How To 50 50 A Rail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to 50 50 a rail,

Method 1 – The Best Way To 50-50 A Round Rail | Lock-In Technique

Whats going on skate hacks family we got another video today were going over 50 50s not just any 50. 50 but 50 50s on round rails this was a request and i thought it was it would make for. A good video topic as well so im going to discuss not necessarily how to 5050 grinds but talking about. 50 50s specifically on circle rail so i remember growing up i didnt want to 50/50 on any rail because.

Its its it can be quite intimidating to fifty-fifty on such a thin object to where you can fall on. Either side and thats often what happened but over time you do kind of realize that 1550s on regular you. Know square rails are a little bit easier than the round rails they may seem less intimidating as well because. You have a flat surface even though its not as comfortable as maybe 5050 in a curb or a box. You still have that flat top surface so you dont really have to worry too much about slipping from side.

To side too much but with the circle rail of course things are a little bit more uneasy of course. You have the round surface so its easier to slip on either side theres different schools of thought when it. Comes to locking into 5050 grinds on rails theres the method of leaning on one side of your truck for. Both trucks and i definitely dont recommend that it can be done and it has been done but i think. It leaves you more prone to slipping out on either side and it seems a little harder to distribute your.

Weight so what i wanted to talk about is the half and half lock-in on opposite trucks so youll see. That on the front truck it is locked in on one side and on the back truck its locked in. On the opposite side so this creates like a balance and as you can see here my board is standing. On the rail without me standing on it its balancing perfectly because the weights distributing equally on both sides and. So this is what makes this more ideal on circle rails it be difficult to get a nice balance on.

The rail and just really hold it once you lock in and that was my problem for many years and. Applying this locking technique where you have the opposite side of the truck lock in on both the front and. The back it really creates a nice balance and you can see obviously that the board is this is pretty. Much the only position that the board will stand on on the circle rail you can test this out on. Any circle rail you can balance it put the opposite sides of the truck locking in and it will stay.

On the rail so if you apply weight on to this youll see that its a lot easier to balance. Because the weight is distributed a lot easier and you wont have to worry so much about slipping up so. How do i do this you dont have to lock in exactly like this the moment that you trucks hit. The rail you just have to sort of shimmy your trucks in that position once you get on the rail. You know this is definitely something that i do once i get both trucks on the rail if they dont.

Land the way i want them to ill just shimmy it in that direction you know ill put the weight. On each respective part to get it like that and its not really a difficult thing to do so if. You have a long circle really want to try this on so it doesnt really matter which truck is leaning. On the toe side and which ones leaning on the heel side as long as youre doing opposites for each. Side so that it balances out like that and this makes it like i said a lot easier to sit.

On the 50/50 ground without having to worry about you know flipping over or you know keeping balances its really. A good way to just keep a long 50/50 grind to hold along fifty-fifty so you can also do this. On square rails and you know itll i think it could help to with square route but again square rails. Have that flat surface on top so you know doesnt seem as intimidating so that is my tip for getting. Into 50 50s on circle rails definitely applying the opposite axle technique you can watch lots of videos and youll.

See people who do lots of teens rails or long 5050 grinds and a lot of hand rails out there. Our circle rails so youll definitely see this technique a lot of people use this this pinch technique so it. Really does work its a good technique to use the circle rail and hopefully it can help you hold on. To a 50/50 more just stand on it more feel more comfortable with 5050 grinds any 50/50 whether its front. Side or back side so those are my tips when it comes to 5050 grinds on round rails coming down.

Below your future suggestions for skate hacks videos quick announcement i just reached a thousand subscribers so i really want. To thank you guys i really appreciate the support in the youtube skateboarding community thank you so much i have. A proposal for you guys and i want you to comment down below what you think about this now i. Know that my content is free the vast majority of my content will always be free but im interested in. Creating videos that are more in depth about not just certain tricks in skateboarding but concepts in skateboarding and several.

