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Method 1 – What You Need To Know About A Bachelor Of Arts Degree

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Method 2 – What’s In A Bachelor Of Arts Degree?

If youre watching this chances are you probably have an interest in studying in the faculty of arts here at. University of waterloo this video will walk you through what it means to complete a bachelor of arts degree and. What types of courses youll need to complete that degree the first step to earning a bachelor of arts is. To choose one of two entry programs either honors arts or honors arts and business these are the programs you.

Apply to on the ontario universities application centre forty courses is the magic number when it comes to your degree. This is how many courses youll need to take to complete the bachelor of arts you can see here that. Honors arts and honors arts and business are pretty similar in fact the major of study is exactly the same. For both programs youll take 16 courses in the major that you choose likewise co-op is available in both programs. Regardless of which major you choose the big difference between the two entry programs is that for the honors arts.

In business program youll take 14 business courses in addition to your chosen major now 14 courses isnt enough to. Be considered a major so we wouldnt call this a double major but it does make up a good chunk. Of your studies those set business courses span different topics so that youll have a strong business foundation they were. Also designed with feedback from the business community lets take a closer look at the commonalities between honours arts and. Honors arts and business arts first makes up two of the 40 courses in the bachelor of arts degree youll.

Take one of these courses in the fall of your first year and the other one in the winter term. Of your first year theyre super small courses capped at around 25 students and theyre designed to help you beef. Up your communication and analysis skills so that you can be successful throughout the rest of your studies plus they. Cover some really interesting topics we will outline just a few here to give you an idea growing up with. Digital media the brain in popular culture how the sausage is made the politics of hip-hop and lawyering justice your.

Major is this subject you want to study most it makes up 16 of the 40 bachelor of arts courses. For honors arts and honors arts in business there are a wide range of majors to choose from by now. You might have already considered what you want to study for your major what is great about both these programs. Is that regardless of what major you start with you do have the option to change your mind so if. You find yourself taking a course on a different subject that you hadnt considered before you can always change your.

Major remaining courses are well whats left for honors arts that number is 22 and for honors arts and business. There are eight remaining courses heres where it gets a little tricky though as part of your degree youll be. Required to complete what are called breadth requirements this is to show that you have a broad knowledge of other. Subjects in addition to your major youll need to complete courses in these areas that weve outlined here but those. Courses might also count towards other things like your major once all those breadth requirements are met you might still.

Have a few extra courses and we call those electives so those can be used towards other subjects other courses. That spark your interest so for the breadth requirements you need to complete courses in these five areas fine performing. And communication arts humanities languages and cultures social sciences and transdisciplinary studies and that all brings us back to the. Magic number 40 so thats it thats whats in the bachelor of arts degree youve got your two arts first. Courses your 16 major courses if youre an honors arts in business youve got those 14 business course is and.

The remainder of your classes make up your breath requirements and any electives that you might choose to take.

Method 3 – Bs Or Ba Degree: What’s The Difference?

Hello all you big beautiful brains out there today were going to talk about the difference between the bachelor of. Arts and the bachelor of science before we get started take a minute to subscribe to psy versus psy help. Out your friendly neighborhood psychologist while i tell you all about the difference between the ba and the bs so. When you first enroll in university youll be forced to select a degree path either a bachelor of arts or.

A bachelor of science but youre typically expected to make this kind of decision without knowing a lot about the. Difference between the two deciding between the bs and the ba is an important decision and it can impact the. Opportunities that are presented to you in the future heres the difference between the two a bachelor of arts degree. Focuses on general education if you opt for a ba degree plan you will take a more general wide variety. Of education courses and less courses focused specifically on your major the advantage to a ba is that it does.

Give you more flexibility youll be able to select from a big huge number of classes and everything from foreign. Language to music to history a bachelor of science degree puts the emphasis on stem fields that means there will. Be an emphasis on math and science courses as well as on lab sciences and research a bs focuses more. On the area of study so youll take more courses directly related to your major bs degrees are only offered. In certain fields specializing in stem like computer science nursing physics or of course psychology the biggest advantage to a.

