How To Abbreviate Height – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to abbreviate height,

Method 1 – Add 2 Inches To Your Height In 1 Day

Bob and brad the two most famous physical therapist on the internet hi folks im bob show physical therapist brad. Hanok physical therapy the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion of course bob sounds a little. Bit crazy brad but were gonna show you how to add two inches to your height in one day bob. That sounds a long species to me yeah but bob youre gonna find out you can do it all right.

Were gonna prove it by the way if youre new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to. Us we provide videos on a stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday also go to bob and brad. Calm because were always giving something away go to the giveaway section this week were giving away you want to. Grab one oh absolutely give away the booyah stick and if its not great to have one thats all great. To say the name data booyah go to bob and brad on facebook and the contest will be pinned at.

The top of the page go to twitter or instagram or tik-tok if you want a 60 second version of. Our program each day all right brad snake oil salesman yeah how does this work actually bob theres no theres. No magic here but its really important its really critical and its gonna help your daily life first of all. Now this is what most people arent aware of youre gonna gain approximately one centimeter in height from when you. Go to bed to when you wake up in the morning and what that is from is inhibition imbibition imbibition.

Sol imbibition is a term that is used to describe what happens to your discs can you get this mike. If we look at the discs discs are between the vertebrae yep between the balls and its just calves fluid. In it and when you lay down at night you lie down and i lie down thank you bob the. Disc imbibe or actually they exordium then in the daytime when you stand the body weight squishes down and each. Disc pushes that fluid out and theres a very good functional reason for that it keeps the disc alive and.

Healthiness the nutrients are in the bodily fluid around the disc it sucks that in there nutrients are used for. The discs to stay healthy and then the waste products and that fluid and during the day they push out. So every day you go up and down approximately one centimeter it depends on how tall bob maybe goes a. Little more than a centimeter right thats right i have a lot of yes right we all have the same. One yes darling but you know just i had to say something large just now so the next thing now.

This is something everyone can do just like that as your height and what correct what dominates your height posture. Posture posture and so many of us including bob and i find ourselves we have to work on this poor. Posture so what we have here is on our nice white wall is a mark and the first mark to. The top of this line is where bob stands bob can you demonstrate and its funny you know brad when. We first started doing videos we we we started realizing how bad our posture was yeah so here bobs got.

Head forward posture hes rounded in the spine his got this posterior pelvic tilt thats making things drop all these. Im locking my knees actually yeah im not bending them because that could make me shorter yeah yeah so that. Would be jeanne locking my everything else is going on with the spine and that puts a lot of pressure. Pressure on the spine the neck it causes pain it causes knots and i dont look good and yeah you. Dont look good bob okay here we go so right there you can see it lines up with the top.

Of that mark now bob can you correct your posture there we go two inches we did it we made. It and bob you look better now look more confident yes im gonna get that job interview right because we. Just did the video i mean on powerful how were posing in our posture yes and as you might well. Suspect if you have poor posture like that over time youre gonna end up with neck pain all right upper. Back camp even shoulder pain ring breathing problems easy problems theres nothing good from poor pie there really is not.

So we want you to correct your posture well show a couple ways to do it yeah theyre easy all. You need is a wall for a couple of these you simply go back up against the wall take your. Shoulders bring them back make sure your buttocks is touching their shoulders back chin in but you know dont look. Up keep the chin down here so we call that that chin tuck and you can just do scapular retraction. Zand hands up against the wall is one option then youll do that five times do that every hour do.

That every hour for one day put it on yourself or maybe we should have a pasture app thats your. Good idea but not what are you refine also as some of you probably cant get your head back even. Yet thats very true youre gonna want to work your way back there and and youll be able to denote. Your progress by seeing how far you are from the wall the first day and then continue to work on. This and see if you can get to the point where your head is back without your head like this.

You probably have to have someone and ive done with this with patients i will measure how far they cannot. Get their head to the wall say it might be an inch the first day and after a week of. Doing that maybe they can get a half inch from the wall its very motivating yeah progress so thats one. Exercise now the wall angel you want to show the wall angels are basically its the same thing youre you. Get in position here chin tuck if you can get the head up against the wall do it now youre.

Gonna put the hands out palms forward up and youre just gonna do some angels just like youd used to. Do in the yellow snow nothing else all the whites you probably went for the yellow snow but what youre. Gonna find is as you get up to here it gets harder and harder im starting to see the ball. Go what are your two but you know what i mean i i cant keep my elbows back right because. Im stretching here my schult my upper back is not as stretched out as it should be so you want.

