How To Ab Test – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to ab test,

Method 1 – What Is A

Hi and welcome to this quick introduction to a/b testing so what is a b testing at a high level. A b testing is a statistical way of comparing two or more versions such as version a or version b. To determine not only which version performs better but also to understand if a difference between two versions is statistically. Significant so why do businesses conduct a b test this is the way businesses or run these days and they.

Have to take a data-driven approach a common dilemma that companies face is that they think they understand the customer. But in reality customers would behave much differently than you would think consciously or subconsciously users dont often even know. Why they make the choices they make they just do but when running an experiment or an a/b test you. Might find out otherwise and the results can often be very humbling and customers can behave much differently than you. Would think so its best to conduct tests rather than relying on intuition so lets visualize for example in marketing.

Or a web design you might be comparing two different landing pages with each other or two different newsletters lets. Say you take the layout of the page you move the content body to the right now versus the left. Or maybe you change the call-to-action from green to blue or your newsletter subject line has the word promotion in. Version a in the word free in version b in order for a/b testing to work you must call out. Your criteria for success before you begin your test what is your hypothesis or rather what do you think will.

Happen by changing to version b maybe youre hoping to increase conversion rate or newsletter signups or increase opens call. Out your criteria for success ahead of time also you will want to make sure that you split your traffic. Into two it doesnt have to be 50/50 but you will want to figure out what is the minimum number. Of people i need to run by a b test on to achieve statistically significant results you can do this. With multiple versions such as two buttons that are blue and two that are orange one blue and one orange.

Button say rsvp and another blue and orange button say sign up this would be called a multivariate test or. A full factorial test since you are comparing different factors so what are some factors we can test on when. Conducting an a/b test changing the layout of the page and shifting where certain items are such as the moving. The content body to the right the navigation to the left or the call to action near the bottom you. Can change the call to action such as changing the color or the text or where the call-to-action is located.

On a landing page or email you can compare two different images with each other to see if one has. A higher conversion rate or a higher click-through rate and what about on the back end suppose the ux and. The ui is the same but you update your machine learning algorithm to update the recommendations that are shown to. People but what happens if something is broken or funky or the data is messy and the quality is off. Or theres too much noise maybe theres a sampling problem and you dont randomize correctly it could be a one.

To two percent impact but you should make sure that your a b test is being conducted properly first by. Setting up an a a test thanks for watching give us a like if you found this useful or you. Can check out our other videos at data science dojo tutorials you.

Method 2 – A

In this video were going to review why every company should be running a b tests what is a b. Testing where you can run your a b tests what you can a b test and how you can actually. Get started doing it ill also show a couple quick case studies including one ill show at the end of. The video that helped under armour get a 14 lift that actually led to about 3 million dollars in annual.

Revenue for them to begin i want to start out with a case study this comes from microsoft where specifically. For the bing website one of the ideas they had for that was a simple change that wouldnt require a. Lot of time and effort but because there were so many ideas in their testing program this idea got de-prioritized. By the product product manager so they never actually ran the test this test idea languished in their queue for. About six months until one day an engineer saw that the test itself the test idea would be very easy.

To accomplish so they code up the test in just a few hours and they launched the test and within. Just a few hours they started seeing these triggers that they were seeing abnormally high revenue and that something must. Have been wrong however nothing was wrong it was an a b test and this one test variation increased their. Conversions by 12 which on an annual basis led to more than 100 million dollars in revenue for being this. One test idea alone was beings single most valuable revenue generating idea theyd ever tested this example shows why test.

A b testing and multivariate testing is so important being increased their revenue by 12 with a simple a b. Test and thats one of the main benefits of a b testing you can actually impact your bottom line and. Increase your revenue and your conversions by running a b tests another benefit that this example illustrates is the ability. To do rapid iteration you can implement a new experience and whether it wins or loses you can do it. Quickly so you win quickly and get gains to your business or you lose quickly and you learn what doesnt.

Work for your visitors a b testing is also powerful because youre using your actual visitors to give you the. Result youre not looking at just random data sets youre not just going out and asking people what they think. Your actual visitors who are coming to your digital properties are telling you what works and what doesnt work youre. Letting your data and your visitors guide your decisions your investment decisions your production decisions and the things that you. Put out to the world these are just a few reasons why a b testing is so powerful and why.

