How To Abbreviate Feet And Inches – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to abbreviate feet and inches, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to abbreviate feet and inches,

Method 1 – How To Convert Feet To Inches And Inches To Feet

In this video were gonna talk about how to convert feet into inches so here is the shortcut method lets. Say if you want to go from feet to inches all you need to do to quickly do this is. Multiply by 12 if you want to convert from inches to feet what you need to do is the opposite. Of multiplication you need to divide by 12 so lets say if we wanted to convert from 4 feet into.

Inches so 4 times 12 is 48 and that would be the answer but now for some of you you. May need to show you work so heres what you need to do first start with your conversion factor 1. Feet is equal to 12 inches now were going to start with what were given thats 4 feet and in. The next fraction were gonna put our conversion factor into it now notice that we have the unit feet on. The top of the first fraction we want to put the same unit on the bottom of the second fraction.

So that the unit feet will cancel so this part of our conversion factor is going to go on the. Bottom the other part is going to go on top of the second fraction so when we set it up. This way we can see that the unit feet will cancel and the fact that 12 is on top of. The second fraction tells us that we need to multiply those two numbers so its 4 times 12 and that. Gives us 48 inches so go ahead and try these two example problems convert 8.5 feet into inches and also.

2.7 feet into inches so starting with what were given were going to write eight point five feet over one. And then we know that theres 12 inches in one foot so were gonna set it up in such a. Way that these units cancel and were going to multiply the numbers or on top of the two fractions so. Its 8.5 times 12 which is 102 so thats it for the first example and for the second example you. Just got to follow the same process so its going to be 12 inches over one foot in the second.

Fraction and then we just got to multiply 2.7 by 12 so 2.7 times 12 is 32 point 4 inches. And so thats how you can convert from feet into inches but now lets talk about going the other way. That is from inches to feet so lets say we have 36 inches how can we convert that to feet. So in this case going from inches to feet well need to divide by 12 so the answer is going. To be 3 feet now to set up the conversion process were going to put the unit inches on the.

Bottom so keep in mind theres 12 inches in a foot so these units will cancel and because the number. 12 is on the bottom part of the second fraction and that tells us that who needs to divide 36. By 12 and so 36 divided by 12 will give us 3 feet you could try this one convert 52. Inches into feet feel free to pause the video and try that example problem so were going to start with. What we have 52 inches and 1 foot is equal to 12 inches so its going to be 52 divided.

By 12 and so the answer is going to be 4 point 33 feet its four point three repeating but. Thats the rounded answer now heres a challenge question for you how would you convert 216 inches squared into feet. Squared how would you do that so once again you need to start with what you were given now we. Know that one foot is equal to 12 inches but notice that the unit is squared this is not squared. So what we need to do in this case is we need to square the conversion factor so its going.

To be 216 divided by 12 squared 12 squared is 12 times 12 which is 144 so its 216 divided. By 144 and that will give you one point five square feet so thats how you can convert from square. Inches to square feet so here youre dealing with units of area as opposed to units of length lets look. At another example how would you convert 2.4 square feet into square inches go ahead and try that so once. Again were going to start with what we have now we have square feet on the top of the first.

Fraction so we need to put the units feet on the bottom of the second fraction one foot is 12. Inches so to get feet squared we need to square the conversion factor so this time were going to multiply. 2.4 by 12 squared or 2.4 times 144 and so this is going to be three hundred forty five point. Six square inches so now you know how to convert from feet to inches inches to feet and you also. Know how to convert from square feet to square inches and vice versa so thats it for this video hopefully.

You found it to be helpful thanks again for watching.

Method 2 – Measurement (Feet And Inches)

Today we are learning how to measure length in feet and inches now this is a ruler which we can. Use to measure length we know that one ruler the entire ruler is equal to one foot and each of. These little marks on the ruler represents one inch we can also tell from looking at this ruler that one. Foot is equal to 12 total inches and we can use a ruler to measure lots of things for example.