To go as far as you can keeping them elbows up against the wall this is where you really feel. It brad wait i really feel this stretch you may start where your elbows coming off the wall down here. But as you work on it like like mine bobs much more flexible i have tight shoulders i get to. Here and once get above there and ive got theres so many options for good posture were just gonna do. We just thought wed show you that you can actually take a tennis ball no no we have one nearby.

Brown or not well bob i dont know not today tennis ball and roll is it over there lacrosse ball. Lacrosse ball thats where im from is lacrosse thats right brad from lacrosse here you go so not a cross. Ball or tennis ball and this son i think is a great one brad because a lot of your posture. Problems do you mind coming here no sir a lot of posture problems are right here thats where the roundness. This occurs so if you put a ball on the side of the spine dont put it on the spine.

Put it on the side of the spine and you can work like this six different spots here all the. Way up and down the spine off the spine but just to the side of it and you can roll. On it and get it in position like this and you can start up against the wall first because there. Ends up being a little bit intense for you especially just starting and then eventually if you can you can. Lie on the floor sure and and roll on the ball i do something similar this every day and i.

Think this has been the best thing the number one thing thats helped in my posture plus it gets those. Mats out of those muscles thats how feels good huh it feels good and its just whenever i get done. I then i go for a run im like i feel like im running really straight up and down by. Probably oh youre two inches taller im two inches taller yes so the neighbors notice that neighbors uh by the. Way make fun of me on my bike because i bike is so tired looks so stupid they pray make.

Front of you for other reason i did you know if you gotta start giveaway this week why dont you. Show a few things with that right you know you dont have to have a blue you can use any. Five foot long stick usually works well or boom stick were gonna put that so my head touches it can. You point where its touch right be hard to see got three points at condos we got the head mid. Back and low back yep or the pelvis and thats that ven youre in good paw yeah bring her shoulders.

Back and then you know you can do some exercises getting used to some body movement while youre doing that. Its good muscle memory 4×2 mechanics for bending to lift things up so lets so when we are right do. You mind giving whoa if i found anything out that with youre gonna realize that a lot of times your. Posture was a lot worse than you think it is a lot of people to film you like we said. When we first started filming ourselves thats when i realized i had a friend that was at work and a.

Security camera picked up him oh whos that old man and it was him so another stretch i like i. Like just taking the the booya stick rad and taking it up and then going back like this and squeezing. The shoulder blades together this is just a great stretch here so from a profile once if you just do. This just make sure the hennessy your head can go forward right youre trying to get away from the sky. You want to make sure youre keeping your head back and if youre hitting your head youre not you dont.

Have the posture right yet it youre not getting the arms back right and this you know until you get. Stretched out you may not be able to do it im a little tighter im i like this one though. Especially and get down here it can work thats just amazing what a little thing like this can really work. Ride you can use the handle if if thats try remember brad and i can fix just about anything except. For a broken heart but were working on it were working out exactly right the finally better get to the.

Results you.

Method 2 – How To Predict How Tall You’Ll Be!

This is how you can predict how tall youre going to be its called the mid parental method and you. Take the height of your mom and the height of your dad in inches and add them together divide that. Number by 2 and then add 2.5 inches if youre a boy subtract 2.5 inches if youre a girl and. That number is a prediction of just how tall youre gonna be.

Method 3 – How To Measure Your String Height At The Nut & Use Nut Files To Lower Your Nut Height

To check out all our products go to hey its ran from music nomad here to talk about all. The features and benefits of our high quality precision setup gauges using the keep it simple setup method hey its. Jeff luttrell master guitar tech and owner of san francisco guitar works in sonoma county guitar works and im here. To show you how to use all the precision gauges used in the keep it simple setup method being able.

To measure string height at the nut is a critical step in the setup process music nomads precision nut height. Gauge will help you do it quickly and accurately the gauge comes equipped with the three most common nut height. Sizes 16 18 and 20 thousandths of an inch plus three additional sizes 12 14 and 22 thousandths of an. Inch to accommodate for a desire for lower action or a heavier pick attack instructions printed right on the handle. Make it extremely easy to dial in your nut height its perfect for electric acoustic classical and bass guitars and.

Features laser etched markings that take the guesswork out of which gauge to use for each instrument its made of. Premium stainless steel construction without the annoying messy oil found on traditional feeler gauge sets it even comes with a. Convenient hang hole so now were going to measure the height of the strings at the nut thats a really. Critical measurement if the height of the strings at the nut is too low then the open string will buzz. If the height is too high then the string will be hard to push down so your action really suffers.

