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Method 1 – How To 3D Print A Gun – Q&A And Information

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Method 2 – I 3D-Printed A Glock To See How Far Homemade Guns Have Come

I mean arts in the eye of the beholder right this is just a way of expressing ourselves its just. Its freedom of expression in a much more loud way thats simulated otto that was called the real thing it. Goes so fast yeah its extremely fast you know it is on par or stronger than the uh the actual. Factory one so the 3d printed is better than what you can buy for for this for this one i.

Would say yeah its a brave new world this is the liberator the first 3d printed gun created by cody. Wilson in 2013 3d printing technology has come a long way since then and so have the guns sometimes made. Entirely from plastic and just a few metal parts todays 3d printed guns can look and feel like factory-made weapons. Theyre technically ghost guns untraceable firearms with no serial numbers only 10 states and washington dc have laws on ghost. Guns and theyre virtually unregulated federally it is just like buying anything else online the choices here though could be.

Deadly the most common ghost guns come partially finished with all the necessary parts in a box dave these ghost. Guns are all too familiar for police in philadelphia well a sudden rise in the number of untraceable guns has. Law enforcement scrambling to react yeah theyre called ghost guns with gun violence on the rise in some u.s cities. The biden administration is cracking down and the president is taking aim at ghost gun kits in particular want to. Reign in the proliferation of so-called ghost guns anyone from a criminal to a terrorist can buy this kit as.

Little as 30 minutes put together a weapon but building a 3d printed gun from scratch isnt quite so easy. And theres another side to ghost guns a nerdy group of inventors and designers who just love to build and. Tinker with 3d printed guns and that brings us here to this shooting range in florida which is hosting the. First ever shooting competition exclusively for ghost guns i think my hammer broke to see what todays 3d printed guns. Are capable of i decided to enter the contest but first i needed a ghost gun the very first thing.

I printed was uh for my daughter shes five shes like what kind of stuff does it make im like. Well i can make all kinds of stuff make toys shes like can i make a cat it can make. A cat so the first very very first thing i printed was a cat for her and then uh second. Thing i printed was a gun for me rob pincus lives and breathes guns hes an ex-cop who now teaches. Classes on self-defense and firearm safety he helped organize the shooting contest and he agreed to help us build our.

Ghost gun so we have looked at our options and decided to print a glock 19. So this will be. Our ghost glock i guess the question for people is what is a ghost gun like what defines a ghost. Gun you know it really depends on your ass thats the problem ghost gun started out sort of as an. Internal conversation in the gun community like well that gun theres no record of it existing right so when you.

Make your own gun in this case 3d printing youre making a gun that no one else knows exists if. You dont want them to right so for our purposes here today because were 3d printing this gun frame and. It doesnt have a serial number on it if the atf wanted to try to figure out where this gun. Came from if i didnt tell them they would have no way to know absolutely right and that is totally. Legal right this is my first 3d printing experience and it will be the first time i have shot a.

Handgun in quite a long time you arent like a ringer youre not going to win the competition well im. Coming in im aiming to win but i dont expect it well if you do theres gonna be questions asked. How long start to finish do you think its gonna take to print this glock frame im thinking this should. Be 16 hours longer than it would take to go to the store and buy it you have to want. To do it this way i dont know who the person is that falls into the weird zone where theyre.

Not just going to they dont want to buy a gun they cant buy a gun but they really want. A gun and this is the path of least resistance as opposed to finding somebody to buy a gun for. Them or buying a gun illegally you know out of somebodys trunk somewhere all right weve got our gun frame. On this little card here now were gonna put in the printer and make it happen 16 hours later well. Come back so you can see weve got were five minutes in and zero percent of the layers its wild.

That this becomes a firearm still wrapping my head around that a little bit a group called are we cool. Yet has been pushing the envelope recently with 3d printed guns they released the plans on the internet for anyone. To download hyping up their new designs on youtube and instagram are we cool yet claims their work isnt just. Protected by the right to bear arms but also the first amendment and the right to freedom of expression because. Their guns are works of art the shooting match in florida was the first time many of the members met.

