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Method 1 – Gary Gulman On How The States Got Their Abbreviations | Conan On Tbs

Thanks very much i just wanted to recommend a documentary to everyone and then and then im gonna go its. About the its about the men and one woman who abbreviated all 50 states down to two letters all you. All you have to know for this is that we have 50 states in america and they each have a. Two capital letter abbreviation but that wasnt always the case up until i want to say 1973 and so i.

Will up until 1973 every state had its own length of abbreviation and it was chaos like massachusetts was mas. S period florida was fla utah was utah they just dropped the age not much of an abbreviation but then. The post office said no every state has to have a to capital letter abbreviation and so they convened a. Crack squad of abbreviate errs they assembled a ragtag outfit of rogues misfits and neer-do-wells how often do well theyre. In there and theyre did well and they were charged with abbreviating all 50 states down to two letters now.

I read this description to the documentary and much like you thought to myself how are they gonna make a. 90 minute documentary about a task that couldnt have taken more than six minutes to complete what boy was i. Wrong it was an adventure ups and downs ins and outs friends became enemies enemies became friends they started off. They thought it was gonna be easy because alabama loaded them into a false sense of security they said alabama. Al holy crap this is easy work were gonna finish before they stop serving breakfast in the hotel restaurant and.

The boss said guys if we finish before they stop serving breakfast breakfast is on me and then one guy. Said oh i hope they have an omelet station just just for context the omelet station had just been invented. And it was and it it was sweeping the nation and this other guy said you know what im not. Im not comfortable with the omelet station because i i feel like the omelet chef resents you like he didnt. Want to be the omelet chef nobody dreams of being omelet chef he wanted to be the chef chef and.

Now instead of now instead of giving the orders hes taking the orders from your stupid wife and your ugly. Kids i think one day is gonna snap and i dont want to be there when it happens and they. Were like well why dont you just get eggs benedict he said i dont like holiday sauce they said did. You just say holiday sauce yeah why cuz its hollandaise you and then the boss said guys i hate to. Be a nudge but could we get back to abbreviate in the states we still have 49 left an apologies.

Remained an understanding was reached and they got back to abbreviate and they said what snacks they said alaska everybody. Cool with al but somebody caught it when man sheepishly raised his hand since all right i think we might. Have used that one before are you sure im pretty sure well lets check the minute dottie dottie read the. Minutes back to us hon don dottie was the wife tracking secretary every 1970s office had a wisecracking secretary this. One his name was dottie dottie dottie was a pistol you would love you she was a real hot ticket.

Dottie listen to one thought he said they said dottie read the minutes how dottie is this so read the. Minutes back though this is so dottie and she goes you mean the minute sorry sorry what are we gonna. Do with you spank my ass and make me a martini daughter youre incorrigible now leave the minutes back to. Us you randy minx and she said its hollandaise you – dotty how do you know shakespeare you dont know. Hollandaise thats a paradox alaska al alabama al we did use that one before boss and the boston guys not.

A big deal well come back to it its not gonna happen again certainly not gonna happen 27 more times. Foreshadowing some whats next arizona a i there we go were back on track next arkansas no well come back. – its not gonna happen again whats next california ca there we go next colorado ceo momentum connecticut we are. Screwed somebody needs a drink not now dottie not now you vulgar lush by the time they got to maine. Maryland massachusetts followed by michigan minnesota mississippi and missouri shots were fired they were at each others throats they did.

What any savvy business would do they hired a consultant they brought in a contractor im sorry not a contractor. A contractor and then a man who made words smaller by combining them or apostrophizing them and this guy was. This guy was the best he was a legend within that world like you wouldnt know his name but you. Know his work like he wrote such timeless classics as oâ´clock many years ago people would say its nine of. The clock its ten of the clock this visionary said we dont need the i can do that with a.

Sky , Yeah he also wrote wouldve couldve shouldve the holy trinity of regret he wrote he wrote the penny. Very innovative we dove he looked at we would have and said i can do that in half the letters. It was not without controversy it also wrote the most controversial contraction of all time he wrote wont people said. How are you gonna brief he it will not not use a single out and he said watch me are. You saying i wont be able to do it i just did you.

Method 2 – How To Become A Professor

You start off as an undergraduate which is what most people know you youve finished your a-levels or whatever and. You have applied to a university to do a degree and thats usually three three or four years and then. If you show an aptitude for it you do well in the exams and most all if you enjoy it. After that you can go and do postgraduate studies and the most common in research is to a doctorate a.

Phd postgraduate degrees theres two main types a short one which is a master of science msc and a long. One which is a phd which is to study for a doctorate and thats what i did when i was. An undergraduate i needed a phd in something can you go and work in somebodys laboratory usually doing experiments or. Doing theoretical studies and at the end of it you write a thesis which is usually between 50 and 500. Pages long and you have to defend that at a diver vive a vulture an oral examination and if youve.

