How To 360 Wakesurf – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Do A 360 On A Wakesurfer

Hey guys its austin keene and im out here on a beautiful private lake in central california and im going. To teach you how to do a 360 wake surfing behind my mastercraft xt22 so the first step in learning. A 360 is determining what type of board youre using so the surf style boards are going to have larger. Fins which is going to help with your drive and control on the 360.

However its going to take a. Lot more power and a different technique to get that 360 around the skim style board has less fin so. Its going to be a lot easier to spin that 360 around but a lot harder to control it when. Coming around and trying to keep it from over rotating so a really common problem when doing a 360 is. People like to come up tall mid-ways through the 360.

Thats going to cause you to generate more rotation speed. And also throw you off balance so keep your center of gravity low to the board and if you do. Happen to come up mid 360 try to come right back down when completing the rotation so start your 360. With a little bit of forward momentum obviously with the surf style we need to break those fins loose so. You can start with a little bit faster for momentum start in the back of the wave and right when.

You reach that pocket of the wave thats when you want to perform your 360. Dont do it too close. To the boat because it when you do that bottom turn it might carry you over the wave rather than. Keeping that rotation in the pocket dont delay the 360 do it right when you start generating a little bit. Of forward momentum right in the pocket and use that lip to help push you back into the wave rather.

Than going over the wave remember when youre doing that 360 stay super low to the board dont come up. Mid-ways and when youre staying low that means bending at the knees not bending at the waist always point your. Head to the direction that you want to go and the rest of your body should follow really focus on. Breaking those fins loose getting that bottom turn nice and dry and distributing your weight so youre able to break. Your fins loose and get that 360 rotation down so a 360 on a skim style board is actually a.

Lot easier to complete the actual 360 rotation but a few problems that people run into is over rotation and. Burying the rail ways to avoid these problems is for over rotation you can actually put your hand in the. Wave where you started the 360 while looking over your shoulder because where you look is going to direct the. Rest of your momentum so look over your shoulder while putting your hand in the wave and youll let yourself. Over rotate just a little bit and then it will swing back around right towards the boat right on track.

Where you want to be setting up to ride setting up for your next trick if you find yourself bearing. The toe side edge of the board as youre coming back to complete your 360 just put a little bit. Of weight distribution on the heels as youre coming around but make sure that you still have a nice low. Center of gravity and a solid strong stance so when doing your 360 position on the wave is really important. Try not to go too high on the wave with the skim style board because youll find yourself sliding down.

The face of the wave into flats and once you get the flats youre going to completely lose all momentum. On that wave so youre likely using a smaller fin on your skim style board compared to a surf style. So your rotation is going to be a lot easier to perform but you are still going to have to. Break that fin loose a little bit use a nice solid bottom turn towards the face of the wave you. Can actually put your hand in the wave to pull you around and initiate that 360 spin and make sure.

Youre staying really low and that means back straight not bending over your toes and as youre coming around staying. Low all the way through look over your left shoulder towards the boat and put your hand back in the. Wave to help keep you from over rotating one way you can stay in the wave after completing your 360. If you find yourself drifting back or losing the wave is start with a little bit of forward momentum remember. When doing 360 on a skim style board theres not a lot of fin back there so you dont have.

To put too much into your 360. Do a nice easy slow rotation that you can control and get back. On track and stay in that wave remember keep your back straight stay low of the board and i hope. These tips help you complete your first 360. If you have any questions or comments message us on our social.

Channels and thanks for being a part of the mastercraft family.

Method 2 – How To 360 On Your Wakesurfer W

Okay lets talk about the number one trick that most people want to learn on their surfer 360 360 most. People want to learn that and when i make it feels great when theyre first starting out lets first talk. About foot placement normal foot placement back foot all the way up against you kick tail yep front foot do. You move it closer to the toe side edge no no right in the middle yeah i have the same.

Footing for every single trick that i do okay back your front foot about here depends on how tall you. Its about two-thirds of the way up yeah okay a little bit wider than shoulder width is what i like. To say okay as far as where theyre going to do it starting in the back of the wave and. Working forward what where should they start also same position pretty much right in the center of the wave once. You have its kind of the sweet spot of the wave if youre just standing there you want to kind.

Of fade to the back get your momentum moving forward and same thing pretty much every trick i do is. Thrown right in that midpoint of the wave yeah so i have room to advance if i have too much. Speed and i also have room to fall back if i dont have enough speed and save myself so you. Have a mid part of the wave is really the best so the mid part is probably that spot that. When somebody first learns to serve its where they feel the meat like exactly so youre saying thats where you.

Gonna spin but thats not where youre gonna necessarily start the trick youre gonna start your position is gonna be. A little bit behind it start advancing forward down the wave and then initiate the spin in that meet right. In that sweet spot yeah how do they initiate the spin so i always initiated with my back hand and. Like you said you definitely want to have that momentum moving forward thats the most important thing because while youre. Doing the 360 youre gonna lose speed so you have to come into it with speed so that by the.

