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Method 1 – Tutorial – Excel – Phone Area Code To State (Vlookup)

Hey guys so today im gonna be showing you how to take a bunch of phone numbers and use an. Excel formula to convert those to states basically where the phone number originated which state the kolar called from now. I had the pleasure of doing this today a few times so ive been doing it for quite some time. In my job where we need to figure out which state a certain call or called from so im gonna.

Show you how to do it its very easy let me pop open excel real quick and lets get im. Gonna be using 2016 yeah 2016 and lets open it up and im gonna use the sample set that i. Found online so what on the internet and i found a bunch of phone numbers regular phone number is nothing. Crazy just a list of numbers so obviously i dont have a list set out for this example but i. Found a list of numbers now the list numbers here are obviously some random numbers and im trying to figure.

Out which state are these callers from so for example this number this four one five number i dont know. What area code that is or this for two for number now on a regular basis i would just google. Okay whats a three to three number whats a seven to seven number but what happens when you have a. Hundred numbers are a thousand numbers right in this case i have fifty four numbers so the first thing you. Want to do is you want to get all your numbers in excel primarily preferably and column a and thatd.

Be good the second thing you want to do is you want to get a list of states were going. To create a table to match literally gonna use vertical lookup you look up this function for this so were. Gonna need a list of states to match it to and i went online again of course and i found. The table of every code listings by number and this table contains area codes for each state has way more. Information than i actually need but i need this table because i need to match each number to this particular.

Area code to see which state a caller called trump so im gonna go and im gonna copy this entire. List now im gonna be putting this link in the description of the video and also put the formula im. Using in the description of the video im gonna copy this entire list and im gonna go into excel and. Im going to just paste it right here now im gonna remove wrapping from it so itll be nice and. Consistent and im going to delete the crap i dont need and now i have a list of area codes.

And the state that area code matches to so now the very last thing that i need is my formula. All right i need my formula to basically tell let me delete this shift cells up i need to tell. Which one of these area codes is a match for these phone numbers so very easy im gonna go here. And im going to define a name for this table im gonna highlight both cells im gonna highlight im gonna. Highlight the table im gonna right-click it and im going to choose define a name im gonna give this table.

A name and im gonna call it state codes im gonna click on okay so now this table has a. Name state codes now for formula so ive written it out in excel cuz i was using it previously and. Its gonna be a really easy formula were going to do is were going to say equals vlookup we want. The value of the left three numbers of column a 1 which is the phone number the left three numbers. The first three characters which happened to be the area code and what we want to do is we want.

To match it to state codes and we want to match it to column two and its gonna have to. Be an exact match thats why its set to full so let me copy this let me paste this in. Here hit enter and let me push this formula down so what i did just now and let me just. Double click on this to show you exactly what i did is i put this formula in here because i. Want to look up the value of the first three characters of the item and column a 1 so on.

Cell a1 i have the 7 203 180 ah de yada number and im basically matching this 7 202 state. Codes and i want to return back everything and column 2 of the table that is matching in column 1. And it has to be an exact match so the range lookup is going to be exact right the state. Codes table is defined here and we were turning back an exact match for an area code and what youre. Seeing right now is that all these numbers of the end actually let me go here let me sort this.

By column b and if you take a look i think the majority of these numbers actually california and we. Have colorado wanna we could actually test this seven – oh is that a colorado number or we can go. Down our list and look for seven – oh and it is a colorado number look at that its got. A perfect match so i was able to determine quickly the area – the state of the area code where. It connects i know six four six is new york because six four six are usually cell phone numbers here.

In new york im from new york so we have texas florida colorado and the majority is california and this. Will work with a million numbers so this is very useful to me when i try to basically create charts. And things of that nature to try and and map you know different day reports that show how many cold. Was called from a specific state or i want to remarket leads from a specific state and i just want. To make sure so i dont know how many people this is actually useful for but its very useful for.