Bs degree is the highly focused classes youll get in your particular area of study these two degrees emphasize different. Strengths a bachelor of arts degree is going to provide you with a well-rounded education youll be taught how to. Write and to communicate effectively with others which is certainly a valuable skill out in the workforce a bachelor of. Science teaches you how to think analytically how to think like a scientist with so many courses focused on your. Major you will end up with more knowledge in your chosen field and that will make you a really valuable.

Candidate on the job market in most cases the degree you choose should be based on the type of career. Path you see for yourself that means you need to make sure you do some career research before making a. Decision between the two degrees go online do a job search for the type of career you someday want see. What kind of degree is required you can contact people who are already doing the job in which you could. Someday see yourself find out the degree path they chose and the benefits of that degree if you are considering.

Things like graduate school go to the grad school requirements and see which type of degree is preferred most importantly. Dont let anyone else make this decision for you listen to advice but making a well-informed and research decision on. Your degree path is the first step towards taking charge of your education instead of getting this degree and taking. Certain classes to check off just boxes on a sheet of paper or maybe because your academic advisor suggested it. If you put in the work researching the right degree for you now youll be able to know why youre.

Taking those classes and why exactly they are valuable for you youll be able to take ownership of exactly what. Youre doing and why if you want to know more about how to improve your education make sure you subscribe. To sci versus psy so you can get all of our other videos and you can learn all about the. Science of psychology until next time keep thinking and ill see yall later bye you.

Method 4 – How To Choose A Major For Your Bachelor Of Arts

Just as a location check if youre not here for the lecture on how to choose a major in the. Bachelor of arts particular then youre probably in the wrong place but if you are then youre in the right. Place my name is sherman young im the associate dean of learning and teaching in the faculty of arts and. What im going to do today is give you a little bit of general information about the faculty and the.

Bachelor of arts in particular talk a little bit about choosing a major and then i open it up to. The floor for any questions some of it may get a little bit technical but hopefully well well work through. All that during the issues but before i do any of that id like to introduce these executive dean of. The faculty of arts professor john simons who just wants to say welcome so hes silence thank you sherman welcome. Everyone welcome to macquarie university welcome to the faculty of arts im gonna speak for about a minute just to.

Say hello before i turn you over to sherman whos going to tell you the stuff that youve come here. For but i just wanted to say that two years ago and about this very time i was on a. Plane somewhere between dubai and sydney coming here to start work at macquarie and when the university i was working. In england at the time when the university found me up and asked me if i might be interesting coming. To work here the first question they asked me was have you ever heard of macquarie university and i gave.

The right answer it turns out because my initial response without any thinking time at all not even knowing who. Was on the phone was yeah its one of the best universities in australia and in the two years ive. Been here thats not only proved to be true but its actually better than i thought and faculty of arts. In particular is something that im very very proud of in the curiously table which is a league table of. All universities internationally were currently number 89 were in the top hundred quite a few of our departments are in.

The top hundred or the top 150 ones in the top fifty its a world class faculty we have some. Excellent programs some excellent research backing them up and the point of todays exercise is that one of our specific. Features is that we offer great flexibility if you come to macquarie youre not driving down a one-way street and. Sherman who understands the details of this stuff much better than i do is now going to take you through. The process of choosing a major thank you thanks john okay for those of you who arent particularly familiar with.

The faculty here at macquarie the arts faculty has 11 departments and centres and it ranges across a huge number. Of disciplines so we have a terrific law school and the law school just did a presentation here some of. You may have stayed for that ancient history anthropology english indigenous studies a whole range of departments within which there. Are a whole range of disciplines and as john said the key to the ba is that within all of. Those departments and disciplines there is a flexibility for you to structure your program we are as john said one.