Done well the examiners will shake your hand and then say congratulations doctor whatever else it may be and at. That stage you know you are cleared to pass your doctor of philosophy degree if you want to stay in. Academia you usually the route is to do postdoctoral studies and to be a postdoctoral researcher where you would go. And work with a professor or an academic in a university and do research full-time so youd be in the. Laboratory for x number of hours a week and writing papers and reading a lot about that area of research.

And then there is whats how can i put this there is the danger of whats become known as the. Postdoc trap that you do one postdoc and you get expert in one area but its known for further funding. So you then do a postdoc in another area if you can find that kind of job and then you. Can go on from postdoc to postdoc if youre not careful you know that stage youre in trouble beyond that. It gets a bit murky alright there are several routes forward one is to have your own independent fellowship okay.

Which again is usually sort of for between five and ten years to get a fellowship is actually its a. Really hard thing to do because its a competition you know theres maybe three or four hundred people all competing. For perhaps twenty thirty or forty fellowship positions so you have to write a proposal and you have to tell. The people who youre applying to what research you want to do why its important to do that research and. And why its important that youre the person to do that research and there are a whole range of different.

Fellowships but what the fellowship does is it allows you to get your first step on the academic ladder so. Its almost like a probationary period before you can take on a lectureship or before a university would employ you. As a lecturer then they probably get a junior lectureship position and thats thats the start of your independent career. And thats really tough to get into wherever you are whatever subject youre in that first academic position is really. Tough and essentially what you have to do then is of course youre signed up as a lecturer so you.

Will have to deliver lectures to undergraduates but in most universities there is a clear perception that your job there. Is to develop your own research interest and start building planning funding and managing your own research group so that. So lecturer is actually what i call the first grown-up job in a university because its a job essentially which. Is open-ended in terms of time so its a permanent position and you have opportunities to do research so you. Can take students so you can take phd students or masters students and directly supervise their work after after that.

You then start to apply for promotion to go up the academic ladder and it varies the title um very. Special but usually its a three or four stage process it depends which university or in but in most cases. Youll have a senior lecturer position so one might think about getting there 7 7 to 10 years i guess. After your initial lecture of appointment thats quicker if your things are going well after that is a reader or. Here its an associate professor and reader and then yeah the road keeps going on so youll be presenting more.

Papers hopefully youve built up a big group your your profile nationally is developing into an international profile you get. Invited to international meetings then you might think okay lets have a crack at going for the prof and finally. The top of the scale is professor yeah yeah its a big step because youre expected to be internationally leading. In your research and have a good reputation around the world and a good reputation as a colleague as well. Obviously there are further administrative roles you can take on you know it can be headed e division you school.

Beyond thats the dean the pro vice chancellors and then the vice-chancellor who heads all the admin of the university. If thats the sort of thing you want to do but obviously thats going to take you out of doing. Research full-time professor is top of the food chain so theres one final promotion which comes at the end of. The career so when we retire if we decide that we dont we dont want to go and sit in. The garden relax we can potentially come back to the university as an emeritus professor and this is a very.

Esteemed position which i think many people aspire towards but at the end of the career im not really sure. If the appetites always there i think in my case it certainly reel me because like im never happy unless. Im reading and learning well ive just been made a professor so im professor of polymer therapeutics so thats great. News for me im really delighted about that and yes so as of january the first i became full professor. In the department here so just before christmas i was promoted from lecturer so the the bottom of the food.

Chain one might say to associate professor and reader which for me is a big step because its it means. A lot to know that colleagues actually appreciate contribution and that our research outcomes of ive made an impact im. Now being lecturer in physical biochemistry im now associate professor in the physical biochemistry so theres a slight change of. Title for anybody that reads my email signature will pays attention is extremely good of course i would say that. Cuz i just been promoted but no it is it is very good its very clear what you have to.

Do in some universities are very sort of byzantine procedure but in nottingham what happens is you apply so you. Be put forward forward a case of promotion that theres a standard deadline each years when you do that as. An individual i have to fill in quite a large form i think it was 25 pages i have all. Of mine here and its not in considerable amount of things youve got to write here theres about four or. Five different pro formers and youre allowed to nominate one referee to review your application so that would be somebody.

That you know is in a position of expertise in your area who would be best able to judge your. Work so when it comes from faculty then has to go to another committee which is a university-wide committee with. Pro vice chancellors vice-chancellor and a number of other academics on the panel and they make the decision for the. University whether my application or my paperwork will be sent out to peers from around the world you also have. Three other external referees who are nominated by the university and again they will be professors all these two have.

To be professors and they will be professors from leading uk institutions or they could potentially be from leading external. Institutions if the of the correct level and about the monday before christmas i got a letter addressed to me. From the vice-chancellor congratulating me on my promotion well it was it was it was quite quite interesting because it. Was about two weeks late because apparently theyd had real trouble finding some referees i found out later so everybody. Else had heard beforehand and i had heard and i think a little bit i was sitting in the staff.

