How To 5 0 Grind – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Frontside 5-0 Grind (Ledges And Rails)

Welcome back everyone today were going over the frontside 5.0 grind very similar to the frontside 5050 im surprised i. Havent gone over this one yet so one of the more basic legend rail tricks but i wanted to go. Over the ledge version first and then kind of briefly go over how to balance this trick on a rail. I havent really done that before but i think this is a very intimidating trick to try on rails so.

I just figured id go ahead and cover that as well but you want to make sure you have your. Front side 5050s down i would say thats pretty appropriate for this trick since theyre very similar youre going to. Approach like you normally would for a 50 50 and just sort of ollie and aim to get the truck. On like you would for a 50 50 except youre just trying to aim to get the back truck instead. Of both trucks so when you ollie youre going to keep the front foot raised up and the back foot.

With most of the weight on it it also helps if you know how to do a regular manual even. On flat ground or a small manual pad just because that will help you learn how to put weight on. The back foot and and balance that some people like to touch the tail on this trick i do too. I dont really balance it without touching the tail like a manual i think more people do it that way. With a backside 5.0 for some strange reason me included but you dont have to do it that way if.

You dont want but i think its important either way to just know your 5050s know how to do a. Basic manual or just really put the weight on the tail like that uh before you try this trick and. Its pretty straightforward from that point on youre just going to kind of fall off the ledge if you have. Problems getting out of it its probably because youre going too slow and otherwise its thats pretty much it its. Basically a 50 50 but youre adding more weight on the back foot and just learning how to balance that.

Out as you continue off the edge so i think the more difficult version of this is when you try. It on a rail whether it be a round rail or a square rail and the way that i like. To balance it is basically the same way that i normally would for the ledge its just a little more. Intimidating on a ledge you would have almost the entire truck on the rail with the heel side wheel right. Up against the coping just to give you the most stability possible but on a rail you cant really depend.

On that stability because you know you dont have that wood or that uh extra concrete to really uh balance. On you just have like basically a what resembles like a a balancing act on a wire right except youre. Just on like a metal tube and youre balancing it out so what i do as far as a doing. This trick on the rail goes i would have the weight on the heel side of the truck have some. Sort of way to to rest your weight and still keep it balanced if that makes any sense its easier.

To to kind of pick one side whether it be the toe side of the heel side and i think. For a front side 5.0 it definitely makes sense to have a lot of your weight on the heel side. Now some people are worried about slipping off to one side and flipping over and maybe lets say hitting your. Back on the rail or doing it the other way where you know you hit your ribs on the rail. Because you slip out too much i just kind of slip out on the other side of the rail if.

Im going to slip out and not really you know kind of committing to that bale if that makes any. Sense uh if im gonna slip out on that side my entire bodys gonna go out on that side you. Know im not gonna have my lower half slip out that way while you know my upper half goes the. Other way and end up getting sacrificed on the rail you just kind of end up picking one side or. The other and in my honest opinion i would rather pick the back side where im not going to hit.

My shins or possibly flip over and hit my ribs on the rail right it would be my backside but. Even at that im going to have my entire body go on that side of the rail its its not. Going to be easy at all to commit to this trick on a rail but once you give it those. First few tries and you realize that you got some stability on it it becomes easier as time goes on. So thats just my tip for the front side 5 0s comment down below what other rail tricks you want.

To see me cover in the future thanks for tuning in as always and i will see you guys next. Time.

Method 2 – How To Frontside 5-0 The Easiest Way Tutorial

So the next trick were going to go over is the five-o so the five-o is pretty much one of. My favorite tricks so its got to be your guyss favorite trick too so before you start to learn the. Five-o you have to have your balance down and doing manuals so definitely make sure that youre good at balancing. In manual because its literally the same balance youre going to go from manually on top like this to grinding.

