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Method 1 – How To Abbreviate Numbers | Howtoroblox

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Method 2 – How To Abbreviate Numbers In Roblox! L Roblox Scripting

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Method 3 – How To Convert An Abbreviate Number Format To Pure Number In Excel

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Method 4 – Abbreviate Numbers

Hello everyone okay on ski here and welcome to a brand new tutorial today were gonna be going over number. Of revs:1812rpm here you can kind of hard to tell what exactly this is is it 219,000 is it two. Million right here you can clearly see it says 2.1 million and its nice and short as well so yeah. Lets get right into it im gonna go ahead and as you can see ive already set up a simple.

Gui here i just put a mug just put a gui screen gy 2 frames frame 1 and frame 2. And then each of those has a text label and then i just put a local script inside of the. First frames text label alright now that ive deleted the local script im going to go ahead and paste a. New one in our doing local script and we have a blank script so im gonna go ahead and actually. Rename this to abbreviating number and then im gonna go ahead and start off the script by declaring oops declaring.

A local number and this is just gonna be a random number i will say from 1000 to 1 million. And two things i want to do with this number right off the bat that arent related to abbreviating but. Theyre gonna help us see whats going on im gonna go ahead and print the number the original number and. Then im also gonna do script dot tarrant dot parent that parent got framed to dot text label dot text. Is equal to number and this is just gonna go ahead and put the number on the other frame just.

So we can see it has nothing with abbreviating just i just four so we can see whats going on. A little bit better okay so the first thing in abbreviating a number is we need to declare a abbreviations. Table and its going to look something like this local abbreviations equals a new table with the curly brackets and. Then im going to go ahead and organize it like that and then im going to set all of my. Abbreviations im just gonna do older four so ill do 4,000 okay im gonna do four million its a seven.

Day minimum so right here im doing the abbreviations so billion and then quadrillion and then im gonna go put. Them equal to a number of digits of the minimum amount of digits to sort of activate that abbreviation to. Choose that one so on billion its ten im just going to go up by three every single time and. Quadrillion will put 13 i knew could go on and on this only go my random number only goes from. 1,000 to 1 million so will it will only see km but you get the idea of course the minimum.

Amount of digits needed for a k for 1,000 is four digits so four digit numbers is smallest smallest number. Starting from 1,000 and then from knowing its gonna be seven digits one and then six zeros so thats seven. Digits okay now we have our abbreviations table im going to quickly make a separate text variable and this text. Is going to be taking the number right and then were going to do math dot floor on the number. And then were going to do to string on that math now florida number so basically what were doing is.

Were actually taking the number and were making sure just in case has a decimal in it were just getting. Rid of that because thats gonna mess things up and ill explain that in a minute and then were gonna. To string this number to convert it into a string of characters and what this is gonna allow us to. Do is if we do print number of text itll actually count the amount of characters in that text which. Is why its important in that its not a decimal and then in turn that ill end up becoming the.

Amount of digits thats actually in that number so if i actually do play here youll see i got a. Number i got eight hundred eighty-nine thousand seven hundred eighty nine as my random number it got printed in the. Output and then it also printed the amount of digits in it when i did number text and that it. Is six it is indeed six digits eight eight nine seven eight nine six digits and prettied out six so. We now have a way to find the amount of digits inside of the text all right now that we.

Have our text variable im going to go ahead and declare another variable called local chosen abbreviation so its gonna. Start off as nil so im not gonna sign a value to it but were actually gonna make a for. Loop that will help us figure out what the chosen abbreviation should be so its actually going to figure out. Doing k and b or quadrillion so im gonna go ahead and do four were gonna just name our key. And value pairs here so for the keys im going to call them abbreviations so for abbreviation without the s.

And then on this right side im going to call these digits so digits in pairs of deviations so were. Getting the key value pairs and abbreviations im calling the keys abbreviation and the value on the right side digits. You do so for abbreviation digits and pairs of aviations do if the number of texts so the number of. Digits in the text is greater than or equal to digits and the number of digits in the text is. Less than the amount of digits plus 3 then our chosen radiation will be that abbreviation and then well go.