You might want to measure the length of this shoe well to do that you would just line the shoe. Up with the very beginning of the ruler then you would see where the shoe ends we can see it. Ends right here at the 9 so this shoe is 9 inches long but sometimes when you try and measure. Something like this baseball bat its not so easy if you line a ruler up at the beginning of this. Baseball bat it doesnt measure the whole bat you would need to add another ruler to the end of it.

And then we still need to add another ruler to get to the end of the bat now we can. Figure out how long this bat is well if we zoom in we can see that the bat ends at. 5 on this last ruler so we see it took two full rulers or two total feet and then 5. More inches we could also write this by realizing that 2 feet is the same thing as 24 inches and. So 24 inches and those 5 extra inches means the total length of this bat is 29 inches lets practice.

Measuring some things together lets figure out how long is this fish well to measure length we need a ruler. So well take a ruler and line it up with the beginning of the fish then well add another ruler. Until we get to the end of the fish now how long is this first ruler here this represents one. Foot and then how much do i have right here you can see thats another seven inches so we could. Say the length of this fish is one foot seven inches but now lets write it another way well how.

Many inches are in one foot one foot is the same twelve inches now if we were to combine the. 12 inches and the seven inches that we have here how many inches long is this fish well 12 plus. 7 gives us a total length of 19 inches heres another problem to practice with lets figure out how long. Is this keyboard well again we need a ruler to measure length so well put one two three rulers along. The bottom of the keyboard now looking at these rulers how could we still eng thor this keyboard we could.

Say that its two feet and four inches long but lets write this another way well how many inches is. Two feet two feet is the same thing as 24 inches so now how many total inches is this keyboard. 24 and four together means the entire keyboard is 28 inches long now its time for you to practice on. Your own how long is this hammer there are two correct ways of writing it well you can see from. The beginning to the end of the hammer is this long its one full foot and 10 inches so one.

Way you could write the length is 1 foot 10 inches but we know 1 foot is the same thing. As 12 inches and 12 inches combined with 10 inches is a total of 22 inches so you could also. Say this hammer is 22 inches long now heres your last problem of this video how long is this alligator. Again there are two correct ways of writing it from the start to the end of this alligator you can. See its a total of 2 feet and 1 inches long thats one of the ways you could write the.

Length you could have also realized that 2 feet is the same thing as 24 inches and when you combine. 24 and one-inch you get a total length of 25 inches today you learned how to measure length in feet. And inches.

Method 3 – How To Add Feet And Inches

Hey im joe with inch calculator today were going to talk about how to add or subtract feet and inches. If youre here theres a good chance youre wondering how to do that so well go over three different ways. To add or subtract measurements with feet and inches before we begin we should cover some ground rules that we. Need to know when were working with feet and inches first there are 12 inches in a foot which is.

Important to keep in mind more on this later we also need to cover how we know what the feet. And inches are in a measurement as we look at a measurement like this we can see that each number. Is denoted with the letters ft or in these are feet and inches respectively sometimes feet and inches are marked. With an apostrophe or quotation mark like this these symbols are technically known as a prime or double prime okay. So now that weve covered what the feet and inches are in a measurement lets talk about the first method.

For adding feet and inches lets start with adding five feet three inches with three feet two inches to add. Them together start by adding the inch measurements then add the feet measurements as you can see the result is. Eight feet five inches all right lets try a slightly more challenging example and add four feed eight inches with. Two feet seven inches just like before lets add the inch measurements together as you can see 8 plus 7. Is 15 inches then well add the feet measurements together 4 plus 2 is 6 feet but remember earlier when.

I mentioned there are only 12 inches in a foot a resulting measurement with 15 inches can be simplified a. Bit since 15 inches is larger than 1 foot to simplify subtract 12 inches from 15 inches since there are. 12 inches in a foot then well add that additional foot to the feet column so the result here is. Seven feet three inches okay so that covers addition but what about subtraction we can subtract measurements like these in. Just the same way we added them lets take a look lets go through how to subtract three feet two.

Inches from five feet three inches just like with addition start by subtracting the inches first three minus two is. Equal to one inch then we can subtract the feed measurements five minus three is equal to two feet so. The result here is two feet one inch okay lets try something slightly more challenging and subtract two feet seven. Inches from four feet three inches again lets start by subtracting the inches three minus seven is negative four but. We need a result greater than one so we need to do something to fix this if you recall there.