Face to face and the first time anyone from the group spoke to the media so you see on your. Hat from the guns yes awcy yes what does it stand for and what is it are we cool yet. The group name was actually used for like an scp channel it was used to kind of hide the group. For a while until we decided that you know we didnt really want to be hidden anymore why did you. Want to be hidden in the first place just because of the the political situation out there right now theres.

A lot of members from states where this stuff is in the gray not not necessarily illegal but its frowned. Upon and they feel like there would be reprisals against them at work or at school or you know wherever. They tend to reside how did you get into the 3d printed gun community oh man so ive always loved. Firearms i love building them honestly i i ill say i like building them more than i like shooting them. Um just because i like putting things together and uh 3d printing was just the next step to that so.

What what are we looking at here so this is based off of the scorpion which is a cz evo. Design this one is obviously extremely modified really just for the event i thought why not go go big or. Go home you talk about this you use the word art to describe this people see this and see a. Weapon you see art whats the distinction i mean arts in the eye of the beholder right so this is. Just a way of expressing ourselves its just its freedom of expression in a much more loud way most art.

Cant be used to kill people if you wanted to yes you know it could be used for harm but. I feel like most people that are going to do that are going to go out and steal one or. The amount of effort that you you put into these youre not going to do that just to go and. Do someone harm while i sat with xander the ghost gun was busy printing after 18 hours it was almost. Finished or so i thought turns out printing the gun is only half the process all right rob its day.

Two its been about 18 hours of printing later and we have what looks more or less like the frame. Of a gun theres a frame of a firearm inside of there with the supports and of course on that. Raft we did for adhesion but yeah i mean it looks like a clean print it even has you know. Your text on the side in order to turn a 3d pinched piece of plastic into a gun we need. Metal parts you need the metal parts technically could you build one out of all plastic yes is it going.

To be reliable and awesome probably not okay right these are about 320 bucks worth of parts that we ordered. Off of the internet and delivered here to assemble this into a gun im going to be honest i have. No idea what im doing here perfect thats a good a lot of people think they know what theyre doing. And then it is going to get down a bunny trail i think what scares people is that literally anyone. With a printer and plastic could make this but why is that a problem because people who are legally barred.

From getting a firearm like a convicted felon for example so could make this themselves but dont do you think. Do you not believe in in one paying their debt reforming going through the process the solution first of all. Is accepting the reality that freedom isnt safe right so so once you accept freedom isnt safe now how do. We mitigate the risks that come with freedom i think that its theres just the fundamental difference in in politically. In america right now people who say guns should be have as little regulation as possible because of the second.

Amendment and people say its so easy to get a gun anyone can do it and thats causing high rates. Of gun violence and that the troubling thing for a lot of people about what were seeing here is this. This is sort of like the last frontier of no matter what the government will try to do to regulate. Gun sales now someone could just buy a printer in a roll of plastic and make make this lets lets. Table that debate for a second lets just okay you think guns should be harder to get does that mean.

You want to start regulating rolls of plastic and 3d printers thats the slippery slope that weve gotten to of. Like how do you even if the government wanted to to stop this could they and i think the answer. Is pretty clearly no okay where do i start start with that little guy this one yeah okay its looking. More and more like a gun should probably give it a good good whack so this is the barrel and. The slide yep so pop that open like with strength yes now check the fit like see if the slide.

Slides does it look even left or right uh honestly im not sure what im looking for i see i. Think i put this on backwards dont let it flatten your eye all right now the moment of truth does. It go on to the frame moment of truth boom you sir we just made a ghost gun were roughly. Four and a half hours from picking up the plastic off the printer and assembling all the bits and pieces. Im i am genuinely curious i mean just from a standpoint of the the hype if you will right the.

Politician the rhetoric around ghost guns is this the easy path to guns it is not easy this is quite. A process that without your expertise and tools i would have been lost it would all be kind of anti-climatic. If we didnt actually go try to shoot it right so were going to try to shoot it i think. We should okay lets go shoot our ghost guns all right but you have shot before yes its been a. While a long while all right fair enough its going to load up a few rounds we have to make.

