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Method 1 – Smarttext 1.1: How To Use Abbreviation Manager

Howdy so today what were going to go through is a quick summary of how to use the abbreviation manager. Or what i call smart text in raintree so lets get into the first thing you want to notice is. That smart text or abbreviation manager can be used in any free form box a free-form box looks just like. This so anything in raintree that you can type freely in the system so i can type anything i want.

Into this box or to get to our abbreviation matter what were going to do is open up the editor. Within a free-form box you get to the editor by clicking in the box and then holding both the control. Key and the e key at the same time so can so control e for editor and i do that. This box shows up so i pull it into the screen here quick which is called the editor now within. The editor we can do a couple other things that we couldnt do in the more generic free text box.

Which is we could change the font type we could change the size of the font we can change the. Color of the font we can manipulate the font to do different things for us and sometimes that can be. Helpful you may notice in some of the templates that we create we change the text color of certain words. To read to make sure that we address those words to change them if its important for that so the. First thing were going to do is turn on our smart text feature or abbreviation major and we do that.

By going up into the tools and the options and then were going to go into spelling and abbreviation options. Click on that and by default the abbreviations are not enabled and so were going to click on this box. Here and now weve enabled abbreviation use for this computer and it is for each individual computer not for your. User so if you jump around between computers you have to go and do this for each computer and well. Click ok youre at the bottom now my abbreviation manager is on and what thats going to look like is.

I can do various things in the system so i have some setup so lets try some out here quick. So lets say i wanted to do an assessment i would type a and then heres my abbreviation measure coming. Up for me and i have four options but lets say i use the first option so as1 and im. Going to click the space bar and what happens is i get a pre-loaded text that i have already entered. For that assessment you can see here you guys can all read patient suspected tolerance recession will continue a benefit.

So what this is really good for is any of those pre-loaded phrases that we might want to use in. The system we can quickly get after those phrases within this free text box by using these abbreviations so lets. Go ahead and save an abbreviation so lets say something we type a lot would be something like patient displayed. Good tolerance for recent pt session thats something that we type a lot we could put that in there and. Then what im going to do is just highlight that text so click and drag across my mouse but i.

Highlight the text im going to go back into the upper tool box here and im going to go back. To bike tools now go into the user abbreviation manager if i click on that i will see my personal. Radiation manager comes up with a list of all the abbreviations that i have you can see because i highlighted. This text right here i actually have the replace with already set up so the patient displayed good tolerance for. Recent session has been preloaded because of what i highlight it before and i have to come up with an.

Abbreviation and as you can see the examples here we have to make sure the abbreviations are easily identifiable something. That you arent going to accidentally type so because if you actually type in hit space youre going to get. This whole pre-loaded form and something you can recall you know for prone youre using it so i abbreviations for. Assessment as aas and then several numbers to identify if im going to do a like a discharge its dc. You can see i have a gate and various gate phrases that i might type out subjective i used to.

Sub 12 theres a couple other ones that ive come up with but this is really for each individual therapist. To figure out whats going to work best for them there will be one more video coming out about how. We can know try to have more of a universal or global abbreviation manager as well but for each individual. You welcome to kind of create your own lists of different things that you might use and i would just. Try to keep them as simple as you can see dont forget this one lets just say we want to.

Call this subjective 3 im going to hit add and youll see on my list that subjective 3 comes down. Here in the corner now just close this out and im going to go ahead and close the editor you. Cant see this one to bring it back over here just close the editor down on the side do wanna. Say it sure we do and so this is then back to the rain tree form where we see this. Now lets say i have nothing here again i could do my breviary you can see my list comes up.

Now as i type here because i turned it on but lets say sub 3 and hit spacebar and when. I click that then my patient displayed good tolerance for recent pt session comes up right away ok so thats. Just a quick overview about how to use the abbreviation manager or smart text feature in raintree um if you. Have questions feel free to give us a shoot me an email or if you have other suggestions about you. Know again various things that you would like to see in future videos feel free to make a comment thank.


Method 2 – Learn Latex | Abbreviate Journal’s Names Automatically || Tutorial 13 || Function 17

Snyderman is assalamualaikum dear friends you must have been waiting for what automated solution im going to tell you about. The creation of the three files that you will need for making your journal names short or abbreviated in bibtex. On the screen now you are seeing six file names the first three files that is my new style or. Dst my article dirty x and my references dot babe in this video it is supposed that you already prepared.

