How To A Dog – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to a dog, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to a dog,

Method 1 – How To Draw A Labrador | Golden Retriever Puppy Easy

Hi dressage cuties winnie here today were going to draw a retrieve our puppy so lets get started to draw. This puppy were going to first start by drawing its eyes so im going to come here and start with. A circle and im going to come to the other side so about right here and draw another circle so. Im just leaving room enough in between for nose so then lets make them draw secure eyes so im going.

To come in here with two small circles for highlights and a curved line at the bottom and shade in. The top and the lines at the bottom and same thing over here so there i have the eyes in. Now im going to come in between the eyes im going to draw the nose so say about right here. Right under im just going to come up with a big curve because they do have big noses right so. When im going to round it off and bring it to the center and come back up to nice and.

Big and im just going to come about right here in the top just give myself a little oval highlight. And shave the rest in just so you can see a little bit better okay so now the nose in. Im gonna come right in the center of this nose and draw a small straight line down and then lets. Come and draw a curve that comes out so about right here im gonna come up and go up so. Same thing over here slightly downwards and then up lets make our puppy very happy right im going to come.

Right here and just cap it off and in between here im going to draw a little tongue so not. Too long just a little bit so a little curve right in the center and come right in the center. And just draw a very light line and then im going to finish this off by coming right here and. Going around my tongue and so whatever gap i have right here im just going to shade it in there. Very happy right and now on top of the eye im just going to draw a soft curve above each.

Eye there so cute okay so then from there lets start to draw the floppy ears so im going to. Come to where the eye is really close to the eye so im going to say like about right here. Im going to start im just going to draw a curve coming down really close to the eye and then. Im going to start to flare it out around where the nose is so around where the nose is and. Just come in and curve it out so were just starting to build around the face so im going to.

Do the same thing over here so im going to come right across so about right here same thing on. The other side curve really close to the eye and then around the nose area were going to start to. Flare it out right there so then from there lets come up above this line go straight up so lets. Just say about right here and were going to start to build the ear so go up soft curve and. Then come down so theres a tiny dip right here and then were going to curve it down and were.

Going to start to bring this all together so lets come close to that curve and were just going to. Connect it just a soft curve and connect there we go one ear in now to draw the other one. So once again straight up so about right here just like the other side and just like the other side. Were going to go up curve and then were going to start to come down so im just going to. Try my best and if you want to try to be as accurate as possible just give yourselves a point.

So about right there im going to start to come down and lets start to bring it in so once. Again this part is going to connect and lets just bring this out and connect there okay so then now. Lets come right in between and were just going to connect it with a curve so our center is right. Here so im going to give myself thats my highest point and connect all the way across there the ears. Are the hardest part now were done yay okay lets bring this in a little bit more just fix it.

As you need now lets just draw the face so in between the ears right here really close so im. Just going to give myself a point so i know where im going so lets say right here in the. Center right here ill just give myself a point then so i want it close to the mouse im going. To come right here just to make it easier for me im just going to go up with my curve. Its easier for me to see so were going to do the same thing on this side so about right.

Here and connect there right underneath the mouth okay so then now lets draw the body were gonna come out. Right here on both sides so nice and even and were just going to start to bring it down sort. Of a curve and lets keep bringing it down and right here so were just going to slowly build it. Step by step on both sides so labrador retrievers or the golden retriever pretty tall dogs right so were just. Going to keep bringing this down and then about right here lets start with the collar first make it a.

Little bit easier were just going to follow our top curve and then right in the center im just going. To add a little line and give this little puppy here a heart there and then right in here lets. Come right here im going to start to draw some fur for the chest area so im going to aim. Towards the center and come down with a zigzag come down about right there in the center and come back. Up and curve it out so then now that we know our scent our area right here so underneath this.

