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Method 1 – 20 Common Abbreviations & Acronyms | Learn With Examples | English Vocabulary

Abbreviations and acronyms are both shortened forms of a word or phrase we commonly use these in spoken and written. English the difference is that an abbreviation is just a shortened version of the word or phrase whereas an acronym. Contains the initial letters from a phrase that forms another word so now i will go through 20 common abbreviations. And acronyms approx means approximately for example the journey will be approximately three hours so not exactly three hours but.

Around about three hours asap this stands for as soon as possible for example please ring me asap aka stands. For also known as this refers to another name for something for example i can say this is sheila aka. My best friend so shes also known as my best friend btw this stands for by the way by the. Way means incidentally or additionally so we use it when we talk about something else thats not related to the. Current subject for example im going to the park tomorrow by the way did you do your homework bbq this.

Is short for barbecue barbecue is a specific way in which meat is cooked for example i will have a. Bbq tomorrow diy do it yourself this refers to building or repairing something yourself for example he is very good. At diy dob date of birth this is the date you were born on est this is short for establish. It refers to the date in which a business or organization started youll usually see this next to the name. Of the business or organization for example mcdonalds esd 1955 etc is short for etc etc means and so on.

This is used when listing things but the list may be too long therefore we just add etc for example. I love to play musical instruments such as the piano the guitar the recorder the flute etc e dot g. Dot for example this is used when giving specific examples about a topic so if im talking about verbs then. I can say that there are many verbs in the english language e dot g dot run jump swim etc. Fyi for your information we use this when we want to inform someone about something faq frequently asked questions this.

Is usually seen on websites where they give you the answers to frequently asked questions i.e i.e is used when. We want to say something in other words and when you want to make your point clearer for example he. Proposed to me on my birthday i.e 15th of march idk i dont know this is commonly used in text. Messaging and it means when youre not sure about something i dont know l o l laugh out loud this. Is also commonly used in text messaging and we use it when we find something funny omg omg stands for.

Oh my god this is used to express excitement surprise or disbelief ps ps stands for postscript this is usually. An additional thought added to the end of a letter for example ps dont forget to feed the cat rip. Rest in peace this term is used when someone passes away rsvp rsvp is derived from a french phrase and. It means please reply for example if you have invited your friends to an event then you can say please. Rsvp to this invite by sunday therefore you want them to reply by sunday vip vip stands for very important.

Person for example they sat in the vip area you.

Method 2 – Creating An Abbreviations List For Biblical Studies Publications

So im making this video for fellow biblical scholars who have written books or edited books like i have as. Well as even dissertation writers which i recently finished and its about taking a book and going through all those. Footnotes and having to create our abbreviations list which we put right at the front of our work so i. Want to show you an easy way to do that by giving you this screencast so if you look at.

My screen here what you see on the right hand side is my dissertation i just use that as an. Example it can be anything obviously it will usually be the proofs of your book from a publisher and on. The left hand side i have the spl journal and series abbreviations and you see this is 40 pages worth. From the spl second edition handbook of style so you may be saying at first you know where do i. Get a copy of this and so if you go to my website under the so that you can.

Quickly create your abbreviations list so what you do is basically you just start scanning your proofs and going against. The abbreviations list that you have so you see here right in my second footnote i have jbl right here. So you see that so then what i do is scroll down and i find jbl so here is jamie. L so in word in microsoft word what you can do is you can actually go just to the left. Hand side see how my arrow changes and double click or sorry single click and that will highlight the whole.

Line and then from there use your shortcut key for mac its command b for pcs i believe its control. B and just bold it then go on to the next one you see in foot 3a brl so now. I go back to arl if you dont want to scroll through the way im doing now you can instead. Open the find over here and type in a b rl and itll obviously highlight it again click beside it. And then bold it with my keystroke then i go on go to my next page here i see see.

Icc theres icc i click beside it i bold it so you get the point you keep on doing that. And you bold them notice obviously the italics because my abbreviations list is exactly how it is found in the. Spl handbook of style certain ones are italicized other ones or not so at this point imagine that youve gone. Through your entire proofs and youve found all of your abbreviations youve bolded them all and so the next step. Is to then go through the document and just delete what has not been bolded i go right from the.

