre flip so it spins all all the way and then they land. But they in the front of the board or too far forward so the way that youre gonna counteract that. You have to think with like physics so if youre standing straight up and you jump you jump straight up. But when you bend forward and youre doing this trick your board goes behind you and your body goes forward.

I made a whole video on this before but im just gonna re explain it all right here so you. Can imagine your bodys kind of like that and your boards like that its gonna go like that and separate. Out right whereas if you were standing straight up and straight down it would go like that for the tray. Flip you want to counteract it by being sort of back in the back seat a little bit i call. It the back seat but really your your like this your your shoulders are squared up to your feet and.

Youre leaning back that way that way when you jump guess what your bodys going this way and the board. Is going in front of you when the board goes in front of you guess what the boards in front. Of you you can catch it with your front foot bring it down and land and then you can roll. Away so that is a very very very key and again on that one main practice step that im gonna. Emphasize very heavily in this video cuz the tray flip is all about that scoop you want to be leaning.

In the back seat pop it just a slight flick with your front foot and the boards gonna do that. Spin that rotation good i love that clip i think the super slow motion is very helpful to learn the. Tricks and i hope that you guys do too but i would love to hear what you think so leave. It in the comments below and if the slo-mo helps you will do more like this so i have i. Think here two more shots of the super slow motion with mr.

Johnny geiger on the tre flip okay so. Here we have again his feet set up hes bending down his back foot is in that that pocket of. The tail so he can scoop it and just watch that back foot hes gonna pop down and scoop out. Backwards and it happens really fast its almost instantaneous its really hard to see and then the board spins perfect. 360 flip he catches it again with that front foot and then just literally puts both feet down lands the.

Way johnny has like this perfect style where his feet are like spread out like that i do not do. That were gonna do some comparison shots from my tray flip to johnnys tray flip my feet are like close. Together which i hate but hey at least i can trick flip i can at least do a tray flip. Okay which is what were all trying to get to here dont worry about how your tray flip looks just. Learn the tray flip well and then once you have it really really well down wired down so you can.

Nail the tray flip every try then start going okay how do i do this like johnny geiger does it. And like all spread out like that so maybe ill give it a few shots to try the johnny geiger. Motion here as well okay one more slow motion on this okay so again here you can see how crouched. Down hes like hes so low and his feet again are in that position this time lets watch that front. Foot very slight scoop and his front leg goes forward look at how extended both his legs and his arms.

Are the board comes around he catches it with that front foot again puts both feet down lands and rolls. Away and notice how squared up his shoulders are his shoulders on the board are just like perfectly squared it. Looks amazing that my friend is how you do a tray flip i love it he absolutely killed it so. Again just to recap you have your back foot there you kind of push your toes over the edge if. You have good pop shove-its this is the same motion except for its just a lot harder and a lot.

Faster so in super super slow motion it almost looks like this and like i said the board is about. 90 degrees before it even comes off the ground it goes like that pops up and then goes like that. And you can use that to your advantage its more of a scoop this way not so much of a. Pop this way but it is like a its a combination of the two its a scoop and a pop. And then that front foot just just barely gives a little film and then stays right there youll notice foot.

Just stays right there catch it put the back foot on land roll away perfect amazing this is the updated. 2020 version of the tre flip tutorial now its your turn to learn how to trade if this video helped. You leave it in the comments below if you have more questions leave it in the comments below the best. Way to do these trick tip videos is i really require you guys i need your help because i need. To know what youre running into so that i can then answer your questions and yes we will be making.

More tutorial videos and yes when youre at home you can learn how to skateboard i think a lot of. People ive been getting in a lot of clip submissions of a lot of people learning how to skateboard at. Home which i think is completely awesome and i think theres a lot of new people that are gonna start. Skating if theres one good thing that can come out of this very tough time its gonna be people being. More healthy taking care of themselves and learning how to ride a skateboard its super fun its very fulfilling and.

I highly highly highly recommend that you yourself yesi you learn how to ride a skateboard its gonna make your. Life much better and it will improve things trust me check out all of those videos right there subscribe like. Leave a comment below and you yes you learn how to skateboard it is your time lets go.

