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Method 1 – How I Got My Associate Degree In One Year!

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if youre new hi ive never done. That in my videos but today is a different day today yo girl juliana finished her associates degree thats right. I took my last final this morning at eleven oclock i submitted submitted at 12:15 and here i am i. Have submitted all my finals for my associate degree so i thought you know i was trying to figure out.

What was in a film for this week and i just didnt really know and then i remembered i finish. Tomorrow and i get my first degree so that i was like ive come so far maybe i should talk. About how i did it you know give some advice to younger kids who are probably just entering high school. Or in our art in arent in high school and just need a little bit of guidance or if you. Want to just hear my story and how i did it then youre welcome to do that too but i.

Just thought it would be really cool to just talk about it and let yall know also im wearing my. Avenger shirt so you know its a good day also paired it with these pants so so i also want. To point out this videos going to be a little bit different than what ive normally posted on this channel. Editing style talking wise you get the gist so without further do you guys know why you click on this. Video its and the thumbnail its in the title heres how i graduated with my associates in one year at.

19 so let me criss cross applesauce because im comfortable like that also im really out of breath so you. Need once i get in catch it if you go to a public school most i dont really know how. It works in other states but most schools in florida or in my area offered dual enrollment classes these classes. Are essentially those ep or asis classes that you take in high school to get a college credit instead you. Take the classes at the college and it counts as your high school grade but also starts your college transcript.

And it goes into your college classes degrees whatever so i started taking dual enrollment classes after my brother told. Me about it he said listen i didnt do it in high school and i want you to do it. Look into it figure it out its gonna be a really great opportunity and so i did it and my. First class that i took was actually an english course which was in the summer of me going into junior. Year they offer classes literally for middle schoolers so if youre interested or something i dont know how it works.

But you can start as early as freshman year of high school i think that would be like suitable maybe. If youre a little bit scary maybe if youre a little bit scared im gonna recommend starting in summer sophomore. I know its a very scary thing i was terrified of going onto my campus thats why i started online. Classes i took an english class which is the first general education class that you have to take in english. English double i said bubble but i did this so i took that over the summer passed it with flying.

Colors and then i started call judge abroad and fall semester of junior year but i actually graduated high school. With thirty two college credits and that included one ap class which is ap psychology so that gave me three. Credits for college i think and i took eighth thinking skills which i believe gave me two or three credits. For college i initially graduated with thirty two college credits now its not all from dual enrollment classes and that. Brings me to my second place so before i get into an additional way to earn college credits i want.

To talk about something that happened to me while doing this a big big disclaimer if you dont know much. About chill aroma classes and theyre offered at your school do a lot of research and talk to your fans. Counselor i know theyre not 100 percent of the best to help you with school most of the times ive. Had a lot of people come up to me about dylan wellman i do want to make this disclaimer that. If you do start taking dual enrollment classes know that your college transcript has already begun if you end up.

Getting a dear f in those classes and will not be able to take any my classes thats just how. It works you cant just retake it because its a free class all of this is free by the way. You are getting a free class youre starting your college transcript with no debt with no payment you dont even. Have to buy the textbooks the school will allow you to have a waiver but you take to them and. Say i was a little kid this is the textbook that i need everything is paid by your school and.

By the college without being said also withdrawing from a class will prevent you from taking any more classes so. Senior year walter i started taking precalc precalculus let me tell you rick calculus was a rocky rocky road for. Me my teacher was not the best and its not my fault because i did a lot of research when. You want to take college classes theres an amazing website called rate my professor thats how i found the teachers. That kind of have really shaped how i learn and i do expense extensive research into those professors making sure.

That i read all the syllabus making sure that this professor you know will actually teach me so this professor. Seemed you know i only count like two options and this one seemed the better of the latter is that. The term i dont really fisher taking her and mid way i was feeling i was failing terribly i got. In to its i didnt know my grades she didnt post any so i could they didnt know where i. Was i just knew i wasnt passing this class so to my surprise this teacher was leaving i dont know.