Sure the guns cycle so thats what were concerned about right first one should be a given when ive explained. This to people like my mom is like this guns not just gonna blow apart in your hands thats very. Low probability honestly the most likely thing thats gonna happen is the guns just not gonna function smoothly okay im. With you so far any big questions uh is this gonna be okay i i wouldnt be here if i. Didnt think it was gonna be okay all right lets do it then pull and release okay so right there.

Thats a functioning issue right okay were gonna cheat this a little bit smack the back of the gun nope. So let me see it this is what it looks like were pretty jammed up there no all right so. Thats still not quite perfectly going in the battery all right heres the moment of truth keep pulling keep pulling. Keep pulling keep and you hit the target all right so there you go first shot successful are we fist. Bumping or high fiving im not sure like i almost feel like we should hug but i dont know if.

Theyre far enough away from corona all right this is jamming every time yep so were gonna go back were. Gonna work on it a little bit more back to the filing you love the filing man maybe try like. Like making like a tiger noise yeah like that still not quite going into battery is this a common common. Thing is youve built guns that that they all have this little hiccup yeah thats very common and the other. Common thing is that as a new shooter youre not strong behind the gun there you go it worked and.

It locked open and you hit the target all right now you have two shots in a row now you. Have an operational semi-automatic gun got real you dont look convinced but this is part of the process right your. Ghost gun is kinda ready kinda ready yup we just need to get you well get you some more practice. Tomorrow before the match back at the shooting range today is contest day i just signed up were going to. Enter the pistol i 3d printed in this first ever shooting contest just for homemade 3d printed guns were going.

To see how it goes rob pinkis helped me print it two days ago i did print it slices dices. Circumcises juliennes well see what happens welcome to the first gun makers match this event is definitely a adventure so. Its going to be competition in there somewhere its going to be a lot of show and tell its going. To be a lot of like friendliness happiness and all that meet the guys from aussie which is pronounced 17. Different ways are we cool yet these guys have worked incredibly hard to make sure that this was going to.

Happen but this is really what we want to be the first of many celebrations of what i call like. A freedom hobby all right gun making and thats what it is and for for some of us its hey. I want to make my own gun i want the government involved for some of us its i want a. Custom gun that has my logo or my name or my grip angle or whatever i want for other people. Its i want to create designs that never existed before and share them with all of earth derwood right after.

The competition were going to set up some areas where we can do show and tell but enjoy the day. Thank you make it look so easy oh yeah it is im a little nervous im not gonna lie i. Mean i fired about five bullets total so far out of this gun all right man you ready to go. As ready as ill ever be good oh we jammed reliabilitys problem with this weapon okay dont shoot karen jamming. Again so my gun kept jamming this was our issue when we were test firing a couple days ago after.

The gun was ready uh but it wouldnt properly eject the bullet and load another bullet into the chamber i. Guess its an issue with with not filing that that slide enough to get it running smoothly it just shows. That you can spend hours making these guns it still doesnt work the way its supposed to work i wasnt. The only one with jamming problems 3d printed guns might look just like the real thing but even the most. Hardcore 3d gun makers struggle with reliability rob i have sad news to deliver it jammed repeatedly did not finish.

Youre a jammer jammed how many shots you get out six maybe all right did you check to see if. The thing was touching the other thing in there every round it was jamming on the shell ejection and not. Cleanly reloading another one this is horrible its horrible news i know i feel like you need to use the. Ghost gun frame with a different top end hes getting uh that slide hey barrett barry grab me a little. Thing of wool so rob is very kind and hes explaining that we need a new part so were going.

To swap in a new slide top part of the gun and hopefully that will make the action better to. Be able to eject the shell and reload a new one so the semi-automatic weapon actually functions semi-automatically oh kagans. A lover i mean you can tell right and hes got soft hands first of all right thats a sign. Right there right he takes care of himself right hes well groomed man cares about himself means he cares about. Other people thats the way i look at it oh thats so much better that just that alone was better.

Looks like its running nice and smooth thats much better all right round two with a new glock slide swapped. In so im getting my second chance at round one see how it goes hows that stack up to the. Competition pretty well all right ill take it ill take pretty well good job like for the record to show. That i did not suck it up completely that i did okay ghost gun is performing its duties well now. I guess its hot all right thank you all for coming this will be the last run of the day.