And the strings can play sharp at the first fret because as youre depressing the string youre stretching it and. It goes sharp before it contacts the frets nut height is really critical to the way a guitar is going. To play in sound so in order to measure it were going to use our nut height gauge and this. Is a a set of gauges thats uh specifically marked for a variety of guitars from electric to acoustic classical. And bass and i believe me ive used every complicated nut height gauge out there digital dial indicators the brass.

Bass kind the the caliper style and ive just never been happy with any of them and through working on. This project ive really come back to just love the simple gauge its just easy to use its accurate and. Theres really just no hassle um whats cool about these gauges is that theyre theyre marked specifically for the string. That they would be used on uh you know for instance the 20 thousandths is for a low e a. On a standard guitar uh its for the e and a string on a bass or for the low e.

And g on a classical so you dont have to remember exactly what the numbers are you can just look. On the gauge and you can use the one thats specific to your instrument the way that we came up. With these sizes and not some other sizes is through having done more setups than i care to remember we. Have determined at these heights this open string will play cleanly for all but the heaviest attacks but the string. Is low enough to the fret that you dont run into intonation issues and the string is very easy to.

Play so the first fret action is very soft but its high enough to not buzz its low enough to. Play in tune so these measurements really work well across the board for for most players so once ive selected. The proper size gauge for my guitar so on this guitar low e and a string thats going to be. A 20 000 of an inch gauge i will go ahead and put the guitar into the playing position in. Tune the way that well use this gauge is well slide it on top of the first fret between the.

First fret and the string then well follow the touch rule if the gauge does not touch the fret and. The string then well know that our string is too high and well need to lower the string slot in. The nut if the gauge pushes the string heavily up touches the fret and string heavily then well know that. The string is lower than spec now if the string does not buzz open that is not a problem so. That will so you will be able to decide for yourself if the string is below spec but it doesnt.

Buzz you can just leave well enough alone if you place the gauge on top of the fret and slide. It between the string and the fret and this it contacts the string and fret heavily so you have a. Heavy touch on both the top and the bottom and the string buzzes open then you will need to either. Shim the nut up fill the slot or have the nut replaced and any competent local luthier should be able. To help you out if you put the gauge on top of the fret and it slides in and just.

Perfectly touches the string and the fret top then you know that your string is adjusted correctly and you wont. Need to take any action after youve measured your low e string you will then go ahead and measure your. A d g b and e youll just repeat the same process its really easy just to slide the gauge. Under the e string to get over to the a to determine its height and then you will move over. And find your gauge for d and g on guitar and the d i find that its easiest to come.

In from the low e side and you get right over to that d string no problem and then on. The g i will usually come in from the treble side and be able to uh to pick up that. G and measure it from there when you have the gauge between the fret and the string if youre unsure. If its touching or not you can tap on the string and listen for a little click if you can. Hear a click then you have a little bit of space between the string and the fret even if its.

Hard to see that actual gap so thats a an easy way to determine if youre uh if youre right. On the gauge or if youre just a little bit above it youll find that there are three gauges that. Are not designated for a specific string those gauges are a little bit thicker or a little bit thinner than. The designated gauges you can use those if you have a heavy attack you can start at 0.022 on your. Low e string use 0.020 on your d and g and a 0.018 on your b and e for additional.

Clearance at the first fret or if you have a lighter attack you can drop down and use the .018. On your ena the .016 on your dng or the and the .014 on your b and e so now. Were going to adjust the string height at the nut we having measured our string height using our nut height. Gauge ive determined that the low e string is a little bit too high using the touch rule my gauge. Went in and it did not contact both the string and the fret so im going to file the low.

E string slot to lower the e string at the first fret so ill select the proper size file for. The string gauge this is a 46 thousandths of an inch thick low e string so ill use a 46. Thousandths file for that if you have a string that falls between nut file sizes you can use a file. Thats up to three thousandths of an inch larger than the string gauge that size will still be tight enough. To keep the string from rattling but it will provide enough clearance that the string will easily slide through the.

Nut slot preventing tuning issues so ive selected my 46 thousandths file and what ill do is i will loosen. My string and take it out of the nut slot so ill put the file in the slot angle down. Towards the headstock just a bit and i will gently file the bottom of the nut slot ill blow the. Any debris out of the slot put my string back in and tune back to pitch then ill bring my. Guitar back into the playing position and using my low e and a nut height gauge i will put that.

