How To Abbreviate March – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Findagrave – How To Abbreviate?

Hi everybody my dear myrtle your friend in genealogy and i want to talk to you about a problem thats. Come up once again in our community and thats over the abbreviation for find-a-grave its come to my attention through. Painful experiences that other people are continuing to use the abbreviation fa g which is not appropriate when it is. Offensive and hurtful to members of our genealogy community so i want you to know that i am a stand.

For kindness and all that we do and i ask that you use fg or type out find-a-grave takes half. A second especially if you create a macro is roger suggests nothing left to say but happy family tree climbing. Everybody thats a wrap.

Method 2 – How To Abbreviate Names And Titles | English Spelling Abbreviations Lesson

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – Capitals, #S, Abbrevs., & Homonyms

Hello and happy thursday so before i jump into the lesson today um the punctuation marks worksheet answer key so. The answer key from yesterdays homework is posted under that assignment so you guys can feel free to go edit. Your work and all of that kind of stuff um and thatll be the last set of worksheets that you. Have to edit for extra credit so i am going to post the extra credit like assignment on google classroom.

And i will post that under the grammar topic just so its somewhere neutral so i will not post the. Extra credit under one of the e-learning days im going to post it under the grammar topic so thats why. I want you to upload all of your extra credit okay so were gonna jump into our lesson for today. Um today is a pretty basic review were gonna be talking about a couple of different rules with capital letters. Numbers abbreviations and then were gonna really quick talk about homonyms so its pretty basic general information but probably some.

Stuff thats good to have a little bit of a refresher on so we will dive right in with capital. Letters and as always this is a pear deck and so you know my lesson wasnt posted yesterday but if. It posts i will post the pear deck link for you guys so you guys can kind of go through. The air duct and the answers at your own pace alright here we go so were gonna start with capital. Letters there are a few rules that you guys need to know with capital letters obviously we capitalize the first.

Word in any sentence and that one you guys know make sure you guys capitalize the word i and peoples. Names again you guys know that you capitalize names and specific places and institutions and languages okay so like a. Gorman high school my little pointer here okay there we go oh gorman high school is a specific place so. We would capitalize that whole thing um its also technically an institution and in spanish is a language so we. Would want to capitalize that and english is actually a language as well so anytime you refer to your english.

Class you should capitalize english i cant see that at the bottom what is it wait for this bar to. Go away so i go to high school okay yeah i wanted to point out that since were not referring. To a specific high school that were going to we wouldnt have to capitalize high school and that last sample. Sentence down there but when we refer to the specific name of a high school like ogorman high school then. We would capitalize it so just kind of be aware of that so we also capitalize product name so anytime.

Youre listing the exact name of a product you want to make sure its capitalized so i do have an. Example there and you use my nikon kit me nika nikon night nikken nikon however you say it that camera. Okay its a brand name so we want to make sure we capitalize it and then also kelloggs rice krispies. Treats thats the name of the products that we capitalize it capitalized calendar items so anytime you have the name. Add a name of a day month or a year so easter falls on a sunday in april true yeah.

I think thats true okay so we capitalized the name of the holiday the name of the day and the. Name of the month we know this and then title titles of larger works like books movies magazines tv shows. Even smaller works like article titles and stuff like that you want to capitalize titles so ive got the great. Gatsby there now one note on this you do not capitalize any articles or prepositions that are in a title. Unless its the first word so like we capitalize the the of the great gatsby because its the first word.

In the title but if it were like the middle word in the title if it was like gatsby or. Great the gatsby okay then we would not capitalize the word done but since its the first word it does. Need to be capitalized we also capitalize names of specific groups races religions nationalities companies clubs and any other sort. Of organization so here at v in america a an american example of this hours are hard today edward who. Is a polish american okay so this would be a race polish american so it needs to be capitalized sometimes.

Cooks chinese dishes so chinese is um also like a race and the nationality so even though its referring to. The food it still needs to be capitalized for his northside trust club meetings okay and this would be a. Club or organization so that needs to be capitalizes well we also want to capitalize names of specific periods or. Famous events in history so like during the middle ages only a notability could read and write so middle ages. Is the name of a specific time period so we would want to make sure to capitalize that and like.