Coffee room in the school of chemistry and my head of school marc cyril came across to me tapped me. On the shoulder and asked for a quiet word in the corridor and i thought what have i done you. Know thinking that i was in trouble or something thats something id said or something id done and he when. We got to the corridor he tapped me on the shoulder and said youve just been promoted mate theres our. Thing i was i was on sabbatical in australia new zealand i got on a plane between auckland and wellington.

And had five minutes between plane there and i had a bit an intriguing text message about the grants because. Then had to wait 13 hours before i could actually find out what this grant was funded or not and. I had what an intriguing message about called me about your promotion so i had 27 hours in the air. Where i couldnt text or ring to confirm anything about this so when i got back and then actually able. To follow this up match found out from the head of school that yeah my promotion had been granted so.

Its a double celebrations i say got very nice letter from the vice-chancellor which was all night in nice nice. On heavy-gauge paper on ink which made me think that id first got it when i opened it because who. Else you know if you get the reject letter its all well this is the very thin thin paper.

Method 3 – How To Contact Professors For Postgrad Supervision

Hello guys its victor once again coming to you from cologne in germany so today well be talking about how. To contact professors either for supervision or for um funded positions because some universities required to contact them professors beforehand. And that to get some assurance for supervision or there are some projects under certain professors so you need to. Contact them directly to get some funding so this video will then then lay out a template on how you.

Could um contact them professors ive contacted several professors in my academic journey and um ive gotten a very high. Response with at least 90 percent of those i contacted and got back to me and some others were because. They didnt reply because probably they were in their sabbatical or they changed universities or something but most of the. Time nine out of ten times i get a response from them so today just to share the format i. Use in them right in my contact letters if i can call them that so lets begin without any further.

Delay so first you start with the the the the title of the email and the title could just be. Kept very simple like a prospective masters candidate or prospective phd candidate colon and request for supervision or application form. So its also funded um and research scholarship depending on the the actual reason why you are applying so if. This is foreign supervision states there in the in the in the title of the test for supervision which is. For actually for funded um projects on that particular professor also stated this so when the professor sees this email.

It gets a direct notice about what the content is going to be about so then go straight directly into. The email and write there professor this or dear doctor that please always remember to use the title although there. Are some universities or some countries where the professors do not actually care whether you call them but yeah but. The titles are not for instance in the uk my professors allowed me to call them with their first name. And its the normal practice day but to be on the safer side and to keep the conversation formal please.

Use your title dear doctor happiness dear professor joy you know something like that and also try to pronounce um. To get the right um spellings of their names because of them are not english names probably i dont want. To mess up their name their names and get them and get out a bad impression because first impression always. Matters so dear professor joy or dear doctor happiness comma so in the first paragraph you introduce yourself say im. So so persistent from so so country and i have this qualification i have a bachelors in this course i.

Have a masters in discuss and i wish to apply for this particular position at this particular department in this. Particular university so just fill in the blank spaces as as regards your own application then the next paragraph is. Time to um summarize your research interest so in this position youre applying for requires and a research proposal so. This is an opportunity to summarize your research proposal in one or two um paragraphs where you talk about probably. Your proposed topic your research question and probably your methodology so make it as catchy as possible but yet as.

Concise as possible and you could also add at the end that attached to this email is a copy of. A detailed copy of my research proposal and cv as well yeah i think its a good idea to to. Add your cv and your reset proposal if the the position youre applying for requires a research proposal already so. Attach that to the email but give um an insight like an abstract into what is in your research proposal. Then after stating your research interest this is a very important part state how the professors interest aligns with yours.

And how do you do this you must have done your background investigations about this professor the papers he has. Written or she has written the conferences and he or she has um has presented in other news um coverage. Or something he or she has done or a book and he or she has written that cuts your interest. And that aligns with your own research so you bring up this and papers this and interviews these conferences and. Then tell them or tell this um professor how this conference is inspired your own work how your work relates.

To what the professor is already doing and why the professor is like a good fit for you so now. You are sharing connection with doing your own research and the professors and the professors and research so after this. Then you state your intention that with these i think youll be a good um supervisor or with this i. Think that there are lots of them similarities between our interests so it would be an honor to work um. Under your tutelage something like that so i havent stated the similarities between the two um years thats your own.

Interest and his interest or interest then its time to to make your point essentially while youre writing that yes. I want to i wish to request that you be my supervisor or i wish to apply for this particular. Research at least knight is evidence that um does everything that i research interesting align with each other so with. That i think youve covered the basics of um of of this and contact letter then also tell the professor. That um i hope youll be available especially for those looking for supervisors because the supervisor might be going on.