In five-o on the side like that but you see the position of the board doesnt change and neither does. Your balance so if you have your balance down in manuals you can get your balance on five ohs as. Long as youre waxing the ledge and its not too sticky and all that good stuff so before you get. Into the five-o you got to have your 50/50 s really down so the five-o is kind of the next. Gradient from 5050 after maybe youve learned some tricks out of the 50/50 so youre going to approach the ledge.

At a slight angle with your feet in the normal ollie position youre going to pop the back of the. Board slide your foot up and youre going to put it into this position right here slamming your wheels up. Against the side of the ledge and thats the position you want your wheels and just like that and then. Youre going to hold that position as well as you can grind across and then when youre ready to come. Off youre just going to pop the tail and then ollie off to the side a little bit normally when.

You first learn this trick you want to do it off the end of the ledge so you dont have. To pop out but you can just slide off but today im going to show you with the five-o pop. Out because its a little sicker anyways all right cool some things to know about the five-o is that theres. Two ways to do it you can actually grind the five-o with your tail in contact with the ledge all. The way down just like that so you can do a five-o like that but once you get really good.

At it and once youre trying to start to learn tricks out of the five-o youre going to want to. Have your tail balanced so its not scraping on the ledge so its like that so thats the one that. You want to be in just like that but you can grind this trick like that some things that can. Go wrong with the 500 are you can pop in and be leaning too far back like this and if. You do that your board is going to fly out and then youre going to fly back and fall for.

Youre too far forward and you can either stick and fall forward or just drop your board in to 5050. And then youre doing it 50/50 so you got to have it balance between this and too far back you. Got to be right in the middle right in the sweet spot so thats basically all there is to the. Five-o i hope you guys have fun learning this trick so youre going to approach the ledge at a slight. Angle with your feet in the normal ollie position im going to pop the back of the board slide your.

Foot up and youre going to put it into this position right here slamming your wheels up against the side. Of the ledge and thats the position you want your wheels and just like that and then youre going to. Hold that position as well as you can grind across and then when youre ready to come off youre just. Going to pop the tail and then ollie off to the side a little bit normally when you first learn. This trick you want to do it off the end of the ledge so you dont have to pop out.

But you can just slide off but today im going to show you with the five-o pop out because its. A little sicker anyways you so thats basically all there is to the five oh i hope you guys have. Fun learning this trick if you guys want to master your ledge skating you have to check out skateboarding made. Simple volume three its over an hour long its extremely detailed and it covers every single one of these tricks. I break down each trick into its very smallest parts so youre never going to get stuck on a trick.

Or stop progressing so if you want to master ledge skating you have to master the basics and then from. There you can learn tricks in and out of the basic ledge tricks so definitely check out skateboarding made simple. Volume 3 grinds and slides thanks for watching and have fun skating.

Method 3 – Lance Learns 5-0 Grinds On A Ledge!

Alright guys im here today to do another video with gabe oh thats right its night time nick tonight then. Gabe is going to help me learn another trick the five-o last time we were here he was teaching me. 50/50 front 180 out at some point i was kind of like you know i think i could do a. 5 oh right ive actually done this before i think she might be able to do this easier than that.

Front 180 out yeah might be one of those pop in you dont have to do anything but get out. Of it yeah so im im actually pretty excited about this yeah ive done this before actually but it was. On the butter bench on a really low really low ledge and so im going to do it again on. This ledge its a little bit taller its got a metal coping so you know be a little bit different. Im thinking i should just do a couple 5050 one that yeah youre going at it kind of like at.

A big angle one roll more parallel and then yeah it would be easier like that the more you go. Like this more like uh-huh just the more parallel you will roll up to it the easier center okay just. Take it slow at first and then slowly work yourself up get better cool so that was good i took. Your advice about coming parallel its easier right yeah that helped alright i think you should do one more good. One and then go for five oh yeah i agree we like really warm i agree oh so yeah that.

Was better i want to do one more though make sure i really got this your tip about going parallel. Helps i also want to try to get more speed because im a little bit being a scaredy cat yeah. So let me just try one more going faster get steady on there and do it taken to hospital earning. It i could tell you again like better ethics so good yeah okay i think part of it is like. Getting comfortable with skating the ledge again cuz we did this like i think two weeks ago and i havent.