Of the top 100 arts faculties on the planet and we like to think that you know macquarie is generally. In the top 200 but arts is you know even better and we were one of the one of the. More highly ranked parts of the university partly because we have fantastic research our researchers are internationally renowned the slightly. Geeky guy with the buss there as a professor by now have a christian who some of you may know. Has a project called the big history project which is a internationally famous history teaching project which bill gates is.

Actually funding to expand across american high schools so its a very high-profile project and davids just one of our. Very high-profile and internationally renowned researchers but research is only one of the things we do really well the other. Thing we do really well is our teaching and historically the faculty has had a number of nationally award-winning teachers. A few years ago the university teacher of the year came from the faculty of arts at macquarie and we. Consistently win national teaching awards and were very proud at the effort we put into learning and teaching and of.

Course what happens there is we have fantastic graduate outcomes not only do we end up with graduates with high. Profile positions so you know you might recognize margo pomerance and that bloke that does makeup but theres a whole. Range of graduates in not quite so famous roles who are doing very well out of having done a ba. At macquarie so the faculty i think is a very impressive one we were great research fantastic teaching and as. I said as a consequence we had terrific graduate outcomes so what do we offer we offer a number of.

Undergraduate programs some of them are quite specific so for example the bachelor of marking in media is quite a. Specific program thats targeting a particular vocational area but now i suppose our flagship general degree is the bachelor of. Arts which is a very general program designed to appeal to a lot of people who have interest in a. Range of disciplines since 1967 yes its nearly 50 years old now the bachelor of arts has been mcquarries and. One of australias most flexible and adaptable tertiary degree and its something that flexibility is something that were very very.

Proud of despite the flexibility and this is a question that we get asked all the time well what can. I do when i graduate the flexibility is actually something which is actually a really positive thing for our graduates. And what weve found that whilst i cant say hand on heart to a ba you will end up with. This job i can say hand on heart look at what our ba graduates have ended up doing and theyve. Ended up in positions ranging from corporate sales politics project management business journalism media a whole range of exciting and.

Really glamorous in some cases graduate outcomes and i guess what the ba does is in its flexibility and adaptability. Allows our graduates to have the graduate capabilities that equip them for a range of jobs and i think thats. Really important at a time when you know in five years time three years time when you guys graduate when. Half the jobs that that will exist then havent even been invented yet whats really important is that you graduate. With the skills to be able to fit in to whatevers available in 2015-2016 so let me talk about the.

Ba and this is where it gets a little bit technical so bear with us but it will it will. Help you understand what a major is and how to choose a major in the bachelor of arts generally speaking. For a bachelor of arts you need to do what we call 68 credit points okay a credit point is. The unit by which we measure your achievement here at the university every subject you do well give you three. Credit points so if you pass a subject you will get three credit points so across your bachelor of arts.

You need to end up with 68 credit points 18 of most credit points need to be at a particular. Level and we call that 300 level which equivalent is kind of equivalent to surgery okay so eighteen of your. Credit points need to have been done essentially at third year 38 needs have been done essentially at 200 or. 300 level and the rest can be done anywhere so across the three year program you need to do 68. Credit points over all of which a certain number needs to be a third year level and certain number needs.

To be at second year that will give you a general ba but in order to graduate with a ba. You actually need to complete what we call a major and a major is an area of focus a particular. Area of study that you have concentrated on so that you can complete your ba and demonstrated that you have. Expertise in a particular area so thats what you generally need generally speaking its three years of full-time study so. Generally speaking across the three years wed expect you to do something like twenty four credit points a year okay.

So first you do about twenty four second year due to about twenty four third year you do about twenty. Four adds up to a little bit more than sixty eight but that gives you a little bit of leeway. To plan your program generally speaking that means we expect you to do twelve credit points per semester assuming you. Study the same amount each semester and twelve credit points equals four subjects okay so were talking about four subjects. A semester for three years and that will get you go back to their dads its all pretty straightforward when.

