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Method 1 – How To 360 On Skis | 4 Common Mistakes & Corrections

Hmm lets learn that you start out at home in your living room in your socks try a couple of. 360s as i show you now and i once youve done that you know get the ski boots on to. Make it a little bit more difficult its much more like doing it on skis which we should also try. They call them up ah this one is difficult ah first things first when you do a 360 i want.

To you know sink down a little bit in ski boots you have an upright strong position like this just. Like when doing any other jump its a couple ways you can spin yknow you can just sort of in. A nice relaxed fashion set it off you start as a tee with no wind up lets try to do. It and with a tee and im better winder first things first when you spit its important that you keep. Your eyes for the high so they follow the horizon if you man you just spin keep looking round yourself.

All the way around thats key to stay straight when youre doing this so you dont kick backwards or sideways. Or something like that of course its also important that you get to cut top right so we start something. Like this same strong position you can wind up a little bit a twisting from this foot absolutely hip and. Then up the body to then out then you bent down as you pop youre on one and ideally you. Want to be almost perfectly straight when you take off that is ideal but its okay to spin a little.

Bit with the upper body people do that all the time and most important part is that you dont start. Spinning the feet / keys when you do this you want to be flatter ideally do it facing uphill but. That angle doesnt look as good so right now were still doing it with pretty much straight arms down fine. Up and when youre doing this make sure to practice spinning both ways youll benefit a lot from that later. On and then to speed it up even further when youre at this position and you pop up in the.

Air you pull in your arms youre gonna spin even faster else gnarly 505 in ski boots you should be. Facing this way of the trampoline of that way but ill show you this way because it was the best. Camera angle many people little mistake – they jump far too high the first couple of 360s they do so. I want you to just jump something like this very low and the first couple of times you can try. With a tea set so arms straight out and then just i know this doesnt look natural but we practice.

With a tea set because its easy to get the balance right so now we know wind up but yet. You push up from the knees hips and shoulders to set off that rotation make sure that you dont start. Twisting the feet too early then the arms and i should like follow the horizon around and this is what. Makes you spin really straight they can maintain good balance once its time to feel comfortable doing that and jump. A little higher once you get the good balance you can start doing more relaxed try pulling your legs up.

So its easy to grab later on when you feel comfortable now when you did more relaxed you can learn. With a bit of wind up even if you are keeper hands not very high here its important that their. Hands are always at about the same height and that you dont like to swing them up over your shoulder. Just that will create that cork tree then you can pull your knees up a little bit and their arms. Should be at about the same height make sure that the swing on the same plane but you dont go.

From down here go up there thats gonna make your core and land really back seated so rotating a 360. Ease in the trampoline but what is hard is to not pork it but if you want to practice the. Spinning technique itself try some five fortis maybe seven 20s to challenge your spinning technique alright the cool thing when. You have this key thumb is that you can see how the disc ease edges like this because if you. Want to spin to the left now i will wind up a little bit this way they go down twist.

The lean a little bit than hip two to get a bit of wind up and then as you extend. Your legs you release the wind up there and im trying to get the timing right thats you when youre. Facing straight forward thats when you pull in your arms so from that edge out then i see push-up weight. It was fine 340 tar greta you want to stand slightly wider than hip wide but not too wide because. If youre too wide thats gonna slow you down instead instead of giving you this extra grip thats really nice.

To have thats a three if you can do good 180s and you feel ready to try some 276 soon. 360s find a society where you can do a 270 but yet land forwards a bit like a hippie as. For the 180 approach with a strong posture and their arms wounded up then at the end of the jump. You have a strong pop where you bring that hip forward and try to keep those eyes up and high. And if youve done all the pre exercises its gonna be easy for it to do a full 360 of.

A straight side hidden like this one the finally lets look into how to do some 360s of a small. Park jungah it is important that the jump is small enough that you feel comfortable jumping it and doing it. 180s a jump that looks like this that allows you to still land downhill straight after the jump is really. Nice to get started with but if it looks like this thats a bit too big to get started so. You can do a 360 and try to land on the plateau the normals at 360 is a great cos.