Bottom and you just pull up and so imagine this one here was bolded and so i would just pull. Up to there hit delete then go on to the next one pull up until i get to my next. Item so obviously it was kind of way up here you get the point imagine it was up to here. And i hit delete and so lets imagine that one is the next one you get the point and then. At the end what you have left is your list of bolded abbreviations that you found within your list im.

Just going to for a quick example delete this whole thing here imagine this is a list of all of. Them and then of course the last thing you do is just highlight everything that you have left again and. Just hit the bold again and unbold it so this is just again a quick way to create quickly your. Abbreviations list using the proper sbl serial abbreviations and again you can find that my website in the i think. Its in the book section its the spl digital supplement.

Method 3 – Things Are Not Getting Better – It’s A Global Problem

Hey its dan welcome back this is i allegedly and ive got a really good one for you today because. I am at swamis beach great surfing really famous beach down here in encinitas california absolutely beautiful traversing the massive. Staircase around here just absolutely absolutely beautiful just a great day uh love san diego had so much got so. Much done down here by myself and had all my sponsor meetings had meetings with clients a little bit of.

Everything done so so much to share with the national news as we enter february please guys before i get. Into it please take a second please hit the like button please hit the subscribe button uh share this with. Everybody okay and uh gosh man look at this place look at this staircase first of all this is just. Absolutely amazing its just so beautiful look at that beach out there okay tides coming in absolutely fantastic so again. If you want more access to me i have a patreon channel you can sign up for the patreon channel.

And we have a bunch of cool announcements coming out i got a bunch of cool exciting stuff happening in. February i cannot wait to share all this stuff with you guys its going to be absolutely amazing but uh. Lets get into it you know as we get into february theres so many things that are happening with the. Economy and one thing that i want to talk to you guys about is you know i mentioned greg mannarino. A lot in the past because of his stock picks and and the way this guy deals with it and.

Hes got a mentality and id love to interview greg someday for this one thing and that is greg is. A you know is a financial analyst stock guru but hes a guy thats a firm believer of working with. The economy that youre given working with the trading situation youre given now ive talked to a ton of financial. Advisors that have told me you know dollar cost averaging buy this way buy that way and youll make money. Over time this stocks going to do well that stocks going to do well okay greg is one of these.

People that does not believe in that okay he believes in working with the economy that you have and that. The chaos that we are all living worldwide right now this guy is like were going to trade the market. That weve got and were going to make money on it and he does all the time which is absolutely. Amazing because when you think about the market going down you think about it going up okay february is going. To be better than january january was a sell-off or no it wasnt a sell-off it was just a minor.

Correction whatever guys like that make money but this is how you should run your own life and understand this. The chaos that we are living in worldwide okay right now its affecting everybody there is not a country right. Now that is that is killing it right now and doing well and if you accept that if you understand. That theres going to be difficult times right now and that in this time you can still make money and. Again its not all about making money its about having a quality of life i just read a book from.

A man that lives down here in la jolla and is super wealthy and hes the one of the greatest. Guys ive ever met i got to spend three hours with this guy and his whole thing is about the. Quality of life and teaches his kids about finances and how we need to look at things differently uh in. In a more positive attitude with everything and being grateful towards everything and heres a guy who lost everything at. One point in his life and got it back a hundred fold okay financially but his mindset is so much.

Clearer and again if you if we all sit back and we look at how things are in the economy. Right now and just say this is how its going to be we are going to live in chaos well. Im going to make money in chaos guys im going to do all my stuff my social media company everythings. Coming out okay all the tv stuff everything that we want to do is gonna happen okay regardless of the. Chaos okay and with that being said its a quality of life to do what you want to do i.

Have people write me all the time and you know i got to spend a lot of time on emails. Uh this weekend because i was by myself and people are not happy people are miserable with where theyre at. And again you know its easy to say hey its your life fix it no but look at what you. Can do to change things around you uh my favorite thing right now is i get people that tell me. That their job is secure and that everything is great and the company will never get rid of them we.