Famous events in history names of any sort of war or like natural disaster would want to be capitalized you. Also um capitalized common abbreviations so like for example fbi ymca that kind of stuff those are all going to. Be capitalized as well and you want to capitalize names of specific school courses so like dance 101 general psychology. Economics 235 those are specific courses like english three english two that kind of thing all of those need to. Be capitalized as well and then i think this is my last capitalization rule so words this ones a little.

Bit more complicated so pay attention to this one but words that are used to substitute the name of a. Family member okay so like if youre not saying their name and youre just substituting their name with like mom. Grandpa father uncle on stuff like that and words like aunt uncle and cousin need to be capitalized if they. Come before me okay so if theyre substituting for their actual name it needs to be capitalized and if they. Come before their real name used to be capitalized so heres some examples mom is an amazing amazing actress so.

Instead of saying the name of your mom if you just say mom – stand in for her real name. It needs to be capitalized and then heres another example when aunt cindy laughs you cant help but smile okay. So we have the word aunt before my aunts actual name so it does need to be capitalized if the. Family member comes after a possessive so this is like one exception to the rule it should not be capitalized. So for example my mom is my biggest fan or my mom as an amazing actress okay if we have.

The possessive my before the word then its no longer capitalized because then its just showing ownership and its not. Referring to the name of the person okay so this is basically substituting like the name of the person now. So a little tip for you guys if you can replace the family member with the persons actual name that. Should be capitalized so for example this first one up here mom is an amazing actress well i could replace. Mom with my moms name vicky right vicky is an amazing actress that makes sense but if i tried to.

Replace this mom with my moms name my vicky is my biggest fan that doesnt make sense okay so just. Kind of like use that that tip if you can replace the family member title with their actual name then. It should be capitalized if you cant replace it with the family member title then if you cant replace it. With their name that it should not be capitalized hopefully that makes sense okay oh i had more im sorry. I like you any time you open and close a letter you need to have capitalized capitals select dear sir.

Sincerely yours and notice in the in the signature this is called the signature you only have to have to. Sincerely capitalized not be yours so yeah okay thats the note only the first word at the closing is capitalized. And do not this is just a little note do not capitalize names of seasons unless theyre the first word. Of the sentence so autumn is my second favorite season but summer is my first okay so we only capitalized. Autumn here because it was the first word of the sentence but typically you do not capitalize the names of.

Seasons okay heres some practice so there are two words in the sentence that need capitalizing so again if you. Want to pause me and go try it on the pear deck and then come back im going to talk. To you the answers right now so the two words in this sentence that need to be capitalized are civil. And war okay because its referring to a specific event history this one we have two specific names of classes. English 252 and chemistry 101 so both english and chemistry should be capitalized this one again is similar to the.

First example harlem renaissance is a specific period of time so harlem and renaissance should both be capitalized um this. One is a little bit tricky okay because um you may look at this and say oh well grandfather has. To be capitalized because it comes before john but remember that rule only applies to aunt uncle and cousin okay. Because again here if we try to replace um grandfather with his name like my john john was right it. Just doesnt make sense so this one does not need to be capitalized because a possessive comes before it what.

Needs to be capitalized here is otto and workers okay because thats referring to the specific name of the organization. The united auto workers so thats what needs to be capitalized in the sentence this one we need to capitalize. Shepherd because german shepherd is the proper name of the type of animal were talking about and then we also. Need to capitalize dada here because dad is substituting the name of the dad right we could replace that with. An actual name but ivan just does not like her best name of my dad okay but um yeah so.

That would need to be careful as well for that reason and thats the end of capitalizations now were moving. On to numbers so just again some rules to keep in mind when were dealing with numbers in the sentence. You need to spell out any numbers that can be written in one or two words so typically anything from. 1 to 100 is spelled out well over 100 like 101 102 that kind of thing those are written numerically. Ok so these would be the numerals everything under 100 is written actually written out you also want to spell.