Scared any lighter since then so a lot of times what i noticed about skateboarding is like ill come out. Here and ill just think i suck but then i start doing some tricks and i warm up and i. Go okay im not that bad now we got to do the five oh yeah yeah yeah so any advice. Basically the same thing i want you to practice something before you before you do the five oh okay that. Is i want you to do like like a ollie will you pop up and you dont level up and.

Just keep your your chet on your nose in the air and then just land on your tail okay just. On flat ground so its basically that concept on the ledge you roll up to it exactly the same as. A 50-50 parallel parallel mostly pair low angle tiny yeah lets see parallel you just pop on and you want. To pop on just enough to get on the ledge you dont like go super high and then when you. Slam on the ledge just gonna stop so im gonna be harder so you just want to go just to.

Look just a little bit of power and then youre just gonna zoom back what you did right there just. Keep your nose in the air and keep your weight balanced right here at first learning its gonna be kind. Of hard to pop off you literally youre just kind of kind of force yourself off okay so youve someone. Meant kind of similar to a 50-50 yeah literally just like the way that you did the 50-50 we just. Like use your momentum to get off after you doing with the five-o all right well theres a chance i.

Can do this first try there is lets see i honestly i like these more than five two-fifty these are. Good feel really good alright yeah do it whoa scary its funny ill tell you where i run into its. Kind of scary because like with the 50/50 like kind of the hardest part for me is getting the back. Truck on there and then with the fibro it feels like im even more at risk of like missing and. Then like doing splits does that make sense it makes sense its like i feel like i have to get.

The truck over and then do this and just i dont know why it seems hard in my head but. Alright just want to tell you that i think i gave you a tip about 50/50 where if you kind. Of focus on the ledge and where you have to aim to make it a little easier yeah so just. Focus where you want your back truck to go okay and then it should make it a little easier so. Weird youre still really into it like this oh really – sharply – sharp on it you want a gradual.

Fare love it especially with the five oh yeah yeah okay cuz if you lock in like this it is. Not gonna work alright you gotta stay straight on the way okay oh almost had it oh i did it. Really mix it yeah i mean im pretty sure i did a 500 its very short here you go can. You keep it so i did do a 5 oh that qualifies sorry i didnt see it its okay i. Did qualta you werent expecting their strike well that was the first try i mean not i mean like for.

Your first one yeah not like first one on this ledge im proud of you i just got it yeah. So now i need to doing longer yeah your tip about going really close to the ledge is good so. Good that was a 5 uh-huh yeah i think i can i can basically do the trick a very simple. Version of the trick but im just trying to get it so i can hold it just a little bit. Longer yeah ok you gotta keep your weight over the board okay yeah i just got you over that instinct.

As soon as i get on the ledge pop it off nothing bad is gonna happen if you stay on. It a long time okay all right cool – im getting a little bit over my fear i havent really. Thought once trying ledges and im finally starting to realize that like what am i so scared of you know. Hard oh i was good i was good im the key is like yeah i just got to man up. And get more speed lets go good dude im telling you the key like i think people say this in.

The comments all the time get more speed get more speed ease and may not even get more speed go. Fast you can hit like so true though when you try to do it slow it just its hardened hey. Thats like it thats back-to-back you ever done dude i want to do one more and then well call it. A day all right i like this trick i just want to focus on getting even a little bit more. Speed and just committing and then doing a nice five up so lets see how it go this allen is.

Nice thank you came in too sharp of an angle on that one almost got it i almost got it. Oh thought that was it oh man for some reason like i got one its really good i was getting. A couple it was all good and then like it started to get really hard so im trying to just. Take it back a little bit see if i can just do a couple all these on the tail sometimes. That happens for me yeah lean back all right here we go im gonna take richards advice lean back too.