What happened she just told us that one day it was her i wanna stay and so i took this. Upon myself i withdrew from the class like i said if you withdrawal you basically cant take any more classes. And i needed to take more classes because i needed to graduate with a certain amount of credits you will. Find out in a moment created an email said what was happening and i went to administrations and i found. Someone who actually helped me she was in charge of like the dual enrollment students and she started talking to.

Me about what i could do how i could appeal it which is something that i really need to do. And she also told me about some scholarships if the college gave out to high school students or an email. And i was able to appeal my withdrawal because of the whole situation and i was able to take my. Last few classes of a high school senior in spring term which allow me to continue my progress and receive. A scholarship for that college so something that i have learned to do is like i said in the last.

Point is to do a lot of research sorry im just trying to make me talk about scholarships and as. Well as research on the colleges i am i thinking about if you are not choosing to take the university. Around but definitely go on to scholarship websites go into the school website apply for everything and anything because the. More that you apply for the better your chances bar especially if theres some that require things from high school. So definitely look up those things go through it and this is basically what happened to me i actually went.

Into the administration of where i would take my college classes and lovely lady who told me how to withdraw. My appeal who told me how to appeal my withdrawal also told me about a scholarship i had to pay. For my college classes when i actually graduated high school um this scholarship required me to finish and graduate high. School with thirty college credits with then i just applied so that i was at a graduate thirty-two and i. Received it and it paid my classes during a year something that i didnt really touch amazing on was the.

Fact of sat scores and taking it if youre like me im not very good at standardized testing ive never. Really i was and thats my master cheese board wanted but i know that some states do give scholarships out. Based on you know a very good certain grade of an sat score or score not great and thats okay. If youre really focused on that and you want to get into a good my versity go ahead but im. Mainly not focusing on it because its not necessary towards these certain scholarships that just require whatever so if youre.

Definitely like me then take a look at those scholarships try to find something that really suits you because i. Know that not everything is dependent on an sat score however most folks are depended on gpa so thats something. That i strived for in high school but i just wanted to add that note about sat scores and having. To reflect on colleges and stuff how did i graduate high school at 30 across credits not only did i. Take the dual enrollment classes but also found something called a club test which is a standardized test yes i.

Understand were not all geniuses standardized testing its not for everyone so the clock test is basically a standardized test. That focuses on one subject for me i took spanish basically if you passed with the lower grade you would. Get four credits if you pass with the highest grade you would get eight credits i mean it on the. Dot i dont remember what it was i think was a 68 and i passed some eight credits literally the. Actual score i got its definitely worth it if youre someone who wants to bypass the classes as general education.

Lets say spanish or english or whatever your skill is i would recommend it to be able to get those. Credits and its just way to getting along get through it lets do it jump jump you know thats so. Thats how those eight credits for a very big part without those i wouldnt have graduated high school with 32. So 32 is a good number because i did it money is a big factor in this whole thing getting. The scholarship and going and getting my associates degree in the long run will have saved me loads of money.

And im very grateful for it for several reasons so you may be on board you may be wondering you. Know i want to do this i want to get it done i want to start taking classes during high. School i want to you know kind of find and research and do all this great plan im plough im. Plowed proud of you youre doing great you got it its a good idea dont doubt yourself but you may. Be wondering how did you do it i literally planned it out im not a person that takes a planner.

Can write everything in the planner and you know every day and when i check my planner or my calendar. Or something this is how it basically i would think about what causes im gonna want to take how my. Year would go you know fit and work with that and then that was it i didnt stress out i. Just did it and i dont know how you are but you always havent you just gonna have to find. Your little corner of the sky you know and think about what youre gonna do how you gonna do it.

