How To Abbreviate Approximately – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Take Notes Quickly: 150+ Useful Symbols & Abbreviations For Speedy Note Taking

Abbreviations for note-taking aprox approximately be /c because b / for before bk book see roughly cf compared to cp. Compare de f definition di ff different ea each eg for example fr-from et cie and so on ie that. Is i mpt important in beef notice this an ec necessary ar e regarding si m similar s /t something. T theory theoretical th oh though th ro through w / with w /o without viz namely that is to.

Say the very vv extremely vs against ppl people you abbreviations for note-taking our es research in atl national eqn. Equation e d education dep department esp especially us ta nd understand a.m. Morning pm afternoon asap as soon as. Possible wr t with respect to equals ity equality evr yt everything i nfl influence our rate ie earth our. De ve l development expl explanation trad traditional see ult cultural i am sti t institution jus t ific justification.

Nt nothing l rg large soc social or society st 80s statistics am apostrophe t amount ii d you see. 80 astra fee l educational su bj subject co ns conservative ind individual you abbreviations for note-taking ckg checking est. G establishing exp ti ng experimenting bkgd background pp be prepared pr blm problem c19 19th century 1920s ie 1922. 1929 ltd limited ma x maximum mi n minimum 1 st first 2 nd second 3 rd third gb great. Britain uk united kingdom eng english be rit british sts students ger m german fr french france adj adjectives a.

Ka also known as a pp appendix abbr abbreviation vio el biology ca p capital ch ap chapter chem-7 co. Co company symbols for speedy note-taking number two for two two and two number four for four number eight for. Anything ending in a te plus sign for and also as well as minus sign for – without three dots. Means space in quote slash means per greater than sign four is greater than less than sign for it is. Less than x means no not incorrect equal sign equals results in equal sign ity equality xx definitely not question.

Mark uncertain question less than sign is less than exclamation point not or it isnt ampersand at two upward arrows. Rapid increase downward arrow decrease or fall to downward arrows rapid decrease triangle of squares therefore thus upside-down triangle because. Arrow leads on to curly equal sign is similar to check mark yes correct two check marks definitely certain number. Sign number does not equal sign does not equal star special important half infinity proportional to.

Method 2 – 20 Common Abbreviations & Acronyms | Learn With Examples | English Vocabulary

Abbreviations and acronyms are both shortened forms of a word or phrase we commonly use these in spoken and written. English the difference is that an abbreviation is just a shortened version of the word or phrase whereas an acronym. Contains the initial letters from a phrase that forms another word so now i will go through 20 common abbreviations. And acronyms approx means approximately for example the journey will be approximately three hours so not exactly three hours but.

Around about three hours asap this stands for as soon as possible for example please ring me asap aka stands. For also known as this refers to another name for something for example i can say this is sheila aka. My best friend so shes also known as my best friend btw this stands for by the way by the. Way means incidentally or additionally so we use it when we talk about something else thats not related to the. Current subject for example im going to the park tomorrow by the way did you do your homework bbq this.

Is short for barbecue barbecue is a specific way in which meat is cooked for example i will have a. Bbq tomorrow diy do it yourself this refers to building or repairing something yourself for example he is very good. At diy dob date of birth this is the date you were born on est this is short for establish. It refers to the date in which a business or organization started youll usually see this next to the name. Of the business or organization for example mcdonalds esd 1955 etc is short for etc etc means and so on.

This is used when listing things but the list may be too long therefore we just add etc for example. I love to play musical instruments such as the piano the guitar the recorder the flute etc e dot g. Dot for example this is used when giving specific examples about a topic so if im talking about verbs then. I can say that there are many verbs in the english language e dot g dot run jump swim etc. Fyi for your information we use this when we want to inform someone about something faq frequently asked questions this.

Is usually seen on websites where they give you the answers to frequently asked questions i.e i.e is used when. We want to say something in other words and when you want to make your point clearer for example he. Proposed to me on my birthday i.e 15th of march idk i dont know this is commonly used in text. Messaging and it means when youre not sure about something i dont know l o l laugh out loud this. Is also commonly used in text messaging and we use it when we find something funny omg omg stands for.

Oh my god this is used to express excitement surprise or disbelief ps ps stands for postscript this is usually. An additional thought added to the end of a letter for example ps dont forget to feed the cat rip. Rest in peace this term is used when someone passes away rsvp rsvp is derived from a french phrase and. It means please reply for example if you have invited your friends to an event then you can say please. Rsvp to this invite by sunday therefore you want them to reply by sunday vip vip stands for very important.

Person for example they sat in the vip area you.

Method 3 – (English) What Is An Abbreviation? | #Iquestionph

Hi welcome to i question ph that todays question is what is an abbreviation an abbreviation is a shortened form. Of a word abbreviation is usually done to take less space in a document or a selection an abbreviated word. Is usually composed of the most recognizable letters of the word so that it can be easily distinguished or remembered. Abbreviation is usually done on individual titles and professions days of the week months of the year specific places and.

Units of measure examples for titles of people or professions mr miss captain general engineer senator senior junior professor four. Places street avenue boulevard building subdivision mountain four months of the year january february march april may doesnt need to. Be abbreviated since its just a three-letter word june july august september october november december for days of the week. Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday and for units of measure gram pound meter kilometer inch foot litter teaspoon. Gallon and those were the examples of abbreviated words again an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word it.

Is usually done to take less space in a document or a selection thats all for today thank you for. Watching please dont forget to like and subscribe till next time.

Method 4 – Abbreviations Lesson For Kids

Hi everyone miss dolmen and lucy here an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or a phrase some. Things that are very very commonly abbreviated are street names or titles for people or days of the week when. You learn about abbreviations they can really help you save time and space when youre writing things enjoy to my. New job i deliver packages and this is my first day and this is my supervisor m.r boss head of.

Operations hello lucy welcome to your very first day its all about the customer experience you know it really is. Heres your route for the day oh thank you let me put that in my notebook here we are at. Your truck and remember lucy here were more than just a company were a family does that mean my mom. Works here too time to go back lets see how you did lucy oh all the packages are still there. I know people arent addressing their packages correctly here look at this one its not spelled right i dont know.

What it says do you see this s t and i a what does that mean heres another one theres. A c t and an i a also he has an mr just like you same for his name isnt. That funny lucy those are abbreviations bless you what no no no no im saying the word abbreviation i breathe. A question what is that an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase for example titles of. People are often abbreviated when you look at the letters in punctuation m r period it stands for the word.

Lister let me make a note of this mr period is short for mr not my bosss first name whoopsie. My first name is paul got it here are some more common titles for people most of the time the. Word or phrase uses letters from the word to make up the abbreviation of addresses are also often abbreviated like. Street names and states the ct stands for court and the ia stands for the state of iowa why do. Abbreviations exist abbreviations will save you time when writing and take up less space for example the ct on this.

Sign takes up less space than the full word court this way you can make the other words bigger and. Easier for people to read how do i say abbreviations abbreviations are usually pronounced the same way you would pronounce. The word when it is fully spelled out mr period is pronounced mr st period is pronounced street and fl. Period is pronounced florida what other things are commonly abbreviated days of the week months of the year addresses and. States measurement and time these are just some of the things that are abbreviated got it let me try this.

Again dog court ct stands for cord av is avenue got it main street i found you st short for. Street this was just a little ways down sd short for street time to head back lucy you delivered all. Your packages good job oh lifes too short not to save time and abbreviate you know great minds really do. Shrink alike and if you liked that lesson you should become a sub subscriber bye everyone.

Method 5 – How To Abbreviate Names And Titles | English Spelling Abbreviations Lesson

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Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Approximately

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