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Method 1 – Us Time Zones Demonstration

Hi my name is joy today we are going to talk about the u.s. Time zones now we we all. Know that we in the u.s. Entire entire us we have four different time zones start off with from the.

Eastern side well start with est as in eastern standard time after that if you travel towards west we have. Next one is cst central standard time then we have m s t which is mountain standard time and then. We have the s t which is pacific standard time besides these four time zones we also have two other. Time zones they are alaskan standard time and hawaii standard time now if i start looking from the eastern side. Its a fourth one is est the difference between these time zones is one out for example when i talk.

About the defendant esa and zsd one hour cst mst one hour and so on and so forth that now. We would like to see whats the difference from between is tr indian standard time with the american standard times. Lets write down is d indian standard time the difference between is tn est is nine and a half hours. Is ahead of est by nine and a half hours weve already spoken about this that the difference between these. Tenders is what our so the difference in is t and est is nine and a half the difference between.

Iced tea and yes you would be turna then 11 half i was 12 and a half hours thirteen and. A half hours 14 and a half hours right now we all know that is southern is called daylight saving. Time okay so what we do is the second week of march the second sunday of march we get our. Clock ahead by one hour in the us so the different bin is drd tendos increases by one out okay. Now the difference becomes ten and a half hours eleven and a half hours twelve and a half hours thirteen.

And a half hours now here alaskan standard time this does not have daylight saving time so its the same. And white santa now till youre we would see that this is called daylight saving time and this is called. The standard time so during the standard period of time we have the deafening iht and the time zone would. Be nine and a half ten and a half eleven and a half and a half hours and during daylight. Saving time the difference will be ten and a half eleven and a half hundred thousand thirteen and a half.

And the daylight saving time changes came and the first week of november is the first sunday of november the. Americans remove the crop back by another one out all right thank you very much very nice talking to your. Great.

Method 2 – Understanding Time Zones

In the old days each town would keep their own times with a town clock being set to noon when. The sun reached its highest point in the sky however by the late 19th century rail had begun to move. People across great distances schedules became very confusing as each stop was based on a different towns time thus a. Need emerged to standardize time so rail could operate more efficiently in 1884 delegates from 26 countries met in washington.

Dc to agree on a prime meridian as a common 0.4 longitude the result was greenwich england being selected as. The international standard for zero degrees longitude and established the 24 time zones today most countries follow the hourly deviations. Though they do not always aligned with longitudes for reasons such as keeping the entire country in one timezone or. Altering times at certain times of the year for example daylight savings time time zones are based on the fact. That the earth moves 15 degrees longitude each hour since there are 24 hours in a day there are 24.

Standard time zones time zones are counted from the prime meridian which is zero degrees longitude each time zone is. Counted at 15 degree in the vols and extends 7 and a half degrees either side of 4 central meridian. For example sydney australia lies in the 150 degrees east central meridian and the time zone includes all locations between. 142 and 1/2 degrees east and 157 and 1/2 degrees east now i will show you how to calculate time. Zones first determine whether the time zone is in the eastern or western hemisphere if the time zone is east.

Of the prime meridian such as australia be at an earlier time than greenwich mean time or gmt if it. Is waster the prime meridian such as canada it will be a later time second count how many time zones. Away from greenwich the location is for example greenland is one time zone to the west of greenwich so i. Will subtract one hour from gmt the determine of a time there oslo in norway is one time zone to. The east the greenwich so i will add just one hour to the current greenwich mean time when counting the.

Number of time zones away our location is count the time zone your location is in but do not count. The time zone vet green were chosen for example i will camp for buhner sorries argentina one two three four. So if the time is 4:30 for gmt i will subtract four hours to find out the time for bruno. Sarris the time will be zero 30 for the international dateline is an imaginary line lying 180 degrees in the. Line of longitude on the opposite side of the earth to the prime meridian this line separates one calendar day.

From another the international dateline deviates in places to avoid crossing any land in 1994 kiera bas shifted the dateline. 2,000 miles east to keep the entire country in the eastern hemisphere in 2011 samar and tokyo skipped the day. And moved westward to be in the eastern hemisphere so they could have the same date as australia in new. Zealand their main trading partners you.

Method 3 – Daylight Saving Time Explained

Every year some countries move their clocks forward in the spring only to move them back in the autumn to. The vast majority of the world who doesnt participate in this odd clock fiddling it seems a baffling thing to. Do so whats the reason behind it the original idea proposed by george hudson was to give people more sunlight. In a summer of course its important to note that changing a clock doesnt actually make more sunlight thats not.

How physics works but by moving the clocks forward an hour compared to all other human activity the sun will. Seem to both rise and set later the time when the clocks are moved forward is called daylight saving time. And the rest of the year is called standard time this switch effectively gives people more time to enjoy the. Sunshine a nice summer weather after work knutson in particular wanted more sunlight so he could spend more time adding. To his insect collection when winter is coming the clocks moved back presumably because people dont want to go outside.

Anymore but winter doesnt have this effect on everyone if you live in a tropical place like hawaii you really. Dont have to worry about seasons because they pretty much dont happen every day all year is sunny and beautiful. So christmas is just as good of a day to hit the beach as any other and so hawaii is. One of two states in the union that ignored daylight saving time but the further you travel from the equator. In either direction the more the seasons assert themselves and you get colder and darker winters making summer time much.