Ahead and just break so whats going to happen is its going to iterate through this table if it finds. An abbreviation and digits pair where the number of texts is greater than or equal to the amount of digits. So like lets say we have a thousand which would be 4 what would be digits of 4 so this. Would be 4 right here and its gonna be greater than or equal to this pair and also less than. 4 plus 3 which is 7 its obviously theres three in between each each pair you cant just say if.

Text is greater than equal to digits because a million is greater than or equal to 7 its also greater. Or equal to 4 so we need to find the very specific one thats going to follow under these two. Conditions if the number if the number of digits is greater than equal to digits and the number of digits. Is less than digits plus 3 then we know that that chosen abbreviation would be appropriate for our number so. You know if we have thousand it would pick 4 or if we had a million and pick 7 with.

The m that would be our chosen abbreviation all right after that we want to do if chose an abbreviation. Because sometimes if you have like a number that little thats less than four if you only have a hundred. Is obviously not going to pick an abbreviation at all so we actually need to do if chose an abbreviation. Then well go ahead and say we can actually reuse the word digits here because digits was local to this. For loop so im going to go ahead and do local digits equals abbreviations chose an abbreviation so now our.

If we were to do print abbreviation our chosen radiation that would give us the k or m whatever and. Then if we did print digits here it would give four im sorry yeah four or seven it would give. The the value associated with our chosen abbreviation thats why we did abbreviations chosen radiation so now we have the. Chosen abbreviation and the digits associated with it well go ahead and do were actually going to go ahead and. Round our number before we do any formatting so we do local rounded equals math stuff floor number divided by.

10 to the power of digits minus 2 and clip and then end the math off lower parenthesis like so. So we have two sets of parenthesis here so what this part is going to do is its actually take. Our number divide it by 10 to the power of digits minus 2 so in the case if digits was. 4 because our number fell into the thousands category it would actually divide it by 100 because 10 to the. Power of 4 minus 2 is 100 so it would actually divide by 100 and then matha floret and then.

Right after we get the math tough lord version of that were great were just go ahead go ahead and. Multiply it back by 10 to the power of digits minus 2 so were dividing our number divided dividing our. Number by 10 to the power of digits minus 2 then multiplying it right back which is basically the opposite. But in between that or masked im flooring it which in turn will actually round our number so what ill. Do here to demonstrate azox we go ahead and do script dr.

Karron dot txt is equal to rounded number. A rounded number so if we go ahead and hit play blocks lets see the original number and the rounded. Number so right here is our original number and this rounded number just basically got rid of everything after a. Certain amount of digit places so just turn this 0 7 1 into 0 0 0 and thats gonna be. Helpful for our formatting so im gonna get rid of this and then were on the last step were almost.

Done im gonna do text so going back to our original text global variable and weve already assigned were actually. Going to be writing over it and were gonna do some formatting string that formatting so well do a currency. Sign and then well concatenate that with string dot format and for the string that format takes a formatting string. And then a string to format ill leave this blank for now but the string that were going to be. Formatting is rounded divided by 10 to the power of the digits minus 1 and parentheses and then well go.

Ahead and just concatenate are chosen abbreviation at the so this would be like lets say we had okay and. Now inside here im actually going to go ahead and put percent 0.1 f which basically percent is the symbol. For indicating that were saying a formatting and then you could put a number before here but can leave it. Out and itll do it by itself point one basically means we want one one place after the decimal if. You wanted to you would put two here but we want one place after the decimal thats what we set.

It up for and then f basically stands for floating point number which means an e which basically stands for. Any decimal number so thats our formatting string then when the string were actually formatting is rounded divided by 10. To the power of digits minus one so when we were doing rounding we were doing digits minus two so. We were doing a thousand for example divided by 100 now were doing a thousand divided by a thousand so. If we had 1,000 they were divided by a thousand wed get one if we had one point five if.