Slow there it is yeah so that was intense man like i landed a couple in the beginning and then. I landed a really good one i was like let me just do one more it became so hard it. Was like all like you come in my heads like youre not gonna land its not gonna happen you did. It once anyway so thats weird that happened to me when i try tricks i dont know what that comes. From but im advice did you give to someone learning this trick i think that what you guys should do.

Is watch skateboarding made simple volume 3 which is grinds and slides and im dead serious it actually covers the. Trick like no doubt having a friend who can do them is going to help but if you have skateboard. Made simple vol.3 as well as a friend like youre set without skateboarding with it simple i wouldve not have. Been able to learn how to kickflip how to ollie how to heel flip as fast as i did so. I know that volume one has helped me tremendously so thats what i recommend that you guys do but just.

For my own personal advice i mean its very similar to 5050 so if you have those down really well. It should not be hard for you to do it five-o its kind of like a 50-50 but you know. With a bit of a manual action like lifting your front knee up leaning back a little bit and then. Got it so anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do have suggestions of what i should. Learn leave it in the comments below you guys have critiques of what i did here today like critiques of.

My 5 up definitely leave that in the comments below i appreciate your guys feedback if you guys need help. With anything leave it in the well check it out maybe we can make a tutorial or some other kind. Of videos but in the meantime thank you so much for watching i really appreciate your guyss support i appreciate. Your guyss comments or likes your subscriptions everything so please subscribe like and leave a comment below and well see. You next time follow gabe on instagram at gabe crew zero one and follow the braille channel at braille skate.

Peace definitely check out skateboarding made simple its available on all these platforms ibooks braille skateboarding comm and google play. Its the most comprehensive video weve ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there you wont. Be disappointed.

Method 4 – How To Frontside 5-0 Grind On A Ledge (Skateboarding Trick Tips)

What is up everybody it is time for the frontside 5.0 grind i put these sunglasses on just for fun. And this looks crazy and i kind of like it tell me what you think in the comments and while. Youre down there hit the subscribe button okay because were growing and i promise you guys were gonna be the. Number one skateboarding youtube channel in the world im calling it im claiming it lets go okay so the frontside.

5.0 grind honestly i love this trick five os are like really awesome and nobody does five os and a. Lot of people they talk crap about five os theyre like man five hoes are lame its because they cant. Do them you want to be the guy that can 5-0 okay if you have these tricks on lock youre. Going to like set yourself apart before you learn how to do a frontside 5-0 its super important okay i. Stress this a lot when i was younger i really messed this up okay you know youre a young kid.

Youre excited youre like i just want to learn all the cool tricks so you skip the steps dont skip. The steps okay if i could go back in time and slow down my skateboarding journey and learn all the. Basics id be like so good at skateboarding id be like the thanos of skateboarding okay i can do anything. Okay but i skipped this step so im here to tell you dont skip the steps all right you want. To learn how to do a manual and learn how to do the manual good okay you want to learn.

How to do a frontside 50 50. Okay if you can do those tricks youre going to be able to. Do the front side 5.0 okay so as always im going to show you guys a pov clip of me. Doing a frontside 5.0 grind one thing to keep in mind when youre doing the front side 50 you want. To approach it just like a front side 50 50.

Okay dont get carried away dont take an angle into. It try to get as parallel as you can youre gonna take a little bit of an angle because its. Frontside but dont overdo it okay you could really hurt yourself one of the worst falls i ever took in. My life skateboarding was i went up to a really tall edge trying to do a front side 50. I.

Came at an angle i ollied i leaned back and my wheels went on top of the ledge and i. Fell backwards i hit my head and i hit my back on the ledge you dont want to do that. Okay that is not going to be a good time so to save yourself from that deep excruciating pain when. You approach the ledge try to keep your chin right above the edge of the ledge thats a little thing. That i like to go by okay in my kickflip frontside crook grind tutorial i talked about that when youre.

Approaching the ledge just try to keep your chin right above the edge that way if you miss youre not. Going to slip back youre not going to slip forward youre going to be perfectly centered okay it really helps. Out so now that were nice and safe im going to get into the biggest problems with the front side. 5.0 okay like i said dont take a big angle number two this happens a lot okay when youre trying. To do a trick like a 5-0 or a crooked grinder whatever it is for some reason people forget to.