Look normal you can spin fast in a good to learn your first 360s but its easy that you swing. Your arms up too much creating an accidental cork so i think you should start trying the normal subtrees of. The side hits and your first couple of attempts but if you have a problem getting the balance right that. You land back seed that i think you can complete a full three with a tea set please try it. Because you get a more control set as you jump bigger but unfortunately it looks a little silly and youll.

Spin not so fast most details are about how you do the normal set three and tea sets are the. Same you in both case can wind up from outside food using the knees hips and shoulders and at the. Take-off in both cases you should take off straight with your skis dont twist your shoulders too much and also. Here try to keep both hands level you try to look up in the beginning and follow their horizon although. When i looking i always look a little bit in a direction of where im spinning but dont exaggerate this.

So the tea said now the first couple of times you do it do with a winder use them edges. Knees and hips to set off rotation and its important here as well that you time the popped lay another. Jump you can also look in the direction of your spinning so you see this is pretty much the same. As the normal set 360s however this one is easier to get the balance right and bring the hip forward. So that you land nicely perpendicular in relationship to the landing and you have to adapt how quickly you are.

Spinning what youre doing the set mainly but at this point you can see the landing and decide if you. Need to pull your arms in or extend your arms and legs to slow it down once youve done several. Ts a twitter wind-up also try the teaser without any wind up at all its just as like 45 to. 90 degree twist at the end that will generate the whole spin this gregg has its even harder to mess. Up theres almost as many common mistakes to doing 360s as there are skiers this case hanging off the back.

Of the ski boot this is not good despite that he managed to have a pretty decent pop but its. Definitely not good enough hes looking down causing him to tip backwards this could have been fixed if he pulled. In his legs hard maybe could have uncorked it this was pretty good so next time lean more forward to. Feel the front of the ski boot and at the end of the jump pop fully and bring that hip. Forwards and youre gonna have a much better time where youll stop taping forwards and hit that landing perfectly as.

I mentioned he could have saved it by pulling the feet then heres a friend just doing a comp three. Hes clearly tilting upwards he has his leg pulled in so he like uncorks at 360 but its incredibly difficult. To learn in the beginning and its easy to do with a car freak out and counter rotate the 360. Is also common so at this point it should have pulled these arms into the body this would have speeded. Up this rotation much more and that counter rotation did you have this problem never do a couple of 360s.

In your ski boots again he doesnt pop fully see its even on the tails and hes looking down towards. The ground in the take-off not good after working on this a little bit he was lifting his eyes and. Almost popping fully to see thats a much better 360 and here he pops really good but that looks down. Again this is quite a typical learning process how you fix one mistake and replace it with another and it. Goes a little bit back and forth thats why im showing you this because its frustrating to learn this in.

The beginning but work well with these eyes have and focus forwards we look around the horizon all the way. Its super important and as you get better you can start looking down that is fine but for now look. Around you see this hip movement is incredibly important and if you look at yourself in a video if you. Lift your tails up early as a sign that you were probably doing it quite right before you head off. We have a little competition going for you who want to learn 360s and post a video of yourself learning.

It or trying to learn it the important part is that youre learning something and on instagram with hashtag i. Stomped it and follow smart people europe and have a chance of winning a sweet mid-layer in marina like this. One and socks if you enjoy this in depth style of tutorial i made about two three hours and more. This kind of content over the website the beginner and intermediate online courses and taxi make it was theres nothing. Wrong i dont know its so cool its sunny.

Method 2 – How To 360 On Skis – A Ski Addiction Video Tutorial

Hi this is dave wheel head coach at ski addiction calm this video on 360s is a sample of our. Full program if you like what you see here head over to ski addiction comm and check out some more. You this is ski addiction calm riding with dave wheel 360s are a must do trick and skiing and feel. Awesome once you must this video covers a simple progression including jumping threes on the ground sliding threes on snow.

Spinning threes and side hits and doing threes on park jumps before this you should be comfy with 180s and. Both directions jumping 360s start by jumping 360s on the ground crouch down and wind up then as you pop. Twist your head arms and shoulders and the direction you want to spin keep your head up looking over your. Shoulder which keeps you upright and balanced timing is very important for 360s your arms and shoulders need to be. Leading the spin and still actively rotating as you pop with your legs if your timings on point and you.