Out any numbers that begin a sentence even if theyre super long so here would be an example $550 was. Found on the street since it starts the sentence you want to spell it all the way out where if. It were in the middle of the sentence you could just use numerals to represent it people are making if. There are more than one numbers in a series of items all of them should be written the same way. So heres an example the movie theater sold when her in 27 tickets 64 tickets 17 tickets so stands we.

Have a list of items that all contain numbers they all have to be the same way okay if they. Were written out yeah but this one is written out okay so if two of the three are written out. Then the third one should be written out as well so just make sure youre being consistent with whatever your. Um your listing does and that kind of goes along with parallelism as well you also want to use numerals. So like writing the actual like number not spelling out the number but writing the number for all of the.

Following things you want to use numerals when youre doing dates okay so like january 1st 2013 you want to. Use numerals when youre doing a time of day unless you use the word o clock then you want to. Fill it up so for example if were doing kind of like an obscure time of day like school gets. Out at 3:20 then you want to use the numerals but if you use o clock then you want to. Spell out like 12 o clock you also want to use numerals for addresses so like the address type requirement.

Is 3 201 south q1 is avenue you use numerals for that you also use numerals for percentages um now. This one does have an exception to this rule if the so you you always include the percentage sign unless. Youre spelling it out so like if you have the option if lets say instead of a percentage sign here. It literally said the word percent then you would need to spell out 70 ok so again if if youve. Got the symbol here and then you can use the numerals but if the word percent is spelled out then.

You want to spell out the number as well use numerals when youre talking about money yeah so you can. Just do dolla dolla bill 5 always include the dollar sign again unless youre spelling it out but if you. Spell out dollar then you should spell out the number as well pages and sections of a book you use. You use the numeral for so for example like read chapter 2 for a mile which includes pages 32 to. 43 so anytime youre talking about chapters or page numbers you can put put the numerals you dont have to.

Spell them out even though technically its you know a single sheet one or two-word syllable you just still put. Numerals for that and then score it so like if youre giving the score of a game you would want. To use numerals for that as well okay so well do some practice here um so youre trying to find. The number and error and fix it and a lot of these only have one number error so pretty easy. To figure out so this one twenty-five thousand thirteen hits twenty five thousand thirteen you would want to do numerals.

For since its more than two words to that number this one heres an example of that percent that i. Talked about so since the word percent is written out you want to make sure that you write out the. Word 90 feet innumerous the word ninety and then this one the error is right here right since referring to. A page we can just use the numeral six and then this one is the listing of items so weve. Got three numbers here 36 49 41 so we want to make sure that we use a numeral here so.

We should have just the numeral three zero and then this one weve got the oh clark so ten should. Be written out te n and thats it for numbers alright moving on to abbreviations yeah nine three this beautiful. So in general you should avoid abbreviations when you are writing in a formal style so when youre writing professionally. However there are four exceptions to this rule so the following four ways to do abbreviations are acceptable in formal. Writing so the first way you can abbreviate things is titles that are used before and after peoples names so.

For example mrs. Berg and mr. Heisler are english teachers our titles are mrs. And mr. So thats okay to.

Abbreviate any initials or degrees in a persons name um this kind of goes along with titles after peoples name. But i just pushed it into this one as well so if it has an initial before their name like. Cs lewis was a great writer f scott fitzgerald thats fine to actually do the initial and then this one. Dr. Jordan dc is a great chiropractor so that would be an initial after his name or a title after.

The name that could fall under category number one as well the third exception for abbreviations is time and d. Preferences so like the pm you can include that in formal writing and theres a lot of debate as to. Whether you keep it lower case or you capitalize it um typically when you capitalize am or pm you do. Like tiny capital letters so its still the same size as the lowercase um but you always want to include. The period in between because it is an abbreviation so just make sure that i dont care what you do.