Elaborate create a plan something after graduating high school i started it in the summer of 2019 i think it. Was at the end of the summer sos an express express an occult express express course and i paid for. Those classes because the scholarship doesnt cover summer so that really helped me so i only took two classes over. The summer and then i ended up being a full-time student from fall to spring so i took a total. Of nine classes because i had to take a lab i had to take out these four classes and i.

Also needed to keep up my gpa for my scholarships so then i took four classes or in the spring. And thats how i did it so you really just have to be in full-time student and you have to. Commit yourself if you want to get done early but i essentially did that in one year so this video. Was really hard to film for myself because im not good at keeping topics i can literally just say whatever. Comes out of my mouth but i really just want to end the video dont let anyone tell you what.

Youre doing is stupid going through high school a lot of people thought that me not going to class let. Me rephrase that me having free periods was a bad idea when my free periods were actually going to these. Classes on campus dont let someone tell you that doing that is a bad idea that colleges wont want you. Ignore them dont let it get into your head focus on you focus on completing it and youll be fine. Thats how i did it i didnt listen to anyone i did it so i think thats about in having.

Thats everything but i hope all of you watching are safe and wherever you are are happy and keeping yourself. Busy whether its watching youtube watching your favorite creator watching a tv show watching the movie pants go look at. My story movie reviews on my instagram i get by you um whether its spending time with your family whether. Its being alone i hope youre happy safe smiling sleeping eating so i hope you guys enjoy this video if. You did hit that like button if you havent already go subscribe ill appreciate it very much if you want.

More videos like this let me know cuz ive got a lot of ways little stuff zweifel go see you. Guys in the next video bye guys.

Method 2 – What Is An Associate’s Degree? (Community College Degree)

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Method 3 – What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming An Accountant| Associate Degrees Accounting| Corporately Nicole

Welcome back to my channel guys its your girl nicole and in todays video i am going to be talking. To you guys about associates degree in accounting is an associate degree in accounting worth it if you want to. Find out the answer make sure you go ahead and click that subscribe button below join the corporate family help. This channel grow dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up and also comment below and check out.

Some of my other videos as well okay i dont want you to leave this channel just yet so this. Is a question that i get a lot yall be blowing up my comments asking me in my dms is. An associate degree in accounting worth it what jobs can you get with an associate degree in accounting and so. That is what i am going to be explaining to you guys so before i get any further these are. My own opinions this is just me okay do your own research and do what works best for you but.

I am telling you for my experience for what ive seen in the job market so you could take it. With a grain of salt or as your corporate godmother you could take what i say to heart and work. On it okay back in the day having a degree having some kind of associates degree bachelors degree or just. Some kind of technical degree was very helpful and that meant that you would be like in some kind of. Managerial role however times have changed and you getting a degree at this point in life is it it aint.

Worth it im just gonna put it point blank and simple it is not worth it because you learn more. On the job than by going to school wasting your time and getting that piece of paper however you still. Should get an education okay no matter what it is just do something get that piece of paper because it. Is going to differentiate with your salary um and as well as your level or how long it takes for. Your career progression now that i got all that out of the way an associates degree is beneficial if youre.

Pairing it with something else or if you know that youre going to go off and get your bachelors degree. And or masters degree however if you are going to stay with an associates degree please know that youre not. Going to be making as much as someone with a bachelors degree and also your career progression is going to. Take a little bit longer those with associates degree are probably going to start off in a very low level. Office job so youre probably like what do you mean nicole what do you mean those with associates degrees especially.

Those with associates degrees specifically in accounting you will probably start off as an accounts payable clerk you can start. Off as accounts receivable clerk you can start off as an accounting clerk you can um you can even be. A payroll clerk those are some of the ones that just come straight to my mind right away and what. Does that mean being a clerk that means that you are the person that is going to be inputting the. Information in the accounting system but somebody else is going to be reviewing your work either staff accountant or the.