Keep your head looking all the way around 360 should come around easily the more you practice it the more. Likely youll be to stomp it on a jungle make sure you practice this in both directions sliding 360s find. A mellow slope without too many people and try sliding 360s at a slow speed carve across the hill crouch. And wind up then extend up and rotate with your head arms and shoulders at the same time you dont. Need to pop up the ground just let your skis slide around and continue looking over your shoulder until youre.

Facing down the hill again after a couple of weeks try adding a bit of pop into it you can. Start by just popping a little can work up so you spin more and more of it in the air. Once youre popping at least halfway around and sliding the last part move up to train threes on a side. Head side heads youll find side hits wherever trails merge and on the side of runs one place with almost. Perfect side cuts in both directions is at the bottom of a halfpipe site its a great for learning to.

Spin you dont have to go very fast and it consequences a low they also forced you to be on. Your edges which is important for spinning if you want to spin to the left look for a side up. On the left for spinning to the right the one on the right once youve found a good sighting start. With a straight ear and make sure to pop into a couple of 180s to get used to spinning on. A 360 uses more or less the same techniques with just a lot more rotation keep your feet about shoulder.

Width apart crouch down with your arms round up and your weight over your toes as you pop off the. Lip twist your head shoulders and arms keep your head up and look over your shoulder until you can see. Down the hill your feet will follow your head around your land facing forward hike up and try a few. More until your stomping and clean once you have this down find a site in the other direction and try. Spinnin the other way to pike jumps when you 360s up site heads youre forced to be on your edges.

As you carve across the hill into the jump with park jumps this doesnt happen so you need to edge. On purpose there are two ways to do this coming straight of carving start with kevin and straight because its. Easier to learn you dont need to learn how to carve off the take-off but its a fun way to. Change up your tricks and add style straight take-off find a small park jump around 10 to 15 feet long. Get your speed dial with a couple of straight years and 180s come straight into the jump with the weight.

Of your toes the legs a little wider than shoulder-width apart and arms wound up if you keep your feet. Wide coming into the jump youll naturally be on your inside edges which gives you a better grip to push. And spin fun as you come up the loop keep your skis parallel and dont turn them until youre in. The air if you turn your skis where youre still in the jump you can catch an edge which will. Put you up balance pop off the lip and rotate your whole body in the direction you want to spin.

Keep your head looking up over your shoulder until you can see the landing keep your hands out in front. Of you and absorb the landing by flexing with your hips knees and ankles as you connect with the snow. Try to keep your rotation looking as smooth and clean as possible this will come with practice carving take off. When you cut off the taper its similar to the 3z2 opposite it however on a straight park jump your. Line of entry comes into play if you comin straight and then carve at the end youll drift off the.

Jump on an angle and possibly hit the knuckle to prevent this you need to do a sit-up carve first. So you can carve in and be going straight off when you get to the lip to spin left do. A sit-up carve to the left side of the jump then carve out the take-off on your left edges for. Spinning to the right sit up on the right side of the jump then carve up the take-off on your. Right edges these entry parts allow you to carve up the lip but still take off in a straight direction.

All the other aspects are spinning at the same pop-up the look and rotate your whole body in the direction. You want to spin your head up looking over your shoulder until you can see the lane whether you choose. To spin by approaching straight or by carving up below theres personal preference it just comes down to style and. Mixing tricks up its definitely good for your skiing to be able to use both techniques summary once you get. Used to spinning threes with a straight takeoff and carving takeoff practice doing them spinning in the other direction to.

Learning to spin both ways from the start will make it much easier as you progress to bigger tricks when. Youre comfortable spinning both ways you can move on train them on bigger jumps and adding grabs to mix it. Up 360s are a huge milestone of park ski mastiha straight is and 1/8 is first if theyll make 360s. A hell of a lot easier after you get the 360 down trying bigger spins like 540s and 720s will. Feel a lot more durable this is ski addiction calm riding with dave real thanks for watching if you liked.

What you saw here head over to sceeto calm and check out some more.