Me its something that i use on a regular basis you know we actually had an additional column in here. Which was the time zone so we could actually put in the time zone for it as well we could. Put the time zone another column if i hadnt deleted it but in this video i didnt want to do. Time zones i wanted to do area codes but of course you could put time zones in here and things. Of that nature you can do additional matching also for phone numbers but the primary goal was and not research.

This for a while to figure out how to do it is to use excel to put a bunch of. Phone numbers in and obtain the area codes that correlate would get the states that correlate with that area code. And i was able to do that from a table and i did this whole thing and i think in. Under a minute and this is something that i do quite often its very useful to people who are in. Call centers or work with data especially a lot of phone number data and things of that nature so thats.

What i wanted to show in this video this video is just and its a good example of vlookup because. What you could see here is how i use for a nickel first you saw me define a name for. A table right so i created the table i define the name for it as something that i showed in. My previous video on how to do a vlookup is to define a name to a table and then how. To match a set of numbers to a column in that table and return back a value right so i.

Wanted to return back a value and i was able to return the state value an exact match and thats. It so that that was this video i just wanted to make a quick video to show how to do. This i hope somebody finds it useful im not expecting this video to get a billion views but you know. Its a good good thing to know so im gonna put this formula and ill even put the link to. The website where i got these listings is every code listings and you could check this out for yourself also.

Its pretty awesome okay thank you for watching ill catch you guys later subscribe bye.

Method 2 – Saving Boone County: Fighting For Lives In A Place Ravaged By Opioids | Nbc Nightly News

Its not a place you moved to you its a place youre born in my name is judge will thompson. Im a circuit court judge for boone lincoln counties in west virginia the biggest single problem we have right now. Is dealing with whats commonly referred to as the opioid crisis ive been all over this country reporting on the. Opioid crisis and honestly this is the worst situation ive ever seen its a beautiful place boone county tucked into.

The appalachian valleys of south central west virginia the people i met talk about pride and being from here theyre. Church-going theyre hard-working theyve sent generation after generation deep into the coal mines and to cut timber but as a. Lot of those jobs disappeared folks moved away a lot of people struggle to find work and painkillers heroin meth. Took hold this is not losing a generation this is losing multi generations ive had where ive had to place. Children with great grandparents because both the parents and grandparents suffered from addiction its taken our soul weve got the.

Opiate pain reliever pills weve got methamphetamine weve got heroin anything really malory sutphin tried all sorts of pain pills. Chasing a high i was a weekend warrior as a lot of people say its something that i couldnt control. I didnt know how to control i just knew that my body needed that pill and that feeling that it. Gave me to even go through the day i used to be that person but people would see me come. Initial psycho well theyre suppose carey dolan told us she started out on pain pills switched to meth and then.

Heroin you know i was that nadel junkie or i was bad thief or look at her strung out rachel. Waters she tried coke meth and acid opiates is what ruined my life by the time i was 19 20. I was an addict already this seems like were almost ground zero for the opioid crisis were driving around with. Chad barker hes chief deputy sheriff in boone county we have a large or a big problem with property thefts. Stealing equipment you know chainsaws weed eaters lawn equipment breaking into homes you know all that to supply their drug.

Addiction they pay for it by stealing they pay for that by selling themselves they pay for that by dealing. Themselves there is some child sex trafficking were having parents use their daughters where theyll use them to trade their. For pills for heroin or whatever it might be how much of the population do you think is actively using. Drugs mmm i would estimate more than 10 percent less than 20 percent a lot of the users are parents. So even though their kids are not using theyre being affected by everybody here knows about judge thompsons drug court.

Its where you go if youre ready to get clean and you dont want to go to jail i always. Worry about losing my community but i cant tell you how we are trying to fix it and were trying. To fix it one person at a time trying to get folks like john russell back on track john is. Cleaning up the town riverbank part of the community service judge thompson requires as part of his drug court we. Stay here due to too bright of a kid to be doing stuff like this he said i can see.

Good things in your future and thats always stuck with me itd be easy to give up on these people. The easiest thing i could do when someone comes before me with the criminal charge and theyre found guilty of. It is to put them in jail or prison heres how his drug court works you got to show up. For weekly court appearances get counseling submit to random drug tests and do community service judge thompson and his team. Tracked everybodys progress when we were first there john was like an a student i will give you a gold.