Between the string and that just goes theres no gap now and its just very lightly touching both the string. And the fret so that is a properly adjusted nut nut slot and then i can check the open string. For any buzz and i dont have any so this is going to work really well for that for the. String height at the first fret to perform your own setup make sure you check out all music nomads keep. It simple set up gauges and tools not only is it keep it simple setup fun but a properly set.

Up guitar takes your playing and sound to a whole new level thats music nomad quality raising the bar and. Equipment care.

Method 4 – Scientifically Increase Your Height Drastically…No Matter Your Age…

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Being Average Height

Id like to preface this entire thing by saying that according to my friends who live across the hall this. Entire video is nothing but a white person problem and to that i say theyre right so lets talk about. Why i hate being my height dont want to hear my rant too bad its happening so down heres some. Popcorn this isnt even buttered well its not that entertaining of a rant okay just let me vent okay so.

I just want to clarify to start that im not by any means short im five seven or hold on. Math 170 point two centimeters for all you foreigners and/or pokemon go players out there im in all respects about. His average height as you can be i suppose no the problem isnt that im short its that im greedy. See my dad and his side of the family are all average to above average in height even my dad. Is 6 1 or 2 i think and then theres my mom in her whole gene pool going on my.

Mom is only 5 2 and ive been taller than her for years and im taller than all her sisters. And i towered above my grandma back when she was alive rest in peace grandma and while i was a. Kid i thought that was kind of cool me a kid taller than these adults law its that very thing. I found funny that ended up being my downfall its because of my mom in her family that i didnt. Reach my full height potential heck even some of my cousins on her side grew up to be crazy tall.

So why was i cursed to be like this huh and while my mom has jokingly apologized to me for. Being vertically challenged in the past i dont think she realizes how much she indirectly affected my entire outlook on. The importance of height for the rest of my existence a good chunk of the friends i have in life. Are a younger than me and be taller than me like what kind of logic is that is it karma. For me laughing at being taller than my relatives as a kid i dont know but thats the most logical.

Answer in my book i love all my taller friends to death shoutout to nate and ian and grace and. Jake and kelley and zach but man do i hate standing around in a group with them because all of. Them are constantly a reminder to me about how much they tower over me and how cruel the universe likes. To be to me in general ill have you know though that despite all my shortcomings that i actually did. Turn out taller than i probably could have want to know how i know introducing my sister even though shes.

A year and a half older than me ive actually been taller than my sister since late high school thats. Right even though at the time of my birds she was roughly a foot and a half taller than me. I am now the alpha sibling mwah ha ha ha she hates it when i call myself that sorry mal. You know im joking please dont be mad anyway you want to know how i did it milk yes that. Thing people used to always say about drinking milk because its good for your bones well they were right surprising.

I know when my sister and i were kids id always be the dumb little sheep and follow societys rules. And drink my milk while my sister the rebel that she was was like no milk is gross im just. Gonna drink what and she did as the years went by my drinking milk and her not led to this. Look at that difference so beautiful you know part of the reason my sister hates me pointing it out all. The time is it because shes jealous its because i have the tendency to bring it up far too often.

I also like to point it out to my mom too and well yeah i bet they both find it. Annoying im sorry its not my fault i managed to better myself through the only means i could i was. Cast into the slightly below average end of the gene pool and managed to crawl my way up to the. Average spectrum with my bare hands and determination i deserve to be proud of my accomplishments and hard work because. Getting to where i am today took blood and sweat and tears without all the love and support from all.

The folks back home i would have been able to make this dream a reality thank you all thank you. Can be a god anyway so when you boil things down being average height kana also means i sort of. Have an amalgamation of emotions regarding it depending on how tall the people are around me if im the short. One of the group im gonna act like the stereotypical angry and bitter short person if im the tall one. Of the group i tend to be more chill about it as well as tend to pick on those two.

Be shorter than me and again depending on the dynamic i tend to make fun of and/or complain about the. Very things i do when other people do them in the opposite situation does doing all of this make me. A hypocrite absolutely drink your milk kids hey i just wanted to give a to the kids at lincoln junior. Senior high thank you so much for watching my video guys you have no idea how much it means to. Me id ask to be your facebook friend or something but unfortunately im a hermit and i dont have facebook.

But you know its the thought that counts anyway thanks again for watching my videos you guys are awesome.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Height

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