Every company should be doing it okay so now you know why its so important lets talk about what a. B testing is but you may have heard this called by different names you may have heard of split testing. Or conversion rate optimization or multivariate testing or landing page optimization you may have heard it called digital optimization or. Online experimentation or even growth hacking these are all just different ways of saying youre running tests youre learning about. Your visitors with actual data on your actual site kentico made a great animated example of what a b testing.

Looks like in real time you can see from this visual that there are four variations theyre testing and theyre. Allowing visitors to get each of the variations visitors are coming and going and cycling through experience some of them. Are good inexperienced some of them are bad and overall you get a result that tells you the value and. Impact of that test you can see that the image on the right has the highest impact once the test. Is finished because thats the one the visitors liked overall its the one that impacted their visitor experience the most.

One of the nice things about doing a b testing is that your visitors dont know that theyre in a. Test theyre randomly assigned and theyre in your real-life real-time experience theyre not in some dev cue or some staging. Environment theyre not in some focus group theyre actually going through your digital experiences experiencing what you have and they. Dont know that theyre being tested this is really important because it gives an unbiased view of the experience and. By using data directly from your visitors youre able to eliminate biases and guesses and opinions that go into building.

Digital experiences so now that you know what testing is lets talk a little bit about where you can actually. Do those tests you can run your a b test your multivariate tests on your home page your landing pages. Your site content or product page your conversion flows and signups your checkouts you can also do your tests on. Your paid advertising you might be running paid ads to get more people to your site thats a great opportunity. To do a b testing for paid ads do you have the right headlines do you have the right titles.

Do you have the right images and thumbnails you can also test in your mobile apps theres an infinite number. Of things just like your site you can test in your mobile apps one other thing and place you can. Test is your marketing campaigns as you put out marketing content you might want to test and see how well. Does that marketing content do relative to your other campaigns and your other content and finally another good place to. Test is in your emails basically every time you send an email and every visitor touch point an email a.

Site an app any digital experience that your visitors are where theyre engaging with you is a great opportunity to. Do a b testing so you see theres all these visitor touch points where you can test but what can. You test in those visitor touch points well theres a lot you can test pages and flow pricing headlines videos. And testimonials social proof you can test how much content you put above the fold what kind of elements they. See in each experience but you can go beyond just testing things on the page or where you put stuff.

You can test your business model for example you might try testing hey what if we did free shipping and. We offered that through an a b test by putting that in a b test you would see hey how. Much more revenue do we make by offering free shipping and what was the trade-off by comparing it to the. Control you can also test back-end algorithm changes for example amazon might test well when do we recommend these different. Types of products or when should we target a certain person or genre with this information or this product you.

Might also test if youre adding new products or new services to the market how do these do if we. Introduce them as part of a test by introducing them as part of a test you see the value and. Impact of that product or service and allows you to evaluate the success in the short term and long term. Of that that product or service so you can see theres a lot of things you can test across a. Lot of places but lets talk about how do you actually do that im going to give you a quick.

Overview of how do you get started what are the basic steps you would need if you want to start. Doing a b testing step number one you need a testing tool and theres lots of tools out there see. Some of my other videos to see some reviews on those tools there are some of them are free some. Of them are paid and depending on the size of your business and how much money you have and how. Big a team you have and see some of my other videos for for more information on teams and growing.

And testing culture but the tool you get may depend on where youre at as a company but to do. Testing you need a testing tool so thats the first step you need to get a testing tool step number. Two you need to define success in order to do a good test you have to know what success metric. Youre trying to influence if you want to increase your revenue per visit because youre selling products thats the main. Success if you want to increase your conversion rates and get more visitors signing up for your newsletter well thats.

Your main success but you have to choose one success youre trying to influence so that you have a clear. Answer to each test so thats the second step to find your success metric the third step in doing an. A b test is to decide what you want to test and i usually recommend beginning with a high level. Question you dont want to start with something too granular you want to start with something higher level and then. Once you find something that works you kind of zoom in to get a result from there okay thats the.

Third step decide what youre going to test what idea you want to try first usually start with something simple. Dont go crazy big but just to choose what you want to test the fourth step is to now create. The variations based on the question or the thing you want to learn about ideally youre creating your variations strategically. First so youre thinking heres my hell of a question and heres the three or four variations the map that. Would answer that question you want to be very clear about the variations and ask what will i learn if.

This variation wins what will i learn with if this variation wins you need to know before you even start. The test or code the test what will you learn and what will you get if something wins or loses. That way even if theres a small lift or a big lift youre still learning about your site so thats. The fourth step define your variations and the fifth step is to now code those variations so you might need. To go to your creative people and have them do a design you may need to get your front end.

