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Method 1 – The Most Important Aviation Weather Abbreviations! Explained By Captain Joe

Dear friends and followers welcome back to my channel and to a video which is all about the cryptic world. Of aviation abbreviations there are quite too many to come all of them in one video so this one will. Be all about the abbreviations regarding the weather the most used the most important ones in my opinion so to. All aspiring flight students out there pay attention since these abbreviations will accompany you through your whole career in the.

Cockpit and also my colleagues lets see how fit you are with your abbreviation and if you do know every. Abbreviation im gonna mention in a few seconds ride me up and you get a free captain joe keyring as. This video is brought to you by my merchandise shop we ship this keyring all around the world check out. My site in the description box below and ill be more than happy to to send you one of those. Babies every true aviator has one of those on gate 1-0 so i dont think the two of you gonna.

Fit there a tiss-you automatic terminal information service is the self repeating pre-recorded or generated voice you can listen to. On a specific frequency broadcasting the local weather airport avos the automatic weather observing reporting system provides pilot with real-time. Weather information for the airport it is installed at a bus stations measure for example air pressure wind speed wind. Direction and air temperature and broadcasting via radio frequency or telephone service pilots b ec m g is becoming is. Used when a certain change in the weather is expected within a specific time frame on printouts you will find.

Becoming followed by a two digits for the day of the month then a two-digit beginning the hour again the. Day of the month and a two-digit ending hour and after that comes the expected weather condition in that time. Frame bravo kilo november when isolated rays of sun light from something called a jacobs ladder it is likely that. The ceiling is a broken this is one of six abbreviations in this video regarding the clouds now in this. Case broken means that five to seven eighths of the sky are covered in clouds bravo lima zulu delta a.

Nasty snowstorm which especially occurs in north america is of course a blizzard during a blizzard there is a high. Risk of severe decrease in visibility and contamination of the wing surfaces thats why blizzards are often accompanied by several. Airport closings charlie alpha tango almost everyone who flew in an airplane before knows this awkward feeling in the belly. When all of a sudden the airplane drops the several feet clear air turbulence is often the cause for that. Clear air turbulence are almost impossible for the pilots to detect and to predetermine since there are no visible signs.

For imminent cats cab okay as you may remember from my video about the van tranh briefing method i told. You that in the case of a sunny day with nothing worthy to mention you can just tick off the. Weather by using this abbreviation standing for clouds and visibility okay in this case there are no clouds below 5,000. Feet above ground level and no firm the rekluse at all and the visibility is 10 kilometers or more delta. Romeo zulu lima when you are slowly getting wet but it isnt real rain then its drizzle delta whiskey papa.

November tango the temperature at which the air would reach a hundred percent humidity is called the dew point if. The temperature drops below that water vapor will condense into clouds or fog and will form dew or frost when. Coming in contact with surfaces near the ground echo mike bravo delta delta thunderstorms that are embedded in calamba nimbus. Cloud layers represent another jeopardy whew everyone knows it the few clouds that occasionally disturb you while taking a sunbath. On an otherwise sunny day few means 1 2 to 8 of the sky is covered in clouds fox romeo.

Sierra tango as good as it looks when it coats your lawn on a cold morning but in aviation it. Can be very hazardous frost frost increases the weight of your aircraft ruffins the surface it contaminates thus slowing down. The airflow over the wings resulting in flow separation and loss of lift gulf november delta fox gulf when visibility. In mystic conditions is less than one kilometer we talk about fog ground fog however is a phenomenon where dense. Fog accumulates near the ground heavily affecting visibility golf sierra tango sierra something you as a pilot definitely want to.

Be informed about when coming in for landing wind gusts hotel lima sierra tango oscar does little ice nuggets can. Cause some serious damage to an airplane skin window and engines of course im talking about hailstones a hue rep. A natural phenomenon a pilot should definitely avoid when flying through is a hurricane therefore its important to keep track. Of the hurricane report icg have you ever experienced frozen wipers that wont move or your car doors that are. Jammed because they are frozen the same can happen to moveable parts on airplanes therefore its important to d ice.

Once icing occurs i am see have you ever seen this those are you limiting devices or sometimes called fogles. And they are used to train flying in instrument metrological conditions meaning with zero visibility as you might experience in. Very cloudy or bad weather ltg since an airplane is a faraday cage it protects you in case of lightning. Meet our you will see a lot of those in the future the metrological aerodrome report is a standardized short. Message that includes a selection of different weather information which was observed at the airport it is issued for but.

Less information than an ats m o d another level of turbulence is moderate moderate turbulence causes perceptible changes in. Altitude or attitude foot are no harm to the airplane passenger and crew november golf tango flying once the sun. Has set has its own beauty of course its flying during the night november sierra whiskey when a former weather. Condition or phenomenon is about to go away the term no significant weather is used so for example becoming could. Be combined with no significant weather on tap reports to signal that a previously mentioned where the condition is about.