We had 1500 it would divide that by a thousand and wed get one point five so basically what the. Sense of being is lets say the number was 1500 we would get a dollar sign string that format one. Point five this would turn it to one point five zero zero zero this would make sure that its only. One digit after to make it one point five so wed have dollar sign one point five and then k. Is our chosen abbreviation so thats kind of like how it works and then of course we have an if.

Statement now we need an else for so if chosen abbreviation then do this else just say text is equal. To currency symbol column song and whatever concatenate with the original number no no need to do any rounding or. Any of that and then lastly ill just go ahead and do ill print the text but more importantly ill. Go ahead and put it in our goi script apparent that text equals text so if i go ahead and. Play this ill go through the script one more time we got our random number we got our abbreviations table.

We can converted this to a text to get our amount of digits in the text we found our chosen. Abbreviation with a for loop and then if we had chosen appreciate treat children if we had a chosen abbreviation. We found the rounded number using the digits that we formatted else we just put dollar sign number and then. Lastly were going to put that in the gui and there you have it so here we have 33 seven. Thousand eight hundred and three and then this cup formatted into thirty seven point eight k with a little currency.

Symbol or dollar sign right before it so now that weve gone over how though how to actually take a. Number and then turn into a formatted number im actually gonna take this whole load of code and put it. Into a single function that we can just put separately in a module so every time you want to abbreviate. A number you dont necessarily have to do all this jazz alright so lets go ahead and go into replicate. Storage ill make a new module script if you want the module script to be available on the client and.

The server then you put in the replicate storage if you just wanted to be on the server you put. In the server storage we obviously want this to be able to be accessed by our client sided local script. So im going to put in the replicated storage im gonna call this abbreviate number and then well go ahead. And call just change this variable name to abbreviate previa and like so abbreviate number and then well do function. Abbreviate number : Abbreviate and then numer and the parameter a number in the parameter and then well go ahead.

And just kind of copy what we had here not were not gonna copy the number and were not going. To copy the abbreviations right away at that table but we are going to go ahead and copy all of. This so just take all this up to here cop actually cut lets cut it out and then paste it. Right here and then indent it properly let me zoom out so i can see yep and then properly and. Then youll see some red lines over abbreviations so we need to copy the abbreviations table or cut and paste.

Im gonna put that outside of the outside of the function so it doesnt have to run it every single. Time the function runs its got a one time because it only needs it one time itll never change and. Then lastly after weve gotten our number and weve declared the text in the in the function im actually going. To go ahead and do return text so this this function takes a number and then returns to text appropriate. For that abbreviation so lets go ahead and instead of doing text see now that this text is actually kind.

Of gone well do local text equals actually we need to do above all this we actually need to import. Our newly created module script so ill do local abbreviate number equals replicated storage dot abbreviate number and then we. Just want to put this and then require function so im going to require it and then i want to. Go ahead and do local text equals abbreviate number so were referencing the module script that we just required and. Then colon and then it comes up right away abbreviate because it already knows it already it should come up.

Right away because it notices that we have a method inside of that inside of that module script so were. Just gonna go ahead and put it in our number for the parameter and it should return a string and. It will put it inside text and then were going to go and print that text and put the script. Up here in the texts assigned to that text so one last test were going to go ahead and play. This and as you can see it still works we have nine hundred seventy thousand seven hundred and this turned.

Out to be nine seventy point seven kay and basically what we did there was we just put all that. Code and table stuff and math that isnt really necessary to look at all the time and its never gonna. Change so we just put a new module script just to make our actual script a little bit tidier so. Now you can actually abbreviate from any script all you have to do is require this script from the replicated. Storage and then you just call bree v8 and give it a number tell what variable you want to assign.

It to and then bam youve got an abbreviated number anywhere in your game so thats the end of this. Tutorial i hope you guys arent something new if you guys have any questions related to the video youtube comments. Section or any other questions you can just add me on discord or draw my discord server should be a. Little first link in the description until next time ill see you guys in the next video.