Method 2 – Tre Flip

Hey guys welcome back to another video today ill be showing you how to do a tree flip otherwise known. As a 360 flip in skate 3. So tray flip itself is basically a combination of a 360 pop shover. And a kickflip but in skate through the controls are more mix of a 360 pop shover and an ollie.

So heres how you do an ollie and a 360 pop shove it in skate 3. So when you combine. These two movements together you get a 360 flip now ive been doing these 360 flips in a regular stance. But if you want to do a goofy stance you basically just switch it to the other way around it. Might take a bit of tweaking but eventually youll get it and then you can take it to stair sets.

And drops thats all from me remember to like and subscribe as always.

Method 3 – 360 Flip Skate Support

Pairen im joaquin i live an urban california and i need help with my 360 flips now im gonna do. Tricks i can do awesome man so thanks a lot for sending in your footage i really do appreciate it. And im gonna do my very best here to help you out cool so youre all i look pretty good. Frontside 180 looks super good lots of speed landing with speed landing and rolling away switch i really like to.

See that and yeah youre shoving and pop shuvit are on point frontside shove-it good it looks like you got. These tricks down pretty well hell flip still needs a little work thats fine kickflip looks really good and varial. Kickflip nicely executed even thrown in the fakie big spin and the half cab flip this is my position for. My tre flip so my problems and my crepes i do a flip and flex and i like this somethings. Like this but when it flips all the way then when i try to move back okay cool so it.

Sounds like youve been watching my videos because you already got the point of correction of leaning back and sending. The board more out in front of you and yeah like you said when you try to do that youre. Landing too far back so its a point of finding like a good area just in between there and then. The main thing the main thing that im saying is just not getting your board flipped around fast enough so. Lets check this out and slower so there we go you were above it the whole time there but yeah.

Like you were saying it didnt do the full kickflip you can flick a little bit more just in terms. Of just that regular kickflip motion just to get that spin more on this one it did did go more. But then you landed pre you actually were really close on that one you definitely almost had it it looks. Like your back foot is doing good your back foot is doing the scoop and thats good but your front. Foot you need that flick just a little bit more to get that board fully rotated on the kickflip part.

Of it um experiment with putting your front foot around in different locations you might have better luck putting your. Foot more on the board i noticed that your foot is pretty far off to the side but it is. Not too much further than mine i try to have mine like right around the center of the board just. Down from those front bolts but go ahead and experiment with a couple different positions on that and see what. You can work out in terms of spinning the board faster when it comes to the kickflip rotation cool so.

The thing that i suggest for you to do is find something to hold on to and use like a. Picnic table or a bar or a fence or anything you can find that still allows you to have like. Some nice room for your legs to kick out and your board to flip and things like that but the. Whole point here is that you can hold hold an obstacle with your arm so you can hold your weight. Up and then just practice doing the tricks underneath you and thats going to help out a lot just in.

Terms of practicing to get that full 360 flip rotation with the board i definitely know what youre going through. Because youre youre very young and as your legs are just smaller its just a lot harder to get that. Fully rotated in a couple years when you grow taller its gonna be so easy for you its gonna be. Ridiculous its nothing you cant do it now its just gonna get a lot easier for sure i remember when. I was your age i was like the varial flip champ because i couldnt get the tray flip all the.

Way around and now that i can tray flip its very hard for me to varial flip believe it or. Not its kind of like trying to go back to learn the trick that you were really good at and. It gets difficult because your back foot is so trained in and doing that monster scoop to do the full. 360 flips so yeah thats thats part of it thats important for any of you guys mastering the basics of. Skateboarding or some of the more advanced tricks like manuals or legends get skateboarding made simple it will help you.

It is amazing there is a lot to learn from it it breaks down every trick into very very detailed. Steps and people are learning to progress in their skating really fast a bit so get the video today at. Brea skateboarding comm thanks a lot you guys are the best.