More valuable to the locals so its no surprise that the further a country is from the equator the more. Likely it uses daylight saving time hudson proposed his idea in wellington in 1895 but it wasnt well-received and it. Took until 1916 for germany to be the first country to put it into practice though the oubre industrious germans. Were less concerned with catching butterflies and a fine summer evening than they were with saving coal to feed the. War machine the germans thought daylight saving time would conserve energy the reasoning goes that it encourages people to stay.

Out later in the summer and thus use less artificial lighting this sounds logical and it may have worked in. The more regimented society of a hundred years ago but does it still work in the modern world that turns. Out to be surprisingly difficult question to answer for example take mankinds greatest invention air conditioning the magic box of. Cool that makes otherwise uninhabitable sections of the world quite tolerable places to live but pumping heat out of your. House isnt cheap and turning on one air conditioner is the same as running dozens of tungsten light bulbs if.

People get more sunshine but they dont use it to go outside the daylight saving time might actually cost electricity. Save it this is particularly true in a place like phoenix where the average summer high is 107 degrees and. The record is 122 if you suggest to an arizona to change their clocks in the summer to get more. Sunshine they laugh in your face sun and higher electricity bills are not what they want which is why arizona. Is the second state that never changes their clocks another problem with trying to study daylight saving time is rapid.

Changes in technology and electrical use as technology gets better and better and better more electricity is dedicated to things. That arent lightbulbs and the lure of a hot sweaty mosquito field day outside is less appealing than technological entertainment. And climate controlled comfort inside also the horrific energy inefficient tungsten light bulbs that have remained unchanged for a century. Are giving way to cfls and leds greatly reducing the amount of energy required to light a room so even. Assuming that daylight saving time is effective its probably less effective with every passing year the bottom line is while.

Some studies say daylight saving time cost more electricity and others say it saves electricity the one thing they agree. On is the effect size not twenty percent or ten percent but one percent or less which in the united. States works out to be about four dollars per household four dollars saved or spent on electricity over an entire. Year is not really a huge deal either way so the question now becomes is the hassle of switching clocks. Twice a year worth it the most obvious trouble comes from sleep deprivation and already two common affliction in the.

Western world that daylight saving time makes measurably worse with time tracking software we can actually see that people are. Less productive the week after the clock changes this comes with huge associated costs to make things worse most countries. Take away that hour of sleep on a monday morning sleep deprivation can lead to heart attacks and suicides and. The daylight saving time monday has a higher than normal spike in both other troubles come from scheduling meetings across. Time zones lets say youre trying to plan a three-way conference between new york london and sydney not an easy.

Thing to do under the best of circumstances but made extra difficult when they dont agree on when daylight saving. Time should start an end in the spring sydney is 11 hours ahead of london in new york is 5. Hours behind but then new york is the first to enter daylight saving time and moves its clock forward an. Hour two weeks later london does the same in one more week sydney being on the opposite side of the. World leaves daylight saving time and moves its clock back an hour so in the space of three weeks in.

New york is five hours behind london than four hours than five again and sydney is either 11:10 or nine. Hours from london and sixteen fifteen or fourteen hours from new york and this whole crazy thing happens again in. Reverse six months later back in the dark ages this might not have mattered so much but in the modern. Interconnected world planning international meetings happens thousands and thousands of times daily shifting and inconsistent time zones isnt doing that. Is ins any favors and countries arent even consistent about daylight saving time within their own borders brazil has daylight.

Saving time but only if you live in the south canada has it too but not saskatchewan most of oz. Does daylight saving time but not western australia the northern territory or queensland and of course the united states does. Have daylight saving time unless you live in puerto rico the virgin islands american samoa guam the northern mariana islands. Or as mentioned before hawaii in arizona but arizona isnt even consistent within itself while arizona ignores daylight saving time. The navajo nation inside of arizona follows it inside of the navajo nation is the hopi reservation which like arizona.

Ignores daylight saving time going deeper inside of the hopi reservation is another part of the navajo nation which does. Follow daylight saving time and finally theres also a part of the hopi reservation elsewhere in the navajo nation which. Doesnt so driving across this hundred mile stretch would technically necessitate seven clock changes which is insane while this is. An unusual local oddity heres a map showing the different daylight saving and timezone rules and all their complicated glory. Its a huge mess and constantly needs updating as countries change their laws which is why it shouldnt be surprising.

That even our digital gadgets cant keep the time straight occasionally so to review daylight saving time gives more sunlight. In the summer after work which depending on where you live might be an advantage or not and it may. Or may not save electricity but one thing is sure its guaranteed to make something that should be simple keeping. Track of time quite complicated which is why when it comes time to change the clocks theres always a debate. About whether or not we should you.

Method 4 – Where Is Est Time Zone?

Where is s time zone dst as observed in parts of this time zone the eastern time zone et is. A time zone encompassing part or all of 22 states in the eastern part of the contiguous united states parts. Of eastern canada the state of quintana roo in mexico panama in central america in the caribbean islands.

Method 5 – Time Zones

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Eastern Standard Time

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