You wrap your brain around the terminology essentially three is a study four subjects a semester and youll get a. Ba the important thing though is you need to choose what subjects you study and the first step towards that. Is choosing a major and a major is a specialized part of the program that builds particular skills in a. Particular focus area and like a set of demonstrates to us that you have built those skills in a particular. Focus area and generally speaking in each majors a little bit different generally speaking a major will be about twenty.

Four credit points or about eight subjects so if you do a ba your major will be about a third. Of that ba okay nice music then the faculty offers a huge number of majors okay so when you first. Come and do a ba you need to think about what is it that interests you what is it that. You think you can actually focus on and the majors range from as you can see languages creative arts philosophy. Writing ancient history modern history politics a huge range of majors every single one of these is a qualifying major.

In the ba and you can qualify with a ba with a major in any of those areas its all. Detailed out in the handbook and the printed material you have but theres a whole range of majors that the. Faculty offers you can also have a qualifying major from outside our faculty so for example you could do a. Major in marketing and qualify with the ba with a major in marketing in which case youll need to talk. To the marketing people about the specific requirements for that particular major i cant tell you which major to choose.

Thats up to you it depends on what youre interested in what sort of area of work you might wish. To pursue after graduation i cant decide that for you what we can do is we can help make sure. That you choose the subjects properly to complete the major so i think the best way to do this is. To actually look at a specific example so im going to look at the philosophy major for all of you. Budding philosophers out there the philosophy major looks a little bit like this now thats probably a little bit gobbly.

At this stage but it can be quite easily translated and i work from the bottom up total credit points. Required for the major is 24 so you need to do 24 credit points in philosophy to graduate with a. Philosophy major of those three credit points needs to be from 100 level fuel units okay a fill unit is. A philosophy unit fill is just the shorthand we used for philosophy so you need to do 3 credit points. From 100 level fill units 6 credit points from 200 level fill units 9 credit points from 300 level fuel.

Units plus what we call the capstone unit fill 3 4 5 4 now again that translates roughly as 100. Levels first year 200 level second year 3 hundred levels third year so roughly speaking in first year you need. To do one fill unit in second year you need to do – in third year you need to be. You need to do four of which one is the capstone unit you know explain this in more detail but. First of all whats a capstone unit the capstone unit is the third year unit in the major which is.

Designed to draw together all of the learning youve done in that major so it is the capstone its the. Final culmination of study in that area so every major has a capstone unit which you must do and really. Unless you complete the capstone you havent completed the major okay so im philosophy the capstone unit is i cant. Go backwards so yes i can in philosophy the capstone unit is fill three five four okay so lets have. A look at what units we offer in philosophy in the faculty so at first year there are two units.

In philosophy theres fill one three seven four one three to critical thinking philosophy actually this four units sorry four. One three one and fill one three four across the first one semester second semester now for a major in. Philosophy you simply have to pick one of those because one unit will give you the three credit points you. Require okay so if you decide to do a philosophy major and you decide to come here next year and. Do it in 2012 your be a philosophy program has to include one of these units only one in second.

Year we have a range of these a bigger range of philosophy units so theres a quick count theyre about. Fourteen philosophy units the second year and if you remember you have to do six credit points at two hundred. Level which means in second year you have to do two of these to do your major in philosophy and. In third year again theres about a dozen philosophy units that we offer one of which is the capstone so. You have to do this capstone unit and then you do have to do three others so in order to.

Complete your major in philosophy in third year you would have to do four of those units of which one. Is the philosophy capstone unit and that looks a little bit like this so that would be an example of. A philosophy major the actual units you choose is up to you but you have to meet the requirements of. The 100 200 and 300 level units okay and youre saying to me youre probably not saying to me but. Youre thinking youre saying hang on if you need to do 68 credit points and only 24 credit points are.