Time you finish youre neutral if you start neutral then youre gonna fade back and youre gonna fall out the. Way of the second you complete the spin make sense so i been down on my back leg mostly and. I push my back hand into the wave and look over my shoulder with my i lean over a little. Bit im like pre-compressed at this point when i initiate it so i can get that board off the way. Super easily and once i reached the halfway point right here bring your chest up and thats going to help.

You ride away smooth without new diving if you stay down the whole way then youre gonna come around and. Most of the time i see people knows that mmm or they just keep spinning okay when you stand up. It helps you kind of recover okay gives you gives you plates somewhere to go exactly okay all right so. Its interesting so you do say that you use your backhand and you you hit the wave is that like. Some its a its a bit of an initiation so its not just body youre actually pushing your hand off.

The water yeah thats a little well hack it makes it a little bit easier well take it lets go. You know wont take it so youre going off have you ever heard the one where you take your front. Hand and stick it in the water inside or on foot thats the kelly slater is it the barrel stole. Double hand barrel drag okay all right off because ive ive had some people have success with that where you. Take your front hand stick it in the water and that essentially pushes you around yeah ive seen people use.

Both hands just okay but youre probably back in i like back in i like the idea the back you. Know the front hand can kind of put your upper body position in a weird okay angle but for some. Eriks okay ive seen it work more on a surf style board with two hands lets get word all right. So so back hand and when you initiate where do you look over my back shoulder so always look where. Youre going and thats gonna help your whole body follow so youre looking over your back shoulder and what are.

You looking for the boat so here youre looking this hand goes off pretty much the second you see the. Boat its time to lift your chest up okay chest up and and do you pause here and kind of. Get get your balance or let it let that momentum carry i let the momentum carry even first-timers just keep. It going yeah okay better flow and then once there theyre going just especially skin style youd notice a lot. Of people over rotating they just key opening how do you avoid the over rotation so the chest being lift.

Up is the main thing that stops that because then it allows you to re-engage the wake and even get. Back down where if youre down the whole time your momentum this way yeah where if you can come up. Then you have somewhere to at least kind of save yourself and set that weight back on the edge exactly. You can push back down into your back leg and kind of resituated yourself stuff is gold man like like. My shades this is good stuff i hope you guys are enjoying im im loving it and you got the.

Best doing this so so thats thats the the 360 skin style yes okay i feel i feel good about. That i feel like you guys have some really good info yeah so very quickly yeah ill just tell you. The difference on the surf style because everything is the same you just have to push your back foot out. A little bit harder and you have more fins okay and pushing on that and this is something that i. Coach in wakeboarding when when people want to release fins the misconception is and i remember when i was a.

Kid on my the early days of wakeboarding is i would try to almost lift the fins out and that. Actually makes them almost grab more and pressure and weight pushing on a fin is what releases them and so. Its the same thing when youre wakeboarding if you push on those fins that makes them break free thats right. Right so same thing is what youre saying its just gonna be a little bit more aggressive of an initiation. And once youre spinning then its almost easier because the fins kind of do the rest of the work the.

Main important part on the surf style board is pushing really hard into the fins in the back off your. Back foot whats your spinning yeah when you say push because some people may just go and push on their. Foot what youre saying is take your back foot and push it in the direction that you want it to. Spin exactly you want to drive into your bottom turn and almost try and turn it out of its axis. So if youre if youre driving through the bottom turn like this you want to push it outwards like that.

To get it to break loose yep the key is getting the fins to break out of the water and. Break out of the direction that theyre going and create air in between so that they can spin right yeah. Because the water is wrapping around it and what youre trying to do is youre trying to break one side. Of that water and the other releases so more pressure pushing off releases that fin coming around thats right okay. And the the benefit of surf style is that because those fins want to grab is as you finish they.

Tend to lock into that to that finish a lot better correct yep do you find that they dont want. To bury the rail as much coming around cuz you know some people when theyre on a skin style board. Like you said if theyre staying down low especially but as they finish the board tends to stuff it because. Its a little thinner profile yeah do you feel like it stays up on top of the water more being. The surf style yeah id say its a little easier finish but thats mostly due to the fin ends of.

The fins okay that is some awesome info thats on the 360 that is the one that probably all the. Surfers out there like i just got to get my three im sure you do a lot of coaching and. Thats probably the number one question that you get oh yeah right so thats great info hopefully you get a. Little out on the water have a lot of success great info you guys know if legal war great info. You guys from world surfing wait what is it mixer wake surfing world champion know if legal if you guys.

Have questions and comments about wake surfing wakeboarding put them below if you got one for noah ill pass it. On to him follow noah on instagram and tick tock and tick tock and thank you guys for watching subscribe. And enjoy your ride.