This is the 3d printed only side match the contestants have only been allowed a barrel and springs and or. A self-diy bolt everything you see here is 100 percent they did it theres no answers or buts about it. Come on lets get some cheering in here lets see what they can do hi everybody my name is ben. I sometimes go by online insert me our ima uh this is the uh mod 9 v1 with the mod. Barrel system i think my hammer broke this is the pps43 printed receiver handmade bolt by me run up and.

This gun is the fgc9 i had nothing to do with the design of it but i love anything that. Goes bang so you know okay here we go so i need to say something to people when im watching. Okay i think its good this is the new king cobra its uh designed by durwood and mussy its still. Under development but uh hope to be getting that out there everybody real soon this is durwood or at least. Thats his handle on the internet hes a legend in the 3d printed gun world mostly because his guns are.

Totally unique and seem to work better than everyone elses i met him the day before the match durwoods designs. Allow for guns to be built using almost entirely homemade parts he makes the blueprints public for people to make. Or modify however they want his work inspired something called the fgc-9 or gun control nine millimeter which is turned. Up in europe where the laws on gun ownership are very strict now youre seeing these guns pop up all. Over the world yeah and thats fulfilling thats very fulfilling even in europe where its used as this this sort.

Of like im not so happy with that yeah because hey they got laws over there obey your local laws. Im not encouraging anybody to do anything illegal and this is just purely your own interest and enjoyment theres no. Deeper motivation than that not really i havent ever made a dime off of it ive invested thousands just in. The hobby yeah but uh no i havent made a red cent you mind if i shoot your gun i. Dont care just keeps going thank you for being here im gonna go put some holes in paper right now.

This is cody wilson the inventor of the first 3d printed gun when vice spoke to him in 2013 wilson. Predicted a world where 3d printing technology would evolve to the point where it would be impossible for the government. To stop gun control for us is a fantasy in a way that like people say youre being unrealistic about. Printing a gun i think its more unrealistic now especially going forward to think you could ever control this technology. Wilson makes money off a website that hosts 3d printed gun files and by selling a machine called the ghost.

Gunner which helps convert partially finished gun parts into assault rifles hes also gotten into trouble with the law but. Not for guns in 2019 wilson pled guilty to injuring a child for sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl. He met on the internet he got seven years probation and was required to register as a sex offender when. You started out creating the 3d gun at the very beginning did you in your wildest dreams think that it. Would come this far so fast yeah i i literally thought this is how it should happen this was what.

It would look like it would be these types of people these young men quasi-alienated but actually rather literate rather. Letters if you talk with them with political outlooks i thought there was a risk that the politics would be. Deluded over time but in fact no theres a kind of ironic engagement that the zoomer i think influx added. To it which is perfect you talk about ironic what about its ironic to you the files the activity will. Always be met with some level of police repression either on the internet or in actuality like if maybe you.

Wont be able to own a gun in this country in 10 years or maybe you wont be able to. Build a gun in this country in 10 years and these guys are kind of already playing with that future. In an ironic and distasteful way theyre vulgarizing it you know theyre making it mobile theyre making it too flexible. To be contained is there any limit that you have in terms of where this should go or where it. Should stop no no i find no limiting principle like i cant find one or describe one these guys are.

Practicing something that is at once distasteful to the legacy gun manufacturers as much as it is to the activist. Wine moms and all that stuff so its a matter of taste and artistic principle if the government wanted to. Stop this to outlaw to make it impossible for people to get files could they do it uh the government. Should invent a time machine and kill me seven years ago its its far too late no the equipment the. 3d printing its so cheap you can make anything you can design anything coming close this is our first time.

Doing this match so lots and lots of reasons why this should have been a complete and miserable failure and. It wasnt we will start with the printed pistol granted this comes with a little bit of an asterisk needing. A slide change keegan hamilton third place all right if you have a bill that you would like to be. Up for peoples choices peoples choice popular build sexy build build people love build it may not actually work doesnt. Matter bring it out here and stand in front of the jordan claws if you like it you dont like.