Are 12 inches in a foot so the way to handle this is to subtract one foot from the feet. Measurements and add 12 inches back again into the inches like this so now lets try solving the interest portion. Of this equation again three minus seven plus twelve is equal to eight inches and finally lets solve the feet. Portion four minus two minus one is equal to one foot so the result for this is one foot eight. Inches if you found that helpful wed love it if you could like this video to help others find it.

And if you want to learn more we actually have a detailed guide that goes through this in much more. Depth and has a ton of examples ill add a link to that in the description below i did promise. Three methods to add feet and inches together so lets go through the second method since we know there are. 12 inches in a foot what if we converted each measurement to inches first so there was only a single. Number to represent each measurement that we can add together lets go through an example of how we might do.

This starting with the original addition problem lets rewrite the problem a bit to convert each foot measurement to inches. First by multiplying each by 12. Then well solve it starting with the conversion to inches so now the problem. Looks a little more like a standard addition problem and we can simply add 63 inches plus 38 inches which. Is 101 inches we actually have a pretty cool feed to inches conversion calculator ill link in the description below.

If youre interested in that okay youve made it this far so now lets cover the final and easiest way. Yet to add feet and inches the final way to add measurements is to head on over to inch And use our feet and inches calculator its a shameless plug i know the calculator is actually pretty cool though. Just enter your equation and get your results ill add a link to this calculator to the description below so. If youre interested feel free to check it out and thats it three easy ways to add feet and inches.

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Method 4 – Inches, Feet And Yards Song | Measurement Song | Customary Units

We are the women and men of measurement if theres a distance we find the length of it we know. We can always put 12 inches inside a foot and one yard just wont be complete if it does not. Contain three feet one inch is what you got if youre looking at the top of a bottle of pop. On your thumb is about one inch from your knuckle to your fingertip we are the women and men of.

Measurement if theres a distance we find the length of it the length of the folder where your work is. Put measures out to just one foot youll find a foot if you look at the height of the parrot. On my hook a football field has 100 marks each one is a yard apart at the plate with a. Softball bat a yard is about what youre looking at open your fingers a pinch and make an inch then. Make your hands look just like a foot put them three times as far and make a yard now we.

Know how long they are we are the women and men of measurement if theres a distance we find the. Length of it.

Method 5 – How To Add Feet And Inches With Fractions

Hey problem solvers colfax math here lets say youre in the trades youre working on plans you have a ton. Of measurements and feet and inches and you need to add them or subtract them im going to go over. That really quickly in this video so you keep track of your feet and inches and your answers make sense. To everybody involved on the project these first couple problems im just going to have feet in inches and then.

Ill go to fractional pieces after that so how we work in the u.s here is we work in feet. And there are 12 inches to the foot and then usually you take that individual inch and cut it in. Half and cut it in half and cut it in half until you have 16. So inches 12 inches to. The foot and then 16 16 to the inch and well talk about that next so let me just start.

With adding feet and inches together the way i do this is i add the units together first so i. Add all these together so i have 3 inches plus 11 inches plus eight inches is going to give me. 22 inches and then i add my feet together 6 feet 9 feet 15 plus 4 19 feet but that. Doesnt make any sense 19 feet 22 inches you have to take as many 12s in here out as possible. So 112 will go in here right 212s would be 24 so thats too much so im going to take.

112 out of this leaving me with 10 inches and that 12 inches that i took out is equal to. 1 foot and im going to add that 1 foot to here so my finished answer is 20 foot 10. Inches and subtracting it works the exact same way except maybe youre gonna have to borrow so three inches minus. Nine inches i cant do that so im gonna borrow one foot from here and make this seven feet and. Im gonna take that foot and add those 12 inches here so those 12 inches in those three inches are.