Just saw that article about how companies are going to get rid of middle management people and what would you. Do if your job didnt exist what would you do if uh if you didnt have that i mean people. Need to sit down and play that game and just prepare themselves just like they need to prepare themselves with. Food with protection with money in the house with gold silver everything now again im a huge proponent of all. This stuff but im a proponent and pro getting yourself ready for everything and i was talking to my brother.

This morning and we were talking about not having bills isnt it great not to have bills and its its. The freedom of that is insane it absolutely is and again oh its so easy for you to say this. No it was a disciplined plan to get rid of my bills and get rid of things like car payments. And things like that and im telling you i sleep better i feel better having that now this place is. Very cool i have never been here before okay but check this out weve got the tide pools everybody walk.

In absolutely amazing okay just a beautiful spot you know little clouds just nice okay so lets get into some. Of the news again i love hearing from you guys and uh you know somebody write me and say enough. Of the car talk enough of you selling the cars well the people that have sold their cars and got. Rid of it now im not let me clarify one thing real quick if you have one vehicle or your. Wife has a car and you have a car you dont want to get rid of your car im talking.

About extra vehicles im talking about hey we bought that jeep to take out in the weekends and weve got. That lease payment get rid of that car get rid of the extra stuff right now because im telling you. Were gonna look back at this time two years from now and youre never gonna have what we have right. Now which is people getting rid of uh cars and things like that and think about it paul from yesterday. That guy you know six payments left in the car the dealership paid off those six payments paid off the.

Car and wrote him a check pauls the happiest guy in the world ive heard from him a few times. Okay lets get into it this place is incredibly peaceful absolutely amazing youve got the wildlife youve got the tide. Out you got people walking in the tide pools just really fun guys just a great beautiful spot free parking. Up on top of the hill just absolutely peaceful fun now up first weve got uh stories on real estate. I get a kick out of things like this how can you combat uh high interest rates when youre buying.

A home so everybody oh lets click on that honey what can we do well heres what you can do. This is their suggestion uh you could put a bigger down payment down ill say your payment goes down thats. The first thing you could buy down your interest rate again which again takes money to do that um you. Could negotiate better okay well not everybody can negotiate like that and uh youre gonna learn that with these real. Estate agents that dont have the uh experience that the people had that survived 2008 and look at other markets.

Okay and again nothing solid nothing real not real advice um this is kind of cool guys this is one. Big rock im walking on right now its absolutely amazing so theres that the next thing is uh the uk. It was just announced the uks retail numbers came out for uh january uk retails uh were off a ton. Now heres the thing they were better the 2021 january of 2022 was better than january of 2021 and they. Attribute that clearly to the health prices and lockdowns and things like that okay but when they start interviewing these.

Shop owners they all said that hey this time of the year should pick up we should sell x and. Only 28 of those people said that they were doing okay so the numbers below its a great story from. Reuters but you know only uh 10 percent said that they were doing better than they had had anticipated so. Again the worldwide retail numbers are off and again were going to see such a change right now between now. And pick a date springtime easter whatever you want memorial day youre going to see more and more uh commercial.

Businesses go under right now coming down here to san diego and going to nicer areas like when i was. At la jolla yesterday uh one thing that was interesting was in these really affluent areas i was shocked to. See how many businesses had gone out of business since the last time i was there which was october so. Since october to now dozens of places that were done down for the count and again a city that doesnt. Have a lot of the restrictions that you have with other places but still people are not spending the money.

That youre seeing uh people spend in other areas so again i dont think people have the money right now. To spend on different things spend on food spend on going out i just dont think that they do and. I think that the wise people are the people that are saving right now and uh planning for the future. Because things are going to be bleak to say the least and thats just again my opinion on this and. The 40 different news sources that i get to read every day but this is really beautiful down here guys.