Method 5 – Unity: How To Abbreviate

Okay run before this video starts well video has died i just want to say im laying out my screen. Of this ceiling now ive also made a little button that you can click to get money and a little. Thing which displays money ill show you that by pressing play now quick um there isnt one done this is. Just to cut down time you dont may already have some system to get money um this is very simple.

You dont can probably find a way of doing this anywhere and im also going to make this tutorial work. For pretty much all your games so if you dont have yet have a money variable or some sort of. Variable whether you want to change thats fine if you do they must find so ive shown i show ways. In both perspectives now basically what im talk about here is that say let me just go up to ten. Lets say you one of thousands let me just change my like click value you get a hundred quick lets.

Say you get one thousand so lets just boom 1020 run that same 1020 you want lets make that say. One point zero k or one point zero two k or thousand if you want to do that im going. To show you that today now there arent theres like only one other tutorial that i can find on this. On the whole of the internet really i attacked 40 odd minutes long now respect to them it can work. It does work if youre making your own script if its not very clear if you already have variables exist.

Now all im going to say all of this button does is link up to this game handle an empty. Object so make you make sure you have an empty object named game at and o level and you want. To make a new script so right click create c sharp script and just call it whatever ive called it. Cash hand off and put it into your game handler now what youre going to want to do is if. You dont already want to have a money variable and a click value variable or a way of making money.

Another way that they see you vote use one of money texts i want a script click and ill show. You you want to have a money variable mines double you can it this will work with an internal long. It might work with a big double it should work of a big double and you want an in click. Value or however you going to make money and a text which is money text now its important you want. To type in at the top underneath using unity engine using unity engine dot ui thats very important so what.

You wont be able to access things such as text make sure you have a money text which is this. Thing up here and a click value text which is not clear and eutectoid click value is this and money. Which is that and your next moving on this weather would start wearing just declaring what the variables are you. Might not need one but for now what we do need is a void update well get into this in. A minute so im just going to control x that out now ive got click button function down here which.

Is just for me to make money where ill click the button so we just ignore that so we just. Dropped some lines down here say ignore alarm this is just for clicking the bottom of some another admin i. Know its a non-void first of all actually and savoy doublet willing to do serving here which is going to. Be were going to lay these out so lets make two new variables i saw we need these two vowels. Going to be a public and then public and you can you have to say double if your things int.

Then it would be public int you know actually now go use public float because it will be a decimal. But it shouldnt matter so dont why um public float and well call this um money converter also like that. Okay and now the next thing well do is this is literally if that the only other thing we got. To do is we dont need another variable but we do need to make a function but youll be public. Void and i will call this cash converter and some of that then drop down with your brackets and whoops.

And boom so now inside of cash convert of you want to say able say if and then money now. Okay trips friends money its bigger than or equal to it will start with a thousand one thousand then what. We do is we say we get our variable up here which is money converse or so money converter equals. Money divided by 1000 its literally that simple and it will give you this error because why is it giving. Us the error double to float also sorry this right here has to be whatever your fingers if yours is.

An int so say you have public interrupts so you have public int money this has to be public int. Money converter i have a double so im gonna use double if you have long is long if your big. Double is big double it should work a big double um and then we just want to say and all. Sorry sorry sorry is one thing i forgot to do here which is you start okay there we go and. Thats literally the first one done now what we want to do is go into update and we want to.

Say if and then money so well go if money its bigger than or equal to 1000 because this is. Our one this is our thousand format then well say um get our text which is money text dot text. Equals it was in this case well say money of a space because you know avoid it just look a. Bit underneath plus and then well say money converter money converter dot to string its bits important and then youll. Have and then you want to do this kind of quotation marks in a bracket basically im going to put.

An f and then have me decimal boil now if you want to if you want no decimal points you. Put f zero then are we kind of bad because it will just so 1k 2k itll only update every. One case youre both 1 it will say 1 point 1 k 1 point 2 k if youre left to. Or so 1.1 1.1 – im going to leave it at 1 f 2 for now i think ill be. Better and then a plus again and its a bit you want space in our quotation marks here thousand or.