Developer involved so you can change the site experiences now this the fifth step is to actually create the variations. So that you can start the test step six is to activate the test so now that youve had it. Coded youve had the designer work on it youre ready to go live you want to make sure you have. The measured measurements in place remember you want to see how does this test influence the main success measure and. You want to make sure that measurements is tracking that so in your test results its very clear and easy.

To answer so thats step six activate the test make sure your measurements are in place step seven is to. Analyze the results once your test is complete youre gonna go in and look at the results and see how. Each variation did relative to the others now theres a lot that goes into results analysis so you might want. To check out some other videos on that but for now just know that youre analyzing the results to see. Which one had the biggest impact step eight is an important part of the process that some people lump into.

The previous step of analyzing results but i want to call it out as a separate step because step 8. What youre going to do is youre going to document what you learn and what the recommended actions were this. Is an important separate step if you dont document your learnings and evangelize those learnings or let people know about. It your testing efforts become they become wasted people forget its we have short-term memories so step eight is critical. You have to document what you learn and let the company and your everyone know about the results of the.

Test step number nine is tied to step number eight once youve learned something this usually leads you to more. Questions well this happened and so now we wonder about x y and z ideation is step number nine after. You have some learnings and some recommendations from your previous test you now take those and you learn you create. New ideas from those previous learnings so step number nine is ideation create ideas based on what you learn from. The test and that leads us to step number ten step number time is simple you just repeat the process.

With your new ideas you can go back to the beginning create a good business question make sure you have. The right things in place and start a new testing series so those are the quick and dirty 10 steps. On how to get testing you want to get a testing tool you want to find success you want to. Begin with a high level question and then create strategic variations to answer that question you then create your test. With your by by having designers make things and developers code things by getting the right measurements in place when.

You activate the test then you analyze the results you learn something from the test to make recommendations and then. You get ideas for follow-up tests based on the previous results and then you repeat the process and do it. Again to finish off i want to show you a real-life case study of a test that i helped perform. When i was working at adobe as a consultant one of my clients was under and we helped them. Run a test that led to a 12 lift which created a massive three million dollar annualized gain for them.

The nice thing about this test is it works so well you this was several years ago but that is. Still the test results and learning are still implemented on their site today so let me show you what that. Looks like so this was the control as you can see just a regular homepage they had some products they. Were showing they had a few sub components and then this was the bottom of their page down here they. Had a few items down here the variation and ill show you these side by side you can see the.

Difference too the variation we had a simple recommendation zone on their home page the business question was how does. Adding recommendations to the homepage impact visitors revenue and their business their main success metric was revenue per visitor so. Thats all we did it was a simple test we didnt do a lot of variations here because we want. To test the the model itself so these are the two variations side by side you can see that the. Control and the home page and the variation exactly the same the only difference is the recommendation zone insert in.

Between the last couple components of the page and again weve already talked about this there was a 14 lift. In revenue which led to about 3 million dollars in annualized income or revenue for under armour this was a. Huge gain and an experience that they still do today in fact ill show you that right now let me. Just go to under armour dot com and heres their home page you can see that homebait has changed a. Lot hopefully theyve done lots of testing since then but as you come to the bottom of the page you.

Can see this a similar recommended product zone now i havent shopped under armor in a while and thats why. This is recommended they must have like a most popular product algorithm going now but this test was so successful. Its something they still do on their site today from this example you can see theres a huge potential for. Doing a b testing the right way it can impact your bottom line it can make you more money you. Can bring you new clients customers it can help you improve your business business and your business models and your.

Strategies everyone should be doing a b testing now i want to hear from you in the comments below if. You can let me know why you want to do a b testing or what if youre already doing a. B testing what is your favorite part about doing a b testing also if you found this video helpful please. Hit the like button just like the video so other people can find it as well if youre interested in. More videos on a b testing and advanced strategies like multivariate testing and other testing techniques go ahead and subscribe.

To the channel so youll be the first to know when these new videos come out i post new videos. Every thursday so go and hit the subscribe button now also you can go to or you can subscribe. To my newsletter where you can learn more about b testing and get other advanced strategies about multivariate testing personalization. And other topics related to digital optimization thanks for joining me today testing theory is where marketers come to do. Better a b testing and get more conversions you.

Method 3 – A

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