You get a lot of uh and all that just really peaceful okay really really nice this was highly recommended. To me by a couple of the subscribers and its just absolutely really really a cool spot and youve got. Uh like this rock over here with all the mussels growing on them and different things like that people checking. That out so well go and show that with you guys as well look at this rock with all the. Muscles growing on them think about this the uh tide clearly covers this but this is just really really cool.

Look at how big it is really cool to see all this stuff i found a great article that said. Is the fed going to destroy the real estate and mortgage market hmm okay and again thats the thinking of. This in that if they raise interest rates its going to destroy housing okay well again guys think about this. Right now if the economy is doing so well right now if its doing so good why not raise interest. Rates okay because its not doing well you see it okay when you go out to the stores you see.

It when you go to dinner and you buy anything at a restaurant right now and how high priced it. Is and again its its ridiculous that theyre going to blame the real estate market that is at an all-time. High its rocket ship levels to the universe and uh theyre going to blame it on the mortgage on the. Uh on the fed right now which is crazy so another article at a market watch was talking about what. To do in the next six weeks as we weight the feds decision you are kidding yourself guys just like.

I said earlier work with what you have the mannarino principle of working through uh working with the market that. You have thats what you do work with the life that you have right now the fact that there is. Utter chaos in our economy worldwide okay the fact that you can sell used vehicles at 40 above market is. Insane right now and again it will not always be like this and take advantage of that okay i get. A kick out of people that write me smugly and say i just bought a seventy thousand dollar track dan.

I think that thats how it comes across in the emails but again i dont understand that thinking right now. Do what you got to do for your business do what you got to do to get yourself ahead but. To sit there and to wait the wait and see for the next six weeks what the feds going to. Do there is a high likelihood that the fed will do nothing because the economy is in such a shambles. Right now and again if its so good raise the rates tomorrow you dont have to fed meeting to raise.

Rates guys for any of us that that are over 30 you can remember them hey they raised the fed. Rate raised at half a point quarter point today and again talking about raising the rate six seven times a. Quarter point a piece who cares thats it its gonna its gonna happen its gonna destroy your credit card uh. Bills though because itll be their excuse to raise the rates to the to uh saturn but uh again work. With the economy that you have make money right now when you can clean up your debt right now if.

You can do that and get yourself ready for whats coming which is uncertainty in this marketplace and if you. Do that youre going to be much happier youre going to sleep better at night too if you just dont. Wait for these people because we are country we have a rudderless ship right now and i do not believe. That the leadership cares about us now when you see people in congress uh in their stock trades and these. People are making tens of millions of dollars you know and its and and then nothing is being done about.

That its crazy guys absolutely crazy its like a you know they make fun of reddit and they make fun. Of uh uh the meme stocks theyre making memes out of these people guys so share your thoughts and all. This stuff guys heres something interesting there is a research report edelman research report that they do every year talking. About um consumer sentiment and how people feel about things worldwide kind of a cool article one thing that youll. Notice is that nobodys sitting there saying hey our prospects are great okay heres the thing um when you look.

At countries like uh japan japan only 50 of the people think that things are going to be okay united. Uh arab emirates its like 15 percent i mean it goes down from there uh again here in the states. And china because of the bickering back and forth between the two countries they think that uh things are going. To only sour and get worse and then you look at places like indonesia and all this other stuff but. Its fascinating to think about this and uh um you know how people feel if its good or if its.

Bad in their economy there are things that you can look up you can look up the misery index consumer. Sentiment for here in the states is at an all-time low okay people just dont feel good about things people. Dont like walking to the stores and and people were all the same way nobody wants to shop at five. Grocery stores to get what they want for a meal nobody wants to do that people want to go to. A store and they want to shop at one place men especially men hate shopping okay on average so when.

You go to a store the last thing we want to do is go to multiple places okay so but. Misery index is up uh that was created by it was mit massachusetts university uh 1968 i think you can. Get the exact date for you but theres that now something thats coming to the states that uh is big. In the uk is we used to have a lot of red light cameras here in california and they ended. Up getting thrown out because they were unconstitutional and people sued and you had good lawyers that got these things.