Were going to start about lets say right here nice thick pause and were going to start to build our. Front legs so about right there im going to start to flare it out thats tall enough clear out both. And im just going to go ahead and connect this and add two little curves right in this there and. Same thing over here there okay so then now lets draw the back legs were going to come about say. Right here nice and high and were going to draw a slight curve angle down and then bring it in.

To about right there and then were going to draw a curve out and just tuck it in and then. You can add a little curve right there so same thing on the other side right there im going to. Angle in just like the other side and bring out a curve and tuck it in and then add a. Little curve right there and then in between right here just add a soft curve so im going to say. About right here im going to add a little curve and im going to give this puppy a little tail.

So in this area right here lets just tuck in the little tails were gonna come out and bring it. Back in so there i hope you love how this puppy retriever turned out and inspires you to draw it. Too thanks so much for watching and if you loved it please turn on your notification bell so you wont. Miss any new drastic cute videos see you later you.

Method 2 – How To Draw The Cutest Puppy

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Method 3 – How To Draw A Dog Step By Step 🐕

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Method 4 – How To Teach A Dog Anything! With Cesar Millan!

Hey guys my name is sisa milan and this beautiful gorgeous girl her name is sophia between her and i. Were going to teach you how to use point of reference as the best way to teach a dog how. To learn anything you want well i think its important to understand why the point of reference is so important. For them why connects them to learning so lets talk about the three point of reference in their lives their.

Home is a point of reference where they learn moral values code you know the code understand their loyalty from. The parents they learn to be calm comfort love and joy trust respect and love and with the environment they. Learn exercise discipline affection that becomes their point of reference this is what they do in those three layers so. Im going to show you i play a point of reference that we call place which is pretty much home. Its for a doctor related to the house so when you tell a dog to go to their place that.

Means youre telling them go home so when you tell a dog to go see a human that youre telling. Them to go see their pack member when you tell a dog to go do an activity youre telling them. To go and practice follow play explore thats their point of reference so for humans a point of reference means. What where you learn there where do you go how do you see it in the outside in the human. World well churches are a point of reference what humans learn spirituality schools are a point of reference but humans.

Become intellectually aware and home is an emotional point of reference for people and the beach and the planet or. Anything outside becomes the instinctual point of reference so your four worlds is instinctual world a spiritual world emotional world. And intellectual world those are your poor point of reference so when you feel that your life is going to. Be a little bit altered or chaotic or different make sure that you use this concept of sending the dog. To their place because it keeps them safe peace and love even if the environment becomes fourth of july thanksgiving.

Christmas valentines day your birthday whatever thing is the dog will relate that place as a place where they feel. Safe peace and love given in the place where he can practice social distance from the chaos when you have. A holiday or when you have a chaotic moment or when you want to teach the point of reference is. Definitely what we have to think its like when were walking in the street and we see something we see. A whole bunch of bikes coming our way and youre in the middle of that what youre going to look.

For is a place where its calm safe peace and love and that becomes your point of reference in that. Place so you start thinking that way and then the dog knows okay the human wants to teach me something. Oh the human wants to keep me away from something we need three things we need environment a place that. Is quiet when youre teaching as best a quiet place definitely helps you a lot better because that way they. Dont stimulate themselves from smells sights of sound so to have a neutral environment gives you a lot of leverage.

Number two youre gonna need an object like a table thats actually the best because it gives you also an. Eye contact position that is going to allow you to connect with a dog at a deeper level and number. Three is what is the dog motivated is the dog motivated by food toys or just jew so those are. The three motivations for a dog and how they learn best food toy or yourself so again a very very. Very very very very important trick keep your food sealed dont let the nose pick it up you cant smell.

It cant smell it so once you open it you let it smell it its a little hole its a. Little little tiny hole that is going to make them know okay there is food there and then they say. Look shes going to form then you open it then now you have the full essence this whole area here. Is full of the smell of this meat with potatoes the brain is showing you were excited we want it. Well follow it then you come to the point of reference where theyre gonna know that once they touch that.