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Method 2 – How To 50-50 A Round Bar!!! (Frontside)

Hey guys welcome back to just keep skating today im going to show you guys how i like to do. 5050s on flat bars okay first off i actually like the round ones best and theres a reason for that. The reason is if i dont get on a hundred percent on the top of it im gonna be okay. Because on a round bar you got all this room to adjust so it doesnt always have to be as.

Perfect but i find that a square one and most people that have learned how to skate round flat bars. Know that a square one theres only one place to land and thats on top and if you land a. Little sideways youre gonna bail so personally i like the round ones so when riding up to these i come. Up to them at just a little bit of an angle you know maybe 10 degrees or so now one. Of my secrets to staying safe on these is i like to do them close to the end so the.

Reason that i recommend doing these close to the end is when youre first learning them um the thing that. Likes to happen a lot like check out these bales right here so on those im trying to learn a. 5-0 but what you can see happens a lot is you either slip out like this or like this so. What that means is youre either going to land on your butt or your chest on the rail however if. Youre going pretty nice and fast and youre doing it off the end then when you take that slam you.

Clear the rail and its not as bad as it could be so were assuming here that you can already. Do 50 50s on ledges now when choosing a rail to do you want to choose one thats lower than. Your max height for a 50 50. Theres sort of a sweet spot in rails right around one foot the. Taller they get the more likely you are to slip out on your back and the lower they get the.

More likely you are to slip out too its because theres kind of an ideal height to jumping up there. And the reason is when you land on the rail you want to have your legs bent having your legs. Bent makes it way harder to slip out one direction or the other so i find right around one foot. Like between eight inches and 16 inches is kind of an ideal height to learn these on because when you. Land on them your legs are sort of in the perfect amount of crouchedness so if youve watched a lot.

Of 5050s and videos on flat bars you notice that people lock their wheels against the rail so its always. Going to be your heel side wheels against the rail for a front side 50 50. Sometimes on backside ones. You might get the tow side wheel and the heel side rear wheel but generally what you want to aim. For is those two heel side wheels they kind of jump on and just squeak it over there well you.

Guys theres not much more i can really tell you about learning these you just gotta pick the right obstacle. Have a little faith go fast and jump on that thing anyways thanks for watching just keep skating heres a. Little 50 50 montage to end the video until the next one so uh.

Method 3 – How To 50-50 A Rail (Best And Easiest Way)

Now this is me right now im about 0.4 seconds away from utter disaster now today ill be teaching you. How to 50/50 a rail properly with a maximum success rate and a minimum failure rate here we go so. This is what a 50-50 actually consists of so theres the run-up the pop which is very important because this. Two basically determines how good or bad your 50-50 is gonna actually be the lock on which gets you situated.

So you can keep grinding the manual out which basically just gets you ready to roll away so the best. Possible foot position for this trick is your ollie position it doesnt really matter what it is as long as. It gets you up and over the rail especially your back truck needs to get over the rail or else. You arent going to be doing a 50/50 at all once youve got your ollie you figured out i highly. Suggest you stand next to the rail and practice ollie stationary onto it this lets you get a feel for.

The rail once you start going faster and whats overall help your time from trying the trick to landing the. Trick here are some mistakes you should avoid while trying this trick your face doesnt look like that something you. Should think about doing is rubbing your trucks on the rail to make sure that you know how sticky or. How slippery the rail is because this could heavily impact how fast you end up going while approaching the road. Once you put all those things together you should be able to pop land on the rail and ride off.

Cue the 50-50 montage eb.

Method 4 – How To 50-50 Round Rails And Not Slip Off (Guide To Round Rails)

Hey whats going on everybody i recently had a subscriber asked me to make a video about how to do. Frontside and backside 5050s on round rails i thought this was a really good video because if youve noticed a. Lot of more experienced skaters they say that they prefer to skate round rails but if you just started skating. Youve probably tried to like hop onto a round rail and you slip off and you might have fallen and.

Now every time you try to skate a round rail youre kind of scared and you dont really know what. To do because you can do 50 50s or any of your other tricks on a square rail or a. Ledge but every time you try it on a round rail you like slip off and this is extremely common. So i thought i would make a video talking about 5050s on round rails im also going to cover 50s. And im going to kind of give you guys a checklist of what you need to do to skate around.