Going to give me 15 inches 15 inches minus the 9 inches will give me 6 inches and then 7. Feet minus the 5 feet is 2 feet so eight foot three inches minus five foot nine inches is equal. To two foot six inches and the check on that would be five foot nine inches plus the two foot. Six inches will give me 15 inches seven feet i take the 12 out of that leaving me with three. Inches i had that 12 i took out which is one foot and i had that foot over here giving.

Me eight foot three inches so i could see i did it correctly after feet in inches we go to. A sixteenth of an inch and i know this rule is in sixteenths because if i count up all these. Marks one two three four thats a quarter five six seven eight thats a half nine ten eleven twelve three. Quarters thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen gives me a full inch so now im in sixteenths so now lets say i. Have six foot three and a quarter inches and im adding five foot and two and a half inches and.

Lets do one more three feet and five and a half inches so im going to do this pretty similarly. The way i did the other problems im just going to do my fractional pieces first and then if theres. Any excess im going to carry it over if theres any excess of these 12 im going to carry it. Over so one quarter plus one half plus one half is one and one quarter inches im going to take. That one right here and im going to carry it up here so this one right here gets carried up.

Here so im going to leave me with a quarter inch and then 1 and 3 is 4 plus 2. Is 6. 6 plus 5 is 11. Theres nothing to carry so im just going to have 6 5 11. And 3 14.

So im left with 14 feet 11 and one quarter of an inch or it would have. Been 10 and one and one quarter but that extra one bumped that up to 11. Pause the video right. Here and do this problem yourself so say i have 5 and 3 and 3 8 of an inch i. Have 6 feet and 10 and 1 8 of an inch and i have 10 feet 10 and lets do.

A quarter of an inch okay so before i add fractions i have to have a common denominator so before. I could add these three measurements together i need a common denominator on my fractions so that common denominator is. Going to be an eight so that ones good that ones good this one has to go to an eighth. So to make this an eighth i got to multiply it by a two over two so this becomes two. Eighths right 2 8 is the same as one quarter but now i have a common denominator im going to.

Add these three fractions together by adding only the numerator 3 and 1 is 4. 4 and 2 is 6. So thats going to give me 6 8 3 and 10 is 13 and 10 is 23 and then over. Here i have 5 and 6 11. 11 and 10 is 21.

So i have 21 feet 23 and 6. 8 of an inch well 12 goes in at 23 one time so im going to take 12 out of. That and put it here so im going to pull a 12 out of this 12 inches and put it. Here to give me 22 feet i pull a 12 out of there and im left with an 11 6. 8 still reduces two will go into that three times two will go in that four times so im left.

With 22 feet 11 and three quarters of an inch lets go ahead and add these three numbers together make. Sure you pause the video and do this first and then check your work against mine so i got 14. Feet 8 and 7 8 of an inch as i look down here in my fractional parts of inches theyre. All eights except for this one so the first thing im going to do is convert this into an eighths. So thats going to become 2 8.

Now im going to add these fractional pieces together again i have that. Common denominator so im going to stay with that common denominator of 8 and i add across the top 7. Plus 2 9 9 and 3 is 12. So i end up with 12 8 of an inch 8 10. And 5 is 23 and here i have 20 14 and 6 20 plus 10 30.

So i have 30. Feet 23 and 12 8 of an inch so what im going to do with that 12 8 first thing. Im going to do is say 8 goes into 12 one time with 4 left over so im going to. Pull that 8 out of this and im going to be left with 4 8. I took one of the.

Eights out so thats going to go over here to give me 24 and then i still have that 30. Feet so i have 30 feet 24 and 4 8 of an inch and then that 4h is now im. Not pulling anything out im just going to reduce it to one half of an inch 12 goes into here. Twice right 12 times 2 is 24. So 12 is going to go into here twice im going to pull.

Both those 12s out with nothing left over and there are two 12s getting pulled out so my final answer. Will be that 30 and the 2 or 32 feet and a half inch all right well i hope i. Hope that helps working with fractional measurements in the u.s feet and inches if it does hit the like button. If you have any questions or comments please put them below id love to make a video to help you. Out if i could and this is colfax math kind of a practical math channel i appreciate all of you.

Watching thank you.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Feet And Inches

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