Star this week youre doing right theres not too many judges to give you chance that the chance thats a. Chance they just washed her hands of you and send you to prison he dont he cares he saved my. Life and its got my family back my interactions with people in the drug court its almost a parent-child relationship. You think of it on this most basic scale is they want to please the court or they want to. Please their dad but some days the judges goal of rebuilding his community one person at a time isnt easy.

For me a drug screen that someone did not admit to your cardinal rule here honesty you gotta be honest. If you cannot recover if youre not honest with yourself first and honest with you the gentle honest with me. The first time you were in front of judge thompson you lied yeah did you see right through it i. Believe so i was an evil person i was not trustworthy i would walk in to like a family event. And i would already be eyeballing what i could take yeah if theres anything out in the open that i.

Could get away with things of that nature my mom stayed on where i was getting my next fix i. Didnt care who was in my way to get it whether it was my boyfriend whether it was you know. My sons birthday money and it never made a difference to me in 2015 i miraculously landed a job with. The united states postal service i went through training and i got hired on at the post office down the. Road here my habit became so out of control at that time that i ended up embezzling about $8,000 from.

Them i ended up losing my job and got criminal charges of embezzlement heres the other thing about mallory shes. A mom like me back when she was using she lost custody of her little boy jackson is it hard. To see his room every day i dont come in here unless i have to were not going to get. To the bottom of this and lets move through grassroots community boone county opioid network where community leaders like dreama. Mace are trying to find solutions to the opioid crisis here judge thompson was there so was rachel waters they.

Know each other i think my parents was there and i remember he made me turn around and look at. My parents and i dont remember what you had me say to them and i think a lot of parents. Want to think that their son or daughter sitting up there well they just took a few too many pills. You know they doubled their prescription up thats not what they did they took those pills melted them down and. Injected it into a needle and then injected it into their body and i want them to hear the actual.

Grim total reality of what their son or daughter did because we have a lot of parents who love their. Children that are also enablers we want to dont want to recognize what type of problem that their kid has. Got where there were times like after i sold my car that i begged mom to take me to get. Get drugs and this is how bad just seeing that it was like i was so sick like we would. Go get drugs or whatever and the one that went one day i remember like i just got everything out.

And shot up with her dropping me in the car like right there that was like a really bad i. Just i mean i couldnt believe i done that but i was just sick and i was like im not. Waiting until we get home yes that was awful i couldnt believe that she was doing what she was doing. And i couldnt believe that was with her its so easy to say i wouldnt do that or i would. Do this or i wouldnt do that you really dont know what you will do to you kissing with gritty.

Determination rachel got healthy she has a job she loves now she gets along with her mom and family again. Tonight shes watching her nephew head off to the prom the social event of the year at scott high school. Theres not a lot for kids to do in boone county the movie theater the pool theyre gone but baseball. Still draws a crowd thats judge thompson coaching his son will one of his four children but its both for. Him to leave behind what he sees in the courtroom every day the hardest thing i have to take home.

With me is children and the fact theyre not being taken care of and the fact theyre not getting a. Chance in life kids like kirsten and tyler bowman i met with them on a hot day at the high. School fields these kids have been through a lot their dad is in prison for dealing drugs their mom and. Half sister died four years ago in a fiery car wreck after mom had an all-day drug binge even though. I know my dad and most of my family was on that stuff i could still tell that you know.

They try and that they do actually caring love worse they just you know need help to get off of. It they love you a lot but theyre dependent on this substance right yeah why dont you keep going i. Dont know if it a little while i didnt want to you so you got any hot plans for the. Weekend no no scott briscoe is kirsten and tylers court-appointed attorney hes really struggling to keep up with the caseload. 21 years ago when i started practicing child abuse neglect and representing children we did roughly five of these cases.