Method 3 – How To 360 On Skis | An Intermediate Skiers Progression

In this how to 360 on skis video you get to tag along with me and nico as im coaching. Him hes a two-time camp guest so were gonna see some nice intermediate common mistakes on 360s we start out. Improving his popping then do 180s and finally some 360s enjoy the ride alrighty good so lets warm up the. Pop and make sure we get that nicely dialed in before we start spinning lets undo the top of the.

Ski boots all right because if you open this ski boot they feel it feels more like jumping in your. Socks and we all can jump in our socks pretty well show me a perfect pop that was pretty good. I dont like your arms though theyre like sloppy yeah get them out to keep them there yeah and you. Can be a little bit wider between your legs hip width or slightly wider just so that youre ready thats. Gonna help you with the spins later on nice and from the side its gonna look something like this nice.

Thats super sick should try a couple spins too yeah sure look into the camera and show your best 180. To get started nice one more what you can notice within that many beginners do wrong is that they kind. Of go down really deep and twist a lot if you twist a lot you got to move your center. Of gravity onto one foot and then when you pop on skis youre going to chuck the weight really crooked. And thats the idea lets see if we can do a 360 this is when things can get a little.

Wonky pretty good youre doing wonderfully good job from the feet knees hip its all really nicely tuned together now. Its just the arms theyre like a little bit lazy okay if you have the hands further out you can. Then set off more rotation with like less degrees of our wind up if theyre far out oh pretty good. I think hes ready to go and practice some pops of jumps and then we start spinning thats so nice. Pop niko so we said arms out look forward to the extension unlined with shin pressure oh yeah good landing.

Mate if you want to come here and learn too theres a link in the description for more information about. Our freestyle ski technique and three red caps hope to see it one of them all right so nikki this. Is a really nice spot to practice spinning because we can drop in from here with almost no speed at. All and the jump is flat and then its pretty steep so i want you to when you pop a. Set of rotation i want you to feel that the shoulders are moving forwards in that pocket so that you.

Land like on the heels perpendicular to the landing okay was a little sketchy of me yeah thats the one. But you can see here when the toes are at the end of the jump you still havent fully extended. The legs yet and youre kind of looking down for a bit should we do our 180 here as well. Yep thats all we get to be smooth like a nice smooth wind up and gently pop did you feel. Like you were hinging a little timing was not right next time that was really sick you had you dared.

To have so much speed too look at that pop there thats like pretty full extension maybe its like half. A ski but too early but thats quite all right isnt it first of all id like you to have. The arms forwards and out a little bit more but if thered be a little bit more out i think. You would have nicer timing because here youve twisted the upper body 45 degrees already on take off so if. You would have them a little bit further out and have a little bit of wind up you can have.

Nicer timing so that when you extend at the end of the jump everything is more or less pointing straight. Down the hill wow what do you think about that nothing nothing its i think the the lack of speed. Made it harder for you to do everything right but look here you already extended your when the nose of. The ski has badly left the jump so you far too early and youre looking kind of down and behind. You which kind of you know it doesnt help you to move forward just a couple of quick tips on.

360s first of all you wanna if you look at my zipper thats where the center of gravity is for. Me now try to keep it in the middle between your legs at all times its important to wind up. That you stay in the middle that you dont move sideways so just a couple of degrees of wind up. With the arms really far out and then you can do a 360 with ease we saw with niko that. He started twisting the skis too early in the jump something a sign of pushing off from the heel id.

Like to think of it more like a normal jump we push off from the toe then this edge is. Going to do a better job of gripping the snow when im pushing up because if you push off with. The heel that happens but with the toe it has a tendency to grip the snow better so the arms. Are out im winding up and popping and pulling nice pop nice pop big wind up yeah medium big but. Arms far out all right lets see if i can get it too okay as a challenge lets see if.

I can do a five all right if i can do a five maybe you can do three that was. Quick how can we do this better you think i dont like how you look at your head i was. Like boom you want to look down so much and i think its doing you no favors on the pop. Because you can see how the whole body is tilting up the hill so i think we need to go. Back to what weve been practicing all morning top rotate all right nico to fix your head lets try to.

Do a couple of 180s to 200 to slow spin with the head perfectly out looking over the shoulder i. Like it to be one fluid motion so you get used to like really looking around that shoulder like this. Kept my head up and i think that was the key how do you feel about that not bad thats. Pretty great pretty good job obviously youve got to spin really fast so youre rotating like 90 degrees before youve. Taken off the snow but what youre doing so great is that the pop is quite powerful and look how.