These three files and you have opened them the first file that is my new style or bst contains your. New style that you have created using the make bst tool using your command prompt and if you want to. Watch how to create your new style then you will have to watch my video about the creation of new. Style using make pasting my article dot dx is the actual file that contains your research article or book or. Your pcs etc you will have to type this manually the third file my references dot babe these are the.

References that you have copied from google scholar and you saved them in this my references dork pid okay the. Following three files that is my modified references your babe in which you remove the curly brackets from the journal. Names and you also remove the spaces between the different parts of the journal name i have already discussed the. Mid one man of these three files in my previous video so if you want to watch the details of. These three files and you want to learn the manual method of the creation of these three file then you.

Will have to watch the previous video the second file is my short journal it would be this file contains. The abbreviations of the journal names that you must have copied somewhere from the internet or some other source the. Third and last file is my full journal store div this contains the full journal but the actual file that. We require is the my short journal store babe because the diptych has a problem that it doesnt show the. Journal name in abbreviation so if you want to see the manual method of preparing these three files then go.

To my previous video and watch that video you will learn the creation of these files in detail for the. Creation of these three files i have written a code and have stored that code in the form of a. Function the name of the function is write dot b ib you can use this function to create these three. Files let me show you the detailed method of using this function first of all you will need to open. Your text odium in the text to do you can see that we have two files opened the first file.

Is my article da tx this file actually contains your research article the second is my references dot b id. This file contains the references that you have copied from the google scholar this is our first reference then this. Is the second and this is the third reference so basically we need the abbreviations of these journals this is. General one this is journal – and this is journal tring okay now first let me show you if i. Run this file then how our journal names appear so you can see that our journal names will appear in.

Full nucleic acids research and the second is american journal of medical genetics and the third is nature medicine although. Our new style is for the abbreviated journal names but this doesnt abbreviate the journal name so for this purpose. You will have to create those three files that i have shown you a moment before and you have already. Watched the manual method of their preparation let me show you how to use the code and i will tell. You with examples so the first example is their journal observations are taken directly from the internet for that purpose.

You can write the function like right dot bib and inside these parentheses you write online string this will take. The journal abbreviations from specific web addresses and will create those three files for you for this you will have. To open your are studio but before using this lets first set the directory to that directory where we have. Saved our these two files that is my article dot tx and my references dot babe so this is the. Make bst directory in which we have stored our my article dot tx this one and my references door babe.

This file so these two files are already here in this folder now you want to create three other files. Here in this folder so first you must specify the directory from here tools global options and then look at. There you will have to set your directory over here to the make bst this is already set here so. You can set this by browsing and then go to desktop and on desktop i have my directory make vsts. To select that directory and click open your directory will be set to that directory and then click apply after.

That as i show you that you will have to type the function right dot b i b and then. Inside these parentheses just type on line then just hit enter those three files will be created in a moment. This will always give you this error and you dont need to worry about this error our three files have. Been created now now you will have to go to your text to do in text audio go to file. Open and open you can see that our my full journals dot bib has been created my modified references my.

Short journals my short journals to my short journals three so it has basically created three kinds of abbreviations files. For us first lets open my modified references so this was the file that we created manually in our previous. Videos now lets go to or second file that is full journals this file contains full journal names then the. Fourth file is dean my short journals dot bib okay this file has got a problem now so we now. Open the second short general file that is my short journals – okay this is okay now nucleic acids rest.

Am j med genetic and this third one so this file is okay my short journals to not be able. And my full journals here let me show you how you abbreviate your journal names so i go here and. Open your this file we would need some changes in this file the first change is that you will have. To type my short journals journals to door sorry comma and here now we dont need this my references we. Will have to type this my modified references instead of my references so my modified reference you shouldnt give any.

Space after this comma that is between this and this there should be no space except comma okay then go. To tools commands diptych and then click on this button okay now you can see nucleic acids risk which is. It a shortcut mj made janet this is also the abbreviation of the general and net med is the third. Journals a pivot so now our journals on in the abbreviated form so this was the first method of how. To create the my modified general references file my short journalist file and my and the third one was my.

Full journals names let me show you its my full journal name work or not this is my full journal. Name the name of the file now lets change this my short journals to my full journals okay and then. Tools commands diptych click on this yes nucleic acids the search for journal name american journal of medical genetics and. Nature medicine the second example is that if you have a website address for example this one which contains the. Journals abbreviations in the form of our txt file for example this is a website address so you can just.

Type right prod babe and inside this parentheses enclosed the website address in the inverted commas and then just hit. Enter paste it here okay now hit enter so your do three files will now be created from this online. Address and it will take the abbreviations of the journals from that website okay now lets see if anything has. Changed or not this is my modified references this is my short journals – these are my reference and these. Are my full journals let me open the in the file my short journals okay again this is empty for.