If you capitalize it earlier you say but just make sure that the periods are in between the a and. Then or the p and then because it is an abbreviation and periods indicate that there are words being left. Out and then date references would be like bc okay so again you want to put periods between them and. Those are always capitalized and then organizations agencies technical words countries or other corporations that are known by their initials. Its okay to abbreviate so for example we visited the first ymca built in the usa so ymca and usa.

Those are fine to abbreviate um just note that usually abbreviations of these types of things they dont have periods. In between them for whatever reason okay okay so now heres some abbreviation practice so youre supposed to find and. Fix the abbreviation error in the sentence so there are a couple of radiations in this sentence right weve got. Dr. Ymca and then phila doctor and ymca are okay abbreviations for formal writing but abbreviating the name of a.

City is not so this is an abbreviation for philadelphia which you would want to spell out completely this one. We have another you know three abbreviations weve got ms ibm and then month for monday and we would want. To spell monday out the other two abbreviations are acceptable in formal writing okay this one we have two abbreviations. Weve got a m and then weve got ca for california um so this a.m. Is obviously fine but abbreviating.

California we would want to spell it out if were writing formally we wouldnt want to every to be at. It again that was it for abbreviations onto homonyms this is gonna be super fast and im not actually gonna. Talk through every slide ill let you guys kind of go and look at the notes for this section as. Needed on your homework because its pretty straight forward so all that homonyms are is theyre just two or more. Words that have the same sound but are spelled differently and have different meetings so these are some of the.

Common hominins okay and you guys at this point should know the difference between all of these which is why. I dont want to spend a lot of time like going through this slide but ill touch on just a. Couple things so its remember these are both pronouns so i ts means belonging to so like the dog put. Its paw on the chair right this its shows ownership of cog whereas i t apostrophe s is a contraction. If it is so it is so cute when he does that right if you can replace this its what.

It is you should use that one and thats what the tip says you do i should already know that. Though okay im gonna just kind of skip through these practices because i feel like theyre pretty straightforward but remember. You can go look at the notes and itll be in the earth yeah and look at the google slide. Notes and itll be in the notes section on that slide is where the answer key will be so theyre. There and theyre im th dir there means the long integrand like thats their taco its a possessive th er.

E is like a pointy pronoun like look over there and theyre right it means in or to that place. Its usually used with is are was worm so the taco stand is over there look at that there it. Is is there anything and then th ey apostrophe re this is a contraction if they are so they are. The best tacos in town and then i basically give you just the same tip here theyre wearing here all. Ended air eerie and all refer to places but if you can use the word they are and you want.

To use the contraction there practice okay two two and two so teo is used before verb its part of. An infinitive so like to serve two job to run to go and so as to reach so like i. Have to go to the post office t oo means overly er extremely or also okay so its interchangeable with. The word also so that was too close like that was extremely close right she thinks so too as in. Also i feel like this is the one that you guys may be confused the most and then of course.

We have tw l which is just the number two oh this is a good tip actually um so t. Oo has an extra o which is extremely over-the-top and also overly dramatic see what i did there with the. Definition okay so thats how you can kind remember how to use tl oh and the last one that im. Going to touch on is your in your so why are you are just means belonging to so its a. Possessive so is that your ice cream right you own the ice cream and why are you apostrophe re is.

A contraction if you are so theres my tip and then i have a whole bunch of other common homonyms. You guys might want to take a look at okay and theres a couple slides worth of these eventually gonna. Escape out of this and so you can see theres a couple slides worth and then i do have a. Link to a website that has like all of the homonyms listed for you guys so you can feel free. To go check out that website to help you with your homework as well so speaking of your homework what.

You guys have is youve got a google form worksheet thats posted for you on classroom so again itll show. You all of the answers as you progress through that form so you guys can kind of see what you. Get right and what you get wrong um and so you wont have this one wont be part of your. Extra credit because it automatically gives you the answers so just make sure you kind of spend your time on. That understand why youre getting stuff incorrect and you understand why the correct version is correct so just make sure.

That you take a look at that if you have any questions make sure to jump on my office hours. From 2:00 to 3:00 today id be more than happy to talk to you i miss you guys please hop. On and talk to me im usually sitting there the whole hour by myself and i get so bored so. Please jump on id love to talk to you um the other thing i want to remind you of your. Test is gonna be on monday yes we are having a test so please make sure that you are studying.