Youre looking like around the shoulders that are down now you can spot the line nicely and you land pretty. Much perpendicular to the landing yeah freaking great were getting somewhere all right nice now to the big jumps heres. A tip for you watching this is quite common that things go well where the jumps are small and the. Speed is low because its less fear would you agree yeah absolutely yeah and then when you go on the. Bigger jumps where its more more speed more fear you start to overthink it yeah you know and everything we.

Practice goes a little bit out of the window so its a good idea to also like you try it. And so medium size jumps three things its not going well bring it down to more beginner sides for a. Bit and then make it bigger again and then smaller again and then maybe even bigger hope you enjoyed watching. Nico struggle and learn 360s ah its been a hell of a ride but finally i i stomped some of. Them and lets take it from there yeah i wonder who enjoyed it most you guys watching the struggle are.

You doing the struggle and achieving it i think you enjoyed it the most ah i dont know maybe it. Was all my pleasure yeah like and subscribe and see in the next video.

Method 4 – 360 On Skis | 4 Drills Todo Before Sending It

Hey guys were out there in dubai austria and today were going to look at four drills or exercises to. Do before you even think about sending your first 360 oh these drills and exercises are stuff have really been. Doing during this to camp weeks weve been doing here the first step is to do some spinning in your. Ski boots this is to make sure that youre popping with even pressure of both feet and you have a.

Nice straight pop and youre the nice timing with rotation and you can pull in the arms wow once youve. Been doing that the second step s introduced are called slope spins but there are a few different reasons for. Doing slope spins the first one is to get used to rotating and when you rotate your thing with the. Slope spin i suggest you try to look over the shoulder like this then you get used to committing to. A rotation why you should use slope spins are so that you get used to the edge control so if.

You would do a 270 later on in the progression miracle and incorrect edges and this this could really save. You from some nasty knee injuries where the uphill ski would catch an edge and you like to twist the. The knee inwards and its really not that great the third exercise i really like doing its similar so you. Can have a small side head with a smooth landing and you do have 180 and you keep looking over. The shoulder and you can pull in or lead with the inside on what youre doing is a 180 when.

You keep looking now from here you see the landing and you just slide around guys once you get this. Down you find a nice hip jump and over the hip jump you can start doing some 90s move into. 180s and if you do the same thing as a side sleep you can over rotate the one eight its. A little bit land on the upper ledge is to just get around for the last part of it this. Is an excellent way of getting used to it and if it feels like a 360 even its if its.

Not quite a 360 yeah yeah thats my friend vladimir from russia just killed it natural to hope you enjoyed. A simple tutorial from here in dubai austria and if you liked it please let me know like usually i. Prefer making this some high-end tutorials but i thought maybe i should start trying to make more tutorials even when. My main film is not around just using my tiny coach camera anyway if you like this tutorial let me. Know if you want to join a camp has some information if you wanna fred just go and do it.

Method 5 – How To 360 On Skis!

Whats going on everybody its the bag of tricks here welcome back to another video today were going back to. My roots were going back to the good old-fashioned trick tips this is a video i made a long long. Time ago the first year i ever had this channel and i thought it was time for a refresher with. All of my new knowledge of the sport so today im gonna be teaching you guys how to 360 on.

Skis so the 360 is one of those gatekeeper tricks that once you learn it and opens up a whole. New realm of possibilities on your skis but its a trick that a lot of people struggle with and a. Lot of people may not even attempt because it might look too scary or too difficult for them but today. Im going to make that easy for you guys so what are the prerequisites for learning how to 360. Number.

One you need to be very comfortable on jumps you need to be able to do them without even thinking. About it and number two i would say learn how to 180. I have a trick tip for learning how. To 180 if you havent done one of those yet but a lot of the steps in setting up for. A 180 apply as well to setting up for a 360 and if you did watch my 180 video youre.

Gonna see a lot of similarities between the two tricks so learn how to straight air learn how to 180. And youre gonna be ready to learn how to 360. So features i would suggest you guys learn this trick. On number .

Conclusion – How To 360 On Skis

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