Method 4 – How To 360 Flip The Easiest Way Tutorial 2021

My name is erin cairo im a sponsored skateboarder from the san francisco bay area and today im going to. Teach you how to do a 360 flip otherwise known as a tray flip otherwise known as a 360 degree. Pop shove it with a kickflip so well start this off by explaining how this video is going to work. This video is very different from any other 360 flip video because we are going to utilize slow motion at.

Times it will be painfully slow slow motion so slow that you will be forced to learn every single little. Piece and bit of the 360 flip thank you very much you can thank me later when you have the. Best 360 flips so to start off this tutorial like any other tutorial lets go over the foot position your. Back foot looks exactly like this toes hanging over the edge ready perched ready to do the most important part. Of the tray flip which is that back foot scoop and your front foot is up there kind of in.

A kickflip position a little bit further back its angled about 45 degrees okay so before you get into this. Trick make sure you have your kickflips very very down i would definitely recommend learning varial flips before you jump. Into this one 360 pop shove it if you want to but its not a its not a vital necessity. Okay so lets get into the 360 flip lets pop on some slow motion and see what we got rolling. Okay christopher mcnugget he has some very very nice delicious 360 flips its so interesting to me though because watch.

His front foot it literally does nothing in fact you can freeze frame it right there and you can see. That his leaves contact of the board just not even touching the board its not flicking it at all which. Is proof once and for all thats what i love love love about these slow motion tutorials is that they. Prove out the things that youve been saying or sometimes you learn entirely new things by looking at the slow-mo. So check this scoop of the back foot the toes hanging off it pops down but more so back than.

Down and thats the thing i want people to understand because when youre a brand new skater and youre thinking. Okay i need to do a 360 flip youre thinking okay let me pop this down and truthfully you dont. Really pop it down you pop it straight back the toes curl around the side of the board and it. Goes straight back and notice how much movement there is in the back foot lets just go into the back. Foot straight away this trick is 100 percent created by the back foot 100 watch this watch the back foot.

It scoops straight back bada boom and the front foot is just there and then literally just gets out of. The way and then the back foot is just scooping the board all the way around sure if his front. Foot wasnt there to counteract the motion of the back foot it wouldnt spin who knows what would happen but. Its so interesting to me that its not this like its not like a varial flip its not like a. Kick flip his front foot just basically is there and then just magically gets out of the way it is.

So weird and then because his front foot does barely anything front foot is just like im lazy im just. Hanging out here im not doing nothing and because its there its ready to catch the board so then the. Board rotates you gotta wait for it let the board rotate and then bada boom bada bing so yeah look. At that back foot scoop its so much motion the other thing that i think is very interesting and um. That i want to point out is as youre popping the board the board pops when its rotated about a.

90 degree rotation you think of it like this a 360 is four 90 degree rotations so 190 degree is. Half of 180 then another is the full 180 and then you have three quarters of the motion then the. Full motion right so if your board is popping off the ground and its already done a quarter of the. 360 part of the trick wow youre almost there brand new skaters especially younger skaters that are learning how to. 360 flip it appears to me that getting the motion of the 360 going around seems to be the hardest.

Especially if youre like 10 11 12 and your legs are smaller and your pop isnt like super high its. Like really hard to get that motion to go all the way around jump up and then jump above it. And a lot of times theres this apparency that youre thinking you think its like this youre like oh i. Just need to jump higher if i were to just jump higher it would work but the funny thing is. The way youre popping and scooping the board it doesnt really matter if youre jumping higher because your back foot.

Scoop is incorrect if your back foot scoop was correct your board would just simply spin super fast whether you. Jumped very high or not so there are different techniques of like how to pop your 360 flips higher how. To pop them lower if youre just learning how to do a 360 flip what you really want to do. Is you really want to just get that scoop going around so that spins so fast right underneath you that. Your bodys over the board you catch it and you land on it no matter what because thats what youre.

Going for youre going for the pop flick the board 360 flips its underneath you you land on it another. Thing i want to go over is that a lot of times people say hey aaron am i doing this. Trick wrong and then i say well did you do the trick and they say yeah i said well if. You did the trick how could you be doing it wrong you did it and theyre like oh right like. Yeah you dont have to make your 360 flip look like everybody elses do it how you do it thats.