Ollie okay doing a nice ollie where you get your board above the ledge is the most important part okay. So when youre going into the front side 5.0 i dont want you to think frontside 5.0 i want you. To think frontside 50 okay so you pop up and youre in the air youre about to land on the. Ledge and thats when your brain says wait a second im doing a front side 50. That is going to.

Make sure that you focus on your pop and you get above the ledge when you think front side 5.0. Its really simple all you do is you lean back on your back leg okay and that is where the. Manual comes in like i said if you cant do a manual youre not going to get the trick because. You dont want to be the guy that does the front side 5-0 where your tails dragging and then all. Of a sudden your board goes sideways and then your shoulders go this way and then youre like man im.

Gonna die and then before you know it youre gonna die and probably be homeless so make sure that you. Can do the manual because all the front side 5.0 is its a manual on the side of the ledge. And your truck scratches the coping okay so make sure you got the manual you pop up you do the. Ollie you slightly lean back and when you lock into that 5-0 grind you want to center all of your. Weight above that back leg okay and it really helps to balance this trick if you spread your arms out.

Like an eagle you might look funny but trust me youre going to land the trick before the guy whos. Making fun of you for it and then after you get it down then you can put your arms down. To the side and be a cool guy but in the beginning spread your arms out so you can balance. The 5-0 now this is my favorite part about 5-0 grinds when you come to the end of the ledge. You dont have to do anything okay because all of your body weight is on that back leg and theres.

This really cool thing called gravity and with front side five os gravity is your friend because after you grind. It you literally dont have to do anything you just ride off the ledge and then youre officially a cool. Guy so i hope those tips helped you with the front side 5-0 grind to do a little recap the. Things that i really think about when i do a front side 5-0 is just focusing on getting that ollie. And making sure my shoulders are nice and straight okay because you dont want to drag your tail you dont.

Want to turn your board that is really going to give you a hard time with front side 5 0s. And you can even fall like pretty hard now when you learn the trick you can definitely improve your front. Side 5 0s and lock into it however you want but in the beginning make sure you get on the. 5.0 with balance thank you so much for watching this video i hope i really helped you with the front. Side 5.0 so ill see you in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Backside 5-0 Grind On A Mini Ramp

Whats up guys chat caruso here today im gonna teach you how to backside 500 grind on a mini-ramp now. Before you start learning this trick rather make sure you get backside 5050 grind and backside slash so backside 500. Should be one of the first tricks that you learn after 5050 grind and its really like the first step. Into learning how to do all the grinds on the ramp alright so first youre gonna want to approach the.

Ramp at a 45 degree angle alright so next youre gonna want to focus on how youre locking in now. Instinctively youre gonna want to stay inside the ramp just like the slash grind but you really gotta focus pressing. On your heel and getting on top of the ramp now when youre trying this it might feel a little. Weird sometimes your wheel might pop out and youll slide down the ramp or something okay i just gotta get. Over that fear and get used to locking in and pressing on your heel being on top of the ramp.

Another way you could lock in when youre getting into it is having the whole truck on the coping right. Now i dont recommend doing this for the long term but ive seen a lot of people go from the. Slash grind to that that usually seems more natural for people so you just want to do that to get. The feel of grinding it do that but eventually youre gonna want to get a one wheel pressing on the. Heel its pretty much just a manual and youre gonna be pressing hard on your tail while also leaning forward.

And once youre able to get into it this is one of the funnest tricks on mini ramp cuz its. Just so easy to grind it for long and you could do a lot of variations with it and once. You get that part down all you got to do is turn your shoulders just a little and do a. Drop-in and once you get that trick down you try to learn some variations squeezing all right i hope todays. Trick tip was helpful as always if you have any requests just leave them in the comments below be happy.

To do all right thanks for watching.

Conclusion – How To 5 0 Grind

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