The rest of the examples we will need to download the endnote term list files that contains the abbreviations of. The journal names so for that purpose you will have to go to the internet and well search for the. Endnote term list and then download all those term lists on your laptop and see them in some folder inside. This current folder that is make bst folder you will have to type and not term less clary wait and. Then click so these are the terminus for and not click on this website okay this is attachment one here.

Are the term lists in the zip folder you just need to click it and download it after it is. Downloaded just unzip the folder once you download it these files will be available in this folder let me show. You archaeology dot txt astronomy astrophysics humanities and anthropology biosciences chemical economics etcetera so these files have been downloaded from. This endnote term list lariat website and i have saved them in two different folders folder one and folder -. These two folders must be in this folder that is make bst folder in which you have put your my.

References dot bib and your my article dot tx files okay you have downloaded the files from the internet now. Now let me shoot the third example for example you have saved those text files in your current directory that. Is you have make bst there then what command will you use to create those three files the command will. Be right toward bib and inside these parentheses you will have to tab the string current which means that the. Files are located in the current directory for example this is your make bst folder and these are the files.

Biosciences 3 chemical colon etc so these are the files that are situated in our current folder so how we. Create those three files from these journals term list or files so go to our program write your function name. And then inside there you type current just hit enter and all your files will be ready now so your. Modified references is this one your my short journal stored bib now its okay it doesnt have those empty lines. And then this is the second my short journals this is first this is second the only difference at these.

Short general names have dots in them and this my short journals – they do not have any dots in. There my full journals this one okay the fourth example if you have journals abbreviations saved in files in some. Subdirectories then youll just need to type right dot bit without any argument because the default string given here inside. The right god bib is the subfolder so it will search all the subfolders inside this make bst folder and. Well take all those files and well search for the abbreviations of the journals inside those sub directories and inside.

Those files so what do we mean by sub folders subfolders are these three folders folder one for the two. And my dar so these are the three sub folders which contains some files like this one has three term. List files which contains journals abbreviations and their full names this is the second folder this has got some other. Files that also contains the journal full names and their applications this is the third folder which also has got. Some files containing full names and short names of the journey now if we type the command without any argument.

This command will search these three folders that is subfolders so lets use it without any argument right toward bib. And give no argument and then click enter okay now your files are ready now see how it has prepared. My modified references my short journals its okay okay now let let me show you the difference the shortcut for. The nucleic acid journals is now an ar so it has search from some of the file that the the. The abbreviated name of the nucleic acid journal is n ar so one of the those files must have some.

Name like ner and the rest of the two names are okay and then okay see here this has a. Missing line for nucleic acid journals and let me show you these full generals they all have got the full. Journal names so now it has got some problem so to solve that problem you will have to like give. The specific folder name or specific file name for this you will see them in my next examples okay now. You want to search one or more specific subfolders for files then if you want to search for one folder.

Then just type like a right bird bib and inside brackets give the folder name in the is a strength. Single folder or if you want to search for different folders then you will have to type them inside the. C function that is in the form of a vector so c folder one folder to folder t so you. Are going to search for them in three different folders now let me show you how i search the journal. Names in one of the subfolders for example i want to search them in this folder – the name of.

The folder is folder – so just type here fol de our folder – and see how it prepares you. Those three files then okay now see this is your my modified references is a look now the there it. The name of nucleic acid journals abbreviations was na r but now it has the accurate name of nucleic acids. Research on e because it has found the accurate abbreviation from one of the files inside that folder to this. Look at this file and my full journal names etc now let me give you two different folder names then.

You will have to use that c function so we have folder two and then we have another folder folder. One okay now click enter go to the here my modifier differences my short channels its ok again this one. And this one okay now let me search the folder number two sorry folder number one and click ok let. Me show you what happens this is ok the second one look it has only got one journals abbreviations that. Is nucleic acids research and thats also like a very brief abbreviation that is nai and look at the third.

One it has no journal names look at the full journal names it has got only one general from that. Folder ok now let me show you the folder one why has it not got any journal abbreviations from that. Folder look here the first file is archeology which contains archeology related journals the second is astronomy and astrophysics journals. And the third is humanity journal that is the reason that it has not got any journal abbreviations for the. American journal and for the third one that is this name was nature medicine i think let me show you.