A major what do i do with the rest of it its still 44 credit points to do and my. Answer is whatever you want and this is where the flexibility of a ba comes in you do the 24. Credit points in your major which can be as simple as those 7 philosophy units and then you can fill. It up so here go heres my program for the next three years that ive decided its a philosophy major. And you can see the bolded philosophy units which make up the major but im doing some drugs im saying.

Im doing some im doing some dance im doing some communication im doing some public relations im doing some food. Across im doing a whole range of really interesting units that are available to me as an art student and. Ive got in my ba a coherent major in philosophy so thats my bachelor of arts with a with a. Major in philosophy but im also exploring all of these really interesting units that might open my mind open pathways. To further study further further vocational development that i always may not have been thinking of and thats one of.

The great flexibilities of the mcquarrie degree you know you have that core stuff you have to do it for. Your major but then you have the opportunity to really consider a whole range of other areas so does that. Kind of clarify a little bit how major works because what you can also do just to complicate things a. Little bit further you may actually say to yourself you know what its great doing drugs and stuff like that. But id actually rather focus on another area and this room there isnt there to do more than one major.

And the answer is yes it is you can do a double major you could decide to construct your program. To do a double major in for example philosophy and french and it would simply be a matter of choosing. Your subjects at first year second year and third year so that you met the requirements for the major in. Both philosophy and french so you could graduate at the end of three years with a major in philosophy and. French all if you you know quite focused on a particular direction something like international business and international communications might.

Be a really interesting double major if thats the particular direction you have in mind so you can construct a. Double major out of the various majors we have because theres plenty of room in your 68 credit points to. Actually do that now if youre going to do that we recommend you get some advice from our academic advisors. So that they can help you construct things because sometimes theres issues with availability and conflict etc etc but as. A broad framework double majors are absolutely something that we do encourage so if youre interested in majors the place.

To go to look in the first instance is go to the webpage click on this handbook section and then. Right here theres a link called majors and minors and the majors and minors part will tell you all about. The majors how they work and give you the details of each of the majors which probably makes the next. Question well what is it called majors and minors what the hell is a minor and a minor its pretty. Simple as half a major so so if youve done a major and in another area say you do a.

Major in philosophy and youve done some french subjects you can actually do a minor in french which is half. Of the french major so you could actually graduate with a major in philosophy and a minor in french and. So instead of doing 24 credit points which is a major 12 credit points will give you a minor so. Thats thats another one of the options that you have so like i said the ba is a really flexible. Really general program the system of majors gives you the possibility to explore in detail areas that you want to.

Focus in but you can also spread your wings a little and explore in less detail other areas if you. Want to do a double major absolutely you can if you want to do a major and another half major. Or a minor thats also a possibility were here to help maybe not today to build your program specifically but. When you enroll we can give advice about exactly how to build the program but the structure is such that. Theres great flexibility and like i see a terrific graduate outcomes so i think ive got about five minutes left.

Happy to take questions yep in the green the question was can you do a major in psychology in the. Arts degree and the answer is yes and no the bachelor of arts psychology is actually its own degree because. The psychology program requires i think more units and its second year level i think theres seven units required as. Part of that program so theres not a lot of flexibility there but there is a major chord psychological science. Which you can do in the arts degree so you could do a ba in psychological science which doesnt have.

Quite the same requirement as psychology but does give you an entree into into the world of psychology in the. Red im sorry can you major in linguistics im pretty sure you can id have to check linguistics is not. A major thats offered out of the faculty of arts its a major that would be offered out of the. Faculty of human sciences because the department of linguistics is in the human sciences in the blackbear the the question. Is whats the 8r for the arts degree last year was 75 or there abouts in the yellow im sorry.

You have to repeat it a bit louder if youre enrolled in the combined be a dip-head what happens in. The ba-doop it is that throughout the first three years youre doing some education subjects as well as your ba. And your major in the ba and then the fourth year is entirely education subjects what that does is limit. The electives and the possibility for playing in the first thr.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Bachelor Of Arts

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