Method 3 – How To Do A 360 | Wakesurf With Ashley Kidd

Hey everyone im ashley kidd and today im gonna teach you how to do a 360 everyone wants to know. How to do a 360 to be able to do a 360 you need to be able to ride the. Wave comfortably be able to carve up and down go forward and back in the wave before you try this. Trick the first step in getting the 360 is going towards the back of the wave as far as you.

Can youre gonna come towards the boat with some speed youre gonna put your back hand in the water bend. Your knees and turn your head and shoulders the whole time so you see the back of the boat again. The turn starts with your head and shoulders so you want to look over that back shoulder if you stop. That rotation at all your boards gonna stop and youre not gonna complete the turn so every time you do. Your 360 be ready to have your knees bent and weight forward on the board and start pumping even if.

Youre far back in the wave you can always make it back in when you go into your 360 make. Sure your shoulders and hips are squared off towards the wave before you go into it the position you want. To be on the wave is as close to the boat as you can in the sweet spot and thats. Where you want to do the 360 so that you have plenty of room to drift back and a lot. Of space to get back towards the boat you dont want to carve out and do a bottom turn because.

Youll lose all your speed if you carve up the wave you could get stuck on top of the wave. And go over to the other side so you want to make sure youre right there at the bottom of. The wave and you go straight into it you want to make that turn as small and as sharp as. Possible and as quick as you can one of the most common mistakes with learning a 360 is a lot. Of people put both their hands in the that makes you drop your chest forward so most likely even if.

You get the turn all the way around youre gonna end up falling forward on your toe edge so when. You do a 360 try and only put your back hand in the water because thatll keep your chest more. Upright and over your board you want to stay centered your weight even you dont want to put too much. Weight on the back of the board especially if youre on a surf style board because thats just gonna dig. Your fins in the water so when you go into 360 you want pretty much even weight on your front.

And back foot the key on surf style is getting that speed to get those fins to break loose when. You get your speed to go into your 360 you want to go straight into the 360 if you pause. At all all that speed you just gained is gonna disappear and youre gonna be basically trying to do a. 360 without speed which is very difficult to finish that rotation keeping your knees bent during tricks is really important. Thats how youll have the most stability so you want to stay bent keep your knees bent the whole 360.

And still stay bent afterwards when youre pumping back into the wave ive seen a lot of people stand up. Straight halfway through the 360 so then it throws off their balance and definitely makes a lot harder to land. So get your speed towards the boat hand in the water straight into the 360 and commit to it today. Im gonna do it you.

Method 4 – How To Land Your First 360 | Wakesurf Tutorial By Connor Burns Pro Wakesurfer

Hey guys whats going on im gonna make a quick video today on how to do a 360 i just. Begin a lot of people on instagram asking how to do this trick so i figured i might as well. Make a quick tutorial on it by the way if you guys arent already following me on instagram im gonna. Head to get that a follow my username will be on the screen right here so you can just look.

It up and check it out so we have my friend tyler here hes gonna be an example on how. To land this trick hes not very consistent on it so were gonna try to pick apart everything hes doing. Wrong and see if we can get him to land it alright and if you guys are wondering what kind. Of boat riding behind its a 2018 not take g23 and we got around 500 pounds of ledge its just. Tribute throughout the entire boat alright so starting off you want to start in the back of the wave but.

This does give you my name to gain speed and help give you the momentum you need to stay in. The wave once youre back there and ready to begin the trick start leaning forward or pump to drive you. Towards the boat once you get to the sweet spot of the wave i recommend using one hand but some. People use both to dig in the wave and use that hand to pull your body around remember you want. To keep your shoulders over your board so that you stay balanced once you start spinning yourself around turn your.

Head into the way that youre spinning this will allow you to spot your landing as you come around and. Make it easier to recover think of your back foot being the pivot and your front foot is what brings. The board around so now that we have the basics were gonna see if we can teach tyler how to. Land a 360 by correcting what hes doing wrong each time tyler does a great job starting from the back. Of the wave and leaning forward to gain his speed he takes both hands in the wave which made him.

Lean too far forward and caused him to lose his balance as he came around this next time i switched. Him to my board because i felt like itd be a better fit for him its my pro model called. The burnsy pro made by connect the link to order 1 will be in the description if youre interested i. Told him to keep his shoulders over his board more enjoy rotation because itll make it harder to stop your. Spin and stay balanced the next time tell he did a great job using his pivot foot to rotate the.

Board however he was just off balance when he spot his landing and tried to recover on this one toe. Spun too fast which made it harder to stop spinning which caused him to fall out of the wave this. Time tyler landed it because he followed all the steps to landing a 360 he did a great job spotting. His landing and getting ready to recovery right after he came around alright guys so its gonna wrap up this. Video leave a like if this video helped you at all and subscribe if you want more tips to wake.

Surfing dont forget to follow my instagram and have a great day.

Method 5 – Wakesurf Tricks 360

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Conclusion – How To 360 Wakesurf

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