To disappear oscar victor charlie have you ever heard someone say no matter the weather its always sunny above the. Clouds well thats of course true when flying on a overcast day papa oscar when you read papa oscar you. Have to pay attention to possible dust or sand worlds i dont know why they didnt use the abbreviation delta. Sierra whiskey dont ask me prop 30 i am sure everyone knows those little percentage remarks next to the rain. Cloud icon on a weather forecast those are probabilities and they of course occur in aviation where the forecast as.

Well prop 30 for example means that describe where the condition occurs with a probability of 30 percent you will. See that a lot romeo mike kilo marks the end of the standard meter weather observations and the beginning of. These remarks section they are attached to provide the pilot with additional information they can for example include lightning frequencies. And types hailstones sizes additional cloud information and much more sierra charlie tango when about half of the sky is. Filled with clouds it is scattered when you read this in a report it means three to four eighths of.

The sky is covered in clouds sierra echo victor when large and abrupt changes in altitude make walking and the. Service in the cabin impossible it is likely that you are dealing with severe turbulence now something there are quite. A few cases that include several injuries due to severe turbulence in the past so keep your seatbelts always fastened. Sierra kilo charlie blue sky no clouds to be seen the sky is clear sierra november whiskey the stuff that. Transforms everything into winter wonderland is of course snow sierra quebec lima november a line of heavy thunderstorms that mostly.

Form ahead of a cold front is called a squall line now due to large differences in pressure around this. Line it is especially dangerous to fly in this area because of strongest and occasional downbursts sierra tango mike the. General abbreviation for a storm expect strong winds and turbulence taf the terminal aerodrome forecast is an aviation weather forecast. Standardized by icao now youre gonna be seeing a lot of those in the future now since it is a. Forecast it doesnt provide the observed where the situation like a meet our does therefore becoming all prop 30 are.

Typical examples of abbreviation used in a tap report tempo being another abbreviation you can find in a tap report. Tempo means that temporary weather changes are expected within a timeframe attached to this term tango hotel delta romeo now. Since weve already talked about lightnings it is inevitable to talk about this one because no lightening without thunder tango. Sierra the cause for lightnings and thunder which part try to avoid flying through is of course a thunderstorm uniform. Whiskey november delta sierra now since wind speed increases with altitude it is important that you are able to keep.

Track of the upper winds since wind plays an important role in the aircraft performance but more about that in. My video about the transatlantic speed record victor alpha do you remember that volcano in iceland with the difficult name. That erupted in 2010 a flick you catch my drift back then the air traffic in large parts of europe. Came to a complete stop because of volcanic ash victor sara bravo yankee another very important point that one should. Never forget during a weather briefing is visibility whiskey sierra now this phenomenon is especially dangerous for airplanes during takeoff.

And landing sudden changes in wind speed and direction known as wind shear no bueno whiskey sierra romeo to be. Able to accelerate or decelerate safely on a runway an airplane has to have sufficient traction between its tires and. The runway surface having wet snow on the runway is therefore an information a pilot should be provided with and. The last one for today x-ray papa charlie when you read this abbreviation you can expect the certain weather condition. Mentioned afterwards those were in my opinion the most common and most important weather abbreviations in aviation if you are.

A flight student i highly recommend you practice these abbreviations over and over again because its a little embarrassing if. You dont understand what is meant in a meter or a tack for example therefore i put a list together. As a download file on my website – just click the link in the description box below and it will. Take you directly to my site where you can copy/paste dimension abbreviations with or without my explanation thats it for. Today feel free to share any interesting or funny abbreviations in the comment section below and thank you very much.

For your time heres your checklist for todays subscribe to my channel check activated notification bill check follow my instagram. Account check and go to my website and buy tea fly with captain gerald move before flight tag and dont. Forget a good pilot is always learning wishing you all the best see you next weeks your captain joe you. Really have to get these they are really really cool you know theyre red so meaning whenever you put them. In your bag you lose funny keys and theyre really cool gift so if you got a mate of yours.


Method 2 – Grade 3 Grammar: Abbreviations

Hello boys and girls today we will continue to talk about abbreviations by the end of this tutorial you will. Be able to recognize the meaning of common abbreviations what is an abbreviation an abbreviation is a short way to. Write a word use a period after most abbreviations not all of them but most of them begin abbreviations for. Proper nouns with capital letters what are some things we abbreviate days of the week titles of people months locations.

And measurement lets take a look at the days of the week chart as you can see monday is abbreviated. M-o-n period tuesday t-u-e-s period wednesday w-e-d period thursday t-h-u-r period friday f-r-i period saturday s-a-t period and sunday s-u-n. Period lets take a look at abbreviation of titles boys and girls if you look at the chart mr becomes. Mr period doctor dr period mrs period for mrs senior becomes sr period and captain becomes c-a-p-t period remember begin. Abbreviation of titles with a capital letter boys and girls here are the abbreviations for the months of the year.

If you take a look at may june and july these months are not abbreviated there are not any abbreviations. For these three months we can also abbreviate locations boys and girls if you look at the chart road becomes. Rd period street is st period avenue is ave period boulevard sp lvd period and l in period for lane. Okay boys and girls the last thing we will discuss is abbreviations of measurement a unit of measure does not. Need to contain a capital letter unless the abbreviation contains a capital letter some measurements do not require a period.