Theyre gonna receive food says okay so how do we receive food how do we how do we earn that. We go to the point of reference see you give them the food once they go to the point of. Reference so right now its all about learning to go to the point of reference see i dont give food. When theyre here i get food when they go to the point of reference thats when they get the food. So once i practice that then i can ask them to stay there while i go around they cant get.

Out of the point of reference there you go so im going to reward spot because he went back to. Back to the point of reference if he gets out of the point of reference no food no affection no. Reward notice that he keep making a mistake but also i keep rewarding when he when he actually fixed the. Mistakes sophia is getting to be waiting for it now im going to practice a little bit of them waiting. Im not asking them to sit yet im paying because they waited im gonna do it again see now the.

Second round the spot is not moving or getting off the box because hes not getting fed if hes if. He gets off the point of reference there you go both ways as you see sofia has not get out. Of the point of reference yet she understands what what the exercise is all about now im going to ask. Him to learn how to sit down good girl good girl sophia spot good boy spot come on sofia come. On okay all right this is something that everybody around the world the whole entire world the whole entire world.

We should all do this okay a point of reference where a dog comes and calmly waits so you can. Put the leash the hardness the healthy whatever device you use to stop and guide the dog because the leash. Is for that purpose to stop the brain or to guide the brain first and foremost thats what the thats. What their brain needs to understand about a simple leash or a leash or whatever is that you put on. Your dog the most important part is how a dog perceives it what does that mean sophia come here what.

Does that mean to them okay so point of reference the table definitely we bring him some excitement to put. Something foreign which is a leash its foreign look so she wears it or she puts it like like its. A gold medal right something that shes earning on life where she feels connected but the connection is calm confident. Love joy thats the connection and on top of that shes getting an amazing piece of food but as you. Can see shes calm open-minded so the point of reference should serve the purpose of teaching a dog helping a.

Dog or reminding a dog that this platform or this place is for them to feel safe to feel excited. About learning or to feel calm about waiting so what is a frame of mind should do for the spirit. Of a dog for the instincts of a dog and for the heart of a dog what would that say. To him what should it be saying to a dog well its a place where you can go and learn. And be excited about it happy-go-lucky its a place that you feel is chaos in my house you can feel.

Safe spirit and its a place where you can learn to wait for me instincts this way a point of. Reference represents spirituality represents instincts and represents love trust respect love so point of reference has a very natural simple. And profound meaning to a dog this is why for them learning that way gives them the understanding there is. Something spiritual instinctual and loving this is why the human wants me to do it so if you invite the. Spirit the instincts and the heart and the learning experience or knowing the chaos can be safe or put away.

Just by staying there or waiting then they will feel trust respect love then they will feel um that youre. Honoring their spirit that youre honoring their his instincts and their honor in their heart so a point of reference. Is the most natural simple profound tool we can use to help our dogs to teach our dogs and to. Make sure they feel safe guys i hope you enjoyed the video make sure you like subscribe and comment and. Join me in my mission of better humans better planet.

Method 5 – Dog Training 101: How To Train Any Dog The Basics

This ones particularly interesting though because we have tons of big hyper dogs now as you know i love working. With hyper dogs but trying to convey to people that a hyper dog is a smart dog is sometimes challenging. Thats my goal in this class she looks like a boxer pit mix is that what were thinking thats what. They said were going to teach our dogs how to look at us by using a hand signal dogs are.

Heavily responsive to exaggerated body language so in the beginning it might look something like look at me like this. Really really exaggerated we have a nice tight training bubble close eye to eye now i dont know biscuit too. Well and i dont if you were me youd be a little cautious about going eye to eye with a. Dog like this that you didnt know is he good with strangers coming into his area he is okay very. Good look at me yes very good nice work right here eye to eye im gonna hold up the treat.