It just be quiet i guess the guys at the shooting contest like to say 3d printed guns are just. A fun hobby but according to a leaked report from the department of justice first obtained by the trace authorities. Recovered nearly 24 000 ghost guns at crime scenes in recent years and guns arent the only concern are we. Cool yet has designed 3d printed 37 millimeter flare guns that are just a short step away from grenade launchers. The us military has been working on the real thing whats something that couldnt be made before at home that.

Can now be made using a 3d printer as far as explosives go so a 3d printed bomblet similar to. These when you have an explosive charge inside that with some type of switch on there to initiate the explosive. And dropped from a uav uas typically on to our troops so somebody attaches that to a drone flies it. Over drops it boom correct and whats stopping someone from making that in the united states today dont believe theres. Anything stopping somebody from making this in the united states today just recently over the last weekend they had the.

First ever shooting competition for exclusively 3d printed and homemade really firearms and there was some really impressive designs on. Display from a hundred percent almost every single part of the gun was either home manufactured or printed to kit. Guns on the other other end of the spectrum sure sure so when you talk about uh those guns and. Unique designs right only limited by the imagination of the builder and theres some really good imaginations out there absolutely. Absolutely you want to see some of these guns yeah yeah thatd be cool this is my trophy for third.

Place this is a little tour of all of the right the hardware wow i mean some of the concern. There is that some of those look like toys you know with the especially with the the neon colors and. This one is 100 homemade all the metal parts are homemade no kidding thats how far its come maybe some. Of them look like nerf guns this ones 100 invented design theres no model that theyre basing that off of. Wow this is the scorpion evo in full auto no kidding and this guys got his sot license so what.

Do you think about that thats wow its future right yeah there are several recent cases where ghost guns have. Turned up in the hands of white supremacists and extremists in the u.s and in europe too and the fear. Is these weapons will keep falling into the wrong hands in the coming years the biden administration wants to require. Serial numbers on some unfinished gun parts and restrict mail-order ghost gun kits but in a victory for cody wilson. And ghost guns a federal appeals court recently lifted restrictions on how 3d printed gun files can be shared online.

No matter how the law changes probably too late to contain ghost guns joe biden this is no country for. Old man is there a way to keep that out of the hands of bad guys and only in the. Hands of these people who have are doing it just for the fun of it as long as theyre used. For their intended purposes by people that legally can have firearms i dont have an issue with that i dont. Think atf has an issue with that its when people use those firearms for criminal purposes that thats thats when.

It becomes a problem around here come here come here aaron around back up here photo op somebody thats good. At photos make sure i get this contest is over now we need to do something about the ghost gun. I cant bring it home with me its going to come back from once its came which is melted plastic. I mean certainly we saw that its not easy to print and make your own gun were still in a. World where you need a lot of expertise a lot of just time and labor to make th

Method 3 – 3D Printed Fns .40 S&W From Start To Clean Up!

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to another edition of smokey shoot shoot my names smokey mcgee you. Can call me jason either one works just fine today we are going to go over the full process start. To finish of printing a frame today we are going to print the fn i dont want to screw this. The fns-40 um im actually kind of excited ive never owned a 40 uh but with the way things are.

Going its not a bad caliber to actually own um were going to go step by step from what im. Going to do as far as the files go i did pick out one of the already remixed files and. Im remixing it yet again just because i want my logo on there so im going to show you what. Im doing there ill go through the print settings using cura and then well actually go to print and then. Ill do a little bit of a time lapse so you guys can actually see the print process and then.

Well go ahead and do the full reveal but on that note lets go ahead and just jump right in. And yeah all right so i already have it loaded in tinkercad this is what i use for my remixing. Of remixes um all i literally did i took a single block this guy right here threw it down made. It super skinny made it so it fit in between this area put it on top and then i took. My logo that i already had in a 3d form stuck it right on top and i made it hollow.

I did literally a copy and paste with the red flipped it over so i can put it on this. Side sure nothings going to do and then i took my logo again flipped it so i can read it. And now its on there i loved this stipple i like this a lot i believe the remix artist on. This was db firearms so shout out to that guy has rushed it with this um from here we simply. Press export everything in this design as an stl im not going to click it because ive already done it.

Actually showing right here as the brilliant versus um lets go ahead and throw this in cura and well go. From there all right so were in kira we have it open were going to open up a file were..

Conclusion – How To 3D Print A Gun

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