You could do no space and okay doesnt matter and boom simple now for the sake of this im going. To use kegs its a lot easier to type out but you could just use a thousand dollar that there. Ill write down four thousand because one up now if yours too quickly actor tell you what well save this. Well head over to unity let it import and ill see when its important there we go from tonight its. Done im sure ill show you this now this is this rip now will appreciate it if you could subscribe.

Because we spent a lot of time on this this is working to be fixed in a second its not. Working because of that ok well fix that and fix that um we appreciate it if you could subscribe because. You spec what wall im trying to figure out one you know try and figure out how to make all. This work so what is the problem here so money thats money too oh thats thats why because its only. Working if our money is greater than a thousand so what we also want is another if to say if.

Our money is less than one thousand because otherwise its not going to do anything and then well say well. Just copy this whole lot in here and we can get to that plus k there in fact that you. Can just get rid of all of that and just say plus money so then you can do dot to. String if you want but you dont have to and boom simple now if you save that alright we are. Its done its job just refreshed variables and if we click play should say money 0 yep there we go.

Then well click for money click click click as you can see its just going up normally now if i. Was just to change my click value up a little bit there we go there we go and now well. Say 5 click value now just go back to 1 again that should work boom now it says zero point. Zero zero ok oh okay lets ive run the reason this isnt working after a little bit of searching is. Because we need to call the function from the update so right at the top of update we can just.

Say call the function by typing in cash converter like that and boom simple now we save that well go. Over into unity it will do some reporting it shouldnt take that long considering we only wrote one line of. Code but its my laptop when recording so its going to take half an hour stream dont worry about that. Thats just some other youtube channels alright lets click play once its smoking out yep so this should work now. Now that were actually calling the function before we werent even calling it so its just you know flatten zero.

So you know what gets ill just increase my click value click two of them will do the trick well. Go back to once and it should go to 1k boom there we go and well just give ourselves one. Thousand and ten now there are a couple of problems with this which are it rounds up now there are. All ways to fix this from rounding but im not going to get into that its not that serious at. The moment its just by five so it might just be slightly out if you dont want to try and.

Round it down it is possible so i challenge you lot to have a go and now that weve done. 1,000 we want to move on to million so next we all we got to do is copy this in. Fact actually will do quite a few at the moment so well copy this and paste it ill say this. One is bigger than 1 million which is by the way a hundred with free zeroes on the end with. An extra zero which is the way i think it is a hundred thousands and then a 1 million by.

That and we also may text up text eats money money converted up to string us to well get into. The x in a minute now for testing purposes honor for all these are f5 n or million and as. You can see youll get this error here which if just a hover over this expects you to put semicolon. Which i dont know why eyes up here because of this today we are now what well do is well. Just copy this watch me i will copy this here so well copy this if statement down here simply paste.

The underneath get on milly and paste it in the divide by a million if you want you can copy. This do it again but for a million and a billion which is 100 and then a thousand whoops 100. 100 100 thousand 100 million 1 billion which is that number ah ah boom and there wont be any timestamps. In this video but i may leave these numbers in the description for you and i will do trillion which. Is a hundred a hundred thousand one hundred million one hundred billion a trillion and well stop at a trillion.

Gist for now ill copy that drop down paste it again and grab our advanced numbers and paste them in. We need to keep this more under a thousand for a reason but so to strain on safety testing would. I change i do have 10 because 10 decimals because these are huge numbers and order km and then after. Million its obviously billion and trillion or you could do billion or trillion or trail and bill and milton foul. Theres not really a short version for foul no trillion real either id bill its like one bill you cant.

We have one trill it doesnt read one true and youre quite working on one quadrille yeah it doesnt work. Oh well now promise me this will work well go test it anyway make sure it works and from there. You can basically just do it do more yourself there is a limit to how high numbers you can go. Especially with things such as intz thats just unity boy this deal good as a test and then well pull. A video it is just that simple and if youre making a game where you have to like buy up.


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