For that going through all of the notes is going to be super helpful um im trying to post all. Of your notes and keep up with posting your notes and your worksheets in the grammar section so the grammar. Topic of google classroom im just so that theyre all in one place so you dont have to keep going. Back to the e-learning days and looking at that im still trying to clump them all under that grammar topic. So that its in one easy place for you guys to use when youre studying so make sure youre looking.

Through the notes im filling out the worksheets again and checking the answer keys is a super easy way for. You guys to study for that its not gonna be hard okay its all on google forms so its like. All multiple choice so you guys should be fine just make sure you understand all of the concepts pretty well. And then ive got the quote of the day so the quote of the day today is from winston churchill. He was prime minister over in england back in the day and this quote is very intelligent consume the very.

Intelligent mans and he says success is not final failure is not fatal it is the courage to continue that. Counts and this one just really resonated with me because i dont know about you guys but when i found. Out that we were doing this virtual classroom thing until may that hit me pretty hard im not gonna lie. It was a pretty rough day when i found that out so i think that this quote is so important. For us to kind of keep in mind right maybe some of us are feeling really successful with this e-learning.

And maybe some of us are feeling like were feeling a little bit i know im definitely having both moments. Of success and failure just as we kind of transition in this process but it truly is the courage to. Continue thats going to count with all of us im going to continue to be here for you continue to. Try to inspire you and get you excited about grammar even though im not face to face with you guys. Im so pleased just remember to reach out you know all of your teachers are here for you your friends.

Are still here for you you know have a friend um skype date or what do you guys do now. Facetime or snap snapchat thats what i tried yeah facetime snapchat whatever get together with your friends virtually and have. Like a game night or you know have coffee or work on your homework together virtually i know that im. Im doing that with my family and my friends as well im trying to talk to somebody every single day. So make sure get outside do something that let your soul on fire reach out to friends and family talk.

To them reach out to your teachers if you need extra help and go do your homework ill text you. Guys later have a good day.

Method 4 – (English) What Is An Abbreviation? | #Iquestionph

Hi welcome to i question ph that todays question is what is an abbreviation an abbreviation is a shortened form. Of a word abbreviation is usually done to take less space in a document or a selection an abbreviated word. Is usually composed of the most recognizable letters of the word so that it can be easily distinguished or remembered. Abbreviation is usually done on individual titles and professions days of the week months of the year specific places and.

Units of measure examples for titles of people or professions mr miss captain general engineer senator senior junior professor four. Places street avenue boulevard building subdivision mountain four months of the year january february march april may doesnt need to. Be abbreviated since its just a three-letter word june july august september october november december for days of the week. Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday and for units of measure gram pound meter kilometer inch foot litter teaspoon. Gallon and those were the examples of abbreviated words again an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word it.

Is usually done to take less space in a document or a selection thats all for today thank you for. Watching please dont forget to like and subscribe till next time.

Method 5 – How To Take Notes Quickly: 150+ Useful Symbols & Abbreviations For Speedy Note Taking

Abbreviations for note-taking aprox approximately be /c because b / for before bk book see roughly cf compared to cp. Compare de f definition di ff different ea each eg for example fr-from et cie and so on ie that. Is i mpt important in beef notice this an ec necessary ar e regarding si m similar s /t something. T theory theoretical th oh though th ro through w / with w /o without viz namely that is to.

Say the very vv extremely vs against ppl people you abbreviations for note-taking our es research in atl national eqn. Equation e d education dep department esp especially us ta nd understand a.m. Morning pm afternoon asap as soon as. Possible wr t with respect to equals ity equality evr yt everything i nfl influence our rate ie earth our. De ve l development expl explanation trad traditional see ult cultural i am sti t institution jus t ific justification.

Nt nothing l rg large soc social or society st 80s statistics am apostrophe t amount ii d you see. 80 astra fee l educational su bj subject co ns conservative ind indivi.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate March

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