Out and basically if you ran a red light whoever was driving the car they would send the registered owner. A ticket in the mail and say you know you rent this red light and heres the you know the. Picture of the person driving through the car okay and pay your fine of 109 or else and uh you. Know it created a lot of chaos and uh you know a lot of people were victim of this it. Was good it was bad it got people to slow down through intersections you can argue both ways but one.

Thing that they have in the uk which is crazy is they have speed cameras that determine the speed of. The vehicle and they send tickets to people in the uk this is outrageous guys okay and they want to. Have this here in the states just to generate money now again guys okay how about this its 56 million. Dollars a year in the uk alone in speeding tickets now dan people need to slow down this is important. Okay i agree with safety i agree with all the shenanigans with that stuff but again your your liberties are.

Gone okay now this reminds me of a great story there was a rental car company in the south believe. It was louisiana they would have it so that they had a speed gauge on the car if you sped. On the car they would issue a personal speeding ticket from the uh rental car company and people would go. To you know theyd go from the airport to their hotel and theyd realize they got dinged 280 for that. And you get people that save for a vacation and couldnt afford that and they were basically getting to a.

Hotel and no no the car got plenty of money on it try it again and it wouldnt work and. These people were were upside down on this and ended up having to sue people for this so that got. Shut down eventually but again speeding cameras okay my friends in the uk im sure you guys will tell me. How great these are or tell me how horrible they are and i was being sarcastic when i said how. Great they were but again i think that this is crazy you know our liberties gotta have some guys gotta.

Have some liberties in life and uh you know share your thoughts and all this stuff guys this is absolutely. Beautiful by the way im just kind of kind of hung up on how great this place is one thing. That weve talked about in the past is a charity called joseph dreamhouse and the owner of the charity fran. Glover is just an amazing woman she is a classically trained chef she went to culinary school and she has. Served thousands of people uh with her charity and given them prepared meals now i gotta share this with you.

Okay because this is crazy heres the 20 21 numbers and the numbers are staggering and i had to write. Them down so think about this in 2021 joseph dreamhouse uh fed 69 546 households individuals that she fed 263. Thousand 325 different individuals 112 000 kids 109 000 adults 40 000 plus seniors okay now heres the staggering thing. Food she gave out one million five hundred forty three thousand seven hundred and fifty nine pounds of food now. Again joseph dreamhouse thats my charity thats a charity that i want to see succeed and i learned so much.

From talking to france just shes a brilliant business woman but shes a great person and ive learned so much. From her but a couple things how about this september i know were going to enter february but september is. Hunger awareness month how sick is that guys that there has to be an awareness month for people going hungry. In our country thats crazy number two fran has had just long time donors people that have given her money. For years to support the charity and she has dozens and dozens of these people that not only can they.

Not give her money and donations and things like that theyre now getting food from her so thats how crazy. Things are but two things fran started a channel here on youtube ma chefin where shes got cooking uh videos. Recipes salad videos how to make salads all this great stuff food of the month i mean theyre great videos. And her and her team really went to town on this and shes got i think its almost a dozen. Videos up right now but im gonna leave the link i want you guys to really check this out because.

Theyre great okay theyre absolutely fantastic but also heres the other thing i want you to if you want to. Ever donate someplace for the price of a cup of coffee guys she would appreciate anything five dollars 10 bucks. 20 bucks whatever you want to give the link will be in the video description below but please understand its. A 501 3c the money is going to feed hungry people right now and i have reached out to large. Corporations for her i have reached out to different uh congressmen congresswomen that have done nothing for this woman so.

Please if you can give anything especially sign up for her videos if you can subscribe to your channel that. Would even be cool too okay next thing uh theres great story out of reuters reuters is talking about how. We have to get ready for worldwide inflation and things are not going to get better with the worldwide inflation. Well thats nuts guys thats absolutely terrible that we have to live this way that in 2023 prices are not. Going to go down remember theres going to be some magic pill thats going to flick it get flicked and.

And were going to take it and all of a sudden pri.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Established

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