Senior accountant so you are limited to just lets lets talk about accounting accounts payable click for example you you. Are the person that either the office assistant or you get the mail for the accounting finance department you open. The mail and if there is an invoice you put that invoice in the system so that it can be. Processed for payment you are not the person thats doing the check runs you are not cutting the checks at. All that is usually the staff accountant or senior account you are just putting the items into the accounting software.

The accounting database once youre done someone is going to review your work and tell you if you missed anything. Anything you need to revise or else its going to go on to the next level that is then going. To deal with the processing of it all you are just entering in the data if its for accounts receivable. Same thing if you know that you are meant to be paid you are going to be putting that in. The system requesting funds from someone but you put in this in the system and then somebody else reviews your.

Work so that is along the lines of types of jobs that accounting clerk whether it be account accounting accounts. Payable accounts receivable is going to do you are doing basic level work you are not getting into the nitty-gritty. Details of accounting you are not looking at the financial statements as a whole you are not really even some. Companies depending if its a small company you can do reconciliation but i have not even really seen a uh. Like clerks doing reconciliation work and now yall know i always bring you guys facts so let me tell you.

How much on average yall can google it a clerk makes okay okay so typically an accounting clerk makes forty. Thousand dollars a year this is if youre entry level youre probably making youre making anywhere from like 17 to. 20 an hour usually i see people in the twenty dollars an hour range but you are making um that. App on average thats how much youre making per hour and usually clerks are not full time its i havent. Really come across full-time work jobs but it is a thing especially if youre like manufacturing or in another industry.

Then yeah youll probably be full-time but most usually clerks are part-time and you are making around 40 000 a. Year and obviously if you decide to stay a clerk the more years you have in that then your salary. Starts to go up and then ive also seen people go from with associates degree obviously if you are just. Staying with an associates degree you will be a clerk for a couple of years and then you move on. To a staff account and position and then slowly but surely you move on to senior accountant and so forth.

However in todays day and age you need to have that bachelors degree so that way its not taking you. As long to advance so lets say you have your associates degree you start off as an apar clerk and. Then within a couple of years within like a year or two you can move up to be a staff. Account when you have your bachelors degree and then obviously if you get a cpa um or masters you move. On even quicker so that is a part of it so now let me tell you um some other types.

Of job and somebody with an associates degree just an associates degree in accounting can do and so these i. Found on indeed for you but you can be an accounting resolution specialist which pretty much means like you are. Just following up on billings and things like that or i whether it be like vendors uh you billing you. Being billed by vendors or people that you work with owing you funds so doing accounts resolution stuff like that. Um you could be a payment postmaster and im just reading it here it includes reviewing payment information posting insurance.

Remittance balancing receipts working with insurance accounts receivable and downloading electronic payments you can be a billing specialist as well. Um obviously i said accounting clerk accounting assistant um you could do be a payroll assistant you could be a. Bookkeeper usually a lot of people with associates degree go off to be bookkeepers which is which is pretty good. Um a bookkeeper youre managing financials of a company but not in in super detail like you are maintaining their. Day-to-day financial transactions but usually you still have either a cpa or staff or senior accountant controller cfo type that.

Is reviewing the more in-depth accounting and financial practices compliance internal controls things like that you could be a purchasing. Agent be a finance rep um and you can be an analyst but again like i said to be a. Financial analyst its going to take you a while to climb up the ladder so now here is my two. Cents with getting an associates degree again it is perfectly okay for you to get an associates degree but please. Have some sort of plan a its either youre going to have your associates degree in accounting but then youre.

Going to have a bachelors in something else lets say like a bachelors in business administration a bachelors of marketing. In business management um some kind of degree in i.t you know something that can correlate and make your associates. In accounting worthwhile because youre getting those basic accounting principles plus youre getting another degree that is more marketable especially. In this job market nowadays that is going to guarantee you to have a decent salary because you dont want. To get an associates degree and maybe go either go to a community college or whatever for it be in.