At the end lets look at the examples lbs is the abbreviation for pounds ft is the abbreviation for feet. I n is the abbreviation for inches w k is the abbreviation for weak and hr is the abbreviation for. Hour none of these abbreviations contain a capital letter okay boys and girls its time for a quick review were. Going to look at each sentence and determine the abbreviation for the underlying word lets look at number one monday. Is a holiday what is the abbreviation for monday yes boys and girls the answer is a number two martin.

Luther king jrs birthday is in january what is the abbreviation for junior you guessed it boys and girls the. Correct answer is c number three baseball practice is saturday morning what is the abbreviation for saturday boys and girls. Good job boys and girls the answer is c last one toms birthday is in april what is the abbreviation. For april way to go boys and girls the correct answer is b i hope you enjoyed this tutorial boys. And girls thank you for watching you.

Method 3 – How To Make Table Of Acronyms

Hello youtubers theres a three and sixty fun in todays to talking about making table of acronyms or abbreviations in. Microsoft office word microsoft office word doesnt provide us with the facility to make table of acronyms in belt so. Were gonna use a trait to make that happen specially you have the word eg which is the shortened form. So you will first select this then well be heading to where its from references and site references theres an.

Option where you can see they have written marked citation were gonna click that and inside the selected text gonna. Add a colon symbol and write the full form of your approbation and then ive done ill be clicking on. Mark and were gonna close this you need to follow the similar procedure for other words are the abbreviations and. Acronyms and now im gonna remove this paragraph style show/hide and now were gonna go back to references and click. On insert table of authorities and after that you can select the time format tab leader and other things and.

Of that are the clicking on okay and so you have got your table or abbreviation this cases thing can. Be changed to abbreviations or acronyms and can be edited as per your convenience okay thanks for watching for more. Videos visit or fun and if you enjoy the video please dont forget to like it and please. Do not forget to subscribe thanks for watching thank you.

Method 4 – How To Speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything

One to get it my name is josh this is my main race you know no were from australia we. Love a good chat but not for too long so what our sauce is it gonna done is abbreviated everything. Australia is jaya football for the tennis ball tennis is skip biggie chocolate chocolate chocolate biscuit jockey vicky mcdonalds snack. Is laptop flappy a cdc a quebec a devastated definitely deafening t no nose no what time is it manos.

Get a vicky afternoon this afternoon savo dinner dyndns breakfast brekkie service stations petrol petty bottle shop bottle air tomorrow. Tomorrow bowling club ola garbage man carla postman post the rsl re-pour whistle smoke break smoker registration registered a gram. Pregnant preggers along gone swimming costume closet mosquito mozzie tracksuit pants track again monday monday tuesday tuesday wednesday wednesday thursday. Thursday friday friday saturday and set these sundy sundy birthday the musician abuser you term you eat your from out. West westy facebook vegetarian benjamin cab driver cabby lipstick libby to fung glasses sonys present prezi christmas christie christmas presents.

Chrissy frenzy st. Vincent depaul vinnys the salvation armys salva cup of tea couple is that british were british avocado. Ever have an advocate and then a spaghetti bolognaise bagbone bog do you call this fabulous bag bowl oh i. Think theres two variations expect bogeys poop underpants and a beverage ready chewing gum truly a toasted sandwich toasty methylated. Spirits metha turpentine tips hello fellow poverty-stricken person father husband abbot give me give me trying to try an effective.

Deck is cigarette city king can of beer tinny schnitzels mini ambulance and the fireman fighter copper bricklayer ricky tradesman. Trainee umbrella broly sick day of work sookie kangaroos roof from her shepherds relatives fellas expensive backseat brisbane brizzy derelict. Dara kevin a small capsule kindergarten kindiy i did bright like a little after smoker a might go down to. The bowl of cyber afresh needy in bed with tommy and i head back to the missus for din dins. With the fam or what some sophies on the telly if i ever get pulled over by the coppers because.

I dont have your nj were so bogan hopefully youve learned how to speak ozzy australian so you can have. Shorter combos conversations thats how but it doesnt actually act out to get his page here see you next time. See you later fella pardon me boy is that the chattanooga choo-choo.

Method 5 – Good Morning, Vietnam – Abbreviation Scene (English)

Former vp richard nixon will arrive here this week drivers ive assigned you to cover the pc he likes to. Say pc instead of press conference and if you do and if you do happen to speak with him please. Be polite and to the point at all times informative sir affirmative sir good okay the former vp will be. Here on friday i expect every minute of the vps pc to be taped and broadcast within 12 hours of.

His arrival something funny garlic now perhaps youd like to share it with the rest of us no sir the. Vice president is a delight sir excuse me sir seeing as how the vp is such a vip shouldnt we. Keep the pc on the qt because if it leaks to the vc you can end up in mia and. Then wed all be put on kp i would like to leave the room now oh bye yes sir and. If you do.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Captain

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