Look at me and since i like what hes doing im gonna click because i like that remember the click. Means good dog i like what you did you win a prize look at me and im taking my time. Getting them to treat as long as you mark that behavior with the clicker to let them know you like. It or a yes if youre not using the clicker then you can take your time getting a treat to. Them the click marks the behavior not the treat the most frustrating thing when working with a hyper dog is.

That theyre so quick it is on us to speed up to keep up with them weve got to be. Able to nail the behavior with the clicker the instant they do it right so in pandas case look at. Me right there i mean as i was saying it i had eye contact right here look at me very. Engaging you got to keep the rhythm up you got to keep the pace youre going to have to make. Sure the moment he does something right youre there hes a fast-paced train a dog like this so you cant.

Be too slow within the next five minutes every dog in here should be able to leave turkey alone when. We put it in front of them were gonna show them how to do it without force without pulling them. Away in any way im gonna drop it on the ground however whats she gonna do when i drop it. On the ground shes gonna go for it show me a nice loose leash here no tension so im gonna. Drop it but im not gonna let her get it when she looks away same concept im gonna click her.

And im gonna pick up the treat im gonna give it to her dont touch this its all its not. So much the words that youre saying i think the biggest mistake we make when were teaching a dog something. New is we say words at them but theres very little heartfelt communication even though she may not know what. Dont touch that means right now she feels my energy she knows what im going for and she you know. Weve worked a little bit to build some initial communication dont touch this please im not gonna make her wait.

For an eternity right there im gonna pick it up and give it to her and then if she okay. And no tension on a leash only because i know because i know thats the instinct to pull them away. You should have faith in your communication you should trust that your dog really will know what you mean if. You just take a few minutes to communicate with them lure training is a concept of training where we use. A treat to coax our dog into a specific position so were going to use that nose to our advantage.

Right here so just like this good and were going to say sit as his butt hits the ground now. He already knows it does he know how to lie down on command somewhat but not really so were going. To use the same concept of training here were going to lure him down a big mistake that a lot. Of people make with oh wow hes making that hes making me look good here a big mistake that a. Lot of people make with this though is they do this and oh wow well all right normally they go.

Fast is what they do what you should do is you should let them nibble on it nice and slow. Now if they if they didnt lie down all right hes too good i need a dog thats not listening. Quite that well yep why am i clicking delilah right there she did not lie down but i clicked anyway. Shes on the right track look shes trying its its vital that when our dogs are on the right track. When were teaching them something new that we really let them know we like that yes right there that foot.

Came forward im gonna let her know i like it thats one more step in the right direction yes oh. Good im gonna reward that because that was very good you see how both of those feet started to move. Started to go into the down notice the training bubble nice and low here nice and tight you see this. So with a new dog again this provides youre very comfortable with your dog and were comfortable with her so. Were okay with doing it the next step is one of those feet is going to move forward at that.

Moment be ready to click do you know what im saying really good and good i love the kisses i. Love the affection there its very genuine its very real energy the more real you are the faster your dog. Learns now we got our attention you never know when youre going to get it but now that we have. It yes very good we want to seize that momentum right there you see what im saying momentum is a. Big deal we dont hear a lot about that dog treating because a moment ago she was like uh-uh i.

Dont feel like it but now all of a sudden as those moments go longer and longer thats the beginning. Thats a sign that youre on the right track i got lucky with a group of people here that seem. To really get their dogs and youre very engaging with them be engaging with your dogs and its such an. Impossible thing to really teach it has to come from within but the more sincere you are with your dog. The more likely they are to respond to you this is one of my new favorite classes really and i.

Love all of my classes i promise i do but it seems like these guys really got it i saw. Very little frustration do you prefer working with a high energy dog or kind of more of a chill low-key. Dog i mean everyones different i personally like energetic dogs to work with but thats me let me know in. The comments below also make sure you are subscribed and make sure you click thumbs up if you like this. Video and you want more videos like this and like me on facebook the zac george okay love you.

Guys and well see you in the next video you.

Conclusion – How To A Dog

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