A week flash forward to now and were doing over 40 a week a week and how much of it. Is related to drugs i would say 99.99% of it is related to drugs kirsten and tyler were shuffled around. For months between relatives and shelters tyler told me he spent most of his free time just walking around town. Until judge thompson figured out a way for them to live with their dads girlfriend the judge brings scott and. Kirsten to court every week just to check in tyler said one of the best things thats happened to him.

Was you i love him hes a good kid you worried about him yeah every day there are so many. Kids over the years i thought thats when i could take home thats one that maybe i could bring home. And rescue youre making a difference carrie dolan is trying to taking part in drug court working as a manager. At a local restaurant and paying it forward she hired john john is a great worker he just needed a. Chance a chance to get back out there and once hes been where john and i have been its hard.

To get a job its hard to find id even let you in the door but once you get that. Chance its all unique and in no time john had opened his first bank account and started to dream big. Well my dream is to be an architect the buildings or even bridges i want to be a part of. Something good like that place its a good night but just a few weeks after we met john things werent. Going so well he was back in court in an orange jumpsuit and shackles after violating his parole the judge.

Warned john he was running out of options but instead of sending him back to jail judge thompson found a. Place in west virginia where john can get some vocational training sometimes theres a third chance sometimes its an 18th. Chance at life but i dont like to give up on people i like to give people a chance to. Fix themselves drug court graduation today for tyrion mallory josh thompson and drug court psych my life without a doubt. Stake my life i was a heroin addict i had open-heart surgery and 36 years old i had lost my.

Fun i only got to sing with supervision now i think what i want to you hes a mine of. All the people i met in boone county mallorys story is the biggest turnaround days like this makes me think. That what were doing very very proud of mallory everybody give me a chance that he didnt have to give. Me what did that do for you they gave me my life back not only is mallory working again shes. Working for the same public defenders office that once defended her as a recovery coach she told me her biggest.

Goal now is getting joint custody of her son in ten years hes graduated 50 people in boone county you. Could be working in a big city as a lawyer why are you here i wanted to make my home. A better place and im doing everything in my power to save it theyre people theyre no different than any. Other person they just happen to suffer from addiction what i want you to do not only for you to. Stay clean but i want you to help other people get through thats very very important we can beat this.

As community our community can come back but in order for that to happen we have to all work together. Hey nbc news fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and. Click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for. Watching.

Method 3 – Family ‘Vehemently Opposed’ To Allowing Ahmaud Arbery’S Killers To Serve Time In Federal Prison

Is kelly tracy she is live in brunswick for us kellie what is the latest at this hour keith this. Morning the judge in the final pre-trial hearing before this trial was set to start monday of next week the. Judge tied up loose end going into that trial and this afternoon will address the plea deals for travis and. Gregory mcmichael ahmad arburys family was visibly upset in the courtroom this morning and their attorneys spoke with prosecutors just.

Briefly before that hearing this morning and they tell us that the prosecutors apologize for what they call a confusion. Now family attorneys say arborys parents were in talks with the department of justice yesterday but they tell me they. Ended talks without an agreement family attorney lee merritt says the deal would let the mcmichaels serve the first 30. Years of their sentences in federal custody instead of state prisons now in turn the men would admit their crime. Was motivated by racial hatred merit says prosecutors tried to convince arburys parents that the deal would make it more.

Difficult for them to appeal their state convictions both men were sentenced to life in prison without parole earlier this. Month following their conviction by a jury in november arburys parents call the police a quote unauthorized back room plea. Deal its disrespectful i mean ive likely earlier i fought so hard to get these guys in state prison and. Once i i gave them i told them very very adamantly that i wanted them to to go to state. Prison and do their time that joe johnson gave them back back in james on the 7th of january then.

They i got up this morning and found out that they had accepted this this ridiculous plea very disrespectful mad. As i dont know what mad as hell because theyre trying to do some undercover stuff on me in the. Mama we know nothing about telling a plea deal we did not agree with that arreys family also says that. These plea deals that they offer mcmichaels a sense of leniency that they say they do not deserve and merit. Says that both of mcmichaels quote jumped at the plea deals now both of vamana arborees parents plan to ask.