Real the first thing that i want to address in this video is a lot of people talk about how. You need to lock into the rail a certain way on 5050s and i think that this is a little. Bit ridiculous if youre just learning because some people say you need to lock in heel side which your heels. Over the rail some people say toe side some people say you need to lock in cross ways which is. Where your heel is locked over the rail and then your toe is locked in and this is called the.

Cross lock and even though this is very valid when youre first learning if youre trying to aim a particular. Part of your board onto a 50 50 like its just gonna make you mess up like more so this. Is something that you should disregard in the beginning and im going to give you three kind of rules to. Skating round rails and if you follow these rules it does not matter how you lock in i actually filmed. Some clips of me locking in toeside which is a frontside 50 50 over your toes which is probably like.

The least favorable way to lock into a rail but i followed my three rolls and i landed it anyways. You can essentially lock over your trucks anyway if you follow these three rolls and youre not going to fall. And then after you kind of get the feeling of rails then you can worry about how you want to. Lock in rule one whenever youre skating around a rail and were specifically talking about 50 50s right now because. 50 50 is like the foundation to all your tricks you kind of want to approach most tricks like 50.

50. So whenever youre doing a 50 50 on a round rail it is extremely important to cut the angle. Into the rail as low as possible when people first learn like frontside 5050s on ledges they come in at. Like an angle so theyre almost like doing a 90 degree ollie into the ledge it just feels natural but. Whenever youre jumping onto a round rail and 5050s in general you want to come as parallel as possible you.

Obviously cant come in perfectly parallel because then youd be like doing a jump over ollie and thats bad but. You want to have your angle as low as possible so that you can land really straight on the rail. You come in at an angle to a circular bar youre just gonna roll off the side so rule number. One make sure you try to come into the rail as parallel as possible take the smallest angle possible to. Jump onto that 50 50.

Okay rule number two now this is super important okay so if youre jumping on. To a 50 50 on a ledge or a flat bar you dont really think about this you just jump. On it okay and when youre a beginner or youre learning skating youre generally a little bit stiff i always. Say like skateboarding is like relaxed strength so you want to have a really relaxed loose body but you want. To be strong when you need to be strong so when youre coming onto the 50 50 you want to.

Land on that rail like a feather okay so like you know some skaters when they skate flat ground or. Whatever they do a trick and they slam it into the ground you do not want to do that you. Want to do the opposite you want to pop up onto the rail and then right before you hit that. Rail you want to just loosen your body up and you want to try to land soft on the rail. Like really absorb all of that impact in your ankles and your knees and bend down low because if youre.

Jumping up and landing hard on a circle youre just gonna roll off to the left or roll off to. The right you want that impact onto the rail to be as light as possible okay you want to jump. On it like a graceful little i dont know like a bunny or a grasshopper or whatever you want to. Just make sure that you land like a feather on top of that rail rule number three for skating round. Rails specifically backside frontside 5050s is this is probably the most important thing all right so you got to think.

About this were on a round rail okay so when you get on top of that rail you want to. Be centered above the rail you hear a lot of skaters say like maybe with like front side crooked grinds. Or crooked grounds like get on top of it you want to be standing straight up on top of the. Rail so like if youre on this round rail and heres your body weight and youre leaning off at an. Angle youre just gonna slip off or if you get on top of it and you lean over this way.

Youre just gonna roll off so when you ollie on top of that make sure youre standing like line yourself. Up like nice and on top of it and if youre on top of it you know you can even. Maybe come in at a little bit of an angle you can land kind of hard on it because if. Youre directly vertically on top of the rail youre gonna be centered the biggest problem is i see like people. Get on a 50 50 and theyre leaning like on the inside or the outside they land and they just.

Slip off so standing up directly on top of the rail is absolutely crucial so that you can lock into. That 50 50 and just grind the whole rail now that i went over like the three golden rules of. Skating round rails im going to kind of talk about why worrying about how you lock your truck in doesnt. Really matter if you come into the rail at a very very slight angle nice and parallel you ollie up. And you land on that rail very lightly and you are completely on top of it and you are centered.