Debt and then youre not even making that amount of money right so like you dont want to be a. Couple of thousands of dollars in debt and then your salary isnt really compensating for your lifestyle because youre spending. A majority of your salary paying off your debt that is why i say be careful but if youre paying. An associates in accounting with like an i.t degree that is gold okay that is gold so just be mindful. Of these associates degrees and it goes for any other any other uh educational realm or any other uh field.

Of study getting an associates is not a bad thing i recommend it if you are unsure of what you. Want to do in the future or if you know your career trajectory but if youre just getting an associates. Because they told you you need to get an associates before going to get a bachelors um and its my. Own personal opinion i know so many people with associates degree who do not use it okay so you might. As well just go ahead save the time and get your bachelors degree but again if you like accounting but.

Its not really your forte pair that accounting associates degree with a stronger with a with a stronger bachelors degree. Okay but dont just settle for having an associates degree because its going to take you longer to climb up. The ladder and then people that are younger than you coming out of college at 21 22 years old are. Going to be managing you okay so that is what i have to say about having an associates degree let. Me know what other questions you guys have i would love to keep making these kind of videos for you.

Guys comment down below also dont forget if youve made it this far to the video subscribe give this video. A big thumbs up and make sure you go ahead and share this video with your friends because we are. On our way to 4 000 subscribers 4 000 corporate kings and queens and lastly if youre not following me. On instagram what are you doing why are you not following my instagram because on instagram you guys get to. Interact with me day to day i like to do polls i like to show you guys work outfits we.

Talk about some good career related topics on there and yeah so that is my spiel i hope you all. Enjoyed this video and ill see you guys in my next one.

Method 4 – Associates Degree In Accounting: Is It Worth It?

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Method 5 – The Highest Paying Associate Degrees (High Income, Less School)

Here are some of the highest paying associate degrees most of the time i talk about bachelors degrees but its. Important to know that you dont need a four-year college degree to make decent money in a lot of cases. Spending time and money on a bachelors degree just isnt worth it thats why over 75 percent of american graduates. Regret spending so much money on their degree now the point of my videos isnt to say that you shouldnt.

Do one thing or you need to do another thing all you want to do is to expose you to. New options so you can make the best career decisions for yourself you might need to start earning money without. Having to go to a bunch of school and thats totally okay so thats why today ill be talking about. The 10 highest paying degrees that you can get from a community college these degrees are cheap to get will. Land you a solid job and will allow you to earn just as much if not more than most people.

With bachelors degrees the degree in the number one spot pays over a hundred thousand dollars so comment right now. What you think it is and lets see who gets it right coming in at number 10 we have an. Associates degree in respiratory care as part of these degrees youll take a bunch of science classes like bio but. Also get real clinical experience after all that youll become an expert in treating people who have problems breathing like. Asthma most people who get associates and respiratory care tend to become respiratory therapists at hospitals as becoming more and.

More common for them to get higher at nursing homes and even clinics after you graduate with their associates youll. Have to take a test to get certified as an actual respiratory therapist and then youll have to get a. License to practice in whatever state you live in to be honest an associates degree is the absolute bare minimum. You need to become a respiratory therapist but its a great way to get started in the industry early on. To progress in your career you might find you have to go back to school to get a bachelors in.

General though starting out of school youll make around 52 000 and then after a few years of experience the. Median salary is 61 000 thats not bad for a 20 year old what makes respiratory care a really good. Idea though is that the industry is growing way faster than average at 19 so you should have no problem. Finding a job you can also take some more tests after your certification to become a registered respiratory therapist that. Would help you increase your salary and get some managerial roles in 9th place we have a degree thats a.

Little less common and associates in avionics maintenance technology this degree teaches you the ins and outs of how to. Maintain and repair the most important pieces of an airplane like the engine so it sets you up to become. An avionics technician avionics technicians tend to work for private airlines but a lot of them also work for the. Military now you dont actually need an associates degree because you can bec.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Associates Degree

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