Once again this is this is the nucleic acid research it got from somewhere or from those three files but. It has not got the abbreviation for american journal of medical gent because this is a medical journal so it. Will not be available in some archeology and astrophysics etc if you want to search for the abbreviation of this. General then you must search this folder because this folder contains like by sciences journals they like medical journals so. It can be found here ok now let me show you another example this one the last example you want.

To search one or more specific files in the current directory then you will have to give the name of. That file dot txt or several files name now let me show you the names of the files here we. Have bioscience 3 another is chemical and that is medical let me search the general abbreviations in here because we. Have got medical journals in our references file so we will find those references here in this medical and list. Of the channels so medical totally extreme right dot babe m capital medical dot txt ok done and see here.

These my modified references file this is my full journals it has got all the journals my four channels it. Has got the abbreviations for all the journals because these three are the medical journals and it can be found. In that medical journals list these are the second times of abbreviations either the full journal names ok now lets. Search for another file such for these three journals abbreviations in another file for example in this chemical 3 file. Chemical 3 dot txt file i see if it can find the abbreviations of the journals in this file or.

Not write tort vib and then see a tmi cl chemical 3 dot txt and hit enter done okay it. Got only one journals name nucleic acid research and the abrogation and the separation it didnt find the abbreviation for. Other tool janus now lets search for two files for example like see chemical 3 dot txt and then another. Is medical dot txt done ok it got the generals abbreviations for nucleic acids for nature medicine and for this. One here these are the full journals names so this was the use of this function in different ways now.

As you know that this is a user-defined function so this function will not be available in your art program. You will have to type it manually and i have written the code for this function so you just need. To watch my video and write down this code from the videos or you can email me i will just. Email this code to you and you can use it in your art program for the preparation of those three. Files so the code of the function starts from here okay and then just type this code in your our.

Script program you so that was all the code of the function you will need to type in your a. Script for that purpose but before using the code after typing just click here in the beginning of the code. And then press control enter so that your function may be compiled and stored in your our program now it. Is stored and you can use this code for the creation of those three specific files that you will be. Required for abbreviate in your journal name in your latex document ok post people who do not have our program.

Installed they will have to download the our program as well as the our story program in their computer and. Build a they will have to install those two programs before using this function as you already know that i. Always dedicate my newly created typed functions to my friends to my teachers to my colleagues etc and this time. I dedicate this function to two of my best friends that is asad ali and foreman ali who are my. Roommates during my final years of my masters as well as during my phd so thank you very much for.

Watching this video bye.

Method 3 – How To Make Table Of Acronyms

Hello youtubers theres a three and sixty fun in todays to talking about making table of acronyms or abbreviations in. Microsoft office word microsoft office word doesnt provide us with the facility to make table of acronyms in belt so. Were gonna use a trait to make that happen specially you have the word eg which is the shortened form. So you will first select this then well be heading to where its from references and site references theres an.

Option where you can see they have written marked citation were gonna click that and inside the selected text gonna. Add a colon symbol and write the full form of your approbation and then ive done ill be clicking on. Mark and were gonna close this you need to follow the similar procedure for other words are the abbreviations and. Acronyms and now im gonna remove this paragraph style show/hide and now were gonna go back to references and click. On insert table of authorities and after that you can select the time format tab leader and other things and.

Of that are the clicking on okay and so you have got your table or abbreviation this cases thing can. Be changed to abbreviations or acronyms and can be edited as per your convenience okay thanks for watching for more. Videos visit or fun and if you enjoy the video please dont forget to like it and please. Do not forget to subscribe thanks for watching thank you.

Method 4 – How To Abbreviate Journal Title With Jabref (Latex Tips

Welcome in this tutorial well learn to generate an abbreviated general title from full title i have few samples in. This paper in the references section full general names have been used whereas references of this paper contains sort a. General title here i have already created one b file in which full journal names have been used you now. We create one more v file which will have a short general titles you we can easily do this using.

A gif reference manager so just open this file in zebra just select any item of the list and then. Press ctrl + a next go to tools here three options you can see every weird general names is so. Midline and unabbreviated are names for the is so every vs and just place here if you have several references. In the list then you may have prove it for some time okay now we have abbreviated journal names except. A few which are not a recognized by job rep for example this one the remaining part we need to.

Manually you all right here i have one more sample in which we can see abbreviated journals without periods this. Format also we can create using a mid line i have deviations you just select all and then go to. Tools to admit line now we have abbreviated journals without periods this one we need to change because we have. Added manually you alright so in this way you can easily create every rated journal names that sometimes for watching.

Method 5 – Find All Acronyms In Word | Create A List Of Abbreviations In Microsoft Word | Acronym Finder Word

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Manager

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