Above the rail if you land with your trucks locked in like exactly in the middle of the round bar. Like this whats gonna happen is like this is a round rail and according to physics like theres not a. Singular point of like the round rail and another point in space like because its round so and you cant. Be perfect like youre never gonna have like that perfect vertical alignment youre never gonna come in at like a. Perfect parallel angle because if youre coming in parallel you have to hop over so you do want a slight.

Angle if youre centered above the rail and you dont land hard whats going to happen is your board is. Just going to naturally lock into your heel side or your toe side or youre going to cross your trucks. Its just going to happen thats why you dont need to think about it when you first start because its. Just gonna mess you up you just need to line yourself up and i have clips that im gonna roll. Of me like locking in either which way and i just grind to the end no problem so as long.

As youre lined up you land light on the rail your board is going to do what it wants to. Do and thats how youre going to build up the confidence of just like hopping on a rail whenever you. Want to so thats why locking in a specific way doesnt matter but after you get really comfortable with 50. 50s its okay to line yourself up in a certain way because like landing right on your heel side is. Like you have to be within an inch and when youre beginner thats hard you want to line up just.

In the middle of the trucks and its going to happen but once you get that comfortability if youre doing. A frontside 50 50 the most common like accepted way to is to lock in over both of your heels. So you can kind of aim it to land over the top of your heels but make sure youre still. Centered on the rail because if you have that centered approach down and then you kind of like lean over. Your heels you can fall off the corner of the rail so make sure everythings still centered but you can.

Slightly aim to be over your heels now the toe side pinch some people like to do it but i. Think its commonly accepted that grinding over your toes on like a front side or backside 50 50 is probably. Like the least favorable and thats because your ankle bends like this so theres like more room for air for. You to get like funky on the rail so id recommend if youre doing a frontside 50 5050 grind over. Your heels and for the backside 5050 its commonly accepted to do what they call a cross lock and youre.

Naturally probably going to go into a cross lock because its back side so your shoulders going to open up. A little bit and thats where you lock in on your heel side for the back truck and your front. Truck is locked in over the toe so the rails straight your board is slightly twisted and thats going to. Give you like the best balance point to do uh a backside 50 50. Now that youre super comfortable with.

50 50s lets talk about crooked grinds and five os now crooked grinds are a lot more straightforward you really. Want to lock in if its a frontside crooked grind you want to lock in over your toe and if. Its a backside cooker grind you want to lock in over your heel this is like you cant really do. A quicker grind the other way like maybe you can its not going to look good youre not going to. Be able to sit on it as long but the three like golden rules of skating round rails are totally.

Valid here like land light on the rail and you want to be completely centered straight up and down completely. On top of that rail especially with like a front crook if youre leaning either which way its just not. Going to work you want to be completely on top of that rail with the back side cooking run its. The same thing you want to be completely aligned over that front foot and you should be fine but now. Lets talk about the 5-0 the 5-0 is probably one of the most feared disliked tricks on round rails i.

Actually love five os like i really like kickflip back 50s and kickflip front 50s on round rails just because. It is a little funky and uh even if youre really experienced you can still kind of like miss and. Roll over and thats why i like it its just fun so whenever youre doing a backside 5-0 you want. To be locked in over that heel side okay and if youre doing a front side 5-0 you want to. Be locked in over the heel side as well but okay im going to say it again if you try.

Especially with a 5.0 if you try to aim for that heel side youre gonna miss okay so what works. For me is i think about lining it up just like a 50 50. I come in just like a. Front side 50 50 and a backside 50 50. I dont even think about like how my trucks gonna go.

I just ollie up and i try to be like perfectly aligned above the rail and then right when i. Lock into the rail i try to just land nice and like feather footed nice and light on the rail. And completely on top of it and this is what i do to kind of tweak my board in that. Direction which you know by default puts you on your heel side is when im doing backside 5.0 right before. I land down on that rail i just kind of like open up my shoulder and its going to slightly.