The judge to deny these deals this afternoon in court well bring that all to you tonight on first coast. News for now reporting live in brunswick cayley tracy first coast news on your side thanks for that kelly and. Right now daytona.

Method 4 – Yolo County Health Dept. Radio Training Video (Hpc)

This is radio training for the yolo county health department emergency preparedness division and the hospital preparedness coalition in this. Video youll learn how to use a vertex standard handheld radio these may be used in case of an emergency. Or on a day to day basis by your facility be sure to check with your supervisor on how your. Agency uses this piece of equipment there are three parts to this video part one is the description of parts.

And their function part two is the radio channels and their use and part three is the responsibility of the. Radio user this video is about 10 minutes long part 1 the radio parts and their function this is the. Standard vertex radio this is the on/off and volume control dial when you turn the dial it beeps telling you. Its on the radio does not make a sound when its turned off the knob is also used for volume. Control after turning the radio on be sure to listen first so you do not interfere with any ongoing radio.

Traffic this is the radio channel selector dial it is next to the power dial it has numbers around the. Dial to show what channel the radio is currently on turn the dial to the channel you would like to. Listen to the radio list is taped on the front of the radio be sure to read the list carefully. As different radios can be programmed differently especially if youre borrowing the radio from another agency the channel list shows. The designation for all 16 channels programmed on the radio this is the radios antenna this is the push-to-talk button.

This is the squelch button its directly below the push-to-talk button this is where the radio microphone is located on. The back of your radio is a belt clip the belt clip is for attaching the radio to your clothing. If needed this is your radios battery on the bottom of the radio there is a battery release button to. Remove the battery you shouldnt need to remove the battery unless theres something wrong with the battery this is your. Radios charger there are three small dots on the back your radio which connect the radios battery to the charger.

To charge the radio simply place the radio into the cradle until it fully connects the radio will slide down. Into the cradle charger a light on the charger will blink red then stay green once the battery is fully. Charged when the battery is low the radio will beep and a red light will also blink when you return. The radio to the charging cradle make sure the charging light comes on if the charging light does not come. On the radio is not being charged the light verifies that the radio is properly seated in the cradle and.

The battery is being charged make sure the battery is charged at all times if the battery is completely dead. Itll take about 24 hours for the battery to fully charge to use your radio turn on the radio using. The power dial and then verify the channel that youd like to use to transmit your message press and hold. In the push-to-talk button thats on the side of the radio pause for one breath before speaking into the microphone. Area this one breath will allow the radio to switch into a transmitting mode if you start talking at the.

Same time as you push the button its possible that the first part of your message will be missed the. Radio is transmitting when the red light on top of the radio is illuminated when speaking into the microphone shield. It away from the wind and speak across the microphone not directly into it wind blowing directly into the radio. Can create a static sound for the listener always use a normal speaking voice release the button when youre done. Speaking if you dont release the button you wont be able to hear the other persons reply do not depress.

The push-to-talk button when other people are talking because this will disrupt their conversation and cause dead air where nobody. Can communicate a two-way radio is not like a telephone you cannot hear anyone else if youre talking and no. One can speak when you are talking if everyone talks at one time transmissions will be garbled always try to. Listen more than you talk speak only when necessary and keep it short and to the point the most important. Thing about using a radio effectively is listening part to the radio is programmed with 12 simplex channels and 4.

Repeated channels this gives the radio 16 channels for total use simplex and repeated channels have very different uses simplex. Channels are channels listed 1 through 12 and our direct communications between the radios channels 1 & 2 are simplex. Channels assigned to your facility so you can talk to one another without disrupting an emergency channel every facility has. Two simplex channels programmed for their use the two simplex channels are shared and reused by several facilities this is. Possible due to a feature called ctc ess where every facility has a unique code that only lets you hear.

Your own units while ignoring other facility radio communications channels 3 through 12 or channels that can be used to. Talk to other facilities in the event of a mutual aid event if youre having difficulty communicating using .

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate County

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