Why skateboarding is amazing its individual okay check out this mowgli back foot pop scoop and its all scoop 100. Scoop and that one was like real close to the ground but you can see how much of it is. In that back foot check again the back foot and the toes specifically boom okay lets watch the back foot. Now just from the motion of the ankle just watch what the ankle does now its super fascinating because in. All of skateboarding i think people underestimate their ankle and the power of their ankles watch this boom you see.

That motion that little like flick of the back foot generally when youre talking about flick its always the front. Foot and its always what flips the board but on the 360 flip its the back foot check this out. Were going to watch it again look at this back foot ankle look at that shot boom right there its. A very fast subtle motion that you have you have to see it in slow motion to really appreciate i. Would say you have to see it in slow motion to see it but you can see it in real.

Time motion but in slow motion you really can appreciate it so watch the foot is going back and then. Boom right there its a very fast flick motion of the ankle which causes that board to rotate and you. Want it to rotate fast so think about it like this the faster you get that back foot flick the. Faster your board is going to rotate around the better its going to come around and then boom you can. Land on it no problem okay onto the front foot here lets see muglys front foot again its really kind.

Of just there i think mowglis front foot flicks the board more than chris is because chris as we showed. You earlier literally did not flick the board at all but watch this front foot in that kickflip position just. Barely skims the foot so its very interesting i was listening to andy anderson explanation of the 360 flip which. Will be an entirely separate video thats super rad that will be coming out soon but you can see how. The back foot is perched on the side and then the front foot is in that opposite pocket so if.

You push down on your back foot the board is going up and if you push down on your front. Foot the board is going down on that on that edge there so theyre opposites so because your back foot. Is scooping and your front foot is there its just the fact that your foot is there because your back. Foot is scooping so hard theres so much pressure and so much momentum that just because the foot is there. And thats why chriss 360 flips work because even though his foot does not it does not flick its just.

There but its working as a counterweight against that motion of the back foot that flick of the back foot. Which i think is so so so interesting i love these these slow motion videos like i like i said. Because i learned something and if i learn something new about the trick i feel like if youre a beginner. Skater learning how to skate or an intermediate skater i suppose if youre up to the tre flip youre more. Like a intermediate skater and if youre just a beginner skater and youre working on ollies and youre watching this.

Very well done for being here and yes this video will help you because the more understanding you get of. Skateboarding period itll help you all the way leave it in the comments below if youre working on your ollies. Okay now were going to get into the glow 360 flip lets glow okay lets see what we got here. We got the worlds most untied shoes from glow the border okay its interesting because glows back foot is not. As far off as some of the other guys i dont think its as far off as mine is so.

Hes bending down pops down and back again super good flick with that ankle perfect little motion and his front. Foot is right there the entire time i would say his front foot is probably closer to the board the. Whole time than any of the other guys that weve seen so far because hes rolling up back foot is. In that perfect position its ready to just pop that ankle watch his ankle boom now watch his front foot. Look at how close it is its amazing that his front foot does not hit the board and stop it.

From rotating one of the things i think is really like when youre really good ill say its efficient when. Youre a very good efficient skater it means you can do the motions of the trick with the least possible. Effort and if you can keep your feet very close to the skateboard it it means that youre in really. Good control of the board and youre just doing it super super well so wow i would have never noticed. That about glows 360 flips unless we saw this slow motion lets get another shot in here check out how.

Close his front foot is the whole time watch this the perfect shot boom literally inches away and it just. Goes right down and the the perfect thing about his front foot being so close is that it is controlling. The board around the entire way and then as soon as he sees that board flip over he goes theres. The spot puts his front foot down boom puts his back foot down okay so once you get that rotation. Down and the board is doing the kick flip motion its going all the way another huge common problem that.

Ive seen by doing hundreds of skate supports is people landing really far forward on the board this is something. Thats a little bit its its easy to correct but its also very tricky because if youve been doing the. Trick a certain way for so long you have to sort of go yoda on it you have.

Conclusion – How To 360 Flip In Skate 3

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