Turn me and then i usually can just sit on it and its super comfortable and i do the same. Thing with the front side 5.0 but you have to be careful with the front side 5.0 because if you. Kind of try to open your shoulder as youre ollying into it youre gonna miss like bad okay and its. Not pretty so you want to keep your shoulders straight with the rail nice and parallel you pop up all. The rules apply stay centered stay right on top of it be light-footed and then when you come down on.

The rail you can kind of open your shoulder up and you should lock into the front side 5-0 perfect. I really hope this helped because i actually havent seen a video that talks about this a lot of people. Like to go over like how to lock in and i think thats nonsense you only want to worry about. Cross locks and heel locks and toe locks after youre comfortable because if youre thinking about that youre just gonna. Miss the rail and like fall really hard if you like this video please give me a comment a like.

And a subscribe and ill see you on the next one.

Method 5 – Gabe’s First Grind On A Rail!

Teach me you ever seen doctor strange yes i have you know what im talking about i love being a. Good cumberbatch hey nigel im on a 50 50 a rail hes just roasting and now i dont want to. Do it anymore damn dan just roasted my i thought we were supportive around here now he just made me. Not want to do it so ive never 50 50 to rail before ever and i know you guys really.

Enjoyed the ledge persistence i did so i figured why not do a rail this is very out of my. Comfort zone very my heart is already beating probably because chris mcnuggets standing right there but you know youre you. Are capable of doing this right i am in my head right now telling myself if i go fast and. Jump onto this rail i will land it yes like first try literally no problem i just need to convince. Myself to do so the faster you go the harder it is to flip off and die i just need.

To find like a very good speed so mowgli has this setup for me this is the rail that i. Will be 5015 so he said that a good way to figure out what its like to be on top. Of a rail is by popping on and kind of getting a feel for the pop-on so youre goofy so. Theres two ways you can do it that are like the safest and the way i actually like to do. It um personally is to lock in on both sides of the heels hillside yeah heel side so when you.

Get on you want to like lock in like that and your weight is stacked above the this uh the. Point where the rail is locked into the wheel so you want to like aim for that other way people. Like to get on crossed like that which is easier to balance but i do so many people grinds that. Like i could miss so i just go for the double like that what hes saying is the crisscross is. When one side of the wheel is over here of the rail and then the other one is on that.

Side yeah like a fable or a smith grinder traditionally the back side is heel side and the front would. Be the other way like if you lock in hillside when youre there you can literally just sit there all. You gotta do is just have your weight kind of its also just so weird because when you 50 a. Box youre used to putting all your weight forward on the box and then if you do it here i. Feel like its just a recipe for disaster oh i would have died i would have died you would if.

You for that with your toes you went straight like like that you wouldnt hit your yeah you would have. Put that it is possible to get lucky and lock in like that but it is really not recommended there. You go oh you got him oh yeah the adrenalines pumping i know what you can do give me give. Me 10 seconds because i got to think about this whole thing through because but it will work heres what. Im tempted to do but i will tell you guys beforehand just in case you dont want to do all.

That effort i would take this rail to the front of the mexican restaurant and put the front half of. It in the grass and ollie onto it in the grass ride it ride in hold on to someones shoulder. Just to feel it is that hard its really fun no ride it and have someone holds onto someones shoulder. Yeah once you know where to lock in the thing is you know what if i dont commit im going. To hurt myself you want to make sure to get on your heel side because if you slip like this.

It doesnt matter you really do just lock in though yeah its so weird i want to do the whole. Thing there you go figure it out you got this as soon as i do the whole thing im going. To be able to pop on i knew that was gonna go bad oh that makes sense the heel part. Makes sense yeah because hes like starting to slowly fall forward almost squared hey look at me look at me. Ive never done that you won then you won you literally conquered something i remember when i first walked in.

Here and i was getting flat board i think i asked you you said oh ill never i dont mess. With that ill never skate around i think this is like a few months later look at what you just. Did and not just once you did it multiple times multiple times so dont even worry about popping on i. Got im going to hop on well just know just know you won you wrote how many times are you. Away i already won the battle but i need to win the war with my head not the trick you.

Got to know that you won already and th.

Conclusion – How To 50 50 A Rail

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