A sabbatical or might be changing university this has happened to me once and i didnt know this the supervisor. Was leaving and i was banking all my hope on him only to hear that he was going to another. University so also telling him to confirm his interest or his availability to to supervise your work i think thats. Quite important and some investors require the supervisor to say yes even before you get even before your application is. Considered like in work they want you to get a supervisor before you be admitted into the into the into.

The into the department so that was exactly what happened to me when i was applying to the best your. Work like make sure you contact us the supervisor make sure he or she says yes then go ahead with. Your application because if theres no yes from the proposed supervisor theres no points applying in the first place so. You might be in the same bubble so just go through the steps i told you first introduction second your. Research and interest third arguments research interest blends within the professors and research interests and his papers and interviews and.

Conferences then tell him that you want emo hard to be your supervisor then he or she should um confirm. Um the availability or the readiness to um supervise to supervise your work and thats it guys its a very. Short one on how to write and this um letter of the letter to a professor and right to attach. As i said your cv detailed cv and your reset proposal that is if this the the position youre applying. For requires a research and proposal so thats it guys a quick one on how to write the letter and.

Then theres several other videos on this channel about how to crack this and thats not of them applying for. Postgraduate positions and scholarships in universities all around the world so kindly check on my playlist check other videos and. There are lots of things here to guide you on your application process so until next time bye bye.

Method 4 – Becoming A Professor: What Is Actually Needed?

So what matters if i want to become a professor i want to elaborate a bit on which measures you. Need to take in order to be appointable as a professor and i want to start with the process of. Being appointed and the selection criteria that the committees typically use in order to select people and to appoint them. As a professor so im talking here about the first appointment as a professor considering the german academic system so.

This is often a w-2 professor position so an associate professor position but the requirements that i will elaborate are. Probably very similar to a 10-year evaluation after an assistant professor position if you go to a full professor position. He would need to raise the bar a little bit higher so how does it works typically we have a. Public call and then different people apply you will also apply send in your cv and then there will be. A selection committee that will shortlist those um people that we have that applied to maybe something like six to.

Eight candidates they will invite the candidates the candidates have to give a talk maybe give a lecture and then. Talk to a commission and based on this the commission will reduce the number of suitable candidates to something like. Three and then will proceed with that list getting in external reviews so the question is how is this narrowing. Down done the first thing what do you need to do to get invited and the second thing is what. Do you need to offer so that you stay within this lets say top three people and for that the.

Selection committee typically defines a set of criteria theyre defined before the applications are scanned and you know to not. Bias it towards one specific application and typically we have three criteria that are relevant maybe that can differ a. Little bit but most of the committees that i have seen have the three criteria the first criteria is the. Quality of your research profile so something which is very strongly related to your past merits so what have you. Achieved research-wise in the past the second criteria is the fit to the position or the call so in the.

Call there are certain things listed that the university wants to see and the question is how good do you. Fit to that profile and the third criteria is typically your ability to teach and educate the next generation of. Researchers so those criteria are now relatively vague and the question is can we narrow them down can we make. Them more concrete and this is the goal of this video and what i want to do i want to. Provide you with some very concrete numbers that i think you need to provide so that people think youre appointable.

That doesnt mean you will get the professor position if someone is better than you are the other person is. Very likely to be higher rank than you but what is kind of the minimum requirement so that people dont. Discuss in those committees if someone is in general appointable yes or no lets start with the research profile here. Two things matter first one are high quality publications and second one your ability to attract external funding so publications. And funding are the currency here so what does it mean if you are currently a postdoc for example and.

You are doing research youre writing papers section committees want to see a certain number of papers with you at. The first or the last authors roughly we can say two papers per year as first or last authors in. Solid journals is something that is well seen plus maybe one or two publications way not necessarily the first author. Journals or conferences is something which is often debated especially in technical disciplines such as computer science in most disciplines. Only journals will count in other disciplines like computer science conferences also have a very high standing the problem however.

Is that in those selection committees are often people from different disciplines and they may argue against your application if. You do not offer journal publications therefore even if in your field conference are very well seen you need to. Provide also high quality journal publications again two per year as first to last author and then maybe one or. Two per year where youre not first or last author thats something which is typically sufficient in terms of the. Uptake of your publications this is something which is typically measured with age index or the number of citations that.

You get you may argue those are the right measures but this is something that people typically use quite often. Using google scholar for example depending on your discipline or in your field you should have an age index of. Lets say 10 to 15 as the minimum if you have less than that people may argue against you if. You have more than that thats better also in terms of the number overall number of citations that your papers. Have generated if youre something in the order of lets say 500 youre typically on the safe side depending on.

Your disciplines could even be a little bit less and the second important thing is funding so you need to. Show that youre able to attract third-party funding in germany dfg funding counts quite substantially but also fundin.

Conclusion – How To Abbreviate Professor

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